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"Bora, of PXenihf
Far^iaru]^ ibirjpriccs
Be Slow to Condemn.
Why condemn an individual or in
stitution before you hear both sides?
Does a jury convict or a judge sen
tence a prisoner before the evidence
Is heard?
A sound, healthy man is never a back
number. A man can be as vigorous and
able at seventy as at twenty. Condition,
not years, puts you in the discard. A
system weakened by overwork and care
less living brings old age prematurely.
The bodily functions are impaired and
unpleasant symptoms appear. The weak
spot is generally the kidneys. Keep
them clean and in proper working con
dition and you will generally find your
self in Class A. Take GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil Capsules periodically and
your system will always be in working
order. Your spirits will be enlivened,
your muscles supple, your mind active,
and your body capable of hard work.
Don't wait until you have been reject
ed. Commence to be a first-class man
now. Go to your druggist at once.
Get a trial bos of GOLD MEDAL
Haarlem Oil Capsules. They are made
of the pure, original, imported Haar
lem Oilthe kind your great-grandfath
er used. Two capsules each day will
keep you toned up and feeling fine.
Money refunded if they do not help you.
Remember to ask for the imported
GOLD MEDAL Brand. In three sixes,
sealed packages.Adv.
Bildad's Hurried Exit From Doctor's
Office Only Thing to Do Under
the Circumstances.
Bildad, age four, is so called because
he is a shoe height, which indicates
something approaching a sense of hu
mor in West Indianapolis, as well as
in the effete suburb to the east.
Bildad got a splinter in his thumb
and hied himself into the office of the
family physician and his fast friend
next door. The splinter was firmly
imbedded and Bildad, though a regular
Indian, otherwise, is no stoic. He
"Maybe I'd better give you an anal-
gene," said the doctor.
While his friend's back was turned
Bildad stole softly out of the office,
splinter and all, and in a jiffy was in
his mother's lap. In his own words he
"1st bellered awful." When his moth
er had quieted him to the point of ex
planation he said:
"It wasn't the splinter so much, but
Docky said he was goin* to give me to
a ole geezer." Strike Balked Legislators.
A strike once brougnt a legislature
to a standstill, no less than the house
of representatives at Washington. The
officers of the house had notified the
stenographers that their pay would
be cut ten cents a folio, and the short
hand writers immediately struck, forc
ing a suspension of the sitting until
matters were amicably arranged.
i kitchen stove.
Means Family Comfort i
when the boiling pot of Postum sings its
song of health and satisfaction on the
i i
I led the way to comfort for many a family
of coffee drinkers, for with the coming
I of Postum, away went the headaches*
j nervousness, sleeplessness and irritability
1 that so often follow the the use of coffee.
You can still buy that original Postum
from your groceran invigorating drink
of rare, delicious flavora beverage that
is really part of the meal, not meiely
something to drink.
There's a Reason"
Two sizes, usually sold at 15c and 25c
'*v /x. ^ES^W the worldthe same responsi-
Wlrile high price* for Grain, Cattle and Sheep
aresureto remain, price of landismuch belowits value.
Land capable off yielding 20 to 43 bua*.
Is of wheat to the acre can be bad on
easy terms at from $15 to $ 30 par
acregood grazing land at much I
Manyfarms paid for from a single yeart crop.
cattle, sheep and hogsbringsequalsuccess. TheGovT-~-r
encourages farming and stock raising. Railway and
Land Companiesoffer unusual inducements to Home Seek'
era. Farms may oe stocked by loansat moderateinterest.
WesternCanada offers lowtaxation, good markets and ship
ping free schools, churches and healthful climate.
For particulars as to reducedrailwayrate*, location of land, Qhw
trated literature, etc. applytoSnpt. of Immig., Ottawa. Can., or
R. A. GARRETT, 311 Jacksaa Stmt, ST. PAUL, HIM.
Canadian Government Agent
His Alibi.
"Have you ever loved another'girl?"
"No." "But Bella Lowd told me you once
proposed to her."
"Ahem! Don't you pay any atten
tion to what Bella Lowd says. That
girl doesn't know a poor imitation of
love from the real thing."
"Cold to the Head"
Is an acute attack of Nasal Catarrh. Per
sons who are subject to frequent "colds
In the head" will find that the use of
build up the System, cleanse the Blood
and render th5? uable to colds.
Repeated attack! of Acute Catarrh may
lead to Chronic Catarrh.
en Internally and acta through ths Blood
on the Mucous Surfaces of the System.
All Druggists 76c. Testimonials free.
1100.00 for any case of catarrh that
F. J. Cheney A Co.. Toledo. Ohio.
Exquisite Pathos in Request of Crip
pled Lad Unable to Realize Ex
tent of His Misfortune.
Alexander Grant of the Episcopal
academy told me recently a touching
little story of the late Julius Meyer,
the manufacturer of chemicals, writes
"Gerard," in the Philadelphia Ledger.
Mr. Meyer was in the habit of visit
ing the hospitals in the weeks before
Christmas to ascertain what the pa
tients would like in the way of a re
membrance from Santa.
At the Children's hospital he came
upon a tiny colored lad who had lost
both feet when the cars ran over him.
"What would you like, my little
"Come close," said the child, "and
bend down low so's I can whisper in
your ear."
The good old man approached and
bent over.
The child whispered to him, "A pair
of roller skates."
It was too much for the old man. He
broke down and cried like a baby.
Higher Education.
"N'ow, children," said the sweel
young teacher, "can anybody tell me
what u-m-b-r-e-1-l-a spells?" Nobody
"Well, that is a pretty hard word
for such little people. I'll let you
guess. What is it your mamma holds
up when she goes out in the rain?"
"Her dress!" came a chorus of kid
voices filled with the eagerness of
Bre*er Rabbit's Exemption.
First Rabbit"Have to pay any in
come tax?" Second Rabbit"No, my
last dozen babies let me out com
Some people are out looking for
four-leaved clovers when Success
knocks at their door.
Declares Italy Not Entitled to
Fiume Latins Defiant.
Premier Orlando Says: "We Will
Hold What We Have"U. S. Pres
ident Declares 14 Points Are
Basis of Peace.
Paris, April 24.The Italian vice ad
miral, Thaon Di Revel, former chief
of staff, has left Paris for Rome. Gen.
Armando Diaz, commander in chief
of the Italian armies, it is announced,
also is leaving.
"I have not yet decided whether to
reply to President Wilson with a state
ment or with an act," was Premier Or
lando's remark when the Wilson state
ment was translated to him.
The Italian peace headquarters is
practically unanimous in the belief
that the president's statement means
that Italy must withdraw from the
peace conference.
"We have no peace terms to make
with Germany, except a trifling bill
for reparations," an Italian diplomat
said. "We can arrange that any time
or let it go. We can't very well make
peace with Austria, as the Austro
Hungarian empire doesn't exist. Vv*e
can, however, return to Rome and keep
what we have, which is all we de-
President's Statement.
In a statement Issued by President
Wilson explaining his position on the
Adriatic question lie declares that
Fiume cannot become a part of Italy.
The text of the statement follows:
"In view of the capital importance
of the questions affected, and in or
der to throw all possible light upon
what is involved in their settlement.
I hope that the following statement
will contribute to the final formation
of opinion and to a' satisfactory solu
"When Italy entered the war she en
tered upon the basis of a definite pri
vate understanding with Great Britain
and France, now known as the pact of
London. Since that time the whole
face of circumstances has been al
tered. Many other powers, great and
small, have entered the struggle with
no knowledge of that private under
"The Austro-Hungarinn empire, then
the enemy of Europe, and at whose
expense the pact of London was to
be kept in the event of victory, has
gone to pieces and no longer exists.
Not only that, but the several parts of
that empire, It Is agreed now by Italy
and all her associates, are to be erect
ed into independent states and asso
ciated in a league of nations, not with
those who were recently our enemies,
but with Italy herself and the powers
that stood with Italy in the great war
for liberty.
"We are to establish their liberty
as well as our own. They are to be
among the smaller states whose inter
ests are henceforth to be safeguarded
as scrupulously as the interests of
the most powerful states.
How War Ended.
The war was ended, moreover, by
proposing to Germany an armistice
and peace which should be founded
on certain clearly defined principles
which set up a new order of right and
justice. Upon those principles the
"And the reason why the line of the'
Adtiatic and around 'he portion of the
cause it was felt that it was necessary
for Italy to have a foothold amidst the
channels of the eastern Adriatic in
order that she might make her own
coast safe against the naval aggres
sion of Austro-Hungary.
"But Austna-IIungary no longer ex
ists. It is proposed that the fortifica
tions which the Austrian government
constructed there shall be razed and
permanently destroyed.
"It is part also of the new plan
European order which centers
league of nations that the new states
ejected there shaltnere- accept a limitation
of armaments, put aggression
out of the question. can be no
feaItaliMthe of unfair treatment of groups
quate guarantees will be given, under
international sanction, of the equal
and equitable treatment of all racial
or national minorities.
"In brief, every question associated
with this settlement wears a new as
pecta new aspect given it by the
very victory for right for which Italy
has made the supreme sacrifice of
blood and treasure. Italy, along with
the four other great powers, has be
come one of the chief trustees of the
now order which she has played so
honorable a part in establishing.
1 "And on the north and northeast her
natural frontiers are completely re
stored, along with the whole swoop of
the Alps from northwest to southeast
to the very end of the Istrian penin
sula, including all the great watershed
within which Triest and Poln lie, and
all the fair regions whose face nature
has turned towards the great peninsu
la upon which the historic life of the
Latin people has been workwd out
through centuries of famous story
ever since Rome was first set upon her
seven hills,
"Her ancient unity Is restored. Her
lines are extended to the great walls
which are her natural defense. It Is
within her choice to be surrounded by
friends to exhibit to the newly liber
ated peoples across the Adriatic that
noblest quality of greatness, magnan
imity, friendly generosity, the prefer
ence of justice over interest.
"The nations associated with In r,
the nations that know nothing of th
pact of London or of any other special
understanding that lies at the begin
ning of this great truggle, and who
have made their supreme sacrifice also
in the Interest, not of national advan
tage or defense, but of the settled
peace of the world, arc now united
with her older associates In urging hot
to assume a leadership which cannot
be mistaken in the new order of
U. S. Italy's Friend.
''America is Italy's friend. Her peo
ple are drawn, millions strong, from
Italy's own fair countryside. She is
linked in blood, as well as in affection,
with the Italian people. Such ties can
never be broken. And America was
privileged, by the generous commission
of her associates in the war, to Initiate
the peace we are about to consummate
to Initiate it upon terms which she
had herself formulated and in which I
was her spokesman.
"The compulsion Is upon her to
square every decision she takes a part
in with those principles. She can do
nothing else. She trusts Italy, and in
her trust believes that Italy will ask
nothing of her that cannot be made
unmistakably consistent with those sa
cred obligations.
"The interests are not now in ques
tion, but the rights of peoples, of states
new and old, of liberated peoples and
peoples whose rulers have never ac
counted them worthy of a right above
ali, the right of the world to peace and
to such settlements of interest ns shall
make peace secure.
These, and these only, are the prin
ciples for which America has fought.
These, and these only, are the princi
ples upon which she can consent to
make peace. Only upon these princi
she hopes and believes, will the
peace with Germany has been con- people of Italy ask her to make peace
celved, not only, but formulated. Cpon America's peace delegates are not
those principles it will be effected. alarmed over possible effects of the
"We cannot ask the groat body of Italian situation at home. In other
powers to propose and effect peace I quarters anxiety is freely expressed
with Austria and. establish a new basis lest Home-inspired agitation inijiM
of independence and right in ihe states spread to the Italian colonies In the
which originally constituted the Aus- various big American cities, but It is
tro-Hnugarian empire and in the states generally believed this sort of threat
of the Balkan group on principles of I will blow up in the same way ns did
another kind. We must apply the same the Gorman-American scare Immedi-
principles to the settlement of Europe lately prior to America's entry into the
ii- those quarters that we have applied i war.
in the peace with Germany. As for Italy's threats of military nc-
"It was upon the explicit avowal of jtion, they are not taken too seriously.
those principles that the initiative for The Italian money standards today are
peace was taken. It is upon them that
the whole structure of peace must rest.
"If those principles are to be .d
ored to Fiume must serve as the oot-
absolutely and solely maintained by
the hacking of the United States treas
ury, while her food situation also de
pends largely on American shipments.
let of the commerce, not of Italy, but Application of economic pressure
of the land to the north and northeast would he a very simple problem
of that port: Hungary. Bohemia, Ron
mania and the stales of the new Jugo
slav group. To assign Fiume to Italy
wouhl be to create the feeling that we
have deliberately put the port upon
which all those countries chiefly de
pend for their access to Ihe Mediter
ranean in the hands of a power of
which it did not form an integral part
and whose sovereignty, if set up there,
must inevitably seem foreign, not do
mestic or identified with the commer
cial and industrial life, of the regions
which the port must serve. It Is for
that reason, no doubt, that Fiume was
not included in the pact of London,
hut there definitely assigned to the
Withdrawal by Italy from the peace
conference would Immediately result
in her loss in the right to charter mem
bership in the league of nations, in
which case she might come at some
future time as a new member, when
the Adriatic question Is settled.
Yanks Who Fought Huns With Shov
els Reach New YorkOther
New York, April 24.Some of the
famous Eleventh engineers, who used
their picks and shovels as weapons in
'helping to stem the German advance
pact of London swept about many ofj troopsnrriving on the steamship Santa
the islands on the eastern coast 0
Cambrai, were among the 1,820
the]Teresa from Bordeaux. Forty-six offi
Dstlmatian coat which lies- most rtpon i lance service, including quartermas-
to Ihe sea was not only that here and tor, headquarters, hospital and motor
fhc*-e on those island*, and here and
and J*X men of the army ambu-
repair shop detachments, arrived on
there on that const, there are bodies.h steamship Du* d' Ahruzzi from
of [iconic of Italian blood and connec- Marseilles. The vessel hroa'.ht 33
tion. but abOi and no doubt chiefly, be- Illinois casual*.
The Truth of It.
"Oh, I should dearly love to be a
palmist,". said the sweet young thing
to the clairvoyant. "Won't you teach
me to rend the lines of the hand?"
"Young woman," said the honest
seer, "success in palmistry does not
lie in the ability to rend the Hues but
to rend between them." Then she
went on to enlighten the s. y. t. about
the approaching'letter, the dark young
man In the captain's uniform, the wed
ding and the legacy from the rich old
The Way of it.
Some believe that the movies are
iver one's eyes."
"Well, they do make a film come
rae over one's eyes."
There Is a much closer connection
hetween the stomach nnd brain than
most people Imagine. It is because of
this close connection that indigestion,
belching, sour, gassy stomach nnd
other stomach miseriesall of which
are sure signs of acid-stomachare so
often followed by severe attacks of
blinding, splitting headaches.
Nervousness, sleeplessness. Irritabil
ity, mental depression, melancholia nnd
mnny other disorders which nffect the
brain can also nearly always be traced
to the same sourceacid-stomach.
So often you hear people say "I sm
so nervous I think I'll fly to pieces"
or "It seems I never get a good night's
sleep any more, my nerves are all on
edge." Little do they dream that ncid
stomach Is the direct cause of their
troubles because very often there are
no pains In the stomach at all. So you
see, you can't always judge an ncld
stomnch condition by the way your
stomach, Itself, feels.
If you are weak, nervous, unfitIf
you are not up to your old time form
If yon lack your accustomed enthu
siasm, energy nnd pepmake this test
and see If it Isn't acid-stomach that is
holding you backrobbing you of your
health, strength, nnd vigor. Get a
big box of EATONICthe wonderful
modern medicine that so quickly puts
an acid stomach rights. It is in
the form of pleasant tasting tablets
that you eat like a bit of candy.
EATONTC rids th of excess
"There is so much sparkle In Miss
Brightly's talk." "It comes from her
gems of thought."
Important to all Women
Readers of this Paper
Thousands upon thousands of women
have kidney or bladder trouble and never
guspect it.
Women's complaints often prove to be
nothing else but kidney trouble, or the
result of kidney or bladder disease.
If the kidneys are not in a healthy con
dition, they may cause the other organs
to become diseased.
You may suffer pain ia the back, head
ache and loss of ambition.
Poor health makes you nervous, irrita
ble and may be despondent it makes any
one so.
But hundreds of women claim that Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root, by restoring
health to the kidneys, proved to be just
the remedy needed to overcome, rich
Many send for a sample bottle to see
what Swamp-Root, the great kidney,
liver and bladder medicine, will do for
them. By enclosing ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer Co., Binghamton, N. T.. you
may receive sample size bottle by Parcel
Post. Ton can purchase medium and
large size bottles at all drug stores.Adv.
It is a long head that knows no
turning when a pretty girl passes.
All the pictures in the rogues' gal
lery are not steal engravings.
'WfcHM Granulated Eyelids, inflamd
I \3\1
Ask for "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" in a Bayer
packagemarked with "Bayer Cross."
You must say "Bayer." Never ask
for merely Aspirin tablets. The name
"Bayer" means you are getting the
genuine "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin,"
proven safe by millions of people.
Don't buy Aspirin tablets in a pill
box. Insist on getting the Bayer pack
age with the safety "Bayer Cross" on
both package and on tablets. No oth
er way!
Beware of counterfeits I Only re
cently a Brooklyn manufacturer was
sent to the penitentiary for flooding
the country with talcum powder tab
lets, which he claimed to be Asplna.
In the Bayer package are proper di
rections and the dose for Headacha,
Toothache, Earache, Neuralgia, Rhea*
matism, Lumbago, Sciatica, Cold*.
Grippe, Influenzal-Colds, Neuritis and
pain generally.
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin," Ameri
can made and owned, are sold in vest
pocket boxes of 12 tablets, which cost
only a few cents, also hi bottles of 24
and bottles of 100also capsules,
Aspirin is the trade mark of Bayer
Manufacture of Monoaceticacidester
of Sallcylicacld.
Wanted It in Words.
"Now, Henry, when you go to ask
father for his consent to marry me,
don't beat around the bush. It will
be sure to Irritate him. State our busi
ness in as few words as possible and
then wait for his reply."
"All right."
"You're not afraid, I hope?"
"Of course not, but I hope his reply
will beerverbal."
Interviewer"What Is your favorite
role?" Leading Actor"The one I get
on pny day."
The Ink is entitled to credit for
much of the mightiness attributed to
the pen.
Nervousness and
Headaches Caused
by Acid-Stomach
acid. Brings Instant relief from Indi
gestion, henrtburn, sour belching, food
repeating, bloat and gas and makes
the stomach cool, pure, sweet and
Dentists wnrn us against the bad
effects of acid mouth, pointing out
that the acid eats through the enamel
of the teeth, causing them to decay.
You can easily Imagine then the
amount of damage excess acid will
cause to the delicate organization of
the stomach!
Thousands of people are using
BATONIC and the results obtained are
so remarkable as to be almost unbe
lievable. Yet their letters of grati
tude, many of which are received
dally, prove absolutely that EATONIO
does all and even more than we claim.
The medical profession, too, recog
nizes the great value of this wonder
ful remedy. A learned Michigan doc
tor wrote recently: "I have hnd such
wonderful success with EATONIO that
I want every one to know how quick
ly It will neutralize the acidity of the
stomach (acid-stomach) and the stom
ach will soon be sweet and normal
again, and the sick man well and
happy once more."
So be sure to get a big box of
EATONIC from your druggist today.
If it falls In any wny to give you the
kind of satisfaction you want, take It
backhe will refund your money. He
doesn't want one penny of your money
unless EATONIC helps you. I
by sxpc
quickly relieved by Maria*
EyetesKdy. NoSmarting,
Comfort. At
just Eye
Your Druggists or by mail 60c per Bottle.
For tsafc at tfce Eye free write a
Mavis* Ey Beaedy Co, Cbl
lmost mag*
ical device for
dryinga woman's
hair in few minutes.
Every Woman Nm*d Onm
Emmry Wommn Want* One
Cannot Injurs the Finest Hair
Jiwt pull out thia Rod Host it any
wbtn put it uuck ill the comb thaw
Dry and Comb the Hair in a Jiffy!
100% Profit
Be A Live Wire
Make $500 to $1000 a month
and More
Introductory Offer
$135 for this magic comb
and forever do away with the messy,
snarly, disagreeable old style hair
drying worry and trouble.
Utcd end endowed by promt-
Dcpt. E 1482 Broadway. N. Y.
Opposite New Post Office
Waaktagtsa aad Secsad Ave. S., MINNEAP0LB
Steam heat hot and cold running water and tele
phone In rrery room. Special rates to Stockmen,
Country Merchants and Farmers. SOc aad uav
W. N. \i., Minneapolis, No. 17-191$.

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