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How Lydia Pinkham'g
Vegetable Compound
la Prepared For
Woman's Use.
A visit to the laboratory where this
successful remedy is made impresses
even the casual looker-on with the reli
ability, accuracy, skill and cleanliness
which attends the making of this great
medicine for woman's ills.
Over 350,000 pounds of various herbs
are used anuafiy and all have to ha
athered at the season of the year when
natural juices and medicinal sub
stances are at their best.
The most successful solvents are used
to extract the medicinal properties from
these herbs.
Every utensil and tank that comes in
contact with the medicine is sterilized
and as a final precaution in cleanliness
the medicine is pasteurized and sealed
in sterile bottles.
It to the wonderful combination of
roots and herbs, together with the
skill and care used in its preparation
which has made this famous medicine
so successful in the treatment of
female ills.
The letters from women who have
been restored to health by the use of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound which we are continually pub
lishing attest to its virtue.
Growing Old.
When a man gets so he can philoso
phize it means he is getting along in
years.Macon Republican.
Some are already using hard words
over the tax on soft drinks.
Doesn't hurt a bit and costs only
a few cents
Magic I Just drop a little Freesone
an that touchy corn, instantly it stops
aching, then you lift the corn off with
the fingers. Truly! No humbug!
Try Freezone! Tour druggist sells
tiny bottle for a few cents, sufficient to
rid your feet of every hard corn, soft
corn, or corn between the toes, and
calluses, without one particle of pain,
soreness or Irritation. Freezone Is the
discovery of a noted Cincinnati genius.
General Pershing's War Map.
2n installing General Pershing's war
map In the old National Museum build
ing In Washington, the commander's
room at the front just as it looked
when the map was in actual use, is
beihg reproduced as a setting. Here
will be the chairs used by the general
and his aids while they studied the
map, which changed hourly, night and
day, as reports came in and were re
corded. The table at which the officers
looked over documents will stand as it
used to at one side, and the walls will
be covered with the identical lineoleum
that was a background for the map.
The map was brought over hi pieces
now joined together, and the conven
tional design of the lineoleum is said
to give an odd kitchenlike domesticity
to the room in which General Pershing
watched history writing itself in a
very literal sense on the wall.
A Fair Proposition.
"Mr. Grabcoin, I've saved up $3,000
and I want to marry your daughter."
"Do you realize that $3,000 won't
last long nowadays?"
"Oh, yes, sir. But it ought to take
care of us for at least six months and
at the end of that .time if I haven't
convinced you that I'm an ideal son
in-law you needn't do a thing for us."
As we have to live with ourselves
we should see to It that we always
nave good company.
And using their feet more than ever before.
For all these workers the frequent use of
Allen's Foot=Ease, the antiseptic, healing
powder to be shaken into the shoes and
sprinkled in the foot-bath, increases their
efficiency and. insures needed physical com
fort. It takes the Friction from the Shoe,
freshens the feet, and prevents tired, ach
ing and blistered feet. Women everywhere
are constant users of Allen's Foot=Ease.
Don't get foot sore, get Allen's Foot'Esse.
Sold by dealers everywhere.Adv.
The Ruling Passion.
Mrs. TalkertonOh, dear! I wish
there was some way to break little
Gladys of sucking her thumb.
Her HusbandDon't worry when
she gets a.little older she'll notice that
it Interferes with her talking. Then
she'll quit it herself.
Buy a Farm Now.
Becaui* land Is cheaper than It will ever
be again. The U. & Railroad Administration
la prepared to furnish free Information to
homeaeekers recardlng- farming opportuni
ties. We have nothing- to sell no money to
lend only Information to g-lve. Write me
fully with reference to your needs. Name
the atato you want to learn about. J. I*
Edwards, Manager, Agricultural Section,
U. a Railroad Administration, Room 70,
Washington, D. Cadv.
"The way of the transgressor is
hard," when he is trying to transgress
the laws of nature.
The Cutlcura Toilet Trio
Having cleared your skin keep it clear
by making Cutlcura your every-day
toilet preparations. The soap to cleanse
and purify, the Ointment to soothe and
heal, the Talcum to powder and per*
fume. No toilet table is complete
without them. 25c everywhere.Adv.
Calling names In an argument may
make the chap called sore, but do
they answer his arguments?
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTOBIA, that famous old remedy
for infanta and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
A daughter is an embarrassing and
ticklish possession.Menander.
Ton can't expect weak kidneys to
filter the adds and poisons out of your
system unless they are given a little help
Don't allow them to become diseased
when a little attention now will pre
vent it Don't try to cheat nature.
As toon as you commence to have
backaches, feel nervous and tired. GET
BUST. These are usually warnings
that your kidneys are not working
Do not delay a minute. Go after the
cause of your ailments or you may find
yourself in thegrip of an incurable dis
ease. GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil cap
sules will give almost immediate relief
from kidney troubles. GOLD MED-
AL Haarlem Oil Capsules will do
the work. They are the pure original
Haarlem Oil Capsules imported direct
from the laboratories in Haarlem, Hol-
land.'' Ask your druggist for GOLD
MEDAL and accept no substitutes.
Look for the name GOLD MEDAL oa
every box. Three sixes, sealed packages.
Money refunded if they do not quickly
help you.Adv.
Theres a Deasarz
why so many
people make
Authors' Handwriting.
If readers and admirers of the pol
ished sentences of popular authors
could see the original manuscripts
from which their works are printed
they would be given Interesting side
lights on the character and personal
ity of the writers. The handwriting of
G. K. Chesterton has been described by
an English editor as "shocking." W.
W. Jacobs, comedy writer of the sea,
has all his literary work typed and
makes but few corrections on the fin
ished manuscript Other English
writers whose copy reputed to be
neat and quite acceptable to a printer
are H. G. Wells, Rudyard Kipling,
Arnold Bennett and Sir Arthur Co
nan Doyle. Editors say they never
know what to expect from that Im
aginative genius, H. de Vere Stacpoole.
Sometimes his work is neatly typed on
good paper, but often It is scribbled to
sheets torn from a copybook.
Heard on the Train.
"Is this Mr. Rileyr
"Ehwhat?" said the deaf old chap,
"Is this Mr. Rileyr
"Riley I Oh, yes
"I knew your father.*'
"No bother."
"I say I knew your father."
"What?" "Iknewyourfather." "Oh, did ye? So did L"Bostosj
the regular part, of at
least one meal each day.
It's because ot the
delightful flavor, and won
derful values of Grape-Nuts
as a health.builder.
Thief River Palls.Thief River Falls
will have no formal celebration of
July Fourth.
Mora.The business men and citi
zens of Mora have already subscribed
$400 towards the Fourth of July cele
Blue Earth.The Mankato district
of the Methodist church has gone over
the top by $10,000 in the centenary
Fergus Falls.The officers of the
Otter Tail County Old Settlers associa
tion have decided to hold the annual
reunion at Battle Lake on Sunday,
June 29.
BemidjLK. K. Roe, clerk in the of
fice of A. D. Johnson, county auditor,
announced that 19,194 acres of govern
ment lands have been placed on the
1919 tax rolls of the county.
BrainerdOle P. Orrvar, 70 years
old, was fatally injured when struck
by an automobile driven by Gilbert
Antonson. He suffered a fractured
skull and died four hours later.
Minneapolis.The body of Edward
Lange, 25 years old, son of Ernest
Lange, a farmer residing near Maple
Grove, was. found in the hay barn, ot
his father, after the young man had
attended church.
St. Paul.A special balloon, which
left Omaha, Neb., at 11 p. m. Thursday
night, landed three miles south of
Wyoming, Minn., near here, making
the 530 miles at an average speed of
70 miles an hour.
Thief River Falls.U. S. Veterina
rian George Sand is in Pennington
county testing the thirteen herds of
cattle which reacted last fall, and
there will be about 3,000 head to be
tested next October.
Habbing.According to reports re
ceived here, Alex Aho, living at Buhl,
blew his head off wtyh a stick of dyna
mite in the woods about twenty miles
north of Kinney. He left a note to the
effect that he would kill himself.
Thief River Falls.El win Myron
was arraigned before Judge N. W.
Tarrant on the charge of violating the
liquor laws. Judge Tarrant bound
him over to the grand jury under
bonds of $2pj5, whichi-were furnished.
Long Prairie.Joseph Gerlach, re
ported by the government to have
been drowned when the troop ship
Tuscania was torpedoed, and for many
weeks thereafter mourned by his par
ents as dead, has arrived home from
Bemidjl.Charged with assaulting
a neighbor, Stenwell Peterson of Jones
township on Memorial day was ar
raigned before Judge John Gibbons in
municipal court and bound over to the
September session of the Beltrami
county grand jury.
St. Paul.J. L. Rogers, former pro
prietor of the Revere hotel, who was
shot by a gunman in front of the Union
hotel, here, is still in a critical condi
tion at the St. Paul city hospital. The
bullet entered Rogers' left side and
passed out on the right side.
East Grand Forks.The Northwest
ern Telephone company is busy in
stalling new cables preparatory to the
complete physical connection with the
wires of the Tri-State company. It is
expected that the consolidation will
be effected within about three weeks.
Warren. E. C. Ballard, formerly
president of the Farmers' State bank
of Grygla, entered a plea of guilty to
the charge of grand larceny at the
June term of the district court here.
Judge Andrew Grindeland has not yet
pronounced sentence and Ballard is
out on bail.
Bemidjl.When district court con
venes for the fall term of court in
Beltrami county, Sept. 9, thirty men of
foreign birth will be present for the
purpose of proving to R. K. Doe, nat
uralization officer, and the presiding
judge, that they are qualified to be
come citizens of the United States.
St. Cloud.The local American Le
gion voted to support the local Na
tional Guard company in their cam
paign for a memorial armory and audi
torium. The city commissioners re
cently set July 8 as the date for an
election on the proposition of bonding
the city for $75,000, to be used in the
erection of such a building.
Moorhead.The Minnesota Hoist ein
Breeders' association, in second annual
meeting here, took steps to bring
about increased operations through re
organization. A special committee
was authorized to formulate plans for
reorganization. The association plans
to broaden its scope of operation to
cover all sections of the state and to
adopt a more aggressive policy in the
conduct ot its affairs, according to the
president, E. P. Winshlp, of Owatonna.
St. Paul.Northwest farmers are
advised to take advantage of the prob
able opportunity afforded tfris year to
increase supplies of clover, timothy
and other tame grass, in a bulletin
Issued by J. N. Holmberg, state com
missioner of agriculture. Following
total losses of timothy and clover seed
crops the last two years, prospects
now are for an excellent crop, the
commissioner said, and farmers will
do well to conserve the seed supply
to overcome the shortage.
Hastings.The total of the paving
bid awarded to Warren Bros, company
of Boston, for bltnllthic pavement on
six miles of the Federal highway from
the St. Paul city limits toward Rose
mount is $238,374.07. Work is to be
gin July 1 and is expected to be com
pleted by Nov. 1.
St. Cloud.The Old Settlers' asso
ciation in session here elected Mary
L. Street, Little Falls, president Em
ma Tobey. Sauk Center, first vice pres
ident Milo Young, second vice presi
dent H. J. Boylan of Paynesville,
treasurer Julius Payne, S Cloud,
International Falls.A lumber com
pany team was electrocuted when it
was driven into a live wire at the mill.
Minneapolis.The English Evangeli
cal Luthern Synod of the Northwest
will hold its 1920 convention in Minne
Coleraine.Lawrence & McCann of
Eveleth, who have the paving job on
Roosevelt avenue with bithulithic for
$37,000, have started work.
Long Prairie.Former residents of
Todd county, who now live in the
west, are to have their annual picnic
at Woodland park, Seattle, June 29.
Stillwater.Prof. Eckles, head of
the dairy department at the state uni
versity, who recently came to this
state from Missouri, will be the speak
er at the Guernsey picnic at John Nel
Winton. Henry Hanson was
drowned while bathing in Fall lake.
He was in the water over an hour be
fore being rescued. Doctors rushed
from Ely with a pulmotor, but life was
Sandstone.The fifteenth annual
district convention of the W. C. T. U.
was held here this week. Delegates
were present from Mora, Ogilvie,
Brook Park, Pine City, Carltoa, Hen
rietta and Princeton.
Albert Lea, Minn.Word was re
ceived here from Detroit, Minn., of the
death of H. L. Spencer of Oskaloosa,
IoAva. Spencer was president of the
Western Grocer company, which main
tains an office in Minneapolis.
Albert Lea.Nearly 1,000 delegates
and visitors were present at the open
,ing session of the Southern Minnesota
district convention of the Norwegian
Church in America. This is the first
meeting since the union of the Synod
Lutheran and Trinity Lutheran
Buhl. Following conviction of
Theodore Motrenovich, proprietor of a
soft drink parlor, who was fined in
municipal court on charges of violat
ing the liquor laws, six other soft
drink parlors closed up. No explana
tion was offered by the owners of the
places which closed.
Mankato.Bankers of the Second
district closed their seventh annual
convention here by holding a big ban
quet and dance at the Masonic Tem
ple. Officers elected were J. G. Baugh,
Lakefield, president Edwin Brinckson
of Adrian, vice president and John
E. Rorman, Winnebago, secretary and
Minneapolis.The Minnesota Hotel
and Restaurant association has opened
headquarters in the Plymouth building
with Boone Riley as secretary, as the
beginning of its campaign to advertise
Minnesota as a summer resort. He
said reports from the field indicated
the largest hotel and resort business
in the history of the state.
Moorhead.A record price of $65,
000 for a bull in Minnesota was paid
by Gustave Pabst of Deoufman, Wis.,
to M. L. Enright of East Grand Forks,
.Minn., for Sir Pietertje Ormsby Mer
cedes, aged 5, the forty-first at the sale
of the Minnesota Holstein Friesian
Breeders' association, held on the E.
C. Schroeder farm near here.
St. Paul.Minnesota will pay twice
as much in personal income taxes this
year as was paid last year, according
to estimates by E. J. Lynch, collector
of internal revenue. The total col
lections are expected to run above
$120,000,000 this year under the new
income tax law. Last year's collec
tions amounted to $58,000,000.
Mankato.Strikers and strikebreak
ers who carry guns were severely
condemned by Municipal Judge Hiram
Goff in sentencing Louis Nichols, a
strikebreaker at the Little Giant Trac
tor plant, to sixty days in the county
Jail. Nichols was arrested with a re
volver in his possession. He declared
strikers had threatened him. A strike
has been in progress at the plant for
three weeks,, machinistsv
the union scale of wages.
Grand Forks.United Commercial
Travelers of North Dakota and Minne
sota have selected Fergus Falls as
the convention city for 1920. Officers
elected are: E. C. Mahle, St. Paul,
past grand councilor J. F. McOrann,
Fargo, senior councilor J. M. Dressor,
St. Paul, grand secretary R. E. Bran
den, Minneapolis, grand treasurer
Frank Touskerper, Stillwater, junior
councilor C. F. Final, Crookston,
grand conductor W. A. Donaldson,
Duluth, grand page C. H. Coar, Minot,
sentinel. The Minnesota legislative
committee will be comprised of Henry
C. Copser, St. Paul G.,W. Hancock,
St. Paul, and G. E. Tisdal, Minneap
Virginia.Three sudden deaths and
two probably fatal injuries were re
ported to the police in one day. The
dead are: Nels Ahol, 38 years old,
shot and killed Edward Ward, 18
years old, overcome by heat William
Kovensky, 8 years, drowned. The body
of Ahol was found in a rooming house.
The police declined to say whether
it was a case of murder or suicid*.
Ward was overcome by heat while
working in the yards of the Virginia
Rainy Lake Lumber company. The
Kovensky boy was drowned when he
fell into an abandoned mine pit. Ben
Sampson fell from a tramway at the
Virginia-Rainy L*ke yards and suf
fered a broken back. Daniel Coffey,
4 years old, was struck by an automo
Minneapolis.Mrs. Robert Black
wood, 106, of Vancouver, B. C, stepped
nimbly from a Soo Line train at the
Milwaukee station here and said she
was not the least bit tired after her
four-day trip, and announced herself
ready to resume her journey to Sin
gal, Ont., making in all 3,600 miles,
St. Paul.Funds totaling $13,000
voted by the State Public Sa.'ety com
mission to provide athletic supplies,
books and magazines and small com
forta to Minnesota men in military
and naval service, have been entirely
expended. Secretary H. W. Libby re
Thousands Have Kidney
Trouble and Never
Suspect It
Applicants for Insurance Often
Judging from reports from druggists
who are constantly in direct touch with
the public, there one preparation that
has been very successful in overcoming
these conditions. The mild and healing
influence of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is
won realized. It stands the highest for
its remarkable record of success.
An examining physician for one of the
prominent Life Insurance Companies, in
an interview of the subject, made the as
tonishing statement that one reason why
so many applicants for insurance are re
jected is because kidney trouble is so
common to the American people, and the
large majority of those whose applica
tions are declined do not even suspect
that they have the disease. It is on sale
at all drug stores in bottles of two sizes,
medium and large.
However, if you wish first to test this
great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for a
sample bottle. When writing be sure and
mention this paper.Adv.
Vagrant's Fragrance.
"The whisky toper usually eats
onions. Deliver me, then, from his
proximity In train or theater."
The speaker was Charles L. Chute,
secretary of the National Prohibition
"An Albany missionary," he went on,
"was visiting a jail. He asked a red
nsed Inmate what his crime had been.
M'I didn't do nothing.'says red nose.
'Honest to goodness, boss. I didn't do
"'Well, anyhow, what did they
charge you with doing?' said the mis
"'Durned If I know, boss,* said red
nose. 'As near ns I can make out,
they put me in here for frngrancy.'"
Always Ask for Genuine
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
If you see the "Bayer Cross" on the
package you are sure you are not get
ting talcum powder. Millions of fraud
ulent Aspirin Tablets were recently
sold throughout the country. Aspirin is
the trade mark of Bayer Manufacture
of Monoaceticacidester of Salicyllcacid.
Immense Dock for London.
With the object of regaining for Lon
don her former proud position ns pre
mier port of the world, a new and
enormous dock, capable of accommo
dating the world's liners, is being con
structed on the south side of the Royal
Albert docks. Its water area Is to be
64 acres and, by means of a floating
caisson, Its normal length Is capable of
extension to 010 feetlarge enough
for a bigger boat than even the 868,-
foot Aqultnnlu.
On the Boss' Time.
"From what you tell roe, Sam, you
have been a busy man all your life."
"Yes, sah yes, sah."
"You've done a great deal in yonr
time and day, Sam, I guess."
"Yes, sah. Dot is, I's done a good
lot in ronh day, but It was in de boss'
time, sah."Yonkers Statesman.
"Silence gives consent," the young
man remarked when he asked a deaf
and dumb girl If he might kiss her
HowellThat murderer was a cool
PowellWhat do you mean?
HowellWhen the judge sentenced
him to be electrocuted on a certain
day, he said: a pretty busy man,
but i try to be there. Judge."
Church ghlrkera.
"What's the idea of free pews?"
"Well, It glvee every one a chance to
stay away from church at a mini
Nothing Like Plain Bltro-Phosphate
to Put on Firm, Healthy Flesh and
to Increase Strength, Vigor
and Nerve Force.
Judging from the countless preparation*
and treatments which are continually be*
tag advertised for the purpose of making
thin people fleshy, developing arms, MOB
and oust, and replacing ugly hollows an*
angles by the soft curved lines ot health
and beauty, there are evidently thousand*
of men and women who keenly feel their
excessive thinness.
Thinness and weakness are often due
to starved nerves. Our bodies need more
phosphate than Is contained in modern
roods. Physicians claim there la nothing
that will supply this deficiency so well ae
the organic phosphate known among drug"
gists as bltro-phoaphate, which is Inex
pensive and Is sold by most all drug-gists
under a guarantee of satisfaction or money
back. By feeding the nerves directly ana
by supplying the body cells with the nec
essary phosphoric food elements, bitro*
phosphate should produce a welcome
transformation in the appearance the in
crease In weight frequently being aston
Increase in weight also carries with It
a general improvement in the health.
Nervousness, sleeplessness and lack of
energy, which nearly always accompany
excessive thinness, should disappear, dull
eyes become bright, and pale cheeks glow
With the bloom of perfect health.
CAUTION: Although bltro-phosphate
Is unsurpassed for relieving nervousness,
sleeplessness and general weakness. It
should not, owing to Its tendency to in
crease weight, be used by anyone who
does not desire to put on flesh.
No Pity There.
of a very sympathetic nature."
-So?" "Yes, feel sorry for any man In trou
ble. I don't like to see dumb brute*
"I know, but what are you getting
"Notwithstanding by tender feeling
towards mankind I can't find It in my,
heart to be the least bit sorry for tbs
True to Form.
"What did you do with the play y
tried on the dog?"
"Made the fun a bit more waggish,,
fixed up the tail end and licked the
whole thing into shape."
Proof to the Contrary.
"Yonder girl's face is a chromo."
"Indeed, then, It isn't it's hand
Wis NlitnUe aid LtMla. Wdfkt
Sifferitf Fran Kisser Gmplafit
Dtai'i learned tat Triable.
"I was about down and out from
kidney trouble," says Harry Griffith, qf
228 N. Darlington St.. Westchester, Pa.
"The kidney secretions burned like
scalding water. Sometimes there would
be a complete stoppage and, ohI what
pain I suffered! My feet
became swollen and I
had a time of it getting
on my shoes.
"My back hurt right
over my kidneys. Nights
I did nothing but toss
about. It was just as
though a knife pare
thrust into my back. I
couldn't bend over with
out terrible pain and I
Hr. GriflKa
would fall to my knees and crawl along
to get hold of something to help myself
up. Blinding dizzy spells came on and
terrible headaches added to my misery.
"I was rapidly losing weight and
knew something would have to be
done. I began taking Doan'g Kidney
Pill* and was more than surprised.
The troubles were soon leaving me and
six boxes of Doan'e Kidney PttU
cured me entirely. To this day I have
been free from kidney complaint/
Btcorn to oefore me.
Notary Public.
W. N. U., Minneapolis, No. 25-191*.
Just Married
This book says to put some
yourself into everything you do."
"And then it Is bound to be a
-At, my dear, you ware cut out te
make angel cake."Louisville Courier*

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