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An Iowa Woman
Muscatine, Iowa."When in Oklaho
oa and waiting to build I was exposed
to cold weather. 1
was not well and
felt the need ol
some medicine to
give new strength.
Having seen Dr.
Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery
advertised I pro
cured and used
(one bottle, then 1
'used one bottte of
Dr. Pierce's Fa
vorite Prescription also. These two
combined caused me to get stronger
nd to throw off the unpleasant effects
of the exposure. I shall always speak
highly of Dr. Pierce's remedies."Mrs.
garah Barton, 123 W. Front St
Duluth, Minn."I am a great be
liever Jn Dr. Pierce's remedies. I have
taken 'Favorite Prescription' for weak
ness peculiar to women and found it
very beneficial. I had taken other med
icines for this ailment but did not get
any relief. This medicine gave me the
relief I was seeking. I also use the
Pleasant Pellets' for disordered stom
ach, biliousness and headachesthere
is nothing better. I can highly recom
mend Dr. Pierce's medicines from the
actual useof them. I am" taking 'Fa-
vorite Prescription' at the present time
and it is doing me a world of good."
Mrs. R. Thayer, 4027 W. 5th St
often follows a
Neglected Cold
Standard cold remedy for 20 yean
is tablet formsafe, aure, no
opiatesbreaks up a cold in 24
hoursrelieve* trip in 3 days.
Money back if it fails. The
genuine bos baa a Red
top with Mr. Hill's
At A Drat Stores
Love of man for himself never
grows less.
iiii *+mm+m
Rid System of Clogged-up
Waste and Poisons
with "Cascarets."
i in
A wise man never questions the
age of a woman.
Importan to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle Of
CASTOR1A, that famous old remery
for Infants and children, and see that it
Bears the ^4f s/fj5^Z?
Signature &Cjut^/jrf*&&Z$4
In Use for Over 30 Tears.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
As a rule laxy people lie the most.
Big Happenings of the Week
Condensed for Benefit of
Busy Readers.
Kernels Culled From News of Moment
In All Parts of the World
Of Interest to All the Peo
ple Everywhere.
The University of Wisconsin's cpal
3upply Is sufficient to last until Jan
uary 1.
Charles W. Drake, a wellknown
Montana editor, for the last two years
editor of the Fairyiew Tribune, died
recently in Minot, N. D.
President Wilson sent to the senate
the nominations to be receivers of
public moneys, Jame3 K. Clark at Lem
mon, S. D. William E. McMurry at
Missoula, Mont.
Montana Wesleyan college, Helena,
is waging a campaign in the state to
take up the indebtedness of $140,000
on a new dormitory. Nearly $90,000
has been pledged.
Henry Conis, 11 years old, son of
John Conis, a prominent rancher of
Ware, Mont, was shot in the head and
killed while he and his brother were
playing with a rifle.
Threatened strike of Washburn,
Wis., teachers for more pay was
averted when the board of education
granted an increase in wages of $10
per month dating from Sept 1.
The House of Representatives of the
North Dakota Legislature by a vote of
64 to 45 decided to reconsider their ac
tion which killed a bill to repeal the
state "blue law" relative to the sale
of cigarets.
James Blacklock, former representa
tive from Pembina county, past grand
master of the Masonic body of North
Dakota, steward of-the state peniten
tiary, died in Bismarck following a
brief illness from pneumonia.
Dr. E. A. Birge, since the death of
Charles R. Van Hise, acting president
of the University of Wisconsin, has
been elected permanent president of
the board of regents. He has been
with the university nearly 50 years.
Mrs.Mont., Adelaides Rbeen
Like carbon clogs and chokes a mo
tor, so the excess bile in liver, and
the constipated waste in the bowels,
produce foggy brains, headache, soar,
acid stomach, indigestion, sallow skin,
sleepless nights, and bad colds.
Let gentle, harmless "Cascarets" rid
the system of the toxins, adds, gases,
and poisons which are keeping you up
Take Cascarets and enjoy the nicest,
gentlest laxative-cathartic you ever*
experienced. CascHrets never gripe,
sicken, or cause inconvenience. They
work while you sleep. A box of Ca
carets costs so little too.Adv.
A book agent is often a woman with
a history.
A Feeling of Security
You naturally feel secure when yon
know that the medicine you are about to
take is absolutely pure and contains no
harmful or habit producing drugs.
Such medicine is Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Boot, kidney, liver and bladder remedy.
The same standard of purity, strength
and excellence is maintained in every
bottle of Swamp-Root.
It is scientifically compounded from
vegetable herbs.
It is not a stimulant and is taken in
teaspoonful doses.
It is not recommended for everything.
It is nature's great helper in relieving
and overcoming kidney, liver and blad
der troubles.
A sworn statement of purity is with
very bottle of Dr. Elmer's Swamp
Ii you need a medicine, you should
have the beat. On sale at all drag stores
In bottles of two sites, medium and lane.
However, if you wkm first to try this
neat preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for a
sample bottle. When writing be sure sad
mention this paper.Adv.
rTlglrt sura sWututog
Hat* String, Health)
Eymm. It theyTire, Itch
Smart or Burn, ifSore,
-TTv/rC Irritated, Inflamed oi
LYt*J Granulated, useMurine
Soothes. Bsfresbes. Sale fc:
Adult. At allDruggist*. Writefoi
Peterson of Bir-
ha appointed a
United States commissioner by Judge
George M. Bourquin of the United
States court. She is said to be the
first woman to hold this position in
Lignite miners working in the Da
kota Coal company mines at' Tasker
and Burlington, N. D., went out on
strike when they learned that the fed
eral court at Fargo had issued a re
straining order preventing the state
from taking control of the property.
Grain from western Canada is mov
ing more slowly this year than -in
previous years owing in part to severe
cold spell since early in the season
which checked taking grain off the
fields and which necessitated use of
all available cars on railway lines for
coal shipment.
The Northwest's coal supply, now
stored at the docks at the Head of
the Lakes, will not be diverted to
points outside dock territory. This
promise was given by the Federal Fuel
administration in Washington to Louis
W. Hill, chairman of the board of di
rectors of the Great Northern railway.
The office of the district president
of the mine workers of Billings, Mont.,
has approved or an effort being made
to bring about a settlement in differ
ences between mine owners and mi
ners. Both factions predict a settle
ment in a day or two. Negotiations
under way affect all the lignite mines
in northwest North Dakota.
Unaware that her son was dead,
Mrs. Louisa Brown, 93, of Brown
town, Wis., lifted the body of the man
from the floor to the bed and sat by
the bedside throughout the night, ap
plying wet cloths to the head of the
corpse in an effort to revive conscious
ness. Brown, who was 69 years'old,
fell dead of a stroke of apoplexy.
"You should take ovgr and operate
the mines in the name of the people,"
Governor Sam W. Stewart of Montana
was urged in a telegram sent from
Livingston to the capitol-by represen
tatives of all local business houses.
Continuing, the telegram states:
"This community is confronted with
the most acute fuel famine ever faced
by people."
Soldiers, sailors, marines and nurses
of parts of the Dakotas and all of Mon
tana, Idaho and Wyoming, who are
in need of rehabilitation and desire
later to take vocational courses while
in the hospital, will go to Fort Harri
son, near Helena, It is some years
since the fort has been occupied
regularly by troops. In all a force of
150 doctors, nurses, internes and at
tendants is to be employed.
The unseasonable and abnormally
heavy snows in Montana, have driven
coyotes from the hills and they are
making raids on sheep. One owner
reports the death of 50. Coyotes have
appeared in the lowlands in unusual
numbers because of the snow in the
Luc Lax, negro, 62 years old, arriv
ing at Devils Lake, N. D., from Minot
with a quantity of drugs believed to
be opium, valued at approximately
(200, and a number of bottles of wt is-
\j, was arrested and locked in the
county Jail awaiting formal charges beginning at once and affect about 75
by the state attorney. per cent of packing house employes.
The first bill to be introduced in the
house was one making Armistice day,
Nov. 11, a national holiday.
The House adopted the conference
report on the Edge bill and the meas
ure now goes to the President.
The sixty-sixth regular session of
congress convened after a short re
cess following the extra session. In
dications point to a session lasting
several months.
A constitutional amendment provid
ing for a referendum .on national pro
hibition was proposed in a resolution
introduced by Representative D. J.
O'Connell, New York.
Desertions from the army from
March 1 to Nov. 17 of this year aver
aged more than 800 per month, with
lees than 15 per cent of them appre
hended, the war department has an
Sixty radical aliens have been de
ported from the United States in the
last two years, the Department of La
bor reported to Congress., Deporta
tion of 88 others has been ordered, the
department said.
Senator Newberry, in a statement,
urged the Senate to investigate the
circumstances surrounding his elec
tion in Michigan last year and charges
of bribery and conspiracy made in a
federal indictment.
More than one billion dollars' worth
of Liberty Bonds were bought by the
Treasury and retired during the last
18 months, yielding the government a
profit of approximately $35,000,000
and reducing the public debt, Secre
tary Glass reported to Congress.
Secretary N. D.. Baker, with Gen
eral P. C. March, chief of staff, and
Senator G. E. Chamberlain of Oregon,
will leave New York on the transport
Great Northern for Colon, where the
secretary will formally open the
Panama canal to the commeroe of the
Announcement of a record price paid
for livestock was made by the Clay,
Robinson Co., South St. Paul, when
they sold Junior Ladd, champion Here
ford steer, ior $2.62 a pound at the
Chicago stock show. The steer was
11 months old and weighed over 1,000
Prospective home-builders and resi
dents of Alice Minn., will view a build
ing and finishiug exhibit to be held at
the Alice council library. The exhibit
has been prepared by Miss Irma
Walker, librarian of the Alice branch.
The exhibit will also interest those in
tending to remodel their homes.
House fumiphing suggestions will also
be on display
Lost in the woods while hunting
north of Hibbing, from Sunday till 10
a. m. Monday during the severe bliz
zard tha*t swept over this section,
Harry Lavigne 17, local boy, was
found three miles from Ellsburg with
both feet badly frozen. He was taken
to a Hibbing hospital and doctors hope
to save his feet, although they are in
bad shape.
Heavyweight Carpentier won his
fight from Joe Becket in London for
the European championship.
The purchasing power of an Amer
ican gold dollar in Tientsin, China, is
only 76 cents, American army officers
Germany and Lithuania have signed
an armistice stipulating the immedi
ate evacuation of Lithuania by the
It is reported the general strike in
Italy is rapidly spreading throughout
the upper part of the country, partic
ularly in Milan, Turin, Bologna, Mon
za and Verona.
All trains in Porto Rico operated by
the American railroad were stopped
by a strike involving trainmen, shop
men and statfonmen who demand
wage increases up to 50 per cent.
Germany still retains French pris
oners of war in close confinement, it
is claimed by Louis Boucher, a French
volunteer, who was taken prisoner in
June, 1918, and returned to his home.
Premier Toca's Spanish ministry re
signed following a meeting of the
cabinet at which military matters
were discussed and at which General
Covaro, minister of war, first tendered
his resignation.
Through intervention by the Vati
can, the holsheviki government of Rus
sia has agreed to an exchange of pris
oners of war with Poland. Among the
prisoners affected by the agreement
is Archbishop Ropp of Mohilev, who
has already returned to Warsaw.
Cardinal Amette has been entrusted
by Pope Benedict to convey to Premier
Clemenceau the wishes of many Ger
man families, made known to the
pontiff, that their relatives who .had
been prisoners in France for five
years, be allowed to return home for
Christmas. Domestic
Lawton, Mich., police are searching
for Mrs. Lester Tabor and her son,
Walter, last reported "somewhere in
Oregon," following the finding of the
body of Miss Maud Tabor in a trunk
in the basement of the Tabor home
at Lawton. Miss Tabor, a graduate of
the University of Michigan, and a
teacher of languages, disappeared
about three years ago, shortly after
the death of her father, a prominent
lawyer of this city.
The Institute of American Meat
Packers, in a statement declares that
the average weekly wholesale price of
dressed beef for the entire country
decreased 32.2 per cent between May
3 and November 22 this year.
Unskilled laborers employed by
stockyards packing firms in Chicago,
Kansas City, St. Louis, Denver,
Omaha and other Western cities, are
granted an increase in wages of about
10 per cent by an award made by
Federal Judge Samuel Alschuler, arbi
trator. The increases are effective
Ex-Soldiers to Push Case Against
Mob Action at Ortonville. I
Loyalty Shouters Arrested in Minne
spoilsOrtonville Citizens Pro
test to Governor Against
Treatment of Ex-Con
gressman Issue
Reaches Crisis.
Minneapolis, Minn. Deporta
tion of ex-congressman Ernest
Lundeen from Ortonville promises
to bring to a climax the struggle
against official and semi-official
rrtob violence in Minnesota.
Lundeen was "arrested" by the
sheriff as he opened his speech on
the League of Nations. Outside
he was turnetfTSiver to alleged rep
resentatives of the American
Legion who confined him in a re
frigerator car. He was released
at another, town 20 miles away.
Governor Burnqutst declined'to
take action because of alleged
lack of official information. But
the World War Veterans' associa
tion has taken charge of the case,
and unless the governor ousts the
sheriff within two weeks, will
bring court prosecution against
The sheriff and oftiers concerned ii
this violation of lair and order alleg*
that they acted to protect the ex-con
gressman, but no evidence is at hand
to show that any danger was present
other than what these themselves of
fered. Nor did the sheriff and the city
marshall make any effort to protect
him from the alleged danger before
depriving Lundeen of his constitu
tional rights and presenting the peo
ple of Ortonville from hearing his
ideas on this vi'-l subject
Citizens Protest.
One group of local citizens has pre
sented the governor wit'i a protest
against the illegal treatment The as
sociation of returned soldiers has tak
en up the case not because of agree
ment with his ideas or any connection
with the ex-congressman but because
of the principles which must be main
tained if free government is to be re
stored in Minnesota.
In Minneapolis the mayor and chief
of police have had to take stern meas
ures to stop illegal assaults and de
struction of private property by inter
ests anxious to head off reform with
the "loyalty" issue. Already sevoral
of the men prominent in publishing
the rabid anti-farmer, anti-labor pa
pers have been arrested for these of
Ex-Soldiers Act.
Resolutions adopted by the World
War Veterans' association on the Lun
deen case, read in part as follows:
"We realize that there is prevalent
in this state a vicious disposition on
the part of many newspapers and too
many public officials to spread fear
and intimidation among the mass of
the people of the state by suggesting
and encouraging individual and mob
violence and by publishing false
propaganda of law, order and loyalty
as camouflage for actual oppression.
"And, whereas, we are honorably
discharged service men of the late war
and our experience therein has
brought home to us responsibility as
citizens and our duty as such to see
that the law is enforced equally upon
all, we must therefore and for all the
reasons stated take upon ourselves to
demand and insist that mob rule and
the intimidation of our citizens be
stamped out in the state of Minnesota
and we must, if necessary, take upon
ourselves the initiative in enforcing
the laws of the state and causing of
fenders guilty of intimidation under
color of office and those guilty of mob
violence and ct encouraging mob
lence to be brought to justice and
prosecuted t- the full extent of the
Uphold Constitution.
''And. whereas, our slogan, is, The
enforcement cf the Constitution of the
Unrted States of America as it is writ-
ten,' be it therefore
"Resolved, that we appoint a com
mittee of 12 of the members of this
organization, to be known as 'the slo
gan committee,' and whose particular
duty it shall be to -see that the spirit
of our slogan be realised in fact that
the committee shall solicit informa
tion leading 'o the arrest and convic
tion of those who practice intimida
tion or mob violence upon our citi
zens and others within our borders,
and that the committee shall review
all such information and shall with
their recommendations bring it to the
attention of the regular state head
quarters meeting for. consideration as
to what actlr.n snail be taken. Be it
'Resolved, that' we invite all citi
zens who wish to see intimidation and
mob rule crushed to lend their assis
tance to this organization in putting
these resolutions into effect."
Ooveri.mo'-.t investigators announce
tint in 50 rjties the cost of living
was 2-10 of 1 per rent lower in
Oc ober than in September. What has
become of the 10 to 50 per cent loppec
off the prices receireJ by formers foi
Name "Bayer" is on Genuine
Aspirinsay Bayer
Insist on "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin"
in a "Bayer package," containing prop
er directions for Headache, Colds,
Pain, Neuralgia, Lumbago, and Rheu
matism. Name "Bayer" means genuine
Aspirin prescribed by physicians for
nineteen years. Handy tin toxes of 12
tablets cost few cents. Aspirin is trade
nark of Bayer Manufacture of Mono
iceticacldester of Salicvllcacid.Adv.
Tank tor Flowers,
A circular tank to be pluced on the
ms o2 flower pots has been invented,
^om which a tube extends to convey
ater to plant roots slowly and evenly.
How often have you heard that sad
sy from the victims of disease. Per
haps the disorder has gone too far for
loin, but oftener it is just in its first
stages and the pains and aches are only
nature's first cries for help. Bo not
despair. Find out the cause and give
nature afi the help you can and she
will repay you with health. Look after
the kidneys. The kidneys are the most
overworked organs of the human body*
and when they fail in their work of
filtering and throwing off the poison
that constantly accumulates in the ays
tern, everything goes wrong. GOLD
MTCTiAT. Haarlem Oil Capsules will
give almost immediate relief from kid
ney and bladder troubles and their kin
dred ailments. They will free your
body from pain in short order. But be
sure to get GOLD MEDAL. Look for
the name on every box. In three sizes,
sealed packages, Money refunded if
they do not help you. Adv.
Speaking of Cradles.
Mrs. BeaconI see that 4,000 women
are Included in the membership of the
Saskatchewan Grain Growers* associa
Mr. BaconWell, I see no reason
"why women should not become ac
quainted with the cradle.
Cuticura 8oap for the Complexion.
Nothing better than Cuticura Soap
dally and Ointment now and then as
needed to make the complexion clear,
scalp clean and bands soft and white.
Add to this the fascinating, fragrant
Cuticura Talcum and yon have the
Cuticura Toilet Trio.Adr.
Yes, Rosei when the horse you bet
on comes in Vast, you will realise that
time is money.
Hides & Furs
I It I.-
~rea rwn
mum T TIWOLO sausu
HideftFur Co/
direct to us and receive highest.,
cash price and best test
N leaflet it 28th St Himeipolii, jtol)
in.OO Invested In Grain. Stock* or Cotton*
on our plan, give* opportunity to make
$280.00 10.00 will make $500. No furtnei
risk. Our method of quick daily profits
With combined capital give, the amall In*
vutor bis opportunities. Grain, Stock ant
Cotton markets now offering bis return*
Act quick while markets are actlvo. Write
for f^gJfg'?|Tg BBOKKRAGB CO. i
f25 Dwlght Bids. City.
W, N. U., Minneapolis, No. 49-1819.
are helping their husbands to prosperare glad
they encouraged them to go where they could make a home of their
own save paying rent and reduce cost of livingwhere they
could reach prosperity and independence by buying on easy terms*
Fertile Land at $16 to $30 an Aore
land similar to that which through many years has yielded from SO
to 4 5 bushels of wheat to the aero. Hundreds of fanners in Western
Canada have raised crops in a single season worth more than the whom
cost of their land. With such crops come prosperity, independence, good)
homes, and all the comfortsandconveniences which makefor happy living
Farm GardensRoul tryDairying
are sources of income second only tograin growing sad stock raising,
Good climate, good neighbors, churches, j^&-Cy_4Wa.tamw.mr-,
schools, rural telephone, etc, give you the
opportunities of a newland with the con*
veniences of old settled districts.
For lltutreted literature.JSJgO-JimeripOan of
farm qppertontties la Manitoba. Saskatchewan,
and Alberta, redoeed railway rates, etc.. Write
Department of Immigration. Ottawa. Can., or
R. i. BURrrrr
3ii JacfcsM at.. $u rati. mat.
Canadian Government Agent
I AM IN LOVE with my work aJti
would not trade my job tor any
otherjob in the world. All I know
about this businessI learned at
the Lincoln Auto and Tractor
School. You can step into a
after taking training in
this school.
Complete course in
Town State
Mires* 2435, Liictb Aoit ft Tractor Schttl, Liactli, Heft.

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