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Davenport, Iowa. "Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery at one time
saved me a lot of
suffering. My
blood was in very
bad condition,
which resulted in
my having numer-
ous boils. I could
not get them out
of my system until
.1 took the 'Gold-
en Medical Dis
covery' and it so
purified my blood
that I have never had any more such
"At one time I became ill with some
thing that the doctors did not seem to
understand. I finally consulted Dr.
Pierce by mail, and was wonderfully
helped by the medicine he prepared
and sent me. I shall always feel, very
grateful to Dr. Pierce and his medi
cines for the benefit received."A. S.
Brown, 1832 N. 8th S
and Constipation
Muscatine, Iowa."I have used Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets for three
years. I have found tbem pleasant, re
liable and a first-class medicine for
biliousness and constipation."B. B.
Williams, 705 E. Fifth S
Says Pile RemedyWorth
$100.00 a Box
"1 have had itching- piles ever since my
earliest recollection. I am 63 years old
and have suffered terribly. I have tried
many remedies and doctors, but no cure.
About 8 weeks ago 1 saw your ad for Pe
terson's Ointment. The first application
stopped all itching, and in three days all
soreness. I have only used one box and
consider I am cured. You have my grate
ful, heartfelt thanks. Your ointment is
worth a hundred dollars a box. Sincerely
yours, A. Newth, Columbus, Ohio."
Peterson's Ointment for Piles, Eczema
and old sores is only 35 cents a box at all
druggists. Mail orders filled by Peterson
Ointment Co., -Inc., Buffalo, N. T.
at the Minneapolis Auto
and Tractor School
This special Hart-Parrcourse cover*
a period of two weeks' instructions
on the operation, adjustment and
care of Hart-Parr 30 tractors. If a
free to every one who places an
order for a Hart-Parr 30 for next
season's work.
Write or call for full particulars.
18 Waft. Art. H. HliuKipslls
Old Folks' Coughs
U1 be relieved promptly by Piso's. Stop*
throat tickle relieve* irritation. The remedy
tested by more than fifty years of uae it
Nairn "Beyer" is on Genuine
Aspirinsay Bayer
Insist on "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin'
in a "Bayer package," containing ProP
er directions for Headache, Colds
Pain, Neuralgia, Lumbago, and Rheu
matism. Name "Bayer" means genuine
Aspirin. prescribed by physicians for*
nineteen years. Handy tin tozes of 12
tablets cost few cents. Aspirin is trade
mark of Bayer Manufacture of Mono
aceticacidester of Salicylicacid.Adv.
Get the grin habit
The excruciating agonies of rheuma
tism are usually the result of failure of
the kidneys to expel poisons from tne
system. If the irritation of these uric
acid crystals is allowed to continue, in
curable bladder or kidney disease may
result. Attend to it at once. Don't
resort to temporary relief. The nek
kidneys must be restored to health by
the use of some sterling remedy which
will prevent a return of the disease.
Get some GOLD MfflDATt Haarlem
Oil Capsules immediately. They have
brought back the joys of life to count
less thousands of sufferers from rheu
matism, lame back, lumbago, sciatica,
gall stones, gravel and other affections
of the kidneys, liver, stomach, bladder
and allied organs.
They will attack the poisons at once,
clear out the kidneys and urinary tract
and the soothing healing oils and herbs
will restore the inflamed tissues .and
organs to normal health. i
All others are imitations. Ask for
GOLD MEDAL and be sure the name
GOLD MEDAL is on the box. Three
sizes, at all good druggists.Adv.
It Is difficult to get an old man to
appreciate jokes other than his own
A cold is probably the most com
mon of all disorders and when neglect
ed is apt to be most dangerous. Sta
tistics show that more than three
times as many people died from In
fluenza last year, as were killed in
the greatest war the world has ever
known. For the last fifty-three years
Boschee's Syrup has been used for
coughs, bronchitis, colds, throat Ir
ritation and especially lung troubles.
It gives the patient a good night's
rest, free from coughing, with easy
expectoration in the morning. Made
in America and used in the homes of
thousands of families all over the
civilized world. Sold everywhere.Adv.
The harder a man works the less
time he has to whine.
If You Need a Medicine
You Should Haw the Best
Have you ever stopped to reason why
it is that so many products that are ex
tensively advertised, all at once drop out
of sight and are soon forgotten? The
reason is plainthe article did not fulfill
the promises of the manufacturer. This
applies more particularly to a medicine.
A medicinal preparation that has real
curative value almost sells itself, as like
an endless chain system the remedy is
recommended by those who have been
benefited, to those who are in need of it.
A prominent druggist says "Take for
example Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, a
preparation I have sold for many years
and never hesitate to recommend, for in
almost every case it shows excellent re
sults, as many of my customers testify.
No other kidney remedy has so large a
According to sworn statements and
verified testimony of thousands who have
used the preparation, the success of Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp-Root is due to the fact,
so maftay people claim, that it fulfills al
most every wish in overcoming kidney,
liver and bladder ailments corrects uri
nary troubles and neutralizes the uric
acid which causes rheumatism.
You may receive a sample bottle of
Swamp-Root by Parcels Post. Address
Dr. Kilmer A Co., Binghamton, N. Y.,
and enclose ten cents also mention this
paper. Large and medium size bottles
for sale at all drag stores.Adv.
Many a man's career begins and
ends with soup.
Think what that limns to yea IB
good hard dcllari with the treat de
mand for wheat at high prices. Many
fanners In Western Canada have paid for their land
from a single crop. The same success mar still be
yours, for you can boy on easy terns,
Farm Land at 115 to S30 an Acre
located near thriving towns, good markets, railwaysland of a
which grows 20 to 45 IMISIMIS of wheat to t*s noro.
Good grazing lands at lowpricei convenient to your grain ft.
able yon to reap the profits from stooa raising and dairying.
Learn the Facts About Western Canada
lew taxation (none on trnprov emetrta). healthful rtimnff. good
schools, churches, pleasant soci 1 reltfionahipt. a prosperous and
industrious people
ror BSSWBSWST litantara. SSSJS, SSSShpsssj
BsswhSSL SaSJSSSSI and Albert*. SSSSQSS:
Psaaiiiwut of sssaaassam Ottawa. Canada, or
R.A.ARROT, 311 JiciiwSuCT. PAUL HiaH.
Canadian Qore ament Aaos*.
To Develop This Characteristic
Calf Must Be Kept Growing
From Beginning.
Holstein Heifers Should Not Be Bred
to Freshen Before Twenty-Four
Months OldWork Up to Full
Capacity Gradually.
It Is a well-known fact that capacitj
Is one of the essentials of a good
dairy cow and in order to develop this
characteristic the calf must be kept
growing from the very beginning. A
stunted calf will never recover from
the handicap. The calf should be in-*
duced to begin eating grain and hay
at as early a date as possible and
there should always be an abundance
of the hay accessible. Roughage de
velops capacity in the digestive or
gans- an item of Importanceas the
amount of feed that a cow will con
sume depends largely upon the devel
opment of these organs.
Age to Breed Heifer.
Heifers should not be bred too
young, the hge depending upon the
breed to which they belong as well as
'the development of the individual.
Holstein heifers should not be bred to
freshen before they are 24 months old,
as a rule, and a great many would do
better if given 26 or 28 months. Heifers
'"should be in good condition at time of
freshening, although not fat from an
Splendid Type for Dairy.
excessive carbohydrate ration. After
freshening, they should be worked up
to full feed very gradually, receiving
all the roughage they care to consume
without waste alfalfa or clover hay
fed in connection with silage or roots
being a very good combination.
Amount of Grain to Feed.
Tire grain should be light in char
acter to begin with and gradually
changed to a mixture of grains that
will supplement the roughage 300
pounds ground oats, 300 pounds .ground
corn, 100 pounds wheat bran and 100
pounds gluten feed being a good om
blnatlon to go with the roughage men
tioned above. The grain can be in
creased a fraction of a pound a day so
long as there is an increase in' the
milk flow, bpt as soon as there is no
response to the increase It must be cut
down until there is a falling off in the
milk flow and then the increase may
be begun again. When on full feed,
they will be consuming about one
pound of grain to every Zk pounds of
m'lk produced.
In the absence of silage or roots,
dried beet pulp may be used, but if
none of these are available or are too
high in price, oilraeal can be used in
the grain mixture to advantage. In
the absence of silage and roots, the
cows will consume a large quantity of
alfalfa. Sometimes it is advisable to
chaff and mosten a portion of It when
fed under these conditions.
Contain Large Amount of Potash ard
Are Useful as Mulch or Fertil
izer for Garden.
Because leaves contain relatively
large amounts of potash, chemists at
the Ohio Experiment Station point out
the economy of using leaves* as a
mulch or fertilizer for the garden,
rather than burning them in the
streets or gutters. They show that
100 pounds of leaves are worth about
56 cents for their fertilizing value.
When leaves are burnt the ash still
contains a considerable amount of fer
tilizing materials but as the ashes
are generally swept away by the wind
or washed away by the water, their
value Is lost. To secure the%best re
sult? from leaves as fertilizer, It is
best to pile them In the garden and
let them furnish a mulch for the
ground during the winter then they
may be spaded in the spring and in
corporated with the soil.
Most Economical Method for Market
ing Different CropsMuch Fer
tility Is Saved.
"When it comes to marketing grain.
hay, silage, green crops, etc., the
dairy cow is almost Indispensable for
economy. She consumes these bulky
feeds, converts them into finished
products easily and economically
marketed and at the same time saves
much of the fertility In the manure
Where hay, corn, fodder, etc., must U
hauled to market there is cunsiriVr.i
ble expense. If most of thf* exper.s*
?an be saved there is a wider manri'
for profit on the far?&.
Get Instant relief with
Tape's Cold Compound'
Don't stay stuffed-upl Quit blowing
and snuffling I A dose of "f ape's Cold
Compound" taken every two hoars un
til three doses are taken usually
breaks up a cold and ends all grippe
The very first dos opens your
clogged-up nostrils and the air pass
ages of your hehd stops nose running
relieves the headache, dullness, fever*
ishness, sneezing, soreness, stiffness.
Tape's Cold Compound" Is the
Quickest, surest relief known and costs
only a few cents at drug stores. It
acts without assistance. Tastes nice.
Contains no quinine. Insist on Pape'sl
When a boy spins a top he doesn't
begin at the bottom.
Stop Lashing Your Bowels
with Harsh Cathartics but
take "Cascarets."
Everyone must occasionally give the
bowels some regular help or else suf
fer from constipation, bilious attacks,
stomach disorders, and sick headache.
But do not whip the bowels into ac
tivity with harsh cathartics.
What the liver and bowels need is a
gentle and natural tonic, one that can
constantly be used without harm. The
gentlest liver and bowel tonic is "Cas
carets." They put the liver to work
and cleanse the colon and bowels of
all waste, toxins and poisons without
gripingthey never sicken or incon
venience you like Calomel, Salts, Oil,
or Purgatives.
Twenty-five million boxes of Cas
carets are sold each year. They work
while yon sleep. Cascarets cost so
little too.--Adv.
Most women are born leaders and
most men aro born followers thereof.
An Opportunity
to Share in
the Profits of
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
An Easy Capture.
When a lady bourded a street car In
Liege wearing a little tricolor ribbon,
a German officer ordered her to re
move the emblem. Three times he re
peated his order then ho rose from
his sent and tore It from the coat,
"It's easier to talce than Paris, isn't
It?" she calmly asked.Youth's Com
Extremes Meet.
SheThe coal's all out
HeAnd I'm all In.Boston Tran
The Great Mail Order Hovue
You have probably been a customer of Montgomery Ward ft
Co. for years. You have probably sent hundreds of dollars by
mail to this concern. Perhaps it has never occurred to you that
iome day you might be able to own a few shares of stock in
Montgomery Ward & Co.be^able to share in its profits. Rev
is such an opportunity.
510,000 Shares Common Stock
at $45 Per Share
when, as and if issued and received by us.
The great Chicago mail order house is erpandingincreasing
its capitalization. It expects to do a greater business than
ever beforeto earn even larger profits. If this proves true
Montgomery Ward & Co. common stock should steadily in
crease in value and earn handsome dividends.
On Monday, Dec 8th, 1919, 510,000 shares of the neW com
mon stock wa-e offered to the public for the first time at $45
per share. Indications on that day were that it would all be
quickly soldthat to secure any of it, you will have to place
your order immediately.
Write NOW for Circular!
A circular fully describing this stock issue has been prepared.
It tells of the gigantic nature of the businessthe earning!
of the companyof the dividends that have been paid. Write
for this circular today. Learn how you may become a partner
in the business of Montgomery Ward ft Co. Write for the
circular NOW!
41 South La Salle Street Chicago, III
The itanmmtt in this advertisement, while net pimranued. art Smiea
npen tnfrrmatun and advice -which we believe hi accurate *nd r,itabtt
for Infante and Children*
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
For Over
(Thirty Years
is the on indispensable remedy for contagious and Infee*
tlous diseases among- horses and mules. Its success aa
preventive and cure tor DISTEMPBO, PINK KVBk
COUGHS and COl.OS for more than twenty-five years IS
the highest tribute to Its merit as a medicine, It Is en
dorsed by the best horsemen and live stock men In Amar*
lea. Buy it of your druggist.
SI'OIIN MKUICAI CO., Goalien, Ind., V. S. A
fill Dandruff
With Cuticura
All drnnlrtai Soap 26. Otntmant
06 and 60, Talcom B5. Sample each,
tfrooof ''Cotloara. Dipt. a", Soitaa.''
Quick and Easy
jm Beady Mlxt Heady to Sains ^c
W. N. U., Minneapolis, No. 51-1919.

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