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5 E.
table Compoun Ha Bee
This Woman's Safeguard
All That Time.
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How Superstitions Arose.
The Friday superstition arose be
cause the crucifixion Is supposed te
have taken place on that day. Some
persons think it is unlucky to spill
salt, because Judas Iscarlot seems to
be spilling it In Da Vinci's picture
Others think that It Is because salt
Is a symbol of incorruptibility, and
pilling It is, therefore, a sign of
broken friendships and general up
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Before and After.
"Green Hill says he was first at
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COURSE you recall Jules Verne's
"Ten Thousand Leagues Under the
Sea." Well, his submarine is now
an accomplished fact, isn't It?
And doubtless you read Kipling's
"With the Night Mall." Well, the
Atlantic has been crossed In a
single flight, hasn't it?
Probably, also, you read H. Q.
Wells' "The War of the Worlds,"
in which the Martians descended
upon us with fighting machines even
more formidable than the tanks of the great war
and a mysterious agent of^wholesale destruction
even more deadly than any gas used by either
Well, who shall say that Wells hasn't the right
idea about Mars being Inhabited by beings just
as smart as we areand probably a good deal
It Is a bold man who say "Impossible" these
Anyway, Guglielmo Marconi, the famous Ital
ian engineer, who perfected wireless telegraphy,
has opened up an exceedingly Interesting question
by this statement:
"I have encountered during my experiments with
wireless telegraphy most amazing phenomena.
Most striking of all is the receipt by me person
ally of signals which I believe originated In the
space beyond our planet. I believe it Is entirely
possible that these signals may have been sent
by the Inhabitants of other planets to the inhabi
tants of earth.
"If there are any human beings on Mars I
would not be surprised If they should find a means
of communication with this planet. Linking of
the science of astronomy with that of electricity
may bring about almost anything.
"While our own planet Is a storehouse of won
ders, we are not warranted in accepting as a fact
the general supposition that the Inhabitants of
our comparatively Insignificant planet are any
more highly developed than Inhabitants (If there
be such) of other planets.
"For all we know, the strange sounds that I
have received by wireless may be only a forerun
ner of a tremendous discovery.
"The messages have been distinct but unintel
ligible. They have been received simultaneously
in London and In New York, with Identical In
tensity, indicating that they must have originated
at a great distance.
These signals are apparently due to electro
magnetic waves of great length, which are not.
merely stray signals. Occasionally such signals
can be Imagined to correspond with certain let
ters of the Morse code. They steal In at our sta
tions Irregularly at all seasons. We do not get
the signals unless we establish a minimum of 65-
mile wave lengths. Sometimes we hear these plan
etary or Interplanetary sounds 20 or 30 minutes
after sending out a long wave. They do not in
terrupt traffic, but When they occur they are very
"The most familiar signal received Is curiously
musical. It comes In the form of three short raps,
which may be Interpreted as the Morse letter *S,'
but there are other sounds which may stand for
other letters.
"The war prevented an investigation of the
Hertzian mystery, but now our organization in
tends to undertake a thorough probe."
Australia corroborates Marconi's statement.
Highly skilled and experienced operators at Syd
ney have received numerous signals similar to
those reported as having been received in England.
They consist of frequent repetitions of two
dashes, representing the letter M. They are on
wave lengths of 80,000 to 120,000 meters. The
Australian experts say such wave lengths have
never yet been used by any wireless station of
the earth.
Now what do the electrical authorities say on
the general subject? Here it is, in brief:
Thomas A. Edison has this to say: "Although
I am not an expert in wireless telegraphy, I can
I plainly se% that the mysterious wireless Interrup
tions experienced by Mr. Marconi's operators may
be good grounds for the theory that Inhabitants
of other planets are trying to signal to us. Mr.
Marconi is quite right in stating that this Is en
tirely within the realm of the possible.
"I have given some thought to the matter and
can record one personal experience which may
or may not have bearing on proving that Mr. Mar
coni Is right I was seated on the peak of a great
pile of Iron ore near the reduction plant at Orange
one day, when I noticed that the magnetic needle
was jumping about In astonishing fashion. The
thought Immediately popped into my mind that
static signals from some other planet were prob
ably responsible. This idea took such a hold on
me that I made the definite suggestion that there
be established In the ore fields of Michigan a sta
tion where scientific vigil might be kept,, in the
hope that the great masses of ore in that region
would attract magnetic signals from Interplanetary
"If we .are to accept the theory of Mr. Marconi
that these signals are being sent out by inhabi
tants of other planets, we must at once accept
with it the theory of their advanced development
Either they are our intellectual equals or our su
periors. It would be stupid for us to assume that
we have a corner on all the Intelligence to the
Nikola Tesla, the famous Serbian inventor and
electrical expert says: "Marconi's Idea of com
municating with the other planets Is the greatest
and most fascinating problem confronting the
human imagination today. To Insure success a
body of competent scientists should be organized
to study all possible plans and put Into execution
the best The matter should be directed probably
by* astronomers with sufficient backing from men
with money and imagination. Supposing that
there are intelligent human beings on Mars, suc
cess is easily within the range f possibility. In
March, 1907, I stated in the Harvard Illustrated
Magazine that experiments looking to communica
tion with other.planets should be undertaken.
"In 1899 I built an electric plant In Colorado
and obtained activities of 18,000,000 horsepower.
In the course of my experiments I employed a
receiver of virtually unlimited sensitiveness. There
were no other wireless plants near, and, at that
time, no other wireless plants anywhere on this
earth of sufficient range to affect mine. One day
my ear caught what seemed to be regular signals.
I knew that they could not have been produced
upon the earth. The possibility that they came
from Mars occurred to me, but the pressure of
business affairs caused me to drop the experiment.
"The thing, I think, that we should try to devel
op Is a plan akin to picture transmission, by means
of which we could convey to the Inhabitants of
Mars knowledge of earthly forms. This would
enable up to exchange with them not only simple
primitive facts, but involved conceptions. To talk
to Mars seems to me only a matter of electric
power and perseverance."
Frank Dyson, British astronomer royal, believes
we could get Hertzian waves from other planets.
Prof. Edward Branley, Paris, Inventor of the
coherer, is sceptical.* Prof. Domenlco Argentleri,
Borne, says the supposed signals are worthy of
careful observation.
i Prof. Albert Einstein, the German astronomer
and author of the theory of "Relativity" that is
apparently upsetting all accepted doctrines, be
lieves that Mars and other planets are Inhabited,
but If Intelligent creatures are* trying to communi
cate with the earth he should expect them to use
rays of light, which could much more easily be
Are there Inhabitants on Mars? That's a ques
tion on which scientists differ.
Among scientists who have won the right to
speak with authority the foremost was the late
Professor Lowell, director of the observatory at
Flagstaff, Ariz. Not only was Professor Lowell
convinced that Mars was inhabited, but he be
lieved the people had a much hlgfter degree of
intelligence than those on earth. He dwelt par
ticularly on their Inventive genius.
In 1914 he found a new opportunity for strength
ening his pet belief by announcing that Instead of
losing* any of their canals the Martians had built
two new ones, which could be seen plainly through
the telescope.
"We have actually seen them formed under our
eyes," Professor Lowell said at the time, "and the
Importance of it can hardly be overestimated. The
phenomenon transcends any natural law, and is
only explicable so far as can be seen by the pres
ence out yonder of animate will."
Professor Lowell had little to say about the
appearance of the beings on Mars. Edmond Per
rier, director of the museum of the Jardln des
Plantes, In Paris, constructed the first picture of
the Martians as he conceived them. He said In
"The men on Mars are tall because the force
of gravity is slight They are blond because the
daylight is less Intense. They have less powerful
limbs. Their large blue eyes, their strong noses,
their large ears, constitute a type of beauty which
we doubtless would not appreciate except as sug
gesting superhuman Intelligence."
On the other hand, Dr. C. G. Abbott holds that
If wireless messages are being received, It Is not
Mars sending the signals, but most probably
Venus. Abbott Is director of the Smithsonian
astrophyslcal observatory and assistant secretary
of the Smithsonian Institution. He says Mars
Is eliminated as a possibility because known con
ditions on that planet would not permit the ex
istence of any form of living creature, ft is too
cold there and there Is practically no water Yapor
In Its atmosphere.
Assuming that Mars or some other planet is
signaling us, what can we do in the circum
stances? Apparently we can do much.
Dr. James Harris Rogers of Hyattsville, Md.,
wSo has devoted his life to the study of electric
waves and invented the underground and under
seas wireless used during the war, declares he is
.going to undertake to teach the inhabitants of
Mars the rudiments of Intelligence of this planet
Within a year wireless communication will be. es
tabllshed with Mars, Dr. Rogers believes.
L. J. Lesh, a New York radio engineer, suggest*
that one of the methods of constructing a glgantk
station would be to erect huge antennae suspend
ed by balloons like the British dirigible R-34.
asserts, however, that a still better way woul
be to use huge and brilliant shafts of light as
antennae for the system. He thinks that pro
jectors could be grouped around one spot where
a great amount of electricity could be generated
He suggests Niagara Falls or some other spot
with an enormous amount of water power.
Elmer A. Sperry has a searchlight capable of
producing a beam having the illuminating in
tensity of 1,280,000,000 candle power. He wottfr
form a group of 150 to 200 of his searchlights ant
direct their combined beams in the direction
Mars. An aggregation of that sort would posses*
the luminous equivalent of a star of the seventl
magnitude such as our telescopes are able to pic}
up readily. Therefore, assuming that the Martian*
had glasses of equal,power, they should have
trouble In catching that dot of light fr a dis
tance of 35,000,000 to 40,000,000 miles.
It would be possible, no doubt to operate these
lights so that they could give slow signals which
would fill all the requirements of a system of
communication. However, an array of lights of
this character and the needful energizing plant
would cost a pretty sum.
The outlay might be warranted some day, bnt
certainly not until It Is certain that we are beinf
called by one of our neighbors out in space.
JjJZ'iiBF'i *iSb"'i
But Doan's Effected a Complete
Recovery After Other Remedies
Failed. Now in Good Health.
Mrs. J. A. Stitsworth, E. Bell Ave.,
Red Key, Ind., says: "Kidney trouble
came on me suddenly and before I real
ized it I was in a critical condition.
My body bloated and my feet and
ankles swelled like
toy balloons. The kid
ney secretions burned
terribly in passage.
My nice puffed up
and the flesh under
my eyes and on my
cheeks hung down in
folds. I had smother-
ing spells, when I
thought I would die.
So much water had (g\T '"Ufa*
collected under my Jj^J^^
skin, I weighed 176 n. sttoworm
pounds, a^gam of 4o
ounds. My sight failed and little
specks passed before my eyes., I
felt drowsy and was so nervous, I
couldn't stand the least noise. Rheu
matic pains darted all through me and
it felt as if every nerve in my body
was affected. Medicine didn't help me
and I had little hppe or strength left.
Finally I used Doan's Kidney Pills
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Bvoorn to before rue,
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Mrs. Frey's Rheumatism
ftfrs. Ira Frey, of Le Mars. la,, suffered
for six long months with the agonies of
rheumatism. Then she heard df Dodd's
Sidney Pills and bought a box. Here Is
what she writes:
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aad swelling of the limbs, stiffness in the
loints and cramps in the muscles. I suf
fered greatly from backache. My limbs
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tion across my loins. I had a great deal
if pain in the top of my head, was often
llszy and had flashes of light and float*
g specks before my eyes. I had heart
lutterlngs and could not sleep well. My
tppetlte was fitful and I felt heavy and
tleepy after meals. I suffered from short
less of breath. After taking one box of
Dodd's Kidney Fills I was much im
Mighty few people realize In time that
Sidney Trouble is making its advances
ipon their health. They put off treat
sentthey say, "Oh, I'll be all right in a
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(Tip. Result: Bright's Disease, hospital
treatment, doctor's billsoften death.
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Hsate Strtft nlcw^ock

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