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He'd Found Some Use for It.
Indignant Wife (to husband from
whom she rescues 'her lapdog)Dar
ling doggie is too well bred for you
to moisten postage stamps on Ills nose.
London Opinion.'
Children's Laughter a Pleasing Sound
O Mrs. Janssen'a experience of interest to childless wives.
Millston, Wis."I want to give you a word of praise for your wonderful
medicine. We are fond of children, and for a considerable time alter we
were married I feared I would not have any. I began taking Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable Compound, and it strengthened me so I now have a nice,
strong, healthy baby girl. I suffered very little at childbirth, and I give all
the credit to your medicine, and shall always recommend it highly.'Mrs.
H. H. JANSSEN, Millston, Wis.
Mrs. Held of Marinette, Wis., adds her testimoni al for Lydia E
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. She says:
Marinette, Wis."I was in a nervous condition and very irregular. My
doctor advised an operation. My husband brought me one of your booklets
and asked me to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. It overcame
my weakness so that I now have a healthy baby girl after having been mar-
ried nine years. I am glad to recommend your medicine, and you may use my
letter as a testimonial?'Mrs. H. B. HELD, 330 Jefferson St., Marinette,Wis.
There are many, many such homes that were once childless, and are now
blessed with healthy, happy children Because Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound has restored the mother to a strong and healthy condition, as it
acts as a natural restorative for ailments as indicated backache, irregu-
larities, displacements, weakness and nervousness.
Women everywhere should remember that most of the commoner ailments
of women are not the surgical onesthey are not caused by serious displace-
ments or growths, although the symptoms may be the same, and that is why
so many apparently serious ailments readily yield to Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, as it acts as a natural restorative. It can be taken
with perfect safety and often prevents serious troubles.
Therefore if you know of any woman who is suffering and has been unable
to secure relief and is regretfully looking forward to a childless old age, ask
her to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, as it has brought health
and happiness into so many homes once darkened by illness and despair.
Lydia E Pinkham's Private Text-Book upon "Ailments
Peculiar to Women will-be sent to you free upon request. Write
to The Lydia E Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Massachusetts.
This bo ok contains valuable information.
Material Called Lamb's Rleece in Syria
Merely Went by Another Name
in England?
A certain young globe-trotter, pos
sessed t)f more money than brains, was
.prevailed upon by one of the sons of
the prophet to purqhase at a very large
price a quantity of what was described
as Syrian lamb's fleece.
This,,when he returned to London,
he sent to his tailor with orders to
line an overcoat with it. A few days
after,he called to try on the coat.
"You didn't send us quite enough
material, sir," remarked the tailor,
"and I had to get some more to line
the sleeves."
"But," remarked the traveler In sur-
prise,.,"it's impossible/to obtain that
fleece in England. It's only to be ob
tained in Syria."
"Not at all, sir," was the reply. "In
England we call it rabbit skin."Mon-
treal Herald.
day every turnstile will en
its fattest man and go on
Altoona, Pa."I am writ
ing to tell you what Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
ound has done for me. We
six children die almost at
birth. From one hour to nine
teen days is all they have
lived. Before my next one
was born I took a dozen bot
tles of your Vegetable Com
pound, and I can say that it is
the greatest medicine on
earth, for this baby is now
four months old, and a
healthier baby you would not
want. I am sending you a
picture of her. Everybody
says 'That is a very healthy
looking baby. You have my
consent to show these few
lines to anybody."Mrs.
C. W. BENZ, 131 3rd Avenue,
Altoona, Pa.
it Farmer Had No Idea of Allowing
Hired Man 1" Beat Him in
Gathering Corn,
A Sullivan county farmer hired a
man to help him gather his corn last
season. Now, the farmer had a repu
tation for being an efficient worker,
but the hired man was not daunted by
it They started out side by side, the
hired man being advised by the farm
er to keep as close to him' as he could
with the row he was gathering.
But lo! the new worker after a few
minutes of keeping up with the farm
er, passed him and soon was several
feet ahead. Frantically the farmer
pulled the ears from the stalks, but
the new man still kept gaining. Then
all at once he heard the farmer shout.
"Stop," he yelled. "Stop, if you want
to work for me. I neVer yet let any
man who worked for me get ahead
of me.'r
Overheard in the Nursery.
Small Girl"I wonder how old
Joan is?" Small boy"I bet she
will neveh see four again."London
Tomorrow They'll Do It Again.
Spark Plug"I' got fired today."
Battery"That's nothing. I'm dis
charged, also."Science and Inven
What BetterDrink
forTable Use than
When well boiled-twenty
minutes ormore ithas
a rich color and a partic
ularly delightful flavofc
In these respects,Postum
Cereal is the eoual of
fine coffee and much
"Jheres a Reason
Made "by
Bottom Cereal Company Inc.
Battle Creek.,Mich.
The supreme court has turned down
he suit brought by the mortgage
brokers against the federal farm loan
bank. Bank activities, which, have
been suspended by this suit for more
than a year, can now be resumed.
Mortgage brokers based their case
mainly on the allegation that exemp
tion pf federal land bank bonds was
class legislation.
It is too early yet to form any opin
ion as to how much relief hard-pressed
farmers may expect from early re
opening of the different land bank's.
There is a strong possibility that the
money trust will make it nearly as
hard for the federal land bank to dis
pose of its bonds as it is for the Bank
of North Dakota.
Perhaps it is not generally known
that in late 1917 the federal land bank
was on the point of closing for this
reason, but the war demand for more
food production forced congress to
provides the banks with $100,000,000.
Having failed to blockade the money
market, the mortgage brokers then
brought the suit which has just been
settled in favor of the bank.
As soon as the decision became
known the senate struck from the ap
propriation bill an amendment au
thorizing the treasury department to
purchase $100,000,000 of federal land
bank bonds. Senator Warren of Wy
oming, who led this move, declared
the appropriation was now unneces
sary. Thus we have another good il
lustration of how fast the money trust
can pull the strings.
Congressman Blanton of Texas,
well known for his wild-eyed attacks
on. organized labor, was himself made
the object of the most humiliating
spectacle In congressional history last
Blanton, it seems, had written Texas
newspapers that his colleagues were
in a conspiracy to get their salaries
raised from $7,500 to $10,000 and that
he alone succeeded in blocking the
scheme by raising points of order and
threatening to force a record vote.
He asked Texas newspapers for their
Before a crowded house Congress
man Sumners walked over to Blan
ton'fl seat and denounced his state
ment as "false as hell." Sumners'
speech of denunciation was interrupt
ed by shouts of derison for Blanton.
Both Democratic and Republican mem
bers joined in the excitement of call
ing liar and other*hanies.
The same congressmen used to find
great sport in Blanton's libels on the
common people.
Governor Lynn J. Frazier of North
Dakota, and Spnrgeon Odell, well
known progressive banker, were in
Delegates Prom All Parts of State Hear Investigators' Report
federal Land Bank Held ConstitutionalLabor-Baiting Blanton
Disgraced in HouseOrganized Labor Indorses North Dakota
Appeal$2,000,000 Appropriated for Seed LoansLiberal
Press Attacks Money Trust Plot Against No/In Dakota.
Washington, D. C-A splendid in
dorsement and a clean bill of health
on the charges most often brought
against the Nonpartisan league are
the features of the report made by the
Kansas investigating committee in
Salina on February 26.
When the Salina post of the Ameri
can Legion made a strong attack on
the League last January and virtually
threatened violence, farmers of Saline
county decided to make a thorough in
A committee of representative citi
zens was chosen. Ex-Senator J. R.
Burton, who last year toured the state
lecturing against socialism E. F.
Swanson, ex-sheriff of McPherson
county C. L. Arterburn, representing
local labor, and Victor C. Johnson,
farmer and only League member on
the Qommittee.
The committee left Kansas on Feb
ruary 4 for a tour of the Northwest,
going wherever evidence was to be ob
tained. Leading enemies of the
League, League Leaders, League mem
bers, neutrals, federal and state offi
cials were interviewed and all evi
dence bearing on the issues sifted. It
returned for its report on February 26.
Farmer communities throughout
Kansas sent representatives to Salina
for the meeting called to hear the re
port, and organized labor was well
When available in printed form the
report will probably be the most
widely read document in America.
Relative to his experience, ex-Sheriff
Swanson said: "When I went to
North Dakota I was not a member of
the Nonpartisan league, nor a mem
ber of organized labor, and from the
stories I have been hearing I thought' wide attention
there might be something to them. I
want to say to you that since I have
been in North Dakota I find that if
one hadn't heard these things down
here he wouldn't think of them in
North Dakota."
Victor Johnson said: "I am the
only member of this committee who is
a Nonpartisan league member. We
went there to get the facts, and when
I got there I found things just as I
believed them to be. I am proud to
belong to the organization and will do
what I can to help make it win out in
the state of Kansas."
Washington this week to address a
general conference of national labor
union leaders. Both speakers pointed
out how North Dakota was being fi
nancially blockaded as a means of
overthrowing government by the peo
ple and spoke of the attractive fea
tures of the state bonds being offered
the public.
The 250 prominent officials present
passed a resolution, with one dissent
ing voice, expressing sympathy to
ward the government and people of
North Dakota and recommending that
labor organizations give friendly con
sideration to the bond issue of the
state-owned Bank of North Dakota.
This was all that the general con
ference could do, because deposits of
surplus and investments are handled
by each union separately. The North
Dakota industrial commission was fur
nished with a list of such union offi
cials with whom direct negotiations
can be carried on.
The senate has cut the appropria
tion of $5,000,000 made by the house
bill for feed and seed loans in drouth
districts to $2,000,000. It is under
stood that this money will be applied
in Montana and western North Da
kota. But very little relief, compared
with what is needed, can be expected
from so small an amount.
The drastic way in which the money
power is gnashing its teeth against
North Dakota is attracting nation-
The weekly Nation of New York
City, the New York Journal, the Chi
cago American, the San Francisco
Examiner and scores of-other papers
not definitely tied to 'the money trust
have grasped what is going on and
are telling their readers about it.
"North Dakota's plight," says the
Nation, "is a'shining example of ruth
less and open nullification of our pres
ent democracy when it attempts to run
counter to the great financial inter
ests that are the dominating power."
The Chicago American says: "Pri
vate individuals own elevators, banks
and railroads. But the people of a
state must not combine to do the same
thing, for that is a combination of
bolshevism, socialism and anarchy,
with perhaps a dash of 'free love' and
atheism thrown in."
The North Dakota issue is attract
ing the more attention because all
productive business of the country is
in the same position as in North Da
kkot a Banks are practically running
most of the manufacturing establish
ments as well as the railroads and
milking them dry.
Harding's billion-dollar cabinet,
with Mellon the billionaire sitting on
the treasury chair, and over half the
remainder bank directors, reflects the
shift of business power in the political
The league of nations, that is, Eng
land, France, Italy and Japan, refuses
to change its decision awarding the
Island of Yap to Japan.
Yap is important and bobs up in the
controversies of dipldmats because It
is a cable station for trans-Pacific ca
bles. We wanted it because our busi
ness believed it ought to have cables
independent of foreign spying and
control England wants Japan to have
the island because then she can add
the former German cables to her own
system and keep the whole foreign
business of the world under her close
Above-board campaign expenses in
the last presidential election are re*
ported as $10,338,509 for the two old
parties. Republicans report spending
$8,100,738 and the Democrats $2,237,*
770 on the struggle for national ptfl
The senatorial committee finds that
General Wood's effort to secure the
nomination cost $1,773,303. Ex-Gov
ernor Lowden of Illinois, and his
backer, acknowledge an expense of
$414,000 for the same purpose, Hiram
Johnson $194,000, Herbert Hoover
$173,000 and Harding $113,000. Vice
President Coolidge, the alleged poor
man, somehow got $68,000 to spend
on his nomination effort. These fig
ures' are additional to election cam
paign expenses noted above.
Although they had been in office
eight years the Democrats appeared
to have less to spend all around.
The massing of Allied forces on the
German frontier to compel payment
of the indemnity decided on puts
American occupation forces in Ger
many in a serious position. While
America apparently has held aloof
from this great issue, it is hardly pos
sible that Invasion can be undertaken
without involving the American sol
diers and with them America itself
*a- .'sm^Mt\'tit %k %^m&.:
There are 13 stripes in the flag. It
always means bad luck to those who
oppose it.
"Diamond Dye"
Faded, Shabby
Every package of "Diamond Dyes"
contains easy directions for dyeing any
garment or drapery. Beware! Poor
dye streaks, spots, fades, and ruins ma
terial by giving it a "dyed-look." Buy
"Diamond Dyes" only. Tell druggist
whether your material is wool or silk,
or if It is cotton, linen, or a mixture.
16 rich colors.Adv.
Be thou diligent to know tne state
of thy flocks, iind look well to thy
Important to Mothoro
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
for infants and children, and see that it
Signatur ot^^a^^SSu.
In Use for Over 80 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
If you want to be happy and to
make others happy, put some play into
overy day.
Kill That Cold With
Colds, Coughs
If you had Rheumatism last year
and treated only the pains of the
disease by rubbinir with liniments
and lotions, you can be sure that
soon again you will be in the shack
les of this relentless foe. You may
get some slight temporary relief
from the pains of the disease by
the use of these local remedies, but
Rheumatism is too real and relent
less a disease to be rubbed away.
So many oases of Rheumatism
come from a tiny germ in the
The employer who is late for work
is liable to be late when opportunity
comes along\
Says Cream Applied in Nostrils Opens
Air Passages Right Up.
Instant reliefno waiting. Your
clogged nostrils open right up the air
passages of your head clear and you
can breathe freely. No more hawking,
snuffling, blowing, headache,. dryness.
No struggling for breath at night
your cold or catarrh disappears.
Get a small bottle of Ely's Cream
Balm from your druggist now. Apply
a little of this fragrant, antiseptic,
healing cream in your nostrils. It pen
etrates through every air passage of
the head, soothes the inflamed or
swollen mucous membrane and relief
comes Instantly.
It's just tine. Don't stay stuffed-up
with a cold or nasty catarrh.Adv.
SAFETY FIRST! Accept only an "unbroken package" of
renukie "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin," which contains proper direc-
tions for Headache, Earache, Toothache, Neuralgia, Colds, Rheu-
matism, Neuritis, Lumbago, and pain generally. Strictly American!
Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets cost but a few centsLarger packages.
Aspirin the trace nark of Bayer Manufacture sf Monoacctlcecidcatcr of SalicyllcaclS
%^*fe# AND
Neglected Colds are Dangerous
Take no chances. Keep this standard remedy handy for the first aneece.
Breaks tip a cold in 24 hoars Relieves
Grippe in 3 daysExcellent for Headache
Quinine in this form does not affect the headCascara is best Tonic
LaxativeNo Opiate in Hill's.
Spohn's Distemper Compound
to break It up and Ret them back in condition. Twenty-six
years' use has made "Spohn's" indispensable in treating Coughs
and Colds, Influenza and Distemper, with their resulting compli
cations, and all diseases of the throat, nose and lungs. Acts
marvelously as a preventive, acts equally well as a cure. SO
centB and $1.16 per bottle at drug stores.
Will Rheumatism Again
Bind You Hand and Foot? 1
blood, that you should try a rem
edy that has proven so thoroughly
satisfactory in these cases. S.S.S.,
the fine old blood remedy cleanses
the blood of all impurities, and re
moves all disease germs that may
creep into the blood. Begin taking
S.S.S. today, and if you will write a
complete history of your case, our
medical director will give you ex
pert advice, without charge. Ad
dress Chief Medical Adviser, 157
Swift Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga
Bad Stomach
Sends Her to Bed
for 10 Months
Emtonlo Gets Her Up i
"Over a year ago," says Mrs. Dora
Williams, "I took to bed and for 10
months did not think I would live.
Eatonic helped me so much I am now
up and able to work. I recommend It
highly for stomach trouble."
Eatonic helps people to get well by
taking up nnd carrying out the excess
acidity and gases that put the stomach
out of order. If you have indigestion,
sourness, heartburn, belching, food re
peating, or other stomach distress, take
an Eatonic after each meal. Big box
costs only a trifle with your druggist's
The Murray Cure Institute o/Minneapolis
GUARANTIEES A poiltlro cure In 10 to 21 days.
If treatment is taken aa prescribed.
Correspondence confidential! write to
THE MURRAY CURE. 620 S. 10th St.* Biawapolb,
GriggsSo you've struck it rich and
are able to keep several servants?
BriggsAlas, noonly to hire
For many years druggists have watched
with much interest the remarkable record
maintained by Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root,
the great kidney, liver and bladder medi
It is a physician's prescription.
Swamp-Root is a strengthening medi
cine. It helps the kidneys, liver and blad
der do the work nature intended they
should do.
Swamp-Root has stood the test of years.
It is sold by ell druggists on its merit
and it should help you. No other kidney
medicine has so many friends.
Be sure to get Swamp-Root and start
treatment at once.
However, if you wish first to teat this
great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
KilmerftCo., Binghamton, N. Y., for a
sample bottle. When writing be sure and
mention this paper.Adv.
indispensable Things.
The wonderful new inventions and
conveniences are fine, but the world
cannot get along without such India*
pensable old-fashioned things as kind
ness, courtesy and hands held out to
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you arc
not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians for
21 years, and proved safe by millions.Say "Bayer"J

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