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May it be possible to find happi
ness in the New Year.
Friends were shocked to learn of
the sudden death of Lauri Wiallam on
Christmas morning after a brief ill
ness of but two hours. Sincere sym
pathy is extended to his widow and
other relatives who mourn his pass
Fine Christmas programs were
given last week in the various
churches in this community. St.
John's Finnish Lutheran church had
it's celebration on Tuesday night, the
American Lutheran Sunday school
program was on Wednesday night
while the Peace Lutheran children
gave their' excercises and songs on
Christmas Eve.
Miss Ailie Peura of Minneapolis
spent from Wednesday of last week
until Thursday of this week with her
sister Lillie and Cousins Lempi and
Einar Peura. They received word
recently of their brother, Eino Peura
and family from whom they have
not heard for considerable time. Eino
is still in the navy and is now with
his family in Baltimore. Md.
Miss Myrtle Hobbs accompanied
Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Kaeder and child
ren home from St. Paul Friday night
and all visited their respective par
ents over Sunday. They were callers
at the Charles Smith home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scheeler enter
tained the Clarence Dubbels family
of Askov and Mrs. Ernst Belling and
children, Henry, Ruth and Mildred
at Christmas dinner. Mr. Belling has
been ill with the flu and was unable
to go. He is still confined to his bed.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jensen and
cmidren were Sunday dinner guests
at the Belling home.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jacobson of
Duluth visited his parents Mr. and
Mrs. Isaac Jacobson and his brother
Art and family over the week-end
and (n Sunday were callers at the
home of her brother, William Nor-
lund and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Shaw of Black
Duck came over Sunday to visit their
son Howard Shaw and family for
a few days this week.
Mrs. Howard Shaw and Jo Ann
spent last week at Foreston with her
mother, Mrs. Nauman and were
joined by Mr. Shaw for Christmas
day and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Uldbjerg enter
tained his parents, Mr. and Mrs. N.
P. Uldbjerg of Askov and Mr. and
Mrs. W. Holznagel and son of Minne
apolis at dinner last Thursday.
Pvt. Donald Schuett returned to
Fort Benning. Ga. Wednesday of
last week and was accompanied as
far as the Twin Cities by his brother
Stanley who visited friends for a
few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Schuett and
family were callers Sunday evening
at the Herman Weiss home.
Mr. and Mrs. William Schutt en
tertained Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Smith
and Hugo Wickstrom at dinner Sun
Erick Peterson and Darlynne Ward
came from Duluth Friday to spend
the holidays at their home here. Dar
lynne returned to her work on Mon-
day but Mr. Peterson will remain
until alter New Years.
Dr. and Mrs. Pearson spent from
Friday afternoon until Sunday after
noon in Duluth with the Ted Fran
son family. Willis Franson returned
home with them for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson and
daughter Joyce of Minneapolis came
to spend Christmas with her mother,
Mrs. Ojala and brother Waino and
sister, Mrs. John Johnson. Their
son William, stays with his grand
mother and Joyce remained for the
rest of the school vacation.
Miss Amy Norback of Minneapolis
was home over the Christmas week
Mr. and Mrs. Tenho Niemon spent
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Saturday and Sunday at Palisade
with relatives.
Miss Joyce Arth of Minneapolis
spent the week-end with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Arth. On
Christmas day, other guests were
Mrs. Arth’s brother and sister-in
law, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Prokosch
and the latter’s father, Mr. Cable of
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Bergseth and
little Carol Jean of Minneapolis spent
the holiday week-end with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bergseth
and in Sandstone with her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Walker, where
they all had Christmas dinner. Ken
neth Bergseth returned to Minne
apolis with them to visit relatives
until Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Gifford Carman of
Milaca spent Saturday night with
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Barnick. Sunday
morning they called at the Oscar
Bergseth home and were entertained
for dinner at the R. C. Foley home.
Mr. and Mrs. Barnick were also
guests at Foley’s home.
Betty Srok of Duluth is spending
this week with her uncle and aunt.
Mr. and Mrs. Foley.
Pfc. Fred Dorau of Los Angeles.
Calif., spent Sunday and Monday of
his furlough with his brothers Ted
and Herman and their families. He
was unable to be here in time for
his father’s funeral last Thursday.
Alvin *and Senia Korpi of Minne
apolis were home over the week-end
They were guests on Christmas eve
with their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Korpi at the home of Mrs. Wal
ter Mennelin.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bowser and
children of New Brighton are spend
ing this week with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. A. C. Bowser.
Mrs. Otto Brademan was in Miller
hospital. St. Paul from Sunday un
til Tuesday with a gall bladder ail
ment. Friends are glad she is better.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brademan
and family were visitors at the par
ental home Sunday afternoon.
Bernice Frohreich of Crookston
spent Saturday and Sunday with
her mother. Mrs. Hulda Frohreich
and then went on to Minneapolis
to visit her cousin Mrs. Lyman Lee
and family.
Mrs. Hilda Fredrickson spent the
week-end with her son-in-law and
daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Lee
and children of Minneapolis.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dosch were
guests Christmas day at the Elmer
Dosch home.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Faudskar
and family of Bismark, N. D. were
Christmas day guests at the home of
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Faud
skar. They went on to Minneapolis
to visit other relatives.
Miss Bernice Jacobson, who taught
here in 1927 and 28 called on Mr.
and Mrs. A. L. Faufskar one day
last week. She is now at Red Wood
A farewell party was given last
Sunday for Oswald Kari who left
Wednesday for Fort Snelling. It was
held at the Elbow Lake schoolhouse
and he was presented with a gilt of
money and a fine lunch concluded the
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Dancer and
children, Gladys Heino and Donald
Peterson of Sandstone were Christ
mas day guests at the George Heino
Mrs. Minnie Waha left Tuesday of
last week for Duluth where she is
helping care for a new baby at the
home of hei’ son and daughter-in
law, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Waha.
Pfc. Edward Heinonen of Fort
Leonard Wood came home for a
fourteen day furlough with his mo
ther. Mrs. Annie Heinonen and other
Mr. and Mrs. Waino Hamiline were
Sunday night callers at the Wm.
Kyro home.
Mrs. Chas. Hendrickson, Sr. spent
Christmas in Minneapolis.
I HoiiDPx GflEtnnr.sjo ml |
| |
I i
I |
viA For many years in succession W&
ap we have been wishing our friends Jn
Rand customers a Happy New
Year. It is with the greatest of n
pleasure that we now renew this
custom. Many thanks, and every
M good wish for you.
I * I
All earnings pro-rated—All sales subject to earnings n
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Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Ellson en
tertained her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Koenings and Vincent at dinner
on Christmas day.
Mr. and Mrs. Waldmar Holznagel
and son of Minneapolis were week
end guests at the home of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Ladd. On
Christmas day, Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Uldbjerg and children were dinner
guests there also.
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Laska and Mr.
and Mrs. Ernest Alm were Christmas
day guests at the Vincent Laska
home. On Sunday Mrs. Laska and
Alice were callers at the home of
Mrs. Henry Sprandel.
Mrs. Willis Nelson of Mound spent
Friday night and Saturday with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Kaeder.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kurki and
■hildren of Duluth, Mrs. Myrtle
Shephard of Minneapolis, Misses
Lillian and Violet Schlopkohl, Or
ville Youngberg and Mr. and Mrs.
Rudy Efram and Darlene of Sturgeon
Lake were all Sunday guests at the
Walter Makela home. Mrs. Makela’s
mother, Mrs. Schlopkohl also visited
Earl Jacobson returned home from
the Cities and his sister, Elayne, is
now visiting relatives and friends
Miss Elfrieda Miller of Minneapo
lis visited her father, Daniel Miller
and sister Mrs. John Osladil and fam
ily from Thursday until Sunday. The
Osladil family, Mr. Miller and Miss
Elfrieda were all dinner guests at
the Albert Miller home on Christmas
Mrs. Harry Eklund and Diane
who had been visiting in Askov, are
spending this week with her brother
John Osladil and familv.
Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Nystrom and
Louella House of Kansas City. Mo.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Osladil and Sharon
of St. Paul, Mr. and Mrs. Mandus
Nyberg and Joanne of Hinckley and
O. E. Oslund of Cambridge were all
holiday guests at the Leonard Ny
strom home.
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Hamline were
Christmas dinner and afternoon
guests at the Al Mendenhall home.
On Sunday. Mrs. Mendenhall
called on Andrew Wilner, who is im
proving after being quite ill with
Frieda and Bernice Behrman of
St. Paul spent the week-end with
their parents.
Iver and June Parvey of Minne
apolis were at their parental home
for the week-end. Christmas day
callers were Joe Parvey and children
and Verna Martin was an all-day
guest. Evening callers were Mr. and
Mrs. Art Jacobson and Elaine. Miss
Dorothy Parvey is spending a few
days in the Twin Cities with her
sister, June.
Norman Township
Wishing you all a Happy New
Mrs. Steve Purull spent Wednes
day afternoon of last week with Mrs.
L. H. Kowitz.
Harold Schoumaker returned
home from New London Friday
after spending a week with friends.
Myles Wold returned with him to
spend a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Thenis and
Josephine spent Saturday evening
with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pletcher.
Christmas dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Steve Purull were Elmer
Berg and family, Mr. and Mrs. Julius
Waletzko and family, and Miss Phil
lis Purull of Duluth.
Christmas dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Bonnin were Mr. and
Mrs. L. H. Kowitz. Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Bonnin and family and Mr. and
Mrs. Leo Kowitz and family.
Christmas dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. W. P. Schoumaker were
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Peterson and fami-
■y 450° F.
fjWWMM- »: < * - •* $' »• ?' 8 1 »* to'
. ■ : W'» i..f;' ■■■l”'^ 1
3 lbs. 4 oz. Lost in Cooking at High Temperature
■ >
Only 1 lb. 7 oz. Lost in Cooking at Low Temperature
With wartime restrictions limiting the amount of meat available to
the family table, low temperature meat cookery of beef, pork, lamb, or
veal, which yields 15 per cent more servings on the average, is valuable
in helping the American Housewife get the maximum from her meat
allowance. These two roasts weighed exactly the same before cooking
and were cooked to the same degree of doneness. The roast cooked at
the high temperature (above) lost three pounds four ounces in cooking.
The roast cooked at low temperature (below) lost only one pound seven
ounces and provided six to eight more servings than the roast cooked at
high temperature.
Whether roasting, broiling, panbroiling, braising, or cooking in
water, it pays to cook all meat slowly at low temperatures. The advan
tages are: 1. Less shrinkage—more servings; 2. Less fuel used;
3. Meat more uniformly cooked; 4. Meat more tender and better flav
ored; 5. Constant watching unnecessary; 6. Spattering and burning
eliminaleu; 7. Easier to carve.
ly and Mr. and Mrs. Jake Peterson
from Minneapolis. They returned
to Minneapolis Sunday afternoon.
Miss Phillis Purull returned to
Duluth Monday noon.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Purull and
§ beat's / i
< . / 8
» <s kete I |
it is easy to tell. The bustle and merriment;
the good fellowship. We are wishing you,
and You and YOU all the good things
that 1944 can possibly bring.
*HS 3 «
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-* *-
listen * '■ 5.? v
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JC'TI'■ -’> a ■ *’ jwTTZX a ' '-’’
"fc Hm 'B
Cooked at ’
Cooked at
0° F
Phillis spent Saturday evening with
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Schoumaker and
Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Kowitz and
Benny spent Friday evening at the
Fred Grabow home.
East Of Bruno
Pete Johnson of North Dakota,
visited two days last week with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John John
Zola Southerton is spending her
vacation at home and Grace was
home for Christmas day. The Jack
Schoumaker family were Christmas
guests of the John Southerton fami
Miss Dorothy Smith spent Christ
mas day at home with her father.
Chas. Southerton has been laid up
with flu the past week and now
Glenn Jones is having his turn at it.
The Chas. Southerton family spent
Christmas day at the Glenn Jones
Chas. Krantz was a Sunday after
noon caller at the Chas. Southerton
Word has been received that Mr.
and Mrs. R. E. Jones arrived safely
in Phoenix, Ariz.,and found the roads
good all the way.
Christmas greetings have been re
ceived from many of our home boys
overseas. It is good to hear from
them, and friends hope thew will
see them home for another Christ
Emil Mach and Bertha Schock
fhoff suprised their many friends
a week ago when they were married
in Pine City. Congratulations. A
few of their neighbors charivaried
them Sunday evening.
Happy New Year to all.
Marilyn Pince spent the week-end
with her folks.
The school children held their
Christmas program last Thursday
evening. Miss Brand left the follow
ing day for her home in Duluth.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Asleson and
Johnson s Market
A/a y this New Year ’ s $
bear a photographic
g » A likeness to the one of _¥
t your heart’s desire, and
| r,"«‘X"C; |
|j days. This, friends and
A patrons, is our New
Years wish for you,
Askov, Minn.
I _ I
I // z., 1
i sfiwJw, »
g i
g I
I i
F W^at va^ue * s gratitude if it
8 $ forever remains unexpressed?
.’ ft JWe are grateful to you for the
/'/ loyalty which has enabled us
M / to make measureable progress %
ff during these difficult times.
And we want you to know it. ™
IKB we wish for you ,n 1944 I
I . |
| Security State Bank |
Askov, Minn.
children and Mrs. A. Wagner and
children visited at the J. L. Pince
home Christmas day.
Ethel Fenstermaker spent Christ
mas at her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Pince were quite
ill with the flu the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hrbek and boys
visited the A. E. Pince family Mon
day evening.
Mrs. Art Pince spent Tuesday at
the school.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Speed and
children of Minneapolis spent Christ
mas at the Chas. Johnson home.
The W. Paugh, George Thomson,
Jos. Herubin and Albert Modrow
families attended the Christmas pro
gram at the McGrath school last
Thursday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Herubin spent
Friday in Moose Lake.
Several from this community at
tended the John Ellison sale Satur
Walter Paugh and Jos. Herubin
were McGrath callers Monday morn
Mrs. C. Erickson of McGrath is a
visitor at the George Thomson home
at this writing.
“Doctor,” said a patient, “I am
suffering from insomnia, and even
a cat on the backyard fence keeps
me awake nights.” The doctor wrote
out a prescription and said: “Here,
you put that in a cupful of milk and
it will end your trouble.” “How do
I take it?” asked the patient. "Oh,
you don’t take it.” replied the doctor,
“you give it to the cat.”
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Pv J.ANY years of continued progress
can, in no small measure, be attributed to
your esteemed friendship and cherished
patronage. To all of you we extend thanks
and most sincere holiday greetings, with
the hope that 1944 has in store for you
much that is beyond your most optimistic
THURSDAY, DEC. 30, 1943
(Too Late for Last Week)

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