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Winona & St. Peter Railroad.
Passenger 1'ie jht
7:50 p.m. 5:45 a. in
10:10 p. nv 7:00 a.
Marshall Accommodation
4 00p. m. 7:05 a.m.
St. Paul & Sioux City Railroad.
To ST. PAM.Through mail an4 expiess tr.un
leaves Sioux ty at 10:10 p. m., St. Peter .it 7-..U a.
m, anrl anrves in St. Paul at 11:10 a.
m, makng close connection -with tiams
tor Chicago and all eastern point* Accom
modation ti am lea\ es St. James at a St.
Peter at 1:05 and arm es in St Paul at (:"J p.
To Siuox CITY Ma.l and expiess lea\ es St Paul
at 3-15 m.. St Peter at 7:00 and amies in
&iou\. City at l-0" a. m. Ace om mod it ion ti nn
lea^ es St Paul at 0:10 a. and arm es in St Janu
00 j)
"When goin,i? to southern or eastern
Iowa, St. Louis, Chicago or am part of
Illinois take the
3R^. IR.
lino's. 7)'n the 2d
.7. T5, T.i SVKLL. Secu'l.n\
'Ute weather l.isi weik w.i^ ralhei
\dmiial Mueller sajs that his Jlotilla
IS St'.lW th\.
l'wneii,)ier the. IUSMJUI Hand con
ceits ,S.itiud.i\ and Mindaj e\tnnns.
lint c.ir loaded uitli liunlx i\ is
ditchtd at Mee\ E\ List Satuuhii.
understnd that a now time table
AMII jjo into etleet on the &, s. P. K.
Jt.-\]il J-t.
]{emen ber thnt next Saturd.iy and
Si.n lav A\IU be the List opportunity to
luiir thelleshians.
(Jive the Hessians a rousing reccp
tiou next Nituiday and Sundaj e\ou
One of our enter])i"ising attorneys
has gone into the postage stamp ped
hng business.
'First Settler,'* of Golden Gate^ must
fa\or us witli lus right name, if
lie wants his letters to receive atten
A heavy thunder and rain storm
passed over this section of country
last Thursday Bight. A certain sign
that spiiug has come.
A piece of the wall and culvert built
along Geo. Schneider's basement late
List fall, fell in last Friday night, badly
scarmg George and his family.
We understand that PiusPfefferle
is lying dangerously sick with con
sumption, ten miles from Kasson,
and that he is not expected to live.
Seeders! Seeders! is all the cry, and
our machine men are working day and
night to supply the demand. Car load
after car load are being unloaded at our
depot, and as quickly taken possession
of by our farmers.
We understand that the auction sale
at J.II. Manderfeld's, in Sigel town, last
Saturday, was well attended in spite of
the inclement weather, and that every,
tiling was disposed of to good advant
age. So mote it be.
Grara.e*i Seed..
I have just received from the Super
intendent of Agriculture, a quantity of
Garden Seeds for gratuitous distribu
tion among settlers in the counties af
llited by Grasshoppers. All who send
me their names and Post-Office address,
giving the name of the county, will be
furnished with Seeds. Address,
While N A. Mceller was engaged
in melting some Babbitt-metal last
Saturday, the metal exploded and a
portion of it flew into his face, se
verely burning him about the eyes,
although the eyes were not injured.
Better look a "leedle" out the next
time and not let the metal get quite so
As will be seen by the announce
ment in another column, the Hessian
Military Band, which gave two con
certs in this city a short, time ago to
crowded houses, have consented to re
turn and favor our citizens with two
more concerts, at Turner Hall, next
Saturday and Sunday evenings. The
band will also give a grand ball at the
close of the concert Sunday evening.
Carl Pancratz and Anton Crone have
made arrangements to open a general
store at Burns Station in a short time.
We understand that the lumber for the
building is already on the ground, and
that the contract for putting up the
building has been let to Buenger &
Ruemke of this place. "We know of no
two young men more worthy of public
confidence than these two, and no doubt
they will soon be able to build up a good
La Crosse,
Going South. Going North.
L.a Ciosse, Lene H.l^p. m. am\el,-Mp
_. AH 7.1J Iea\eS00.i m.
AI.t.i\e7,00 t. 6 4-,
Clinton IIr".
Chicago aw- 6.30 a In. Le.r\e9,15p in.
Trains make close connection it all
impoi taut junctions, and between Du
buque aud Chicago theie are two daily
T\ 0. WYATT. (Jen. Supt.
r)iiliiii ow~* ~i zr. ~_ 1
The "Great American Comedy and
Theatrical Troupe" will give an exhi
bition at the Sleepy Eye school
_,.. next Friday evening, March 15th. The and scrobbs, and^iet our amazons i
CtagO,GMOn,MUpe& Mini I entertainment will consist of songs,
comical representations.ventriloquism,
ect., and will be followed with a
'-grand dance." Admission to the show
25 ets. Children 15 cts. The troupe
is composed of home talent, and the
I people of Sleepy Eye and vicinity should
give them a rousing benefit.
Tucsil iy in i
b\ idgc.
each mouth.
Th\ M\UII.N W. M.
AYe have a justice of the peace in
this city that holds the opinion that a
matrimonial knot if tied on a Sunday
will not stick before the courts, and
last Sunday refused to marry a couple
until after twelve o'clock at night. Of
course if it is not binding for a justice
to marry people on a Sunday, the knot
must be equally lose if tied by a minis
ter, on that day, and as a great many
had that ceremony performed on the
day above named, the question with
them naturally arises "are we married
at all?'*
The bill inti oduced in the Legislature
by Hon. Jake Klossner, "to authorize
the construction ot a free wagon bridge
an oss the Minnesota river at New
rim," passed Voth houses and has re
ceived the signature of the Governor.
Now that pei mission lias been gianted Saturday and remained over Sunday,
for the building of a bridge, the ques
rion naturally arises "Who'll furnish
Gh'flJV Mge Ule money to build it withf' Steps
-.T. n -Tin,] Ajwi 'liouldbe takenn to ascertaiin the teel
r^.3llll A.tkj
|UlrS th people on the subject, in
'ilftf le"cl.i~ meet-' ^1U',
i( '.i
a towns Nicollet-
would be benefited i the
M\RRiEr In this city, at the bride's
losidence. last Sunday evening, K.
Cook, of Deeorah. Iowa, to Miss Emma
'opp. The event took place in pres
ence of a few invited guests and e\ er\
thing passed oil very quietly, until
Young America surrounded the house
anJ commence I to pay their respects
itli co\/ bells, tin pans, and the like.
i'l'liebo\s did it heaiitirull\, winding
up with a flourish that would have put
the Hessians'" to shame.
The happy pair departed for Deeorah
Monday mornimj, and the congratula
tions and well wishes of the Itcview
went with them.
on to the next.Lake City Leader.
The editor of the Post can now be
happy. The bill introduced by Mr.
Brandt early in the session, "allowing
legal notices to be published in papers
printed in a foreign language" passed
the Senate on the last day of the ses
Section 2. of the law, is of the most
importance to the people in this vicini
ty, and reads as follows: '-All publi
cations heretofore made in this State,
required by law to be made in a news
paper, that were made in a newspaper
printed and published in a foreign
language, and otherwise made in con
formity with the rules and require
ments of law, shall be deemed valid
and legal to all intents and purposes.
The County Commissioners in
their meeting last week confined
themselves exclusively to examining
and passing upon seed grain applica
tions. Of the 344 applications that
were made, 298 were allowed, aggregat
ing 9,977 bus. of wheat, and 2,502 bus.of
oats. Whole number of acres which
the successful applicants have for
seeding are 12,182. The highest
number of bushels of wheat allowed
to any one applicant was 50.
Since the number total of bushels al
lowed, exceeds the number of bushels
estimated for this county by the Legis
lative Grasshopper Committee some 4,
129, we would advise applicants not to
rely too much on receiving the full
amount allowed them, as the niim*
ber total will have to be materially cut
down unless some of the counties drop
far below the Committee's estimate.
The County Commissioners will meet
again Monday, March the 18th, and
will then re-adjust the allowance
Golden Gate Correspondence.
By our special correspondent "Posted-*'5'
Editor Review:
Seeing that there was no communication from
onr worthy townsman, F. M. Scrobbs in your last
issue, I thought perhaps that he might be suffering
from another attack of rheumatism, so 1 concluded
to drop you few items.
Gardening was in order last week.
Caucusing seems to be the order of the day.
The dog that bit Doc. Hewitt's hand died from
the effects of it.
Mr. G. A. Brown is spending a few days with
friends in town.
Some very fine pickerel were caught in the mill
pond lust week, weighing lrom three to fifteen
We had a dream the other night when all was
quiet and still we dreamt that Heimerdinger's en
gine was about six miles from his mill.
Our merchants are doing a fair business, not
withstanding the hard times. Judging from the
number of teams to be seen around the Golden Gate
House, the hotel business must be good.
Mr. Thomas Towsy, of Olmstead Co., the gentle,
man who bought the farm ot Mr. Willet Green a
short time ago, is stopping at the Golden Gate
House. Mr. Towsy seems, to be a very energetic
joung man. Girls, suon your friendship.
a 11'78 $
Editor Review-
in perusing the columns of your interesting pa
per of March 6th, I miss the ''Golden Gate corres
pondent," and notice your query, "What
lias become of F. M. Scrobbs?" That is. a question
every one in the neighborhood is asking, find no
one seems able to answer satisfactorily- But it is
generaly supposed that he has either gone in search
of his predecessor "Anon," or that the hatchet
has been recovered and that hopoor lellow has
iallen a victim of that murderous-weapon, as \\a
currently reported that his illustrations predeces
sor did belore him.
Is ow, Mr. Editor, I fear you will be unable to pro
cure another correspondent but, should you be so
I hope that whoever undertakes the tank
supposed fate of Anon,
alone, and only
laboi lor the GOOD, of mankind. Yours,
Dr. Berry spent several days in
Marshall last week.
Dr. Harden returned from Hen
derson last Saturday evening.
L. Hansen, of Sleepy Eye, favored
us wich a pleasant call last Thursday.
lions. C. C. Brandt andJake Kloss
ner returned from St. Paul last Satur
day evening.
A. A. Pi axel, of the firm of Prax
el & Schandra. .Lambeiton. came down
James M. Thompson, of Marengo,
Iowa, formeily of this place and ."sleepy
Eye, \ibited New Llui and Sleepy Eye
last week in the interest of an eastern
wholesale boot shoe house, lor which
he is traveling agent.
L. Xiegele, publisher of the Minne- street fund
apohs Freie Presse. is in the citv look
ing after the inteiest of his paper. The!
Land is plenty and as good as ever
laid out-of-doors. One hundred and
sixty acres of this fertile land can be
had tor about S15, and living on it for
five years. Come oil, ye starving mil
lions of the Eastern cities."
The masquerade season is at last over,
and we know of at least one person who
is glad of it, as the way he was taken
"in" at the last masquerade ball at
Turner hall, was a "leetle" too much
for him.
It seems that during the month of
February Cupid played the duce with
the "chap" in question. Sentimental
valentines flew thick and fast, of which
he was the recipient of a goodly num
ber. Of course he was not idle all this
time, but belonged for an opportunity
to express his emotions verbally to the
fair sender of those that he received.
He waited long and patiently,
but in vain. At last, being in a des
perate state of mind, he repaired to
Turner hall on the evening in question
expecting to find tfce object of his
longing in attendance at the ball. He
danced and promenaded with nearly
every lady in the hall, in the vain hope
of finding out which was the right one.
At last, perserverance seemed to be
rewarded, and he led her to a seat and
began to pour out his lamentations, his
love, etc., winding up with a wish
that they might never again be torn
asunder. By this time the evening
was quite far advanced, and the order
for unmasking was given. The lady,
being fond of a joke, was no way back
ward in pulling off the mask that had
hitherto veiled her face. The feelings of
that "cavalier" may better be imagined
than expressed, when he beheld that he
had been bestowing his attentions to a
married lady and he shot out of that
hall like a cannon ball out of on of
Tn our style climate, with Its sudden
changes of temperature,rain, wind
and sunshine often intermingled in a
single day,.it is no wonder that our
children, friends and relatives are so
frequently taken from us by neglected
colds, half the deaths resulting direct
ly from this cause. A bottle of Bo
schee's German Syrup kept about your
home for immediate use will prevent
serious sickness, a large doctor's bill
and perhaps death, by the use of three
or four doses. For curingConsumption.
Hemorrhages, Pneumonia, Severe
coughs, Croup, or any disease of the
Throat or lungs, its success is simply
wonderful, as your druggist will tell
you. German Syrup is now sold in
every town and village on this conti
nent. Sample bottles for trial, 10 c.
regular size 75c.
otice is hereby given that the
qualified voters of the election
district composed of the City of New
Ulm, shall decide by ballot, at the
next regular election to be held in
said election district on the second
day of April, 1878, whether or not
the Public Square belonging to said
City shall be leased for the period of
ninety-nine years to the Independent
School District of New Ulm, for the
purpose of erecting a school build
ing thereon and of using as school
New Ulm, March 11th 1878.
By order of the City Council,
JAKOB NIX, City Clerk.
showing the financial condition,
Receipts, Expenditures, Liabilities
and Assets of the City of New Ulm
from March 6th 1877 up to March
6th 1878.
Cash in Treasury March G.77 S 1,356.Q0
Administration fund..
(ri a\ Yard fund
Fire Department fund...
Fiiie Presse is one of the best German, rnteresVand'sinkinVtuiid'."/.
papers in the State, is ably conducted,
and has a Luge ciidilation in this
county. Weigand liauenstein is the
local agent.
The Maukato L/imn commenting
upon our article in regaid to the rush
of land seekers, sa\s:
'It has been many years since the
prospect looked oo favorable for Min
nesota as now. Emigration is once
more fully inaugurated. Those who
left during our unpleasantness with the
'hoppeis are returning. Our leal
estate men are kept busy answering in
quiries tor land, andtluy are confident
by the filial opening of pring that the
rush of emigration will iar exceed that
of any former year. We have the best
Uncle Terrell put up a job on one of
our venerable citizens the other day.
After the Hessian Band had filled their
engagement here he casually met his climate on the continent, the best soil,
victim and said, '-Those Hessians, which will produce nunc to the acre
played it well on Lake City people, did- than any State in the Union or any
n't they coming down heie and puss- country on the globe: the finest lakes in
ing themselves off for the original i the West, plentifully abounding vith
band.'' "How'sthatr* asked his friend, fish inexhaustible quantities of timber
-Why," replied Terrell, thej are a skirting our river and creek bottoms,
gang of raw Dutchmen from New Ulm, i which can be had for a small sum.
that's all they are:'' when his r/o*erfjTUe winters are mild and pleasant
out friend ejaculated 'You are right. I like Indian Summer and, above all, ourOld
old man, I saw those same fellows ly-' State sustains a public school system
ing around New Ulm, when I was up I which has but few equals in all the land,
there a few days ago." Teirell passed! It is indeed a land of pure delight.
202,02 218,00
t\n-parVcif Pubiic Laad-
Loan of R. \V. Chad bourn...
Clerk's Salary $ 360,00
Marshal's Salary 360,60
Night-watchman's Salary... 300,00
City Attorney's Salary 170,65
General expenses of Adminis
tration 479,37
Fire Department 718,50
Grave Yard 651.50
Park 75
Supporting poor 406,05
Right of wav I'oi the AV. & St.
P. R. R. Comp 21,00
Interest on Railroad Roads.. 720.00
Interest paid to .lac. Nchotee, 120,00
streets, terry and bridges... 4.826,63
$ 9,200,45
r8 889.40 Cash in Treasury March 6,'
ftlO, 069,85
Town Orders 13,3
Military Bountv tax 73,05
Note payable to Jac. Scholze 1,000.00
Railroad Bonds 6,000,0C
Bonds payable to R. W.
Chadbouin 3,500,00
Cash in Treasury $ 869,40
Bills receivable (Park fund) 2,127,36
Interest on Bills receivable
and Rent 298,20
Rent due on Public Landing 30,00
Balance of
Liabilities over
$ 10,586,35
City Clerk.
BROWN SS District Court, Ninth
Judicial District.
James Leahy
William Day, Anna Day and IiUmnn C. Gilbert.
The state of Minnesota to the above named De
You are hereby summoned and required to ans
wer the complaint of the Plaintiff in the above en
titled action, which is filed in the office of the Clerk
of the District Court of the ninth Judicial District,
in and for the County of Brown and to serve a copy
of your answer to said Complaint on the subscrib
er, at his office, the City of New Ulm, in said
County, within 20 days alter the service of this sum
qwns upon you, exclusive of the day of such ser
vice aud if you fail to answer the said Complaint
within the time aforesaid, the Plaintiffin this action
will apply to the Court for the relief demanded in
the Complaint.
Dated, New Uhn, Minn., February 1st. 187S.
B. V. WEBBER, Plaintiff. Attorney.
1 meets every Saturday evening. Broth
ers from abr.oad:are cordially invited.
Appearance in this City
HESSIAN Military Band
By general request the Hessian
Military Band, which gave two con
certs in this city a short time ao,
have consented to return, and' give
Turner Hall,
Sat. & Snn. Eve. March 16 & 17.
Sunday Evening After the Concert.
Admission 35 ct. Children 20 ct.
Doors open atf 7, Concert com. at 8.
Notice to Banks or Bankers.
Proposals of banks or bankers for
depositing the county funds of the
county of Brown with such bank or
banks will be received by the Boaid
of Audit of Brown county Minn., on
the 18th day of March 1878. It must
be stated in such proposals what se
curity will be given to the county for
depositing the funds of the county, ar'
what rate of intere-g on the montl ly
balances of the amount so depositee.,
upon condition that said funds with
accrued interest shall be held subject
to draft and payment at all times on
By order of said Board of Audit of
Brown Co., Minn.
New Ulm, Februarv 26.1878.
Sec. Board of Audit,
Brown Co, Minn,
By pationizing home institutions We gnn\ ou.*
ow seeds, and know what we are selling.
We do not place seeds on commission, and nrs
not compelled to rell old seeds year after yen.
W sell direct, whether we make a wholesale ot re.
tail trade.
Stock true to namefresh and reliable.
We control the entire stock of seed of the Minne
sota Eaily Amber Sug^r Cane.
Ask our merchant for our seeds. If he doei not
keep them, order direct fro us, and we will de
iver them at your Express or Post-office at regular
pi ice. Catalogue free to all applicants.
to C.
Minnesota street, next door
Sommer's Store.
Ffced. Boock,
Proprietor of the
New Ulm Machine, Wagon, Smith
Cor. Minn. & 3d N Sts., New Ulm.
I am prepared to-do all-kinds of work
in my line on short notice. Repairing
of Threshers and Reapers a specialty.
My machinery is all new and of im
proved pattern, and only experienced
workmen are employed. A new paint
shop has lately been added. New Wag
ons continually on hand.
The best of Wines, Liquors and CiJ
gars constantly kept on hand.
Louis Felkel, Prop'r.
meets every Thursday evening at Ar
beiter Hall. Brothers from abroad
are cordially invited.

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