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New Ulm weekly review. (New Ulm, Minn.) 1878-1892, March 27, 1878, Image 2

Image and text provided by Minnesota Historical Society; Saint Paul, MN

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1 **jjwV^roi.^er"
&*, tr
\\j 1 en fii the Ri\
1 wis t)\ilipht, soft iinl bnglit ind C^CU,
Instill tli it bilim time of \e*u
A\ hen Is ittue, with i IOJ oils bound
Wei iro-l inert mantle enwts ns. W.,
1 el( omc like IOJ ons bn 1
The t*l ul nppio ol Spung
Soft music, low nnd sweet fiom fir
Come steilinir )ii tlfe pei finned in,
lad nice* lns|icii ifr in the In eezt,
biiiig4uU ib\ iivioiis the tiees
1 st i tint ukTert in the hen\ en,
As it to it I (hu xc were st en
3 tli's gim di in uigel nt( li to keep
I ooke 1 so (low tiom its home
In henens Inch etheiejil dome,
And luspeie 1 ill is pi ice
Tiir ntln i, dc\
1 ed queen pf niglit
Miltstu in hci tobt of light,
i^iled henenth in i/uie clond
Asithci lovelj 1 to hide
lomPlmbus io\nl irl nice of le,
niled bWeetlj on tl scene
lie intcd bind tli it nishtlj ait
ins pi r\ ei to lie en ite,
AV tt.li hei\(ii puie Io\ bcd wed
Vs then bn^ht pinions JK lsedloi flight,
Softde\ diops spi nkled on ficni^lii,
An 1 "Natinc Mglied foi jo
\1' in uch lioni of peaceful lest
W ho had not lclt \uthin his bieast
weo* oiimin le with hei\ui$
Vml it the soul weie sunk in uief,
jn si.Ie.nt ieus touiul sweet leliet,
Ynd jojel tint thej \eicgnen
The committee on Public Lands
which Major Strait's tiee claim
lull" was refeied, have cut the acie
.i ge dow li to 10 acres and i ecommend
ded it to pass. Good enough.
Th# great mteinational walking
ontest, at London, terminated 1 ast
Satinda i 9 0'Lean was
deJaied the Avmner. He walked
2 miles and two laps, i.i.0 \auls
thcr than the best performance [oas^lUl
on lecoul. iso much foi lush-Yan
kee pluck.
The Butish naval iamino shi[
Euivdice i\ith-i00 men on boaid,
ipsi/d on the south coast of the
Jde of \yigh4-,
at half-past four last
'uu la^ aft^i noon, a bidden squall
'VU on board were drowned, except
i \i o.
The Senate committee, that was
appointed to rmestigate the changes
of maltreatment ot patients at the
tis me As\ lum, met at St Petei
last week. When thc\ called at the
isj lum Dr Bartlett lefased to al
ow them to go thiough th bulki
ng, as an investigating comimtee,
idoss they were accompanied b}
some the tiustees. Tbo commit
tee was ven indignant at this tieat
i lout, as they well might be, ai^lre
i iirned to then hotel Matters "\veie
5 fte -wards amicably settled, and the
committee proceeded to take testi
mony. No very damaging festimo
ii} against tha general management
has so far been elicited, al/hough rtic
li irget against ?he uurse Be^s, are
damaging. m\S IT' INTERESTING
IF IT lOhTS 4. IB.
Or \ES-
LONDON, March 2^ A special
from St. Petcrsb 1113 say* 1 unions are
in circulation that Iiussia has de
manded that the British fleet quit
inc Sea ot Marmoia mimchatflj
The correspondent has leasop to be
lieve that these repoits., although
\agcrated, arcnotcnhiely urfound
od, md that lhissia is making, or
about to make, representations in
icgaidtothc British fleet Minister
Lay ard's opposition to the embaik
ption of the Russian troops at Buy uk
tlere has caused great initation. An
ariiele 111 the Journal de St. Pcters
barjj .attracts much attention. It
omt to the cqntmuance of the fleet
xA the Sea of Marmora 111 defence of
international law, and asks if it is
not time to ask of England what she
really wants. Europe'should call
England before her judgement seat
and summon her to re-entci the
sphere of international law by quit
tmg the straits and engage not to re
turn. Semi-official hints are gixen
that if England docs not wish to at
tend the congress it will meet with
out her. I connection with the
foregoing intelligence it should be
stated that rumors were circulating
the lobbies of Parliament last
night that the, tone English offi
ml circles is decidedly warlike.
A Belgrade special reports all tlie
lustnans boiMa liable to military
services have been ordered to letmn
home 0
A te^gramjme from V4enne feeiv
ed Paris ?stie^ that^Roivmania
has refused to .receive independence
it the hands or Russia or peimit the
passagfe ot Russian troops through
her territory duimg the occupation
of Bulgaria.
A Paris correspondent hears that
Russia has forced Turkev to acqui
esce in a seeiet aggreement, accord
ing to which Russia would as^st
Turkey against a Graco-English com
bination, or again-st the entry of the
Bixtish fleet to the Bosphorus or
Dardanelles, largely dimmish the in
demnity, and guarantee the mtegii
ty of the remaining Turkish terri
tory, receiving letnrn a dnectmg
power over ienemies of the Porte
BFRLIS", March 2^ The North
Geiman Gh'ette sa-ys it is eudent
that Russia learards wai itii Eng
land as ine\ itable, and knows th
&he was never bettci able to age
it than now.
A. 0. U. W. taprcuie Lealge,
1 ?3iniies.oti I ofig-os. Granted Separate
ST LoLib, March 21The su
pieme lodge Ancient Oidci of United
WoAmen of the United Spates and
Cab id i is no-tt session he1
poits pi ofhceis show the oidei to be
a piospeious condition Although
but seven i eais old, it row has a
membership of 33 000 The lodges
of Tennessee, Minnesota and Michi
gan have been gianttd lepaiatc
benelcian ]inioliction Appli
cations from Indi ma, MlSSOUll
Colorado toi the same powei aie nov
befoie the sapiome lodge Mi
oi\ .aid
Upchun h, foundeyfe the or ler was
adiritted a member of the Mipieme
teresting seiAiee The lodge ^I
"ii*-! tt-
The Tax
in session the lcmamcVi of the week
le-en icting what is known ihe
"nou clad law' ot lbH, w^tb a few
slight amendments Thio Ln/
xOalh LIIC poor m.iii t-iend, as it
w.ts di.'wn up with a '-j ocial ewof
i who had b^on v* the ow
i mg then tio es to i MI foi cai UH1 &iV
pei cent., as foi mem If the pio
peH\ is not sold at the reguku sale,
nor during the twro
ears following,
it AVIII become the absolute proper
ty of the State, but the paitieb hold
ing an intelest the land may IC
decm it any time, A\ hile in possesion
of the State, bj pawng the mteiest
and expenses After theiedemption
shall have e\pued, the St.de ma\
dispose of the piopeih at public oi
pnvate sale, and the mu chaser sh ill
acqime an absolute title
All pro} ert^ it, to be a^sc^scd on
the Hist of MAS
A pe^altv of 5 pei cent is added
to all unpaid taxes onpe^onalptop
eih, on Maich 1st, of each yeai,
and the tounty treasurers aie ic-intendent
qmied co take the piomptest possible
action foi their collection l.n -ale,ed
it necessary Shakefee A),/U6
The Indianapolis Joiunal punts
the follow btoiy mitsconebponsl
ence fiom the town of Rensselaer,
Ind. "A itmeiant lecturer on
mesmeiibin was heip last week lie
gave pisti uctions the ait. A cleik
mesmeuzed the servant gn of hib
employ-or last Sunday e\enmg The
family, and even the new -fledged
professor,* became frightened at the
condition of the gnl, and sent for
another professor, who could notie
move the inesmtric influence of the
operator. They then sent for a
phy sician, who turn prescribed a
stimulant and left. The clerk could
not lcmove the influence, and theMueller
girl lay in a trance for exactly 24
hours, when she awoke and related
all that transpired ths c\ enmg be
fore The clerk will not hear the
la^t of it for some time to come.
Sitting Bull 5fi SC-SCBT'S tton^aitk
and Mcaad Fisritt Xlic Situation
Critical, ux $f
-CEIOGO, Mnth Sl^Cart. Ccn
stmce Williams, Se\ enth infantry,
^fiM&l&Fvd Bdknaft has sent
to unitary neadqtfJTte^s the result
of several scouting expeditions which
confirms the reports%
recently tele-
graphed by the United States con
sul, Taylor, afc-Winnipeg, Manito
ba. Capt. Williams learns that the
forces under Sitting Bull aggregate,
with what heihas assurances of le-
cenxUg in the wa^ of lemforce
ments, nearly 7,000 fighting men.
The talk among them is that they
wiU fight nobodj, but if anybodx
comes accross then path the} will
get it ]ust the same The Indians
aie well suppLed ith amii'imition
Proceedings of the County
March 19th.Boai met puisuant
to adjournment. All memb er pres
ent On motion the secret was
instructed toteleeiaph the (jro\em-
01 to lemit apportionment cf ^ecd
^vheit an I th i 'hey vrould
the wheat heie
piitso \iri naming jeen ntswithtiu
madnea ao onteo}doll.tfj pe bushel
The Boaid also passed a lesoluuon
to allow aU appbcaticns tint li.ue I'n'tch"pl
1 i
aonoitionam oatWheat, Frithelnothao
ill application^ of 0 bushels and
under be allowed full, that
the balance be divided Ct/.nll^
among the balanceCustol}ch
cants we vij on^ideicd and acept
i adiouincd i at ISoclo dCvv
i i i
Mii li 20 Bo met
ndjom^ment All mfmbe1
rppomt committeefann
matter-.cd 01,the Gallcs
I The Commissi'-neit. then compaicl
thc anon*- \onch^is and county i
i ders, and fonn 1 t^c 1 Cs,i As
foPo^s, to it
.imijclliiig .i cla* of ken fixe J""0
did i oocd th ng
3 ^L1P
in theiw countd
i i*n ih-n
|then compi mis 114 at a g^eat The Bo 1 retion fci,
iducbon, to p.u up p-'ompth i^tl
A })cnaltv of 10 ptr cent, AUII be
aided to all unpead tr "s on le il es Bo ."d udion^i^1
titc June 1st The tax sales wilH "duch 21Board met 1 uvnn
be nade on the thud Monday i to rdjouiniv it Al1
Septt mber, and no interest will be
chaio-el between those dates Jn-\ The Bonid h\ed inionnt of Bond
tcrpst durmir the t^o ycais of'^ be given 1P ihe Citi^ns Natio^d
red'empiion will be at ihe 1 at, of 181 Bank, foi t]^o dc^oat the co inij
pei cent, pei mniim, m^te id of 24 funds, at A8OO00
Motion ido and Carried autho- i(!
iiziiiG the County Tiea^arei to pay1
foi school books and cbaiyc tbo amt
to tlir yai\j
The Boau1
St. FabricK's ei&ion.
110m the I ake Citj I cauei
Tlie following is the e^hiese"
of Mai\ and hei lamb I
ijTgil imed MSfthad iSmb,
l^eas all nnee gvlntc snow
1 vly place Moll ilkee,
Wi Ba, i, (hoppee Wnj to
We neaidjasonffif J.un tmg
loiuut Miiv and
jidcd.i,, ntic
al, and decisive meisaiob aie mged. I
i 1 1 2 9(T 39
P-vi C2B 5
Ko-L&B (Vc-, o,00
^2 8
t-ksnut 1 to mit
t! ou a
id i MiG io win i
tw i tci tt\i in i I oi
1 i tnoi oi I then uo\
ill in i ipel
i ej i'oc was pi -,ed
lie (\)unt\ \uditoi
po" suifern
Oi,. ru turn
lllthi 'VUlg
sustenanceihp.ithtook of various cr^o-
"w !o cnivm the
until T'nnsl.n
1 uh,'
d'sbuts iev.ei/ni",
then took up and ex-
amined the e.u
ctafoment of
the count} Tl Boaid being itis
tied of the coixechiess of the state
ment, a motion A\ao male .aid cai
iled to aP| Ieve the ame, that
if be iiiidished in the .cw Uhn
Post and L'ei uw
Motion made and cai led appoint
ing Mcsais Mandeifekl ard Wagner
a committee top .ich 'oC a ocr1
foi the Couit IirOxP.
The repoit of the County Super
is lead by the Aaditor,
and on motion the sine was accept
and oidercd to be placed on hie
The Boai 1 tl en mimed nd al
lowed the following bills
John Moe
Pionee: Pie~s
A lilanoiiaid
Cameion, Amberg & Co
Ei nst Brandt
Pioneer Piess Co.
C. Bmii'side
Gail Forster
Ihoneer PtCbS Co.
ti. Bogen
John Fenske
B, Fischer
JohnB. Ka.-l, Agt.
H. B. Constans
On motion the Board
,(j00 ic
sui-e he i littln laintbo tU
othei da% .iiul this is tnewaj he un
dei stood it
Be^om Man had a little shi]
II 1 lilt, -ft ool is -v\ lute ciiton lj
An hcievei wndsMin hci sthnnips
1 he oin^ shape woill 'oil he coin
M\ BSa
that bp.mt.fnj sono
Lutrene lidd, "(neise the (riiddle.
S i itih back, oh blown e\el Mabel,
IIIOA the buckw he iloni iw ij,
Soiati I \\r -,,n,
I oi SMIILCOUI ti I ml
i "T"
Budie, Diilin^,'* lsjustoufc. "Wciune Ovialut and California Line
only 10 loi one st.iu/a
ll ,|j]
II 't i stionLei, tint th wa
Somew it hi ,liei a little low ei,
CIosci to the ioul 1 hi uk,
Uol ennis .to it slow ei'
1 Thin ei'Cone tint's ulned
liSEiiel-SSieetliias! BI I Te\as.
mill li^ ci snoakinc of the ui
i tliui hoi is oi ttle Th tolts
ships tit
ct ol
LISO O notlt'y 0 1 'oi he hist Unit oi oi I i\ aie nthei tendti md
r']i0hfisr 000 is lnjino leqniu ilost it ention lit utei tli tt take then
ok wl"ht'icjlcilii
bSQ-l aCCptcd 101' Piul itibhtxin at tncoIthen tl mintpiofitible
iesolid fiit
tsthewm,, il rnsstt itt
th niutt i ittiis in bt hid lleltmiles
iiue ,IH ii(H(\tij tin
then e\ eme dot il t\ i id 'ic i
stun to lit umi ndin i iisii).r is i
oft appli
i '"^at1
on of Sche
i usiniss 11 je\ i IM\S thui is
i in in 1 1 tint his tn\ilel 1 0 units
ten i i in aili'nt most mwclhiok
mils t'VouUin\ 1 toi mi I thin loo mil! i
Efecapisis: iro i(n Jan!.
Fiom the
oi!V Tul
On W'e hitos I I etei "UcGi esc ipcl ficm
jil IJ stii] 1 hnnsilt
lnonsnn-t in ins mlu ht
Hies 1T\ ctn 3 this IOHJ:use i (o i Unit hjf'it 1 i tin (il
tll ,.ai Afilljwpni ml nil te 1 Iiwi uso
f-tlUlLLli mule tie itteiuuta ii Im 11i il i\
TV/T^^-v i tii 1 in uwul in I t'i i OIK ltion it
Messjs Wagne. and uandcite weiec
i I *t dUntt mmdiid
jlids Lxi
Ju ulip^. flio
lunnsin a
ies(su.i,,I,U ,id
tmi '_ek1s,of
i in
ite in ii
O I Ills to 11
ii cued ic
Con Til nit psupinh ^les] it tli neul
ltimi 1 1 11 1 111 11- 1 1 ni 1
in ill Mm is 1 in 1 i 11 1
1 tn 1 i MI st i 1 1 i 1 i 1] toCine
tt( Ui 'is i itii to it A 11 01
1 11 1 is i] 1 11 1 to 1 hnicnt
I ihis n't 1 1 mi 11 iii's thi 1 iti
i W si) 10 i in 1 nt
1 W In it ci|u 1 to
1 1 1 411 th 1
(i 11 il 1 1 mil (111 d\
1 1 I 1 I 11 l(l\ 11 1 K( 1
x lo si 1 I! mi 1 111 1 1
Pi is piu i 1
1 1
1 11 it
I lis 1
I ill
I I 1 1
1 W 1 1 I W
i 11 1'
it New in
111 kill 01 th
li _i 11 pi
ik\ I in 1 1
to in oui li 11
s-HGT wo 1 11 uhi t| 11 is di tnln'itm- o\i i
thi 11 in i lit 1 1 1 tli 11 mi, time mil
in us 11 1 it 1! mill 1 11 -ii'eiptihto
W II 111 1 is 1 1 _i lltlll 11 II tv tl
III II 1 sh HI ill/ 111 ttC! O SU 1, I
'1 ("j I tne I it th -11 1 1 11 1 1 1 1\
in 11 1 I I'niL i 1 in 1 i 1 11 1 i_ 1 111 1
1 111 pic him I i Ici ii 1
tli isp st siHitsf-iij] x\ In i htm
tl I 1 1 1 1 1 I imsd in 1
1 11 1 tn 1 1 1 1 li
pi 1 iit'i iinleoi- ipio'iiitoi vlmni
II nits /it 1 ilt i 11 1 1 lint- Ii
to ithiioi ti 11 i sc 1 111'ut i
il su_, 1 1 tm tth
th -w
Tisc .ii't'tt Cciii(
Cli mil i Coinji.ti ti 1
JliOuIs ot Ivtmpti eount\
:iui.in r*..
kt ,i
Miss ItllOUjl
1( tl I 11 1 tilt ill II 1(1 OI III ut lllshollll nil
i i\( bttn toi tini 1 i i ti! tin i i\t 111.11 of
lilt Put nsii il li toj It ol It nijiii ioint\
till i it tl toi\ th lu i i hisl in ii sti
to I tl 11 I i of li I W ull\ wi lin^.
tl) I tl piltUlp lilts in tit ill) slllt it
it( lthoi i mt\ ot such i'i ilhiliiimt bi
(iiit!i\ it i snnph loin nit JIMS ioen.,1
Si\s the Altn 1 in Me i tit ,mo tit
nt tit hitmen 11 theic line
(ii dewlopmints tint hueieno\el ill doul
in the 1 en i -en oft b\ the mob in I toi n tht
ississm tion Joh i W Gull I neu tejullt
V.1HI11 hujiteni 1 b^ its ii nni
the Auditor to issue oiders to
to the amount of one tlrrd
p.ryment for tiees planted by him in
Court House Square. One third to be
paid in fall, and balance in one 3 ear
from next fall. The contract being
$1,10 for each of said trees.
The Bore"1
he Citizen Nation-
al Bank Lemt, lead the Auditor,
the same he ng to the amount of
5?3O,O0O, "-.I- approved and ordered
to be placed on hie. 51^ -W
{)f Jm,,, nt_H(s
to do it 1 is birn ttnil IM II it o'
ll) C\] tt tl lIMltll 1 S (Mil ll| II ]l(l fi (litis
out in tu mi Kt ot tin lit is not un lei sin
in i lenin^ pio\ot ltio i in ui in lament th
wtoit ii woull etwieh to jullto tu 'eeoin
men uo no tin _i md nn\ ti jaon thisc de
fe id ii is A inch we un teist in 1 thev II il
most un i unio is]j in the slnpt ot i wiitttn me
mi 11 il
hise\ci bien ftei I tint idsc Clu^
holm liisti., it fit lssissniiticn of John Gnl
in 1 th in who is lse 1 1 cm., one of
the nun ineib tinned on the sciftold th il he is
In lstonishing Fact.
liip.ep'Oiioition ot the Ameiican
peojile aie to-tlaj 1114 fni the citt (Hs
ot D\s])ep,-ia
01 dwmleied lnp 'ihe
ih ot these disease upon the ma
j) 40 set) oi li'telligtntaml yaluahle people
JY,D ib 110 al.nimng, making hie actually
.-,'p- ihiad^n nisteat ouseiulne^sasexistence a pleasant
en itoi.oii
1,00 rlus, if you will onh thiow aside pie-
3,00 ituhce and skepticism, take the ad\ice
7,50'ot l^ut^gists and join fnonds, md tij
one bottle of Gieen's \11gast I'lowei
\oiu 'peeih lehet isceitain. Millions
ot bottles ot this medic me ha\ been
given awaj to trv its Mitues, with
satistaetoi\ lesults me\ci\ lse. You
cinbax a simple bottle 1 oi 10 cents to s?aib constantlj kept on Hand.
ti Tin ee doses A^ ill lelieA the 01 't
c.ibe. Positiveh sold by Jos. IJobJetei 1
and all Diuggists on 1she AVegtem
Continent a
CIGARS, -:,v**
4 -t.piPES
Minnesota street next djer ro
Summer's. St-ore,
Embraces nmler one mantgement the Great Trunk
Kailw i lilies of tlie WKSI' and ^OIl
W1ST, and with its numcinns BI-IBCIJO
ui 1 connections foinis the shortest
nil quickest lout" between CHICABO nnd
ill the points in li LINOJS W ISCONSII, Noitnu KN
FOPMA mil the Wi.i,ijk.KA 11luaroKits It
Is the shoitest best loute between CHICAOC
ind ill points in AoKi?fi.R ILLIVOIS IOWA DA-
AM \^&'l^tAI I A It
Chicago, Si. PatiLS- Minmavoht Line
i th shoitest line between CJ*JCAGO ill points
NIRIHIRN W^sco^sJX ml AIJNNH OI v, mill
ml ill points in th Grc at Isoithw est It
La C'?os6 Mi nana 6f St. Pttu Line
Is *he best route between CHICA GO and I.A Cnossj
They a no |Pnm \iw Unt md and II points mSoutheic
mlCtuti .I Minnesot i It
fi)u7i Bay if Mai quel ti LAIIC.
Is the onh lino between CHICAGO and JAVESMIIK
UI ui- Ilubimov 1I\COCK md the 1AU
SiPLniuncotiMni It
Fn put Dubuque Lt
Is the onh line between One \c,nan 1,1 u.m, KO CK
toil) uuuoM, nd ill jn nits I 1-iee.iort lt
In (ago $ Mi fu a A ee Line
Is Pie 11 I I Ke Sluie lloute, is the onlj one
pissing between CHIC 4M mil HANSIOV I AM
1 oni-si Hit \NI) PARK, WAIKIAAS, KACIM.,
KlNOMlV mil JllLWAlkH
Pit'hian Palaa lhauing Room Cai*
nie inn on -11 tin ouch ti nn* in this roid
fins is 'hi (m
1 I IM. iimmnp these
bptwitn Clutuo i', i i Jininpolis
Clmi_o md AIilw mktt Chitn^o mil Winoni ii
Chit i^o md GiienL i\
Closi lonnietions it Chic ico with tho
I ikuSlnit ^Mithijrin Southern Michi^'inCenti I
II Itinu le &. Ohio I ittsbui_' I W i\ in &. Chit iisn
hmkiktc lint md I'm Ilindlt lUnitts toi HII
point 1 XSl md SOI 111 \S1 md with tlu fin
coco in Uton md lUinoist Ctnti il ro ill points
CIo i munitions Ko idi with th Lnion
I' I i It tOnnhi'ii 111 1 West pi nits
Clo tun ictions ide it junction points witl
ti mis ill i io points
ii-it (\u this lontc io soil in Conpoi
Tilit Units in the United Mitts 1 id
Iniinibii \ou isl f(l
io Noith Wistnn Kiwj, ik ithet
i tin i
\c\ "icikOthco ir I ion 'w Boston
hi i No tc Stiett ill i luc 1 mi
Si liincisio (itbie 2 Munt^uiuciv
Mint (hu lukitothtis 6'Clnik Stiitf i
Mini in IIousi, iC-inil loinu i lison Miec-t
Kin i -Meet He pet iimei Km/it md mil
nit WiIKMitet I)ji ot toi nil Wills Kin-
i Mints
1 11 tt i ni i ni on not itt uaalltfriiin our
no (kit taints pjilj to
in I'iss Y.r it go
W S1I \\1 1
Gin Mnng'i Chn _o
M\It\I\ Hlt.1,11
now i
1 111/111^ home institutions
ow 1 sic Is ml know whit we tit s. na
W 1 no not pi i sti N on onmiis|oii in 1 )i
tot (iinpille it usill (Id siods jeii iltei \ii
Wi ill duett, htthti wtmikf i holts tit or it
ul li uk
Moi^tmc to ninii"itsh uhtble
We contiol the i ntnt stoik or M.I 1 ortho Minnc
sot i I ul\ A mini Smtn Cine
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Judicial Distuct.
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IKIieslizigr'p IBlocls.
ri he best of N mes, L^quoisand
Louis Ffilkel, Prop'r.
Fred. Boock,
Piopiietor of the
NewDlm Machine, Wapn, Smith
Cor. Minn. & 3d N Sts., New Ulm.
am piepaied to do all kinds of woik
111 ni} line on shoit notice. Repanin^
of Threshers and Reapers a specialty!
M5 macliineiy is all new and of nn
pioved pattern, and only experienced
A\01 kmen aie employed -e pans
shop has lately been add^d. 2STcw
cont'midlly on hand.

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