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Th Evening Time
Together we walked in the evening time:
Above us the sky spread golden and clear,
And he bent his head and looked in my eyes,
As if he held me of alL most dear,
Oh! it was sweet in the evening time!
And our pathway went through fields of
Nai row that path and rough, the way,
But he was near, and the birds sang true,
And the stars came out ID the twilight gray.
Oh! it was sweet in the evening time!
Softly he spoke of the days long past,
Softly of blessed days to be
Close to his arm, and closer I pretet
The corn-field path was Eden to me.
Oh! it was sweet in the evening time!
Grayer the light grew, and grayer still,
The rooks flitted home through the purple
The nightingales sang where the thorns stood
As I walked with him in the woodland glade
Oh! it was sweet in the evening time'
And the latest gleams of daylight died
My hand in his enfolded lay
"We wept the dew from the wheat as we passed
For norrower, narrower, wound the way.
Oh! it was sweet in the evening time!
He looked in the depths of my eyes, and said,
"Sorrow and gladness will come for us^
But together we'll walk through the fields of
Close aB we walked through the fields of
[Good Words.
Bow Slie Aket i a Moment Kage,
an JUnpostbllity a Young Sau
Tiie Happy Jteault.
Miss Aurena Sample is a milliner's
young woman in a fashionable establish
ment on Broadway. Long-continued con
tact with the aristocracy in the way ot
business ("she is in the fitting depart
ment has given her notions not alto
gether consistent with her condition in
life. She is firmly impressed with 'the
idea that she is fitted by nature to shine
in a sphere far removed from that which
she now occupies, and she has a grudge
against fate for making her a milliner,
instead of an occupant ot gilded halls,
and the mistress of seivants and things
of that nature. So iar es outward ap
pearances go, Miss Aurelia is right. She
is actually beautiful. She has a very
pretty face, an exceedingly pleasant fig
ure and a pretty little manner, which
many a fine iady would give her back
teeth to possess. And then she has a
"way of saying little smart things which
aie pleasant to hear, and altogether is a
prepossessing little body who would
make a very good figure in almost any
position in life.
A3 a matter of course, Miss Aurelia had
loversalmost every girl has lovers, no
matter what may be her style. One pos
sessed of ner attractions could not pos
sibly be without them. She had seven.
Mr. John Thompson, the brother of the
proprietress of the establishment in
which she was employed, was the one
man who most persistently followed her,
but she dirt not love him at all. He was
a small, insignificant man, with light no
colored hair, veiy small, and uncertain in
the matter of legs, and altogether a most
unsatisfactory p-rson. The only good
point about him was the part in the hair,
which was as exact aad beautiful as any
thing could be. The more Miss Aurelia
frowned upon Mr. Thompson the more he
pursued her. He loved her precisely in
the proportion that she did not love him,
thus making himself and the object of
his adoration thoroughly unhappy.
But she did love The man she loved
was a Mr. Samuel Frehantle, a salesman
in Stewart's, who was precisely the man
for her fancy. He was tall, and had
black hair, which was parted in the
middle, and he had beautiful side whis
keis and a broad, expansive forehead,
and would have done admirably for a
wax figure in the window of a fashionable
hair aiesser's establishment. Indeed, he
has been offered a po ition more than
once, but has always remained true to
drygoods, which was his fiistlove.
Unfortunately for Miss Aurelia, Mr.
Frehantle did not love her. Smile she
ever so sweetly he paid no attention to
it, and when her attention became more
demonstiative he veiy curtly informed
her that it wouldn't do, that he was not
mcitiimonially incined, and that he was
a man of too much principle to flirt with
a lady. He had made it the rule oi his
life never to trifle with woman, for he
did not want the guilt of making them un
happy on his mind. He never abstracted
goods or m,ade love. He was a correct
young man, and always would be.
Then Miss Aureha's love turned to
hate. "Hell hath no fury like a woman
scorned." Her reading was of a charac
ter that inclined her thoughts to gore.
She was in the habit of perusing all sorts
often cent literature, and had just fin
ished a highly exciting romance, entitled
^Double Daggers or, Dead wood. Dick's
Damnably Deadly Defiance," in which a
scorned woman had incited one lover to
kill a man whom she loved" in vain, and
she saw no reason why what had been
done in Dakota couldnot be as well done
in New York. She panted for revenge.
And so she turned to Mr. Thompson
and asked him if he still desired to wed
her. He remarked that nothing on earth
would please him more, that she was the
bright particular star whicn he had al
ways worshiped and in whose beams he
existed, and that without her lite was a
burden to him which he should ere long
shuffle off. jWwf
"John," said she, I am yours I" ^$$$B
"Bless youl" he replied. $.
"But theTe are conditions!"
"Name them. There is nothing I will
not do for you!"
"Only one. Whale Sam Frehantle, in
Stewart's." i
Mr. Thompson's inconsequential legs
doubled unaer him.
"Whale Sam Frehantle! Why. Aurelia
he is six feet high ajid takes lessons in
boxing. But never mind. I shall possi
bly be brought home a corpse,but I mav as
w,ell die that way as any other. Farewell
Aurelia! Consider Sam Frehantle whaled.
I wi' do it or die in the attempt."
The young man left her presence with
desperation on his brow and determina
tion in his heart, .r
?W l^ji.
They met in the hall ot* the Sturtevant
House, just back of the reading room.
Mr. Thompson walked up to Mr. Fre
hantle and deliberately tweaked his nose.
Mr. Frehantle, somewhat surprised, look
ed at him, and, picking him up,
took him down stairs into the boot
department, and so belabored him that
Mr. Thompson's mother would not have
known him without an introduction.
Then up spoke Mr. Frehantle:
"Wha the duce is this all about,
And then Tnompsen fold him all about
Frehantle was an excellent and gener
ous young man, and an idea struck him.
Thompson," said he, you are entire
ly welcome to Aurelia, and shall have
her. Get up, and strike me four or five
times in the eye. Only as I can't go to
the store for a week, you must pay my
salary for that time. Then send Aurelia
where she will see me, wed her, and be
Sam." said Mr. Thompson, I don't
believe I could make an impression on
you. Wouldn't it be just as well if I
hired one of the men to do it?"
"Precisely,'' said Mr. Frehantle "an
we will have a little bout that will give
me practice and amuse me."
And so a negro boot-black who was
handy with his fists was hired for a dol
lar to stand up with Mr. Frehantle, and
the negro, got in some very good busi
ness, and Mr Frehantle's eyes were very
decently blacked, and when it was all
over the two went up stairs very amicably
and had a bottle all by themselves, and
separated on the best of terms.
Miss Aurelia saw Mr. Frehantle the
next day with his eyes in mourning and
rejoiced thereat. She married Mr.
Thompson the day after. I is hoped that
they will be happy. The true story was
told to the managing man at Stewart's
and he was so-well pleased at the chival
ric and generous conduct of Mr. Frehan
tle that he did not stop his salary at all,
aud gave him assurances of early and
profitable promotion.
There is no moral whatever to this
that is, none we can see. Everybody is
happy, and possible they all deserve it.
Frehantle is relieved of attentions he did
desire, and had an encounter with with
an antagonist worthy of him, Miss Aure
lia has her revenge and a husband,
Thompson has a wifj whom he loves,
the negio has a black eyehe always
had that ana a dollar. Because of her
nourishing sentiments of revenge, Mrs
Thompson ought to suffer somewhat.
But what can be expected of a romantic
young woman? On the whole, we hope
that her life will be one of continued
happiness.JV. Y. Mail.
Custard pies may be made without
milk. Beat together thoroughly five eggs,
five tablespoonfuls of sugar and a little
salt pour into this one pint of boiliag
water, stirring briskly while adding the
water flavor with spice most pleasing to
the taste, and complete the pie the same
as other custards. This quantity is suffi
cient for two pies. They aie very nice, and
custard made in this manner may be eat
en after pickles, or any sour fruit, by
people with weak stomachs, without pro
ducing cmy disagreeable effect.
Mark Twain has a new dog, which he
has named *'Joe Cook, and thus explains
the reason why: I call him Joe Cook be
cause I can't quite understand him. Theie
are deptns in that dog's nature that I
haven't iathomed."
The Ar of Prolonging Lire.
People generally desire long life and good"
health. Sickness and premature death are
almost always due to violation of the laws
that govern our phjsical being, and of which
the masses are ignorant If men knew better
they would do better but how can tney avoid
an evil that they know not of9
While efforts,
are being made through the public schools to
give each child a so-called common Ergli6h
education, yet the childien are permitted to
grow up and enter upon the responsible du
ties of active life, profoundly ignorant of the
structure or their own bodies, and the laws of
physical being upon which their health
and lives depend. They aie sent to school,
crammed with arithmetic, grammar, and
geography, by teachers who, in many in
stances, have never studied nhysiologv and
hygiene. They are taught to locate the moun
tains and trace the riveis of foreign countries,
and are never taught to locate the Mtalorgaus
glands of their own bodies or trace the veins
arteries, and nerves, In their various ramifica
tions. They are instructed in the flow of tides
and the course of the ocean currents, and the
philosophy of winds and storms but they
have no correct conception of the relative
effects upon their health of breathing pure or
impure air, nor has their attention ever been
called to the importance of keeping their
bodies clean and healthy by regular bathing.
The criminality of such neglect in teaching
becomes apparent when we consider that the
masses ignorantly violating the laws of health,
bring upon themselves sickness, suffering, and
death that might otherwise be avoided. Into
this condition of things we welcome into being
any work that is calculated to impart to the
masses a knowledge of the structure of their
own bodies, the laws of health, and the import
ance of observing those laws. We find Dr.
Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser to be
just such a woik. It is physiological and
pathological, and the major part of it should
be converted into a text-boon for the Use of
common schools. Its careful study win en
able the healthy to preserve their health, and
the 6ickly to regain health. Every parent
should read it, and as their children become
of proper age instruct them in the all-import
ant truths it contains. Where this is done,
much suffering and premature death would
be prevented, and many a youth saved from a
life of shame and licentiousness. The book
contains nearly one thousand pages, ia profuse
ly illustrated with colored plates and 'wood
engravings, and can be had by addressing TR.
V. Pierce, M. World's Dispensary and In
valids'' Hotel, Buffalo, N. T. Price, postpaid,
$1.50.United. Brethren Aid Journal.
Does your Heart ever seem to stop beating
and feel an almost deathlike sensation? Dp
you ever have sudden pains the region
your Heart, or does your Heart ever palpitate^
i 'P
that is, does it double its pulsation If you
have any of these symptoms we should pro
nounce it unmistakably Heart Disease. Do not
neglect it, it is but a forerunner of worse that
will follow. Among the many forms of
Heart Disease are Palpitation, Enlargement,
Spasms of the Heart, Stoppage of the Action
of the Heart, Trembling all over and about
the Heart, Ossification Bony Formation of the
Heart, Rheumatism, General Debility and
Sinking of the Spirits. To cure this danger
ous disease we offer you Dr. Graves' HEART
REGULATOR, a preparation indorsed by
thousands who have tried and testify to its
cures. Send your name to F. E. INGAXLS,
Concord, N H., for a circular containing a
list of testimonials of cures &c.
For sale by druggists at 50 cents and $1 per
Johnson's Anodyne Liniment is richly
worth ten dollars a bottle in certain cases
For instance, in case of diphtheria, crope and
asthma, when the sufferer is almost dead or
want of breath, and something is required to
act instantly. It costs only tnirty-five cents.
Jooly's TT-ant Powder."
Said a lady, "has made itself indispensable in
our kitchen. Our biscuits, cake, waffles,
muffins, and such like things with its aid are
always enjoyable and good. "We would not
be without it in our family. We have used it
for over fifteen years, and it has never disap
pointed us yet."
i"he Celebrated
Wood Tag Plug
New York. Boston and Chicago.
Wothers! Mothers!! MuV ers!!' Don't
fail to procure Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
for all diseases incident to the period of teeth
ing in. children. It relieves the child from
pam, cures wind colic, legulates the bowls,
and, bv giving relief and health to the child,
gives rest to the jther. It is an old and
well-tried remedy.
W AR DECLARED Veterinary surgeons all
over the country are fiercely denouncing the
parties who put UD extra large packages of
worthless tiash and *ell it for Condition Pow
ders. They say that Sheridan's Cavalry Con
dition Powders are the only kind now known
that are worth carrying home.
Tlie Greatest Diocovery ox tne Age is Dr
Tobias' celebrated Venetian Liniment' 30years before
the public, and warranted to cure Diarrhea, Dysentery,
Col c, and Spasms, taken internally, and Oroi p, Chronic
Rheumatism, Sore Throats, Cuts, Bruises, Old Sores
and Paines in the Limbs, Back, and Chest, externally
It has never ailed. No family will ever be without it
after once giving it a fair trial. Price 4 0 cents.
Bottles, at One Dollar, is warranted superior to any
othe or NO PA Y, for the cure of Colic, Cuts, Bruises,
Old Sores, etc. Sold by all Druggists. DepotlOPark
Place New York.
At this season of the year tne human system is liable
to become disordered from the ineffectual efforts of the
liver to discharge the excess of bile If nature is not
assisted in her efforts, severe bi ious attacks, or pros
trating fevers necessisarily follow, causm 'grreatsuffer
ing and even death A little timely precaution, IDW
ever, wHl prevent all tbis, nnd may be found in that
favorite household remedy,
S'jwnun'81-i-ver Rearalator has been use for
naif a century, and the is not one ngle instance on
reco where it has failed to effeect a cure, whent ken
in time, according to directions It is without doubt
tnegieateetMver Medicine in the world, is per-
i* ct narmlpss, beincr carefully compoun ted from rare
roots and herbs, containing no mercu or any injuri
ous neral substance. It ta*es the pi cent quinine
and caiomel, and Has superceded these medicines in
places where they havn here ofore been extensively
used rocure a bottle at once from your nrugds Do
oc delay, gtve it a fair lal, and you will be more than
satisfied with the resultobtained.
As there are a number of imita
tions offered to pub c, we
would caution tne comm inity to
buy no powder or prep red""vm-
moitM' Iiivr Itesulwtor,
UDless in our engraved wrapper,
with Trade-Mark, Stamp and sig
nature unbroken None other is
genuine. Original and genuine
Vwa-dad highest prize at Ceitenniil Exposition for
fine chewing qjahlxei mid excellence and lasUny char
acter rf sweet''nig and flavoring. Tho best tobacco
e* aade. As onr bl'io strip t-ade mnr't is closely
imitated en inferior
Fee that JnrJrimn's Bert is
on everyplng Sold by n1
dea!r Send for sample
C. A.i
free, to JACKSON & Mfrs, Petersburg va.
'30 BALESPER HOUR.W J77'fW,fre*i7ii-'-nN'i
Great Success of the Imperial Piano' Orders Pour*
ing in! Every purchaser more than satisfied.
Elegant Piano,
Ropeweed Case, curved Legs 7 oct. Every Improve
ment, warranted five years, with. Stool an Cover,
ase carved Legs 7 oct Evi
mte five years with Stoo
8*5 Cash, SIO per Month until paid. Don't Fail to
send for talogue before buying.
IYEKAUOWABI,60E. 3 St., St. P4vl.
Very few escape this affliction. The symptoms
ire dizziness sick headache costiveness belch
in" up of food loss of appetite aversion to exertion
of body or mind highly colored urine heartburn,
cold extremities andlow spirits.
Ten ears have proven their efficacy in all biliary
(1lsoi deis. They restore the liver, stomach and
kidneys to healthful action give appetite, good di
gestion and vigor to body ana mind.
Rev. R. L. Simpson, LouisMlle, Ky., says:
"Tiitt's Fills are worth their tveigM in
Sayre & Co., Druggists say: We sell fifty
boxes Tiitt'8 Pills to five of all others.
Price, 25 cents. Office 35 Murray St., New York.
ESTABLISHED 3 5 YEABS. Always cores. Alwayt
ready Always handy Has never yet failed. Thirty
millions have tested it. The whole world* approves
tiv9 glorious old Mustangthe Best and Cheapest
miment in existence. 25 cents a oottle. The Aim
ang Liniment cures when nothing else will.
The St John Telegraph says
Price, S1.QO. Sold by aU Druecists.
"in Vrrm v:
Sold on trial, and guaranteed cheaper, at its price
than any other Hay Press as a gift or no sale. Don't
bb swindled by irresponsible manufacturers of infring
ing machines, as the purchaser is liable It costs no
more for a good press than an fenor or worthless one.
Address, P. K. DEDEBICK & CO Albany, N
PIIMMMS a mnch greater power la restoring to
healthy state tpe mucous membrane of the urethr
than either Cubebs or Copaiba. 'It never produoeo
sickness, ia certain and apeedy In Its action. It is fast
npenebding every other remedy. Sixty capsules ~ur
in six or eight day*. Ho other medicine ean do this.
Owing to ite great succeas, many substitutes hav*
been advertised, each as Paste*, Mixtures. Pille, Bal
aama, etc., all ot which have been abandoned.
Dundas Dick J^Co.'s Soft Capsules containing
Oil of Sandal-wood, told at all drug store*. A*k
for circular, or tend for one to 35 and 37 Woottet
Street, New Tork^
The Friendsof this
in now numberedby
Get the Genuine, and
beware of imitations.
UNMEAKM1ESTEEIS: The best goods made
_ee that the name of
THOMSON and the
-ijpftfaniw^iffjyy^ JH^"J,?5WVi',ls*!|i?
.Letter from Key
-'The invention of Fel
lows' Hi pophosphites has btcome one of the valuable
industries of the country, unique of us kind, and a
credit to the Dominion of Canada.
Power Speaking Restored.
NWASH. Ont, D. March 30,1870.
Two months ago mv son lost his voice. None of the
physicians could do him any good I obtained a bottle
of Fellows' ompound Syrup of Hypophosphites, and,
strange to say, my son's voice was restored two houia
alter taking the second dose. JONAS FOTHEKINGtLI,.
Homes in Minnesota.
of twiieat, making EIGHT
MIULION barrels of Clour,
worth over Viftr Million
DallAni. THIRTY- FIVE VIILIO bushels
of Oats, Corn, Bye, Barlev. Buckwheat, and Potatoes,
worth over wemy Million !ollitr Fonrhun
dred and Fiva FLO 17U I.V6 Mil. t,, Fifteen hun
dred and eleven Run T\ 1 i Ston-. The
batestKWtmFfOr UJjttrristlisWorli
The best Water Pow
ta th a United
Mates. One Hundred and twenty thonnand
Horse Power at St. Anthony Falls alone JPIVK
C1 UKKD HIKXIOa *\EKTof lumber sawed.
mmense Immigration inflnri 1878.
Nothing like it ever known. went I 11l1
Hundred SUles Railroad,
and every
Fre Boies, FreeSchools, FreeLands. 1X
Pamphlet of Eighty Pages with a fine I I
Hap wiU be sent, post-paid to JKVKKY APPII.
CANT everywhere, to ev-ry counti y.tlie world
over. Apply to JOHK W J)OW,
Sec'y State Board oP Immigration.
Mt an! nnnota.
Standard Weeklies.
Names of Papers.
New York Weekly Sun
Scientific American
Weekly World
Witness ra Leslie's Illustrated.
If* Independent
|(11. Christian Advocate,
Weekly Tunes
Eigmwer and Chronicle.
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50 cents
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BOWS'a feflbvCHUI. TBOCHKS forconrhs android
S3300MWi $5ta$2QE."Sas
Toilet -rod the Bath.
No artificial and
deceptive odon to
cover common and
deleterious Ingredi-
ents. After yeartoi
scientific experiment
the manufacturer oi
B. T. Babbitt'* Bttt
Soap hat perfected
anil now offers to the
pnblle Th OTNE8T TOILET BOAP In tie World.
Only the purest vegetable oth vted in ft* manw/aeiNre
For Us In the Nursery St has.No Equal.
Worth ten times its cost to i". er mntlirr and taim'\ mChristendom.
Sample box, contiining 3 cakes of ozs. each, sent free to any art
dresi on recemt of 15 cents Addre
B. T. BABBITT.NewYork City.
t3r For Sale by all Druggists. J&
I cannot but regard the discovery
of Fel ows' Hypophosphites as a
matter of devout thankfulness to a
jbemgn Providence.
I have used it myself, and also re
commend it to others, and invaria
bly found it to be of essential benefit.
In Bronchial und other chest affec
tions,inarre tingiDcipientcons'imp
tion, and in lessening the distressing
symptoms of this disease in its hope
less stages, aswnllasin cases of nervous debility, in
giving tone to the system, it is undoubted a valuable
remedy. J. MoMTJRRAY, Methodist minister.
Newport, N. S.
noma. Samptet. worm af"
STIiraoH A Co., Portland. Me &
1 A pictures of actresses and singers sent for 1 etajbe,
VNATIONAI. MONTHLY, Boz.|7i, Washington, D. O.
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9%M ootatlOe. eHO. TOB.NKB\Britol..Ot.
OB WAR in EAST and CORSE of RUM.addrea*
Book Bible A hromo House. Chicago.
gift A w jn your swn town. .Tens* and 36 ouh5t
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jne sample freo
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ftide Visitor Terms and outfit Free Ad
P. O. YICEERY, Augusta, Maine.
for Ridpath's History of the
HUrit I United States Address, for. terms,
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Superior in design. Not equaled
in quality, or as timekeepers.
Ask your Jeweler fur them.
Agency8 Cortlandt St., N. Y,
This medicine is a positive cure Send for free I W
I circular. O G. Moses, 18 Cortlandt 8t, N. Y.l XL
The late Mi'l Explosion will have no eifect on th
great Boston One Price Clothing Store Minneapolis.
People from Neighboring towns visiting the ruins,
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ha\e uuteiHda humesteiul of luos uiiu lou acres are mtitlcdto
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Crayons, Picture and Chro
mo Cards. 12 5 Samples,
worth $5, sent post-paid^
for 8 5 Cents. Illustrated.
Catalogue -ree. BFrOHB880X8
Ronton. [Established 1880.1
Reversible, Double Ender. Doing
work of sixty men, by horse power,
at cost of six! Surface Ditchers,
Sod cutters and Steam xcavators
laving nine-tenths cost of work.
Circulars from RANDOLPH BROS.
Ill Broadway New York.
Seeds, Plants, Roots, Implements, etc.
of the most approved kinds, at very low rates.
"Special Offer" sent free on application.
35 Cortlandt Street. New York.
are the best made. The Trade supplied with illustra
tions and prices. Sole manufacturers, SIDNEY
SHEPARD& CO .Proprietors of the Buffalo Stamping
works. Buffalo, N.I.
PCLMONA is a certain remedy for the CUBE of
COS^rMPTIOS and aU diseases of the Lunar*
and Throat. It invigorates the brain, tones up the
sj stem, makes the ak strong and is pleasant to take
Price One Dol ar per boti le at Druggists, or sent by the
Proprietor on reoeipt of price. A pamphlet containing
valuable advice to 4 onsmnpav many certifi
cates of ACTUAL CUBES, and full directions for using
accompanies each bottl ,or will be sent free to any ad
dress. OSOABG. MOSES. 18 Cortlandt -treet.N.Y.
ft tfl Beautiful #1,600 Concert Grand Pianos
BIIU ly *4*S. Superb #l,lOGrand Square
jpjpjBBi Pianos only .5 Elegant SSSOO Upright
FianoB, 155 New style Upright PianoB, $112.50.
New **rtfgtn', S35. Handsome Parlor Organs, 12
Stops 8 sets Reeds, only B7* 50. Church Organh. 16
Stops, only S104.SO. Immense new bteam Factory
soon to be erected. Paper with much information SENT
FBEE Address
iSriEI. V. BKATTY WaaMnfffon, IS.
train crowded Land offices beseiged with throngs of
applicants. Wisconsin, Iowa, and Kansas also coming.
We invite the world into the KHPIKE STATK
Million acres of land awaiting settlement. I AMH
SIX A 21 3 Madlaon St
ManuPrs and Wholesale Sealers.
(9*Dont fail to examine Goods and Prices
when in Chicago, stock New and Bought for
Greatinducements to Cash Buyers.
U. K. BUKL, late with M. Selz & Co., Chicago.
F. COOK, Late of Whitney, Cook & Co.,
H. L. SETXaS, S New York.
Dunham & Sons, Manufacturers*
Warerooins, 1 8 East 14ih St.,
[Established 1834.1 NEW YOltK.
^rPrices Reasonable. Terms Easy.JO
When I say cure 1 do not mean merely to stop then
for a time, and then have them return again I mean a
radical cure. I am a regular physician, and have mad*
theais asesof
Fits Fpilepsy Or Falling Sictes
a life-long study. 1 warrant my remedy to cure the
worst cases. Becatse others have failed Is no reason,
for not now receiving a cure from me. Send to me at
once for a Treatise, aad a Crre Kottl of my tn
falible remedy. Give express and pet office. It costs
yon nothlng'for a trial and I will cure yon. Address
Dr. H. ROOT,l&Pearl St. New York.
Qaimby & Halloweil.
OldKatMtoltelietf. and Helia^le.,,,1857.al
The most favorably known throughout the State for
square dealing. All kinds of amages, Buggiea and
platform. Wagons. Cheapest house in State,
Grade Considered,^
Orders by mail promptly attended to.
S*. 54,5 Robert Street.
8t- JP. N. U. Jfo. 19.
ggffYVnen writing to Advertisers please saT~
you saw the Advertisement in this paper.
fm,ri.rA.i1-rr irtrt^i

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