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Ppst Office Address New Ulm.
AUDJTQHH. Constans
JVDOE or PROBATEA. Westphal.
Pi ERE or THE DIST COURTAlbertBjaqphard.
SHERIFFQeo njckelho,upt.
CorwTTATTORHEYB F.Webber. ^v
CORONERDr. C. Weschcke.
CoMW|BiqNERSL. D. Rice chairman, Chas. Wag
ner, Antoanrin Mepfe)(|, W. H. Sanders, Ole Jorgen
Corrected Weekly by Richard Pfejfarle.
Hour, per bbl $8,50(36,50
Wheat, per bushel 75
Oats, per bushel 40
Bai ley, per bnshe 50
Corn per bushel, 40
Beans, per bushel 2.75
Potatoes, per bushel 35
(lams, per ponud lo
Cheese per lb is
Salt, per bbl, 2.00
Butter, per lb 5
Sggs per dozen 7
_.ard, per4pound
Cliptpn JI.53
phicigp arr. 0,3p a
Honey, per pound [email protected]
St, Peter Railroad,
Day Passenger,,. -*7,40 p.m. *5,55 a,m
Night Pass'ger {8,40 a.m, t4,5Dp.m.
Passenger... .f4.20 p. m. t8,50 a. m.
Gary Accom..*4.PQ p. m. *4,30 a. in.
Except Sun. Except Mon. Ex
cept Sat.
St. Paul & Sioux City Railroad,
To ST. PAULThrough mail and express trairt
leaves Sioux City at 10:10 Sf Peter at 7:J2 a
jn, and arrives in St. Pau{ af 11:J0 a.
m, making close connection wtyh. trains
for Chicago and all eastern points. Accom
modation train leaves SJ. James at )$& a, St.
Peter at JiQg p, m, and arnvp$ in S,t Paul at 6:50 p.
To SIUOK CiTv.rrrWall and express leaves St Paul
at 3:15 p. in., St. Peter at 7:Qftp. and arrives jn
qux City at 4ft m. APcpmmpdatinn trin
leaves St. Pau} at 6:10 a. and arrives in St. James
at 8:00.. m.
When going to southern or eastern
Jowa, St, Louis, Chicago or any part of
Illinois take the
Chicago, Clinton,Dnbnp&Minn.
La, Orosse, "Wis.
TABLEGoing North.
arm 3,43 p. m.
Leai 8,00 a. m.
Arr 6,45
Leave 7,00
Leave 9,15 p. m.
Going SouthTIME
La Crosse, Leave 12,48 p.
Trains make ejose connection at all
important junctions, and between Du
buque and Chicago there are two daily
F. 0. WYATT, Gen. Supt.
Pubuoue, Ipwa.
meets every Saturday evening. Brqth
ers from abroad are cordially invited.
,L. CX XT." W
meets every Thursday evening at Ar
beiter Hall. Brothers from abroad
ire cordially hn ited.
Ckrtiy Lodge
Na. 98, AT-amiM,
Regular meetr
ings on the 2d$4s
4th Tuesday in
each month.
*JE 1P
close at 6 ThanMpneydJ Ordern.
Mail going east nlll eloe at nine
or the accemmpdatipn of our business men the
post office will be ppen on Sundays from 8 to 10 a
m. and from 12 a. m. to 3 p. m.
On week days the General Delivery will be closed
at 8 o'clock.
Republican County Convention.
The Republicans of Brown county
are hereby invited to meet in delegate
convention at the Court House, in New
Ulm, on Saturday, the 13th day of July,
1878, at one olclock in the afternoon,
for the purpose of electing four dele
gates to represent the county in the
Republican Congressional convention
called to meet at Shakopee on the }6th
day of July. A. D. 1870, at 12:30 p. m.
Also to elect delegates to represent the
county in the coming Republican State
convention, and the 37th District Re
publican Senatorial convention.
The following is the number of dele
gates eaph town will be entitled to
under this call:
Albion. 2
Burnstown 2
Bashaw., 2
Cottonwood 2
Eden 2
flome 4
Leavenworth 2
Linden, 3
LakeHanska....2 Milford 2
Mulligan 1
New T71m 7
North Star., 1
Prairieville., 2
Stark T
By Order of the Republican
County Committee.
Are we going to celebrate?
Cole's circus exhibits in Mankato
June 18th.
County Commissioners meet in extra
session next Monday.
Fourth of July goods in any quanti
ties at the City Drug Store.
Fresh lemons and oranges just re
ceived by Jos. Bpbjeter.
Make yourself and family happy by
subsciibing fpr the Reyiew.
Mrs. Thomas A, Walton has removed
her millinery store to Redwpod Falls.
The weather the last few days has
been all that could be wished for,
"Win. ^teinke and lady, of St. Peter,
were in our city a few days the past
The election for the choice of school
officers will be held Tuesday evenning,
June 25th.
Plain and ornamental job work done
satisfactorily on short notice at the
Review office,
Some very fine fish principally black
bass, are being captured now-a-days in
the Cottonwood.
The people of Tracy and surrounding
country are making great preperations
to celebrate July 4th.
The scholars of the Sisters sohool
will hold a pic-aic at the Shuetzen
Garden tormorrow.
Only three more weeks to July 4th,
and yet no steps have been taken by
anyone in our city to celebrate the
If some public-spirited person of
Sleepy Eve would send us the A\ eekly
doings of that burg we would consider
it a great favor.
Morrisson, Plummer & Co. wholesale
druggists of Chicago, pay the highest
market price for ginseng. See their ad.
vertisement in another column.
The Redwood Falls Gazette says that
John Seiler, for many years a resident
of this place, has opened a tailor shop
in Redwood Falls.
A young man of Mankato was a short
time ago sentenced to six months con
finement at the penitentiary for keep
ing a house of ill fame in that city.
The June races of the Mankato Dri
ving Park Associaton will be held
June 18th, 19th and 20th. The race
course and grounds have been thorough
ly repaired and a general good time may
be expected. 5
Our Druggists all say they have never
sold any medicine that gives such uni
versal satisfaction as Dr. Marshall's
Lung Syrup for Coughs, Colds, etc. It
has no equal. Prize 25 oents. Sold by
Jos. Bobleter,
We were shown a stool of rye by W.
Hauenstein yesterday that was over
eight feet in height. The heads are
large and well filled. It was taken from
the field of A. Palmer, of West New.
ton. '^u
See "Schuetzen Gaiden" notice in
another* column. Mr. Schilling has
graded and otherwise Jgreatly beautU
fied the grounds, and it is a pleasant
place to spend a social afternoon.^*
*_ Henry' Dressier is still in the field
buying cattle. He pays the highest
market price for good fat cattle. The
St. James Journal says that he shipped
a car load from that place last week.
*?The hop at Arbeiter Hall last Mon
day evening was well attended, and
everything passed off in a 'pleasant
manner. Under the management of
Julius Guetling and his kindly matron
It could not be otherwiseitij^f^
t"Our neighbor the Post, says thai the
German music corps of Owatonnahave
arranged a grand excursion to this
place for next Saturday. Our Owaton
na exchanges, the Journal muTReview,
fail to make any mention of the fact.
ftNt. Peter ought to be a good, moral,
religions town, Ht contains eleven
church- buildingsrVepresentinlg) aBs
like number of "minister
offire will be opened at 7:3o a. different denominations,s there is
i, Gcin- Avouldlifep tp know hqw they jrve.S/t
gmm me? Journal.
..-...Kiiivitllgn U|ilCDCUlllallllUI
town we
Bight Triumphs over "Wroiiff.
The Review Modestly Considers
J*\ self Endorsed. 1
Pursuant to the call nearly thfee
hundred of our citizens assembled at
Turner Hall last Friday evening for
the purpose of reorganizing the Jnde
school district of New Ulm.
'he meeting was called to order by
Chas. Wagner who stated that the only
business that qould properly come be
fore the meeting would be the question
pf reorganizing the IndependentSchool
District of New Ulm so as to comply
with the full letter of the law, and
that the building of anew school house
had nothing do wfth this meeting.
Nearly an hour was consumed in
choosing a president of the meeting.
Chas. Wagner and F. Beinhorn were
nominated for the position, and upon a
viva voce vote being taken the tellers
announped 88 for Mr, Beinhorn and 92
for Mr. Wagner. Upon the announce
ment of the result Carl Rolloff and J.
B. Wiedemann very ungentlemanly
questioned the yaracjty of Capt. Nix,
one of the tellers, and for a few min
utes it looked stormy. Finally a mo
tion was made that a vote for president
be taken by bajlot. The motion pre
vailed, and the vote resulted in the
choice of Chas, Wagner by \\1 to 99
for Fr. Beinhorn. B, P. Webber was
then nominated by acclamation for
vice president and H. B. Qonstans for
After the meeting was duly organized
the president stated that the next busi
ness in order would be balloting for or
against the organizafcom of the district.
A motion was made that the polls be
open an hour and a halt for the recep
tion of ballots, which motion pie
vaijed, The result of the ballot *was
145 for reqiganrzing the district to 112
Thus right triumphed over wrong
andstubboinefs, Jt was a complete
route of the WestphaJ faction,
The dramatical entertai iment given
at Turner Hall last Sunday evening
drew quite a huge crowd and avoided
considerable amusement to the audi
ence, as it contained some teatuies
which were entirely new to the ma*
The play was entitled "Domi or the
Brazilian Ape," and nearly all charac
ters pf the piece vere well rendered,
Call Gebser performed the vole ot
"Donii" and a.11 weie unanimous in
piononncing his acting a success. The
agility and gymnastic skill of the actor
enabled him to peifonn the ditteient
tricks peculiar to -Darwin's progeni
tors" with perfect ease. The costume
was not, however, what might have
been desired, and that made it so much
more difficult for the actor to be right*
ly appreciated, Q. Stohlmann, after
a somewhat lengthy ahsence from the
stage, was also among the actois rend,
enug his part with the same grace and
comicalities as in by-gone days.
We understand that the piece will
be le-produced for the beueht of the
excuisiomsts who aieto aruve from
Owatonna and Waseca in a few davs.
The annual examinations of the Sis
teis' schools of this city weie held last
Thursday. The primary class was ex
amined in the ioienoon and the highei
class in the afternoon. The exercises
were very interesting and were wit
nessed by quite a number of parents of
scholars, and others. The past year's
woik has been very satisfactory to all
Albert Blanchard, chairman of the
Republican county committee, has is
sued a call for a Republican county
convention to be held at the Court
House, New Ulm, Saturday, July 13th,
at one u' clock i. in., tor the puipose ot
choosing delegates to the Republican
State, Congressional and 37th Districict
Senatorial conventions. The call will
be found elsewhere.
Two doses of Dr, Marshall's Lung
Syrup completely cured my child of a
seyeie case qf Croup. I have used a
great many different Cougli medecmes,
but have never found any so efficient as
Dr. Marshall's. J. W, SPELLMAN,
jfilkhart, lnd. Sold in the City Drug
Store, New Ulm. Jgf
Anew invoice of revolvers have just
bpen received at the City l^rug Store.
A splendid seven shooter, No. 22, and
a bqx of cartriges will be sold for $2.00.
Sent anywhere by mail tor $2,10, No
humbug. Other styles and patterns at
corresponding low prices.
A trajn of four palace cars, contain
ing the directors' of the Chicagq and
Northwestern Railroad Co., and dis
tinguished eastern capitalists, passed
this place last Friday evening. We are
informed that they went as far as the
Stateline and then returniedr .z,,,^
lKypp take pleasure in calling the
attention of our readeis to the adver
tisement ot C. F. Held, which appears
in another column. Mr. Held has a
lar'gefstock of all kinds of furniture
and Imiial caskets which he oilcib at a
bargain. C.he lnni ait-All. mm^*
R. H. Bingham, of Sle%pyEye,
paid New Ulm a flying visit last week.
Albert Blanchard left for St. Paul
last Monday morning, to be gone two
weeks. T^:
J.H. Kiel, of Burnstown, has l)een
spending several days in our city look
ing after his insurance matter.
-r-Oscar Hanft visited Rochester last
week in attendance upon the annual
session of the Grand Lodge of Odd Fel
C, S, Hille and sister, of Chicago,
arrived in our city last Thursday even
ing and remained until Tuesday morn
ing. A Mr, Hille has a few weeks re
creation, he and his accomplished sister
propose to spend the time as pleasantly
as possible making a pleasure tour
through Minpesqta. While here they
were the guests of ye editor.
You can geneyaly tell a successful
business man by his surroundings.
This truth is well exemplified in the
case of our friend John Zieske the
harness man at Sleepy Eye. John has
been improving by building on a fine
and commodious work shop and has
converted his former shop into a pleas
ant salesroom. And he has got it full
of everything in his line including har
nesses, trunks, whips, valisis, saddles,
&c. in fact everything that is usually
kept in a first-class harness shop. Now
the secret of John's success is in the
fact that he keeps only the best goods
in his line and sells them at a bare liv
ing profit and the farmers have found
it out and the oonsequence is that John
is establishing a business for the fu
ture as well as for the present, When
you want anything \n his line call first
on John and if you and he don't agree
all we have to say is, that you must be
hard to suit.
The Windom Reporter reports a case
of fatal child poisoning. It appears
thatOlaus Oleson while plowing his
field discovered that the squirrels were
destroying his corn, and he sent his
little girl to the house with a message
for his wife to prepare some strychnia
for squirrels. While the wife was en
gaged in preparing the deadly poison a
few orystals dropped on the floor, un
beknown to her, and an eight-month
old child eat several crystals, but it
as not discovered by its mother un
til the child commenced to scream.
Every thing was done to relieve the
little sufferer but it was of no affect,
and it died in a few hams after taking
This sad death should be a warning
to everybody who has poison about
the house, first to keep it beyond the
reach of children and where no one
but careful hands A\I!1 touch it and
second, never permit a child to handle
Two match games of base ball weie
played at Ibeiia, June 1st. The first
game played was between the seoond
nine of the Albion Club and the second
nine of the Rustics.
Only four innings were played, ith
the following result
lit inning
2rt. M. 4th
)t inning
2d. W. 4th
1 1
1st inning
2d. 3d 4th 5th 6th 7th
8th 9th
1 1
3 2 1
Chas Cutting Umpire.
The second game played was between
the first nines of the Rustics aud Cen
tennials and resulted in a victory for the
Rustics by the following score:
1st inning
2d. 3d. 4th
5th 6th
7th 8th
3 4 6
5 3
T. P. Keegan, Umpire
Golden Gate Gleanings.
The prospect is good for a large crop
of small grain. Corn is somewhat
backward, and rather a poor stand on
the whole, owing to the ravages of
birds and gophers.
What is the matter with Scrob? Will
'Observer" please answer? It was
supposed here that he was defunct.
The 1st nine of the Centennial B. B.
Club, of this place played a match
game with the Rustics, at Iberia on the
1st, and were defeated. Score 17 to 25.
The Rustics have been challenged, to
play a return game at Podunk, on the
22d. Our boys expect to play a match
with the Fort Ridgely bo\s on the
Come one come all and see the game
of the season. There will also be fair
playing and fair umpiiing. Something
new this season.
Everything appears quiet. Obser
ver's opinion to the contrary notwith
standing. Can't we have some excite
ment? Why does not somebody run
away, get married, or something?
HfHow about the 4th of July, are we
to celebrate? It is about time some
move was made in regard to it if we
Our young generation turned out to
the circus enmasse For particular? in
quire of "Billie," of the Union House.
The numerous writers of the Review
will confer a favor on the inhabitants
of this place if they will be kind enough
to let the Advents alone, as we have
heardenoughaboutthose things hich
iougljtt lo be Kept jeeict $$*"*
On June 3d. Major Strait, on leav
introduced the following bill to e.
tend the time for payment of pr
emptors on certain public lands i i
the State of Minnesota:
"Be it enacted by the Senate an I
House of Representatives of the Unite I
States of America in Congress at
sembled, That the time at which pre
emptors on the public lands, in th
State of Minnesota, including th
lands within the Fort Ridgely am
Sioux Indian reservations, are nov
required to make final proof and pay
ment, be, and the same is hereby ex
tended one year, from October first,
eighteen.Vnundred and seventy
eight." ,%f
The following Letter has been sent
our Member in -Congress, Major Strait
New Ulm, Minn., June 11.1878.
Hon. H. B. Strait, M. C.
Washington, D. C.
Dear Sir:
The most important measure foi
this State is the speedy passage of yoni
bill asking Congress for an extension
in favor of our Pie-emption Settlers.
Thousands of whom that lost their
crops Cor %4 years are now poorer
than ever, and entirely unable to bor
row the money to proof up and pay,
they have nothing to secure with and
in fact there is no money in the county
that could beborrowed. Please explain
this to your associates and let them
know that this is an appeal from one
who is thoroughly acquainted with the
condition and circumstances of these
settlers. It can and should not be the
aim of Congress to ruin a large class of
our people when by an extension to
October next year, the calamity may
be avoided. Push the bill, and have it
passed before it is too late.
Very respectfully.
Your obedient servant
he of the trestel work of
Cottonwood bridge will be let
to the lowest lesponsible bidder on
Monday the 17th day ot June, 1878.
Wiitten proposals for work and materi
al will be leceived by the undersigned,
who leserves the right to reject each
or all bids.
By order of the County Board,
This popular summer garden Mill
from now on be open for the entertain
ment of guests at ail times. Free
social hop and concert every Sunday
afternoon, the weather permitting.
Splendid Ice Cream and Coffee can be
h.ad at any time on short notice, also
the best of liquors and cigars will be
constantly kept on hand.
Two targets are to the free disposi
tion of all those who whish to practice
target shooting.
All are cordially invited.
New Ulm, June 11th, 1878.
Undertaker and Dealer in
(Proprietor and Mannfactmer of
The best fanning mill in the market.
Store and Factory on Centre street,
near City Mill.
ZCiesllxigr's Sloclc.
The best of Wines, Liquors and Ci
gars constantly kept on hand.
Louis FellfeU Prop* r.'
S Oils. ixi
14 Highest market price paid for
1 Ginseng Root.
52 & 54 LaJse Street, CHICAGO, Ins.
Five acres of
heavily ^timb-v
Milton!, client
ered land, situated in
live miles from New Ulm.
the Review oflUrei

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