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The apprehension of a visit from the
Hayes circus troup makes the stalwart
Republicans 0f Iowa/clamorous for
the passage of a stringent tramp law.
It takes five men to establish a nation
al briBk, but two men, with good tools,
have been known to open one in a single
night and there are instances on record
where a,cashier, singlehanded and with
no tools, has thoroughly disestablished
one in no time.
The Smithsonian Institution reports
that Professor Peters, of Clinton^announc
es the discovery of a planet, of the elev
enth magnitude, in one hour and nine
minutes, right ascension, nine degrees,
thirty minutes North declination with a
aily motion of five minutes South.
A youpg man of Bloomfield, Pa, who
mbushed a ghost which had created
quite a sensation in the vicinity, observed
that it did not fade away in the pMwart
embrace. The captive threw off tiio uite
Tobe with a shriek, and proved* to be a
well-known married lady, who said she
Vwas not a ghost, but just played it for
It will astonish the historian who
writes up the story of the present to
think that while famine within a short
period reduced the population of the
Chinese Empire t.000,000, that any con
siderable poition of the population of
Americaa country having plenty of
room and the most intelligent inhabi
tants of the world should reiterate fiend
ishly Kearney's brutal cry, "The Chinese
must go."
Quoen Victoria was lately on a visit to
the Duke and Duchess of Roxburge, at
Broxmouth Park, in Scotland, and the
'magistrates of the burg of Dunbar pre
sented a humble and dutiful address, in
which they reminded her Maiestv that
"the last occasson on which this burg was
honoied by a royal visit of your Majesty's
ancestors was when his Majesty James IV'.
of Scotland proceeded from his ancient
Kingdom of Scotland to ascend the throne
or England."
Mrs. Van Cott, the preacher, was born
in New York city and she is nearly fifty
years of age Her lathe" was Major New
ion, manager of John Ja\_. "b Aster's estate.
He became insane. Mau .ng and soon
becoming a widow, she attended to her
husband's business of drug broker. She
was converted on a Fulton ferry-boat
while thinking about religion. Becom
ing a preachei, she traveled through the
country, and she counts more than 27,000
conversions as the result of her labors.
Lucy Osburn, a pretty young women,
had her entire scalp torn off by machin
ery in New Milford, Conn. She was
brought to a New York hospital, and
there the tedious process of grafting on
her head a new scalp was successfuly
ended a few days ago, and she returned
to her home. The new scalp was com
posed ot minute bits of skin, 12,0Q0 be
ing used, taken from the arms of the hos
pital surgeons, and put on carefully one'
at a time. One surgeon supplied more
than a thousand of them.
It is a noticeable fact, says the New
Orleans Democrat, that since three weeks,
that is from the! time the yellow fever
has made its first positive appearance,
-our local reporter ii resting on his oars
and vainly pants for an item. Outside
of three murdeis during that time (which
is far below the average), our local col
umns show but few burglaries, an in
finitesimal quantity of drunks, and dis
turbances of the peace that are not worth
mentioning. When we take into consid-j
eration that our police is working now
with a small force and badly paid, does
it not show well for the residents and ac
climated citizens?
c,The New Queans Picayune has, the
following: Among the contiibutions fpr
relief of sufferers received was one which
deserves more than mere
the gift of $1,00I0J
It was
from Baro Emil
d'Erlanger, the eminent and Wealthy
banker of Pans, prompted no doubt py
his very worthy and generous wife, who
was the eeldst daughter of the late Senator
John Slidell. We are informed that the
generous gift was sent by telegraphic
cable transfer at the, Baron's own, cost.
He felt that help was needed at once, and
he would not wait for the slow process i
transmission by mail. It is! ''a urocess
familiar to bankers, yet it is none the lest
one of the wouders of modern scienqe
ithat a Parisian gentleman can practically
transfer a .'magnificent present of/ a
'thousand dollars to the suffering victims
of* a plague iri a city four thousand miles
I .off io a single hoax. iMtti u((W
-pun4*s,h in ma it hhir ts^idswm
Israel Guard, who brutally murdered
his wife at Lawrenceburg, Ind., last July, has
been sentenced to the penitentiary for life.
Maj. George Gallagher Little Rock,
Ark who shot himself through the head 28
days ago with the intention of committing
suicide, is dead. J^JT
A drunken tailor Minneapolis Min^
nesota, attempted suicide the'other day, by
cutting- msth-oS|. A timely diecovery pfe
yentea his death.4
%*At Bradford, Pa., Hanpson Edgar
threw an'apple core at a window Of a Chinese
laundry, and one of the Chinamen fatally
stabbed him. The murderer has been arrest
Edward H. Goff, ex-presideht *of the
Boston, nrontfear& Porttahtr-railway hsorafr-
scondjed^the grand jury having iound a-true
bill against him for forgery on the Canadian
Agricultural insurance company.
Two of the Mexicans whQ were recog
nized-as-the muredrers of ex-Sheriff Williams
and ex-Clerk Fmley, of Santa lara county,
near Tuevon, Arizona, were captured in
Sonora, and shot by order.of Gov. Maaescal.
During a quarrel between two farmers
named Kessley and Lines, living on adjoining
farms in'Heidelberg township, Pa, Kessley
struck Lines in the face with a club, causing
almost instant death. Kessley was lodged in
A Fort Fettermon", Wyoming Territory
telegram, gives an account of the robbery
of the mail and passengers 22 miles north of
that place by masked men. This part of
Wyoming Territory is infested with horse
thieves, robbers and scoundrels of every
At San Francisco on the 1st ingt.
Harry Widmer, husband of the actress Katie
Mayhew, chastised Frank M. Plxley, pro
prietor, and A. G. Bierce, editor of the Ar
gondut, in lheir office, for publishing with un.
complimentary comments a letter written by
Widmer to Clay Greene.
It is stated that the grand jurors of
Hudson county have agreed to present an in
dictment against Mrs. Jennie R. Smith charg
ing her with the murder of her husband, Offi
cer Smith, in Jersey City, in August last.
They have also taken a vote as to the com
plicity of Covert D. Bennett, but lacked three
votes of the majority necessary to find a bill
against him.
It has Iranspired that Wesley W.
Bishop, of Norwich, Conn., charged with poi
soning his wife, Harriet Bishop, and Charles
M. Cobb, Jr., has made a confession implica
ting Kate M. Cobb, his paramour, in guilt.
Bishop confesses criminal intimacy with Mrs.
Cobb, the procuring of poison for Mrs. Cobb,
with which to destroy the life of her husband,
and his knowledge that she administered i%.
He denies he poisoned Mrs. Bishop, and im
putes the murder to the woman. The whole
makes one of the mobt terrible pages in the
annals of crime. Mrs. Cobb says Bishop's
confession is abase lie from beginning to end.
The coach arriving at Deadwood, D. T.
confirmed the leport of the coach lobbery at'
Canon Springs station. Wm. P. Bell was
killed almost instantly Gale Hill, one of the
messengers, was dangerously wounded, and
will probably die Capt. Smith slightly hurt
hy a ball grazing the top of his head, render
ing him insensible. Scott Davis escaped un
hurt. Two of the robbers were badly wound
edone shot by Davis, the other by Gale Hill,
who fired through a window in the back of a
bara'after"being hurt. The coach was run
into the timbei, and but a short time occupied
in opening the safe, which contained $25,000
in gold bullion, soine gold jewelry, and a small
amount of currency, all of which weie secur
ed by the robbers.
Tne Greenbackers and Democrats of
Iowa have consolidated'their ticket*
An earthquake at Monte Falco, in the
province of tTmbria has rendered 148 houses
The California constitutional conven
tion was oiganized Sept. 30. J. P. Hoag oi
San Francisco was elected President.
i A private letter from Alex. H. Stephens
says his hemorrhages are subsiding and there
is a consequent improvement in health.
There is a decided abatement of the
yellow fever ravages in the large cities, but
pestilence is extending more into the
country towns.
By the late violent storm the damage
done in the city of Chicago is estimated to
amount to between three and four hundred
thousand dollars.
The President has appointed Linus M.
Bickerson of Oregon as agent for the Indians
of the Klamath agency in, that State, in place
of Johe H. Roork, who resigned.
An order has been issued by Gen, Pope
commanding the department pf Missouri, di
recting military honors be paid the memory
of Col. Lewis, killed in the engagement with
Indian^near Fort Wallace.
The loss of tbJe Missouri car company,
by the recent fire'at St.' 'Louis, was $150*000
and $160,000 insured for $50,000, but the
names*of the companies not yet ascertained.
Loss of the Ohio & Mississippi building esti
mated at $25j000 insurance unknown.
Hon. George Bancroft, historian, whjle
riding on the paradise road, at Newport, R. I.,
on tke lstinst., in company with a lady, was
thrown from the carriage, the horses becom
ing frightened, and seriously injured about
the head. 'The lady and coachman were
1 A New York dispatch of the 27th says:where
All the Pennsylvania radroad buudidgs, de
pots, engines and, offices are heavily draped
in mourning to-day, for their dead superinten
dent, Geo. W. Parker, and, manypubhc build
ings in Jersey City bear witness to, the gen
eral sorrow and re^rMct.
J' 'hl
Five of the eight'members*' of the Con
gressional committee^' appointed to examine
Indian affairs and reportion /the I advisability
of transfflring theJndian bureau to the war
Aepajpjtmen^ me$ 'at the Lindejl hotel |8t.
Louis, Mo,, on the 25th of Sept., and had a
secret session. There were present Senators
Saunders, chairman, and McCrary, and Repre
sentatives Boone and Secretary Flannigan.
The King of the Netherlands has been
betrothed'to the Princess Emma, of Waldeck.
Secretary^Schurz spoke at Music Hall,
Cincinnati, $ QiT Saturday evening, Sept
M&Th6mpsonTwidVof Postmaster
Thompson, of Memphis,^ wbo-died lately of
Yellow fever, has been appointed Postmistress
ofthatcity.r^ S&\ \W4
The electioiun Colorado, October 1st,
resulted ,in the selection of the entire- Repub-
lican ticket over ^the combined Democratic
and Greenback votet^**
Col. Almond Hodges, president of the
Washington National Bank of Boston, died
very 'suddenly on thaf27th hist, at Ma t-estf
dene", Portsmouth, R. I.
GSn. Sir Thomas Middleton Biddulph"
keeper of Queen Victoria's privy purser is
dead, He ii^'keen* connected "witty-"
fcjfi* afojl (j
Queen's household 27ybars.
Mrs Samuel Salmore, wife of a pros
perousjfarmer neaj: Clinton, Ky.r diediyester
dayfrom an-overdose of chloroform a!dinini8-
tered to facilitate the extraction of a tooth.
Senor Seamacona, the Mexican minis
ter, says the purpose of the Mexican govern
ment in sending 5,000 ttoops to the border
was to suppress raiding and aid the United
States troops in putting down lawlessness.
The presideni has appointed Thos. B.
Ellis, of Brooklyn, Indian agent at Fort
Berthold agency, D. L. M- Kelly, of Elgin
HI, at Los Penos agency, Colorado Jos. A
Stephan, ofLaPortef Ind., at Standing Rock
One of the largest' political gatherings
ever held in Iowa assembled in Burlington on
the first inst., to hear the speech by Senator
Blaine. He spoke for ,two hours, devoting
himself exclusively to the financial issues
the day:
A New York telegram says James A.
Hamilton, son of Gen. Alexander Hamilton, is
dead. He died at his country scat. He was
a prominent lawyer of New York city, and for
many years had lived in retirem&t at
Irvington_ I
The President has reached Washington
from his .Vestern trip. He expresses himself
much pleased with the receptions, public and
private, and is particularly gratified with the
evidences of restoration of prosperity and of
the feelings of the people in favor of a sound
currency siich as the administration is seek
ing tafestablish.
Gov. Wade Hampton of South Carolina
having requested that the State authorities be
allowed to collect United States internal
revenue taxes in that State, on account of the
great difficulties experienced by the revenue
officers inthe performance of that duty? Com
mi8Soner Raum, to whom the matter was re
ferred, replies that the proposition cannot be
During the celebration of Independ
ence Day, Sept. 15th, in the Theatro' Nacio
nal, in the city of Mexico, at which Minister
Foster was present, an orator made discour
teous remarks about the United States,
which were applauded by apart of the audi
ence. In consequence of this incident a sen
sational report was circulated that Foster
would demand his passports. The report is
preposterous. No importance can be given
to the occurence. The leading organs of
publ opinion condemn the speech as fool
The amount of bullion in the1
bank df
England increased last week 361,000.
The statement of the Imperial bank of
Germany states an increase in specie of
2,100,000 marks.
The subscrpitions in Paris for the Yel
low fever suffers in the United States have
already amounted to $12,000-
A London dispatch, says the islands' in
the Giecian aichipelago, which Safuet Pasha
is willing to cede to Greece, are worthless.
Telegraphic dispatches from India to
London, leave little room for hope that the
Afghan difficulty will be arranged peaceably.
A claim of $260,000 against the IndiaD
apol's, Bloomington and Western Railway
Company, sold at auction in New York lately
for $13.
The American residents bf Mexico
have contributed upwards of $2,000 through
their legation for yellow fever sufferers m^tjie
South. it
Alarming accounts are given by refu
gees of the sudden breaking out of the yel
low fever at Louisville, Ky. It is denied that
the reports are well founded. *i
A slight abatement of the violence of
tBe yellow fever -is again reported, but its
ravages, its death fist, and the great conse
quent suffering are yet terrible.
About 1,000 persons gathered op the
sbjore of ChautaugqouaLake.at Jamestown N.
Y. to witness the great international regatta,
but it did not come off, owing to some alleged
A Madrid dispatch 'states thift the
Spanish minister of the colonies is now iU
Paris endeavoring to complete arrangements
for the purpose Of reducing the floating debt
of Cuba to'eighty millions.
At a meeting in Philadelphia of the
operators of the Lehigh coal region, for tht
purpose of establishing prices for October,, it
was agreed to advance ten cents en the line
and fifteen cents on the city trade.
The Cheyenne Indians hare crossed the
Kansas Pacfflc railway at Carlisle Station, a
number of miles east of the point where they'
were expected to cross, and a good ways from
the troops were stationed to intercept
The American board of commissioners
for foreign mission began its sixty .ninth ffri-'
nual session, at Emmanuel church, in Mil
waukee, the 1st. There are about 1,500 dele
gates and their families in attendance^ Presi
dent Mark HoDkihs in'the chair.
The Paris Pofrfe'learns that the diffi
culties between:' France,'England' and the
United States relative toithe New Foundland
fisheries have been arranged and the three
cabinets are now drawing up a convention
which will obviate all future disagreement.
Ex-Gov. Shepherd and John G. Mitch
ell have left Washington for St. Louis, and
taken with them 50 packages of variousgoods
and $1,500 in cash, with which to begin a car
g^of^supplies for the suffering people along
the line of tfie "Mississippi river who are cut
off from railroad communication and in great
need of assistance.
Elaborate preparations are being made
for the Army ofthe Tennessee, at Indianapolis,
October 30th and 31st. ~teerals SJwpman,
Sheridan, Hancock, Pope, fmrnsidejslogan,
ell arJ^Jeff C. DWs~will|ceitainl^ttend
distingmsMd officers are Jjliected
esent. Thai indications premise a
tendatoce froffl otherptates, am prep
:ajti9hsjKe g(jng nf|de aecocdmgj^
Revs. John Hall and J. H. Vincent, of
New York Richard Newton, of Philadelphia
John, A Broodus, of Louisville Benjamin
Jacobs, of Chicago, and others, of the Inter
MtiftOJ.! Sunday,,, school, met at the jGibson^
house, Cincinnati, on the 25th of September,*
foi the purpose pfuroyidiqg theirrvtemationat
Sunday School-lesfbns^ for'sevevr yesli[s,*begin
ing with 1S80.
The standlng*teOfnmvttfe'' &'the Ohio
M. E. conference in session at Columbus,
Ohio after considering thefcase
of Rev F. A.
Spencer, one of their nurfcbet arid E. T. mit
sionaryto Indiaj and Italy, who i charged
with immoral conduct while at a farmei's
house in Athens county, some time at o,
decided'tp expel Spencer from the church and
depiive Him of his ministerial office.
Dispatches to the Howards announcing
the deathM..lvHctsbhrgio WtnM!Rockwood,
president of the Howards, says "He died on
the field of honor and duty. He bravqLy met
the king of terrors and died a martyr in a
holy cause He died in the full possession of
his faculties, and with many anxious words
about the association of .which be was the
honored p'restdfcnt, and wnJfr Blessings on
dear friends who nobly came to the relief of
the suffering people. i
Gen. James A. Gfc-tfield, imresponse to
a telegram from some gentlemen in Wash
ington city, interested in the matter, sent the
following as his corfetru!tI6t ^of the home
stead law: "Persons entering a homestead
after they have ceased to be soldiers get a pa
tent after one yeac's residence. Persons ac
tual soldiers at date of entry, or who become
so afterwards if they served five years require
no residence. The commissioner's decision
is risrht. I did not frame the law but concur
with Judge Lawrence,'who djd."
A correspondent at Calcutta telegraphs
as follows: "The government will make Ta
hore their headquarters for the winter, and
will not return to Calcutta. The foreign
office has received orders from the camp at
Tahore. This looks as if the viceroy enter
tained no hopes of peace The government
is anxious to avoid acting harshly. Thp
Ameer had still the choice of submission
open to him. In any event I doubt whether
an attempt to invade Afghanistanon a large
scale will be made till Spring. Accurate in
formation regarding the Ameer's strength is
wanting, but it is known he has a well-equip
ped standing army after the Europern mod
els, besides irregular levies The most diffi
cult question to be encountered is the possi
ble attitude of the bordci tribes. The faint
est mistake in tact or error in judgment
might excite a blaze,v.of warfaie along the
whole frontier of 800 miles. It is estimated
these tribes can easily turn out 100,000 fight
The United States steamer Enterprise,
Commander Selfridge has, arrived off the
Brooklyn N. Y. navy yard after a voyage of
five months, exploring the Aa a jon and its
tributaries, more particular |the Madeira
Mest of the officers and men. suffered from a
modified type of malarial fever, afid some of
them art, npt quite recovered. Capt.' Self
lidge says the exploration was a perfect suc
cess. The Madeira was fbund navigable 500
miles. The Captain says- "We found the
yolume of the'Amazon to be 7,000,000 cubic
feet asecond, and if the., Mississippi were
flowing into into it. it wouldn't raise its surf
ace perceptibly." The Enterprise brings as a
passenger Alice Stroope, ageu" 6 years. Her
father was formerly a doctor in Texas, and
with his wife and others emigrated toi
Brazil after the war. The doctor and his
wife died, and the child was thrown alone on
the world. She will be sent to friends in
Safuet Pasha, grand vicar and minister
ofjforeign affairs, has sent a circular to the
powers calling attentidn to the fact .that the
Greefe government, on the authority of reports
from its ttounsuls in Tnessaly, in Epirus,
charges tlie'torte with starring up the fanat
icism of the Albanians^ against Greece, and
providing them with arms. Safuet Pasha
declares these assertions calumnious, and
ommunicated to the cabinets by Greece for!
the purpose of justifying her military prep&H
ations, which are Teally a direct threat of ag
gression against the Ottoman Empire. He
proceeds to maku counter charges, and, says
the Porte is daily oppressed by the machina
tions of Greece*againsfr'~Thessaly and Epirus
jto arouse the,peceable population. Moreover
he states Greece is preparing to place ip the
field within a month an aimy of 40,000 fmen
,witn a reserve of^.OOO.1
TJiirfadt, conjointly
with the large orders for' Supplies and the
lban of $10,000,000, leaves nJ doubt Of 'the ag
greseive intentidns of Greece.. W-djiO'/'HO
At a' meeting of the Washintonfrnibnu*
ment joint committee at the White H0use"on
the 28th, a communication from the attorney
generalfwas received saying none of,the
money appropriated for(n}ahing thj^ monu
ment 9ould be properly used to strenthen .the
foundation. 'Only the $36,000 appropriated
specifically foV tjiatpurpose could be so' ex
'pended. "It was decided that'Col. Casey's
'{la 'fop'Btregthening the''foundation be
adapted and that he carry it wit untilthe $36,-
000 are expended. iThenlwork to'be begun
Oh the superstructure,,,.FOE /thj&.fliere w,as
[twp.yflarsagosm, flppppnatipn- yrf $200gOOO
,made,w^tehj^iiev^erbeenusei*. Thiswas
to be "expended,' $50,000
the*tott yeanM $100,000'of
the $200,000 is at present available ttt so,
/Vorkwjj^'bekeptup^ntil that amount be
ejcpendttl, by wj^ch time tjie next yearljs |in-
st^meni^.OM^will have become due. Col.
'Casev wilrgo to'w'or^'asTBoon aVtMjsefble.'!
tiiai.ii iMVltU Wrti'iUipn ft ,felH
JVews Items.
Mme. Anna Bishop sailed for Europe on Sat
There are 210 freshmen at Yale. A healthy
lot to haze.
Jacob Erden, the French journalist and au
thor, is dead.
The oyster crop is said to be unusually large
tins season.
'Practical cookery is taught in the London
public schools.
Colorad has fattened 550,'
ralterM Ocffi
CoaPis sola at the
A^anta tas adopted a foig-penf^rdinanA to
prevent epidemic.
The widow of Daniel Webster is soiouring in
New Rochelle, N. Y.
Two skulls of mammoth biids have/bcen ex
cavated at Newport.
-Dean Stanley-da. being- entertained,by .George
Bancroft at Newport.
A Fond du Lac grocer displays a stock of
watermelons in a coffin.
Cuba's potatoes are short.Ex. Well, short
potatoes were always the best.
T|ef6^j^"t!hk!ago's register during the las*
bankrnprfcy day amounted to $20,000.
Alexander Stephens is out of bed and the
guest oir Robert Tdombs, at Washington, Cfa.
Francis Walter,, son of John Walter, of th
London 'Jirnesl is visiting the Yosemite valley
The Duke of Buckingham ^s, they say, to
succeed Sir George Bon en as Governor of Vic
The late Cardinal Antonelh's library, consist
ing of some 20,000 volumes, is to be sold this
Mr. Neuendorff has been elected conductor o+
the New York Philharmonic in the place of Mx.
Theodore Thomas.
Ex-Governor Dmgley and wife, of Maine,
and President Cheney, of Bates College, saileu
for Europe on the 28th inst.
Edison can't be a genius, according to'all es
tablished rules. He neither wears long hair,
lives a garret, nor gets drunk.
Among the relics that Bob Ingersoll brought
home from Scotland w9 half a bottle 'of hair
oil that Bobby Burns left behind.
Arbuckle, the cornet soloist, has been re-en
gaged for the Brooklyn tabernacle, ahd will
make his first appearance there next Sunday.
Bishop Howe has reached American shoros
again,"buUbefoie coming to hmdiocese, he will
spend a fevf days ohv,hisrasm, n%arBnstol
Rhode Island.
Experiments with electric lights are going on
inSt. Louis, and several places will be illu
minated with the most recent discoveries in
that direction.
Lord Beaconsfield has sent his check for 1,000
guineas to the survivors of the disaster of the
Princess Alice. Most noble knight! You shall
have another garter.
Mr. Edward Kimball "began last Sunday the
work,of extinguishing a^debtyof $31,000 on the
Trinity Methodist Episcopal church of Charles
ton n, Massachusetts.
One guillotine executioner, Koch, called
'Monseignenr de Pans," suffices, with his as
sistants, for all France. "He gets 8,000 francs a
year and 100 fiancs for each head cut off.
A young man in London lately obtained a
verdict for ten shillings against a man who sat
down on his hat. "This." says the Chicago
Journal, "furnishes a valuable precedent."
Vassar College girls have a secret society
called "The Vassarians," and any member who
forgets hr dignity and -elides tdown the stair
railing is hned thirty-On^ peanuts and a stick
of gum.
Barent De Klyne Anthony, a young New
York lawyer, who recently disappeared mys
teriously, has been heard from ah and well
in Kansas. He fled to escape a tasteful
Col. George E. Waring, Jr., of Newport, has
been elected a member of the sanitary institute
of Great Britain, and was attendance in
that capacity at the sanitary congress rwjently
held in Paris. 1
Ex-Confederate cavalryman General Joe
Walker will revisit Georgia, the scene of his
mditary operations in the bloody half of the
sixties, the State Fair association having in
vited him down.
The highest living in the Church of Eng
land is $17,500 there are two of $15,000, six
teen between $12,500 and $15,000, fortv-three
between $7,500 and $10,000, and 185 between
$5,000 and $7,500.
Among the persons prominent at the recep
tion of the President in Madison, Wis., was
Senator Howe, who made HO violent "-a speech
against him a few months ago. Howe do you
account for that?
Massachusetts maidens are partial to widow
ers. Last year 1,396 maidens married widow
ers, when only 608 bachelors married widows.
There is something awfully cnlcha'd about fhe
Massachusetts widower.
The Boston Tianzcript informs a young
housekeeper that she is mistaken in supposing
that "ox-stale" soup is made from bad beef.
She must have been listening to Lwhat" some
calf s-edher husband, perhaps.
The marriage of. their royal highnesses the
Duke of Connaught and Princess Louise Mar
garetha of Prussia will be celebrated at St.
George's chapel, Windsor, in February. It
Connaught take place before that time.
The Secretary of State has received from
Minister Noyes a further remittance of $4,000
for the yellow fever sufferers, which includes
$1,000 subscription from'the President of the
French Republic and Madam MacMahon.
The Baltimore Sun is authority for the state
ment that Mr. James A. Bobmson. of Pitts
burgh, and Mr. A. T. Dean, son of Dr. Dean, of
the United States navy, fought a duel at Berk
eley Springs on, Sunday. No one was hurt.
Wilhelmj, the violinist, is an agreeable and
cultivated man, with a stalwart figure 'am a
face German in contour and lighted bv genial
dark eyes. TheSMmanJie asked to" see on
landing in New York was Theodore Thomas.
^Ireland fif growing in princely favor. The
Empress of Austria, the Prince Imperial of
France, the Duke and Duchess of Connaught
and the Princess Louise, of Prussia, will spend
the hunting season within her classic borders
There are four candidates for thei Bulgarian
throne, the Prince von Battenberg, of the fam
ily ot Hesse, who is the Russian candidate
Gen. Ignatleff, the Panslavic candidate: Prince
^mmafffleTVog6Hd, 'AtiST PMne^Esrageorge
The scandal-mongers declare that the ^Mar
quis of Lorne refuses to allow his wife a 'great
"Certain am L" quoth, Lord Dufferin in his
speech of Tuesday,' "certain am I that ihere is
not a thinking 'American, however proud he
may be1
ft fo
of his vohtitry that does not cast a
pi Kearney has been denounced by the
Uanformft National-Greenback-Labor commit
tee as a "blatant, low and profane humbug,"
with whom they are not in sympathy, and who
does not represent in any way the TWQrking
men of the State.d $
.nftM t H'Jj,fJfoWf VJ,
9 o*b claims^ to the
"C1**W' rtWeftSch ia-oocasiorfily be-
BtowecTupon hinr*tnaVhi8 lineage^cirartly bear
ing and knightly name. He rides a-horseback
gfeatdeakandifrvesl gallant steed better
than the Presidency.
4i ifj^

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