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Wednesday, November 6th, 1878.
Life stock market next Tuesday.
Board of Trade meeting at Turner
Hall next Friday evening.
The first monthly fair for the sale
of all kinds of live stock will be held
next Tuesday. i
Extra copies of the REVIEW can al
ways be obtained at the City Drug
Store for 1% cents.
Hon. Alex. Ramsey and Col. Wm.
Pfaender, of St. Paul, paid this city a
visit last week. We very much regret
our absence from the city during their
visit to our sanctum.
Having used Dr. Marshall's Lung
Syrup in my practice for some time, I
am prepared to say that it is a superior
lemedy for all cases of Coughs. Colds
and diseases of the Lungs and Chest.
Dr. Waltman, Springfield, Mich.
The prospectus of the St. Paul Globe
appears on the 7th page of this issue.
Although we do not exactly agree with
the Globe in political matters, as a
newspaper it is among the best. The
weekly is the same size as the Pioneer
Press and is furnished for $1 per an
num. Those wishing to club with the
Review can have both at $1.90 per
A few doses of Dr. Marshall's Lung
Shrup Cured my child of a most dread
ful Cough. I can cheerfully recom
mend it as the best Cough medicine I
have ever tried. Mrs. C. Knox, Cleve
land, Ohio.
"We want a regular correspondent in
every town in Brown County. We
will send the REVIEW and either of the
St. Paul weeklies, Pioneer Press,Globe
or Dispatch, for one year, to any one
who will engage in a faithful endeavor
to furnish us with whatever pertains
to the daily events of their respective
Dr. Marshall's Lung Syrup is, with
out doubt, the most reliable remedy
for Coughs, Colds. Bronchitis, Asthma
etc. It never f^ils to cure in a short
time. Call on your druggist and try a
bottle ot it, price only 25 cents. Sold
by Jos, Bobleter. New Ulm.
The St. Paul Weekly Pioneer Press,
as will be seen by the prospectus print
ed elsewhere, is now offered at the
very low price of $1.15 per year. For
ability and amount ot reading matter
it is noted as one of the best papeis in
the Northwest, and the price brings it
within the reach of all. We will fur
nish the weekly Pioneer Press and the
REVI EW for the low prize of $2.00 per
Although our absence from the city
prevented us from being present at
the Arbeiter Hall meeting last Friday
evening, we understand that Mr, Ber
trand's speech made a very bad im
pression, and that, instead of benefit
ing, he greatly damaged his cause. His
explanation of dodging the vote on the
school question is said to have been
rather "thin."
Physicians highly recommend the
use of Dr. Marshall's Lung Syrup for
Coughs or Colds of long standing and
Pulmonary complaints generally. It
always cures in an incredibly short
time. Call on your druggist and get a
bottle. Only 25 cents. For sale at
the City Drug Store.
Lewis Swenson, clerk of the district
court of Nicollet county, has, with the
approval of Judge Cox, appointed Jac
ob.Clossner, Jr. of Lafayette township,
deputy clerk of the district court. This
appointment will be of great conveni
ence to the people of the upper towus
of Nicollet county, as naturalization
papeis can be obtained, and other busi
ness connected with that office can now
be transacted without going to St.
4 A livestock Market has been estab
lished by the Board of Trade of the ci
ty of New Ulm. The first market to
be held on the 2nd Tuesday of Novem
ber 1878.
All parties of Brown and adjoining
counties, interested, are hereby re
spectfully invited to attend on the day
above named, and also on the same day
of every succeeding month.
GEO. KUHLMAN, President.
P. ScHEKER,Secretary.
The Liver is the imperial organ of
the whole human system, as it controls
the life, health and happiness of man.
When it is
&- *$ s
its proper
tion, all kindsr oifnailmentso arefoodnatur- its
an system
digestion the
^& movement of the heart and blood, the
are all immediately connected with the
-M workings of the Liver. It has been
-4 ,t?
pioved that Greens
August- is in curing per
with Dyspepsia oall Lrve
Complaint, and all the numerous symp
toras that result from an unhealthy con
dition to the Liver and Stomach
try cents. Posi-
tivel sold in towns10 of the Wester
1 Continent. Three doses will prove
that it is just what you want. For
saje by Jos. Bobleter.
The election in this city and county
passed off very quietly, and only a~very
light vote was polled. We publish else
where the tabulated returns as far as re
ceived. The German Republicans stood
by Major Strait nobly, arid instead of
Poehler receiving a majority in New
Ulm, as was generally expected, Strait
received 14 majority. Had the Scan
dinavian Republicans stood by Major
.Strait half as well he would have re
ceived a good round majority in the
county as it is, Poehler will go out of
the county with about 175 or 200 ma
jority. Helling for senator has receiv
ed a large majority in this as well as in
Redwood, Lyon and Lincoln counties,
and is without a doubt elected. The
vote on representative is very close
and at present writing it looks like
Bertrand was elected by a small maj.
The defeat of Mr. Brandt, if he is de
feated, may also belaid at the doors of
the Scandinavian Republicans, Man
derfeld is elected sheriff by a large
majority. Capt. George, for clerk of
the court, is nowhere. Blanchard his
competitor being elected by about 100C
majority. Westphal is without doubt
elected judge of probate by "a small
majority over Kuhlman.
Fatal Railroad Accident in Slee
py Eyci
Last Friday a man named John
Buckley, who had been employed for
some time in working on the round
house at Sleepy Eye, was thrown from
the platform of the rear end of one of
the cars, falling in such a position that
the wheels passed over an arm and leg
cutting them so that thev merely hung
by a few shreds. Dr. Berry of this
city was immediately sent for, but the
unfortunate man expired before the
doctor reached him. The deceased
was from Wisconsin, was about 27
years of age, and during the time of
the accident was just ready to start
back to his native State. A short time
before the accident he had recieved his
wages, after whichfhe had been imbib
ing rather freely, and by the time he
got on to the car was in such a state
that a slight jerk of the train sent him
Golden Gate Stems.
(By one of the Boys)
Mr. James Arnold and family left
this burg last week for Redwood Falls.
The sugar cane mill was at A. E.
West's last week and "molasses,"
there is no end to it.
Mr. Bohannan lost one of his carri
ages horses one day last week. It is
quite a loss to Mr, B, as he lately cave
$400 for the team.
Our blacksmith may be heard pound
ing away at the anvil from early morn
till late at night, he reports lots of
work, come and try him and be con
vinced that he knows his business.
OBiTUARY.LeeOn October 27th.
at the residence of J. E. Pickle of this
village, Mrs. Elmer Lee, wife of Phil
ander Lee. She was the mother of a
large family and much beloved by all
and a member of the M. E. church.
The remains were followed to their
last resting place on the 30th by a vast
concourse of mourning friends.
Sleepy Eye, Nov. 2nd, 18T8.
Editor Review.
I notice in your items from Burns
town, in last week's issue that Mr. J.
C. Zieske of this place, had paid Burns
town a flying visit, and while there
had expressed an intention of locating
in that delightful burg. Now, John
says, that if he ever didflyin that di
rection, it must have been in his sleep,
not certainly during his waking hours.
He asserts that to the best of his
knowledge and belief he has never as
yet paid Burnstown either a flying', or
in fact any other sort of visit, and as
to locating there or any where else, he
simply scouts the idea and ali because
he is having what every good and
trustworthy business man is sure of
herenamely the very best success.
His success all arives from the fact
that he deals honestly with all who are
pleased to patronize him. And let us
say right here, that John is still on
earth, and as a harness maker and
dealer in his particular line of goods
cannot be beaten any where in the
Northwest. His stock is complete,
and he can furinsh you with anything
from a riding whip to a gold-monnted
harness, and at such prices as will en
able you to purchase either or both.
Let it be emphatically mentioned that
John has not the remotest idea of re
moving to Burnstown or any where
else. He has too many friends in this
section to think of seeking prosperity
elsewhere. *._
Every family should keep in their house somepre.
natation for accidents and acute diseases, such as
Nouralgia, Headache, Toothache, Diphtheria, Sore
Throat, Barns, Scalds, Sprains, Cuts, Braises: also
Colic, Pains, Inflamation in the Bowels. These are
painful and need immediate treatment. Much pain,
large doctor bills, and even life may be saved y.
having something ready for nse. Go to your drug
gist and get a bottle of Bixby's Death to Pain. Uo
for the above, and everything it is recommended
for, and if it fails to give relief, your money will be
refunded. It is used internally and externally.
Don't hesitate to DM a remedy endorsed by physi.
clans, and which the. proprietor take* all the risk.
For sale hf all Druggists. Try it for yourself. Jos
Bobleter keeps it in New Ulm. Also by the propri,
eter.L.Bixby.OwatonnaMinn., whowl sopplte
the trade. *r
Written for the Bevlew by O. P. Cxuamnr.
Our review of financial matters has
been thus far with a view to effect, if
possible, the election which will be
Over before this article appears. The
election, however, will not settle men's
mind on the money question and as
there is still need of further discussion,
for an intelligent understanding of the
subject, we wish to occupy this column
for a still further statement, promis
ing, however, not to be tedious.
1. A primary question is, what is
money? Daniel A. Wells says: "The
general name given to the commodities
or articles which the people of differ
ent countries universally accept in ex
change, as the equivalent for all other
commodities, or services, and as the
measure of values, is money." Simon
Newcomb LL. D., says: "Anything
is money which people universally give
and take in exchange for their mer
According to these definitions, which
we heartily accept, most anything may
be used as money and when we look
into history we discover that a great
variety of articles have been thus used.
Wampum, beaver-skins, small shells
called "cowries," tea, soap, cattle) and
sheep, salt, iron, tobacco and Other
things besides gold and silver have
been used in different countries and
by different peoples as money.
2. When an article is used for money
its nature is not changed its proper
ties remain the same, and, so also, does
its real value. The value of anything
is what it will fetch in the market in
exchange for the necessaries of life.
Commodities and services that are not
exchangeable are valueless. A piece
of land that cannot be exchanged for
something else is of no value and
value cannot be given to it by legal
enactment. The moment it can be ex
changed it takes on value and this
value will be in proportion to the de
mand made for it. And so it is with
all other commodities. A cow is worth
no more in South Africa because she is
the Zulu'3 money than she would be if
she were not so used. She would be
just as valuable if some other article
was used instead for that purpose. She
is chosen as the medium of exchange
because she has a natural purchasing
power and not in ordtr that she may
have. Value cannot be legislated into
money whether that money is-the vam
pum of the Indian, the cowries of the
We3t African, the salt of the Abyssin
ian, or the gold and silver ot the
American. A gold dollar is worth just
the value of the gold in it plus the pre
mium it bears over the unmanufac
tured article. The stamp of the Gov
ernment is not a certificate of value
but of weight and quality. The dollar
coin is worth just as much without the
stamp as with it. If the Government
should call in all the one dollar coins
and reissue them as five dollar coins
without increasing the amount of gold
in them their value would be the same
as before and the cheat could be easi
ly discovered with the balances.
Stamppd gold, and gold fresh from
the mines, exchanges in the markets
of the world according to the amount
of gold in them unaffected by a nation's
stamp on the coin.
Corrected weekly by R. PFETFERLE.
Flour, per bbl S5.00O6.00
Wheat, per bushel 25to75
Oats, per bushel 15
Barley per bushel 3040
Corn per bushel, 1520
Beans, per bushel 1.25-1.75
Potatoes, per bushel.
Hams, per ponud
Cheese per ft
Lard, per pound
Salt, per bbl,
Butter, per lb
3ggs per dozen
Honey, per pound
1 2^
1 2*
and a large stock of CARPETS.
W call the attention of the pub
lic generally to the fact that we can
give better inducements as to quali
ty, variety of stock and LOW cash
Srices, than any other house in the
[innesota valley. Gome in and in
spect our large stock and you will
be pleased.
Mortgage Sale.
Default having been mndeiuvthe payment of th
snm of Seventeen Hundred nnl Fiijht and 66-100
Dollars, ($1708 66-100). -which is claimed to be due
at the date of this notice npon a certain Mortgage
duly executed and delivered by P. Current fa
widowei) Mortgagor, to Anton Henle, as guardian
ofMniia, Anton and Franzisca Messmer, Minors
Mortgagee, bearing d.ite the tenth d.iy of August
A. D. 1874, and, with a power of sale therein con.
tamed, duly recoided the office of the Register of
Deeds, and for the County of Brown and Stite
of Minnesota, on the tenth day of August A.D 1874
at 6 o'clock, P. in Book "G" of Mortgages on
page 387 and no action or proceeding having been
instituted, at law or otherwise, to recover the debt
secured by said Mortgage, or any part thereof
Now therefore, notice is hereby given, That by
virtue of the power of sale contained in said Mort
gage, and pursuant to the Statute in such case made
and provided, the siid Mortgage will be foreclosed
by a sale of the premises described in and covered
by said Mortgage, viz. The North Hnlf of the South
West Quarter and the South West Quarter of the
South West Quarter of Section One (1) and the
Koith East Quarter of the South East Quarter of
Section Two (2) all in Township One Hundred and
Ten (110) North of Range Thirty-two (32) West of
the5th Principal Meridian AI90 a tract of Twenty
(20) acres desenbed as follows: Commenting at the
northwest corner of Lot Number Sixteen (161 of
Section Thirty-one (31) Townshin One Hundred
and Eleven (111) North of Range Thirty-one (31)
West, thence east Ten (10) Chains: thence South
Twenty (20) Chains thence West Ten (lo) Chains:
thence North Twenty(20)Chains to the place of be.
ginmiig, in Brown Co and State of Minnesota, with
the hereditaments and appurtenances which sale
will be made by the Sheriff of said Brown County, at
the front door of the Court House, in the City of
New Ulm, said County and State, on the 21st
day of December A D. 1878, at 2 o'clock of
that day, at public vendue to the highest bidder for
cash, to pay said debt and interest, and the taxes,
if any, on said premises, and Se\euty.ave dollars
attorney's fee as stipulated in and by said Mortgage
case of foreclosure, and the disbursements allow
ed by law subject to redemption at any time with
in one ear from the day of sale, as provided by
Dated, New Ulm November 6th,A D. 1878
ANTON HENLE, Guardian of Maria, Anton and
Francuca Messmer, Minors,Mortgagce.
B. F. WEBBER Attorney for Mortgagee.
In Justice Court before M. C. Burn
side, Justice of the Peace, to Israel
Leighton defendant,
Yon are hereby summoned and required to an
pear before the undersigned, one of the Justices of
the Peace in and for said Connty, on the 7th davof
December, 1878, at lOo'felock in the forenoon at my
office In the village of Sleepy Eye in said County,
to answer to N. P. Nelson in a civil action.
Should you fail to appear at the time and place
aforesaid, judgment will be rendered against you
upon the evidence adduced by the said N. Nel
son for such sum as he shall show himself entitled
javen under my hand this 1st day of November,
i Justice of the Peace.
Ornamental hair jewelry, such as
charms, chains, pins, ear-rings, brace
lets, rings and all kinds of solid work,
promptly made to order. Combings
50 cents an ounze.
re Strin New Ulm, Miryn.
In Justice Court before M. C. Burn.
side,Justice of the Peace,to P. Sanford
You are hereby summoned and required to an.
pear before the nndersigt.ed,one of the Justices of
the Peace in and for said county,on the 7th day of
December, 1878 at 9 o'clock in the forenoon, at my
office in the village of Sleepy Eye.ln said County, to
answer to N Nelson in a civil action.
Should you fail to appear at the time and place
aforesaid, judgement will be rendered against you
upon the evidence adduced by the said N. P. Nel.
son for such sum as he shall show himself entitled
Given under my hand this 1st day of November,
Justice of the Peace.
St. Paul & Sioux City R. R.
Sioux City & St. Paul R. R.
Worthington & Sioux Palls R.R.
The People's Favorite Line,
Missouri, Kansas and Texas.
Flrst-CUss In all its AppointmentsEleganteUappHdapprovehtlI
Sleeping Coaches, MillearnPlatforms, WeatinghSuw
Ten Hours Time and Hundreds of
Miles Distance
takine Route.
T*Me. other In-
formation, apply to your Local in.1 JTL JLtba
General Ticket Agent: St. PSl.
Trains pass Kasota 8tation as follows: ^|S
Ctelnfr East.
St. PaulExpress 7:40a.m. St.Paul accom. 1345 p.m.
G*tefr-Worthta.M West
tomZu&T J. W. Bishop, gl G. p. Lincoln,
Gen. Manager, supt. i
W. H. Dixon, General Ticket Agent.
1ST Highest market price paid for
askA three-year-old steers Inquir
of M. H. Gamble at Barns Station or
Henry Dressier,Wew Ulnu

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