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Winona & Stint Peter Railway.
Going East.
Day Passenger *6:S8a in
Night *9:50pm
relght No. t4 10:15am
Except Sunday.
Going West.
Day Passenger *5:20
Night 14:49 am
Freight No 13 12:20 a in
Freight No. 19 *S:10
Dai ly.
Freight trains Nos. 13,14 and 19 ONLY
are allowed to carry passengers be
tween Kasota and Sleepy Eye
Officers of Brown County.
Post Office Address New Ulm.
AUDITORH. B. Constans.
TwjcAavRKKF. Schubert.
RtaiiTBH OF DXXOI- A. F. Walton
Ci.KRKor THE DII T. COURTAlbert Bl incliard
SHKRirrEdward Casey.
CORONIRJonas LaudeNschlager.
Officers of the City of New Ulm.
MAYORH.B. Constans.
COUNCILORS-E. G. Pahl, F. Boock, H. Keller, R.
Pfeflerle and J. Pftenninger.
CLRBKJacob Nix.
CITY JUSTICBSK. Fischer and Bauson.
(Borreeted weekly by R. PFEf FEKLK, dealer in
Grain, Provisions, GrotenKs and Country Pro-
Corn, Barley,
100 116 118
65 70 70
Beef on foot, per cwt, $3.00 & $4.00
Mutton per head, 3.50 5.00
Pork per cwt., 5.00 6.00
Sugor Cured Hnros pel lb. 12}. 13
Breakfast Bacon 11
Dried Beef,
SaltPork, Lard
Flour per cwt..
Corn Meal
Butter per lb.,
.Poultry Eggs per dozen
^Potatoes per bushel
Sugar, White, per lb.
Dried Apples, 7
Prunes, 9H
Coffee, Rio, Green, per lb., 15
Java Green
Mocha Green
Teas, Japan,
4.50 2-25
10 12 15
20 10 13
2 50
11 10 10
10 10
22 25 33
40 35 75 80
40 60
Children carrtages at C. Wagner's.
Fresh lemons and
City Drug Store.
oranges at the
The Herald has been
eight column sheet.
enlarged to an
Window shades and shade goods in
great variety at C. Wagner's store.
Theo. Crone has replaced his old
sidewalk with anew one. Follow suit.
The County Board of Equalization
will meet on Monday next, July 17th,
Sleepy Eye's post office has been add
ed to the list of third class offices.
The promotion took effect July 1.
The citizons of Golden Gate hoisted
the United States emblem on the 3Cth
ult., in honor of Guiteau's execution.
Potato vines are in bloomwith pot
ato bugs. The rapacious bug is more
numerous tkis year than ever befoie.
Rousrlt on Rats."
Clears out rats, mice, roaches, flies,
ants, bed-bugs, skunks, chipmunks
gophers. 15c. Druggists.
The frontof the Citizen's Bank build
ing has donned a coat of green paint
and the interior is receiving additional
This completes the publication of
Ck tax list. The tax-payers will find
the sequel when they call upon County
Treasurer Schubertinforms Audito Constan us that the
Board of County Commissioners will
meet in regular session at his office on
Monday, the 24th inst.
MJ 1*4NY H1EN.
Well's Health Renewer restores
health and vigor, cures Dyspepsia, Im
potence, Sexual Debility $1.
On Friday last William Remke, Jr.,
fell from the roof of the Lutheran
vChurch, a distance of 27 feet, and,
s'trawgje to say, received no injury.
The $enjU furnished for the encamp
ment at White Bear Lake ai rived at
St. Paul in due (time and now the boys
are enjoying themselves "tenting out."
Our friend Seiter is having the front
of his hotel painted and striped in imi
tation of free stone, which greatly im
proves the appearance of the building.
Quick, complete cure, all anoying
Kidney, Bladder and Urinary Dis
eases. SI. Druggists.
The St. Peter Tribune says it used to
be go west and grow up with the
country," but now it is go west and
bloio up with the country."
Mr. Cordes is building an addition
to the Northwestern Hotel which will
enable him to accommodate the large
and increasing number of his guests.
On Sunday and Monday the wind
blew decidedly fiesh, and many a pe
destiian was compelled to lesoit to a
.race along our streets following a
"trained" hat.
The Northwestern railroad company
is using every exertion towards the
extension of its line west from Clark
.Center, lietore snow flies trains will
run direct to Redfteld.
A timely use of Brown's Iron Bitters
will strengthen the neivesand muscles
with new life and vigor, and ward off
many diseases that otherwise are sure
to encroach uponjaj^eakjeo^
7*** J"* ""M^'
New Ulm contributed $577 for the
Iowa sufferers by the tornado. This
after her recent losses by the same
means, shows that New-Ulm is not
only prosperous but grateful.Far
mington Press.
Don't Waste Money.
On trashy extracts when you can
buy a lasting perfume so delightfully
fragrant and refreshing as Floreston
Meyers Circus exhibited here on
Sunday afternoon and evening. Those
who attended say that the gymnastic
exercises were creditable, but that the
display of horsemanship was of an in
ferior quality.
Vennor predicts a wet July, a stormy
August, a frosty September, a wet
October and November and a cold,
stormy liecember with plenty of snow.
Not a cheerful outlook, certainly.
Far mington Press.
From the Sleepy Eye Herald we
learn that Patrick Fitzgerald, of that
village, drew a prize in a lottery held
in Mt. St. Michaels, Ireland, on the
24th of May. He received word a few
days ago that the prize, a jewel stand,
was at his disposal.
Druggists say that Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound is the best
remedy for female weakness that they
ever heard of, for it gives universal
satisfaction. Send to Mrs. Lydia E.
Pinkham, 233 Western Avenue, Lynn.
Mass., for pamphlets.
Mrs. A. J. Bangs, of Iberia, was
quite seriously hurt internally on the
Fourth, by being thrown from a bug
gy. The accident was caused by the
seat tipping backwards. Doctor Well
come was summoned and done all in
his power to relieve the lady,
Found at Labi
An agreeable dressing for the hair,
that will stop its falling, has bewi
sought for. Parker's Hair Balsam,
distinguished for its purity, fully sup
plies this want.
The Marshall Messenger thus com
ments on the late term of court held
in Lyon county District court has
adjourned and the Judge and John
Honner have gone elsewhere. It is
our opinion that Honner is earning his
bread by the sweat of Baldwin's brow.
The Mankato Pvblic Spirit says a
call is being circulated for an alliance
convention to be held in that city on
the 10th inst. If it is as much of a
farce as the last Alliance meeting in
Good Thunder, Mr. Wakefield need
not have any uneasiness as to general
Saloon business, even, didn't pay in
this city on the Fourth. The Good
Templars were out in the woods some
where,Marshall Messenger.
Why does Bro. Case make this insin
uation against the Good Templars
has he been expelled from this great
moral organization
Tne Herald says a daughter of Mr.
Meyers, living on J. Youngman's farm,
four miles west of town, fell on a sharp
scythe a few day since and nearly un
jointed the left knee. Fears were en
tertained that amputation would be
necessary but it is now hoped to save
the limb, although it will remain stiff.
M. Mullen has-shown us specimens
of wheat, oats and timothy growing on
his farm near Iberia, which do not in
dicate a failure of crops in that part of
the county. The stalks of each are
not less than four feet long and the
heads of wheat are fully four inches
long and there is no appearance of rust.
A new system of collecting box rent
was inaugurated by the post office de
partment on July 1st, which makes it
incumbent on the postmaster to collect
all rentals quarterly in advance, and
each box must be restricted to the use
of one family, firm or corporation.
The department insists upon the com
pliance with its regulations.
Through an oversight of our head
typo a large number of last week's RE
VIEW made the mayor of Grinnell,
Iowa, acknowledge the receipt of the
enormous sum of $5.77 as New Ulm's
contribution to the cyclone sufferers.
As over half the edition was printed
before discovered, we desire to state
that the amount sent by our citizens to
Grinnell was $577.
Mr. Amos Bradley. Rochester, N. Y.,
says "As a sure cure for nervous de
bility aud general decay of the system,
I can conscientiously recommend
Brown's Iron Bitters as a medicine
that will give prompt relief. Idothig
as a duty I owe my fellow-men, being
myself restored to perfect health."
The Governor's Guards, under com
mand of Capl. Eckstein, left for the
encampment at White Bear Lake, by
the early train on Monday morning.
Nearly all the members of the organi
zation were present on the departure of
the train and several of them were ac
companied by their wives. The
weather was delightful and all seemed
to be anticipating a good time.
The foundation of Mr. Xewhart's
residence is nearly completed and we
understand that the building will be
ready for occupancy about the }st of
December. Mr. Kewhart has two
lots at the corner of Centre street .and
Broadway which are surrounded by
two rows of shade trees, His house,
when completed, according to his de
sign, will be an ornament to our city,
A Beneficient Action,
The miserable looks and feelings of
those confined at desks or woik tables,
are caused by weak Stomach, Kidneys
or Bowels, barker's Ginger Tonic
without intoxicating baa anch a bene
ficent action on these organs and fcu
cleanses the poisonous matters Uom
the system- tbat rosy cheeks and good
health are soon brought back again.
A Peerless Perfume.
The refreshing aroma of Florestone
Cologne, and its lasting fragrance
make it a peerless perfume for the
A syndicate is being formed among
the principal real estate owners in this
poition of the State, intending to place
its lands at the disposal of the Scottish
American Loan Company for coloni
zation and sale. It is, doubtless, an
auxiliary to the Southwestern Minne
sota Improvement Association. The
Winona & St. Peter Land Company and
John A. WiDard are parties interested
in the proposed syndicate.
The Lutheran Church in process of
erection in this city is nearly inclosed.
It is seventy feet long and forty-four
feet wide. The audience-room is
thirty-six feet high from floor to ceil
ing and is surrounded by a gallery on
three sides. The spire, when complet
ed, is to be one hundred and fifteen
feet high. It is intended to place a
clock in the tower which can be seen
from all parts of the city.
Improvement for Mind and Body.
There is more streugth-restoring
power in a bottle of Parker's Ginger
Tonic than in a bushel of malt or a
a gallon of milk. As an appetizer,
blood purifier and kidney corrector,
there is nothing like it, and invalids
consequently find it a wonderful invig
orant for mind and body.Commmer
Philander Lee, of Golden Gate, was
in town on Saturday. He has recently
been travelling extensively, both in
this county and Nicollet, and assures us
that the grain is looking finely wher
ever he has been that there are no
indications of rust, and that all kinds
of grain are heading out splendidly.
He predicts abetter crop of grain than
has been raised for ten years, May
your predictions prove true, Philander.
Farmers and horse-owners living in
the vicinity of Lake Crystal and Gar
den City met at the former place, re*
cently and organized the Blue Earth
County Anti-Horse Thief Association.
A full set of officers were elected, con
stitution and by-laws adopted, and a
captain and lieutenant for each town
ship in the county were appoirted.
Horse thieves will hereafter consult
their own interests by giving Blue
Earth county a wide berth.
The two wooden buildings near the
Railroad Station, formerly used as en
gine houses, but recently for the stor
age of ice, were destroyed by fire at
about 11 o'clock on Sunday evening.
When the fire was discovered, the
buildings were so completely envelop
ed in flames that no attempt was made
to extinguish it. The origin of the
fire is unknown, but, as no case of
spontaneous combustion of ice has
been reported, it Is supposed to be the
work of an incendiary.
Springfield Star: Mr. J. J. Coyle,
of Redwood Falls, is contemplating
starting a grist mill at this place, pro
viding he meets with requisite en
couragement from the citizens of
Springfield, pecuniarily A grist mill
is one of the necessary objects we
lack and, surely some inducement
should be held out to parties desiring
to come and put up a first class mill.
We hope to see this subject agitated
a little more by our citizens and let us
have a grand rally for a mill.
The Lyon County News speak? in
very friendly terms of Judge Baldwin's
manner of conducting court in that
county, a term having just been con
cluded at Marshall, but, at the same
time, acknowledges the presence of
Mr. Honner, the Judge's canvasser for
political honors. While that enter
prising sheet admits that the late term
of court was a very marked improve
ment over certain previous terms it
allows its patrons the privilege to sup
port other legal gentlemen that it ac
knowledges are in the district who sur
pass the Judge in ability, &e.
Casey's malicious prosecution against
Sevatson panned out" poorly. A
Jackson county jury thought the
Brown county sheriff was injured in
reputation $15.00 worth, and brought
in a verdict for that amount. Windom
The Jackson county jury evidently
thought that the Blown county sheriff
told the truth and that the Windom
banker swore fslsely, but that false
swearing from such a-source could not
injure anybody's reputation more than
$15.00 worth. The sheriff ought to be
satisfied with the verdict if the banker
Inventors and Patentees
Should send for instructions, reasona
ble terms, references, &c, to Edson
Brothers, Solicitors of Patents, Wash
ington, D. who furnish the same
without charge. Edson Brothers is a
well known.and successful firm of large
experience, having been established in
1866. tf
Some important changes in the Ca
nadian money order system \y,ent into
operation recently. Orders on alj
countries are to be drawn in dollars
and cents. The rates of commission
charged for orders issued in Canada
will remain as at present, but a decid
ed reduction has been made in the
commission on orders payable in the
United kingdom, the United States
and Newfoundland, The rates will
be on ordersjip to $10, 10 cents, ovej?
$10 and up to $20, 20 cents over S20
and up to $30, 30 cents over 30 and
up to #50, 40 cents over $40 and up to
$50, 40 cents,
The Marshall Messenger gives the
following sample of the practical work
ings of our assessment law
Mr. Tyler lately reported to the as
sessor 0500 in bank at New Uini.
When returned from the great equaliz
ing board pf theSytnte it was increased
fifty per cent.,~and he had $750 in b%nk
at .New tftin.on whfcU he \vasasked to
pay taxes. Of comae the $t. Paul
hoard knew all about Mr. Tyler's bank
5(KFf-^ Vw* '*9*
book and thus equalized it. As the
bank wouldn't pay over the equalized
$250, Mr. Tyler refused to pay taxes
on it, and" after due delay it was, of
course, rebated. But there are hun
dreds of glaring injustices in property
assessments growing out of these
equalizations which are never righted.
On Sunday, the 2d inst., Henry Phil
ip, a son of Hon. Adam Buck, who is
well known in this city, was drowned
while bathing in Winkleman's Lake,
near Henderson, in this State. The
little fellow was only eleven years old
and went into the water to learn to
swim but ventured out too far and his
companions, who were instructing
him, were compelled to let iDose of him,
the water running quite swiftly at that
point. He was .drowned before assist
ance could reach him. Every effort
was made to recover his body but one
hour intervened ere it proved success*
ful and all endeavors to resuscitate
him proved unavailing. This is anoth
er warning to small boys who are in the
habit of bathing without older persons
being present to assist them in case of
The following resolution was unani
mously adopted by the Farmers' Alli
ance of Sleepy Eye
Resolved, that the action of our last
legislature relative to the settlement
of the old railroad bonds and that of
our county commissioners in bond
ing the county without the vote of the
people are worthy of the condemna
tion of all honest laJ)Ofing people.
This"is the first word of complaint
that we have heard in regard to the
action ,of the County Commissioners
in issuing bonds for the construction
of bridges over the Cottonwood River.
If the bridges were to be built, no pos
sible advantage could have been gain
ed by submitting the question to a vote
of the people, and, by such submission
the building of the bridges must have
been delayed at least one year and
probably two years, to the great dis
advantage of all that part of the coun
ty lying south of the Cottonwood river.
It would indeed be a blessing to poor,
weak, nervous, debilited, suffering hu
manity, if druggists would stop sell
ing the many vile purgative pills and
cathartic compounds advertised for the
cure of liver complaint, Although
they afford temporary relief, at the
same time they weaken the digestive
organs, and compel a continued and in
creasing use of the same. Sufferers
from dyspepsia and liver complaint do
not need a cathartic, but should use
some true medicinal tonic that will
strengthen the digestive organs, and
heal the diseased tissues of the stom
ach, liver and bowels. Such a remedy
is Brown's Iron Bitters, and it never
fails to effect a permanent cure. If
you continue to live in poor health,
and are determined to die before your
time, you have only yourself to blame.
The Public Spirit, an enterprising
sheet published at Mankato says
T. M. Perry, a catch penny fiddler
that runs a small sheet called the
Times at St. Peter, while suffering
from a billious attack induced by
drinking stale beer and late hours
scraping catgut in a dance hall, boiled
over last week, and made us and the
Hon. J. B. Wakefield the butts of his
spleen. Mr. Wakefield is the man
who will be congressman from this
district, and because the Times has
not received its "tip" yet, the editor
liasaclditional*cause to be edgeways.
As for ourselves, if being a Republi
can since we can remember, consti
tutes a "jumping-jaek turn-coat and
fly-about" we are your boy Tom. Bnt
as you appear most anxious to make
us the ass you would straddle we will
stand the treat if you will kiss us the
way you did McG in '65.
Judge Cox's Very Open Letter,
Grand Forks Herald: Judge Cox, as
will be surmised by the appended card,
has grown fat and sassy on Red River
valley living. It is his first retort in
his own defence, and as a specimen of
No. 1 Hard English is notable. It is
brought out by the most exasperating
statement that it is "rumored that
the Judge tampered with the indict
ments of the grand jury of I*yon coun
ty at the last term.
CKOOKSTON, Minn., June 27, '82.
My attention has just been called to
an article.copied from the Lyon Coun
ty News, in the Pioneer Press, that 1
took certain indictments at the last
term, etc., in Ljon county. wish to
say the author of that statement Is an
unmitigated, unqualified, contemptible,
lousy, stinking liar and knave, as well
UjS the thing who published it.
Very respectfully,
Ex-Governor Yale, of TVinona, ac
knoleges that he is a- candidate fqr
honors in the First District. Dnn
nel is not likely to loose jjis grip on
that account, however. Jones has
been "soundeu," and his soundness
Judge Wilson of Winona looms ath
wart the political horizon of the First
district as a possible Democratic can
didate, while Ames ambles tq the
front in the Fourth. ^Pioneer Press.
The political menagerie of the 5th
Congressional District opens at De
troit, Becker Co. on the 12th of July.
Double fighting delegations are chos
en from nearly every county in the
District, and if the political managers
can qrganize them into a "happy fam-
ily," P, T. B,arnum mut surrender
the belt as a trainer qf ferocious ani
Small Pox in Scott County.
Jordan Advocate'. Last Tuesday in:
formation was conveyed to Shakopee
of the fact that Peter Sauser's family
is afflicted with this loathsome disease.
Immediately Dr. Dunn was disp .telu
to the locality, and after examination
fqund six of Mr, Sauser's children sick
With the diseasp. Jfr. Dnnp on hhi reT
urn djspate^d^isJ^oWef .St
"%f S**yr,
"f^* -p?"^
Paul to consult with the State boar*,
of health regarding the course to be
pursued to prevent its spreading.
Upon his return Dr. Dunn, accompa
nied by Commissioner How, visited
the locality and interviewed the town
supervisors of Cedar River, and assist
ed in the organization of a town board'
of health ami tho establishment of
quarantine regulations. On their re
turn Thursday evening they found Dr.
Hewitt of Red Wing, Secretaiy ot the
State board of health, who in compa
ny with Dr. Dunn left the same even
ing for the infections localities-, They
visited the town authorities of Spring
Lake, Cedar Lake, New Market and
Credit River, and succeeded in awak
ening the necessary interest in the
people and town officers, to prevent
its spreading. Dr. Dunn was appoint
ed health office? for the four towns,
and will establish headquarteis at the
school house in the vicinity of John
Suel's. Dr. Dunn, upon his return,
reported thai one of the children of
Mr. Sauser's had died that there are
ten persons sick in Peter Sauser's
bouse, and two in Math. Sauser's fam
ily. Owing to the fact that the boy
who died was sick twelve days, and
the parents not knowing what the di
sease wasthe children of the same
family attended school up to Friday
before his death, and also that the
ueighoring children and parents fre
quently visited the house, it is expect
ed that the disease will spread, al
though every precaution is now being
taken to prevent it. About 125 per
sons have been vaccinated since last
A, W. Harrington, one of the firm
of Van Dusen & Co., of Rochester,
Minn., spent a few hours in town on
M. H. Gamble, of Springfield, was
in the city on Friday last. He reports
the crops as looking splendidly in the
western part of the county.
John R. Fitch, one of Walnut
Grove's weighty citizens,'called upon
us on Friday. John is doing a com
mercial business for the house of Coy*
kendall Bros. & Co., of Minneapolis.
Lieut. Col. Bobleter, Sergt. Ma*
jor Collins and a working party from
"A" company left for White Bear Lake
last Friday morning. The company
and a large number of their friends de
parted for the same place on Monday
morning. They will spend the week
in camp.
Lone Tree Lake Wavelets.
this Munps are going the rounds in
The prospects are good for an aver
age crop of small grain." Corn is grow
ing very fast now.
S. F. Porter and party returned
from their prospecting trip. They
are well satisfied with the town of
We advise our Cleik' of Court to
hold himself in readiness. Some of
our young men are getting very' cour
The 4th was observed with a pic
nic in Leathermans Grove and all
those who attended say they had a
splendid time. Our school inarms say
it was first-class,
D. Sherman informs us of the death
of Calvin Clagget. Mr. Clagget moved
from our town this spiing to Isanti
county with a view ot bettering him
self. I am informed he did not like
the change as well as he expected he
would, He died of dropsy of the
heart. He leaves a wife and large
family to mourn his loss. The beieav
ed family has the symptthy of the en
tire community of Lone Tree Lake,
Mulligan Items.
Monroe Cordill has the finest lot of
black raspberries we have seen in the
Wheat is heading out nicely, and
the prospect for a good crop is now
more promising.
Miss Marcia Redford, of North Star,
commenced teaching school in our
new school house last Monday.
Mrs. Clara Flanders left a few days
ago for Grey Eagle, Minn, where she
expects to meet her husband,
Mr. Renner's new dwelling is now
ready for plastering. It is nicely
painted, well built and looks first
Mr, Jno. Bobbins, our worthy over
seer of highways, has been making
some improvements on our roads dur
ing the past week.
Our people enjoyed themselves on
the Fourth. Your correspondent and
a number of lriends made a trip to
Springfield, where we listened to some
of the best speaking and singing we
have heard for along time,
Courtland Correspondence.
COUBTLAND, July 6th 1882.
Machine men are getting numerous.
The Courtland House is undergoing
repairs. Oh, weary ones, turn in and
We next find Mr. A, Man, who has
been quite busy setting up and painting
buggies, light wagons, &c, tc
Mr. Earnest Schumacher has put in
a good stock of boots aud shoes which
he has put down to hard money prices.
The boss painter of the town is out
of a job. Will not some kind reader
please inform him where can get one.
All ye lovers of drink need go no
further as fresh beer flows freely at the
place of business qf F. Bobsine & Jno.
Mr. fi. C. Jensen has on, hand a large
supply of agricultural implements,
and there's more tq follow." Good
luck to you, Lew.
Crops look exceedingly well, with
the exception of corn. The prospects
of a good harvest are promising if the
weather proves favorable.
Board is on the rise. Our landlords
find that our young men are in the hab
it Qf eating nine biscuits at a meal by
actual CQufit. Moral: Eat more pota
toes and less biscuits.
Our lumber dealers would be very
thankful to the next legislature if it
would withdraw the powerof the town
board of equalisation, as Jim. D/t
was re-assesaed this year to the extent
of $1,500.. Ah| Jimmy, don't forget
your lumber pile next time,
We oan boast of three well stocked
country stores, kept respectively by J.
J. Edwards, Mr. C. Bobsine, aud Mr.
C. U. Stege, and also a first class har
ness shop kept by Mr. F. Baumgarth.
Fred Keeps a good supply pf harness of
his own make. M\ desiringsuch, goods
Should ow'pn1
We notice that among one of the
greatest strides this village has made
towards prosperity of late is the great
advance in the valuation of lots, which
now command the remarkable price of
$4.00 per foot front, but wo would ad
vise all who have any intention of
making any improvements here, to
make sure of a good warranty deed.
The Fourth of July was enjoyed by
all with the exception of M. Schlekan,
one of whose childien accidentally fell
off the porch, bi caking one ot it's
arms. The little child is doing as well
,as could be expected, being under the
treatment of Dr. Berry. We under
stand that our neighbors over the way
had quite a lively lime. Speeches and
music during the day and theworks in
the evening.
Will he paid for information sufficient
to prove the guilt of the person who
set fire to the hay deposted in the
round-house near the depot in this vil
lage on Sunday night last.
County of Brown. Ninth Judicial District
S. D. Peterson, plaintiff,)
vs. Summons.
W. F. Smith, defendant.)
The State of Minnesota to the above named de
You are hereby summoned and required to an
swer the complaint in this action which has been
filed in the office of the clerk of the district court
in and for Brown County, Minnesota, and to
serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint
on thesubscribers, at their office in the city of
New Ulm in Brown County, Minnesota within
twenty days after the service of this summons up
on ou exclusiveof the day of such service, and
if yon fail to answer the said complaint within
the time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action will
take judgment against you for the sum of $199.11
with interest on 9130.00 thereof since the 2nd day
of June 1876 at the rate of 12 per cent, per annum
and interest on $40,00 thereof sinee the 19th day
of June 1875 at the rate of 10 per cent, per annnm
together with the costs and disbqrseinentB of this
Dated May 29th, 1882.
July 13 Plaintiff's Attorneys, New (Jim, Minn
County of Brown fNinth Judicial district,
M. E. Fuller and John A. Johnson 1
as partners as Fuller & Johnson, I __.
plamtiffs vs. ^Summons,
Ole Gunderson, defendant.
The State of Minnesotatothe above named de.
You are hereby summoned and required to an
ewer the complaint in this action which has been
tiled in the office of the clerk of the district court
in and for Brown county, Minnesota andtoserve
a copy of your answer to the said complaint on
the subscribers, at their office in the city of New
Ulm in Brown County, Minnesota, within twenty
days after the service of this summons upon yon
exclusive of the day of such service, and if you
fail to answer the said complaint within the time
aforesaid, the plaintiffs in this action will take
judgment against you for the sum. of $143.78 with
interest on 110-00 thereof since the 17th day of
July, 1879, at the rate of 10per cent, perannum and
interest on $16.00 thereof since the 9th day of Feb
ruary, 1880, at the rate of 10 per cent, per annum
together with the cost and disbursements of this
Dated May 29th, 1882.
July 13 Plaintiffs' Attorneys New Ulm, Minn,
Whereas default has been made In the conditions
of a certain mortgage dated on the eleventh (11th)
day of October, A. D. 1879,, recorded in the office of
the Register Qf Deeds of Brown County, Iftinneso
sota, on the 18th day orOctober, A, D. 1879, at four
o'clock in the afternoon in Book L" of Mort
gages, ou page 67, whereby John Bellm and Fran
ziska Bellm, his wife, who were the mortgagors,
therein mortgaged and conveyed to The German
American Bank of Saint Paul, which was the
mortgagee therein, the following described tracts
and pareeU of land situated in Brown County,
Minnesota, to-wit:The Bast half (X) of the
North-West quarter (X) and South-East Quarter
U)of Section Nineteen (19) and the Weat half (X)
ot the Noith-East quarter (5$) and the East half
(tf of the North-West quarter (U of Section Tbir.
ty, (30,) all in Township Qne hundred and Eleven,
(111,) North of Range Thirty-Three, (88,) West
Also the Southeast quarter k) of the North.
West quarter (X) and the South-West quarter
of the'North-West quarter (X and the North.
West quarter (JO of the Soutn.West quarter
of Section Thirty.five, (36,) Township One Hun
dred and Eleven, (111,) Nortelof Range Thirty-two
(32) West, according to the U. S. Government sur
vey thereof Also, ten acres of land, more or less,
bounded and described as follows: Commencing
at theNorth.East corner of theSouth-East quarter
lve, (35) in Township Qne Hundred and Eleven,
(111.) Range Thirty-two, (32,) West, running
thence North Twenty (20) rods thence WestEighty
(80) rods: thence Sotfth Twenty (20) rods thence
East Eighty (80) rodsto the placeorbeginning Also
Lot Number One, (1,) i,n Block Number Qne hon
North of Centre Street in the
according to the recorded plat
thereof on file and of record in the office of the
Registerof Deeds of Brown County, Minnesota, to
secure the payment of Five Thousand Dollar due
year from its said date with interest {hereon at the
until paid, ac
certaiin promhnory
dred and One, (101)
City of New Ulm,
hi & V^_ X%,
rate of ten per cent, per annutm
cording to the conditions of a certai
note lor that amount executed by said mortgagors
and H. A. Subilia, Sr. And whereas there is
claimed to be and is actually due and unpaid
upon said note and mortgageat the date of this no
tice the sum of Sixty-three Hundred, Eight and
mortgageto be paid in case of foreclosure amount-
New Ulm, July 12, 1882. 2t
nrT-rMjjiLrM lvM\CT wound* ordisease*
of any kind caused by military service are entitled
to Pension. Widows, minor children, depen
dent mothers or fathers of soldiers who died from
the effects of their service are also entitled, Many
invalid pensioners are entitled to an Increase
Careful assistance given in delayed or Rejected
Claims, as many van be allowed with but little
more evidence. Complete instructions with
references sent onappUcation.CHAS.4c GEO.
A. KING, Attorneys-at.Law. 916 F. St. Wash
ington, D. C.
A A THOXIN, St. Cloud
Building, Washington, D. C. prac
tices before the United States gen
eral land office, Contested eases,
private land claims, mining, prempOon and home
stead cases prosecuted before the department of
interior ana Supreme Court and all cases of
claims before the Executive Departments. Special
attention given to town site cases, land warrants,
homestead floats, and all kinds of laud strip
bought and sold.
County or Brown. Ninth Judicial district,
S.D. Peterson, plaintiff,
vs. Summons.
Wenzl Schamen, defendant,)
The State of Minnesota to the above named de
Ton are hereby summoned and required to an
swer the complaint in this action which has been
filed in the office o*the clerk of the district court
in and for Brown county, Minnesota and to serve a
copy of your answer to the said complaint on the
subscribers, at their office-in the city of New Ulm,
in Brown county, Minnesota, within twenty days
after the service of this summons uponyou exclu
sive of the day of such service, and if you fail to
answer the said complaint within the time afore
said, the plaintiff in this action will take judg
ment against you for the sum of $79.23 with inter
est on 168.00 thereof since the 18th day of Novem
ber, 1875, atthe rate of ten per cent, per annum, to
gether with the costs and disbursements of this
Dated May 29th, 1833.
July 13 Plaintiff's Attorneys, New Ulm, Minn.
nson, 1
18-lOOths ($6,306.18) Dollars, principal and interest
and Fifty Dollars attorney's fees stipulated in said
ing in the aggregate to $6,358.18, and no action or
proceeding at law or otherwise has been instituted
to collect said debtor any part thereof.
Now notice is hereby given that by virtue of the
power of sale in said mortgaga contained and
therewith recorded said mortgage wiU be foreclos
ed and the property above and in said mortgage
described will be sold at public auction teethe
highest bidder therefor for cash by the
Brown County, or his deputy, at the front
the office or tne Register of D-fds of Brown Coun.
ty, in New Ulm, Brown County, Minnesota, at
lveo'clo"" twelve o'clock noon, on the Fourteenth (Uth) day
D. 1888, to satisfy and
interest, attorney's fees and costs of foreclosure.n
of July, A 1888 to satisfy and pay said debt,
terest attorney's fees and costs of
Dated May 24th, A. D. 1882.
Attorneys fur Mortgagee, 21jull3.
fictua, Frames, Mouldings
and chiUnos, carriages,
Singer Sewing maohine $35,00
New Davis" $35,00
Wheeler & Wilson" $35,00
Machines sold on time monthly
-s^. Tr*
Cowirt'TOF Bavwv.
In the matter of the estate of W.
ham deceased.
is hereby given to all persoas having
claims and demands against the estate of W. I.
W. Cunningham late of the County of Brown de
ceased, tiiiit the Judge of the Probate Court of said
county will hear, examine, and adjust claims and
demands against said estate, at the office in the ci
ty of New Ulm in said county, on the first Mon
day of each month for six successive months,
commencing with the first Monday in August
1882 and that six months from the80tb day of Jane
1882 linre been limited and allowed by said Pro.
bate Court for creditors to present their claims.
Administratrix of the estate of W. I. W. Cunning,
hum Aug'3
Land Office at Tracy, Minn., June SOth, 1882.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler his filed notice of his intention to make fi
nal proof in support of his claim, and that said
Sroof will be made before the Clerk of Court of
rown Co. Minn, at the County seat, on Saturday
July 29th, 1882, viz: Halvor O. Halverson, U. E.
No 8561 for the Kaet North East sec. 2O--108
30. He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land, viz
Ole Jorgenson
Knute Helling
Ole Nelson,
Ivet Knudson,
July 26
All ofLinden, Brown co. ,Minn.
Meat Market.
ZIEHER & BREY, Prop'rs.
undersigned would respectfully inform
th public that they have established a meat
market one door nonh of the Union House. We
will spare no pains or means to keep our market
supplied with only the best Iresh meats, sausaee
and everythingelse usually found in a first-class
meat market, and our prices will always compare
favorably with those of our competitors. Ifso de
sired, articles purchased of us will be sent to the
purchaser'shousewithoutextracharge. The high
est market price will always be paid for fat cattle,
hides, etc,
W+w *?lm
I. W, Conning-
B.. TYLER, Register.
Heavy cash purchases in the east en
able me to offer Groceries at the fol
lowing low prices:
5 lbs Good Japan Tea
1.00 1.00
7 Rio Coffee for
9 Coffee A Sugar for
12 Dried Peaches for
11 Apples for
11 Plums for
Good Holland Herring per keg, 1.50
Good Mess Herring per keg 82
Russian Sardines per keg 82
All other GROCERIES and DRY
GOODS at correspondingly \ox fi
The highest market price will al
ways be paid for old iron, bones and
IDealer in
By Aug. Hinz, in Courtland, NlcolUt
county, one saddle, bridle end blanket.
Owner is requested to call and prov*
property and pay expense of this no
tice. Enquire at Aug. Hinz, tS milt*
from Courtland station, Nicollflt coun
ty, Minn.,
MotsstMriif tBM!f Vtmrs.
Are yon disturbed at night and broken of
your rest by a sick child aaflering and crying
with the excruciating pain ofcutting teetbt If so
at once and get a bottlo of Mr*. Wirulow'a
oothingSyrup. It will celieva th* ttwpoor little
sufferer immediaetlrdeprad upon It than la on
mistake about it. There Is not a motheron Barth
who has used It who will not tell yon thahtr and
egulato the bowels, give rest to the mote magic
riefand health to the child,
It to perfectly safe to
pleasant to the taate,
one of the otdeatranal1
ha United ftatea. ibla It
Witfe Apyltfey Twin* 81*4+*
whtth ht been, ^Iutft Impfovedover' Sll otrief tyle of Sppleby
low?* $ W f^iqt
The only 4 point made with barbs
at right angles.
Fish Bros.
operating*~ Ukea, and
in all castion of
New Firm! New Goods!
We have received the largest as
sortment of
Dry Goods.
Ready-made Clothing,
Cloaks and Dolmans,
Hats & Caps,
And the Very Latest Patterns'in
Dress Goods A Trimmings.
Our purchases have been made di
rect and for cash, and we are thereby
enabled to make the lowest prices.
Gall and examine our stock and com
pare prices before purchasing else
Ig. j&nwen.din.g'etf,
Monuaeits, Tenasteae
Foreign and
American Marble.
Shop on State Street between 4th
fifth streets,
New Ulm. Minn.
re and All Kinds ol
SW l82, ^e $iinile in the WOf&f)
The J. I. CASE
The New Osborne No. 2 Mower,
Do not fail to oome and see my Samples, or send for Pamphlets
before buying ebewhere,
-i? 5 i rf
Machine Samples at NEW UiM and
-v- *v-** K-

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