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Oty? (£omuumutralth
J. L. GILLESPIE, Editor.
Gathered In the Round Up.
Mr. O. F. Bledsoe, Jr., of Shellmound,
was in the city Monday.
Mr. Percy Ray was down from Sunny
Side on business Monday.
Mr. W. C. George was over from
Cotesworth last Saturday.
M, P. L. DeLoach made a business
trip to Memphis last week.
Messrs. W. K. Handle and A. Raff were
down from Schlater Tuesday.
Mr. A. J. Scuggs was over from Hem
ingway on business Saturday.
Mr. J. L. Montgomery spent the past
several days at Castalian Springs.
Messrs. T. W. Harrison and J. B. Hed
ditt were up from Roebuck Tuesday.
Mrs. C. G. Gillospie visited the family
of her parents in Greenville last week.
Mr. T. J. Gouldman has returned from
a visit to Asbury Park and other resorts.
A nice concrete walk is being laid on
the McBride property facing Church
Mr. Guss Blass has returned from an
absence of several weeks to different
Mr. W. I. Stone, a prominent lawyer
of Coffeovillo, was here last week on
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Inlow are visiting
friends and relatives at different points
in Indiana.
Mr. M. Fatherree and two little
daughters have returned from a visit to
Owens Wells.
Deputy Postmaster W. C. Peel has
returned from a few days visit to rela
tives and friends at Vossburg.
Rev. J. C. Park has gone to Lake
Chatanqua, N. Y., and will be absent all
the month of August.
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Hight are visiting
relatives and friends at Louisville,
Miss., for a few weeks.
Mrs. C. M. Melton and children are at
Connelly Springs, N. C., for the remain
der of the heated term.
Mrs. C. E. Wright left for Connelly
Springs, N. C., last week to spend the
remainder of tho heated team.
Miss Elsie Nall, of Jackson, is the
charming guest of her sister, Mrs. Har
vey, on George street, this week.
Miss Dixie Weimar came over from
Schlater Tuesday on business and spent
the day with Mrs P. B. Portwood.
Mr. W. B. Turnage, of Kosciusko, has
accepted a position In the drugstore of
L. N. Chandler on Howard street.
Mr. W. A. Stinson has returned from
Baltimore, and Washington, where he
spent the past two or throe weeks.
Rev. W. W. Harrison spent the first of
last week week on Lake Washington,
where he was the guest Mr. Spencer.
Mr. Petrie Hamilton, foreman of the
construction work on our new court
house, visited his family in Jackson last
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. N. Morris are visit
ing relatives and friends at Rnshville
and other points in Indiana for a few
Hon. E.D. Stone has returned home
from a few weeks' visit to Hot Springs, j
and seems to be much improved in
health. '
Mr. 8. G. Wilson has returned from i
the different furniture markets, where I
he bought a big stock for his fall and
winter trade.
Mrs. 8. D. Neill and children, of In
dianola, passed through Greenwood last
week en rente for Whaley and Oxford to
visit relatives.
Mrs. J. D. M claim ore and two little
daughters, Susie B. and Marjorie, of
Grenada, are visiting friends and rela
tives here this week.
Mr. J. M. Estes returned last week
from Hot Springs very much improved
in health. He left Wednesday for Bell
fontaine to spend a month.
We will tell yon how and help you to
do it.
Soe our sd. in this issue.
Lkilork Building & Loan Association,
P. W. Parsons, Secrotary,
Own your own home and stop paying
M»j. V. H. Morgan, of Carrollton, was
here Monday.
Miss Catherine Clark is on the sich
list this week.
Mr. F. L. Buchanan was over from
Valloy Hill Saturday.
Mr. Shall Yerger will leave next week
for a visit to the Phillipine Islands. He
will sail from San Francisco. We wish
for him a pleasant sojourn.
Mr. Lee Farrell, the capable manager
of the Cumberland Telephone Exchange
here, returned last week from a visit to
his family at Lebanon, Tonn.
Messrs. J. B. Cunningham and Morris
Lewis, two of Lexington's leading busi
ness men, were in the city last Sunday,
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Hyman.
Misses Lucile Latimer and Beryl
8tevens have returned from an ex
tensive tour of Colorado, California
and Oregon, and report a most delight
ful trip.
Mr. P. L. DeLoach went to Memphis
again this week. He has a throat
trouble and is being treated in Mem
phis, where he will have to remain ten
days or more.
Mrs. C. J. Pate and daughter, of Baton
Rouge, La., arrived in Greenwood Wed
nesday from Gulfport, where they had
been on a visit. They were en route to
Carrollton on a visit.
Dr. Walter Morris, the veterinary
dentist, has been quite sick at his home
in Somerville, Tenn., the past two
weeks, but is now improving and will
return to Greenwood as soon as he is
ablo to work again.
Mr. 8. F. Jones was down from Race
Track Tuesday. He reports a fairly
good crop, but we understand he has the
best crop in the county. Mr. Jones is
really one of the best and most success
ful planters in the Delta.
Mr. T. B. Minyard brought The Com
monwealth a nice lot of very fine peach
es and plums last Saturday. They were
as fine specimens as we have seen
grown in this section, and we thank him
for the treat he afforded us.
Several of Greenwood's young ladies
and men attended a dance given at Run
nemede, Tuesday night, in honor
of the Misses Henderson. They drove
through the country and returned the
next morning. All reported a jolly good
Invitations have been issued to the
approaching marriage of Mr. T. M.
Whetstone, Jr., and Miss Etha Baynham,
which happy event will take place at
tho home of the bride-elect's parents in
LaFayette, Ky., on August 2, 1005. The
Commonwealth extends congratulations
in advance.
Mr. K. Brunner has been placed in
charge of the American Express Co's of
fice in this city for a month or two, or
until the Company can get a suitable
man for permanent agent. Mr. Brun
ner's many friends would be pleased if
he should conclude to remain In charge
of the office.
Quite a nice entertainment was given
by Mrs. R. H. Barrett at her homo on
George street last Thursday evening.
It was given to her Sunday School cIbbs
and an admission of 25 cents was
charged. A neat sum was netted, which
went to the Organ Fund of the Presby
terian church. Besides helping the
church, a delightful evening was spent
by all who went.
Tub Lki'louk Bpildino & Loan Asso
ciation has money to loan on real estate
in Greenwood and Leflore County.
Long time and easy payments (ii 8 .
P. W. Parsonn, Secretary.
Cumberland Phone, 00.
New Superintendent for Light and
Water Plant.
Mr. P. H. Wissinger, of Memphis, has
been selected as Superintendent of the
j Oreenwood Electric Light and Water
»1«* Mr. Wissinger is now in charge
' of the plants, and we hope will give the
I people more satisfactory service than
i they have had in the past. He comes to
I our city very highly recommended and
we extend him a most cordial welcome,
Married, on the 22nd inst., Miss Joe
( Willie Swift, of this city, to Mr. 8. M.
Hunt, of Chattanooga, Tenn. The bride
is the charming and popular daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Swift and the
groom a prominent contractor and build
er. Mr. and Mrs. Hnnt are now at
Montgomery, Ala., where the former
has a large bnilding contract. The
Commonwealth extends congratnlatlons
and best wishes.
Presbyterian Services.
Rev. W. W. Harrison will occupy his
pulpit at both services on Sunday. The
I pnblie is cordially invited. Morning
Subject: "Hearing and SpeakiDg with
, „ .__ ._, . „
"d Waiting. Sunday School at #.45
j A. M. Christian Endeavor at 7d\ M.
Christ." Evening Subject: "Watching
Leen Stein Captures School Book De
Mr. Loon Stein, our popular young
book and nowsdealer, has secured the
local school book depository for Green
wood and the greater port ion of Leflore
county. The only other depository io
the county will be at Itta Bona. We
congratulate Mr. Stein upon his good
fortune in this matter.
(Mme. M. J. Van Hosac says that
every woman in Chicago will have a
hoopskirt by fall.)
Backward, tarn backward, Oh, Time, in
your flight
And drag the old hoopskirt again to the
Oh, Phyllis, come back from the echo
less shore
And don those old titters so stylish of
And we shall have room in each shop
and each store
For one or two women, but scarce any
Backward, turn backward, and that very
Then woman shall look like the buoyant
And float down the street and just one
at a time,
While man, oh, poor man, when he secs
her will climb,
Lest he should got wedged between
hoopskirt and wall
And never be able to move at all.
Backward, turn backward, and bring
the balloon;
The lean one will think it a very groat
But ah, tho poor fat one, as round as a
Won't think very much of tho fashion at
And short ones will sigh as they view
the new fad,
But the tall ones won't think that the
style's to the bad.
Backward, turn backward, and bring us
the hoop,
And also the bonnet that's built like a
But long before that, it would be a good
To thin out the women to make room
for man,
For streets are too narrow and flats are
too small
If hoopskirts should come into fashion
this fall.
Personal and Social Mention by
Our Pair Correspondent.
J. F. Grist had business in Greenwood
Mrs. P. L. Young visited relatives in
Boyle Sunday.
Mrs. G. E. Weber spent Tuesday in
Greenwood shopping.
Born, unto Mr. and Mrs. J. 11. Godscy,
Wednesday, 20th, a girl.
Prof. M. M. Phillips made a business
trip to Greenwood Saturday.
Mrs. Geo. Pickett, of Runnomede, vis
ited relatives here Wednesday.
Mrs. IL M. Weber is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Auter, in Greenwood.
Quite a number of our young people
enjoyed a picnic on Blue Lake Wednes
Miss Willie Love, of Bear Creek, was
in towh Wednesday en route to Green
Mrs. R. C. Reese, Miss Jessie Reese,
and W. G. Eborsol spent Sunday in
C. Dunn, J. F. Russell, L. L. Casey
and Dock Weaver spent Sunday in
Green wood.
Mrs. W. M. Kimbrough and Miss Ur
line Reeves spent Tuesday in Green
wood with friends.
Mrs. W. M. Kimbrough, of Indianola,
is the guest of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. A. G. Reese this week.
Misses Pearl Klchbourg and Bethana
Adams, of Scooba, are the charming
guests of Mrs. W. H. Webb.
To the surprise of their many friends,
Miss Nina Moorhead and Mr. Eugene
Kendall went to Greenville Saturday
night and wore married.
Like Burnt Roads.
The committee sent hither from Le
flore county for the purpose of investi
gating the burnt road constructed last
fall, has recommended to the board of
supervisors of that county that like
roads be had there. The committee was
was shown the burnt highway by tho
Hon. J. W. Cutrer who also entertained
the members thereof in his home during
their stay in the city. The road re
ferred to was one of the worst in this
section prior to its improvement with
bnrnt gumbo. It has stood the test well
having been in flrst-cass, Condition ever
'Ybnr girl friend will be pleased with
a nice box of our candy. We keep it on
+♦+♦♦♦+♦+++++♦+++♦+++++♦+♦♦♦♦ ■
place to buy diamonds is where they keep dia
monds. Wo do not keep diamonds, but we
sell Fencing, Flooring, Ceiling ami Finishing
Lumber, as well as all kinds of Dimension,
will give you a close figure on Lumber to build
anything from a hen house to a ten-story
building. There
that can give you a closer figure, better stock,
or better treatment. What more can you ask?
If you do not know exactly what you want,
consult us and we will assist you.
you that this is the best place to buy and we
believe just what we say. There is nothing
We I ell
for the customer who pays his hills and our ■
customers pay, and, when they come to pay,
they come up smiling.
that reason, we are positive that
is the place to buy and that here the customer
receives the full value of his money.
Delta Lumber Go
Greenwood, Miss.
Messrs. J. F. Rogers and B. Ullendorf
up from Cruger Wednesday.
Mrs. F. A. Pearce and children are at
Ford's Wells for a few weeks.
PostofGce Inspector Chas. Fitzgerald
of Jackson was here this week.
Hon. Calvin W. Wells of Jackson was
in the city yesterday.
Method By Which Plea Vine Hay Can
Be Saved Successfully.
Editor Gazette:
llow can peavine hay be cured so as
to prevent tho loaves from falling off'/
G. W. Knkiiit, Laurel, Miss.
Itake into windrows as soon as willed
and bunch with forks, putting into very
small piles. If weather is favorable,
these small cocks will euro out bright
without loss of leaves. If there is any
considerable quality of poa hay to be
saved, I think tho best treatment is to
cut and let the hay lie as it falls from
the mower until cured; then rake and
haul immediately. II a rain falls it will
not spoil tho hay. It will turn dark and
will lose some of the leaves, but will
still be good feed. Remember not to
rake until ready to haul.
Agricultural College, Miss.
Sealed bids will be received by the
Board of Supervisors of Leflore County,
Mississippi, on the first Monday in Au
gust, 1905, for Metal doors to be used in
tho New Court House, according to plans
and specifications on file in the Chancery ;
Clerk's office in Greenwood, Miss. Tho
successful bidder will be required to \
enter into bond, to bo approved by the
Board, for a sum equal to the amount of j
bid. Said bond to be filed and an-,
proved at the August meeting of said
Board. Tho Board reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
C. W. Crockktt, Clerk
Healed bids will bo received by the
Board of Supervisors of Leflore County
on the first Monday In August for Build
ing Pile Bridge at outlet of Roebuck
Lake, about 200 feet long, according to
plans and specifications on file in the
Chancery Clerk's Office. The Board ro
the right to reject any and all
C. W. Crockktt, Clerk.
Notice is hereby given that there will
be a meeting of the School Board of te
flore county held at the court house in
Greenwood on the first Monday in Au
gust, 1005. All persons interested in
rural schools are nrgently requested to
be present at this meeting.
Supt. of Education.
O F K ! Ü
R. H. H U N T
Chattanooga, Tenn., June 11,1005.
Southern Wood Fibor Plaster Co.,
Jackson, Mississippi. , ,, .
Gentlemen: Answering yours of recent date, it gives me
great pleasure to state that your material, both Fibered and Un
«bored, which is being used in the new buildings now being lln
ished for the Deaf and Dumb Institute, has proven entirely satis
factory. You are to be congratulated on this materai, which, in
my opinion, has no superior on tho market.
1 also wish to express my appreciation for tho SAND
FINISH, which is being used in tho Deaf and Dumb Institute. I
have been casting about for quite awhile for just such a material,
and yours is the best that I have yet been able to llnd. You
have certainly achieved great success in the preparation of this
material, which cannot fail tobe appreciated by all who are ex
perienced in such matters. Very truly, yours,
R. H. Hunt.
ffMr Hunt is well known in Greenwood, having drawn the (dans
for tiie new Court House and numerous other buildings throughout
the city.
flNo plaster on earth like it. Dampness docs not affect it.
flSee that your home is plastered with Southern Wood
Fiber Plaster, and you will Lie sure of getting the Liest!
It's too Late After the Fire.
Do It Now.
1 1
General Insurance
. . . . ♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»
AGMFICK/NT new brink buildings,
the most complete in the South
for a Boys Boarding School. Ninety
Steam heat. Electric lights,
Samlary plumbing. Campus llfty acres.
Healthful location in hill country.
Superior discipline. Home influences.
Thorough instruction. Military train
ing. Namber limited. Certificate ad
mits to Lb'/crsities. or catalogue,
address W. C. GLTHRIR, Principal.
The l.trosks Transfer Line will handle
all kinds of Stove and Fire Wood in fu
tore,and will flllordora for same promyt
ly and at reasonable pries, Climb.
Phone No. 14«. 7-21-3mo. |
Sealed bids will bo received by the
of Supervisors of Leflore County,
Mississippi, on the first Monday in Au
t , ,, (ir the New Leflore
(-„„„ty Court Bouse, according to plans
spec: neat ions on file in the Chan
Clerk's office in Greenwood, Miss.
The successful bidder will be required
f<) pntfir inU) to be approved by
the Board, for a sum equal to tho amount
0 , h|lt bi(] said bond to bo filed and
a pp r „ ve( t a t the August meeting of said
|(oa r ,L The Board reserves the right to
reject any and all bids.
C, W. Crook m , Clerk.
V -'S ' ot »«* commercial stationery
J»*»t received at The Commonwealth of
«<*• Send us your orders for all kinds
of printing.

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