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That's Fit to Print.
On Short Notice.
A Reliable Local Newspaper.
.1. L. Gillespie, Editor and Publisher
VOL. XI.—NO. 35.
Subscription, $1.50 Pkk Year.
«Oft »« « laweroN. stpi. 121H.
Citizens of Holmes County Will Celebrate His Nomination for
Governor of Mississippi.
t .
Lexington, Mira, Aug. 22.—A large and very enthusiastic mass meeting of the
citizens of Holmes oonnty was hold in tho court house today, for the purpose of
making suitable arrangements (or a reception in honor or Governor-elect E. K.
Noel, of this city. Capt. J. W. Swinuoy was oalled tu tho chair ami Herman Levy
made secretary.
Many eloquent and patriotic addresses were made congratulating the county
of Holmes and the state of Mississippi in selecting H»lines county's favorite son
as Mississippi's next chief executive.
A committee on resolutions w.s then appointed as follows : G. A. Wilson, C.
C. Swlnney, Morris Lewis, A. M. Popper, IL H. Elmore. i
The following resolutions were then introduced and nnanimoualy adopted :
Whereas, oar beloved county bears the name of the first governor of the state
of Mississippi, and has since the year 181)3 helped to elect every Democratic gov
ernor who has presided as chief executive of Mississippi, without having enjoyed
privilege and houor of having furnished a governor for the state of Mississippi
during all of the years of her history ; and
Whereas, our beloved and distinguished fellow citizen, Honorable E. F. Noel,
has, after one of the most memorable campaigns that has ever been witnessed in
the great state of Mississippi, been chosen as our next governor by the people of
Miuissippi; therefore,
Be it resolved, That we, tho citizens of Holmes county in mass meeting as
sembled, extend hearty greeting to the entire state of Mississippi an! do now ex
press to them the profound thanks and the appreciation of all tho citizens of
Holmes county to sll the citizens of the state of Mississippi for the great honor
they have conferred upon Holmes county's most distinguished and favorite son'
and extend to all the people offthe state of Mississippi a most hearty invitation to
assemble at LEXINGTON ON THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 12, 1907, from 12 M.
UNTIL 4 P. M. AND 8 P. M. TO 12 O'CLOCK and join hands with us io celebrat
ing the nomination of Honorable U. F. Noel as governor of the state of Mis
The following committees were'then appointed :
Finance Committee-— J. C. Pickens, W. L. Yonng, Morris Lewis, W. I. Pickens
and C. C. Swlnney.
Committee on Arrangements—G. A. Wilson, Parham Williams, W. L. Jordan,
E. Y. Ashley, 8am Herrman, Dr. J. H. McBee, R. E. Wilburn, 8. J. Fisher, 8. R.
Swlnney, Dr. G. C. Phillips, W. L. Darden, W. L. Walton.
Publicity Committee—Jno. Lo Dyson, chairman : T. W. Smith, T. J. Jordan, Dr.
F. L. Bott, P. P. Lindholm, J. 8. Watson, H. W. Watson.
Reception Committee—Court, City and County Officers ; W. L. Dyer, mayor,
chairman, Judge Sidney Smith, R. C. McBee, W. W. Wilburn, Parham Williams, E,
V. Ashley, J. C. Pickens, W. C. Rod, W. H. Smith, H. E. Back, II. Barger, W. L.
Smith, G. 8. Rogers, T. G. Stephenson, J. G. Robinson, John A. Brown, R. E. Wil
liams, C. C. Pahlen, J. W. Morris, J. Moore, C C. Swinney, J. P. Williams and other
citizens of Lexiugton.
Invitation Committee— S. N. Sample, chairman ; H. H. Elmore, A. M. Pepper
The foregoing committees are authorized to select and appoint all necessary
sab-committees in every part of the county.
The committee on arrangements have obtained the use of the beautiful ante
bellum residence, Terrystone, and grounds si tasted near the public square as the
place for holding the reoeption, where mnsic, feasting friendly greeting, dancing,
■peaking and athlectic games will be the order of the day and evening and where
ail Mississippi is invited and expeoted to be present. All communications and
inquiries addressed to Committee on Arrangements will reooive prompt, careful
and courteous attention.
J. W. SWINNEY, Chairman.
HERRMAN LEVY, Secretary.
Lexington, Miss., August 26, 1907,
Nominee for Governor by 2002 Majority
Good Game Saturday.
The Weems-Lockwood Furni
ture Company's Basebalt team
and the Greenwood Stonewalls
will meet this afternoon at 5
o'clock. Hie proceeds of the
{fame will be donated to the
King's Daughters Hospital.
A good game is promised as
there are several ex leaguè stars
on the Factory team and the
Stonewalls are composed of the
fastest youngsters in the city.
Duke formerly of the Waycross,
Georgia League team will hurl
for the factory men. Shultz
will receive his variegated shoota
•ad quirks. Strikeout Wall and
tatty Johnson will bend them
' over for the town boys. Upshur
will backstop. As both teems
have some good players an op
afforded not only to
In see
) the ]
TheMcShane Cotton Co.
We wish to mil attention to tho ad
vert|aemnot of the MeBhsne Cotton Co.
This 6rm has unlimited credit end re
ran roes, snd are prepared to adveooe to
plentere end fermere desirous of bold
leg ootton whenever the market Is de
pressed eel fall vaine esanot be obtain
ed for same.
First Natiosi) Bank Statement.
We direst special attention to the
statement showing the financial eoodl
tlon of the First National Bank of Green
wood, published to this bane of Tho
Commonwealth. TMs staunch InaUtp.
-—— #
Fresh new fine of Plain and
fancy Hosiery for FaM
Winter wear cm be found at;
wUC W® DUiy X0T8* l/T COUfSC
• , -,Vl
An Interesting Little Story Succinctly Told in Three Brief and
Clever Chapters.
1. Row, in the days of James the Beau
tiful whose surname was Vardeman,
and who was the Mighty Ruler of
Orest Country by the Fathers
2. There wm in that Country, a Pow
erful Clan which had theretofore
Governed its Institutions, and Grown
Fat thereon ;
8. So much an, that thn People every
where Murmured und said, "Lo,
These have Greedily taken more
than Just share ; let Them be east
ont and Others pnt In Their Plaees
we have No More of Them."
4. Therefore, being Importuned ae to
do -and because he Remembered
Certain Things-Jamea the Beautiful
raised his Voice unto the Legisla
tors of that Country and said,
6. "Let ns Smite the Clan both Hip and
Thigh, and Drive Them out."
0. And so they did.
7. And the Pie Counter, the Blind Tiger
and divers other Dark Rendezvous
whloh had Known Them so long,
knew them Not Again.
8. So, in that wise, it rame to pass,
thst tbs hands of the Powerful Clan
were against the Mighty Rnler, and
the hand of the Mighty Rnler was
against the Clan, even unto the end
of his reign, and aver afterward,
9. Now, the Leader of the Powerful
Clan was Anse the Discreet, railed
the "Big Man": and he was the
Whole Push with his followers, for,
with them
10. His Word was Law.
11. And, behold, the time drew nigh
when the Soepter should depart from
James the Beautiful, (or, so it was
written by George, the Great Law
Giver, in the Book called the Con
stitution, that
12. "The Succession Mast Change
Srery Fourth Year."
18. Bat, while this Event was yet s long
way off, Anse the Discreet called
together his Captains of Polltios to
Take .Counsel how they might, by
Stratagem, by Flank Movement or
Forced March, take the Citadel of
Power oaoe more, and
14. Regain Their Lost Estate;
16. For he was a leader never yet
Caught Napping when the Pie Coun
ter, or the fellow "wltb the goods
on him," was within Five Handrad
Days March of bis Kaneb.
10. And the chief thought of the confer
ence was, Whloh one of several Qual
ified Faithfuls, there present, would
be most Suitable to put Into the
Forefront of Battle (their names do
not matter now!)»
17. And sinoog all time Contesting
there for Availability and Selection
was one Earl the Eloquent, alias,
The Boy Senator.
18. But, behold, there was also another
of the Powerful C|an, mqre Subtle
even than Earl the Bloquent, in tlje
eyes of the "Big Men," who was
called tbe Truly Wise, alias, T**p
Wooderfn) Judge- railed a|so by
Charlie tira Braye, (ago,
19. Now Anse tbe Discreet loved this
One more than he did any of the
other»; not, forsooth, because he
would the more readily bend the
Pregnant Hinges of the Knee, but
because |w considered him the more
able to serve tbe Purposes of the
20. And be therefore Diseonntod the
Claims of Bari the Eloquent, bemuse
be understood not the form and
and plausibility of Me efforts.
!l. He wonld pot allow the Traly Wise
to Contend before Him and the Cep
tains tor the Privilege of Standing
fer the aneraasloa, bot held Mm ip
a Background, ip order that he
ht be selected with bettor graoe
at the Physoologiral Moment, and
not only be a Wire Choira, bat »lap
not leave any Wounds apon the mam
bars of the Otee to be healed there.
12. Therea f ter, «has, ae Arbiter Ba
Mos (T), he agate railed tha Chptatos
I nge Mur, with sll the would-be Ap
plleene of the Cba, Madly, bet ffim
ly, Rejeetteg sU the oMrasa, he Tra*
lenity pointed «e the Truly Wise paff
32. «The« art the Msai Stood (turn Pd.
sad Let as Osjl
der, ell ye
e elope
Hlm» lot he
/-him who gras toto Mm
•gtt this Mae he Massif, zed whose
BriUtoaey b hpewp of every mag,"
*** *■' jret
toea Oetoglre-a the Pte Coaster by
Su also did
nslwa^Awame «OMP — — -P
»www2M mmmwwiB HM 8EE H |
,-, . -
Scrlbo, from the ter Up-Coentry.
26. And they all kpow the "Old Enemy"
referred to by the "Big Men," to be
Charlie the Breve, of the County of
Boliver, who had ano ozao od his pur
pose to stand for the Succession of
Juras tbs Beautiful: sad, like Saul
of Old,
M. They trembled at the Mutton ot His
IT. And they all, save Bari the Bloquent,
Prostrated themselves before the
Truly Wise, pledging Him their
Mighty Inffoenae,
1«, For they Well Emit be would re
member them with something more
Substantial than Empty Honors,
when he sbonld Gome tote Ms King
29. Bat Earl the Woquent said: "Lo, 1
am tricked: l am Despoiled of my
SO. "I was the Boy ftopatar, the Right
Arm of the "Gang," the Stop and the
Support of the "Big Man," before
the Truly Wise was thought of|
31.1 shall Stand Against Mm, and Ap
pui to the People In my own
02. And Woe to him, end, Won to him
that onlled hiihi for he shall bn re
jected of the People."
811. And the Boy Senster went ap from
that Conference wltb Bora Tee thst
bnrt him all tbe way to tbs top of
bis head.
84. And sorrow fell upon (be Clam and
many of them, murmuring, said,
are Undone—'A
Against Itself
have thrown away the) brat 'sard' In
onr deck."
35, But Anse tbe Dieoreot said, "It la
not ao, that we have lost himi far
how ran Any One MeQloag bold ant
agsiimt tbe CRn, i
36. "After n bit we win »log him sgato
into the fold—Drat, by u little Cb**>
tlsement; then, when ha has recog
nized hie loet Condition, hy Feeding
hint well,"
87. After that they «era all Comfortedi
for they knew Anse the Disoreet to
he a True Evangelist, and that no
member of the Clan bad ever Per
sistently allowed Principle to stood
between him snd Pie,
31. Bat, still, there were some members
of the Clea in the Conference, snd
many outside of it, who Disregarded
tbe Choice of Anae the Disoraet, and
Clova unto tbe Boy Senator through
out the Campaign,
\ Hons«
Oannoé I
1. Now, behold, besides the Traly Wise,
Karl the Bloqnent and Charlta the
Brave, there were yet Three Others
in that Oonntry who aspired to the
Succession of James the Beautiful,
L Emmet the Spanker, Edmond tbe
Pleasant, and pptoq ffcp Handsome;
6. Bqt pqe of tye Six, ap«p the Truly
Wise qnd B*rl tfc* (Hnqqeqt-fyur
((weg spy 4)|egjanpe Whatever to
t|ie powerful Clan;
4: And, altogether, there were Many
thousands In that Oonntry who had
never Bowdeff flown to Mia Modern
5. Now, the people loved Emmet the
Speaker, though they hared him with
seme Indifference, bocanse he was
Tun Mild for the Hunting, and W*.
Overshadowed by his neighbor, Char
lie the Brava,
«. But Rarl the Eloquent was Ml« Htorw
Petrel of the Campaign- fanning the
Politisai Waters with Fory, aad en
deavoring to drown the others be
neath their Mad Waves,
T. He premised to brat tbe frrabetobope,
to Drive opt Mte Dago, aad to Re
serra the Desirable Delta Leads as
an Inheritance for the White man
from the Rills; also, to Rraons the
Psopls trap» Mis Octopus, sod Its
Partner, Cbsriie tbs Brave»
t Bat csid nothing shout Visiting Pun
lahmen» upon Any Individuals, onao
sooth, Be Wmrte* Their Yals*
A And Many B sSo r id to Mm. tor tho
Time Being.
10. Bdmomi the Plwraaat seme torth al
so, to tie seney disparition, mode s tly
WkstN« Had Already Dmra to the
Psopls, epd sn qp Ereeet of What he
wnqM Ontofnps to Da end Be.
U. And thb reared of IHmaad Mm Pleas
ant Plainly Vwwed—Ip » wny that
ope who might Em OopMEeed-eo
Mal S Wayfaring Map, though p
1A That he hnd, bom kb My Manhood
ap, to Both masses of tho lagMatare,
1A And that ho had made SeeriSraa of
the Aggregations of Wealth to Pay
their just share of taxes, and obey
the lawsof the land.
14. That he belonged to no Clan, no Ca
bal or Clique, had Worn no Other
Man's Collar, had Bowod Down to no
Boas, or responded to anyutber sense
of Duty exoopt His Conscience, and
Recognized no Political Authority of
Control except the lnatructiona Re
ceived from the People themselves.
J6. And lie came still Preaohing tho
Dootriae (Strange to Some Ears!),
that the People should have the
right to Choose All Their Servants
and ought pot to he Tricked Out of
This Right Forever by Anse and bis
10. And because of hi* Affability, Indus
try, Honesty and Bravery, as a True
Servant of the People, Groat Multi
tudes Believed in Him, and Flocked
to his standards,
IT. And, behold, as the Campaign Wax
ed Hotter, and Hotter, it became
Manifest tu all Politicians that the
Truly Wlao Could Not Win, notwith
standing His Learning, because be
was "One of the Old Bine Hen's
Chtokena" a born arlstoorat; and,
11. With the rapidity of a Wireless Mes
sage, and the Facility of Thought
without conscience "All the
mainlng Members o( the Powerfu
Clan, from Head to Heels, 'Switched'
their Personal and Pulitioal Pulls to
the Boy Senator, of the bruised heel,
II. And thereby landed him into the
Seoond Primary, right up ander the
Shadow of the llig Vote whloh had
bean given Edmund the Pleasant as
» free Will Acknowledgement of the
Servioea He had Performed for
IQ. All the other Aspirants being left
upon the Shoals of Primary Defeat
although some of their rsoes
remarkably strong ones, and Gave
Evideons of a Hold Upon the People
which most be reoknned with in the
daya that are to noma,
IL Therefore, the Final Tug of War
name an between Edmond the Pleas
ant and the Boy Senator, and Em
phasised, more than ever before, the
one living, dominant, all-pervading
question I Should the Powerful Clan.
Through the Person of Earl the Elo
quent, He Given » New Lease of Pow
eijf Or, Sbonld the People through
their Repreeentatives, shape and
control Fntnre Political Power, In
thla State»
21. It was the Clan, Lined up to a Man,
(or Earl the Eloquent Against the
People Flocking to the Standards of
Edmond the Pleasant
20. It was the Past Good Seryioes, and
a Positive Knowledge of tho Future
Good 8ory(ces Unhampered by any
Cabql or Faction, or any Predatory
Political Coptrol of Edmond the
Pleasepf, OQ Ml« ope |»fipd, Und, the
Mere protnireq of gar| the Eloquent,
Hampered, Hlfthlod and Controlled
by a Dictatorship beginning at Anse
the Discreet and extending through,
and ramifying among, the members
of the Powerful Clao ail over the
State, to all of whom he must
hqowledge obligation In ease of his
sqpoeas in the Second Primary, and
who desired, above all things, as all
Men Knew,
24. T« return to that Pla Dispensary
from which their Evil Deeds, and the
Strength and eouraee of James the
Beautiful, had driven them (acta
they Could not Conceal strive ss
they aright to Deoeive the People.
**• And, behold, they tried the "Braized
Heel" end "Ploy Boy" racket again,
when tbs "Boy Senator" cry had
spent its Ineffectual foroe) but Ed
mond the pieaaant bad alto plow
ed, and bad sears upon his feet.
2*. They also preached the "Early Pov
erty end desolation" condition of
their candidate; bat, behold, Edmond
tbe Pleasant had been educated in
ths School of «Herd Knocks" from
Me lafsqoy ap, end mot thorn with
Courage sod Manly Da termination.
27, So It osonrred, Dm the Beginning
' unto the Nadine of the Onmpnlgn,
thst Edmond the Pleasant was ex
aelled by the Bey Senator, more thee
eaythtog else, if not only, to the a
beee end lonnoodo sod Vituperation
which the Letter heaped upon His
Qppopapta end tho InstltaUmra ho
itln WP M« , aeaklag thereby, to Whirl
M. Aa if the Tthase talee of Troth had
ever here Wind-Swept, or tho Coo
hy Boned tog Brass aad Tinkling
1. Xsw, behold, whre ths Stoaogth aad
» «"*««* » «s amp.
The Recent Double Primary Has Brought Mississippi a More
Wholesome Regime.
A Jackson special, under date of August 21th, makes tho following pertlnei t
comments on the results ot the recent primary elections in Mississippi :
"The voice of the majority of the people with a vote, who exorcised tho prlv
liege of using that veto last Thursday, will result in Bonding to the chair of the
chief executive of Mississippi a man who is in every way entitled to the honor
which his fiillo v o fcz »n
iiav* c » iftApce l ujk)
give to tho staU a sound, wise and conservative administration. The victory of
Mr. Noel is full of significance and means that atfltatlve, votegetting claptrap,
which was a significant feature of tho recent campaign, before each of the
primaries, is not
hi n an I on
wh) will
popular or effective under tho primary regime,
ai it was under tho old ^ conviction system. It means, too,
that tho days wlion mon could ho caught and their allegiance hold by auch clap
trap as has Imen prominent in tho rood it campaign are retired and their methods
along with them, and that whatever may*ho tho defects in and tho objections
tho double nominating primary, the démagogue loses out and tho safe and
and conservative holds sway.
"Mr. Noel went into the contest in 190.1, bolng the first man to definitely an
nounoo, and from the ond of that year, to and throughout the following year, he
continued actively at work, never going Into winter quarters or losing himself as
factor in tho no. He has und» a chan an! p irdsso it oanvm, (rao from pyro
technics, and with one or two notabio exceptions, and even then the fireworks
wore none of his starting, lint rathor originated among his more zealous and im
pulsive followers,
"The press of tho »dato and even tho paper* that wore more outspoken in
their support ot Mr. Brower, or to othord who wire In ths oanvass, bothjprior to
and following the first primary, are generally falling in line and congratulating
the state on the outcome. Mr. Brewer, as every one has had opportunity to dis
oovor, Is a brilliant man and one who would hold Ills own in any company, but it
has been decided that ho will do to hold onto ami koop in sigiit as an asset for
the future, and should ho cultivate the strength acquired and Improve by study
and experience tho standing whiuh ho has attained in tho state as a result of the
oampatgn, ho will lie a power to reckon with. This Is based on tho supposition
that tho man from Ooaluira », tho "bare-fo ited h iy", will in futuro avoid any suoh
entangling and, as it seoms, dostractlve alliances as those whioh shone as a fea
ture of his recent campaign, and especially the last two weeks. Mr. Ilrewer has
contended all along that he was not I lentlll id with the MoLinrins, or with any
other clan or ollqno, hat the surface Indications went to disprove thst conten
tion, and those with eyos open cuuld see for themselves and take note.
"But the presa is together they are united in congratulations to the man from
Holmes upon his most signal victory, anil to the "bare-footed boy" on the splendid
run that he has made."
Forces of Good and Evil had
themselves upon the Public Mlud,
the Momorablo Contest we have
lined, and tho Smoke had cleared
away from the field of Political
nage, the body of Kajl the Eloquent
was borne off the grounds by
Weeping Members of the Powerful
Clan, with Anse the Disoreet as
Chief Mourner In the Procossion
2. While Edmond tho Pleasant, the
and tried -Siiilling now more pleas
antly, if possible, than evor bofore,
with his Standards Horne Aloft
been overwhelmingly Called by
People to the Sueuosslon of James
the Beautiful.
8. For the Sober, Matured Thought
the Groat Maaaos of People can
ways bo Helled Upon to Arrive,
ally, At the right Conclusion.
4, And the lleign of Edmond the Pleas
ant, whoso Surname was NOEL,
Peaceful and Happy, and during
time tho People of that Country
were Bless«»! with Au Abundant
6. For he executed tho Laws Faithful
ly, Wisely aqd Justly to tho Rich
and tf\ i |»uor, to the Proud and
liuinble; so that No Man, then
thereafter, evor said Aught Against
Him, for tlniy whom he served Were
Blessed Among Men, Peace, Prosper
ity find Happiness Wore ovor
fi. And, beheld, a* pesos Is Hotter than
War, so, neither, tho Brawler, or
Clan, has Any PI so« In the Govern
ment, for his eleotlon would only
Perpetuate the Quarrels of himself
and Clan, oven as the Drunken man
in the Streets of the City disturbs
the Peace of tho Poople because
"excess of wine." Yea, even more
so; because the latter may be locked
in Jail to sleep away his orgies, while
tbe former may aontinuo His Mean
ness At Will.—Vicksburg Herald,
for The King's Daughters.
On Tuesday, Sept. 3rd, the King's
Daughters will be in charge at H.
Raines' soda fountain (rum 2 to
o'clock in the afternoon and 7
10:30 at night. The entire sales
the fountain among these hoars will
be given them by Mr. 8. L. Raines,
the genial proprietor. The young
ladies of the Circle *fi) be In attend
ance to wait on patrons at ths tables,
while Mr. Ja«. Duke, of Chatta
nooga. Tenn-, who la an expert
mixer of soda drinks and ioe cream
oonfeotlons will be in charge back
Ute oountor. No one should fall
visit the store on this day and help
the Kings Daughters.
Be sure to see the smart
designs In Ladies Tailored
Shifts and Shift Waists, or the
fastest growing store
Greewood. FOUNTAIN'S.
You Can Get the Best
drinks to tbe city at S. L. Reines' foun
tain. Served in a style thst will plosae
Now is the best time to buv
the Children's Clothes, a fuÜ
«ne of fa« P
aad Mid Slating- 1
Reoeived Thursday from Carroll Ce.
and Sold for 20c. Per Pound*
The first baleof this season's crop was
received in Greenwood on Thursday,
August 29th. This bale was raised by
W. C. Campbell, of Carroll county,
classed Strict Middling ahort staple,
and was sold (or 20 oents per pound.
The receipt of the "first bale" in this
section is the opening of the business
season with our merchants snd cotton
buyers, snd the outlook to r trade this
fail and winter is pretty good.
Greenwood has s large number of tho
staunchest cotton bayera snd cotton
factors In the State, and producers can
rest assured thst they can get the very
best prices for their cotton In this mar
ket to be obtained anywhere.
The Misses Luckett Entertain.
Without any hraitanoy whatever the
guests of the Misses Luckett's enter
tainment on last Friday evening pro
nounoed It the meet enjoyable party
that has been their good fortnne to at
tend for some time. Miss Dominick, a
most oharming and gifted yonng lady of
West Point, was honored, snd her many
fins traits of character won for her a
host of friends and admirers. This cool
and pretty home was thrown open and
the atmosphere was certainly a homely
one. The parlors and ball were tastily
decorated in red and white and
many hearts were strong over tbe
rooms. Many tobies were dotted over
the hnnso and a lew games of hearts
were thoroughly enjoyed. The ladies'
prize was won by Miss Ssllie Steele: the
gentleman's prize fell to Mr. Perry
Dennis, and Mr. John Killian Pettey ent
for tbe consolation. Mr. Jamse Gordon
Gillespie, who was "not In It",
awarded the booby. After the award
ing of prizes, everyone took a swim In
pnnob. Another feature of the evening
waa the delightful musical programme.
Mise Mettle Learie Laokett sang "Love
Me and the World la Mine" In bar usual
oharming way. This waa followed by a
few vocal selections from Mr. Duke.
They were next treated to Mr. Perry
Dennis' "Cannon Ball". "Will Yon Love
Ms in December as Yon Do in May" waa
next rendered by Messrs. James Gordon
Gillespie, Robert Povtwood, Gay Has tor
end Perry Dennis. The bet end the
beet were tbe renditions of Mbs Mat
eye Oieooe, who always rales wU'„ the
Ivories. A delightful beert-creem-end
rake course wee served by Mesdames
Laokett, Hontes end Peel to e eharming
manner. Dancing was next indulged In,
and many ants were enjoyed. At 12:8S
o'clock the enjoyment rame to an end.
the guests departing with fend memo
rise of the good Mmes deeply imereg
nued in their hearts sod minds, The
guests numbered sixty-two.
On Tuesday, S*lMfc<r 3rd.
The King'* (laughters will be lu charge
of Raines' Bode Fountain from 2 to 6 p.
m . nod 7 to 10:80 p.m. The satire sales ■
will be given the Circle,
popelar store on that day aad furthM
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