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Democratic banner. (Bowling Green, Pike County, Mo.) 1845-1852, February 01, 1845, Image 1

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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"Salls rttfui.1, surer;; lh isro.
A. J. FIClXS,-rbUher.
:;-.-EaWLING-iUKEN, PIKE COUNTY, M, SATURDAY, FEim.U,!tY 1,.l84r,:
Volume 1.
Nninlier 1.
S. f
1 i
! V
1 f i
XT dnesday, January 29
TO THE FlCI-tl".
Having purchased the "Radical" office,
ihn subscribers have commenced the
publication of a paper i Bjow ling-
Green, under the name of the Dlmo-
.nine IUssir. It will be thoroughly
.Irmocratic. and we hone o render it
acceptable to the entire democracy f
LriYifMii - ill oN !,. !
already made iif-.uitr "tinks. : Ir
. ' -:v. : : iv , -, ' .
nj union,
ttror,TiYrriTiAr;;1.n nnit
tii.i u n v iii:ui " win l t vmi-
''ftia'Hto tlie.encThV;-: .Let us calmly sur- j
prouud'-an bWready for the j
-t'fefrr ao-rtSntiperioa -ii at
5 1 -.-j,-,1 l
' handi e Wi'rational and I
' ' m. inv T.
Sim&b the comW
. aduitfrtMrati.i'n arcto e agitated, not on-1
IviiTl the creat questions wliich have
cver xliidcd the democratic and the
whig parties; bul.plhrrs which we be
liee vilallv conchrn fhe naftbn; while in
our own St;Tl6'r.ie.greatuestions of
. Districting, of amendifcg-he Constitu
tion, &.c, are qjiating flie people to an
, extent hitherli unknown. TJiis, then,
is an importait period in l!;e history of
our n.ilion. 1 peiiod fraught with is
kiies ifi w hid all must feel a deep and
(.biding jMenst..
At is inirtant period we fling our
banner to thf I -eeze, and call upon the
de-noerats of Tike, to present an unbro
ken frui t totlic enemy.
The Eiiitfriul department of the Ban
ner u ill be uu.lcr the immedia'e direc
tion c N.P, Minor, (latef of Troy,) of
livttng thef , wtio wilt bo runMamly
of the pVooffe'or of the pacr;. v hich
fact, it is hyd, wl reader it the more
acceptable to the citizens uf Lincoln
comity. 1 i:e Mechanical department
vvi!l be ptrticularly attended toby A.J.
I ickeiiSjlhe other pripriet.ir.
Jj Ve "end our paper (o the sub
seril ersof the Radical and will be much
pleased ;f they will continue to take it
for we rapect to live l.y our subscrip
tion. Jut if they are unwilling to do
o, they cjjii kid it up and. fend it back
to the effice, and it will be discontinued. 1
V"e alst. send it to a few of our personal
friends who, we hope, will take it; but
if not, they can send it back, and no
lierm will be done.
liar. James B. liowlin, has very re
cently delivered an aide and highly in
teresting speech, in liie House of Rep
resentatives upon the annexation ques
tion. If there be any person so blinded
and misguided Ly parly prejudiecc, as to
l ave tver doubted the cynitilutio-.nalily
of this measure, we refer tl.cm to the re
marks of Jui!ge Bowlin he eiles the
case of Nojlk Carolina, wjio did not par
llcipate in the first.. deliberations of the
country, ttftervve hadlhmvn off Urilish
'. allegieice. Ste.vlas a free, indepen
dent and soverctgn'statc she had her
own ports, collwtfedlvcf svvn dus; and
stood In precissjjiiV-sanc position to-
, wards the old orttrnal. states, as Texas
does tvardiiJsV (i flcr the eleotion of
. en. ashingtoir,to Uie first Presfdeney,
she .was dmi.t!pr. ihio tlrL'i'ion. There
was the, i" ho CBtftu'u'oiaffcohjcction
w by' iluj'ijld llicre le.no N
Th whole speech' of Ju'dge Bow lin is
replete with nound unaniwcrable argu
ment; tuch as might come from a dear
sighted slalesinan, and ve only regret
our inability to give1 It at.lergth in our
' columns. " V
Th hull of Cspt. Gunerpn's .new
uoai, us just been launthed. She has
countenance to the !ty.ks of either por-! "rS: the old Hero forward in the causc- Leen passe(, ly hc Louisi!lIia Legisla- o( the of Lturel 'Klb k,Mltllll,llie1111! millions worth of To
Jiotiof our p'aon the others but wili;ot. ,iis country, although life's I"'P !ture, where the-whigs are in a inajori- is about to lall a victim to 'thc'stl on-1 JfCL'-lwo millions vvorth o.f Rice,
f.dlhhillv endeavor Inclose the'lreSilCem to' be almost fickerillff in the sock. ,v Will i.p la n nlm, K.m,inr Jure arm of the ont.ressnr. nn hand must ; ,iVC -t""f' " " ,"ucl' ' US New Etlg-
bceu zhristentd la CUde. Everv indi-,at
viduin this community InoWs and re-
i remujrs he polite and gillanl Captain i
oftheQuincy; the Rosate, and last, i
i j thougl not least, the prttv lillce Die f
M We auicipate much plcasiro in "riding
, s.r rv vpi..u
ktever vnn iifili...1.- i
! . i " 1 Tr ' I
verem; but consider w,U befo, ,,
- j--
. 'e publish the following letter
from the enerable sage of the Hermit
age it rnvy pe rchance he his last ad-
: vice to his confiding countrymen his
health lias been gradually declining for
several months, and he is now so enfee
bled as to be confined to Ills bed. Bui
l''e Mine mighty and indomitable spirit
liich actuated the "man of Iron" upon
,lie of Orleans.and more recently
' tI": ferce e"a 'deidle onslangh
n.fcdc upon him by the mynnadons of a f
rotten ana corrupt l.uk, seems b.iil lo .
. ...
i. : i. ...,t
""t'i rui. -
: r
Dancr. Lr m:iv be called to the boscm of
a -
'-nt in "sack cloth and ashes", their
tardiness in consuming the favorite
".eusure of the American people.-
- ri i -ii .i ,
Tllere '"'' this purpose be-
f-relhetwo Huu.es; like Judge Bow-
we have our preference but not it
"r preferences endanger the safety of
the tntasure. We wish to see the bright
banner of the "Virgin Province" en
twined and made a part of our "tars
and stripes." In the- Uncuacc o) the
gifted .Yancey, we desire to see our
couutrv an ';Oeean bound Itcnnblie.''
provided we can effect this bv honora-
bio means. Let evcrv one, whi- or
democrat, ponucr upon this letter:
IiHMiTAiE, January 1, lb ID
.y uttir . wr. uiuip i cainioi loroear.
nr. i .... il iw i ,
on tins first d.v oi the vear 1SJ.", to let
you know that I am still in the laud of
the living, although greatly afiiictcd and
debilitated. Mv whole familv iuiii . mc
in kind salutations to you and yours,
wishing you the joys of the season.
May you all live to see muiiy happy new
years. I otisrrve that tu have t.efurc Cuii-i
grass too many joint resolutions fur the
re-annexation of Texas. This argues
wantot unanimuy n the IJemocraev up
I taut Mihject
on litis great national and most nnpor-
.J . 1
I have jn-t received from I
Mainr l).n..Unn. ii l..or ,1 .t.l .v.
ington, in Texas, from which I would in-
ler, tliat it Congress expect to
Texas to the United Slates, they
act specpily, or it w iil be fjund to be be
yond our grasp. The rejection of the
advances of Texas has given offence to
some, and a handle to others to press the
liberal propositions of Kngland upon the
Texans, together with the splendid view
of Texas independent, growing into a
vast Republic, in tiineio embrace not on
ly the limits of Texas, 1 ut all the do
main once Montezuma's.
Ti .is view to ambitious aspirants, add
ed to the guaranties uf Kngland of her
independence, and the loan ot large
sums fur ten years, based upon a treaty
that English manufactures shall be free
of duty, is gaining a party in Texas.
General Houston is still the leading star;
and his influence can alone be counted
upon to resist the present influence of
Liiglaiid and its increasing power. How
long this influence of England can be
successful withstood in Texas, is becom
ing a very questionable matter. I have
taken a view of the whole eronnd. civ-
en to all information its' due weight, and
I say to you that, unless Concress acts
upon this subject promptly, Texas will
be beyond our grasp, and lost to the Uni
ted States forever, unless regained by
the sword. What will be the situation
of our country, with British manufac
tures introduced duty free into Texas?
Comment is unnecessary.
I I hazard nothing in saying that, if the
present congress do not act pron ptly
upon the subject, the next will not have
the power. The consent of Texas can
noMhen be obtained. d'rejU Britain will
bar laid the lion's paw upon her, and
bound her by treaty. .
' I am exhausted; but, from Major Dori
clson's letter, and other sources vif infor
mation," the "danger of losing Teas
seemed so imminent, that, although fee
ble, I Could not forbear to sav thi much
to you, that you wight cunujiiiricate it
to my friends. May God bless you and
If- We see it stated in the New Or
leans papers that Francis Coombs'; son
of Gen. Leslie Coombs, of Kentucky,
and one of the prisoners "confined so long
an,a Fc' was s,lot n the neiKhbor-
ft001 m9 plantation in the psrish of
Po,nt Coupee, on the 31st of December,
y oneof. hi neighbos, named George
O'Bicmis, with whom he had .had some
difficulty. The murderer was arrested..
Abstract of Deaths iir St.
for the week eiidinr Januafv 9nk
Til I St- or I. .. u. T !. s
1 J v.ti0 A V-
o.'r '
. vmuuiic viirist Lauren i:
Mott.ntic a. Ti,.,:..i
Cov. Edwards has pardoned the ubo- j
litionisl Work, who was sentenced to.
the penitentiary about three years since ;
lor assisting, in the qscape of negroes
from Marion county. Mis punishment ,
was fixed at nine vcars.
Has been elected V.
er, (Whig
. His opponent was Coop- want. He is permitted to despoil her j n:i vvhicli f.e sees - takinji i-lare". of I ,.,i n;
y "t her peace of mind, and of the means wluch-he is a member. That oues-L,i
b . ,
0 disobev the wi loftlieir ."nnslltlliTitsr
m. -t 1. . r i... ji. i it
nr il ifjiiu wh i m inr .a. wrrr wniti f fiinxp
al .IsscmLly convened, Tiiat itjs their de-
liberate opinion, that a majority
ffl L LU,S,,I,,.U Me .1ot ,of ,e
immediate annexation uf lexas to the
UlliLll Sta, , . , f , and
tutioiml means. Prlridtd. it liMinula -
h. r , nv...; I r
iir an iuia-
. . 1 1 . ..ii.i i , i -i
stiali enjoy all the riiihls and tirivileL'es
now secured to that nortion of terrilurv
ceded by France to the United Slates . in-
dejth. name of Louisiana, and King tJ Pra'1 '."c Pra'cr 01 8 ,nurclia' V -
southof 36 30i,orih latitude. ' bjw" etHoned him for the removal ol
AVore.-c, That the Governor be ; "r'a.u natural obructions to the nay,-,
, re'iusled lo ,ra"-a I'y uf ,llese re
solutions to each of the Senators .and j
. ... ' . '
' I nniirrSI'lllMllV'iX III ( .iTxrrocc lr.lln In,..
. . ".i ... i " "i
' milled to both Houses ol Congress.
iniii.., .um mri tirsi t idi i ci ut: iuu-
in i..b.s..u..re ofI.ouiMa:.a,hast..us:Vctej-1 tl c ir rigt.ts by legislative en-'in moJer.i funo. Under itseffect the , tel! ! Mcchinery and constantly in
laken a patriotic stand cn this grtct Am- j actmcnt? If a law can be passed, which j bgrdened and opprrssed SquiK, con-' creasing population, and rapidly ren-
incan measure. 1 will shield them and their 'imnrrlv from 1 Sf.iilllS ol her sili. i:ii'm. ;infl ..fihaut ll dprinir lnhnr mnre nn.t mnm rnlno.
...... -I--J--j -
The New Orleans Tronic, a zpahm
tug paper, ss:
'"Our readers will learn
sure, thalthe House of ReprescntaiiveH
yesterday adopted ,he re Jution. irUro-
duccd by Mr. Comnbell. of Naii hitnr.i.
en in favor of the Annexation of Texas,
by the decisive vole of "dS ayes to 1G
' ,r- t''p!,iiri resolutions
brace a proviso, assuring the people of
Texas the same right., privileoes and
immunities as were allowed to the peo
lo .rtli. Tnrrii......e I .
I . rl... -r : . r i . .
: K"- .. . w.uorj o, ;ou.siana. under
the Treaty of Cessinn. In other
!" prociio pnarantees the rristei,
j l"rer'J '" a11 ,! at r"-" vf?tx South
' nf VAl il.nrnAc 4(1 V..rfli !..:... I I I
v ''", which
is the line of demarcation adopted in the
-Missouri compromise. I he people uf
the South, particularly tf Louisiana, arc.
without distinction party, in favor of
Annexation, Lcrause oi the
sccuritv it
wiu ensure to tlie institutions of i!,,.
II . . . .
i?ouwi. it lexas is annexed, it must tip
t .1 i. n . . .
as a siaveiioitlmg
or not at all."
country, or country,
The Commercial
hit; paper, says:
Bulletin, another
"It is proper to remark in connection
with the proceedings of the House of
Representatives, which we publish else
where, that the vr.te iu favor of Mr.
Campbell's resolutions, declaratory of
the sentiments of the people of this s'tate
wilh tegard to the annexation of Texas,
would have been still larger than it was,
except a considerable number of the
wannest friends .of Annexation, prefer
ring, the unconditional resolution report
ed by the minority tf the committee, vo
ted against Mr. Campbell's substitute, in
the hope to bring up and carry the ori
ginal proposition. A degree of unani
mity quite remarkable, it will, therefore,
be seen prevails in the House of Rcprc
:iuidiiirj un uiiB-iopic. jn opinion
auopicu oy so general a
me immediate Keprescntativcs of the
people, deserves, and will no doubt,
r. v
creisc. creat influrnre ullli flm
1 ! ' " s rvilUlVIS
and representatives of the Stale in the'
Federal Legislature." !
tsrnriiiL' W'aa l. : i
who had been residing in our city a -
mji, ui near iwo years, ne was a
Cooper by trade and had followed
tliat business here for a livelihood.
Iioouville llrsister. '
Win; Co.st Johnson has introduced
resolutions into the Maryland I-egis-latuio,
in (aver of the assumption ff
State debts bv the General Govern-
. ' un- .imii ii i;tiiied IO.-"" ......1., ijiicrsiiuii ui insiie ue
find ourselves under the disagreeable i 'r'r 'lieunrons.titut.ionalily of the char
necessity of recording the .unhappy ler of the-Hank, has been decided in
demise of Mr.' Samuel Work, a pen- lilvor f tlie 'Kank. It will be taken
lleiniih from Brown count v. (hio. to the Supremo Court of the United
mcnt. As the Whigs need hobbies, lerntorial charter was not valid -
they can ride Assumption'nnd Nntiv- ' thtrefore, thatrharter is sustained,
ism for the next heat Reporter, i'l'e illegality of the State Cank will
' ; : .'ji'e established; on the contrary, if
. OCT A youn ladv astonished ,vnar-J le charter is set asidt tlie past one-
iy the other day by uskina for the
l . . r i rJ
loan oi a uiminuuve arsentons trun
cated cone convex on its summit and
semiperforated with synietrical in
dentations l .
' A fellow wilh a scolding wi'fe once
moved into a swamp where the dumb
agvf was prevalent. The experi
ment cured her.
'jT- '-i tle legi.slaturea" .bill has been
intrndm ed to secure to married women
their separate property, .the article
which -we clip from the Reporter "will
commend itself to every feeling heart.-
Truly woman has her rights and'he lis a
;tyrcnt who would withhold them from
,her.' .
'His victim must sufi'cr, not only from,
i .
: P' u 'cscuc mu iivii icsg, ue-
- i... !. t r 1
cause by the law
isui iiaiurc iiic oirrcs -
Mh of muscle-Mnewv
ei, ipjlVpickpocktt Iim acmnred
eel dexterity in ridding . stranger of
his money, no by-.tander should inter-
, 3 ' , 3 . . . ,
ere, became the unwary is by the laws
, 01 n.a,uro: "P?sca l? ",e V,le
- . . i c , .
enuiyanu iimnoncfi. nueii argiimenis
i are too sonhistical to need refutation. I
.. . , . . . ,i
u " M,nlljr 10 U'.M cnW 'Y an oia
; Pa!"s" monarcl., to justily his refusal
ciiiiiur n um iaceraif.ii aiieciions, uui iroin noverlvand . cconoiiin'ni. miiJ refumarv n hpnump-
wt,IVi, b.uiic unu uic panic iiiutr. : ri.in u .it m ii.r. nn(. .. ..
pauor oi iu incus "11 nanirt ha.l iiit;jT t , , .- ,
... I If t V!!i C1 U m Will:.. I ot.nra I nrliTn
tended tlie river to he nav pahlc. it
wniil,'. Lv m-.,t.. ;f ,n,n ..... ,i
" " " " u-
! perior in wisdom to nature itself." .
' . . .
I . c juetion to ue solved by the Leg-
uiniiir is rv mnvrum iiamiii
r,"n- w iiiicut dcstroyinK the rights of
I . I n- . I 1
others the e can be no exc use ior oppo -
sing 11. n oman 1 ns miictl entitled to
it,. I,,,f,i. f , .
lV,,i ;r , ,.iV... iK ii" '
I ?,1 ; ,,-Vfi.IX Ito lT,!
, - u.i r .i J- iparaiyzpti iiiiids cannot move. hr I rusi;i, had revolted; sod more re
to sFueld the weak from the opiiresiion i.i-i " , , .! .. . i .L . .i
of the strong then-the rights of women
should be no lorger disregarded
ruwv. of
cl.' r
it II ne is one
ipiaiitv ol char:
I mm ..IT..U;. . I i
t v ' " " ' ' ys U.e
i -"W of n i
i arui vi
i C
' k'iri i v.ol
manner.it betrays (tsrf through th
L ".
nm veil n. convent mn; ii
s' !si
ie. is,
I'Tlil lie.. !
cold :iiui sr-lhsl) ami repolsiv
ollcii ciuel
nun v.nuiruve. nnj us-e
n n .1 . I : I
. ,u tniuiy n:iireii. and lo
in means to cratii'v hatred, and ir,'
I iir.i(T'icfinrirptviin 1. ....I ...
I -11' w,.. . i , ...ui , l I-
1 .1 ... ,i i . -
! , ....iil, 1 1 avruif. Lii:itr?i
I i ... 1 1... . ., , . ,
. , in i-liiii-i-. iiu 1 i 'r in ;n i iml hit
sun of crnius firrl the d-iuirhter of
iter o.
xi ..vi'iiu-
mo. esty. nnd in our
nm 'iti.. i. ..1 ...a,.!... .... r. i .i . r ..
wh:c:. cast .,., n fl...,: i , , ..'
ix i.-iil, Tl . I ."l Mouth tliat derided ou! h that op
I's p.itli. I lie liomni'e whn- i is imv-- . i . . i i ,. .. . .
en to the rich, ki.ssp.ssps them mure'
strongiy with n sense of their
And vet tl. show. ..r ' ,.,
niilior -
1 1 . ; ., - . ."- ' ' '
in uir punt- oi iiio purse is hollow and
us. m nr. .xono sooner rejoice ,t ! .
trio ni'ni-tt.( , C 1 ... .si'
those who have dialled l" tiefitl: ir!
trlanc. In this country the uncer
lam tt nine id properly, "and tlie law
of distribution comminute the largest
fortunes, and visit ihe foible of the
latlitT tinon thn i-hi'.lrn I,,. il;r'
.ii.,.;r1il,o.i .l.;t;... i '.. -n -
i 1 1 r ... I- - . t
i.iiiinies now HVinc l.'l Ihnt piiv
. not
h the .an, position
Illinois I'anks. The VnrL
s,. . . , . ......
"""mjr.News oi the 9;h inst. says:
"TIm rase of the Hank of IHitioi-
... u'..,..i .... . I .1.. t. ..
i """"i mi iii.ii iu me Li. n. t il -
iiiif t.m-i iii. : i..
1 mtcs, where tlie question will be fi-
""".'.." ""-"- .
I Ins case involves liie constim-!
lionality of the charter of "the State
I'ankol Illinois. The Shawneetown
Mank was chartered under the Terri
torr. The Slate Constitution nro
vides ihat there shall be one Ilank in
the State, and "the .Slate Hank was
chartered under the belief that the
1 ration ofthe State Bank stands cood
Ihe existences of both charters i. ir.
violation ofthe State Constitution. ;
05" An excellent rule' or living
haphy in society is never to concern
one's self with the nll'airs of others
unless they desire it. Under pre
tence of being useful, people often
show more curiosity than kindness.
A Fiict and a Question ' "
The following condensed view' ot
the quantity and value of the staples
of the Southern Slates, ns given bv a
writer in -the Charleston Meicuay," is
well vvirthy theseii-ius consideration
ofevery patriotic sta'esfii;in. , The
qoejtiun thrus's itself'upon the af.un-
lion (ilthe most ehrggish intellect, as
lo'ihe'causes of certain commercial,
land, nenriv twice as much a il.e
. , , , . . .7 .
i . o -
,1,c ureal grain States ,.f the V st.
.niiiiiie riaiL'.s. cne ei:'hlh niuio ihan
ind, ol infiinn :oi n :kfon-,i!tiee I
dred millions ot" bushels cnnstnntlv
falin uff, in a n-ai" -fully iui-.reasiiij:
ratio,' in wtliliand power, vvhi'si ti:e
Nothern Slates, with '.nit the disad
vantages ola riL'orous c.lu
,i i . . . ,
si.-il, ami scaiitv production oi t!ie ve-
,v ,..;.., ;';,, ,. ,.,,.,,
in weaith and power. v nil a rapidity
, wealth and power. Willi a rni-iditv
j anj steadiness unexampled, in the hi.-
.1(rv 0i ajiy eounr v .' WTk is it, asks! injr and impartonce, all over Europe,
,;ie on(,,;iil;telm-in;'Vt.1v aiomrnloiu. The mnttps-tha
d h , T . , "waMntr. -the lal,orinr, rlnaW w
1 " . T . " . ..aiainn
of legislative oppression a history of
. . . , . . . - ... .
legislative wrong ami mj slice an ill-
' t.i i. t r . i ... 1
j '-""ceuun murine vi j-'iiaaer, under
111 i.rn . miimi :i t hi. i w r. r tn r-i no:
. ----- - . ...........
which are rriishinir her. stnu-ides in
I ' a I . -. ..
j vain. Like the "rnisi rable suflerer
i oppressed wish t innnluia nl.lt
! ," . .e-
sna cries n.r Help, nnd essays to lly
i ,rw,n. "Z but her
mil it m iwiiiiitT i.iii ii r i i i :i t- rus
soi mK iud lier prosimtc enen'ics at-
tact no svr
ltoof;r:she has been t!u:ed ti o!'-",
' ten; sin Iik trusted to ;l pei-fidioos
I legislative leli.ih-and her emh.oial
loi.ks evijence and t,,e ,VC)f. ,)(
lUMiiiii. .i (jLIIUC Ullli
htuh at her credulity and loss c?
power. i his is il.mrntrv Innum-,.
we know, an.l pr.ve nothing, jet itj
km freely illustrates the true cor.di-!
l ..c .1" , ,
, but dons not -"joy, this vast amount!
3 i ol w cidtli. Tlie people at brs have 5
s wiir cssed this unjust and uncipjea! I
slate of thiri'-s, and have said it uuis'
i.,Ll. pruaucn,
i . I. : . .
l, s ununi anil uncuuea!
. . ft' .. .
state of things, and have said it uuis'
Cl,:0m 'pliey !iave ..(...j ,ial tlere
j 8:a; .e a sysitem of equality and e -
3": .,,iat plundered:
iiuii; lllll lllli; OUUlil. sun
a. us ! r Si .ijiile and even hniilil iiw.
: .,.. I... ... .n . .u- -.
i ' .'s. enter into
; ire.
ity with those who have so Inmr
iepoiled lieful the nrli
but there is a pointof time, be-
- - s. . . s ,
)v ' endurance ceases to be
auiiactie, .iua supplication ends.
Tnoius W. IXihii Mes'srs. Tur
ner and Hordes held their third and
iwuu .i i. ci uouistrielabonnL'C biases in S esin. in nrl
i i ui inini'i'iAin i. f . .s. i i . i i 1
p, . . .. ,-, iT
1 he lather ol (..overnor IWr
in n.nW .. .il ..t.l.A
attie warderperSd
i t.i von h ho fr iIia st7 I A nr- !.... f
, I I 111 li..- o.i, I iiiAtlm. ... t& I I,:..,
.V.iN';, n mot',erj-k;teJi""jentifically taught; the systematic
he 13,1, oineceu.her last. . The fi-, aniza,ion 0f n
' "! :x"
lilrf! Illltl n.'iil that nurmieiinn
" -, "t -ii ittiir.nnn.finAvufi ih.'.i..... - c . l -
permission iw left
" 'i'l ..." .1. 1...
i hese are the only 'workmen from the hands of" the lartri,
e been minted; manufactures.' St. Louis Gaz.
, vi-ils
which havi
since Ins co.ninitnient on the 27ih of
dTed.' 8'14' dlK-'r " nW a-SUin
nmrt r 1 i...: -j 1
" , auuioiitreu u.Sjg.,.,1, pronouncin
7- V 1 . -"''o uuiipiiea by an Engl shman. Slenhen
to take the necessmv .iin f.,i- .!h I t . r, . ,.r,cP"en
I out writ, nl ermr from tlm S.i.,.I
r- "S'juucj was
-.., r ,u i: Z.' . 1 .
: associate ith theiriselves such others-. !
counsel, us they may deem expe -
.tfto .whose ent.re h.anngemei.t,
..eir.oiorr, ,s case is tronlided great dictf mary ofriur creat countrv
Preliminary steps for further proceed- fnan. Noah W-6,ter if k country
ings have already e Xn. A i ndard in iLt 'd ' " Ti1? ,
l etition for a writ of error has receir
ed the signatyrc of Governor Dorr.
Although Governor Dorr is much
enfeebled in body by his' confine
ment, ue- sustains, nimseit witn an e-
i . uiiuer an me atuictions-ot
I . ... 1 II .1 rtr,- -
I.iimf.nsk haul of Fisii. A seine
drawn on Point - Judith one day last
week, brought on shore between for
ty nnd fifty thousand Imss, being the
greatest haul on record. The fish
aer worth five or six thousand hi
lars. t rovufrnre JonrnaL.
Mr.' Edward Huta'wa. of St. Lmiin.
ha presnid to the. cenpraf niwin.
bly of iliw state very fnll- and com
plete rnip of Missouri.. 'Copies of
the map are pfncerlin the hN'of rep- "
resenta lives, and in the senate cham
ber, for the purpose of. 'nflbrding an
opportunity to persons who may de
sire u 1'xnmine it. llie man was
ed and printed in St. Louis,
w e ha ve been informed, prinl- -material
tjie nianufncturefor
stiHe. -.Members of the. legisla
and persons fiom ditlerent por
tions ofi!-.e state would do well to
encourage Mr. Ilutavva in the sale of
his" maps. If is said in be a very ac
curate publication; and being, as it
. i. the production of a citizen of our
' own sint should meet with a'gener
,u!l!al an ! lihrraJ patronapp.
v e iindeis-.and it is the intention
; of Mr. Ilutawa to spend the coming
j summer in travelling throuph the state
I lor the purpose of cettincr the neces-
-.te,su-rie,,,ary- information to enable him to
" . Miii'iiii.tiHiu n cuuuie linn ii
,.i i: u ,. . . , -
The IWlem of " Poverty is amus-
i i " ' r i i
lflrn III' 4.1 Hi-Xf 1 nrMl
- - - j i.ai,.u c, euu.w
where brenkin.likea turbulant flood.
me limits .whicft an unjust
.i .. t . mi
t.. ue. oppress on l.as erected, ine
l u J- ti iiiir Liuritrs. u.' 11 1 ennu i nrp-
les: and there is but e sin"?e
- - -
- from misery to guilt.
Sum mnnlht eini.. intn:l;Mna
- - .....
, was Drouglit us, irom abroad, that Uie
.rrus inces of IIAomi. and Sliesia, in
rruiii. vvh :i ih iiuii i.'ini 1 1 riixT
riI not vet quel'cd tliat the-millila-
the official reports made on them snow
thai the evil is much . more deeply
' rooted than at first appeared. It is
not the poor weavers alone who join
I I'VIH.' WI till UC3V.I IjJbltrii, iUW U"
'"f! are "uffirient to procu:e ilia ncc-
essarips of life. '-TIipp i nn nnrli-
san feelinp. no poliiibal rancor, no
discontent witli-the established forms:
, t .... . . V .
. m f;uvC. ,i.,ieu oiiesia is one oi me
most royal provinces of P
'he excesses in Behemia, ;
"f a most serious nature,
cnitteJ bv theGermnn n
i russia, ann
which w ere .
! , 'd a most serious nature, were rnm.
cnitteJ bv the German nonulation of
I xirit kingdom more espepially noted
: for their attachment to the ruKwf
Louse of Austria. The millitary com
mnnder. indeed, was obliged to write
to Vienna that he could find no fauli
w:tli those men. .Tbev mprplv
cuumeu to te treated as men
A rcor.
' dinTrlv. instend of iIia nsnnl nmni
i s. ,j hi niimutOJi IIUIII.1I1II V allill
uenevoience nave been restored to.
An Imperial Prince, known for his
attachment to liberal principles; has
tK'en entrusted with the administra
tion of JJuheiu a. and the Minister of
the Inferior" has'himself left Cerlin to
study the cause of the destitution of
i. i .. . '
I iu "unui ll!C evil.
, Tiirp. ihln. r. j u.
, . . .r I
' TZi.
schools, where soinn ine mav he -ei.
. . A . . . . ' '
: an(l. nkftv li ,l. ji;... f ,
i i . . . T
". ucu.c.i ui 1110
! ' s'-a.-Well ma v it be named '
1 :. -""ua o-- 'v mere is no Jin-
g dictionary com
rlishman. Stenhen
a Welshman, Sheridan, .
iman; and Wclker
!.... . : . . . ,uul
-1" nn 'risnman;.anrj Wclker was
tlcotchmnn. The other dictionaries
" tt-iriiii:iirii 111. 1 ne iMitoi-
orr oFrZ "
es.fecially gratifvinl to Ie A., ,W
nr. .(,ri fi n a il . m . I I ..
standard in England.
"The heart of man is his worstpBrt? '
?r ;egenerateci, and the belt
atterwards; it ; the wat of principles
InndiKe fountain, of actions. Th
evei.fr,.! j .l i ,
I, and the.eye of the Chris
t to be prracipolly fixed up
t uittl.
on w:
u-r it is Mm there is a 'girl out
west w-Mcuu two cord of wood in
a day attends to all the household afs
lairs, drives h-me the cows, can lift a
barrel of cider, ha tk-.
choofmaier and nark elewrvK
lkA n II - s,L " t jl---
r s-'--s, 1 s-w ficev
U tknP UnA limA -
mriti i-ifraa4jif.jatRi;t-. n
. js - J Wir MssssVY" ' - -, ,.rimi,

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