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Democratic banner. (Bowling Green, Pike County, Mo.) 1845-1852, February 01, 1845, Image 2

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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BonlinE-Green, ...FeD. I, IS5.
W. flie oqr Banner lo lbs Lrerxe ' ' """"""vc T"eu . " uvg""-
. ' Withdtit misgivings as to (he result - e "nmcnt fur the Oregon Terri-
our enterprise, we unloow our" cables r"'' 8nd i,,!,er Prpes. The fol-
Wom4nrit ourselves to .the'rtmv! 1?'-Ine " the bo,lndjry he Prosed
. ocean xf politics. To suppose for a Terri,.r-V- AI1 Uie country Jyin- west
moment that w'e Should be exempted. of,ho Mis" ver. south of the 49th
from that universal Uw which c'xnoses ??rt f ,lorlh.'"lAl'dN and east of the
all to teats and rlifUmllu avnU f ,
l.eight " of folly. YVe do not expect to
msB forever upon an unruffled sea. We
V,.,,.. .., . . l i
that the "wind and the lirlra" u-nr.M fr. i
, ' ,,. iir , -'tains, and the country between th'.m
ever.be with us. e -shall encounter. -, , : , ,
the mgry billow of political calumny j Md lI,a: lBc. .c-ean ,0,-,,i "l 6i de"
.ndvilupcrati.,:. Of the.e things Js'- latitude,
. i .-. . , -, ' , ' and north of the. 42d jpnree of north la-
liavc nol been, uninir.dlul but wc fihidllj. . . . "onmu
buffet them with a' stout heart and stea-j , - '
tv. f,.i ',1 , . i , -,
efeel that we arc right tin
ihe advocacy of the nolilrnl tfin(inTp
whiqh we hold. We feel alUc cause 1 a"J 8 rCCrd 6UheW VeedisXr
Ihc tlorioiH cause f T)m.,er., ;t.,' In,tlcd to WabhingtoB City, every ix
nerve aa3 stimulate the most timid to
gather around her altars and defend them
. from the sacrilegious touch of hrr fxes.
We are cheered by the thought, that to
. the utmost of our ability, w e arc serving
the cause of the Lion hearted Demorar
cy, and that we .should receive from
them so long as they maintain their pre
sent exalted position, upon the braod
platform of equal laws and eq'ial right,
the voice of praise and comraenuVUon.
It would be in us a work of 'supereroga
tion to allude even to the imporlauce,
the absolute necessity for the establish
ment and tnaintainance of a Dc-nocratic
press at this place. Between St Louis
and Palmyra, there is, comparatively
speaking, a densely populated country;
a country destined perhaps from it fer
tile soil, salubrious climate and vast re
Nources to become the "garden spot" oT
our favoured State, and capable of con
taining twenty times its present popula
non. ai me .recent elections in tiie
section of country alluded to, the party
with wliom v. co-operate were in the
minority, and for the reason which must
be obvious to every thinking maji, whai
our opponents needed in strength .and
plausibility,. they made up in zeal and
action. They not only epenUheir time
but they spent their rouney. They cir
culated their incendiary documents, they
established a Whig Journal in this place,
and an almost necessary contequeiice,
' growing from' this activify and ener
gy of our opponents, we witness- the
mortifyng spectacle of gallant old Pike,
under the dominion of Modern Whis-cry.-
There was a time in the memory ot
man, when Pike stood the most honored
among her sister counties for her stem,
unbending, inflexible principles of De
mocracy. But she has fallen inaction,
apathy, family jars and discords, those
heaviest curses of. the Gods, have low
ered her from her former commanding
position. Democrats! shall we stay fa'
Ien? Shall" a foe whom we have afore
this conquered (and can again) in man
ly contest, keep us forever in a hopeless
minority. Shall we not rather rise iu
the majesty of our strength aiid demon
strate to our opponents the titter lrtson
taught them elsewhere, that the spirit
of Democracy, is' indomitable, and that
her progress is onward. Let us then
rally,' to a man, to the support of our
cherished principles. We may differ
upon non-essentials, whereWere is noih.
tng at stake. We may lay upon our
arms when 'no foe threatens us
may disagree, but not now
Arouse! awake! or be forcveratfen
We are requested to say that there
will be a meeting of the members of the
Lyceum, at the Academy, on this (Sa
turday) evening, at 7 o'clock, for the
purpose of reviving the association. We
hope all. the friends of the institution
tvill attend, punctually at the" hour.'
Tne 22dof February is rapidly ap.
preaching, and as yet we have seen no
demonstrafion of an intention on the part
of our oili2ensto celebrate it. Is.this
right? la it justice to ourselves or t ihim
who has made that day an epoch in the
history ot the w orld. A few more years
and we shall forget that, that day gave
birth to (he nation's saviour. Let eur
. citizens attend to it. . ' '
- The grand Clay ball has lately come
off in great splendor n St. Louis, of
-which we get an account, in the Gazette.
"Verily the whigs are submissive, and
thankful for small favors. . . . j
A gentleman by the name of Smarr,
living in Marion county, was shot a
few days since, in Hannibal, by W. P.
Oivaley, of the latter place. i
.Wo are "lad to see that our able Sen
ator- Atchison, chhir,man of the "select
" .' nr . . II I, ' 1 I'M
Kocky -fountain, and . north of the
,UL;d.ary'1"e between the lliihcd States
s ana not incwuea wunin me
ius i aiy siaie, rinu aiso uver u:e
n siuii:, iiiiu isu uti ti.uj.i mm mzze pi uic mury. uviiikiirg
territory comprbhig the. Rocky Moun-J feel" others display their tae by con
I: : . .. .r . - .. . t i iif:'. n .. . ,
- prnor au.i - secretary, ana a
, , ' "
When the number. f inhabitants bhirij
reach 5,000, -over 21 years of age, they
shall have the power of forming a Terri
torial Government. "
Tlie Representatives shall- serve for
two years, sr.d every 500 w hite male
inhabitants shall have one member.
The President jj empowered to c'rect
stockade fort, on the route from this
state to the Territory.
Each seller 'of IS years and upwardsi
is to have 640 'acres of land, if he w ill
cu!ti ate the same for five .consecutive
years. If a married man (an? what an
inducement, to marry) his wife shall
have 1G0 acres more, and the father
shall have the same fur each child under
17 j crs cf age. "
The main j rovi.iuns of this bill are !
certainly admirable, but we object to
that provision which requires the settler
to sultivato- his land five years, before
his title can be completed, unless indeed
there be s.itte jroviioDforecuring the
land to the heirs of the settler, in case of
death, casualty, and a thousand mi-dwps,
which might befall en emigrant to that
fertile region. .
In the House, the committee on ac
counts, have reported that C, J. McNul
ty has embezzled public money to the
amount of $45,500, $24,500' of which,
is secured by official bond; the remain
dcr will
uiidoubtedlv be a clear less. ,
.,....' - . .... ,- ,
MciMilly was lmmeaiaieiy cistiiissca,
nem con, and resolutions instructing the
. ,l i
secretary of the Treasury, if possible, to
ascertain and secure the balance of the
deficit and one also, authorizing the
President to institute a criminal prose
cution against McNulty. and all aiding
or advisory in the same.-
Levi D. Slamm of Ihe N. 1 ork rivbi-
an, it is said, is involved in the transac
tion, though'we much doubt it. But w e
say. let a rigid prosecution be instituted;
let all who have engaged in this censu
rable transaction suffer the penalty of
violated law? It is the only corrective
fur the woeful dishonesty - which lit
crept into high places.
Ii. B. French, has hern elected Clerk
the place of Mr. Mc-Nully.
Ck'tt Tows. Bowlingi-Grec'n, prom
ises at last, in spile of the decrees of fate,
and the ridicule of its foes, to become a
very respectable village. From its first
settlement, to. the psesent hour, it has
with etejy revolution of tho seasons,
made seme advance in improvement. lis
pace has been snail-like, we admit, but
unlike many others, it has gained a lit
tlest each step, and . never receded.
"Slow -end sure" has been the maxim of
its people; and w c have, at this late day,
the pleasure of seeing every house and
shanty in the place occupied and-tweu-ty
otters' might be filled with industri
ous mechanics 'and tradesmen, if-they
could be had. Scarcely a'week or a day
passes but wo hear of some person in
quiring for a houseand we only, won
der that some of our citizen do not turn
their attcnlioatb putting up houses.
We hear that the Cumberland Presby
terians will erect, during the season, a
handsome brick Church; and two other
good brick dwellings' are contracted for;
In addition to this we hear that a Tobac
co Factory. viU be put jn operation in
the spring. All lliis, we conceive, au-
gers well for the prosperity 'of oifr prai
rie city and we warn our rncnas m
Louisiana, Ashley, and Clarksville, that
they mnht spur up, if they Would com
pete with us, ior the prize. '-.-..
.Ee"a M. Hughes, at present Rep
resentative from Platte county, has-been
appointed Receiver of the Land Office
at .Pittsburgh; Dr. Marry, at St. Lo'uisi
Mid Parker Dudley, at Palroyrs.
The. Denrocrttts in "St. Louts have
madearrangemehtsto celebrate the iinvi
. I I- T. ' I T 1 1 ..1 '
oi i resident rolK, wim con-
j siderable pewp-fcr that, purpose "they
have eng-aged'the Rotunda of the- new
; Court House. This is as it shoud be
j no political event in the hiitf ry of Tthis.
; Rovernn.ent, is more to he rejoiced at
'than (he ; election of Mr. Polk. Bui
people differ as to the. mod.r.f celcbift-
j tingan event go' joy ful-some, confer. J
, ue most proper way win engaging
j:i mo "rosze el ll;c
tending for the firing' ot cai non and the
meeting of the people in- masses; but
decidedly the roost plaSueible and unique
manlier uf-trstilying 'Qiie's ji'y upon the
occasion, was suggested to us ty a young
fiieiid: let those yojirig' men and ladies
who have been '"cooins and billing? for
Such a length of lime, arid who have
made up their minds, turn in tnd marry.
We promise them an inseitiiii iu.onr
"Banner," and many good wishes, for
their prosperity provided the "cake"
accompanies .the notic.- 'fiiasc who
wentifito "this speculation" during the
administration ol "Old Hicokry," were
prosperous in the extreme; and we
prophecy the sume under that of ''Young
Iu the early-ages of the history
of England, the passage of a law by par
liament had relation bck to the com
mencement of the session. Thus an
ac". passed'the first of March aid recicv
ing the royal sar.clion on thotday. hen
the session of parliament had brgun the
first of December preceding, wss defem-
ed to he a law of the realm on tho first
of December anJ pnnishmeat might
he. and indeed, in sevcril cases was. in
flicted upon the subject for a violation
of a law, whih in point of fart, had no
existence at the time of the alleged
wroi:?. This is one of the nbburdities
belonging to that "pcrfeclii:n of renn"
the cemmen Jaw cf . Erglurd. . In
Missouri we have attempted to obviate
this difficulty, by proJii'g that, unless
otl.erw ise enacted, a law dots not take
effect until after the expiration of nine
ty days from its passage. This was in
tended to give the people an importuni
ty of knowing whqt ihe law is, before
i . . ,.. -;i.i. t. .i. . i;,.
1 , . . ,
In nracUce. Iiowever. il:is rroMsicn na
1U1.CU Ol li uinrui. i iuiii v
iject. from rh;t cause
we. know not. For several years past,
the laws have been distributed so tar
dily, that the people have been acting
under laws for months, before Ihey knew
what they wecc, or could by any possi
bility know. Thi is a crying evil and
a stigma upon those who have the con
trol of this matter. No law should
be binding and obligatory upon the peo
ple until they had an opportunity to f nd
out what the law is.
Mexico. At the last dates, Santa
Anna was at Aytla, a tillage near the
eity of Mexico, w ith 10,000 soldiers.
The city is defended by 20.000 soldiers;
12,000 regulars, and 8,000 of the Na
tional Guards. Resident foreigners
have prepared to defend their dwellings
inasmuch ss Santa Anna has threaten
ed to sack the city. Gen. Percdes was
daily expected at the capital, at ihe head
of 7,000 men. The prisoners taken
with Gen. Seiumanal have been assur
ed by the General Co nmandant ot To
basco, that .their lives tdiull be spared.
It is supposed that Santa Anna cannot
escape readily, but that he will, after an
unsuccessful battle, endeavor to fcreo
his way to Vera Cruz, or Tnxpan, near
M?. FosT", the Whig Senator from
Tennessee.basintroduccd into the U. S.
Senate, a bili for the annexation of Tex
as. It may be the fear of the displea
sure of his constituents, or it may be a
burst ot patriotism, which actua'es the
Tennessee Senator, at thi-late hour to
espouse the right side of this momcurus
subject. At all events, it is becoming a
great American qncstion, and many who
battled in tie front rank as long as Hen
ry Clay was in the field, will now be
found contending upon .the American
"A Novel Writ." Com plaint was
made hot long since to a Justice of the
Peace, living in oue of our adjoining
counties, that goods had been lost, and a
certain man was suspected of having sto.
len them.' Tha justice without hesita
tion, wrote out a warrant for his appre
hension,' provided certain facts could be
proven if hot. he empowered the holder
ot the writ to whip him like d n.
Whether the commands of the writ have
teen obeyed as yst, w know not.
$2 We give in a condensed form
proceedings of the Legislature:-
The committee cn'rew counties, have
reported a bill for the organization of
sixteen new' counties.' Three several
propositions for Districting, seems to be
agitating both Houses.- Tho bill intro
duced by our Senator, Dr Welborn, has
passed the Senate; what. its fate in the.
lower House jnay be we are unprepared
to say. The following are the counties
.. i.:. u ...:ii - .1 r
, T,-. . -i j .u i -
passes the lower. House:
Marion, Pike, Rallsj Audrain,- Calla
wny, Lincoln, Montgomery, Warren, St.
Charles, Franklin, Gascunade, Osage,
I'ulaki, Crawford,- and Washington.
Mr. Bay.and Senator Acock, have al
,. ,.. ., i . . .i -
so presci.tcu bills -for the same pur
Pu5e- ' ' '....
Ma. WtasTttt has w riiten'a letter
ll'bipll U'Bfi r-nl ifi TAiniinll If. .11 tl... ..tli I
" "' It"-" UIU-
er svemng, -containing the assertion that!
in the last (neeoh uliinh l,n mn.ln i
Fanueil-Hall, upon the s-ubject of Na
tive Americanism, he did not siwest.
and had no idea of suggesting' the for- j
mation ol a new party to carry out ther
oujt-cis wliicii liv tiicn advocated, but on
lie contrary, it is ins linn beliel that ll
any re onus arc to-be made in the nrrmi-
ses, these reform must emanate from
the hig party, and he carried through
..i-v Lux-jniouc-an. - -
237 The Godlike crayfishes with
ralher bad rr.-l. Hi. I.iL-p ilii back
track, as soon as he finds the formation of:
.. ;.i. . . .. . ,,i ..i.;!h.. ,r i
, -. , ' 1 , ,, . .
ascendency is utterly hopeless: I his is
J - 1
of a p'cec with his ctlcl'.rated resolution
to take possession of the disputed tern-j
tory on a certain 4ih of July.
Paul Dillingham, Jr., Den ocrat, has I
occii clc-ctc.l lo Congress, irotn trie -till .
Congressional District in Vermont. !
There is one green spot left
i"In' l-tl-t ff li-'ll
,v t:rnii:it"il i'ii :
".if ni t) e iii)-i.!;
a -
( e . t.i i
f..'ii'- i:i?r I
: t. r
,, I
I'i'I I. w:-. .
I'l l!sil, - - . -
K'e.-ti.rof ! le-f-e,
I hike o!Iar ustnd',
Ausiri.i, -ui'si.i,
- - -i'ri.iu
c (in C loans)
r.t:i':inil, - - -
25,000 00,"
.rn j
1 B.OOO.W)
1 !t. 400 000
Thk Po:is I'.i-sink'S :n tiic Wtsn.
TlH' iniitii:iti'!l w'hirli t Miclu's '. lis
lV in all (p:.ii :ci:, iiidii::itcs that the
niimlier i f Ilo-y sluuhtereil in tli"
western country the present season.
fall fir below th it t f last yrar.
Hy i!:e sintfiiient rriven in our nipt-i-if
the 1 1 ih. inst., Iiirnislifd dy n
Irin.'in cunvprsant with the matter,
the deficit in this State U estimated
ii Jlj.COO head. It is th'-uuhl bv
ihoaic lirot acquainted? vvi:h the ln;si
no.s, (h it ihe falling olfin Cincii n'iti
will wiiount to 'adout 90 0.)i); and :he
Clnilu dthe Advei ti--r. on the njithor
ity of a ci'lnpetcnt j u.l.'.", cnlcula'c
tho decreiiJie in ihe Scioto Valley, n'.
no 'ess ih.-in 73.450. Supposing
these-various e.slid.ntes to be correct,
the d; fieiency :it the joints nb.-ve
snentioncd without inciml . Indi
ana, Iveniiicl; v, and i!:p other West-
ern Slates, where the hilliiig oil' is :d
so beleicpd to bft considerable will
not le farfioio 2j0,000 Hoys; which,
c n tuint tliem to average i-'OO- ihr.
e:!ch, will give :i gross iiiiniiint ot 50.
000.000 pounds or nocordmg to the
ftsu.il-calculations, 100.000 barrels f
Pork; 1 5,000.000 of Uacon; and 5
00.000 pounds of Lard a ipiatitiiy
sulficienily huge to affect tlie u nrket
throu'jhout the Union. In fact ihi
is nlreiidy npparen: a g a !na! rise in
the price ol Hogs fiat ing taken place
Irotii the qoinmence'iieiif of tho sea
son to the present iuie; and no less
than 10,000 barrels of 'Pork havjng
recently chunked hands in a sinale
div in the City of New York. The
.supply foi dopiestic orisumption, is
dimbtlpss abundant; but should the
demand fVotu abroad equal that of
'ordinary seasons, a' farlher advance
in price is by nomcn'ns improbable.
Alton Telegraph.
. The 'Literary arrd C.nholic Senti-
neV'in speaking of Mr. MuL.iI.as
locture-.on Roti!:n;s n, stys:
"llo knew. m caracter of his New
Pni'hihd titidif n--vs-. timt ihrir inin 1-
ui a vmtti.aJ livlamitinsai. d'irken-
etifd V tnglrv, and vanated hy.tl.e
" " I I - . ' .
. Wo nn'l :.n.'iiii.arv wretont-s. called
par excellence, the "'lNlgiim ralhifs.'
He well kr.cw that t!:e mental c apae,.
iiies of the generality of . his her.rers
iii Hoston, were chiiined doven by
i;noiance to. the- pillars of religious
prejudice.''.' Oil! ;..
'There is a. time for- nil thini's,''
i . i- it -. I
said a cru. ty old fellow la his wile, liii.ii thiity', 240; b.jmeen thirty "and
I ll leiieve that,' answered hi wifo! foriy, 136;.betsveen fori ty and fifty,
in a sharp vinegar voice, when j'ou ;7o; between nr.y ana sixty, j; ue
pay the newspaper' ' j twecn sixty and seventy, 7. .
There was quite a chnracteristicv
uiraio ui me senate iu:uyy vu
,r-..i : v .,. .i....
uT. vW,rj;U11,
CI .
r- -s
air, nicnisoDVOT .u.ssoun, in rociu- iPes of mdat, when the heart open,
red the bill which once f.: se,l the.jlesves, l.ke a fiwer, V,n the penile
.Vn,.e jot prov.da -territorial gov- J infLenee,; wh.-rf ne Imloved ten w
eii.n.rnt h.r O.egoi, , 7,ro:ect the u.'.ti ',U. D.v,; 1IIU,ic, ad
:ii:ans ot iheUi.ned Suies-nowoa- the lht ol one t.eh.ve.l hc dear
i iipvii.-it. A umtion was iiiide toj'as tHit of Himvi.,.! th.
reler H to the .-Comir'uti-e nti TeniUi.ifUj ta- tuni-i t. ppetrr, nnd a
toru s. ..Mr Archer, of Viririia, fairy cann m thicwn -w'er life'
ciiuniiHi.i oi me conmiHiee on r
ii reign- A'fhiirs, movrij to .refer hi.
I? ci'immUee, fer the express pur
l2se of Atijng'iii tie' mca&Mte.; be'
c.ujp.us l;e tr.sistecl, it woulu be an -Who shall sav that is a selfiish fee'
indt cDiu'n t-vGitat Biitian. We j'ivg vvhi. h'ooLi in another's eye to
tiust 'inn ty'iiiii a suhjec! whiclihfi f.-i-d i; (mo liapoiness-'ahd Jioldn nn-
li:is IilM uijer rieotLtion ;f,r more
- ,h!l"-a (1U1,U''; rcntuty. '.
N'ai'P otbjte vMiii-li w.liicli tiev.'.
- ; , , . , -. ... e ,
t Mr. Archer's - f-rhirt ti. hmn!her
iK I'.rii ... ' i, r ',.,i iM , ;-.,, -,,
when fully reported. - -There
a on- point, however i-n
I ., . . I I - . .
"'- "c "uuiu pnw. c .n enuun,
1 oecause it is one alm h Hie t.o
1 1' " ''"s oiiritiy L;esien.ll v'di-
! vl,t-'- 'l lie ;c;'i inirv Co (inesiiou ti.is
;'l-;iy been chiiined utiil pnh-esscd
hv t'ic Uniii J .Vt.iics. Thu Lliitisu
j ;ii or taring Astorin, rn the. Con:
, Uurm ' tlm war. surie.'idflt d Jln
f iiost under l!ie tieat v tifwace; 'J'l e-l
Luie(ueil tie.ity," wliidi hlid.lhe
i whole" regimi open" to he iug'iess and
j tiajt 1.1 l;Olll Ml lies Until iiUIlUil-
:'n,- were- scttii d, did Mil oust the
! L'nitt d .Si:itcs ol it iiO::esMii oi attv
" 'Hi or ..ol t uit.!i it I.H.I at tli.-
i end ol llie wai. .liiJ vei iucji lii I -
I lam vcntiiifif fi s-ize j.iiri ::ii,i ki'Ofi
i .
i p iscssicii i'i Asl.iii i ai.J !i.i-i jirict-
j (.,,vc,ed l!u. v,;u,;c 0'olo:iU ii .'.rid Hi
,, I!)ll.-iin,.s VVit;, , t.;!, :i .!,ni.-: li..s
; ic-ii ii-ii
I i :-1 1. ri
... ...! 1
LV !:i w, II. i- l. in.:-' I
..IIU, I
intt. a
u piccims :t--ci .',
u' liJ
ii.i 1-
Jn'i fXi:ii.- i
Sivc possesion iiliU jiif-ioi. l.on ov.ri
levc-i v hot oluu.ti.ry ..mcii ui'.-n
iciuii'ilc-s preti-lices, -lie put in d
p :tr Wio.? . UjCtti L'
Ijl (hi- L"ll;l. d l N XI. : J iJo.UIU-
i til l liter, aiiicii is. i:i lii t-t. t.t lir--
. , i ' . .
'i'K'p in nt iitir nan mih i.iiiv iivw
bv a Ii-. vi'.i.Nle stm.- iiii Ui tne i'.ic.!i!
- . ,.
:i;ui, .in i ui a., oui pulls iiiiuii IS
: "
ioat. (.a real
I. -,t .i .
ii n in,: thus.
liia.ier pic-tM.ce i joint oi cupati.ii.
iioi.iiuru t x'-ius. c i isses-ioii i'l aii
sife'w.-.ii'.s in Uiej:. n, Air. A'rohC r and
IcJt-iu! hiciids io 'ioc SeiiHti' con
siooi 'it a want o! ck-coiirai in Giel
Iti't-ric pro iifc9 cvvia W lonkc icc-
i it'.u i-l Lta' li project st.ci.i ! oiu'
citizens, ni- are settled cut otti.eAvtiy
of tho i iitish it.tiiii!ors.
The Uiitili haue settled the ier'tin
of which they have lahen i;ssessioii
as the lion's shaie, wt.n t.irii.ViI
pi-'Sts; but the humbled American
Congress uaist not Jure even to pro
pose a bill to make posts on ocr o n
territory on this side id the I'ockv
mountains, lu cover the advance or
r.-'Mi'n nl ..iiri.iiii.ir-1-ir lik in- fi.it
ihe refuse' poiln.ii m the South, j
uucii Lu-Lud ihoulit not. wo.ll.
aj pr.ijui.r.i:igT: It is a breach o! cle
i oiuiii, s.is Mr. Archer, as ncgotn
titiiis wcie pcndiiig; whtn Kuglund
seized all that was worth having
mine than twenty years ao. O.i
the fiist motion nl Mr. Archer t t:iks
the itlereuce of iho bill from the ap
propriate committee on terriiioier,
lie w as supported hy his w lu.le leder
al liiiiiibatids, and carried it. But
the demo'-riilii: iuemhor tjttackeii.
with such lierctni-S, the attempt lo
give the l.iiu'o to the wo.f, thai i-evci-;d
oiniiLfi's of the federal plalunx
gave way. Somo id them cask a
i.lance homeward,' and leitieinhercd
that their constituents did not live in
tiie neighborhood of Castine, and
were not likely to surrender the ter
nt.ory of the Union as un act of de
corum, or to use the right phrase, an
act of submission t it.r.islt influ
ence. Glubi.
'Cir The Sixth Annual ' Ueport of
the Directois and Superintendent of
the Ohio Lunatic Asylum. Mates that
largest number ot cases during si
years, arose from heredity causes, b'..-'jinn"to the pcriins ..nhiftit him soma
ing 10G, the whole number Hn 541 j horrible secret ukub, .he might o!h-
the next highest is from ill 'honri.
101, unl;n vn, 69; religious txito
mvnt, 62, 'intemperance'. S9; Je.-.l--ousy,
C piuspeiiiv. 1; loss t.f prop'er
tv,j9;.leur ol Waul, 4; sr-duct.n .'3;
. Ca-es arisu,f f'nv',1 i.'nisi.-.-a
causes, o.D t.oa. tr.mal cjse,, 221.
l..o,-n1;.iii.v.-.sof,:.ii pu,n, (,r -
c iv i - t ':i'r.sir ji I ( j t . . ' -.- Mil
.11.11 , H I ' ,lt, l"V a, I ...
'.atr.hu-i, y." ' i
hir-ae iii .i.'i.i' .are hilaoris
a .
i: i t ir-
. . ..
n.ois; .r.cie fjCiug U.o
t-.: 37.
s vM of ihe luttcr 117 -Hie nt":: hih-
jcst'on the list is teachers, I6; c ,rpen
) fers, 12; .shietn;ikef.s, 10; la-.. ers C;
preachers, 7; taiioresses, ?; cleiks, 8 j
1 Oi the .whole juiuiber, 541. "223.werrT
2-28 iiani,d-3a widows-
12 widowers. Tho :iurcs a( -which
insaniiy' o ijnm need si e tui'Jer t w en-
tv vein's of age, 5C;'hetwett twenty
. " ',. . i . . tn . I. .1.:.... . . I
.Youth aSd Lov-Yc-ob, loring.
nicpay De summed op- in a few brief
voras: -.liiere is ii ; .k-
i . -A liL
i I.-
o - insists crdinnrv onenrrpnrp. H,m
I I . . , - , r.. rf"
i'eiiisi Mmuoger, turetellinsr a future-
s!.e herself c.re.tU'd;
when the
I lirSC4ii IS Kn orp.l liv trlaA mirlK
: uifior'n-'wellnw mo'ie -precivus thrn
i.iov.n:- wiiat pat;i in after time
wiilever heso lea.iiTit as that oni
walk wl.i :!i delayed on its way yet
priiWsostion? What discourse of
the ti-e, twe win v. the eloouent, will
eyer.lwive the formation of a Jew
, ' " - ' -
i smipie, even imn,i:e wonls or o
the snll hut deiri us silence which
ilty hr.ikel "W!iv does love nnVl
hWdisfi f xprejfiT, 6fen,ifeaimect,
hut because it-Wall the truth and
earnestiK'ss of cliildhoodt And the
' !it.if !i :ity f jlpnuairc ' seerns the
itic.pi'mit t iti. s;ncerityi Lr is u
lhaf, !ieins so-unwoldly itself, it- de
lights M rrtrm'njion those unworlj
l n? Go thrt.it!i life, ;nd if the
jn:et l-hrof tlte s.t'ir's, the fnmovnif
'o!'U of ihe.iio".'; t:o h iiin'rfl hc'aoiv
I.. '.;a l.ea. t ply Mid ill.t.'.if eari
, mi l on. v injbje,
Pimtii c7f JiKi.t'tii,'.iF Justice Tkn-
u.nck.v "Up d i'4 v.iih h s iisriiur
on." Ve s.w.liim i:;e ! iv :e
pvpr s ! i:: nn I'
- b.-n-h.
'ilt s.i l-;
( I'l :1 jl'ltft l f -
i'iL'. Ihu
ysLv!: t.ii
t . id rvrs-ii
f. . i. . . i - . .
s : I ii ,
' - - ' -
m; t-
ilit It.l I...
T" l,;c t per
!ii:e it prases Uod to
o--nt.rl la-uiiies. I will
Vi i, v
p-;i j : iLe .!
iries-i-rhi sural suTe'--
.n 1 ' ar,.i '. bt A little
ii -ie iIimi y wef'i liffie his death,
fie was ih.it if h.v.is to eyMinct?
lo st ihe ;;dv;ce of liis . iliccii al nt
end 'lit.s.al d ..fiance, ii as in posi
b!e he ts'..i lii-e; bin t li't e ieNt
and ri-iiit'iiu-ut Wiiuhi rtore him r
C;um -naive, health. '1- know b(t-t-r;'
he replied. '.Mydnys nr-nnm-!red;
hull will perform- n.y- do'y
tl.a h V - Thn fur!olng Ort;tif-
r-ir:ce i st itoj to haveappencJ he
Vfc'e KkATeie; ' He luii bevn sink
the. vvTiole night beforjfrivs death,
hut jjenr-rally teiafted 'fi is faculties.
TowniiN riio-niricr h?; hecttsie rest
less, .-.n.l .ijhiiy delirious: ill at once
ho sat t:p in his bt-J. mnt wr.li a in
lion of his iiandjtis if dr.-ajajiing his
pen in ihe-iiikst;ird, as he . i,J befn
ae.cristoincd to do on the ber.cii, slid
distincilv, Gontleuirn of tie J i-v,
von aie disc' a red.' He itten f.ll
!i;"',k "' ! '"'..st immedi-
n,f ,-v "l-ired! - flnv anii.Uwyers.
Hi is ;i tool wiio iiuniibles) at ev--ry,
iiiisiiancc. "Put ihe bull font
tiaremos'." is an old and good maxim.
H-.in't run aniit and tell every ac
quaintance that ou have barn nn
'ortui'-attf. Pvopie d not like to
have unfortunate nifn for ai-ipi.-aint-ani-es.
Add to vigorous detemiina
tiioa a cheerful soiii: if reverses
come, laear them like a philosopher,
a:.J get rid of the.n as soon ' wn
cm. Poveriv i like n panther.
Look it steadily in the face, and." it
will turn from you Snow the slightest
sigliu ol learaiid you are Irs'.
An anecdote is related by Louise.
151 a nc, i.i his History of Ten Year,
which, it true, is piquant, luis
Phillippe paid a visit to the Prince da
Talleyrand. ot his death be-U "You
Mjrl'er." said tte khvt-i ''yx -niiiist.
'-Y'es,'' replied tao prince,
likd ore 4'iinned." uAlrendv,'
munniweJ tlwkjn in. an under tore,
but vhtch.ihe stillerer' heard, aid for
w'lich he wadeJerrnineJ to db re- "
venged., for halnH-Diy time in nveaf-
er vise liavecirni-ii h' him t) tiie
tOiliO. .
.Growth of M'u.vAi 07. Dtrin
j t'lepasiye.iT t ere were rfc'.e? ju
it,rt i.i'a' nt VVftwtiiti. 1.. Cs t. a i
j ,w .. , , ) ' "u,,a
, 5 .. fl;e...:.t was
... .... i is
. 1 . -.
1 : -s:ii -rl ir. 1C14, es:'n.-ei
the -.': - d'W .. .-a.- ;''5 5C8758,
a'nd o:'i ;.a:ty :,t .-.. 1J09
500 Tnc a'viap u uhc ,.f Ijjld
inu'5'e:ecti'd fm" 1G40 lo 1845,'was
273, -while' ink. 1830 to IC-iQithe
avenue mlwiir wa only CO. ii,.v.
, thfti-J " T
' The PaiTsii modistrs-w.?reout '
getting up "a;tylo of I'em.-fle oesi
I :..1. ..L .. 31 l ll V. II .. l
which wfll s?41 all our belles hark to.
first priircipldt in plain Engliih,bus- JVi
anil rathtr v!n tra im. Iks , r"a I
dispensed wH. "'

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