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Democratic banner. (Bowling Green, Pike County, Mo.) 1845-1852, February 01, 1845, Image 4

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Romance of Real Life.
The Baltimore papers state that
the Governor cf Maryland had gran
ted a frse pardon to James L. Hawk
ins, whoa cashier of the "Franklin
li.mk of Baltimore, embezzled a large
r- I
years since. The annoum-emem of t
ibis pardon uromifti the Hultimore I
uoru-yponJeol of the li.-fton Atlas
to r'alate the foll.twiug. Ye know
not how it may affect oih'er,"but this
simple unadorned tiarralive of wor
man' integrity and love; and that
nice sense d honor wJiivh could hide
a stain only by the deep covering of
the grave hr.s touclied our feelings
core than the most .highly wrought
His defalcations were large, and
run thruugh a long series ol years.
They were concealed by many inge
nious devices, and were only discov
ered by nccident. during a tempora
ry absence of Hawkins from ihe
Bank. On the discovery of the de
falcation, Hawkins immediately gave
up all iii property of every kind, and
his wile a noble woman, without so
licitation, and even against sojne re
monstrance on the part pf her rela
tive, ciecuted a deed renouncing her
rijiht of dower in a very valuable te
al estnle. They were thus, in -their
old age reduced to poverty, with
the attendant evils of ciime upon too
husband. Those of your readers
who remember the account I wrote
you, will recollect that aa soon as
Mr. Hawkins had executed the deed
renouncing her dower she weht to
her bed, and in a few days pined a
way, literally dying of a broken
"Which kill more ti,-u are iitiiulrred in
the lista of fate."
Those wh were present at the sick
bed of this good lady, say that the
scene was the most impressive it is
possible to conceive of. There she
lay, visibly fading away befoie u'1
eyes the physicians stood confound
ed by the rapid progress of t'nti dis
ease, and the eyes of all bathed in
tears while hers were dry' with sor
row. She never even cast a look of
reproach upon her poor guilty hus
band, who stood by, all unmanned;
and when her eye rested upon the
face of her daughter a sweet girl,
then just bursting into womanhood
thejmother would manifest herself on
ly in a deep drawn sigh. Th emi
nent physicians who were culled to
heraid,cwned their weakness, and
shrunk almost nppalled at' the n-wful
manifestations death had made of his
work, upon the woman. They had
seen death in almst every shape.
They had seen it suddeuly striking
down the young and beautiful they
had see-n it wasting slowly, day by
day, the life of some beloved daugh
ter, until at length, after the ravages
of years the light was extinguished,
as a candle burnt to its socket, and
thee shedding forth its rays more bril
liantly than ever, go out in beauty
ihcy had snen tho strong, the aged,
the weak nnd the old die but never
i:r.d they seen a death like this.
The mind of the. dying woman was
nt peace with all the world, beyond
whose portals she had, seemingly,
pjtssed, before death had released her
soul from the body. Health was up
on r er cheeks her pulse lull and
egular, end her voice sweet and me
lodious. She was n woman who had
shone in society she had filled her
place at the head ot an opulent farm
Iv, with a grace which bad won ad
miration from all who knew her.
And there she lay, in form, in face, in
voice unaltered, save that the eye
vhich was indeed, in her, the glass be
fori the heart, showed that death was
tipm h?r. and had already dried up
the fountains of herlile.
But I linger too long upon this re
markable death her death which, un
derail circumstances, of its time and
place, and cause, proves that truth,
indeed, as the master of the human
heart has said, u strange, stranger
than fiction.
Shortly after the death of Mrs
Hawkins, a bill of indictment with
out movement on the part of those
who had lost money bv hira was
mend by our grand jury, and he, then
being out of the city fled the State
His daughter, who as I have said, was
then just bursting into womanhood,
hag now reached the age when
she can full v feel all that she has lost
in such a mother, and to find moving
her, some of that spirit which sent
her mother to the grave. For some
months her friends have observed
strange feeling working upon her.and
at length learned of her, that her young
oeart, which had been taught so ear
ly to dote upon her father, now
yearned to share his sorrows,' and to
desire to soothe his griefs.
Hawkins had been living away off
- in Louisiana, poor, broken in spirit,
and haggard' injappearance. It was
known to all here that he was there.
ftiUf within the reach of the arm of
the law of Maryland, but se deep
and widespread was the regard which
was felt for the wife, nnd so general
thegrieffor her melancholy death,
that no one thought of invoking aid
to approach hint and brjng him here
to punishment. The daughter da-
i termmed to go tit him. it . was in
it, I II KljUS jrirtiucu llll
he r in vain they lu;!d out to her the
inducements of the suciett' of her
c.:.n.4. I.-.- .,- j
ICICUl!! II5IO) UI1W I 1 1 V VUlltiUI Ifr, liHU V
ven pleasures, which one so young
'and so accmpiihra n she miht en
joy, among them. The thought of
the sorrows of her lather took posses
sion of her whole soul, and nt all haz
ards, and despite of every-danger and
e.scoiiifoit that tlueatened, she an
nounces her determination to go to
him. nnd was preparing to do so. It
was truly with her
"1 know mt ; I care not,
Jfjuill't in thatheart;
But I know that I lore tiife.
Whatever tbon an"
Under these circumstances, hrr
friends bethought then ol petitioning
the Governor for a pardon for the fa
ther. A petition whs got up for the
purpose. Was spcedilv signed by men
of all parties; those who iunl lost most j
hi- tt, hnnt- .,..lv c;,r,m r..r 1 1..
sako ol too daughter. 1 he petition
was sent to the Governor accompa
nied w ith a short lelttr from the
daughter a letter which, though
shoit, could not foil to move the heart
ol a man and the pardon ioon came.
There is something so peculiar in
this case it has for us, here in C ilti-1
more, f-o strange an interest and -is
withal, so extraordinary; that f have
thought that your readers would like
to read it. 1 have therefore written
it, and would only add, that I do not
envy the feelings ef that man who
count snut n:s r.eart cgainst ttie rp-
peal mat was made in this case, in
be.h'ilfcf this por man.
Hawkins will return to this State,
but not 1. 1 this city. He has been
offered a home by a relative, on a
farm in a retired part of the Stale,
and there, in the sweet society of his
daughter he will pass the remainder
of his davs.
Siiockixis Accu'knt. The Mont
rose (IV) Democrat ttates that on
iWonday evening of last week, Dr. K
Ley man, ol Great Hand, was return
ing from Moutto&e in a .wagon with
his wife, wht-n about three quarters
ofa mile from home, the reins drop
ped upon the shafts; the doctor lean
ed over the dash-board toiecoer
them, when it broke and precipitated
him ngait.st the horse, which took
fright, uud ran for about half a mile.
During this time Mrs. I., remained
in the wagon unhurt, and supposing
that her husband was left behind nt
l!ie place where he had fallen. On a
neighber coming to her assistance,
she expressed fears that her husband
was hurt, when, to the astonislmient
of both, they beheld his mangled bod-
ti!l hanging Jrom the forward
spring in which his foot -was unfortu
niteiy cauuht, and by which menus
he had been drncsed and mansled
until life was extinct. Hisiaw was
perfectly torn off. and his head, shoul
ders, and arms dteadfully bruised
and lacerated. Dr. L. was a highly
respectable citizen, of temperate
habits, in the prime of life, in and suc
cesslul practice in his profession.
Hoosikr Arovmf.nt. "Gentlemen
of the jury,' said a hoosier lawyer,
I ar satisfied of your integrity and
sense of justice, and so ar my client,
and I respect your honesty so much
that if I war as rich as Jacob Astoria
1 scorns to influence you in any man
ner but, I beg to observe in the
most respectable manner possible
without no attention of wound in
your leelins, which ar no doubt as
tender rs a barkpd shin that if vour
yerd.ck is in favor of my client, it ar
mv settled intention to take vou to
the doggery for a drink twice round
(the judge and constable included)
but it yeu ar deal to the voice of law
and honor, jest as soon as the Court
is adjourned, we mean to lick vou
like thunder.
I would'nt give a sous to kiss a
uirl in company, and I always haled
Copenhagen, pawns, and other kiss
ing plays, as I hope I hate jhe devil
They had a shocking custom when 1
was young, that every body at the
wedding should kiss the bride just as
thev all drank, in the same free and
easy way. out of one big china punch
bowl; but the practice always hurt
my sensibilities, and 1 avoided wed
dings as I would a ghost, a bailiff, or
any other fright. No no get your
little charmer up into a coiner by
yourself, watch when everybody's
back is turned 'hen slip your arm
round her w aist, and kiss her with a
long sweet kiss, as it you were a bee
sucking honey from a flower.
Nor can one kiss every girl.. I'd
as lcae take ippecacuanha as kiss
some of your sharp-chinned, icicle
mouthed, lignum-viic faced spinsters.
- -why one could not gel the taste of
the bitters out of his mouth lorn
week ! I go in for yeur rosy, pouting
lips, that seem to challenge every
body so saucily, egad! when we kiss
such at our leisure, we think w e are
in the seventh heaven. I once lived t
on such a kiss forty-eight hours, for
it took my taste for commoner food
out of'my mouth 'inti.-ely,' us Tower
used to sa v.
"Oh! how I do love the w ide dark
entries one finds in nid mansions; oiic
could c.'itch thes-e saucy little fain,
and-befors thev were well" a war ot
your presence, kiss themso delicious
ly. There's kisinir fi.r. y u! Or to
go upon a
sleigh-ride, and when all,
save vu and your partner, are b is"
chatting, while. the merry ring ol the
bells and the whizzing motion of the
vehicle cause vour pit it? to d.inc'e
for joy, to make her believe that you
wish to arrange, the btiilalo, or pull
her shawl closer around her, and
then stealing yur face inio her bon
net, to kiss hej for an instant ofec
stacv, while she blushes to ths very
temples, lest others catch you at your j
spot t. And then, on a summer eve,
to rour out on the bosom of a moon
lit lake, and whi1 one ol the Indies
sings, nnd nil the rest liit'-n.to snatch I
i a cnance anu la
i . it
ty girl at your
cept bv her.'
i if . 'i
side, a unnoticed ex-
. ' -. i .
Or to lit bes'oe vour
i , .
charmer on a sofa by a cory fire on a
bitter winter night, nnd fid up the j
pauses of the conversation, you know j
by drawing her to you. ami kissiiv.' '
her; but more than ail, when vou '
have won a blushing confession of
love from her you have lonu' ami trem-
bhntlv worshiped with all a bov's
.iAt.-..i;,.n i ,l, ..r.l - .:.. '
1 mc iu'llil u Ul U1C l:S3'
which you press hold y to her brow,
while her .warm heart lluttrs against ;
vour side, and every pulse in "vour
"bodv thrill with n ;..t:.r,. ,;,," I,.,:
on rival in a'ter
kiss is :he kiss,
Ah! sir. that
It is wori'.i all the
1 Love thee more and more.
Faithful in Fortnne'a darko.t hour
'Till when our torea were dreams of youtliT
'Twaa then I frit nflrction'i power,
'Twin theu I prornl thy boaoin'i truth.
Yea, when I aea the gurhini; laar
Bedim the eye that thrill'd before,
I feel that thou iudi-ad art dear.
And lore thee lov Ihee muie and mora.
Wmtiod from a asfl Kht'nn tranca,
Ta lifa'atevero reality,
I find in thy mora pan.it a (linca
A darpar, aweater aympathy.
Oar griela, aa from one four.tain ipring,
Now that our mutual j-v are o're
Yea; nat a aarrow time may briif.
But I iball lore thee mora and mora.
I'll c'sup llieo yet claap ll.ea yet.
Though pasnian'a burning hour ia pt,
Ner breathe ona accent of regret
That lia Iright momenta Ced eo faat;
Nay, t lie mora dark the ky miv bn.
And the mora loud tha tnn may raar,
Theclater will I ciing to tbae.
And lore thca lore thee mora and more-
Thut far together have wo come
Nor ba the hope, tha prayer aupprsat.
That we iney reach our Inng lost homo
Together, and united rent.
Cut ahould my fate be firtt to die.
While daatli atanda back'ning at the door
I'll turn to thee, and faintly aih,
I lova tkao-lovo Ihee mora and mo. a.
It cannot be that earth is man'son
lyubiding place, it cannot he ihatour
life ia a bubble, cast up by the ocean
ol eternity, to float a moment on thi
wave, and then sink intodarknessand
nothingness; else whv is it, that tin;
aspirations that leap like angels from
the temple of our hearts, are forever
wandering abroun unsatisfied: Why
is it that the rainbow and the chuuh
come over us with a tieauty that is
not of earth, then pass away and
leave us to muse upon their l.idctl
loveliness? Why is it that the stars
that hold festival around the midnight
throne, are placed so far above the
grasp of our limited lacultii-s, forever
mocking us with their unapproacha
ble glory? And finally, why h it.
thai bright forms of human beauty1
are presented to our vision, then taken
from us, leaving the thomand cur
rents of our affections to flow back
like cold and Alpine torrents upon
the heart? We ate born for a higher
destiny than that of canh. There is a
land where the rainbow never fades,
where the stars will be spread out
before us like islands that slumber up
on the ocean; and where the beauii-
ful beings that pass here like visions,
will stay in ourpresenco forerer.
Geo. D. Prentice.
Reports of thffpiscopal Triil.
The Appletons have purchased, tor
publication, the leport of the proceed
ings and testimony in the case of Bish
op Onderdonk, which it is estimated
wiil make a vol. of 400 pages. They
pay C00 for it. It is said that some
of the witnesses contemplate apply
ing to the vice chancellor for an in
junction against the publication.
"In evil things, Satan separates the
end from the means; in good things,
the mens from the end:' P. Henry.
Where it the heart that bat Dot boned
A slave, eternal Loyc, to thee,
?-oolc on the colt), the gar, the promt.
And it tbrro one among tbeiu hee?
Anil what ruu't lore be in n brail
Ail pii'iion'. Aery depth, concealing,
Which ht in its iotnotet part
.More than nnolhe,'. whole of feeiine !
. "' 7-. ,
ihe boston Airtl-t.atnhUl.i; Snaie
I i v -.iiic.iii v iiiunobrs zuuu mcinlif-r-i.
and is adding at each meeting,
; ny of them have sufli-ied
. from L'amblinrr,
There is a chap don n en l so cross
eyed that ho courts two girls for
An exchange paper calls pickpock
ets ireign
tourists, bent on takii.r
Com Ground ai Four cent per Bushel!
mg Corn at four cents per Uushel,
, n- n t j 1 . UB"-'
payable in Cash or Produce, at market
, ,. :u ..i ' , ,
pine, ui mil CACIIUIIC
Corn Bl.sld B(,.c,
pi.vw, in cjiuiduc urii int-ai ior
G. W. JENKS & Co.
January ISth, ISIj. 4wl0.
HE subscriber would inform
.....!; ti...i i . i
:btve business, in Bowline-Green, in
uuni., uiai iic n.13 conimcncea me
fhe klirin f.irmerU- V,.. I.' nr.. '
1 . itn .aj. .utii-
'e where the lariners and others can at
a" ,imc,! navc lIlcir work done on rea-
0"al "e l,erms." kinds of produce
W'll be takeii in payment for work, at
II. i. U ILI5UR.
Howling-Green, Jan. 11,1-15. 3m9
Farm for Rent.
IN pursuance of an order nf
the County Court, of Tike
County, I will on Monday the
I Third day ofFebruary next, at the Court
j House door, in the town o!" Howhng
j Green, proceed to rent to the highest
ladder, cm a credit of 12 months, the
f.irin belonging t-j the estate of John
Henderson, deceased. .
All such as are indebted to said estate,
8rc once more earnestly requested to
pay up, and a.ive cnd.
JAS. A. KOHBINS, Adin'r.
January 11th, 18-J5. 3w9
i.ibt of Jv iters,
ill the l'i. 1. 1. dice .it l!w-
linj (iirrn, Mr, , r,n the Mt. day of
Me. f.,b(-i-. I4t ; win. ii if not taken out
within .hir- nion'.ht, will he rent to the Gin
era! Puit olic e a ilriid letters;
Kletinr A.lnu.t,
'it.ne. V." lirown,
Iu I ton V Hare,
in . 'I'. Junu,
Klua Field.,
John t'ru.f.
Perry Curry,
lleniierfon I.arreocc.
II. Karl,,
N. J. Fullriloe,
John 1 1 ii w k nit,
J . I.tt'or.
John Mi-Quie.
Win. W. Stalrr
John to'vent.
Suuiiiel Ktiklimu,
John Mr free.
t.eorjre Smith,
Tbo'a. StriMilrfroilJ, John Srott
Ri.bert Wallace, Wn-h. TirmlwHy,
Sll Wilbargei, Jr.hn Weihorn,
Hrniy Wootin.
II. C. KI)V-Mj, P.M.
Jatiiiaiy Ith, 1S1 1. CW-
The luuic;CoHi g of Misoui i.
TO Till: I t P.I.H".
The Ceniri.1 Aa.eiiililv ol e Sate of
-couri, in FehniHiv, n.roi ..Med
the tlrunil I.ode of the Slate, by Invi, wiin
power to pnrchiine and hold fur n!ii. itioiul
pmpoiea filly Ihon.'nnd dollata :!' of real
tate,nnd '.o to elahli-h nnd r icol an
A.ylum for dentitule childion, nnrl :i School
mid t'nlleee of I.e.-itnini; for lh ! I .rntir.n
of j outh in Virtue mid Science. !'!.. pi t
of the l.rgi.liituic ens, by the tlr.ii d ;.-.'!i.e.
hI the minimi convocation in tlrti.her, I - i'i.
accepted; and property ha. been p.irrh... .1, '
ii.i.TiM.in n I.IIUUI iiicr run ai n-i, ui'rll I
Palmyra, (he count v-sent of Marion cou'i- i
ty , and -1.(1 nrrcn, r'ttinte in the ratnr coun
ty, twelve miles from I'ntinyr.i, cnntniirni;
the t'ollee Buitdine;", fd niiiiU; itiiiieniiiii(i
to ntTiiid accouimedntion for 01 hundred
The t oliege ii mliiHte vii;hleen li.iloi
from the Miuioippi River, in one of the
mont beautiful , feilile nnd healthy section,
of tho State, and in the miiUt nf a moral,
religious and inilutriom population.
At the lueetitif of Ihe Grand I. mice in
April (init,) the institution wa orgnnized
by tho adoption of a code of Dy-I.xw for
it. f.oTernmenl. (which will he published in
due time, and the election of requisite Offi
cer nnd Profcfsors. J. Woithineton Smith,
A. M.an.tr:. M. of the Grnnd l.ndga of
Virginia, wai iinaniinon.ly nlected Tied
dent of Ihe College, ami A. Pnttorton, t'.tn.
of Fayette, Mo, wii iinaniniou'ly elected
I nncpal of the A.ylum anil
School. To iho!e gentlemen the dutie of i
government anil instruct. on will he confiileil, I
until the nil in hrr of ntudciiti shall
ndditionnl rrofessnn.
Col. J J Monti'omrrv of Pjnijrn, haa
token cbnrire of the Kefectorr. nnd will
) oruviile Bnll fnrni.H n.mrHinn- (nr It.u
' -' "
To place within the teach of a'l the meant
of moral culture, Mill instruction in science,
nt the cheapest possibleral e, hm been the
moi-t anxious deoiioof.h i Grand LniU-e.
The prii-e nf board and tuition is therefore
put down lis low us it can be nflorded.
Tuition in tho Preparatory Department
will be
Per session of five mouths, JtO 00
nnd in thef elleiceDepaitiue.it, 15 00
For him nl in z, uu-hing, ftiel and
light, per week. 1 00
Boaid and Tuition fees payable in ad
vance for each session. No tuition fee will
be charged fur students sent by Ihe Lodges.
Kach student will furnish, hit own bed,
bedding, stationary and books; also a piteh-
er, wash-bowl and brushes, fur hi nan lit.
For the sake of economy, it in desirable that
the outer garment of Ihe students ihould
be of blue or grey casinet or cloth .
Flurteiiti will be rpceived on and after the
10th" day of May l4- and it is desirable
jtiiat 1,'ie several Lodces, pn rents ami pimedi
'. un-, who (lo'iie to ulace ttuuYrits in (his in.
V I tnli..n, v. ill .to to as : as p.icible, thut
: the clae may be advnntttttroii.ly errare
: f''-Ih "'""nrr prorHoo, u..de for
i mi ir iiinwnciioii ami comlorf
! V"T l,ic n""'nd religion; ii trnction nf
j 'he yoBtb,.the Curators of the Collrie will
I (''"'e piiouc prencnirg at the Hit! on i-vc
i ly nh:i!h. J he ilutirt of ewrn tlur will
oe or-snn iinti riiilcd with wor-hip. con-i.tinp
of r.-udin; a portion of Prriptnre, Jiti-inx
aiirt rrVf . He acripliirc aremnde'the
third bonk to be iicd by the'ttiidpnli in cl:i'
No meie t-ct;iiian doctrine nf religion i. to
( ne oiugnt nr mculculated, eitticr diiecliy
or liinirrcily.
by the act o' inrorporntinn, this Co!lc;e
M.f.t Ihe power to conler the U'nal lite- i
' ,trV,,?u ' ""it hem,
; ntitl fhrv will km fiaf.rnrvA.t ; .... ..I
tuch rilltu-the Faculty nmr provide.
In the piepnrntnry n-honl rnrh branchc
ol U-armni; will he laugbl ai ore Iwcva'Nrr
for a qtialifirution to enter coltece. And
in the t nlli-irinte lr piirtnicnt. all iirfi oth.-r
brimrhe of IcNniing nd .rii nce ni flm'.;
ci.nstiliiri! i, li on.uj;!, ,,( r3i,,al culli-giate
The Jta.ouic Ftnlrrnity ol .'-inri. hnr
ine eniire.l Hith nnlm mill iphI in the
great came of education of yoaih hatine
at n period of gre.it fii.iinrml pre.kiire am!
-iul.arm-mdi.t, pnrchc'ed thilr;e nmouril
of propi-rty. and thuj provided for the c
roininodntion of n J'Hrnltr an. I .Indent.
jnnd hnvimrorr.'iniril tl.r ii-,tititi..n nnd pro-
vicien lur itf nipport the pnldic nmy iet
nonred that the r.l.'ibli.hiuent.i' permanent
that hi.tli tl.e ite.iri- and theahilitt to
perpetuate "f-r lPfli'iitif.n are pn'.eMed by
U""CI ,h,t neither l.-ihor nor es;-ene
" ""'' U uiohnita rchnnl nf tli
i;r'Bti-,t tirhi!lirtt?, in
iiin.ii.. Irnri.iru: nrtt
(he ndvpcrmcnt ei
c:ence, to tliore l,
whom it nay tu-'patronired.
The (Jriind I.oi'ge, I.im'ii; ub'uinrd fo
eriice of .Vt',r. Smith i"l i'a'.terx.n,
tin ) are pri-'i ntv.) I., t;. i,.i;fc n. tie
men of Ihe Cut re;cct'il-i!ily for viitue, n
hility nnd leariiin-;; to w iii.r cure It.r in
rtiuction of niulii iuiiv le .f.-1r ei.tru.teil.
f. II. Mi i'i;uK.i: M.
W K. t AltNI.tiOV, o..
Anril C- I'-tt
Ut:r xS't-w Volume.
Gii-iit JuJuceiif ;.l. !u Clubs!
the lC:h ot March, IR44. cm
menceii the Foil: tei-nth "uliime
f his Universal Family Newspaper.
The l'hihtdelphia JSalnrilay Courier,'
the Proprietors of which," cot fiilent
ly rel viitL.' upon the uf- ightness, judi
ciousness, una independence of u
course, ever since it ctuue into tiieir
fosse..ion, as ample guarantee lor the
luture, oll'er for the present volume1
the following urictpialled l'rt-iiiiums ;
and imhiceiiienis to Clohs.
To l'o$lmii$tcrs.Azrrtt!t, uh! o?rs. i
For one hundred new subscribers
to the 14th volume, with the ub-crii-
ow ,t,,WJ e c; ... BU.mcf. we
i:i pvp as a i remiutn a compifei
..i .1 ...i.. i. ...... r- . w .. ' a L
i-i ui .-liKj.tui'ti ; '..ecu , . i r, e
Hirds of America!!
IK-j. - ,
.SI00. Library Coii.pani.-s or Lite
rary Societies, may ensi'v obtain this
great Premium for their In-iiitistions.
For fifteen new names, w ith $2
each, a copy ol Ilai pot's Mnriiiicii iit
ly liiustrated 1'ictorinl I5i!i!e, with six
teen hundred engravings!
Fur ten new names, with Si each.
a copy of the .r,c!yolop,,v.,., of UM .- ncx vve arp f
Oeo;.laplv, , valuable work of :fip, n n , .
1300 paces. , -,- ,, , f
' . . , , "Naifntine vox.7 It is now in courso
or - eight new names. a,,l each, .- poul(li,.,ui.,n in ljC,ndot nnd we
a copy ot I liters' t.tent IIislorvoMi . . '
ti. p, .i i .- 0 - . , have mailf at rancments tn receive
the t tench lvt voiutton. or Scott s1,!.., ,- , r
Novels, rr.'ire. i"' lI,'l,1'' nl numbers in advance of
P..r f..,IV. it . ,;' 'I others, so the I'tiblic mav rest ns-
r or f i teen Ilil.-i.s. ten i-iimhs ..! i , ., ... . .. .
t,,e ,,..-. . srn, t ' .
n . fe., , 1 t I
.C0P.V "l l' aimers l .ncly. lopir-
dia, with 1100
r i I ,- . p ,,
paiics 01 in vaiuaine
' V i ' i
!..,.; r;- . ' "', ,.!.v'ef e Lond-n 1'onch
" ' a "as,""rll'"i ""; will all bn enrravpj
I'lates. i , . ...
1 - !Clvln imlt.iilnn,-Ar
frS" All these works are in a form
to send by mail. Postmasters are al
lowed by law to frank orders and
money lor newspapers.
Cllbs ami Clurbino.
For the purpose of fuciliating the
formation of Clubs, of new ami old
subscriber, now in arrears, we oiler
the follow-in";
.Three copies f the Saturday Couri
er 1 year, or one copy for three
years, ' 10
7cnpies of the Saturday Courier,
o Jo do
17 do do CO
i r i r, i -
1 wo cop.es of the Saturday Uur.er
J r"r: ,on t:','r-V ?f U"lW' S
I.HUJ- iook, i.r-iiinni s. me l.n
dies National M,':n7.iiio..ir the
. Lndy's Magazine, (Into Miss
. Leslie's)
Fivecopiesof the Saturday Co
rk r, and 2 copies of G ui. v's
Lady's Hook, Graham'sor eith
er of the other Maga.incs,
Five copies of .t'ie S.iiurday Cou
rier, one copy of Godey's La
dy's Hook or Graham's Maga
zine, and one of either of the
other Magazines.
Five copies of the Saturday Cou
rier, and one copy of Frost's
new Tictorial History of Ame-
rica, a 5 book, J(
(tt- In fact, whatever otTer is made,
by any other Family Joarnal,.taU
approaching in worth, beauty, or pre
tensions, to the Saturday ' Courier
will he furnished by us.
A. M'iMAKIN" t K. HOf.DEN,
Publisher, So. 07, Chesnut St.,
J Pbiladelphia.
Tlie Cliciujc of C'heapucss: '
Only , I per year,
the first r.f January, 184-1, the
w price of ihe Boston" Notion was
reduced to only One Dohar per an
num, when taken in Clubs of Ten
Four copies,. 5 per annum 1 cony
S'2 per annum. The cah in nil case '
iu n -'iii!nn v me oroer. I nis very
great reduction frmu the former price
of the Notion-makes it emphatically
the client est paper published in tho
worid! its M.iiiiiiintli Dimension
iakfn in ci'iisideriHion renders it
he l.uiiiiicil per cent. .chenplcr than
its c 'tempi niiries, ihe; New World
and Di)'.her Johnath.Mj, :iud fifty pnr
cent, che.-.per than any of the Dollar
Weekly's! Nothing but an extraor
dinary large edition sav 20 to 30.-
000 warrants this extraoidinar
Thf Xoi'pn is-printrt! on extra fine
paper, and in supeiinr style, ,ml con
tinues ihe same vudn r;-iige t," liiern
ry novelties and gereial i,p s!iS ;erp.
tot'ore. Xoveis. Tales, Romances,
Sciernific and ReliL'i us matter Ag
riculture. Oddities nnd Fun f..r the
Million Splendid Illustrations en
graved expi t-s-ly for th paper Cor-
.'ipssior.al l,r ports rn l ti.n Hrneriil
Xews of the Dav t oniinne, u, f,,ni,
the general weekly infredients of its
column'?. There is each week some
thing in it to suit every taste ; and
nothing of ;m objectionable cliarac
:er w i! ever bp allowed to tnrnish it
columns. It is in nil respects tie
most Valuable nnd tid'ceptionnblR
Family Newspaper in tiie United
The first niiii-'-er mi.h r tht new
nrrancen'ent wm j.nb'i-d'pd on Sattir
!.!ay. J-tn. 6. IS44, am! m th-u nom
, ber was roti nence I a Laughter
moving Novel, being a humorous coir.
; pa n inn to Valentine "x; which work
alone tendered the Bo-ion Notion
! when i: w asfirst est:ibli.hed ihe most
! popular weekly in the United States.
I This ntw novel i entitled
syi.vesti:r sound,
tThe Somniiinbiilist,
By the author of ' Valentine Vox,
the Ventriloquist." The chapter
each week are embellished with a
I Ubly fini-l cii iiUistitiiioii represent.
inj the humorous scenes in the work-.
The author in I, is preface sav:
... The rhnracter of
the work will b
essentially humorous: but as the thrill-
n .ii i.
inir t,-c II ol? tl l.tiiirl.li. ...... .....
- . ...i, ..9 in, i(ii.iiii i in.- n .
are innumerable, the object propose !
is to excite alternately "he deepest in
terest snd the most jovous mirih. bv
the portrayal ol the ex'r nilinarv p
si'ions in which n man who acts up
on his dreautso.av he plarcd,and t'ne
hi-;bU" rnl'i iiiotis teiror he may in-
filirrt. ' I'riitit lt. i-lmrtlAr. u a Lit .
c Shall not he torestnhed
.iu. 'H--I (ijn-i in us puDiicaTi'in.
Another new leaturpof the Aomin
.1 : n .
ioi- ii.iiiiciii.oii oi:i:asiona:i v
ol a
n,'"'1;'?r ' ''''''ns cuts after
the finest
offensive vu
...... . ,., nvivi
tin ir char.-ti-ter.
With these increased improve
ments and attracrion, and the very
great reduction in ptices, I eing one
half, we again launch the I'oston No
lioii i-.pun the sea of l'opular Favor,
ami feel assured it will tpiickly ar
rive at the harbor of Triumphant Suc
cess. 0"5" Orders should be addressed tc
the nndersigncrt. Postmasters re
mittins: us an order for Ten copies
shall be entitled loan extra copy for
their own use.
Hack numbers of the Notion from
i 'lie- i-oiiniirui cuit'Il. Ol o "
SoonJ befuinished to ull
i subscribers.
the commencement of "Sylvester
Publisher Boston Notion, !
No. 3 and 5. State St., Boston
Spitnittli anil Stele Segars,
T FANCFACTURED and eonstantlt
on hand and Tor sale at St. Louit
prices, by J. Linder, Louisiana, Fik
December 14th, 1844.
fa-Done at low rales at this Ofre

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