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Democratic banner. (Bowling Green, Pike County, Mo.) 1845-1852, February 08, 1845, Image 1

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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"Sites rerun, suei-rM lex isto."
.1. J. ritKFS, I'u&IMier
rYnealier 2.
Wednesday, February, S, iS."
This subject from the labt dates still
continues to a-jilalo both houses of Con-
press; when it will be finally acted upon
we know not. A thousand t urners
have reached us from the Capitol auto
whdt will be the action of Congress up-
cn this all ubfcrhimj subject.
From all that we can learn, we fear
...... ,.,,r . , f ill., muhiulicitv or
t l.tik 111 X.WWit -
bills presented ia varwu lorins, none ,
wiil be adopted. Speech making has ;
superceded action, snd we fear thr.t the !
"(ji-ldtu Moment" will be loot. We
do not muLe this statement publ:
blie with-'
,ut seine ground to go upon. France .
and Englawl hive both been tiealing
with Texaa f .t some lenptli of time, J
froTi M'ii:e cause (and we cutsnot sepa- .
rate t!;e idea if Enclibh influence from
the diichuge i f Gtu. Dull Green, in
i-ur own aiiiuli') Gen. DuiT Green tho
tec recited Amcriixn minister to the Ke
public cf TcxBf, has leen dismissed by
liiet Gtvernmcnt; and has perhaps by
this lime returned. The c;-.u'' which
(.svc rine to this rupture we can only
fiivmise, es the v. hole transaction as yet,
MFin Maj y.fc.l vi mystery.
Uut thi one thins i certain, that those
J'?; reentd'.ivrs who have violated the
known will of their constituent, cx-prei-Kcd
in a v. :-y not to le mieiindcr-
Moj-!. W
! : ire..
i e coi.-iptlled to int el the an-
s i f lliose whoni tl-.ey have
-to lnar the thunder tones of
'..:.'ilir i:;;!:.':);i!i.':', which will come
II I ....I li(!. fmm' ... ....(
'."rjl in in, tin, i.i-.ic ii.'iii .ii
iKt-tvi uI iiiu!ltd conttitueney.
Thi'.t ni.'.t; who contends thst the Amc
ilii.ii people have s ' spuhcii i pon thin
.j-ti., .t(.t lo bUr.d in thr events
;:.-.ssiiii;aripiii;d l iin
In the Lsl heated
i.r.d excited c;iia?-.!irn. u bbsorlmd and
5 aih.wcd up evi ty o'.htr tti! jeet from j
the he-iihndif of ..laine to the extreme
p:vl tf Lu'ii-ian from the t-andv
t e ;c': of the Atlantic to fl far west,
!.e A ! riei-n through the ballot
f.i.x, Lk.f !eitaided the return of the
I'hiad" tathe Aicerican ecastetia
woe l o'i It tli.il Representative
who would by word or deed )i.Isy the
v.-ill vl' hi. co:i'.i'.unts. Viewing1 this
vnesiion f .nijox.iiion in every lijhti
it becomes oi;e of immense magnitude
j; i;i::y us; iitcesi-ary for our defence as a
l.a.iuh. We know that Great llritnin
h. '.s ever regarded our rising glory with
; !i eye of jeuloiisy and distrust. She
waitMinly ferti.e favourable mo:nc:.tto
fc!rik-e, and what may be our condition
t!:c:i v.ili; English possessoins on the
Ivrih, Texas a Eiitiah colony on the
South, ai,d a foothold fjr Englaed in
Jrtgon. then we shall be completely en--niprissed
by a foe ever willing to rcc'i
l er bloody vengeance upct; us, for our
farmer triumphs ocr her with Ei g
h;!id surrouiiding us a!u.osl entirely, mis-tro-s
of the ocean, nnd nearly four hun
dred llioiisuitU Intliautj tcltled upin our
western border, whom England in her
tiger hatred for us, has never failed to
employ, that she might the better carry
on a war of unmittigalcd atrocity. Yet
soi:;e ef our citizens and (honestly too
v.e dcuht rot) have Epokcn of trnsl-
i. -ig to English faith.
For ourselves, we think that cur
hands sre already filled with her faith;
a territory dismantled of a part of its
far proportions our steamers 6ct on
fire and sent over the falls of Niagara
our country swern ing with English in
cendiaries, w ilh a bible in one hand and
a dagger in the other, prepared with the
tid of the passive and obedient slave of
the South, to commence a scene of mid
night assassination, conflagration end
murder, to which the heartrending
.crucB ox oi. uomingo would be a trifle
loasi oear lestimony to her good faith, j
1 . "
..b..uu nmeea : Detter trust our ,
heads in the liou'. mouth. Where has i
-i-uwn nown to respect a trcatr. '
it was her policy to v.nl.,.
Her whole history from tl- it
.wio.e mi-iory iromthe Heptarchy
- uiomcm, uas been
out a history of wrong, outrage, and
ireaci.cry toward, those who confer,! ; I
her. India lying beneath the burning1
l"e ropic, nas uccn desolated by
the heavy hand of oppression, which
the has laid upon her; the inoffensive
Chinese has been made to feel tho touch
'of her tyrany but net satisfied with
wnat siie now nows, wr.n me uppeu;c
of ft Corm.irsnl she seeks a more ex-
tended cmriire npr.n this continent. In ;
time of peace, prepare for war, is a max-
jm wtn tu be actel upon while we have
j i:i0r power. Let us then guard a-
.,,.,,; iiie inSjJiOUs wiles of Erclb-ham-
hitioxi, which we can best accomplish ,
by the immediate annexation of Texas,
a .1.. -.1 :
UUU tit. l 1 V. VI VLVV 'bUUM Sl VU Uli. I
0 i
. . . ... . j
Q-The first annual meeting of the t
"Missouri Historical Fooioty," took :
place in Jefferson city, on. the 20th ult.
ihe following emiciucn have been -
lected officers of the society:
YVM. M. CAM1T.ELL, cf St. Louii
John C. Euwists, cf Cole, ")
; U. AIinok,
II. P. GllOURlCIt.
It. W. Wills,
J. I. Campitll, of JIarion co.
15. M. IIuRiiEs, of Tlatte co.
Mann UoTi.rn, of St. Louis,
W. C. Junes, of Newton,
! T
JAMES L. MINOH, of Cole,
The following gentlemen w ere then
elected as honorary members:
Gen. Auiircw Jackson.
George Iuncroft of Massuchusetti.
W. II. Prescolt,
Albert Guliiitin,
Jarel Sparks,
P. A. Irown,
Thomas Gilpir,
J.idiie Hall,
New Yo:k.
. (iiimore t.imms, larotina.
Eev. is Cass,
j.voco..victs iron, ttie pcmlcn-
ti..ry Hemt-gion and P.i.Vn, I.lvc es-
eapei:. i Lev succeeded bv i.icLimr
. n. .
t:.rouh the inaer wall, a!id staling the
1 O
2 McNultt, the defaulting clerk1
ol U:
uf the House of Representatives, has ;
Hon. Jo, Faibfibld, has been e- 'adjolwrar e-ics, held a tr.l c:.- i xici'- , " 1" to cnatielaoutd rrply W U.e j steppn ,g .o the bw, t; ok l!.c .white
leded U.S. Senator from Maine-Dan- thusi:,.:;, meeting at RicIunod. o (net -aomn3 rypotles, J "" Z " , 7r"v V
id Webster from M:,k.,, ...... J fsh ,.rJ..,,,nrv k,;, ... I ,UVlt? .'i ol cur utMi a , ;'",t U oUt, ,."!,.. as,ft.y sons; tuoslouc,?;
... , " j - i ,....Uu aiviKjd to balunoo the- food and ,,u'iu -p:'c"ot, xiewiy w .v-.ea;?u i..e iai:-er; .iv- th.j
erdy Johnson, from Maryland, and AI- clutions wrre adopted. We rrjret that Lvii of auy tneastire, nnd to begvvera- 5lf 'e:-:aae, all Goe;nmea;s nra in- fht cf my f yea a.:d ti.o iLt cf mv
lert Green, ,'rtai Rhode Island. we bare r.ot tLeea fcr them L.-t ;. aiituted for tbo hannineii of the -'ov-! i o.Ierslandir.rtT I
given Lml to the amount of forty five ! nerul'011 lection, second cnly te about etpjal to six tirnei tho dimcu
liious;.i.d dollars, for his nrpeariince be- , thcf .t'!c-,V1:r,of 'V; , ' . ol ...ir Kip:re Sftttc, Willi a di-
IWe an examining Magistrate. '
r-a,. if . t 1 . , , , , . 1
ilon. Jauga idciean, of Ohio, 1
las resigned his seat upon the Supreme '
bench, to takd eflcct in February.
27 John M. CIr.yton, (Whig) p.3S
been elected U. S,
enator from DeU-1
.r-,,, , . , , lexa to the cpf.fetteratioi) imn.edicly , "ur - itus immense c.itfutrv wili
u i.-unorsaysiaereistobeu wed- if practicable, end without awaiting tla. i bvcoiiij tho I.oioe uf miitioiia "of hu
wrig next week we expect a slice of consent of ?Jexico. man brings; not drawn Irotii :her
cahe. ; HeaolvtJ, That it has become a mat-1 reU-ns lit depopulate them, but by
Isrof imperative necessity on the part ihe laws of 11 ;turo a new growth of
23" V. c notice iu some of cur ex- of :r Government, to take possession j my, orlid. uceoun la Lid, iu tefli.-ent be-
ci.ange papers, that P. W. Sharp, of
RuoiiviHe, coniempkue. issuint; a new !
deinocrUic paper at that nlace. to h !
called the "Boonvih'c Gezctte." We'
have sumeacfjuaintance with Mr. Sharp, : Euxcmburg, I ec. 2d, say-: Tin
and know him lobe a gentleman of con- SL"t-"ie ,r ay-'iing l'iursi;.n i.fii.:-r
sidcrable ability. But how does it hap- M"UPR? to 'C jmrisoa lins prodo
., i- v , 1 ,1 . ., , ecu an extiuor. iikii v Fen-.nti.in
pen an iort wick that the democrats of vvi.-. .,..,.n fi ." ,0: ..
Ceopcr cannot centre upon one paper-
why is this.-' Let us heary j f. r vindiealing the honor and dignity
. I o( their oidei. 1'iopositions on the
B"t underhand from a gentle- one hand to drlirer the offender over
man just from Hannibal, that Owsley, to the justice of the laws, on the oth
who shot Smarr last week in that place, er, to h.rrii.sh him v Mi iho tin-;ins of
has lecn tried and bailed to the amount fliubt beyond t!:e reaca of piOM-cu-of
one thousand dollars, for his sppear- t;,,nj w tirc' al11 rejected; and it was
ar.ee at the next Circuit Court. .
jCr" Levin II. Cot
will probably be
,., . ,
the next Democratic candidate for Gov
ernor, in Tennesiee.
2f We learn that Thoma Bird, a
biffhlv resneetahla rllivon ..r lv. t,;
" 1 " "sm.ik-
Mo., was ihot a few days since, bv !
James Minor, of the same county. 1
The difficulty is said to fiave ori-ina-1
ted about a W suit. in which th- h,il ;
be.nn,! .1- u .
'.v. u . , , ,
j the murderer had escaped; the friends of
Hira have offered one hundred dollars
for his apprehension,
Last year there were 22-11 deaths in ':.
U05;01'' 1 "puiauon iuu.ikki,
We rejoice to scethata larce cm!-
tion is expected to start out this spring
for Oregon. If (lie American Govern
ment can on! get a foothold there by the
settlement of a few of her daring and
adventuerous for, we shall fear noth
ing from English interference. Prophe
cy seems to be ut a loss as to the destiny
of the Anglo Saxon race. The follow
ing from the Platte Argus, may be of
service to those who wish to emigrate:
Vfin fiprrnv
- UK.UU..
fT, . .
I ha cnnniT nn.i'iril t--iv trocr.rr4
- .
appearances, w ill be .argcr than at any
former period. We learn that two uf
l'-' !l3'e cannon here been loaned to ihe
company. We wciiiJ arivise emigrants
to concentrate at Independence by the
hst of April, as the gras will, no doubt,
be high enough for a sturt about that
lime, and much is gained by moving ear
ly. For the iiiloriuation of persons who
design emigrating to Oregon from sister
states, we would remark, that they
should take nctliing uh.ng with them in
the way f furniture, but what is ubio
iutchj necessary on tU ru-Jt. Every nec
essary arti'.-la can be purchased low in"
Oregon. Strong light wagou; plenty
cf hard l iicuit and bacon; ga,)d rilles
r.nd acinr.hiiin, Lrc t:,e ;aa n ouii:es.
Either oxen or horses will answer lor
the teams. Whiskey drh.hcrs thouU
not co. as thev will eet i.or.e in Orr-ron.
p ii . , . r i i ,
iiCCOlll'Ct t;:t I Ill!.tiHlliT.tr u t'i
south si.lo of the Jlioiiri. id (.;:t
1 '
miles abe St. l.cai'.-and aivrs-i'j!
" by
stean.baats i very week fro;n the Lite. -
place, when the Ration is nr,, i..
i ."' ' .
j -e of my existence, j;ive i:. u
" - j A
said It.o P;ui!t to 1.
IS iV. rcl..CRrI. Si.i -
iinroediately it.ade a Uu, uud pU-
ed u jrj betwei-n his -Fcth w,
oulraoe." V .t I: : ! !t a .i i .
,"i without a J."
C- ' 1 -v ...... . , .i i 'f I
rv of the Hero of NaJ OrLr,,. C"
Andrew Jckon, with the reverence,
tlld : l " !! I
tu-i iiuiuu, mi once uiurc
elevatirc to the Presid. ncv. n ,...,..-
and original Ueioocrat a put.ioiie eiti-
' zcti, the profound r ri:,iii, a pure man;
; and that re regard his election ' ts the
t'b'inph of principle, unaided by fraut'.j
r. , ; ti . 1, 4l , , - 1
AesolvtJ, Ihat It is the scT.se of tlusj
I meeting, mai Congress MiuaM timcx
occuI' . VJTt'n", territory.
r. nJJ L .1
u . " , i,J-v' 1
Mi.mtakt Kvi'm tio. A lutter .l.i-
hi, j , M.en.te on the t.n.per mo.le
.o... u- ft,m upon in.-.r rs-
cuiKiiBini i uui.i m.ij' oe vvasiiei am
! b.y. lh" L!uJ 1,19 ;,inS'"""t-
.this wise coi.clave, with churni-.tenst-
, ic military piomptness, proceeded tn
load two pi.:tolf, with waicb they re
paired in a body to their comrade, to
whom they announced their ceeision,
a,nd presenting him with bis instru-
nV'.Cts of dcaili, to'd ftirn fhey sliould
retti? till rummoncd to return lv the
explosion. This they beard bV fore
,I,e-v liixa S' cnQe". u.e etaircasa;
and ..n remounting they found the
dei"J M of l!,pif tulc batlicd it:
blood." "
A soldier who had iost the best
portion of bis note in La: lie, fiuMtc
hine!f wit'i the observation t-hi.t. he
l.oiild 1:0 m-'irc 1 ,n told a t!iio.r
ia as !!. i:0: on hh fr.ee.
TrS. TU 11... ..r i .. 1 .f il'.,:'i'!Vt -ia . nr.. I I. 't .. ... .1 . I I-.- :.. ! Hi.t l2'J Mi ts iti i tiPiW VCiltt II &r- f ch3 h'd li'iTi to : tt!)f!!i!-pr. -n I
TIits interesting insertion below,
from the pou of A. B. Johnson, of
Jiew York:
"Who tbat'has :i mini to coriiure
ate e!l louiided, we are nut':i:ieutly
ex'.ended in territory tnd numbers,
to lalL'k viotiru to 4ete elements ot
destruction, it such they "truly are.
Aay,ji ii;tyiHuiiim must (?'jverQ u,
bend these farts. and a heart i.. iel l" rP" 01 burpyn C7 ou
lherwoo!d wish to cUciitbii .pro-1 lrof,i- inuui so v.tal u
uresi- t.v suawciwts feu:! aoJr?a '. indtpcadecce, thitPraDce
UMnxinii....h:i. n.. ..--.-o....i. tyrthwnii ivtsitl uji.taaa mufioen-
versluus oi'Iocal interest will be har
monized lv the iiK-'ineiitatton ol t.ur
tonlcderacy ; just as tli- lurbidneM ut
separate ttrcams is neu'THltzed in pro
portion to the iiingnitude ol the re
cipient river. Some stutesn Ji), tnea
ipr"ri...u ;,n.-i mtoi.-.!. u .ii Lr. ir"Tre proviiicfs f Gieenonni th? Efii-
oi no little aculenesi nnd roriiideru i"! u.f.-Meii v.vti oTtecs
lion in public aliaiis, nw.nt.iiti a the j 'tuanyreed ilsell lrv.a tho ao'-wr-l..i
,en4 of frn.. lra.tttl'1)' o! Tudey, and tliey nssistd i
that would seem 15 re..uire tor it.
consu.ii!wtiou th .tall U.e aatioas of
the earth should constitute sui"lv
:... ,.,
i.W V
suit bv means ol aservte v. :ir oi loi-
litcrposition, might follow the
ejection from out Union o! C.c exist-
! U16 s';Ul"
lv ansorbcJ bv
1 1' intin.fp;iiif4 in:'
make hitn Ijotli reject Texas and repu-
!,!tate Louisiana. tlioi'.gh txnise peisons
' believe that Texas will be iristiumcn
! t il ia xupt'icssitij: fcluveiy ia all our
j old State., bv supplying u taoro pro-
titahic fiiehl if oper-ition lor 'Jio
sl.ues; and thr.t free labi-r Su'.vin;.' iu
ii.. s::! nr. u..,a,iaA i. i . i . .-. i
lv will ! encendered destructive oi
j u vry ; nnd (urlLor, that a!atry, thus
ieoiiceutrated in Teiri;:. will, bv thi
t . w ..a UtJ UIV .W.UUiil, .-miw ai ilV i-
- 1 -----
proxiroity of races in jWxico, hiudreU
piiiibi-ranco ol tne crtd, to iooii at tlio
Ci i lai'l l.ei:ef;ts tlmt must TPantt tV.vv.
the aciuisiiion of Texas. Jtisinsize
l and giving
u.i i.is mor.opuiv ci tne nnest cotton
land, and ofthe fiaest cotton that the
wni-ij pjouuees; un article v.hichis
yet i;i a u-mdition ol giant infancy, ns
loi.aes 1. 1 us uonimcrcial iiuportar.-jc
to our country and the world, audita
many iu:iiisti.iiions to the cc;:;!otis
ol li.c poor, ai.d tho jrratif.catioa ol'
aii ciasi'. . Lnder the auspices of
lilJs. l tlic bi.t!. such an e:npi
1iii1 i;.s ramjtcd (
ccci sequences to the
end of time, and through etcrnity,can
we soe nothing but the naked, and
per!iii;..s te:i!i:oiarv (ju-.-stion of slave
ry? Is the introJuctioti uotiiing into
such a region of our language, with
its literature: and our biws, customs,
lii-inners. trts, religior:, and privileges?
Is the a.!ui'.i"i! noihini; ol seen a ter-
ntory to our homo, such a member of
our handy circle, with whom we mry
it.-teichraigo lot-atioa without adupi
mg a new allegiance; and inter
change productions v. itiioul tiie ob
structions .of conflicting nationality!
The inquisition of these benefits seem
to expand each one of ui into some
thing more ttn.n our jresonl stature;
and to l ive to every mtchai;ic, man
ufacture!, merchant and cultivator of
the, j-usl, S!u:e source of addtiional ac
livily end j rosperity.
'I know, however, that many per
sons believe our Union ia already
suliicicutly lar'e forslrengtii;aad iLa.t
additional extent will only ct;cr,nbcr
sliall find it ii loitadct oa anaioiiea
i:.ji are not appu'ial.Io to our condi
tion. Wheu pu ttiipire is composed
or cotijiicrod naliorts, that are contin
ually tsru'.ing to regain their lost
iG-c; cu'.:Ciico, every uewacqujpilioo
Uuldivrflcs thastiengtii oftbacon-(piei-ci,
uid !io buconicicxbju'sied by
i.to division. Eut our uaioa is voi-
-But, abide f.cn- all t'coraphical 1 a U!ti &r3 o liu-.aaa Jr"-v i.x.fcea nrcad the fchoot,
jealousies, fnaav perauas on p:h;eiV ,bnel Pt:,d tu rcfl.,lCe " "dnce.d I r?:d uotsee theu. Jiere. Wher.
pies ot abstract 'moral rcpugiwucrtol 1!s r!!!l proyiaee, ha j-rcbibited are ny SaM, h tuey too, may
-iave.v, oppose the ounexati..n ol ',,m lr"M cohtmuius m vengcacca el- una o! ttie . up of Wes.n5r
TexastoJ.r Union; for, it Texas bo ! lorts wur seea t0 h W.ltfcloat -rhey w ill i ol b far od,' she aa.:d,
aoi aaue&ed, she nmy be , bvsicaliy '', " " wiuiniigaiion? ; aofl -oar.eu .ooa ootore urn, mat l.c
,-oercedbv .Mexico, or .:i,r'..!!v In iIgmra was orgai.uc-d mio a Hide-'".c..t ea
'(.Iieat BiiiVm, to relinauKh slaveVv P1'1 kwgdom. The?a reu ti He nca .A a ihidsome end penial
I i ; .,,. a u,.. ..... ""ei u: incu;er.is oi reino'tM uiwuu: anu vvi f:n i.e t.au said i?raco
I i Hi Slaves. Oii 'i;n!!i.!:i' hictl '
I v 14
. ;,;ji.i:f.:y, and Qe an sreli, "on.-ii'.uics.
:j Kcpr-.M'atif. f rt.w.'ih :;il
fti;e. - efface tefcaiflud 1kti i$& tit-
juration , TcsLS Jriii U. V?Di ci
Jo-er, or a alas&Qs.aai- ol-siaas.
excise. Zx lit u:ar 4fwacIJvUuaoa.
towards G. Britain VitU rtsier.ce
u os, r. cre IouL'J.csi greutoa our
sfcliatioHS to ?.Iexici with reforence
to Texas. : '
pile of Turkey, nothtojj occoncrt
that v. i-1 compare i:i Ctci'siveass
w ith the battle t bail Ja:hU, or the
iicfiuiesctnoe ot 3!es;c: still Enciund
d the other piiucipul Grvcriif.fr.t-i
toti nai!oi: iftoiisu Mr fjW?at0C5
JoS'datinjr her prijvinee ouo at9"i
j 5CP3riil Ti sairw rtte-Mi
rre,?R.a al'he 1bfe,ltt?Jit. r3V0tl
niiiiR from the rthontv of Ho!- may
ii i . t t . ,). i , -
histon, bi.i the diilerenee is efaifjiedjlter
by the Uiv;H:i!itiit of Mufopa as ui.bufi.
tiiuiiip't of ius'.ice over n!vica! nuw -
To a man irb:d-' w"l'ft 'pu teooiiaied w idi tha j v o. !d f.iin o-c to tLc t-ne fjiic
one idea, the a; Vci0VJ,lhr0V' -f ?iaji!co.n. EugLnd. ':''-'
be sutHciiit to i:,e'e!jrp, wmorudy fstopf si by Lc-r 4As it thf n, lovel' Le re;;!i?d.
own practices, iroai any exceprioas
;iinst the iedependeut voliiwtts ol
I ex.is; and iu ihe itidnii-Bt of td'ila
roi-e, a& rviaced bv the !vc-.iii. a-
sc., 3Ic.vico tt:.- no jj.-i cause of of j 'This U a question, io'i IJaLU? Sic
feucc sgaisisniv by car J-arwurJ o.f Ir,4vh:c! nv wife.sou'.d net h .vc
Ler la:
t:,i.';.ri! -..
t Ue ivii;k i.j tle il::'l
Xhsici U 'JVsaa iyJd?at;l wil?
tuaa's owrerd.I'', i a irt-c'. Ti:e
proprietary ihht ia Li-th cisen i"
U.ui;!ed H us::l..:i.' 5ooj.ll Le-.t li. s:
t.r.t loony tijutsccsai rerihis requi.c
erned; beuce.the nghl ctilexioo, c-
ver lxus n laiWuned for Lcac-St
of Trw?; v. bjlij iLs owocrshrj of jlex
ico in a mere chattel id Lr t'le benefit
1:0: of ihe cha t:el, but of Mexico.
c i.avo uia sutkemy ol tne word ol
Hod for natiilrioia restricted csti-
luata ofthe proprietary riht cfall
aniioo!. Tit-j civiik'a ci the carfU
inlo!Ii!hjc.: ovwcira ow3o;shi3 is
;t contrtraace cf iastituted for
his social beurii's; hut revelation dc
claiow, thai th? f ar.h Jj t'lw Lord's,
aaj tf.ii use i:e.-&f bivfttan in com
mon. In iWm oiihirged bmc,'fias.
so far fr-iin heit't; lh propurtyofAia.v
ico, is noi escitisiveiy ib property ot
the Texians, oxcepi'as their use of it
ijuauiatea wi;h its nselolac t all
men ia common. Ou this Chriatitit
principle, ar.d on this alone, was jus
tsilrd tin icceai buccessiul aittmpt'
by Gi t at l.".itain t constmia tiie peo
P'e of Cliina u reliaqcisU t!:? exclu
sive monopoly v. bich ihey have usurp,
cd fcr a?e over th regions which '
titey inhabit. O.i this" principle ;v
l.ne, we ca:i justify our forcible ob
t rusion on the aborigines of America;
ar.d our.compelliag thetn to abaadoa
to us sucli lands us they could act use
themselves beceikiaUy to tho coni
mvn riL:hta ofrdhiu thoSKCtiag, in-j
stead of Lci wTong doers, we are
but fulfilling the coaimr.ni oflVvi-i
.b r.ee to nmltiply aud rfp!s:!th the
earth, and subdue it. j
"Having tlics shown iiat iV.e Lata-1
ral tiht ot Meslco to Tbsus is not!
incontiiteat with 1-19 right oi io
Texi.ins to clmrjge their tdiojnr
and that t!ie coav?r.Jnal 'iwS -Ahich
regulate ths iatorcasa of natiaaa
will not oadap iis eircamsasce
oe ouh asr-a Lrthe esarc-se of this
right i" tvtfor r.ftha f7n;tf y.tnf.. 1
...wc Uccoinplifcied all that I iatend
0'2, having preliminarily bhowii, tint
Iho ronsequoncea of tho act will j ro
duce reau'ts gr;;lefai to phSan'iropy
every tThcrc, &ad p.-otablo ia par
ticular to u?, ia all our great social
interests; and finally all to ba obtaia
ed "without money and withnm
price,'" for even iu a pecuniary viow,
(the lowest rational viow that i-an la
tktn ct s,ndi a. mesiic.n,) wkit uis
tno iu:i,i.;a3, uioic uv Isai.
Will CLt w.L: couip-,:ii.iii uc: .;;-h
;le rlrii ."-K-::i:i-m...; ? . -i-
ofuilorrl Jwnaia that ma? bear
juirtJ whhthe (enKorybnt siioply'
f & t!i perpeiu&l rgbtto claim t
.'m.u . oa a!: hnoonationa ot sad
cavairya it K and m it will be, in-
crensiog slid compounding sa-no on-
vard cuurie of popuUtiCD and wealth
The Jewesa.
The celebrated leather, Rabbi Me
ir, sut ilurinj; the whole of one Sab
batbdty, in .uLKc-fchco! in
s true! in 2 the prople. Uo'riag h s ab
nce from the bouse of his two on
died, boih of. them of uncoinnioa
beauty, and enUghteued ia -the law.
!! wife bote them to h bed cham-
j ber, and apread a white .covering o-
vef tiieir toc'iea. Ja the evenin? the
R iLli Meir came Lome.
She readied hiiti a coblet. He
Jprai:?d tha lu)id at th going of the
boacn, omntjOnd asked:
Where are my two s.ms, tint I
ay ivtf their) mv blessing! I re-
i Ii:iT' I, vi:!i tliv nerrrilasloa. I
a ie v. i ay 4 a,-., a prison eatrust
eu s:;c33 j v.c's to my u.-Ukiy. ord
cow i.s lit:' ar.ds t! em again, fcjhould
I e thru, tip."
. i ,-
TV t!J AiL
cf j wurdut i'.ih hesiiuto or b. re-urtaat
aitire.-.oi .hetu to twr,- one hU
4N., ss!-a r?p!fcd; !.c: yet I thought
i Ii Lest tii-t so r-.--o, c tUeiu without
j-'ctjtifj ". r-rr th? d i r --iih.
ha ye were my tc;.chc ;-s in the law."
The mother turned av-y titid
weptl;tt2t!y. At Jength, she t:.i I:
h-r i.iib. nd by the baud ar.d s.ii
'Habbi, didit thou not teach n
that weinuncctbe rclactant u re
siore that hich was entrusted to
our k-eping! Sea, the Lord has t i-
kpu away, aiid b!es:ej Lo the name
of th Iord.'
Slewed be the ca.-na oi the Lord,
rcho-;-: Habji ?.ieir; 'and blessed bs
i.Is 1 am Lr thy ialie; too; for wed!
it i written, 'Whoso hath found a
tiiicou? y.iU hath a greater treasure
lr.su cos-.iy pe.r.U; she openeth ber
luo.rh w:ii wisdom, and iu her ton
gue is ill i la w of kindness.
Thk G;uvKitHD. Tne following
eloqtiont and brauti'ul extract ia f;o:n
V'-..,.. t-... 4
iy the Rev. Mr. Green wcod, ofiJos
loii: I rever shun a graveyard: the
thoughtful melancholy which it in
spires is jrreatfcl rather tliun disai'rce-
ab!o tome: it gives 1:13 no pam to
irean on mo g.een root ot that dark
munsion, whose chambers I must oc
cupy so soon aadl olieu wander
from choice to plow where tliere is
neither soliludo nor society sonie-
uiiagiiuman is there; but the folly,
tho busiie, the vanities, the tre'e"-x.
si-ius, tb cotapetitiona, the pride t,f
:iur33ntiy n ens men are ther,bot
lhj pistons ere ho hpd, and their
sl'V:!s ara still aviL.'oleiice'u.n
its p'ier ol harming, appetite 13 en
e.!, ambition lies lew, endtest is cold:
anger baa dons l iving, all dispute
!ti'Oend?d,a!l reve'diy i over.ihe'el
lesl animosity i:; deovly buried an 1
tii9 moi dangeroi'.a sins are .aafelv
V T, l,i"',,,y .pneucioua ot
jaaval.'ry; vr-.e is dumb and pv.ve-. -!es,an
; vi:;ac is wnitina in iii?rra
lor til t;-jaoofih
in tiii?r!t:o
lh r.irui. s',e ihuj tdd.es-.cd
archangs?, uni':-
u.c vojca of God.
bis'love for tho dear people,' waori
strongly inclined to sur.et;t Idm
' - - w m-ai a U1UU LILiilK: lil.T r
tove ice tho dear peopleV . ctticea.-.
It reiaiads oa ofthe Irishman xiho xvav-2
ab...'U i j marry n soutliern girl for her "
pwp;vty... .s y. x
v.'nl you talio thU v.o iiaa to U
wedded w ile J ' '

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