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Democratic banner. (Bowling Green, Pike County, Mo.) 1845-1852, July 26, 1845, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

Persistent link: http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn89066057/1845-07-26/ed-1/seq-4/

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" u
Oh l.ivir.rj ind forgiving
Ye an words of ejr'h,
'it re nr-t n .irili the living
l.'yp I w i lai.i ro.t lii.'.V
Oh. Inv.njr an-l Pirt.i:arinjj -
Ij.ia- s'ttt rreir mi-Rt.-.n her6;
Tins eofif ih'-l f urn .hsring
M.l'Ji I)'.-$ia. ill it- liar.
tV. tiicrn aiii 'i;;fif.::ring
Y en, I a nr j.t o!" life.
Tint ii'.ock the m"iom if living
W.th ii2vr.pnitin J shift',
OS. Push an.! u nr("n jii
H.;v cn-i'.l you miot the gravo.
It Hrr.vcn, ivs iinrplcnticg,
Frh-irc not, n ir f.irjtv.-'
Oil. lovir.c anl hiri-ring
S.vi-et sisters of llirtsrujt.
In whnsp rrtrsti-tl living,
Tii pansionB fiml rontroi!
.SYii h:r-ilhp yo'jr : fl li-rice o'er u
'Vhoiie'rr hv pai'in crost,
AnJ. anel-Iili, ro 'ora ua
T!ie paraJitc 31
a srni.iME .srKCTAcr.E.
e ii.i'i.t h ive m en a live and
fprrt! pe. ;!e topr
er; t ut a rivr.-iv.i
eems, i below their dignity . I5e
it fo. FiP.rv t:;ev v. i:
I have it. The
r.iai! t.i Inn iiiii s :!r. ! to iMorv i n
pen to m. We will tivad it apart ,!
fr.itn thein. and we in.sst therefore!
n;q'i;ejce la
the ni''-essity whieh de
et.Tnd separation."'
' ."lie D.urailm of Ii-
ro'ei; oar
drat'' ,
;e t.ie onL'ir.ai c
the i nm -rt il i;pe!ara' ;on. as it e-n
i.n itea lio'ii t::e pnj or Mr. jc:u
i . r T it
irs. !t is hi -. :--ir t no oihr pi
sit". in tii 'v?::-!tv i f the sent'inet.t ;
or in th for ;'i of the ro up is'tion. ,
!:. t!i! c-".".v' ffe, for re 5o-s bf ?:
k"-'. n t ' : ;i "'"".' -Ives, thought D'crie.',
t s'rike it f oil the th'-'inTMt. To.
r. s'o'p it to i:-iropr position is now '.
i:;.;esi!'!e; bu'. we b-rj leive to pive ,
a ti iir.n to the expression, andj
" a:-;.!r the il'w version to the re-!
! -,;.-".s bftt'.ve.-'n Texas an I the lTnit-j
ed S;.-.tts. rr.-.l.:nd, l.ti-ried on by !
her passions. Mid too confident oft
! .- r ;i vivor. re'V.M'd to sh-.re with the j
cn JstTtes i,i-r prat. i 'iir r,ri her:
i -
' I "
f sahiecioii aro.md onrnecks:!"
I . . I
to impess !:
f-;:r corisrr
whidi we c.'
Vixis np m
to tidate
If " III. I.l'
.1 r. ,;..',.. .
the riLrnts,
ai i tin ter our p'lariPis,
sn i t reduce c - t t ne coa lition o!
, i .!.., i r I
' I V'lSIS itlli .I'fN I M-.ll 'l or I I
, . ... ...;,!, I
rr:v,.e''i s
I I. , r I.l .1. -
. . ;
in ifli'-l ill .- i.Tl-i--4iil i:-
; i :;-i.;-. n.
mJ t'
.d of
y anirt f
::vt hr. The hisic.rv
i--r; "f ..'j.- country t'.d's
'" i'.e re vf oti
I:. .!ri..iH n s id.
t l-nv much wisrar tin- c.iti.ns
f Tex"' tio v . t'.-in the cov.-nm.e'it
an ! '''is laen: w r.ai a sm-
ii'. e sp -c'a--If U here r-xhihi'o-U And
wliat .1 hriii'i'ir.t evidence nf i!ip p'M
'!r not th 'ije i i' Here are
.:;. 2 p-.-p.e, URti-itrfil hv free p'ill
'::;' s, r: si-'if, ti a!"i:it)t- ot M -x-t
to n'ti.'i.s'i her s .-c-rt-ijnte. .ti '
, .,'.:-ei t.r a i.":!i!ai'v , it s;i
.'.-sertiii-i thetr ii.deprndeiien by
s .vord. anil attalnina their djp
bv ih-i -jiori nu b".tdeof San Jac.In
'! li'it their destiny not yet ac-
evi-nn i-me-i. - irep. a powenui, ana i
a ilot'O
nisi ed pe -pie. o;T-" her thp
pp I'toni' v of renmtir.s her fortpne-,
:-.i '. theirown. We olTer Iter a fair
irimonieaii n of air o-T.ndenr nn I i
e:a- freedom." We noir.t out tlie!
i i to
bin-.ine.s."' We nronnse
We pronnse
ro "tr-af it n'mu' nith h-r.
,9pp i-'
r:.t (!. as she? !i':s bei-n. Tom vt for
t v-n'v-five yeirs. fincf 1319A we
o u-n our nrnis nr. 1 rp.-iv her t our
huso n. to share our ecp. to paniei-p-i.
ia niir sr'orv, . er.'.nv all th-
privile-'s of our confederacy. nn !.
tiihi!.a!l the fr-ed-en of a s-iver-t
irn -T-Slnte. We -7 t hr free.
t! m. 1 i.it n bri!
We l,ir r,-,
r, irmt to in-
n.ite. He teiMi-r Irnnkiv, Mnti'
v.pihon'.l b.P nnml t. "trend thp '
I -
r, a t r,f bn iinpss nr.d i.f einrv" with
rft". P'rie is tempted to decline th
oT r. Great Hrit iin tteeks to thwart
t:. hidiin Texai and in M.ixico;
v' -i't we ripver ii'errerp with her!
-Tftepln. a-cpn'ions in II:nd ost-in.
She .-onnuers kin v! m riaVr Ifnlom. I
pa ineipili! v after prjncipilitv. through
t'.p C iveit instrnmntality "f one of
lir pi'verfal ineorpiriteil rnippi
Tii."": : an
vet not rt inn, t we ! . Ft I
tit,!:-.! it; not a wh'.sn'r of comp!aint
i i w. riisp; rot a r im iiis :ionir do
vp ,tp!e-:,fP t ! India, to intrigue, with
the p'i'T"M of th" F.ist. or to baffl-lthc
j r..,i.,.,i r., -p..
" I I ' ' ' f I H 1. 1 Mill ail'- i
s r,,'s her acent to Texnc, to operate
ri-.- i-)s cur wishes. She offers to
h.pr. !r, ler.ondenen of Mexico n free
o i t --i'-i tion of trid evert thlr.-r
lo'cT.n1 'he avrir;a of Tev;'S. Our
nin-'iTi' l'v. too, (France. ) ni,.i..r
."P- exfiordnary influence of conn
r..'c? i.'l n.'Jk fr,fl.ii nu .Vet! f i 13 Sll'.nrI
,i!fi,r cvmtrvm-n. een.R to join in
.etr,.,Pi..an.J to persnid her fl
li.-p'ine n'l annexation with the rni -
vi State. Her o'.vn t'overn-iient.
too. isles w iiiint' r.c-P!,t our pro -
nn,itio.,i th, miCht fr.irtv Im',- been
i .
I 1 hot- im:i to throw
I " Y 1
Ill' II V t b '
c turned 'r-
' t! e r !e t r.v bv uo s :n p.i s ot
.I- 1 1-.
1 1 . v n poreim. .'!'', or iy '..'.!
jti -it i f f.iei--i S'.-;. s. They
i anxious t- j -'n ps. rnd .."thin.: ":o
Meleat th.-m. T. ' .;"'.; s wiiL-h t'iry
!!: ' tn carry out ihcir wishes are
u.r. t!iv of the p.-..,; :-pe in v.!.!-h
they live. They d n 'I fly l- n vo
lution. Thcv employ no ft ire? Pi vp-
cr.ne p; o:i their lh'csidi n'. A lor,
ns. v e !e.i vc
. t if i: o a n ' i
1 , i .
. 1- I hv n:i;.--r
; ; ; s- i.t v. ; a
id I
t re-
:! evrn
o'uti .ns
i-v::s I'.; :
-J t I.-
hi t '
w i-!i!---.
rt u-..--f
r.o'.v, ns !..:! ii i t
jits ii'i-n- U')ili;'.. Uv slri'l II'
pl? repairing il et.!!ot bxs a!-'
jter her Coi:;'o.k 1, is di i idrd iii lav r
- of th r s .-.'utioiis which we subaal,
i ,
! to then', ii eidi'i Z thr own id : i i i y ,
J.'bvtheii o n v.iti-s, neceiititii: a t :"' t- i
?est :'i!!'!e on t!i ;
a now t 'iee
; a.'iother l e.n.tilu! iiaK'.ra'.!- i to the
! theoiy ! a li e .veinnici.:
the he-t Ii':::' o! t.:
cv.U-' .if lit il vc-
niiis of th:: n;e.
We Confess, that u
n we st,
siibliioe s
when we
et!e!: bef.'ie our eves
'c u i:h hat e:ier-v this i
eevt'e is f i 'nut : 1 11
;e, nion f.e nvst :i
:f. t!i.. tV-'.-.l S:.-itcc. !r.
i : oa.i t . In ppi in s a:ni j:. 'i y
I ...: ' i .- . rr.l
i il;i ii, i c
respp.-t and ;o.taer.:::et.t wiiien
' ...
cinr.ot verv veil l:-,-;"i ne. It on v
.-.;ov 5.:
ile -il:!V
v..: thy I
! a v i:'
i V ::
e !:,
a :
e njhi lo 1
n-.: -i ith i h -s l the sol.
Ci-i J ..:iii:o. We fct:' th
- i. i. ii in i'hiir.v'i ir w "i th v
,i in : Ih-M. rMay ti c
; v 1-e ei n! to their ri:.
ti-.f-v v
'!ie:r v
I Tos; e
"J-'iai. eo:'..e i;: wi: i your less m.
Wlnt dots--! asspe! V'
v ( ii I Knew o:iee tun l m
, i ... . ...
1 . 1 .
.!!,., t ,-,f 1-,
ittier s
window is irs
.... . ,
I i i i'ir s mi in nn ii: iii-. mi ii;'
f ' darn me if lean i enietnb-T eai a:
: . . . i 'o- . . .i .. i. . . l.i
l'I nic s:t: l n i i s mc u.u-i o. oi
, - ,
kt-t in -ne t-la.-e
brother J
w h;'.
tlirr. sli ier l'.t'.iencc's
1 1-.-.
. .. ., I 1 O . II
liei in antionier. ami ii.ms oi in-i.s
ers pi
the .insh Seh au-J I made v.-s-
i tt-rd.
1 Stiinia's wi'r ne '.
; sell j-: : -t : ! i . -i - :
' ; -.t ! -!
ii, i i
:ie .- - a i 1 ii .t
. k.s-fM. ar.,-1-,
P 't .v
. I v. .
I-. I L. I !'
n lV"'
ny s
was ;
ip-'. -"'
die f
M.:' i
lea .
i : ; i r ; h p ' i
ipr i.ni-ii ii.
'a a.; ! i '( p
.! 1 r
: ' n :
ili v. I
--I -,
his 't
it... !,
ed iipp. - ri'f
i!eer ennpi' n ta 1.:
l. -IV 1
m- n. to ti-'l him m t to ;
f t lr
: til!
I' I
s t-ic-.N it. jf ":e net n.-artii:
i mcT.dsd it.
It is tin' most tii'.ch'ti of si
the burial of a in'le creature, which
s nits its eves as soon
tiio etoiips
of cartli f't.iii l its viev,-, without
having kn 'A ti the? paier.t whose
teail.d eye.? are t.'a.i;io n i?; whieh
have I ecu te'oved w ii'mut hiving
in n-!".rn ; whose tonecp. is silenced
lipfora it has s; d;en : w l."S8 Iratmes
stpf.-n before thev hue stnileil.
These fa!!in- buds wi'd vet find a
st ick on uhp:a tliey s nil be ra
these flowers uhicii cb-se in the lt"b!
vet find some more
" ""n- "
'ent! hen Ven 10 pnlOi.t I!, em.
(,y The pern cinnot be polished
withr-.ir. fric'i m, nor man perfected
without adversity.
A learned man obtains c:irrenc in
refitted soeie.ty hv saving much
unl-arned man, by s-tvni, litt.e
True politeness, like true virtue.
j can nt be described in set rules, or
lex icily defined linps of conduct.
society, hki- ;i siiaiit- i .imis, .n-
' viewed in all situations, or its colors
' w'" deceive :s.
f-Pt ""l ,,n f-r.otten, that, from
earliest a.-e. the feelin.S as ue.l
as il.e inteiifctuai ir.cuiiies. ma', le
Clrl'nrity of heart, is of ail vir
tues, the most elevated. A Greek
maid l i-inp asked what fortune ' she
. : er.nhl hi tip h r husband, answered.
!! v i!l la inp him wlu-t is more valipi
! b'e than an v treas'ire, n heart ipi-
1 cP"t,e''' a,:'' VI,t'!, tti;I",u' a f-l"m
; whu.-Ii is all that descend-.! to me
;fr0f "'.v !'rent-.M
j Tl AI R
; , .., , ..
, tt f)1 ""'l" S!!ir! I!;P
I t Ii A nr.n-l that cnldee llie.ii w u-inil'il.'
1 -
I the people
the ii up to run another day.
Love, like o:.r !":'-:
t!i.; bept'iiirip. inn
:erpi! ; hi'! nM;'! il il
!, s iJ:.:rivc(i, it bee..
rio .ni ?r.l l'
;. . slit-r i ived
hi :! :m ri i.:
i.i!' ft'ii:'s, i;l S tii
fir a !j!.ii:o. i i : :
i aiirt or c
,-ivate te:i-her turns round and
t :-tr
! i !-..!; !
i , i i
' -rd.-ii
i : a -
Wii. -
7 ii !: s n i r Ii lAl V
utckaky n;:ssj:.f;r:it.
"The St:atKo.l of America."
s." a tear in advance.
n. i;. .ii.n:.'. i:dnor&. lVopnetoi!
A.-.u-l-1! l"i .1 rii-'i.t Scii!!i.
On ili'" 1 t of.l :i;;:i:y next (1 815,'
i!.e Souihein literacy .MesscnL'ei
. :t:-:if::oi s i's Iveveiitii Volume and
:i!'i n t:;'' of tl
IS l i'sncc-
iv soiii'i'ed t"i H.
1'lie present
or !:as n
.:. now i. -il' tl
ted ii for more
n a ea".
o:d t'u eneoura
l:as rt e'-l i i il
re in-'tr.-asf
e i oi k h;is Ii.
!e ids
'I'll s;
is i.l . :
him to ex;ect a
viiplions. As
ist lined, uiiiler
iiia''s. (or s i
!eil lo the !ihn-
i T i 0".lil:!IV l!
i h'i'.: a tin.e. i i
:rt ot
vei V
n ije
ot !t'tUTS.
i i ie ill -
iii.ee lor p .t.
iii'eiesl air
and its nu ii !
i I".' .-.Il I '1 11'
,.'-. it !.: ii-'
justice ot the
erary merits.
h an 1 r ti iiisir
ad tor its -iie-
at'. i- .ci
Ills e
':( 1
hi s-,. (
:.n i s
i-nS U.
d ::..m
i .
r and
1 1
: hois i ,i ti
thi! S nth.
i . i-.-.si!v
: i. ,) .'. II :V
. w;
' ; e
: ai';
n t.;-'-;
:i .
,! mure 'I
i, r. o.v been es- (
i years. ,!i;rm-;
a m,il:y &. 'Jie.it i
i a 'a l ie oh cp- ;
Ji ch i: ae'er. ;
. e-i.:e:it F.dii"!'
ret o''l. lo to:.
n of it-, aii.'j. ns
s ("instant hi -
i, the ll.i!ei!!
r-eeivi ii i.'.. I m
i ,s. h'.l ban lo
. any an 'e.-t
: i:n'i:s
1' of.-,-
viiich i' ! :is o o
o'.sl.icit ; iii i a
Pi'i 'li an i a vet v h
Tl. '.-!;. t Is of the
u ill ! p s -. j-1 r.n a -I v
iv t i she Pii'serv .'i
! :;i:p, hut ii'-
: ..veil.ei,!.
'tl ii"lil.o's h
the hisl twe'i
' II I
e i'-;t he hi- :
ri!!'. row
.' 1 1- :
'A i
t ll;
:: , .!.:- Ta,.-.' V...
,M. !'
1 ' -.
Washin''i n.
-. I.L D. )
W. ( :
I I.e... re-'ci.ck 1 "h.i"s. K
.Mis. J. T. Wi.r:hi:iL't"ti, N. York
K. D. II ,!e. I. ino is.
W. W. Andre .v, U S Gonsul. .Malta.
IL II. Mtrs, l'pihidelphia.
Ati.eiii'iis So.itli.
( h iv.'.i i'r ii a I C"n!r i.'i i: 'ors.
Ihes. I hi.rn.is II. De w, )
Prof. Geo. Ti cker,
J. II. I). "A". thin of ihe Ili - S
toiv an Adv.-ntiiit Jo'. 1
toiv an Adv.-ntiiit , Jo'.
Lip'ian Minor.
W. 1!., I'. S ( 'harpe Italy,
W. M. li., V. S. CharpeS.
Dr. S. H. Dickson,
I'. D.
i v.
s. c.
.iii'tpe u. .ti . v !iai iti n, t.eorpii.
A. !'.. Moel;, Alabama.
L. CCU?, 0!:i .,
ti ii r ii t.
loyf .v matrimony.
p i niariv unr i in in.; ,-soiitti an.i , i ipiiis: the lonp i lieiistied principles
in rcaily every slate in the Ui;l0f th editor are too well known to
so .,e wh-ise veils we would jiladly the .ublic to re.piire any pledpe up -
Tinove. ion this point. To the miscellaneous
i . i . i r. .i i
I In; cotiteiits will ue esceedinply
varied, rmtiracinp r. Vit-wr, talcs, p
ems, . ssnys. travi Is. sketches, bio;;
.:: l.y, Ipst.-.ry. popmar sciences, pal
person me .xavy. .riny. and o: Per ,
iPiti-'ied interest, heiat y ititcMijriiee
lort-ijn anil domestic, and notice ol
new works. Selections of ment will
oceapiilly be itisei tt d.
The leadinp principle is ihe pre
ipolioii id a ture Native Liti-ratuic,
: ml of a dt:voied .National Spin'.
Wi'h this v iew the following pn hii-
urns nee olli-red:
1 ..r the best pa; er on the present
st ite of Ainei ican letters, ti e pros-
pect mid menus of iheir improve-
int-nt, - SaO Ot)
The best review of the
worn ol
some Native prose writer, f!5 00
The best reiiew of the. wolks ol
some Nati. e I'oct, i") 00
The best oripinal tale, ,3.r 00
The best oi i-inal I'oem, 35 00
Their ublicniion to commence
w i'h a new volume and the unsut l
ces.-hil articles to be at (ho disposal
of the Lilitor.
Many Improvement w i'l be inir.. -
jdnneJ with n new o!ume, nml t!ictnicnth.
'stvle rcndoie.I s:i!l more excellent. Seu;i-Weck!y pnper by the year, in
!As it asnires to be t ho Lit era r v oriran
els s?ricntr t!' S(H,l!l ,7,s- ' p'rt-
: t A thiit '.hew and the N.-.rth & Ivist ,
';i!.-io. will liberally rnc-Hir?.' it ;is
;such. Il coriL'i'aitilates il.e ITest on i
the Mif'tes if tiitir.Xival iVpoii; a ;
; work j t its nun cr n;ior.. ',
Tlie Mr-sseiv'tT (int.iin-i on an :iv-
Innxe sixty four pa-es. a nntnbcr. iv. I
t.e-i p.i';.-s more I'l.in ir.nst d the ; "
j .Maazi'n-s 'wu'f :'s mui-ii as sonic
: . I tin- u: i-- i-'iMi-h.-J moi::,lv, at
li'i" i.i.o'i
aie. mo
y i".ir coaMins lj " np.-'r Koyai ( i ..-
. vi) itair.-s. a! t;oi!t- cu ii lers of a n-i.t
l l'(,r I",-
Five i.opies for twenty.
a .1 e n i a a r i: x .v r
A Familv Xevvspiper, ptil hhed
att'.ie'OfhVe. I 12 lima d'Aay,
A't:w York,
This is a ne.n ta-'.y wrck'y pnii
i:ition. of C, larje octnvn n.'"?.
iiijh! v einbelli'hed widi enravintzs,
atnl ilt-voti ii to a variety ot en'er-1
laming and iis"ful suhj-cts, for i't tie- '
al use, ;it the low price of 3 re-its a .
nmidier, or si a year, forming a:
...: vohiaie anmi i!:v of 9G pijes.
Intensive preparilior.s have bet Ii '
an Ic to render this a l.ijldv inter -j
esliniiaiid v:hia!i!e inhlieation. l'ei
soiis toi wardini: the inoniy for five;
'o is v ii! .have a sixth sent 'ji uti--.
K'i;'"rs l-nhli.-hiii this advit'i-pin-tit
.11 I. ht-
'l la I hOii-p. I,, he tnr-
i-: .-.I uilhihf w ii I-, fir one vca:.
I.i;.'i'.:l t'.-rii.s to ;.'ei.ts.
rut )si'i:oTi's.
The Coven a ui.
;; ! Oiijci.,! .Magazine of the ( Iran !
le d'e ol tne I ni cl Mates.
2- O. O. V. j
A n.oi,t.iv pf-iii'de-a', devo'.id to the
cause id Odd F. II. wslii'i and -'Hi
era I I era' me.
T! i w.i: k ! as beeli
n! ill V evci V Pi .tith :
1 ii I I. a' the v.-i v l..w
I ln'Iais in advroiec.
yA J is mi.h-i- ihe
:.:.'!! I -P. o! IL-V. !'.,
1". !'. Sh i:!io-r. 1'i.h ;
P.' ot i'..,!'ppoie.
nu i.-it-i! ice. i
nee J:.!P a I V. j
pi i 'e ..f d'wo J
Th- -Oili.-idl
( ihtoi ia! map- j
'" ( hl-c. a li !
shed m the Ci-
ii;or SALS
V ot
it;.". 'it. a r.c w dai'y. M'M,i ivi-r'.li
and 'A. . !Jv. Den ,'. i t..- Hi" .;'.!
i- t: t -ip-r to i i-t. '. ,!.
r r . f s-f i . i nw, ilc i o.
The tot n' aid er ol . i:r new a
per uilll"' i.-s'ii-il nn iheliist i I
lic!. will ::tl epti; e new di'e-s pew
' li ri w !i:le paper, with o'ler,
I i.p.'i t..nt alteiations ami iu.ptove
n cats. The paper will he devott d
to a It at less exposition ol democratic
principles: it w i'l zealously arid nn j
i i i: ii.n " i i'l. - r. iiiui I'li-ii
... . . ',' , , -
e;:ori io rsianiisii a m immotn num.
areny P.iliii ami ii'isi-lnevotis r
1 I
rations and consnliihiti. m of wfalil
which subvert the rights of tl c peo
I pie and linilermine the pillars id the
tepublic; it w i'l oppose an oppressive
jandanti icpiib'iean taritF svsieiii, the
jassump'i.in of ihe State debts by the
il'enera! t'overnmen t. and all other
' leder il pi iiii-'p'. s w bich have rn in-
; e viia oie tend
; lit: prosperity
ncv to utMstroy pub
as we!! as individual
happiness. Ap.iin-t all such politic
iii , . .
1 ;ii delusions we snail wape uncoanp-
ai delusions we snail wape
inp. uncompromising war. j
The kaumkh and Ihe MPciiANMc, who;
produce all the real capital of the na-1 nmt Sainnlav-. ni .j 'r!.ak, r. n. Rrinm- r" ''i themsc Ives itpjust, antl biphly
tion, will fin ! id our p::per nn pp. w a-1 inir. ilMi-ave Ki'i-luik rv.iry PiuhIiv nn.l destro.ctive to their pe ice rnd jin-s-verinp
chompion of their inalien ible ; '1 '""".lay. t -l uVim k, r. m. . War.n-.v ami pprl --. ha ve been eoneeivr tl and pet-
' , . . . , . , . .
I dipartmeiii. particular attention will
, be devoted: the ladies will always
' Ind i
I I i '
in our
.'iiiiiiii.i.i I iioii.i: 1.1111..,
ti-n Ir.-m the current literature of the;,, :(. , , vi,-.iio.,. t..ke th.- j.'n-.
day. ns well as ori'jmal cor.tnPuttons
troin the most talented writers of
which our count! v can boast. A
peneral summnry of forripn ami do- j
meslic news w ill be furnished.
The conductors have already se-!
cured the n id and co-operation of a
ilarpe number of ihe most .list inpiiish-.
I ed literary and political writers of
the day; at ranpenicnts will also he
!m -de, at the earliest period possible,
; to embellish our columns by the con-
j tributions of correspondents from a -
i broad. Wiih this In ief and imperfect
i out ,iiie of our plan, we very respect- i
luily submit our claims lo an exten
sive patronape to the consideration
of n eenerous hublie.
Daily paper by the year, in ad
vance ,S10 00
' ' for than a vear. $'1 per
, : dvance o UU
" " for les than a year, 50 els.
per month.
Weekly paper !'X xw Vfnr- 2 00
" for six inorilhs. . . . 1 00
Siilisfrip'iori to the Iai!v ior le:s
il-.ati tv.o. t- ihe Se!i)i- e !
less than lour, or to lie Weekly for,
-s than six, m
liths, wii! not be re
i- ; Pii.
il in t
iVolfV ;
rail' v
a r.
t or i!i ! ' ! ?. the
."C. ;;i;; the W eklv
t ii-i-
S. J 60
!;, ;r
. ii r
ve i
i-ti i' i rs
p-ioi-rs at an v
tilM' ti.f'V h 'Vt
S'iT i cn'":' r.
v pn, i;
, l
r.ciiviil t., rin- ll'T
. i c . .
i, !
O Si
i-i i i. : .i i-.-i.
and r!o ro !, at i
Sllhsi'i i!i
iiintinneeat the er,.) j
I .1
n . ..... .t. :...:n,.n-n I ... nr.i I
ol it, win ciiM.:tcu snn-cri-iors
-idced snhsenher
until thev o.dcr the piper tube Hi -
-. ' '
ll b 1 i S li 111 t' 11 t. '
iddles, I'.rid'es, Mar- I
ticrraJs, Diijty and .
Watren Harness, t'ol-I
l.irs. Wai.n v. hips, I
Saddle R'Srs, anil all
tlie artiiles nsaa'lv
f iiad in a Saddler hnp
; ALL of which the I'tidvr-L'i.rd t.fi.rs
to the public, a! his t b! stand in Louis
iana, mailed" in atcri.ds just laid in at St.
: Louis, and at prices that cannot fhil to
suit those "a he wi-h to purchase. ;
'l hankfii! tu those who have hcri tr.fore
t r.c.cir. red hiai, the nndersiiie I still
s '.! its a share of l nhlie patr.mi's;.; in
his line; and if pood ork and C"o I ma
tt'i i.iN are tu have anv iiifliience with'
m cli.ist-rs he defies bi ii.i
(. C.
April irh, is;r.
tf -12
W A T E D.
s i it.r r hi:.
..r la
(J..o i ' cash, p' it es f.-r I-eef Cat
i th-, .It !i iT' d I j l-.irn in I.nii'iiiiin. d ir
it:p the se.isi.it. K. M. I!I.J( K.
L"iiisi.t:i.i, Mo. ati r strict.
M.'v 17;h ll'i.
illll lilstl iltdl s .No-K.'f.
i If 1' ik hP'-i'V -or. !h-
..d-.M.-l..'.! I- 1- o'-Pii: .
I ' r. ,.i. -V O-K-l ..: .i
! r ..
! si ; . : nr.'::
n vt i
a t
: ;i
!'. Pt-
X .',, ..I, p,i' r--. ;;. ,
.It cc-'i J. 1 -.-r n .
i .:
N. .If
1 A-
a s
i ' '
w P
. ho-
i i.
'.' 1 1
; ' '
V :
:'. ip;f !':'.' b
!'. d if' I" ' CV
i.. I.
tbex V.l". '"
t ' f ' 1 L
... !i.
.lime 1
.i. inn.
Vn Slave On per-!
rixiu; ineiii'st cn
iiees wid ii-
i .- ,-
M- i :ih tin- mil..' or leu
slaves he
. - I 1
t ee:i
ap ' p.' ol iPtt-en ami t: irty,
V imp to Tho:i as !'.. V.'. i!s.
Auburn. Ib. I"ni lurlher pai ticu
la i s apply lo
N F MiNoit, Howlinp Green, M ..
.Ions-Snka r;ipv. Troy. "
D Pit i'-:t:. LoaisiiiPa.
May I0d, tf 11
Iir-enhr Snu-Vklv Tackct.
e J t fi.
BF.RNAUD. .Vts'cr,
.Viii !...- si i f,n w.-.i.L.t.r i
"' " " "s-' "l
! Z-MZT.tHTk"!
ritv ; il"l"b il' at'li"'i..,ui",,!!
! t PJ, : ami ciroUsvilip nt, 1, r. shihc
A ....,,-.... ri . i'..l ... i: . f ..
: '
I The fini
p. -J. hoi, R tuilt rsp,...f!y
1 fi" lie In If, with fent up. 'rd, ami ve.v
- , . r .,
ii-iiiii .1 1. ri nil 'l.'.u I mil, HIT 1 1.1 -.I'll. IT-', 11',
f tu,- n,,.p.ii, m.,1 may I.e r.li.d onfurtl.c
a.i.e jt iiiip.-, rtvniaily, nml nlti niiim
to rn-.-iii pr nml ld.
M:ui h 'Hi 1-1."..
' iirrt toferp.
TiiK.IIr.vi-ia.SrATi'TK.s of the State
ol M.ssoui i, i evtsed and dipested by
the thirteenth Assembly, 1G11 &. 5, j
j published liinler the direction and su-!
peiiui.-ndcr.ee- of Win. 0. J.-nes, !
Commissioner appointed by the j
, State; and pi inteti for the State by'
; J. W. Pauphei tv, St. Louis. Mo.!
.Cheap Est
j printed i n an imperial sheet, with
The above woi!:. containinp rbcut ' new type, both Ihiflish and Ciiero
1200 papes. on pood thick paper, ami i 1-ee, once every week, at s.? per an
subst.inii.dly bound, will be icady for j nupi, payable in advance. And to
sale on or about tlie 1st pay ok 'Ap- I those subscribers, who read o'nlv the
oust Ni:xr, al the look Store of the
subscriber, No. 100 .Main Street, St
Louis, or ol Ins travelling agents
throughout the State.
A. FISH Eli.
Line I tt'i, IMS. in
l: Lot (i it so .,
-g-JT AVE just received at their old
-H-JL stand, in Ashley. JIo., a large and
W eil selected assortment of latest style
; fanrv and Staple
.l$o G
recc-rie", Hard-ware, lueens-
w are, &e., See.
Which thev are determiiied fi sell
very low fur CASH or Good Sler-
: t hanlab'e J rodiiee. ll.ivmsr iiurcliaseu
' their stock at a very small advance on
I!;iiteni eu.st, they are therefore enabled
! to sell tlie sa nc uiach cheaper than they
liavc fn-r before lien nhcrtd in lliil
l.,f rS lla n..,litl-v Tin- V t V. nfl 'I f 1 1 1 ? V
' i i f ,
j invite their i Id customer and the pub-
ho treneraliv. to come and exnmiiie their
' 1 stock and .rices; their tm tto bcii:
! QuUk sales and M,a!l pnjite.
F-'n. !
'T ... , ,.' ',,' .
Iron, r-teel. I atmtrs, Iljrsc-L.i.iuM
Il.nnes, Tri'ce-Cliiiiiis, Nails, Win-
i diiW-Gluss, l'utty. Linecd Oil, Tur-
prntine, Cod-Fish, Mackeral, Gar-
i den-Ifoes, S.id-Irns. So't: aTI Up-
' ptr Leather. LotiMa:. a Fl.air, &c.,
A Hut t!it-low et easli prices.
Xf'W. iiii.'-ri'- r ii.iM'i l ii lnrrf ;i fn n. t!;
eity .f t--.x' Vo.k. f n i. I lak.n tiisnid
.t.uiii, i Main -tn-i l,) witli .oi f.itiif t:. w
itc-k of Si'iii's-; SfJiMKK i.nTll
IN:., roii.j.ri -in . m . v aitir't-u-..a'i kri t
in a ' iii)iiu or liel.i t.ii-; 'In'.- IP trni"-l
are I !iw i v. o l.fiii,l.t li r r.ih, ni-it u.nii
uaiitun.l iiia'i i nu .i i.'.n i M". , t- x; is'y
l'. li.i :.i otii ', ili t u- t.ittjt ill ii l:.";l fj.:;.
i .i i,-., tii !i-
llrtV'tl.- turn:' -t a e-'l ... li- r. v. ili- A Hhoa .
s :!ui.'rv i-'umI- t- in Pi- . i -s ..f N Yrrl1,
i iiii tn t.ilii- iii! : i, '-....- ." ti-e i -t '
t:i-i iiii:v:.:,' i:o:a::v i'. i t :-eot.-i. Ii1
t".r, 1 la it a rr, i i'i-.'.-'i :.!ts .i-u rn'-i rs i i
m a v n. -t i ! . r'...:-',i .In: la- r t i. ly r;-i .
lo.t -Aiii .i-ii lai in . ' 1 !. '. v.-i ii.a ' irl i-.i.i
t i.t . t.i 'i.-' r Ir
.-it V I'l' St. I.I'M
'a. ..' : nit t r.nf
I!. a - ii
:,o Or
is t'
. I i
ts I ! H
' lot:
:i' I!
Pi: .".p i :.s':.ii ii, p a
n 'he " . 1 1, ii. i-., -tii -in!
very rufpti ::p- n
1 1 1 - -1 a'ii v ai.ii p:.'-
CrsS tl
ti..' ki'.d i, .-li- p-. !,,
i "t.ape o! the cm a -
Stat. s. Amoi o ll i
d i!-e:P exts's ei r i-:
! trie t PPe.l
w : ; e :i- MP -v
a do-ii . that
'.he Lallans si ophi he dealt
wiih tin-
on ju-t and iiheral principles, a li
v svicpitliv pi p'.cir chi imere,
I ." '' ' 1 i
icer, ai.,1 a deep mtiest in tlitiri ! ::-r-acti
r. condition a-t! destiny. !, i ot.
' !,r!; ''",:,:''!' ,,i',";' : : i
t l .lii.s. has been to th'mi a foi.ti'aiii
,,f nil,,v wioirjs: a umntain f.om
li, . . .- . ...
nai c net n tuifi-.i to (innh
. n aiiy b-M.-r driiti.l ts.
Fioi. tliis ca-.ise. n-easurrsof io!i-
sifted in lo tlirir acot: i ltsbmrr. (s,
Ul11, ' i:;-"!ar lrtinai-ity. hv thoe
fr'"" hotn they lte.ca iieht To x-
; pect .md claim pr,:cct:.on. It will
. , ...
: therefore, be the aim of those h.nvinf
,-,-pe f t he Advocate, to onliphten
public senti pent, as far as possible.
ns ' the f"e nips, wishes r.nd proper
, expectations of the ('nernkees.
. Ami w bile it is intended to make
; tne paper
txi.'i' -.iil in its one and
character, abstaininp from nil parti
Ziinship in the internal politics of thr
nation, it w ill i.evei theless he oirii
! to full bat courteous discussions of
any measures oi" policy on the part of
tlie Tinted States, which tout h upmi
or elleet ilu; riphts and interests, not
only of tiie Cherokecs, hut also of
their red brethren,
The Cherokee Advocate will b
Cherokee languaee, at.s2per arinum,
in advance.
Advertising wii he done on the u
tn! terms.
Cherokee Nation, Sept., HTM.
'.-J '. .ller i.O 'i! 'h? s ib'w'ct

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