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Democratic banner. (Bowling Green, Pike County, Mo.) 1845-1852, August 02, 1845, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Fit j t X, I m i
uie voters or
trict composing ihe Couniics
of Kails and Pike:
IT.LL0W.CIT1ZFNS The freemen
having expressed their .h-termination
inn.l, lii.tj our St. to Ctiri.-ti utioji; tl,e
our citizen 5 to eliect ll.is obiec';, 'A ill
lanec vi u;e las lo necnnrdeJ to representative Iiatuls m Unit uo,ly Hie a isr
Jom, experience and firmness required for Iran h " an in-i ruiiei.t under which
we, and oar posterity may live, demand that the iit.-nisl tautimi sltoitM In-
exertised in tlie selection of parents to
raition of our existing constitution, has an election occurred which will involve
interests more important to the futitre prosperity of our State. The political
destiny, atid future well-being of our citizens may he in a great measure depend-
aiit upuntlic ac'ion o! that Convention, and the same danger which have beset j y ; .s' () (' '' .;; y
oilier governments from an unwisely framed government may beset us. The on-j 1 (TF2 tV II"S!"'I'I
lv guarat.tce against these evils to be found in the evercise ,f .he utinosl fre- j MT,'4. tii'x w.a 4), A,aVr.ra.'
nu'il ana cu:iliun. 1 he Jct-urc of I he nurtiz in slumM iiovv lie unrtca mliidt-l - -
ure to promote the welfare of hii country; anil the voter should approach the; " ' -j .
pulls nir.ramiiiolied by the fetters of party. Il lias been with a view tu these.li. 15. M I .V VI, I'!i'. i'iM:u let"!
con-:.Ierati'itis that ii l:ir;e number ol
;eierniine.i 10 cjsi incir votes lor our lino, aoie, an 1 uistinguistieJ Icilovv-crizen,
the lion r.ZIvA HI NT conf:Jing as they do in 1. is honesty, his j.riifmnd
lean irg-, and his entire ability to give satisfaction to the peile "whom l.e may
represent. .7 disposition to secure his serv ices in that important body has hern
co'dincd to no one portion of our district, but in every neighborhood a decided
w i-h has been miniie.-ted that his name may be brouuli! In-fore the people. The
absence ol that gentleman upon a v isit t.i the Hast, during the present summer,
has precluded the possibility of our having such intercourse with l.iin as would
hentofore justify his friends in positively announcing him as a c.uidi late. .'7f
ter mature reflection, however, with a knowledge of the character of the man
from the deep interest that he has ever expressed in the acimi of our approach
ing Convention, wo have, after frequent consultation, dtieric ii:ed to j.L.ce him
fdrly before th? people I r a seal in that b dy, with a perfect c uilidence that he
will never faltrr frctn the discharge of any duty imposed upon him by his cotm-trvmen.
The promiroM question to Le agitated before the Convention will be the
Equalizing of llepresentatioii. Up in this subject the opinions ct Judge H int
are decided, as he has ever been a linn and consis'en? defender f this leature,
so necessary to preserve in our institutions even tiie semblance , f a republican
povernnienf. The injustice and manifest inequality of representation in our
Mate at the present, have never met w ill countenance from him, and w ill in the
tvetit of his election, find in his course a bitter, uncompromising op position.
lie has also never hesitated to express his partiality fir the plan of electing
Judges by the people considering them the proper source of all power, and re
garding them as fully competent to mae the best selection for all posts (;f trust
snd honor. In a word, the views of Judge Hunt are thoroughly republican, and
arc such as are in strict accordance with the views of a large" majority of the
voters ol i i:r district.
undersigned, therefore respectfully submit the claims f Jud-'c Hunt to!
uicvoicrs.il u.is aistnct, and ask at tlu ir bands a candid investigation of hi
standing as a citizen his moral worth Ids gnat evpcrid.cc, and his fr:n u:i
wavering honesty t f haracter v. ith a p, rlect confidence ih .l ihe.-e i t .
man in the district w ho can deny his ability to discharge with creiii: the duties o
the sta'ion to which he may be called.
ii. c. r.mv.ui.s
J)ii. FAC.t.'.
J. I). TiSDAi.E.
x. r.
a. f. iiiAixr.i:.
wii.i.iAM iv n;rn.
1AVII) MrALl.s i'F.R.
X. M A SSI .. .
n.iw Img-G' ecu. Mo
10X OF EACH i;i. ( JUS.
TitosecotiSum-itB U..el;.c;;d-, (.ache
far, they must join tin." l,w cry
to def ice and iic!.;uie t ne u- .-t be:a
tiful put of crea'.i.r.. (joiisciwiii.
th it tl.eyare ru-ming coi.tiM- . t . all
laws, iiuuinn an') (J;-. i-,.-. t... v ,
fjitii Willi h.:i j wor.
nt'.mont; I'.ey nre i.
in ; l.,c of
..bio. s,v :!
ur !
"i Vr 11 "ot, w.iv. ;x cos's
more m six ninri'hs for tiie s i i.i
ter yon d; i"k, r.nit!,. tob i.-co
ue and give awr.v, te.o m tides
you can wed cisr-f i
e w.th. n.-.d an
:uttc tli.it yum ! ;V?!S never s-'.v.
thin it would t .!..- to so; porta ser.-l
!ii vvo-ii.in !..i a fvi !-.-f uionf',. if..
tii::f ban 'S lO-eril l ,0 r.f. I ie n.... r...l
feeds her at his hoard- -I..- ;!:t'l f ;-.is
tiie voutig ravens civ. vv.li never .of.
(or the young yui.cs to tt.irve.
U h n you ;;et moripy rr.oird to buy
fii'l.i'.ure, you w i'l then go to h use
kepposg and mi.riy. H,iel;ie ,.,v.
if t-
e air u tii tp.-ich vrej-
-in tlie
Spiiti-gl.e !o-:ks out Jot bis inntp ho
iiiisiiot now a sti.il; or a straw to-
ii t
warns liousp Keeping-; t "gPtlipr
pitin-r the siii:!.s ;:nd sttuws.an
m a
v ! .rs -i , to , ... , .i i-
. i ...... i. i .
evcrv tb:n. i i.nt tl.o t tf, .1 ...""-! tf-mperate cxull.-iMon and ll.p
i. ii.- ouii''. ! ii. iniii. ore in
liO'-Se. always W rotor i-nd forno.ni.-t
with them." They sav as tht v I
hp-! they Sock im a Liid. thus running
- sT .
iiie cross-'rained in the lace of na-
to:.-. !
When I Haunt won!, one hun-j TAIEOUIXG DEFEM1ED.
and fifty doiiais, 1 m:iri ied. My! A tailor possesses t'lP ipial.ficn
wi uentr.ed liiirty-.-ne ami a oiuuter ! tiotis of nine men combined in one.
oer.ts with her ncei!e, I earned sev- '1S W'H ue seen by the following oh
entv -live with my iianrner; vet E sel vation:
never to this day v. as without a lo.i! ' Ut As an economist, he cuts ac
1 b"'.: J and a shilling. You have i cording to liis ciolb.
heard how Law lie Todd began house-1 2.i As a gardener, he is careful ol
let-ping; the inventory was true icabbiigp.
e bad but tbiee clnits, or.e more ! 3 I As a sailor, lie !-liaresrflvl.ci.
than our need yon may have a hun-.ever it is proper.
died, yet you can only sit on one at I 4'h As a pbiy actor, he brandish-
a time. Hcd I n.y life to begin a- f s a kaie bodkin.
rew, and in tlie s:ime cirrumstancr s, i 5ih As a lawyer, he attends to
I wouM do just as I did then at the , ninny suits.
age of twciity-tvo I would rather! G tl As an executioner. I:p pro-
loilge by tlie bush with the woman of vitles suspenders or gabowses lorma
my choice, than strut over a Turkey ny ferSons.
eai pet, gape on the sofa, ; awn by "t!i As a cook, he ii furnished
the piano, end drpa.-n over the fide-1 u'th s want (;oosi.
bo.irJ, in all the daik, dootny and l;o: - j 8tli As a -S'liei itl"s ofiicer,he does
rible forebodings of a bachelor ,,f mu'th :it spoiitriii''.
forty, for they know the time is p(st i
twenty five yea's are never U Le
re-calico. Iteveiile.
OrSdeace hn succeeded blusiei
ia England on tiie Oregon question
The unive-r 1! slwut of defi.ince f rom
. 1 I 1 . w X
the neimioml Uis-
of Mi
li-t August electiui
r tlie purpose if re
,. e'ions among
The deep iiiin.T-
In hold a Coiiventi.Mi f.
duty .f iriak iiitr suit.dil
soon devolve iinon us.
carry out nur ill. Never since the for
our people, with nit regard to party, havej
I. A DA. MS.
1 fill
ti e Great WV-i, v i t oi.i to t'n i.i
.she .-tean.cr Ihi.eM.i.i. in answer
Sir Uobert l'ee"i war sjn ecl.es,
njijci'Ird lbem. Th- Mm .-ter i
t. a org ins are m. ro: :iii. foim.i s
our p i t :i (ie;
thing tii it is
: 'imn-itioii to -dearly
tli :t is w r 'ii.
. t"
i. bunt to no'bin
:id in an an.ic i iile :n:
ot ibo Ori'oon ooei..i. It.o I
t lis
. ...... hi", t .i.-i. -oii.su
; tioi.s Cin. Enq.
r.'ii-n nr i.....n l.l,l..,.-t..,.
llo.v beatitii'iil to the eye and the
lieat t rise up in :i pistoii.l region,1
the orecn silent hills from the l ss..
vitig snow wre nl s that yet linger ut
their feet. A lew warm sunny days
and a lew breezy ar.d melting tiig
I .
: hriVe s,'e",,'.', " crt :UL' 'Insw ept sea j
i?a . ' ?Pnn
out of the w inter's ,
blackest desolation. With the rev i-
val ol nature rnr own souls led re-j
stored. Jlappincsi becomes mildei. j
meeker, & richer in pensive thought;
while sorrow cliches a faiiit tinge of
joy, and r poses itself on the quiet- j
ness of eai tii's opining bip.ist. Then j
is Vontli rfiiirirnr uomlionl cr-.l-. f n
.111 I
mil o;o age res'gri'U- l lie cl.iiif
sntiKes Ins goldpn curls in Ins opP I
lie of ripei life has the coming- yo n
tve that has been touched with dim-
"0s, in ' S-neral spirit
f delight.
foi-ootc rl fi'.r rw.t il... .t....l..,., ..I ll.
Sravc--lV- Journal.
9-!i Asa rational and scriptural
divine, his great aim is to form good
iii'ii'.s, lor the benefit of himsell and
The fiiefctious .Mr. Sheridan, on
leatin bis father speak o! thp anti-
, ol l.-c fimi'v. ctTiin :ir f'lP
',; .,,,,; t' .,,;, a n,...e
() Sii 'ifm, in j: in mi i if
cj -N.. .l-iit.t of 1 1. 1.
y iO
fit icr:
t;c cue h: s :i It-Her ri.rht t tde O, !ur
I v. e u w e I'iprv t -tv! v.
vi r we;.!, u !::.
T: n Dti's.' ! Ma'itm! ..:
e I ; t ii; :.!. b-i! I 1'
ti,:.t !. - 'it: I ifi- vv .
i- ;.i i:i.
1 . 1 1 vv
V. :.i
u itii. lit t-ii
:i Hi'
i .!(:
l.e d
I til t.k !:
'. 1 C s i.ot
" 'IV( !'v ;l
A.-i-!- I hi A ,' v.v ,SV
On iiie 1,! of J .;tti:i:y t.t (IC55.
'he S.ulbciil I li.iuiv Alesseiijjei
.lliilietiocs i's IVeve itll Voiiuni an i
li e '.Ite.-n Ige o
tuiilv s.i!;;iied
IMi'or ii:.s LoVV
is ii-spc. -e
i'. The
liici, d H
or more
"Mil n ye:
. has I. c
:.:je in.'i'i
; ,1 i
:i'.d f
' i l.-o;ir.:L.'.'inc!il
!s I. mi to Xpert ;i
iiii.h r
iscnjl ii !
;:s 1 ell -list me. I
v iii-.,il :ti':ir--..
. i1 is i niiileil in ii
i'Vi'i v h leu. i ot
p ,t.. 1 l .'O W l!
'.est on I justice
t.-i s.
t i ! r -
til IS.
b- II, -
. . I.. .
ii the Hi
I-W I';
-" I s:i
of tl.e
l.e I'll. .
i ': Ii. si
its .. .v ii i. ei i: v
:.!! ! iini'.i.gs iiii.l
iis c
st ;, I
.t. j
It 's eii; ha'
! ;i; : o ,U
nul :
it'llS t
ho S
m :
r. -iiii.t
me t.
: . ' . i - -.
l: -.'re l
e i I; ri.-
-I., li
b r. !.
.i y. . i
i i v. a
s oi u:v .':.i
iii.i :i;.:iui
itl.-ll :.!! J a VCIV blj'l i i:,.:;.."!"'. -The
in i ts of il.c f.:esi,'e:i' 1'. :i:..i
wi;l 1c stivio.i'iMs'y p-fe( t.'.t. r.-.t oi ly
to tiie preservation ol i's .-inriciit
I. Hue, but also to i:s constant hi -piovemi-ril.
In t!.is, the il.ttetinj
esjiinonials he h:n rcrcivi d during
j t!: Inst iweivc iiioiit'is, ie.l Inni t..
b'-licvo tlial ,e Ii n al t a.I V in) I'cci'.
' ed.
; tiie C(.; i:.i;ch)!;s
'V j AiC fi'.l'i.erous. e.i: -ii-1,-iog I'i..f.'--to
siotiiil :t-d Am.-.ti i.r W nteis ot !h
itl !i.-l llslincll.in. til ..H eXj.elis.-s s
iin'iirn d aiol gre.i'
s Mt t- li I.,
plf ot ll.t.-i-o
t i r.
seriop .in :.l ii.i. .'.:,(
Csl.lig :i ii I I . s T
ill l ;.':. (. s
.Ii.dge E. Ti,.-ker,
c. i: ihv.bt,. f
X '-s 's. Allt!.01Cl 1-1 ti:i (
ov.' loetetisi io." &. ,'Le.)
E. V. Author of ii.p 'in ie Tiiic." V
Lieut. M. I'. H. i y,
F. S. X. Wasbii."'. n.
XV. Gibn re Snr- EE I .
Geo. Frederick II .1,,,,-s. S (
I .... I 'P vv . : . s - ,
-us. j. i. i r;i.ingi-.i, . . lull.
E. li. II do, Illinois.
W V V I t t . . , , , ,
. . .vnuit.v, i .-I V 'iisui, .vi.i;t.i.
II. IJ. Must,
I'i.i'ade phi i.
A'hei ions So.ith.
Otasi'-mil Conlrimturis.
l ie-. Thomas IL Dew,
Prof. Geo. Tucker,
J. IJ. D. Auhorof the IIi
tory r.n Adventure JLit.
Eiirian Minor,
W. 15., ( N. Charge It aly,
. vl. It I . s; I 'I. J
A. Va.
i r. .-. u. I'irKson,
Ik. i.' II 1, . w
Jii.b'oU M.C!i:.r!t..n,
A. 15. Mock,
i iporgi.i.
E. CCist. Ohm,
Ami many others, in the South and
in nearly every state in the Fnion;
son e whose veils we would gladly
The contents will he pyrr-rdin-jl v
vai ifd, eiiibiaciiiL' reviews, lales, pi"
ftti'i, essavs. travels, sketches. I io''
rapby. history popular sen noes, paf
pcison the Xavy. Army, and othei
national interest, literary intellioence
foifign and liomesiii', and notices- of
new works. Selection:; ol meiit will
occanail v bp inspi ted.
Thp Ipiidir.Lr pi in.-ipl.' i-- ihp pro
motion of a pure .Wive Ei(. ratui e.
' Hi d ol a .h-Voicd
iiioi..-, Soil it.-
j With ii.i.- v ii w
I.'.e follow ttl -LT lUelli
; mos are oili-rcd;
For llo- I est p.-n or on ll.i
t i f i Am.'iii an h iters-, I1 e inn-
pi 1 1 .inn lociii.s 01 im ir impiovi-
ment, ... si()(j(j
I iio bp-t review of the hoiU ot
so up iN'alive prose writer, 35 00
The best review of the wmks of
some Native Poet. 35 00
The best original lalp, 35 00
The best original I'oem, 35 00
Their publication to commcm-p
with a new volume and the unsui I
cesslul ai iicles to be at the disposal
of the Editor.
Many Jmorovementi will be intrc-
li'i.'ed :i noiir ,.l. .... il...
style .,.,,,! ,. ;Seeiie,it.
A- It . :is;nrcs t(i lit ibf Lili-rarc moan
I the South mi, I llVst. it is expect-
ed that lliev, ami the Xorih &, East
als- ui'i liberally cncnur.'iu it :is
It coiiL'rntdn'es the IFest on
in-vsil tin ir X iv;i Deport; a
; ! ovv ti i-it ntiiui.
i" Messeno'T tv-tlt.lills or. nil av -
;ije -ixty h'i:r p.ies, n iKiinber. siv-';
' i; p '.o-i s in. .re iliau most of tl.c :3
''4 i s oC w ii-c :is much :is Si'inej
!!:( t I. ll..
I- I iili I lied IIO'll !.! V . I
tiiu'o. 1 lie volume, one
ii: s 7G5 'iiv.cr lloViil ( .-l.i
ii ee ijn n ei s ul :i cent
Five copies for twenty
I' -1 0
. .1 ; ;,' c a .v ' e
,Y 1 !
A l inui' v N o v si i per. publish
:i- t ,e'()!!i.-e. I 2 llr.m.Kviiy.
Xew V.. k.
This i-
:::ti-.l. i
-l.iv v.,
a lii-:it &. tnsiy weekly pub
I I 'i hi roe o -t;ivo .T"os.
I. I ,..1 ,. : I. : ...
- -
in I .1. vol. .1 to a v.'.riety of enter -
i '! "S'-f'uI sui.j.Tts. f,,r 0,1,,-
. .i i o l . -I in
1 .1
i me low price ol :j , .,ts ;i
n. mil. i i. or n n vcar. lormino n
: v.i 'nine nniiiitllv of 9. 10 noes.
tl-iv" prep.iiiiiio; s hiive he. n
inn ie to ii
est in g :n. I
s. Ol s I. o w
inter tli
u hi.d.ly in'er
e pi.tiiir.i'i. ii. 'ei-
r I
ng 'In- m..n. v !or f, e
''' ' ' ' S ll s,.,,t lillO-.
I" 'it os p .i.'ishi-,..- tin. n.ivei ti-cni,-!..
ii ' -lit "i :l I. ;. i. . In; .
1 1 -1
i 'be w . k lor ol e r:ir.-
lger ts.
o v e )i a n ,
i y.;
..il M i.iiMie of the Gi.-in,!
of lb- I'ui e.l States.
2. O. O. F.
V m ioilu-a'. .lev o'fd to the
! t).i,l Fellowship ;in,
li l,,c
bis v..
as been pnb'is'i. d ref.
i: .1 V t lei y month since J ;.fn . :i i v .
lOM.at the very low pi ice of Two
I ".-liars in .'idvam-e. The "Oll'ici ,1
M-!'.-ii-i:ie'"is under iheediton.il maii-
n-jomerit ol I'.y. Altifrl C.is-p. .,.).'
T. i'. Slcitbier. l'ublished in the Ci
ty .1 l5.liri.oip.
ri.oros aes
For publishiro.', in ihp city of Wah-it-jton.
;i new d.iily. seu.i u etlv .
and weekly. Democratic Eepiibli
can p-.per to be er.ti'led.
f : i f i : i s r i i ; s j ( . n : a e.
HI .O s.f f . I ,,W ,
The lir-i nun, her ol our new pa
I it will ' is- , ,,ii the fi t .'I .Miiv
lo-x t. i'h mi entire ne vv dress new
'v pe. f white paper, with other
i i r'. m- .'.'tetntioin :in. iioproip-
ii Oil's lb' paper w ill bp devoted
t . '. a'!e cxoo.fi. .n ol democrats-
.. . i. .. .o .. i i
i -ii o i in onions; y anil tin
' n it i iiiL'ly opp. se each and every
e h.rt to cs':,biS, :t ,,, ,m, ,ih nion
: i-'-l.y l-iink and mischievous corpo
rations ;,nd consolidations of wealth.
wl" !i !!! v-rt the rijhts of the peo-i.!-
;ir., iimlerinine ihe pillars ol the
if I ublic; it vv il oppi-c an oipressivp
:.n. atili repidi'ii'iin land s stem, the
assiunpt ion i f ihe State debts by the
t.'efieral L'ov crniu'Tit, ami all tnher1
lederal pi ili'-ipes vv bich luivp an in-1
cviia.de tendi ncy to deos'rov pub.'
lie prosperity as well as individuaE
happiness. Against all such politic
al delusions we shall wane iinchani
ing. i:ncompromisjn.r war.
The KAitvK.f and ihe mkc iiaxic. wlio
produce all the real capital of the na
tion, w ill find id our paper an nrTvia
vt rinir ohonipion of their ina'ien idle
rights: Ihp long chciisbp.J principles
ol the pilitor, are too wdl known to
the public to require any pit-due up
on ibis point. Tti the miscellaneous
department, particular attpnlion will
bp det oted: the l.ulips will always
find in our columns .1 choice s-Irc-lioii
I rum thp current literature of the
day. as well ;is oriojnal contributions
Iroin the most talented w riters nl
whip.' our coiintiy can boast. A
L'ennal summary of foreion ana do
mestic new s will be furnished.
The conductors have already se
cured tlie ai.f and co-oneralion of n
fully submit our claims lo nn exten
sive patronaop to the consideration
of a "enprous bnblic.
). DOW.
Daily paper by the
year, in nd-
10 00
a ., uuu.iier 01 in. nio.st.i.st.ngiush-'of Mssou.i. revised ami diopsied by v , in ol
7' ''!" :'n'' titers ol ,be thirteenth Assembly, ,844 L I 1 7 vZ HV' T" T f
thf day; a, range,,,,-nts will also I,p p,d,,,sbfd under the ni..i.,. anm o roU 'r ,tM,rh P"B
mule.:., ihe earliest period possible, poi in'f lldence of W, C Ji-ne, onlJ I , ,s "-'Tests ,,ot
-o fmbelhsh .. columns by , he con- V -ioner :,ppo, ,t;, ,v " ie ir " , , "" of
.nl-,..,.., o cor,;s,o,,d,'n,s . ' Sta-c; .-md p. in.edYr the Slate by ,,re,,'TP" ...
broad. U ph tl is b, , ,.f a, )I11I1(,i led J. W. Dapohertv St I nic ti 1n',i)lS:
.....line of . p.,n. wc very respect-1 '-'U,,-N' ''ouls' M The Cherokee Advocate will be
fr 'est than n year. $1 per
Semi-Wee My paper bv the ve.tr, in
.-, dv.ir.ee. ........ .1 00
ftr Ie.rs than a year, 50 cts.
i per month.
I Weekly t aper by the year. . . 2 00
1 " " fur six months 1 CO
Siib.-criptiiin- to thf I);iilv fr less
Itlmntwo. to ihe Si'tiii-W'i Kl v for
i less th.m four, or to the WeolJv f..r
'e-s th in six, months will nul he re
If not paid wi' bin lhp vr;;r. tho
: I ) .1 e v nni'OrWll lie SI 2. the S; mi.
j Weekly .sC, anil the XV t ckly s2 50
:i vornl
Sulrri!'prs may (liscontiimf f I
p.ipeisnt any time by p:iy ir,r for thp
time ti.ev Ii ivc lecivrd thrm blt
not vv itiioi-t.
T'iose who siiliscnl o for :i vrrir.
and do not, at tho time of subscrib
ing, order il iliscinlinnunepnl liip ei..l
, will be ron-uileiPiI subscribers
i until the v fi'der ti e p:tjer to be di--
ri' tniii'il.
C Ii c ;i j) Est a 1 I i s Ii m r n t.
Saddles, Bridles, Mar-
( i,;. x
tingals, Iluggy and j
V,lgon Hiirness, Col-!
l.irs. Wagon w hips, j
Saddle I'ags, and all j
the articles usually '
f und in a Saddler shop
; ALL of w hich the undersigned ofh rs
to the public, at his old stand in Louis-
ji ina, made of materials just laid in at St.
I Louis, and at juices that cannot fail to
suit those m he wish to purchase.
1 haiikful tn those w ho have heretofore
encouraged him, the undersigned still
solicits a share of nblic patronage in
Ins line; and if iood work and cood ma-
teriaN are lo haic any inlliit'iiee with
purchasers he defies bt-inrr Y,h,cl;r1.
April Ifih, 18-15.
'I'' HE subscriber w ill pay Cash cr in
(lood at cash jirices for beef Cat
tle, delivered to him in Louisiana, d.ir
inir the season. E. M. HLOf.'K.
Louisiana, Mo. Vater street.
JLiy 17th 185. 15.
Administrator's Notice.
iVOTICE is hereby 'iven, t!,at the
uni!"r.ii:iied has ol. tallied of the
Cl'k ol tb.p ('oiit.ty Court of Einco'n
( a'..letteis ol A homistiiition w rb tl
M ill .ain'-xed. on the est:;tH of Lull
T.-o-r tit-, dece.-ised, be;irin date
the 1 I h June. IE Jo-
A I peisons rivirii; c!ai ns a
I'lisi s.i'd estate, are requested to
bdiit them p'o; erly authenticated,
wi'l.i'i ot,e veal tii-m tlie date o!'s .a t.i
le iters, or thev may be preclude. i
'roio t avicij any benefit of said fs
t itc. .and if not exhibited within three
years, t'.cv wi'l b- ft reve? 'aired.
June 1 4th, 1 n 1 1. 3w 1 1.
To Slave Owners!
rjlllE hiof.esi -ash puces will be
1 paid lor male or female slave be
t Aeon the ag uf fi teen ami thirty,
by iipplyiu'j to Thomas E. Wills.
Aiibmn. ,M... Tor lurii.t r particu
larsi app'v lo
N 1" Misoi:. Howling Open, M .
JoilX S.NKAl'illiN-. Troy,
D Dim I'l n. Louisiana. "
May 10th, lo55, tf 14
R'gttl;ir Semi-Worldy Packet.
JiLKrv AKI). Mts'er, ,
Win i.-avi-st I ,. Weill, ri!j anil
ntul Si,!,,,,!!,-.. i,t 4 i.vli.i U.r. H. i;'eliirn-
mil', mil leuve Keokuk rvairy Sumliir nnil
'l loir-iliiy. at 4 i.Vlork. r. m. . U'ar.aw nn, I
Alno.i.,1.,,, .i .1-T..n ,:. t
7. r 'ame Hnv; Qi,irJ' Moi.ila,
und Frill.,,-, at s ., .(k A M. M.lrjilI1
filv !, . m : i.,ih ,l nt lo, l,i,i,ii:,m,
t !s.', si : ninl l iniksville at, I, ., ,aiue
' Ti... ....re,,., n. . M, e , , i, !
fr trade, with prat Ppred, nrnl vvty mj- j
(ipiior iiiTiiinitiiiibiliini, for ,iisi i,..rr, will, I
'l.e n,n-ioi,L. ,.f navigation, tnke th,. pinr,
nf I lie llorpii., nnil noi v he rplieil tin for the
ann r..ii,.l..e, iiioilarly. nii.l nltrnlioii
lo ..-i-ri,.-i-r nml liii,f r, nt lirri tofoie
Miirrl, Nil, ls.45. (j.
Tiif.I.f.visei, Statutes of the State
Thp above work, containing about
1200 paircs, on good thick paper. and
substin ially hound, will he ready for
sale on or about the 1st pay ok Ac
opst ncxt, ai the Hook Store of the
subscriber. No. 100 Main Street, St.
Emiis, or of his travelling agents
thiotighout the Stale.
Jcne 14th. 184, 1
it luck soar.
Tf VE just received at their
stand, in Ashley. Mo., a largi
their old
rge and
well selected assortment of latest style
fancy and Staple
ALSO Groceries, Hard-ware, Queens
ware, &c, &c.
Which they are determined to sell
very low for CASH or Good Mer
chantable Produce. Having purchased
their stock at a very small advance on
Eastern cost, they are therefore enabled
to sell the sa ne much cheaper than they
have ever before been offered in this
part of the country. They lespectfully
invite their old customers and the pub
lic generally, to come and examine their
stock and prices; (heir motto being
Quiik sales and small profits.
For snip,
Iron, Slecl, Castings Horse-CoIlars
Humes, Trace-Chains, Nails, Window-Glass
Tutty, Linseed Oil, Tur
pentine, Cod-Fish, MacKeral, Garden-Hoes,
Sad-irons, Sole aid Up
per Leather, Louisiana Flour, &c.,
&c. 11 at the low est cash prices.
PgSlir: oit.tr, :,..r t. ,i - j ii -1 if t'lrnril from tlie
A'm rilv i'f Ni iv Vi.-.k. (ai.il taken liii!il
-tn ii.l, fcj Ha i.i -I.i , t.) nith an tnli.p r.r
-In. k of M'titNt; &. s-l MMI-.l; t I.OTII
(Nt. con.;.ii-iiu ivitv fu!ic:e u-i:a't Le: t
inn rloUiiii i.r loitii.t.iij a -tuie H a m ils
an- all iieu i .ni tii.iiul.t lor riisli, mill i.mn
iii. t?irer iihilrr hi nwn itiii'Cti.irteiprtfji!j
lot ll-ii market, in tLt latest and most la-li.
iot.Niili Mi le
llaninr lorn.ri! n rnnnpi ti.'.n with n n l.nt
' --i !- iliy tomt. I.o.i r i ti e city of N Ynk,
nal.li'- l.im to take a.tvnntL-i' of the n.nr
' '' 1 J ' - u'" 'v ! .v :.t snn-fii.r. lie
! 'a-1-, 1 1 t u f.-o , coi T 'i 1. 1 ! y a--iee hiivers m
; ii-ii y iii.-nli- i-!..li-ii 1 1. : ' In- not i.nU rap.
1 at iv. Il el: lii. in el. ith.. i.ii? oi.lt n.cl ep
ml i l l !i.i r t'.-ai m:y i.l'n r rl,.t!iunr i" t'.e
i i v .!' St. 1. 1. ni,. Lo- t r - are invite. I lo
i-iul ion! i i iii.iiia It ne run !ciin; el-r.
iit-ne. V. HltoWX.
' '. ." Main Stnt-t
r-:(.). . i... i i's
Tn:. Cm v. :,k.k Xn
T"r.. Wii.i.i.vM Eoss
ion. FiicraiK
. K' i n II.
I'E al oie is tl p tiiie ot a news-
a i t. i iiiilished at T.iru.K uiaii.
Cifi i,,',. e niitiiin. Wit' iirst ni II lo r of
which iv;;s issi:t d about ihe middle of
A::r::-t last.
The .
t of iiie council of tiie
iiaii.'ii. !:. in in :;ic t..r the pi:
iioii ul the Ci.-'roke.- Advocate, is the
ph iscal. ii.ot::! t.tid int. liei-tud in;.
pr..vi ii.e.'ir o! th. ("I c:o kce pfople.
It Wi'; l e t't voted to ,l.;-.se nds. :.nd
to the ue'e'.ce .! 'I. use lights ref.a;
nize : as deb tliru.-.' to il.i rn m t re a lies
lentil y tu iiie. .it di!:i ii r-t tin es with
the I mtci! Siatcs. .-in I of such meas-
mcsas set
Clllf tl i ir ;
mote t:i--it
111 best Cah iili.leii
racf Mid Icippifies:
to sr-
losj e: ,ty. :,n, ,.
tl.cir ciiiii.icifi as
nil v.
In rott iiii-nciti
a lisstincl coir.iiiu-
"ti l sus-.-iiniiig a
e n .lion, its siic-vi-ry
n.ucli upon
.ie jot;
tia! l!i
tiotie i:i
the kir.,1
Stat. s.
e.i ti t re
the Iiuli.
on hist ,-
f.'flii os.
eiil'i v ai.d pat-
ti t- cm. , r.s o the IToile.l
A mono thriii we are assur
rx'ctsgci - dly n desire that
ns si. i. ul, ! he dealt with
ml Id eiiii principles a li e-
v m t. cir dictpiered ca-
let-r, an.
.li ter, c.
ili i'ii i
st in theird.:T-
I'.'titl. -II ,lil (.estiUV. I iinr-
tii.cco! ilii i i iir'n n. '.pinions-. niid
t a i'l.s. l.:is been to tl. cm a fi r.ntiiiii
l in my uro.-ios; a fountain from
which they have been fenced to tirink
many bitter tlranofts.
From this cause, measures of poli-
CV in themselves m, iusf. o,,,l I.i .1.1,,
destiucliVf lo their pe icP and i.n s-
ir pe u-1
" " e . , ii . oi.ceived an.l ner-
peels, havp hern conceived and
sls''''l loeir acconiplishmeti ts,
with smoidar pertuacit y. ,v ihose
Ir 'in whom they havea i'iht t ex-
pect nn, claim' protection. It w ill
'JiTr .!'"! UC ai": "f tl,os" !-avin?
ilii Leoi iiie Ailvocate, to enlighten
public senli nent, as far as possible.
as to the fcelitiL's. vv ishes and proper
, : s. . I
expectations of the Cherol ees.
And while it is inifiuled to mahe
the paper vntinr.nl in its one anj
rharacter, abstaining from nil parli
znnship in the inie m d o..l.t;..o ..e
na.non, 11 wm nevertheless he open
tl fllll llllt K.iMrlan,,. li -
.....utrii on an imperial sheer. wjIn
new type, both English und Chero
kee, once every week, at 3 per nn
nm. Payable in advance: And to
those subscribers, who read onlv the
( herokee language, at 2 per annum,
in advance.
Advertising wil be done on the u-.
uai terms.
Cherokee Nation, Sept., I844.
f t

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