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Democratic banner. (Bowling Green, Pike County, Mo.) 1845-1852, July 17, 1848, Image 2

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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FJiArlTFrtnd inland Vice Pretident
Uirt-J0HNr.WELB0RK,6f Pike.
2wf rM'flimEY. of Bindolph.
c) ft r,;MASStY, cf.Wenoe.
6c!,V . Liu ft &REXFR of WMViMtwj
irvTJUJSTN POLK, 9f Sc Loah
.. AUSTIN Aklf?Q' of Pay.
mail SJ;'iFljtkTmr.:il' i fid:
ii). THOMAS Li PSJCE,of CoU. (;
.4t ot inln'tui, 'I " UJt,suUiS i i t -br-r-hrui
. 7Ji9PCMgfM r.fw .na.ii
WILLIAM V. N. BAT, of Franklin!
We are glad to leant from the- different
ccuons oi , me ceanivy tun or prospacii
lor success to August are every day grow
ing brighter. Ttti HwdifsoB is winning r'lftlctlf, ofXantscky,!. taeiW
Crittenden resigned. '
Coasity J4)ssapAMjaM';,
For Xtptemtotite,
fc-9 MATHEW GtVtNS. ,
a j Jjf tMisori:" f-Ja
JUYL 17-
. D-trt,Sriii;htd.JudgKing,
j to 4embcrtie cindidso'i'for - Goveroor,
, will ddress the citizeiu of ftk t BowKng
- rote. ' We fresdme ' opposition speeches
', will be made. We have seen no apponint
ntl for MtWr Ro!.ins',th whig andid
4 atatimdiitofJ.ht'wu to tneet the
; Juj(Vaj;
' v'HV?'aeV be
;'C laea wrKiiig the ibiw.We davf : learned
thtt both candidateifia bd present and
eoaUaoth8astjther -1
.'.. .; itti';.'i'Hsrh n " A': -'. "i'- rU.
l!etfr.Bay 'and 6'rta:ettat&i.7or!
cowgrw, wtu aaaresa tne people at ew
V ijOBdon, Rallf eoantj, on Twrsdar. the , JB
instl CIarkyi!le, on Tharsdaj the 20tl,
and at Bowhng-Green, on Satnrdaf the
, z. uanwey aoina time to; speak t
Looisiann, either before1 or 'after koine io
ClarksrCIe? The people'bere would like to
vlpl? .J'lB-l ,Ti; c J.: 1 ; J-.:;;
Df..WjCLMBs OeiBocimtio Elector for
, Satardsy last, which We, from absence, did
sot bear. From those 'who were nresent
eipcw fsBoderBiHrhigery, or.TsjIorism,
. wstouoitablw' Erery account ofthe
uoeiors enorts in the district testify 1o the
' -
MTaiua&ie i lenrice he s rendering the cause
.. Ltpiflf pf tiwcbMrf j ;!;T r;
wHtt'enyOiing but verdicVagainst PifltfwVt
WifVwithout thevidencto iustifir it?
: CiktWAllid'Ciiiis fffouirrri
Tlio:-j4f here, as wehare Jreadr
UtedetwMontriSed b J the nboiitioBists.
Tbja eam xa. tererat demoemts were used
wiUsst jwmissio&V and ctbers either bare
r rffdktcHho ' wbold mvmeiiU
Tbe)et is Jioiafptosaioent offatre"idem.
enlia lie lodtmtf wheels connected with
toriUi&.Xo, ioeounU. f which war well
FS,,1 susandiS, some few of the aboli.
XtptU era witb them, but ther do not con-
ft&', " " Ttaiun the 'iaritv.W. W.
golden epinJoni J ipeajter, iBiiwbext-j
ever he goes he is greeted by the warmest
enthusiasm of tbe masses. He is certain
ly a strong man, well posted up in the po
litical history of his country, and though a
few of the most ultra, prejudiced, shifts,
may attempt to decry him on account of his
sget r vveojure so say, iu in everyiuing
wWcli requires strength of thought, he is
vastly superior to the Strongest man which
they can bring against him.' As a speaker,
every Impartial man who hears him must
admit, that be is by far the strongest man
who has ever .canvassed the county of Pike
for a seat in our legislature. Possessed of
a warm heart," i social ' disposition,' good
judgment and an active energy, ne is. usi
gainings hold upon the. affections , of the
people, which is tbe cause of itlie great un
easiness lately manifested in the colnmns of
(heSeventy-Six. Convinced that without
a desperate struggle, their cause is lost,
and the people's candidate elected, the. a-
nonymoiis scribblers for that paper have
meanly appealed to the basest psssiona of
the human heart to excite ' prejudices
mongst the good citizens of the county, and
to array class against class. But this base
effort will meet with the rebuke that it de
serves.1 'The people will burl it back in
scorn.' : They will not listen tot',e deceitfil
laiK oi ineie ppuicai ujrpwcriics who tu
times past have done the very, same thing
which they vow pretend to deprecate. To
rill the office of Circuit Attorney, an office
requiring much skill, experience and le
gal learning, these, same scribblers voted
for Gilchrist Porter, wbenhe was compara
tively a mnch vouneer man. Tbey . after
wards voted for Mr. Brbadhead to take
seat in the convention to amend or make
hew. constitution for the State, for'., which
all will admit tliat the greatest wisdom ant?
experience of the land should have- ben
required': hYLihJ was perfectly right, but
now when ft proposed to elect Mr. Hen
. - -t ): ?. !.'. .-i . J
aerson, a yoqog man it is true, but a man
of strong miud, of sterling worth,, and of the
constitutional age to the legislature, : it
against every iaw of politics, religion rend
morality,' The differencs is jast this J the
for ner gentlemea were simoa pure whigs,
and. Mr, Headerson happens . to be, oh
a -a -
naughty word 1. a lo'CO-fo-eo. i It was com-
it'Uutionot to elect a talented young ; whig,
but sinful in ihe estrone to elect a , demo
crat of more talent and political knowledge
. ' - ' ......
inan eimer oi inose Eenuemen vontttoa,-
Out upon such hypocrisy: the people will
give it tbe rebuke that it deserves. . :i J
The only sin which they can find in ' Mr.
Henderson is that he is a poiar young man,
who has been compelled to work his wsy
by the sweat of his awn brew, and for this
tbey would endeavor to bunt him down.
He has no land, and this - has : been : rung
npori all its'chapgesv But are the people
of Pike prepared to say, that tbey, who have
grown rich in office ars alone to represent
them? ( Are' honesty of purpose, ' energy
oi enaraeter, - tawnu and ei.thustssm no
The St. Louis Republican, and Columbia
Statesman, have been endeavoring to nro.
duce the impression that Juge king aVoids!
Major Hollms on tbe stump, truly-tbose pa
pen will icruple at nothirg. When-Major
Rollins receivod the nomination of Ihd'whig
convention, Judge King, bHiig in BoonVlIIe,
addressed him i courteous note, proposing
to make joint appointments and canvass the
State together, which' the Major declined,
at that time; on account of private engage
ments. : Judge King ' then ' tmblislied ' his
appointments and entered upon the canvass.
Whether Major Rollins has arranged his
domestic affairs satisfactorily We have nev
er hearj, but the first thing' we did hear
j a a .
iroin mm was, uiai ne naa published - a list
of appointments in a different direction from
that taken by the Judge. They hare we
casionally met when the Major bas upon a!
ocoasiens, but one; we are informed, claim
ed the privilege of following in debate.
Would these partizan presses, that advocate
a no party, President,' have Judge ; King
like themselves, .to disregard every princi
pie of etiquet and, correct feeling, by bore
ing Major Rollins furtlier upon the subject
Was it not the duty of Major Rollins,, ..after
the. note of Judge King, as soon as he .was
ready for the canvass to make it known, to
the latter, that their appointments might b
made to agree? This duty, was clear,, and
his failling to comply with it shows to whom
a separate canvass is attributable.
For thremntrz -- - . . i!TTiotage7 tf;thratiff-jtd nweliiaij
y-MriMwtaar tMj atteatrJras Weo
If been called tat a! esusla of cctnurs
Uona ia th tSe9entSU enf t the Us
skfaland rfisd' cogiimii off 'Amos Jrjet
fegwI and jrf6mbbrp IMoifi deblyithe
moA rrdper seajartbie wfctfwiiti U
effect so vile a purpose. One of them
pandering; lo whafhe thbueht public taste
Of ollowine the vent of his own nature, foi
i seemed as natural to him as the spots do
to the Leopard, writes in negro or slack
re fffmirapiy, antrjetrwiin inoseniRnia w-;or hwwuibmhw slept, i
throuehhis design it wojiidexcltel.W hj ,,"Of pon'tSr,
f 1
qualifica'U?"?, W ' have the
young and gifted ' sons of' our republic to
read and study, the history of our polit
ical institutions if gray hairs, no matter
bow stupid the head they cover, are 1 the
best qualification for1 every office. Mr
reouu. a gentleman and . we .would . not
rilltogly say one word to his prejudice, but
we feel bound to defend Mr. Henderson,
from the unjust and 1 unprovoked attack
nicb has been made upon him by these
scnbblers who in common witb the rest of
the "olique" seem now to think : that they
who hare filled office great pari of their
lives, and hate grown rich therefrom, are
alone competent to 11 , them in future
But this system of electioneering, instead of
injurwg, wm onjy tend to strengthen Mr
Henderson in the affections of the people.
Let them continue to -persecute him, to
ijoot their eWri jus shaft from behind
masked bktteriei, and they will insure' his
election by a most trtumpbant indover.
vf.u.-: n ; -!.,rHwnsiming majority,., ine ooae.snd .smew
T " rfiiv iot the aouatv Are eomiaar.imio the rescue.!
.... . . . . . .
? c : i v fwwirom Unl-ia.d barwhe wiil noiVodr tte eircumstaa
rf9 cat rally to faUiuppott,'' aawortliy -i tbe
: . .. : i . ,f " , , fvH" " eMiaain tf-a ceacrat'''. - r-iu.
r'-rx Oy - v. wapeta aayTtknt tbe ; Court of .uqairy .has.
As yet, wa have heard no names' mention
ed as likely to constitute the , Barnburner's
Electorial ticket in this State, but we should
not be surprised to learn, by and by, that
some of the managers had been considering
mo ezpraimcy oi looKifler up proper reore-
i.5 rn. ... " . . .
seniauves HepuDiican ixut last.
Th above extract is taken front an arti
cle' in the Republican, of the I2th inst, - in
hich a labored' effort is made to' produce
the impression abroad that the democratic
parry ia Missodri is disaffected towards their
candidal, Cast 'fad : Butler, whom they
voted fr in convention; ''and whom they
ill delight to vote for at the Foils in No
vember, This effort of the Republican, to'
falsify' the feelings of the democracy of Mis
sonri, is characteristic of the stupedous
system of misrepresentation carried on ' by
ma a ayior press iniouguout me union.
That the editor , intended . by , the,. article
frosa which we make the above extract , toj
convey the impression that there was a Van
Buren or Barnburner influence in Missouri,
ripening resdy for an organisation, is very
plain. : This is what ; we call ;wholesali
mtsrep.resentation. If there is a party in
Missouri in favor of Van Buren, or the
Pronto it is reasonable to suppose it would
have itr'aeVoeatel in the North: ' Eastern
part of th State. ' If such a ttcket was
formed in Mis vouri,' this district, we believe
would have to borrow an elector from some
other region. We nave heard but one
man advocate doctrine- apprrximating at all
to the position of Van Buren and that i man
is a whig. We don' t think he is strong , a-
noughin the fa'ith, however, to beenrne las
elector. The whigs, .here, have more sym
pathy for tbe course of Van Bursa than the
Democrats, by far; and fY'xn the: tone of the
Northern press ' he. will rooeive a larger
sopport from ' their ranks in November.
There are quadruple as mJiny disaffected
whig papers in the North atf have bolted
from the Democratic 'ranks. 1 This is the
question upon which the most of them have
bolted, and the whigs hare m tnuc.1 larger!
portion of Proviso med than their: aclVersa-l
tica. The ' democrats of the North yet
have' principles around wfiicb to rally,' and
if the whigs of the North have pHncifn'es
oej nave oeen saonncea oy me rnHaaci,
phta convention, and thet "know not where
to gov If the New York; Cotrveution. that
is to assemble In August makes 'rro homlW-!
aUon, thet wfllbe found ivotiug by.thoM
sands for the sago of Lbdelwal.'fhey re-1
gard the free territory qaestion paramount
toallothars." -'!i--ri i- : , !-.':.;
Hi vi v.i.t h ' 1. ' )!,. ,1 !. 7',:',,) r.
.wtiii aeoejt cuii dsaaks, tor regular sap
. j . - r
man hberrjmVir'ljP -CUjoi,
part, d r"neri si(ean . to that pc
we aoiiuy to serye us,
lerve ourselves in liat i
energetic can and have done. The Priei?"
of Wales fought 4 omootaS tiftTruAl '
TV t . ... . . t . I ft. ft. I Mmmmm f . m at Ham. hit! v h M m '
Aiownmg suyie. f xiououess ne inoegnv bw y i ,n?.-ity w w
task a delightful one and that be had flis- ' ! woreLiae m ;
cnsrged I
- 4. :
nniv uinrtmnr. nnmin- mnsm ni ti mii'i'iiuwuT urm u tiivuuiiiuui
01 at the, best, and 1 m.t hm wKRV.'tni if rrn inunuiirg nrvBiuqaencv mww Mfiii .
... .... ... .. P r -t- -. j, . . ,1
t BMstake no tbe public heart us jrite.cowi-i wu -"t "aiaurpaeefi.
ji it will sicken an4i.oathe,attbis attempt of-hwtQry.axf wdcdiWith.iaatoB
to array classes pgainaicach- other, and in- e far to, omonstratojliatjto ..lem. i ?
irouuce among us a spiru av.war wiiir vur r,v"f"':"' r""';'," ff" , icoa, -. ,
initfutions." Noohe'cfass Is independent ofl r those elen.ei.ta wtictfcohstltatotSeW1' f
the test, trrere hems' a mutual tfepenoence f ui man. ' f or wcic rewons,' BSfl Mtawr
among mi, anu yeiior uie purpose, oi euc-i uui fwnu.41 ,jiiniHV M ;an?
mi. so small a matter as., the .eiecuon. oi aiir..eeur3w w as, twer-vf t
member to the Legislature, these corres- um ja Angw.pe 1 jiq tfXereQ,cj4e Or-- ;
pohdents are willing (b throw inW I'nexln- Penix, whom I ifgard al a most kttimeM4; h
cable Confusion afl the elements offdcietV: gehUeman.' "J ' 1 aK &
Great desimand mat heart that could cos . r'" i-'
, f. ?. I :.r' r .J ...... f n 1
ceive. . iiieiocsigo oi inese conimnnicai " ''FoftKl Jsarmer: e!l nijiirtnft t
tiona cannot bo mieunderstqad, tliey appf alt:; ?Mr.?EniTbi'J I UkVop' 'myfete 1
in.'Uneauivocal lanoruaire to the neonle tol :-. r . t-t.;-i-:-
ftKiiutiillu. .tsvs (Kt4W . Mji. a4 lh4r . AAithfvm. -4T -.4(:1 '
, --, . . ------ r "'i , i
b by profession-a lawyettrae; he belongs Tn
to this accursed professio which hia done Jt, inSmSf :
more, njrfy.d deoV(the ,other pro. erfthVlree' snd upaw&&Sj.t j
fCfSionaholdingack) thai any other. claM ofmldni bWhe'cftlie,,oTihi'i8tS'3JJ if
of men, the world ever saw, in the path of ,,. r,:--lr -tf.es. '
vr .... t..uv.- ... -.oT .v -
progress, and improvement, and has given
a 'greater impulse 'to human ' freedom arid
tearless thonghtj than'' any ' other body of
men, and yet mat lactu to tusqualify Jiim
for seat.in the Legislature Surely those
honeu meu fwgettheposion ey occupi
n hnl Inn. V4ih nacir. ahui lhal n.K.n.T . . . . .
-".lAiiir-.:: r.t:;!Si-: ""? p etceiimvc,
and gehrjemanly lawyer, ( Gilohrii t Fbrter,
was a'candidato for the same" !6ffice. J,A11
will recollect that an: attempt waa made to
eOectbim in the same way, and it was met,
u 4 mistake not, by tuts .same i Amoa and
Grubbin Hoe. with a storm, of hisses ' and
denunciations as a foul attempt to. appeal
to the basest foassions of the Peonle.'
Has four years changed the principle? if
ii oas let us come aown two yearn, wine
race uf '46, and we find these same worthies
(I know their ear-marks) not only laboring
J 4!l!"'l...4 .'.;. ?
hu wiung, uui eciuBJiv vomig ior; yimn
O. BroadheadEsq., a lawyer and a worthy
gentleman, and yet whetf Henderson; in to
be voted for they oppose it because he is of
tlie same profession., iw much for that point.
'11 J jf '.
aae seconu ooiecii'ip 10 nenuerspn is. mat
he has ho property, here and consequently,
can have no interest." I sirrtDose'thit utru.
John Henderson is poorj of this sin (Wither
he or bis friends ere ashamed honest pov
erty was aever yet a crime in any code, that
1 have seen,, except of these two gentle
men, and if one of them will but ' unmask
umself and tell the world who he is, he
will be found the greatest1 sinner of alL as
to my knwledge he baa but little of : the
world's goods, but that matters little to this
issue, , If the yoters of Pike couuty, by
their verdict in August next, sanction this
principle, they at once tliifrsnchiiee them
selves and strike n death blow at the 'Con
stitution, from which' we nay never recov
er.' Beoausa a: man has no property ha can
feel no interest in tlie destiny of bis native
land, is but stepping back four centuries
and affirming all the heresies of the Feder
al sges. Hu love of country no ' nobler
stimulant than love of money ? His patri
otism no "star of destiny" but lanua and
tenements?. Away with the basa slander!
Has pride of character, has' the hope of
einnine a aeatuiess name, nas tne burninff
! gratitude (he young and ingenious heart wifi
eel for those who have knade its fortunes, ne
inducement to uree him forward in th oath
of rectitude ? Such a principle once exhib
ited would, destroy at once the aspirations
of the young and gifted, and ' plant a sprig
of r politic gaoerlyVilhrxsogbj Ilsfalle
IT- :t wit no sim I 'i"f .no? jiiaofr ja rL
his communication , shall ret dveled t If
icipally to our county cunvass. It. is ' 3
!y atauiing to;co Jtempftte the fam$
uo ni ytiaoa
ssgaoeailyw .
Decency., ,.f
i mka for i
ed since, the "Ides of Aaiil.t
! , At first thy place upon tk .trnjk gea;
Ueman of rnnfrtnhl talma, ana alnnirii.
roerrts, intelligent, scientific; W'aedowt'oT
which, he7 Would ' have beewoefeteel.tirt
elected; in tbe bails of yowr Wgislaiinyti
But on finding (for .fee is quick ed JVlfct
trative in, regard Jto tlie signs elbe.tiinas,
that bis party, having nsed hia lor the con-,
sdmmatioh of certain ends, ( bvhihhbw-!1
rer.thiyictvafN' failed, VidWd
4- -V : l- " . V.. M i
aiwcws awnuer,
declined tXahoaor,of Wiag ci
quondam friend i. -Whilst the I
nee was' before the' people, th
boasted. thaUhey had presents
the : Lreislature. ' who! if Wlet
adorn the elation; bae, iat whoas HhehiI
mtriiei"01 "tT a,3,ed hat; aalarahtoighi
man,.- one wnp would, Demote trponry in
words that burn,' and topes i "tbslt thuhderf1
thetrae interests of the people. But ala!'
alas I how have the mighty fallen- this p3
ty . that, was to edipse, thraughita UltiiHt r
representative, .( I mean no, diMejpect.lus .
the DrO the State. Legislature, and 'thus
plsce' Mold Pike,' foremost ia that jjfraiV
body, new suddenly tacks about, after hat"-1 ,
ing made this grand flnurrshofoift)tts,'d,
loi, tbey , have presented, to the mop!b,4i
! mare availajplity . jn; the, .woadtjul persoij
"measures, and not men,rt , but now forsooth .
it 4is men, and hot mearW." A'"OJ Cob-j .
itfteaey, thou art 4 jewelt";' Bat need 5y. 1
he astonished, at this coarse of mr
nents. when wa recollect, that vMtua'lia,,
tljeir watchword, .from, 8aar. Tajlarf,; J
iv ftucir own near iummy. , jyo opinione
fbV the "public eye," you must tile is igpS1
on trust,' f cant confide in S0in
flcdzu. volt cannot mtrebt onMkttxmmt)
rff tkcvtt d,oarf opponent, etgpii
l,tl ggestwn,iiave presented to the puha-,
lie, f candidate,', who will never, betray
tllm Vk.A Willi' .ii'-l.-.: 2..-wlf-.m.4
fm, thro' stftmp-oratory; orlMllsV,1
displays.? Anil i Mr. Eot J J wot
in regard lo the dt moeratio; roiia1,t-HT
Iwhiaa; in ia.timilfi.iift wnariit..iU.
oi aristocracy upon me gooo oio uemocrar- -..l i- , . . ' v; , s
flies of lata bspersv .Chjfrky b -cat
and ihTa Baie iia tri-f -'.""- - i!
,;iji.tji.-U' tnBUuia'ffj jfea.jo lo lahiifTii ,
mr. rorierina Air. aroaaneaai ' -...
' ' r bit - v - . -m .ti L..i,j; ce, we ooy a iraiunortaod rrKmaa; m
moaand Orubbia'Hoe veto then? o -; i J 1 i!
John B. Hendersoa ia both a tioor and a
young manhcoiddaotVeonUrt
.'.'..tffU,d M VVut f.he of his ttler.Sr ayoun?taanwwhiW
aVlZffi.3$Z i:iLw.
the wretched bble.h;v7
too much to the credulity of the' publiOH
iur. oetir ui arcmtcl of hw orn
4 . . I
ionune-,dprired in early Itfe of his aaar. ,8,, ,thw htWikiaigf
II nePiJtArfnP .ftivmarn Kw rasBaai itnAn IKaI . e a t
0krliii fortunes were laid bv hi hi AUutUt
baLids ; no friends hrged'him' rorwd, saVe 1
uiui v?uw wMvwn4wwm qj aim miumij
which, to, carva hm way to fortune ; and I
row-'idhhdiome.i? f n
Mie!iwiifcwpe.-itea 1
alaWlfie7iKta5il?yi f if
payed. wmbA-mfoMto91&tol of fa,ni$hnUrtpm?l:& I g
if he is rich r But we are told, be i$ ybarlg fcetmtv' and T .;nrTKm ll in tVT r-1
th. wWdrretodeft.it ail f
w r..u uDu9nanaa nerffiji,eHg tjan'iadiit theagt4 K$ I H
Young, nd aident. apd.W tit his temper didate.rIlhtWi a!wil I
rament ha, woiild watch . aver .the interest ,,u, v lu.'.h. -vd)Ti7 H
vi' ' '?r s: ,ea' Nffnr.jiihstl:fcimV-Thapuhl binri ' t '. . . r. r . .. 7 ,
a navlailmatm tot all ofase.; KC;?.:.
iha idee hevsya4tft. m

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