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Democratic banner. (Bowling Green, Pike County, Mo.) 1845-1852, July 24, 1848, Image 3

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' Fieit Session.
. Washington, July 19.
fna&. Remonstrances were presented
against the stoppage of the Sunday mail,
which were referred.
A joint resolution to give to the State of
Missouri, the cannon captured by Col.
fkmrphan was pasted.
A resolution compensating CoL Fremont
, Mr. Clayton explained his remarks of yes-1
terday. They were bis own inuiviauai
views, and not those of the special com
snittee. The amendment striking out the Naval
' Appropriation bill.
The appropriations for the erection of
Marine Hospitals was rejected, r
Mr. Niles ODDOsed a proposition to ad
vance money to the contractors for carrying
the mail on the steamers.
The Senate then went into Executive ses
ion. after which it adjourned.
' House of Representative. The Speak
er announced the reports 01 committees to
v be in order. "
In committee of the whole, the bill ex
tending pensions to the widows of revolu
tionary soldiers, was passed.
A joint resolution, establishing a line of
Mail steamers to the Pacific, was debated,
and finally laid on the table.
A sad accident occurred in another part
of our county on Saturday last. Mr. George
Uachett with his wife and son, were return
ing in a two horse wagon from Jleredosia,
where he had attended a religious meeting.
When near Chauibersburg the horses took
fright, ran, overturned the wagon, killed
Mrs. Hachett instantly, injured Mr. Hackett
morU.lv, as is supposed, and the boy to
some degree. .
at W a a a mm
Mr. nacketl was an old resident of our
country and a highly respectable man
our informant states that 'much praise is
due te Cant. Powell and B. Johnson and
families foe prompt and efficient assistance,
every thing which humanity could dictate
was promptly done for the unfortunate suf
ferers. liU. Pike Ce. Sentinel, 19th inst.
Administrators' Sale of
Iir pursuance of an ordr obtain
ed from the . County Court of Pike
county, the undersigned, adminis
trators of David C. M. Parting, de
ceased, will proceed to sell the
slaves belonging to the estate of
said deceased, consisting of- 3 men.
Robert Adam, and Iverson; one boy Morri,
one woman. Mam and two girls, Indiana and
Autoniett. at public auction, before the Court
House door in the town of Bowling ureen, on
Monday, the 4th day of September next, it be-
mg ine nro oay oi ine wrcuu iun. uu u i-rcu-it
of nine months, the purchaser giving bond
with good security for the payment of the pur
chase money.
a a. am a a rfnvT T
J A Alba VV. UAM.rnL.LiL,, it
Adm'rs.of D.C M. Parsons, dee'd.
July 24th, 1848.-4 w 16. '
. Candidates.
July 18th, 1848,
Messrs. Editors: I feel it my duty, in
justice to myself, to the delegation from
Buiuio township and to Mr. Arthur, to cor
rect a report tkat is in circulation respect
ing the nomination of that gentleman for
Assessor, by the democratic county eon
vention at Bowling jreen, that his circum
stances were exagerated or falsely stated
(bit lie had, among other calamities, a famj
ly of 'eleven children; the report in un
founded, not having been so stated by my
self or aay one of the delegation in my
hearing. Hut we urged the claims of Mr.
Arthur we do not deny, because we believ
ed he would fill the office with satisfaction
to the people, but not from any disregard
'for another, for there are no men that I es
teem more highly than those other aspirants
wtth whom I am acquainted. But believ
iag that such offices should be given to the
more unfortunate, when they are capable
of discharging the duties of them, and be
lieving that no candidate could be success
ful unless he was equally or more unfortu
nate than the opposing candidate. In the
person of Mr. Arthur we believed we had
found that man, hence we urged his claims
without prevarication or exage ration, which
can be attested by many who were present
and personally acquainted with Mr. Arthur
u on misiortunes. J. C. ALLISON.
Satuxdai Noon, July 22, 1848
Tobacco Sale at the Planters' Ware
house of 16hhds: Passed 3 at 3 80. 1 each
at $4 20, 3 70, 3 65, 3 75, 3 60, 3 40, 3 05,
3 95, 4 25, 265, and Refused 1 each at $2
uo, 1 63, and 235. Sale at the State Ware
house of 5 hhds: Passed I each at $3 65,
4 40, 3 65,3 75, and 3 05 per 100 lbs. The
' consisted or shipping qualities
Hemp 15 and 13 bales prime dew-rotted
ilt-AWS! Upper Mines at
p-w. x tour xi3 bus 4uincy and Flor
ence at 4 a 4 12 1-2 and 68 bbls, fine 3 25,
SODerfine -4 ca -u. . r .
j- . vm inieriur mi
6cf 106 sks mixed at 70c, 160 sks fair at
;? d 786 ,k 8ood nd P" in lots at
1-2c Corn 662 sks to a distiller
ko and 623 sks partly damaged at 19c
acks returned. Oats-94 sks at 25c in
ekjdwg sks.. Bacon 10 cks clear sides
3-4C 10 llf An Am K.L...I IJ -ill
a tides, and clear sides at 2, 3 1-4, and 3
--v, , e ciear sides, 3 3-4c, and 13 cks
Riders, hams, and clear sides at 21-2,
tZ, Va8785- Whisky-41 bbls raw
f "dm8 t 161.4c and small sales
"witm.i a 16 l-2c.
boy. 14 or 15 VHWU16nint ,ml "rious
bm boVlnL. 7?" T to work print
bSZlu 7 de,irin to learn the
oes would do well te call soon.
Jwy 24th, 1848. rr1000 .
s. K? M wW w iH be carded
We are authorized to announce Nimrod B. Ed
wards as a candidate for the offioe of Justice of
the Peace, of Buffalo towuship, at the ensuing
August election.
July 24th, 1848.
We are authorized to announce John C.
Bafye, as a candidate for the office of Jus
tice of the Peace of Cuivre Township, at
the ensuing August election.
We are authorized to announce Geo. W.
Conder, as a candidate for the office of Jus
tice of the Peace of Buffalo Township, at
the ensuing August election.
We are authorized to announce M. S
Price as a candidate for the office of Jus
tice of the Peace of Buffalo Towuship, at
the ensuing August election.
JfWe are authorized to announce James E.
Glenn, as a candidate for the office of Constable
of Buffalo township, at the ensuing August elec
JT? We are authorized to announce Hugh
Ai.lek, as a candidate for the office of Justic
of the Peace for Cuivre township, at the ensu
ing August election.
23" We are authorized to announce William
J. DcseiH as a candidate for the office of Con
stable of Indian Creek township, at the ensuing
Agust election.
We are authorized to announce John
Magee,as a candidate for the office of Cor
oner of Pike county, at the ensuing August
Babrzb Office, July 24 1848.
- '- 50c per bushel.
Wheat, -Corn,
: -Hemp,
Bacon, . - -Lard
Flaxseed, -
Beef on foot,
Sugar, - -Coffee,
. i
Dried Apples, '
Cotton Yarn
Salt, Kenhawa,
" G.A.
Bar Iron,
-15 cU per do.
$ 3,00 perowt
1 1-2 a3 perewt.
4 per . pound.
8 do
60c per bushel
2,50 to 2,75 per cwt.
6c per dozen.
6 l-4to,7cperlb.
" 9 a 10c per lb.
35 a 50c per gal.
- '1,00 per bushel.
' 93ct, per bunch.
- ' 45 to 80c per bushel
- 200 rack.
5 per lb '
,M oef lb. .'
Administrator's 'Sale oil
SfWe are authorized to announce Johw
G bin met, as a candidate for the office of
Constable of Buffalo Township, at the next
August election.
We are authorized to announce Thomas
D. Shy as a candidate for the office of Con
stable of Buffalo Township at the ensuing
August election.
13" We are authorized to announce D. A. G
Steels as a candidate for the office of Consta
ble of Peno towuship, at the next August elec
7 We are authorized to announce William
P. WioeLBswoaTu as a candidate for the effice
of Constable of Cuiver township, at the next Au
gust election.
23" We are authorized to announce Joan A,
Tibdea as a candidate for the office of Consta
ble of Cuiver township, at the ensuing August
We are authorized to announce T. M. Rhea.
as a candidate for the office of Constable ofCutV'
Township at the ensuing August Election.
We are authorized to announce John
Tract, as a candidate for the office of Con
e M jmm m . . ... a
staoie ot quiver township, at the ensuing
August election.
We are authorized to announce Hiti Shoe
makes, as a candidate for Justice of the Peace
Bufialo Township, at the ensuing August e-
We are requested to state that A. W
Lamb, Esq., our present Circuit Attorney
will be a candidate to rehl that office at
the-ensuinz election in November. The
counties, composing this, the third Judicial
circuit, are Marion, Kalis, Pike, Hontgom
, warren, Lincoln and at Charles.
We are authorized to announce Colum
bus F. Kirtlev, Esq.. as a candidate for
the Office of Circuit Attorney, in the third
udicial District, at the ensuing election in
HAVING permanently located at the Cold
Springs, 5 miles west of Bowling Green,
I near the Pisgah Church, respectfully
tenders his professional services to the pub
ic. His capacity in the treatment of Can-
s, Scrofula, and Phthisic, has been suffi
cient attested where ha has practiced, to
insure him success. j
His terms io the treatment of the above
teases are cub for the first visit. No
further charge until cure is effected.
Persons at a distance will please address
t. as. itzorgan, post paia, ouwiing ureen,
Pike County Mo. 3wl5
July 14th, 1848.
XCTANTED, 100,000
TV bushels Wheat.
lbs. Bacon, 0,000
IN pursuance of an orderof the Pie count
court, made at the last June term thereof, 1
will offer for sale, before the court house door
in the town of Bowling Green, on a credit of I
twelve months, and on the first day of the next
August term or said Court, the following descri
bed real estate, belonging to the estate of Silas
Rhea.doceaaed, lying in said county, viz : N. 1-2
of lot No. one of N. W. or. of sect six f6) T.I
53 R. 2 W., containing 40 acres also, S. 1-2 of
lot no. z ol the S. W. qr. or sect. 31, 1 . Of K.
2 W. containing 40 acres, and. lot N. 2 of N.
W qr. sect, six (b ) T. 53 Rz W. containing
80 acres.
The purchaser will be required to give bond
with good security.
Adm'r. Silas Rhei, dee'd.
July 10th 1848.
RESPECTFULLY announce to their friends
and the public, thattbey have purchased
the new and elegant stock of Goods recently
brought to this market by McKay fc Co., to
which they invite the attention of dealers.
It is their design to make all necessary addi
tions, jrora ume io time, so as to Keep constantly
on hand a complete stock of Dry Coodi, Groce
ries, Queenncart, Hardvrttrtt Lc. to suit all class
es or purchasers. Their Goods are of the best
quality and latest style; and their prices shall
lie such as to insure aaUsl'actlon, for they Have
determined to not be undersold by any establish
ment north of St. Louis. With this determina
tion, they flatter themselves they will be able to
make it to the interest of purchasers to give
them a share of their patronage. Call and ex
amine for yourselves, "for it is no trouble to
them to show goods." Their store is in the
house formerly occupied bv McKay & Co.. the
lower door of Draper's row. on Water Street.
where they vouldbe happy to receive calls if it
is only to examine their goods.
All kinds of country produce at liberal prices
wui oe laaen in exenange lor gooos. -
nespeciruliy, WM.LUC&fcCO.
Louisiana, Mo. June 12th, 1848.
N. B. To farmers and others, thev would sav
they have a large and commodious warehouse
where they will carefully receive and forward
ireignt on the most reasonable terms.
W. L. & CO.
10 tf.
Louisiana, July 3d, 1848.
EMAINlNG in the Post Offices! Louis
iana, Mo., on the 1st of July, 1848, which
if not taken out in three months will be sent to
the General Post Office.
M B Angle
Joseph Barnet
Oran Coats
Mary Early
W V Grafford
JMartha Herron
Wm Hammond
Valentine Jump
Eliza Johnson
Dora Jackson
Wm H Martin
Joseph Monday
July 10th 1848
Nathon Meffati
Morris R .Morris
Edward McGuire
siiss Camilla McElroy 2
John JUcAuster
John McCuns
Charles S Moore
Itreal Stephens
Andrew Triable
TJ Wallace
Mary Wilton
150,000 feet of Pine
T I HE subscribers have just received 150,
I 000 feet of well seasoned Pine Lamber, of
all sizes, which they will sell ss low as the ar
tide can be had at any point oa tha river.
Builders and mechanics wouldconsuhtheir in
terest by giving them a call.
Louisiana, June 5lh 1848. 8 tf
N B. Persons from a distance mat depend
.... . . a . T " .
upon us at all time lor lumber, as it is our de
sign to keep a good standing supply.
J. Mcf. & CU.
Office in the store formerly occupied bv JMfe-
nay ol co.
JOBS s. maeelbv.
f TAVING purchased the stock of Samuel E.
II. Allen, are no'w manufacturing everv de
scription of Boots and Shoes at the old stand of
Newnam & Allen. They will keep everv va
riety of Boots and Shoes, shoe findings, sole and
upper leather. Philadelphia ealf skins, pegs &c.
Sic., and beg to assure all who may favor them
with their patronrge, that they may rely on all
work made by the being of the vera but tcork-
mansup oi any made in the county. A riT
innmtniiA in all mmi
Having in their employ the best Boot maker
in the county, they confidently (solicit and ex
pect to receive a liberal share ol patronage.
They will also keep on hand a good slock of
eastern Boots, Jhoes and Family Gromies.
Louisiana, June 10th, 1848. 10 tf.
Wesley B. Trower, Henry A.
Trower. George A. A. Riggs
and Lucy his wile, Evan Ow
ens and Jennetta his wife; Le
vi Long and Sarah his wife,
and John Long, and Minerva
Long his wile Petition for
vs. ! Partition
John Slavens, Ayres Askew of
and Louisa his wii'e, Samuel I Real Etate.
Hogen and Pamelia bis wife,
Henry Kennedy and Martha
his wife, & Andrew J. Brad
ley and Maria his wife, and
Avres Koflraan.
A ND now at this day the petitioners, ap
j pear by their Attorney, and file their pe
tition for the partition of the following describ
ed real estate, viz : Lots twenty-seven, twenty-j
eight, twenty-nine, being each 'sixty feet on
Oak street, and ninety feet back and the north
west end of lot twentv-six. beinar sixtv feet an
Oak street and forty-five feet on Fulton street,
all in the Town of Ashley, in said county, and
it appearing from said petition, ana the affidavit
thereto, that the said defendants are non-resi
dents of the State of Missouri, it is ordered bv
the Court, that they be notified of the filing of
said petition, and that a copy of this order be
published once a week for eight weeks succes
sively in some newspaper printed in this county,
County of Pike. ( M'
I, James M. Martin. Clerk of the Circuit
Court for said county, certify that the foregoing
is a true copv irom ine recoru.
( ) Witness my hand, and official sea),
Seal. V Done at office in Bowling-Green, in
( said county, this the 23rd day of May
a. w. 1S48. j. a, MAKiitt, uierx,
Mxy 29th. (8w8.)
THE subscriber has just replenished his al
1 ready large supply of REJDY MADE
LLUTHIJYU, consisting in part of drers, frock
and business c'oth coats; black and figured
casimere pants; superior black satin vests; silk,
heaver and neutria hats ; shoes and boots. He
has also a large variety of linnen and tweed
sack, frock and business coats; linnen and
tweed pants; summer vests, shirts and drawers.
together with a good supply of DRY GOODS
JUfU UKUL&KILS, to suit the season. All
of which he will sell as low as the times will
possibly admit, for Cash, country produce, or
to punctual customers on time.
To dress yourself from top to toe
Right down to my house you should go,
For, ,to you bargains shall be sold
For country produce or for gold.
Louisiana, April 29th, 1848.
Beef! Beef! Beef!
i TO the citizens of Lou
The undersigned pro
pose t releave the in
convenience labored un-
Groceries, Liquors, &c. b the citizens f our town
7 7 innhtainmor a o-nod article of fresh meat.
THE undersigned tenders his thanks to theik. D: . .Ani.. m.rir.t ;n n
publiefor the patronage oliberally extended tojB.,. are house, on every Friday mor-
M ..v.w-.v. ..... .w.uvwusag aVUU"l! mUmm mm. 1 .aa.J ...
tintlanceof the same. He will continue in busi- n, g.V " f J a 7 ' F
h. m .t.nJ. rn-r-j- -j'ply their friends and the town generally.
1.. v. --"e- iu,- - Af A I ISTPD ACU11V
Water KfrMti. Im.i.n.. I ihmiuiu.um w, unnit.
- , . . I . . . T .l .n. a .
He has now on hand Sugar, coffee, tea, molas- Louisiana, j une, om, i o u
ses spices, candies at wholesale and retail, lem
ons, oranges, nuu, figs pluraHs, Jic, &c togeth-
dyand wine, for the sick; all of which will.be, W"Y "h ,n Wm' T,? "! iFl
sold cheap for Cash; Store, where you can get a full suit of clothes
May 12th, 1848.
for verv little monev
He has CoaU, Pants, Vests and Shirts of all
sorts and sizes, carefully selected by himself
expressly for this market. His establishment
is an Georgia, be'ween Water and Main streets.
io Vermifuge, Jayne's Carminative Balsam. Louisiana, where he would be happy to see his
Jayne's;? -ive PUIs, Jayne's Alterative, Wends and visitors generally.
JayneV 'onic.Jayna7 American Hairi April 17th, 1848, : 3-tT.
il.; Tobacco Wanted. -
,! W niTlariil Jen. Ptitlate InKi. uj nnHE under vned wish te pnrohase. itmne-l H. E. BLC7X k CO.
win. ;..' - ?j " r i mH . . miru f pith ... , I , ;, ...... .
fn. iiT. Um n. V. Ktnelr A. fi.- I.nnUt... oiateiy, imwu-fiL nnas. uood , e nave targe ana sgacwua. t rtoouse at
n R Rimrs Akhlevr' Mi jToBACeo,-'' for which the highest. market price tached te our store. Those wuhialto slip er
To the People of Pike
' County t '
At Bellville, 111., stown 13 miles from St
Louis400 paokage of Dm. 8tobm's CasbtC
were told in three months; sad the agent. re-
ceived the fallowing eertiliosie from akrgeauiaW
ucr ui pniDDl was Biefl -' .
BeUvilU &V CUtir Ce. Monk, 14, 1341
We the uadertfenedf chiaern of BeMvflle. SL
Clair County, I1L, having need the sMdicine
known as Dr. Storm's Scotch CoueR Caadv.
prepared by H Wade, of St. Louu. H o io
cheerfully testify to its efieacy as a remedy ' for
Dresses of tte Breast and Lungs, end we re
commend it to the public a a safe and agreeable
componno, --
C. J. HOUTS, Mtlhodist Minuter,
L. B. CABAUNE Merchant,
W. S. FLEMING, Ed. BtUrnU Demfiftt,
And many others too numerous to mention
We have thought it unnMeessarv to offer eer
tificates from individuals in all cases as . pur
chasers are unable to inform tnemselvea of the
actual existence of most of the signers. The
following, however, is from a well known, citi
zen of Si. Louisj tto.f resident No. 210 min
street two dollars below Cherryi-
fa. WADt.-Deor Sir. It affords me pleasure
to offer my testimony to the efficacy of the arti
Ice known as Dr. Storms Scotch Cougi Candy
And in diong so, I am actuated by a desire to
benefit others who may be suffering. My wife
was laboring under a severe oougn for a lemr
time, which threatened serious injury. After
having tried many other remedies tone" purpose
she used a few packages of Storm's Cough Can
dy, purchased from our neighbors, Messrs. Show
& QuirJfc.and ina very short time she was entire
ly relieved, and now enjoys good health. My
servant was also, afflicted with a severe breast
complaint, and she experienced almost Immedi
ate relief from the use of this truly valuable
remedy Respectfully,
No.2I01ltain Street.
S. Lotus, Jl 4, 1847.
The action of Dr. Storm's Scotch Cotign Can
dy differs verymaterially from any other - -compound
ever invented. It not enlv allays Bron
chial Irritation, but operating as a very mild
purge, it keeps the stomach and bowels m a
healthy condition, leaving the patient an appetite
wuicn iew outer wougn lumures couia unparu
We have no disposition to injure the Inventor
of any particular medicine, but in justice to the
world, we will give it as our honest opinion,
formed by the observations of eleven years in
the school of medicine, that large end frtqmtni
draughts of nauseous liquid' Compounds taktd
into the stomach from time io time 1 mutt have
tendency to destroy the healthy tone of that tiial
ergm of the human system.
No such objection can be urged against the use
of this valuable Medicated Candy, for Sugar tse
greeable both to the palate and stomach, and we
honestly believe that this preparation will do au
that medicine can do towards the relief of per
sons suffering with Colds, Coughs, Bronchitis,
Asthma, Bleeding of the Lungs, Pain m the Side
and Breast, DifficultyV Breathing, Hoarseness,
and all other symptoms of Consumption.
iLUrders from the Country, or applications
for Agency, directed to Messrs. J. H. BAR
NARD & BRO., General Agenta, No. 140 Main
street, St. Louis, Mo-, will meet with prompt
H" For sale bv Druggists generally. It may
also be obtained of any respectable country mer
chant in the South or West.
O" To avoid counterfeits, our readers would
do well to inquire for Dr. STORM'S SCOTCH
COUGH CANDY, prepared by Hucilton Wade,
St. Louis, whose written signature la on the
0" liberal deduction made to country dealers
starch 13th, 1848. 49 6m.
WE are now receiving a large and well as
sorted stock of Goods, suitable for the
season, consisting of
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Queensware, &c, &c,
which we will sell at very low prices for
Cash or Produce. Persons wishing to pur
chase Goods will please give as call be
fore purchasing.
"VTOTICE is hereby given, to all persons in
tf terested, that at the next August term of
the county euurt of Fike county, I shall apply
for a final settlement of the estate of Thomas
Cunningham, deceased.
June 26th, 1848.
ON hand a good lot of Ground AHum, Liver- -pool
Blown and Kenawha Salt, for sale low
by H. E. BLOCK & CO.
-lima m IXdS Ijmfaun U.
XriOO LBS- Freh Butter, for which
& J J 1 the highest prices will be paid
at the store of . H. E. BLOCK & CO.
Butter kegs alwavs on band for these wUhinar
to pack butter for us. H.E.B.fcCO. ,
Molasses, Tar, Stoneware, Trace & Log Chains.
coou sMk5noes, span uoaons, Uupet
Chain, Domestics, Bed Ticking Iron, '
Steel, Castings; Hats, Caps, -
d m, (V aa
la store aud for sale low by
r "-."o-' ' ' will ha najd in Cam. store, will find it to thai i&tmat buri na
June If 1841.
Leuistans, Mo.
Jont on, 14. i ' H.E.BL0CJtCO. aalL BSB&m

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