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Democratic banner. (Bowling Green, Pike County, Mo.) 1845-1852, July 24, 1848, Image 4

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From the Republican tad Argus.
G i " $ Th Freed cm of the leas.
The haughty Briton once surveyed
Tht Ocean fair and wide,
And as be swayed his sceptre, claim'd
Dominion e'er the tide. .
' ' For many ages he had thought
That every genial breeze
Was his, tilf Yankee marchants taught
The "Freedom of the Seas."
- When nations, vexed and sore oppress'd,
Had entered in the fight
To settle long disputes, and thus
- Determined which was right,
- Our country took an active part-
But not on bended knees
To gain a poidt- at last secur'd
The 'Freedoom of the Seas."
The second war with Britain was
To gain the sailor's rights -Protection
on the seas -for this
The cheerful freeman fights.
American success proclaim'd
Though Britain disagrees-
That heaven-born principle the taught,
The "Freedom of the Seat.'
A master spirit urged the views
Of patriotism, and press'd
The subject on the minds and hearts
Of those whom he address'd ;
The European despots grant,
America to please,
- The principle for which we fought
The "Freedom of the Seas."
The man who, placed by freedom's voice,
Our views thus trt proclaim,
Deserves, as he shall soon receive,
The merits due to Fame.
Our toast, "Free Trade and Sailor's Rights,"
Our banner to the breeze
Then here's success to LEWIS CASS,
And FacEDOMor thb Sxas!
tiOHRiD Accident. ling morning, says
the MilwaukieZAztfy Wisconsin of the 14th
Jas. n. Smith, well known as a public con
tractor and street grader, descended the
public well at the corner of Jackson and
Division streets, which is about 90 feet deep,
for the purpose of repairing it Mr. Smith
not coming up, Mr. James Walsh, a man in
his employ, descended the well to ascertain
the cause, who also made no signs of return,
and upon examination, it was ascertained
that both of them had been suffocated from
foul air.
This sad and afflicting accident ought to
caution every one in descendirg deep wells,
which are always liable to be charged with
poisonous air.
If" The Cincinnati Signal states that
great disaffection exists in the whig camp
in Indiana. The whigs of the counties com
posing the Switzerland district met this
week resolutions, ratifying the nomina
tion of Gen. Taylor, were warmly opposed
by James H. Craven, ex-member of Con
gress, and were rejected by a vote of two
to one. Mr. Craven thA offered a resolu
tion, repudiating the nomination of Gen.
Taylor, which was carried by a large ma
jority. .
The same paper specifies seventeen whig
papers bits own State (Ohio) which have,
directly or indirectly, rejected the nomina
tion of General Taylor. Enquirer.
"What are yonr politics?" "Haven't
gotta?,? Wnat? no politics?" No, not
a earned pouue."
' ' - '
Religion should be the garment worn next
lie heart too many people make a cloak
vl II.
AJV important cure by dr.
We have been informed by Mrs. Mahan.
(a grand-daughter of old Gen. Wayne) that
he suffered for a number of years from the
growth of a large Goitrous Tumor, which
besides great deformity, produced both i
difficulty of deglutition, and of breathing
Indeed, she says, the pressure upon the
wind-pipe u great, as to prevent her
srom steeping in a recumbent position, and
often suffocation appeared inevitable. She
also labored under severe indisposition from
Liver Complaint and Jaundice, with a hor
rible train of nervous affections, ibr which
he used Dr. Jayne's Alterative, which she
towk regularly for six or seven weeks, with
occasional doses of his Senative Pills, and
her general health was thereby completely
re-established, and now perceiving some
diminution in the size of the Goitrous Tu
nor, she was encaurtged to persevere in
the oe of the Alterative, until every vis
tage of the painful Tumor was entirely re-
We cannot speak too highly of this im
portent preparation of Dr. Jayne, and for
tne face oi sunering humanity, hope that it
may become more generally known. Pub-
To remove those troublesome and dan
gerous inhabitants of the stomach and bow-J
I f . I . ... . I
eis, wnicn wo onen impair tne neaitn and
destroy the Uvea of children, nse Jayne's
99 - TT . . i m
Aonio vermnuge, a certain ana sale prepa-
ration for the removal of the Various kinds
- , . . - I
of trdrms, dyspepsia, soar stomach, want of
appetite, infantile refer and agoe, and de-
tkiistvof thaatnmev.h .nit Knw.l. anil imu
Ot digestion. 1 ItSs without exception, one
of the most ftlaable preparations in the
WO"' ' ,..., . .
Prepared sJt by Dr. D. Jayne, Phila
derphr asd M on geocj by H, E. Block
ft CoJ fUfC;3if tftf -c - "! " 1 ' ,!
.ti a u .
RESPECTFULLY announceto their friends
and the public, that they have purchased
the new and elegant stock ol Goods recently
brought to this market by McKay & Co., to
which they invite the attention of dealers.
It is their design to make all necessary addi
tions, from time to time, so as to keep constant!
on hand a complete stock of Dry Goods, Groce
ries, Queensware, Hardware, He. to suit all class
es of purchasers. Their Goods are or the best
aualitv and latest sty le; and their prices shall
be such as to insure satisfaction, for they have
determined to not be, undersold by any establish
ment north of St. Louis. With this determina
tion, they flatter themselves they will be able to
make it to the interest of purchasers to give
them a share of their patronage. Call and ex
amine for vourselves, "lor it is no trouwe to
them to show goods." "Their store is in the
house formerly occupied by McKay & Co., the
lower door of Draper's row, on Water Street.
where they would be happy to receive calls ii H
i onlv to examine their poods.
Alt kinds ot country produce at iiDerai prices
will be taken in exchange lor goods.
Respectfully, WM. LUCE CO.
Louisiana, Mo'. June 12th, 1848.
N. B. To farmers and ethers, they would say
they have a large and commodious warehouse
where they will carelully receive and lorwaru
freight on the most reasonable terms.
w i 0. rn
f 1 . JU. tV w.
Louisiana, July 3d, 1848.
Wesley B. Trower, Henry A.
Trower. George A. A. Riggs
and Lucy his wife, Evan Ow
ens and Jennetta his wife; Le
vi Lone and Sarah his wife,
and John Lone, and Minerva
Lone his wife j Petition for
vs. ( Partition
John Slavens, Ayres Askew f of
and Louisa his wife, Samuel I Real Etate.
Hogen and pamelia his wife,
Henry Kennedy and Martha
his wife, & Andrew J. Brad-
lev and Maria his wife, and
Ayres Rodman. J
K u now at mis cay me petitioners, ap
pear by their Attorney, and file their pe
tition for the partition of the following describ
ed real estate, viz : Lot twenty-seven, twenty
eight, twenty-riinc, being each' sixty feet on
Oak street, and ninety feet back and the north
west end of lot twenty-six, being sixty feet on
Oak street and forty-five feet on Fulton street,
all in the Town of Ashley, in said county, and
it appearing from said petition, and the affidavit
thereto, that the said defendants are non-resi
dents of the State of Missouri, it is ordered by'i
uie UOim, inaiuicy oe nouueu oi me nung oi
said petition, and that a copy or this order be
published once a week for eight weeks succes
slvely in some newspaper printed in this county.
County of Pike, Ba
I, James M. Martin, Clerk of the Circuit
Court for said county, certify that the foregoing
is a true copv from the record
1 Witness my hand, and omctal seal.
Seal. Done at office in Bowling-Green. in
said county, this the 23rd nay of May
A. D. 1848. J. M. MARTIN, Clerk,
May 29th. (8w8.)
r "HE subscriber has just replenished his al
1 ready large supply of REJWY MADE
CLOTHING, consisting in part of dress, frock
and business cloth coats; black and figured
casimere pants; superior black satin vests; silk,
heaver and neutria bats ; shoes and boots. He
has also a large variety of linnen and tweed
sack, frock and business costs; linnen snd
tweed pants; summer vests, shirts and drawers
together with a good supply of DRY GOODS
JiJvif GROCERIES, to suit the season. All
of which he will sell a low as the times will
possibly admit, for Cash, country produce, or
to punctual customers on time.
To dress yourself from top to toe
Right down to my house you should go,
For, to you bargains shall be sold
For country produce or for gold.
Louisiana, April 29th, 1848.
Beef! Beef! Beef!
TO the citizens of Jou
isiana: The undersigned pro
pose to releave the in-
' convenience labored un
der at present by the citizens of our town,
in obtaining a good article of fresh meat.
by opening a regular market in C. Jackson
&Bro's. ware house, on every Friday mor
ning, where they would be pleased to sup
ply their friends and the town generally.
Louisiana, June, 5th, 1848 8 tf
WHY right in arWsui. Tasaxa's Clothing
outre, wnere you can get a lull suit oi clothes
for very little money.
He has Coats, Pants, Vesta and Shirts of all
sort, ai Mrriiil aaltJ k M.ir
expressly for thi. market. His establishment
on Georgia, between Water and Main streets.
....... . vv.vwi. uj Blliuacil
Louisiana, where he would behannv to . his
friends and visitors generally. . '
npru ma, lout, ; r . .. Ztf.--
rFIHE UndeMbmed
T;rr T!1':
diaUly, TWEN rY-FIVE ; Hhds. Goon
;il k- !j s i r . , r-,
., m wiuv-u uio iueb.ei marsei nnoa
wiii oe paia in uasa. . . -jtij m j
To the People of Pike
At Betlville, 111., atown 13 miles from St
Louis, 400 packages of Da. Sroasi'S Candy
were sold in three months; and the agent re
ceived the following certificate from a large num
ber of persons who used it:
BeUvilleSl. Clair Co. March, 14, 1847.
We the undersigned, citizens of 13ellville,St
Clair County, III., having used the medicine
known as Or. Storm's Scotch Cough Candy,
prepared by H. Wade, of St. Louis. Mo., do
cheerfully testify to its efficacy as a remedy for
D'seases of the Breaft and Lungs, and we re
commend it to the public as a safe and agreeable;
C. J . H J UTS, MtUiodist Minister,
L. B. CABAUNE, Merchant,
W. S. FLEMING, Ed. Bdlcill Dtmorat,
And many others loo numerous to mention
We have thoKghlit unnecessary to offer cer
tificates from individual in all caies, as pur
chasers are unable to inform themselves of the
actual existence' of Host of the signers. The
folio wilig. however.' is from a well known citi
zen of St. Louis', mo., resifcenue No. 210 vain
stieet two dollars below Cherry:
Ma. WADE.-i?ar Sir. ItafTjrds me pleasure
to offer my testimony to the olficacy of the arti
lce known a Br. Sarins Scotch Cough Candy.l
And in diong so, am actuated by a desire to
benefit others who may be suffering. My wife
was laboring under a severe cough for a long
time, which threatened serious injurv. After
having tried many other remedies tone purpose,!
she used a few packages of Storm's Cough Can-j
dy, purchased Iromour neighbors, Messrs. snow
Si QuirJt.and ina very short time she was entire
ly relieved, and now' enjoys good health. My
servant was also afflicted with a severe breastito
complaint, and she experienced almost immedi
ate relief from the use of this truly valuable
remedy Respectrullv.
No. 210 Main Street
St. lout, -Voy 4, 1847.
The action of Dr. Storm's Scotch Cough Can
dy differs very materially from any other com
pound ever invented. It not only allays Bron
ohial Irritation, but operating as a very mild
purge, it keeps the stomach and bowels in a
healthy condition, leaving the patient an appetite
which few other Lough Mixtures could impart.
We have no disposition to injure the inventor
of any particular medicine, but in justice to the
world, we will give it as our honest opinion,
formed by the observations of eleven vears in
the school of medicine, thai lame and frequent
draughts of nauseous liquid Compounds takea
into the stomach from time to timemust have a
tendency to destroy the healthy tone of that vital
organ of Int human system.
ISo such abjection can be urged against the use
of this valuable Medicated Candy, for Sugar isa
grceable both to the pul.its and stomach, and we
honestly heicve that this preparation will do all
that medicine can do towards the relief of per
sons suffering with Colds, Coughs, Bronchitis.
Asthma, Bleeding of the Lungs, Pain in the Side
and Breast, Difficulty of Breathing, Hoarseness,
and all other symptoms of Consumption.
33"Orders from the Country, or applications
for Agency, directed to Messrs. J. H. BAR
NARD & BRO., General Agents, No. 140 Main
street, St. Louis, Mo., will meet with prompt
. O" For sale by Druggists generally. It may
also be obtained of any respectable country mer
chant in the South or West.
To avoid counterfeits, our readers would
do well to inquire for Dr. STORM'S SCOTCH
COUGH CANDY, prepared by Harcilton Wade,
St. Louis, whose written signature is on the
HjfA liberal deduction made to country dealers.
March 13th, 184S. 49 (im.
Louisiana Livery Stable.
N view of the inconveniences to which ii-
4. dividuals and the public generally have been
subjected, lor the want or proper conveyances
to, and from, our city, the subscriber has
been encouraged to establish in Louisiana, at
an immense outlay of u toil and treasure,"
AiivenfStable, well supplied with Horses, Bug
gies and Hacks. They flatter themselves bv
keeping constetly on hand, and well ruSbed, hor
ses of all gates and colors, suited both to the
saddle ana harness, that they will receive a gen
erous support from community. Easiness men
and pleasuring men, as well as the travelling
community, can at an time be supplied with
single horses, buggies, or hacks, by calling at
their stables, between Georgia and South Caro
lina streets. . -
It is also his design to run an accommoda
tion hack to all the Bawling-Green courts, and1?reen'on e,verv Monday, Wednesday and Fn
neighborhood meetings, to which four or five d?y- 11 wl1 ,eRTe Fou.lk,1 hoteI,oll 'ach of the
passengers can he obtained. His prices shall,abo,ve n.amed .davs Preej f clock. r. .,
passengers can ne outained. Mis prices
De as low as the lowest.
Louisiana, April 3d, 1848.
"ITTTE are now receiving a large and well as.
sorted stock of Goods, suitable for the
season, consisting of .-'
Dry Goods, Grb
. Hueensware, c:
which we will sell at verr Tow Prices for'
Cash'oi Produced Pnnn. ;.hfnW
God.ill nleasa crive .2ii'k
.TitAM niiPAhaamir. - '
jfore purcbasbg.
. . . o - ,
Wra. M. Coffee,.
Attorney and Counsellor at Lavr,
WILL promptly attend to any business that
may be entrusted to his care. He will practice
in Warren and the adjoining counties. ' .
Jf Office in Warrenton, Mo.
May 8th, 1848. Stf.
P. C 4RB,
1 TTENDC regulany the "urts of Pike,
j Lincoln and St. Charien counties
43" A I lressPrairieville. fike county, Mo.
November 8th 1847.
EALER in Dry Goods, Groceries, READY
Joseph D. Withers,
St Louis. Missouri.
7' ILL make liberal advances upon Tobac
co and all other Produce consigned to
him. 2f Office on vine, between first and sec
ond streets, at the "Vine Street Hotel."
Corner of M.iin and South Carolina Streets,
7 HIS HOTEL, formerly known as
the Missouri liouse, is now open for
the accommodation ot boarders and travellers.
Every effort will be'made to render those who
may call at 1 hurmond s comfortable: and the
proprietor hopes, by constant exertions to please,
merit a liberal share of public patronage
Dec. 6th 1847.
No. 19, Main Street,' St. Louis, Missouri
ovnManufac!urinc,a Wholesale and' Retail
supply of TIN and COPPER WARE, Sheet
Iron Wire, STOVES, GRATES, and every oih
tr article, in that lint of business, JJ" Cheap for
Dr. J. L. Wood,
NFORMS the public that the time of his as
sociation with Dr. 1. M. Bartlett having ex
pired by limitation, he now oners his profession
al services to the citizens of Louisiana and sur
rounding country: Hoping trsl close attention to
his profession will entitle him t- tome of their
cash. O Office in a room of tne Store of Ed
win Draper & Brothers, where he may be found
unlfss professionally engaged.
Nov. 1 5th 1847.
J. B. Henderson,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Clabksville, Mo.
JILL promptly attend to any business thai
y m.tv be entrusted to his care.
Clarksville, May 3d, 1847.
S. Allen,
Will promptly attend taall business entrusted
to his care.
S. P. Murray,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Bowling Green, Mo.
Will promptlr attend to any business thatmay
be entrusted to his care.
G. Porter.
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Bowling-Green, Mo
Regularly attends the Circuit Courts of Tike
Kalis, Lincoln, Warren and Montgomery.
N. P. 31inor,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Bowtisc-Gaxxii.Mo
Oifice intheCourt House.
J HOLES ALE and Retail Bookseller and
f f Stationer, No. 124, Main Street, Saint
Louis, Mo., keeps on hand a splendid assortment
School, Law, Medical and Miscellaneous Books;
Quills, Ink, Wafers, Steel Pens and
Slates, Writing and Wrapping
Papers; Blank Books
in great variety, together with every other art
cles in his line of business.
Books hound in the best manner.
Call and examine No. 124, Main Street,
St. Louis.
New Arrangement.
nrWE undersigned will run regularly a good
4 two horse hack from Louisiana to Bowlin?
and as it carries the mail it will be compelled to
auiTu a. xiiaiii iiuici in Ajvwillikr ajirccn tb J
o'clock of the same day. An extra hack, will
there be in readiness to carry passengers to any
point iaey may nesire.
SI" Price of fare from Louisiana to Bowling-
t en. lira ir -nw .
TVRY GOOD3 A good and well selected
I f stock of spring and summer Goods, whiob
will be sold at reduced prices for cash or pro
duce. ii JK dLAJKjK & CO.
THE undersigned have on hand a large and
JL well selected usortment of Wisconsin
Pine Lumber,
whioh they offer for sale at i
reduoed pnees.
ison. wishing o purchase are requested to
icall on the undersigned ground town generally,''
I nn tint nniKtr.ifniml "rMi
.... 1 . J
For Clarksville, Louisiana, Hannibal, il
. rion Cifv. Ouinev. LaternnrnL- TtJK. .'
aiexanurta, rrarsuw ana jxeomtt. '
The new and light-draught passenger steamers,
LUCY BERTRAM, Cass. Dea, A&stsr. '
PTP VP1BVPV T . TV ... .
t in run reguiariy 10 me anove named ports
leaving St Louis every afternoon, at 5 o'eleck,
except on Sunday, and Quiocy everv morau. -
a. s o .iuuk. excepi l ucauay. . i neir SpeeO SM -
comfort of accommodation, for passengers, can- -
. r II 1 -.fi, j rri .- :
not oe surpassed oy any ooats in the trade.- 1
Promptness of arriving and departing will be
trintlv nlis. rvfc. anrt thplr rfRp. r. t-fll
, j , " wymi
no pains to promote the comfort of passengen
and the interest of shippers. -For freight' ar "
passage, apply onboard, or to ' '
K. V. SASS, Agent, II Commercial if.
St. Louis, Feb. 18 '48, - -
Regular Packet. B
For Clarksville, Louisiana, HannHaL
i r .. r r w .. 7 -
f. w . ... 1 w. . - . "
Alexandria, Warsaw ana Aeoicu.
The new and elegant passenger ateaar ED
WARD BATES. N. Cameron Master. tH ...
as a regular packet during the season between
St. Louis and Keokuk.
Leaves St. Louis every Tuesday and Fri- ?.
day, at 5 r ar. And on her return trip, leave Ke
okuk every Sunday and Thursday morning, at 6
o'clock, and arrive at St. Louis same afteraoen.
The EDWARD BATES has been ox
pressly built for this trade, and shippers
and passengers may rely upon her continu
ing in it during the season, and upon the
regularity of her trips and times of arriving
and departing. Passengers and freight will
be received or landed any where on the riv
er, and all signals willb attended to with
out extra charge.
It is hoped that by strict attention to the
interest of shippers and passengers she will
receive a liberal share of the patronage
heretofore so liberally bestowed on other
boats under the command of Neil Camroa.
For frei-ht or passage, apply on board.
April 1 0, 1843.
Louisiana, Mo, .
M THIS well known House is still open
for the accommodation of the traveling
community. The proprietor, grateful for the
liberal patronage he has so long received, hopes
by constant attention to the wants of hia custo
mers, to merit a continuance of the same. He
promises that.hia table shall at all times b sup
plied with the best that the country can aflbrd;
an that particular attention shall be given to his
Stables. - ....
' His prices are as follows:
Board by the day, - - $
do tor man and horse,
single meals, - -
- 30
. 40
2 CO
I 50
- s&;
do for man and horse,
two meals
do by the week
do for horse
do for horse per day
Persons wishing to go to any point in the
county, can be accommodated with a hack,
or single horses at reasonable prices.
For the benefit of strangers he will say' that
Foulks' Hotel is situated on Third Street, on
door south of Baird's hotel and immediately op
posite Vie Academv. JUUSi H ULUiS Sr.
Nov. the 29th, 1847.
THE undersigned have this day asiociatsd
themselves in business under the firm and
style of Orr, Duke and Campbell, for the pur
pose of transacting a general 'Mercantile, Pro
duce and Commission business, in the store for
merly occupied by George W. Jenks., ft Ce.,.
Water Street, Louisiana Missouri.
Jlfarch 13th, 1848.
ORR, DUKE ft CAMPBELL beg leave at
inform their friends and the publie thoi
they have taken the above commodious store and
Warehouses adjoining, and are now receiving;
from St. Louis, a large and well selected stock
of Dry Goods, Groceries, Iron, Nails, Boots, ,
Shoes, Queensware, Hardware, fcc. They are .
now ready to accommodate their Iriends and the
public generally with all articlea in their line,
and at prices that will make it to the interest of
dealers to purchase of them.
To their friends in the country they would ..
offer their services for transacting any business
in the way of Receiving, Storing and Forward-;
ing Produce or merchandize of any kind. Their'
Warehouses being situated immediately on tie ?
Wharf will enable them to ship and recsive-
goods on better terms than any other house. -j
their facilities are sucn as to enable, ihem tat
make liberal Cash advances on any nrod see en
trusted to their care. They respectfully solicif
a share of public patronage. .
Louisiana, Ma., March 13th, 1848.
WE are paying the highest market prices foe
n. .1.. i v.. j:
m tvuuuv, qiuici in vasii ur 1UC1 vuauui. ojiu
store fYater street. Louisiana. Mo.
Salt- v -.
WE baveiust received, and have; for'satr'
Ground Allum, Liver pool Blown and Kaniejha
Saltwhioh we offer at reduoed priees.' ' ' '
Salt for Stocky;
WEhavestoreln alargelot enooBslgsment, .
WaiBO Wl" uf ."Mil TtJTT IOW BT
terat the Store of Messrs. Block & Belts. .
nil H.'i. BLOCK ft CO.
I ft

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