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Democratic banner. (Bowling Green, Pike County, Mo.) 1845-1852, July 31, 1848, Image 2

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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F.nvSBAir Editors.
"If we are not struck with JudtaalbSnd-
ness, we shall ding to this Constitution oaj
cm manner tang to the lasptanJt, when
p. nffM. : sna mc tempest ctusc wruunu nun.
, Messrs. Bay and. Porter jthelcandidetesl When Gens. (f4JjlorwertD0iiihif
to MnMiMtHhTi district in the next Co teji .for Presidept by be whig and demo
r - .'ti. .- : 3---17 k..'.-1 . I.--.! ' "I 'A. L .lilt,
Hon, vie lonner utiia me wr
LdCWlf Uaaen
J.; ;,f FDR PRESiDENT, '. .
. t i7:-! n tr- ' - - - '
, . , OT, MICHIGAN. '. '.
' ' ' .'r,' " "" ' i
i;'. ''jMyiQ-sJRESWWTt'''
EUctortfor President and Vice President.
1st Dwtrict-JOHN C. WELBQRNrf Kk.
: r , u.w-.:r sMSfiaTCTnnsragi,-anatutouKR: two m, e
WiaiTETrHr-SrtrrLT--IJOTTjro rATT r M. tuM.g " ' . ' J nrt1. Wife teen'
rr. nrtt t Bowline: ureen on Saturaaytcrnwo conven
the 22nd insL When 'tha' citizenof that fieVoML. S. Snaprnd i" osf:4?Bty "ft
i:-k.,t . f.?r nnnnVtunftv of ;witnibio'lW8ytrtoo. thelitUr held tfcvxl5c
ilracoAnaratire strength of eachindeUtelMMi anl was on a furlough t
fimmfai effect W. tatti however.
'propiSeWri pea Idlailln opef
Wil4.not be made tofk
i cKaibga location wrel, pt(Witliont
choking will be done, and great good, ac
complished for the whig, who will have a
new candidate manufactured for them,
without their having been at any trouble in
Woikjng thejBaehine whatever, j- VVe-fhl)
see. . ,. .
men o
iaav tne better unaersiana wmi cor-
i riice i ye advocates at ,mc y
1 ye sons of.Jlblerty ana cliimpions ot
. hea itP,.''iiid'feiv'e eaf that ye
smrctswa&d -
von ef
received, noi &.yow
I meftipw. at mthejrhig
VL fcealeaior a
r 6th .
: A. M'KJNNEY, of lUndolph,
hE.B.EING.of Ray.
. G D. HALL, ef Lefijjrettev
; MASSETof liwrenee: .
r J.iX EELFE, of WasluDgton.
. TRUSTEN POLK, of St Louis,
-.y, - .i Vt IA jBeTerieri : t :r.
THOMAS L, TRICE, of. Cule. :
.. ' . ' Wrctngnu, ..' . . ,
WJLTJAM V. N. BAY, of Franklin.
A. Cooaty HosninsUioaa. ; , -'
For Ecpreientatwc, .-.- . ,
. ; .For Sheriff :.
i . " Jfor'Jisitaiori -
. . JULY 31.
Wa hara. the pleasure of announcing to
ear reader, that we "are ttill in the land of
the living, though that ngly, illnatured.big
beaded, long-eared animal, the pack horse
of the Clique made such an awful kick at
ni to the last number of the Seventy-S
Irritated by his ineffectual eflForts to work
the machinery of the clique, and goaded by
'42 and its operation,. was peculiarly clear.
He showed nn in (rlarinir colors! to the dco-
ple ofPike. that stupendous system ofrrrf, '?&t&hnTree Territory!
in which by the aid of Trammum andVseci-
fie duties, they are actnally taxel! in some
cases two hundred per cent, under a. pre
tended duty of only fifteen or twenty per
oent. On the Bank question Mr. ? Porter
took issue .with his party. He1 declared
that the currency was now ni alieaHhy
condition, and that he shonld be -opposed
to the recharter of a National Bank He
was. witling to let well enough -elonei !ndt
the lash which bad been so freelr applied to should nnt he, villinv ta tia&ar arkh thaiMctf-
him and his associates of ,oiai4io-reny
. Mybj tiwg64 tiae"nsf Pie, through
the columns of the Banner, this Jong eared
creature has commenced a most farious
kicking jt" a shadow , which in his blind
frenzy he imtftnned, to be a conclave of
Iocoocq with big whips in their hands ready
to lash .him for his dirty work ir. behalf of
the clique. In bis agony he brays out about
a conspiracy of Vlocofoco" scribblers, ,wri-j
-ten of cvmmunications "concocted in the
' same conelave, having the same object in
WW" of (he "same tune'? and "set to the
same measure.' 'The editor of the Ban-ner"-
he brays with emphasis, "is one of the
conclave had Las written-at least one of the
commnnicaVidns." " But let us say to this'
long-eared, big-headed horse that all these
Uungs ara mere phantoms injured .up by
- lus owndistempered, brab. . ; , That iOl three
of thsMauMoation!'were -written by
different individuals, (not all of "the Same
coBclaye11 or; 'neighborhood,) neither of
whom , knew anything of , the intention of
ethr, of the others .to write j and that neith
er editor of .the Bannerf knew anything a-
bout either of the - commonications t till it
Was prepared for the press.1 This we are
prepared to prove by-the writers them
sefres; threes high minded and honorable
men who, have no wish, to ,(b Jiejit out of
all .danger." , Now if the afcisalf ' long
eared pack horse, is disposed toMouhtwhat
we hare stated above, we tre ready to prove,
cither yahe,iias stated' that Which he knew1
to be false in letter . and spirit, or that be
t as Ncklesrij epoUn of as tact, that which
be knew nothmg about Let him take eith
T horn of -the dilemma. and we think his!
big ears snttit fiop down, and he stand in a
Ttr tfgryf pbntioa before thabfic! The1
tlhQMdnljr hav"origin,ated with!
one wiq if 'used to all the trickery of a
clique,, and j who could sink: himself low
enough, to write political communications
to suit bis purpose for his ownL paper, ' and
toco uiaiw eaiwnais lasoa or them. ' qual
lrecldeVs is heia his attempt to tun the
point, and break, the; force f AFaamer
Bay congratulated the Democracy'of Pike
upon having con verted, Mr. Porter on this
question: and thought that if be could
keep him out of the hands of Mr. Broad
head and the "regency" for a "while, he
should be able to make a pretty good "lo
cofoco" of him. ' Bay's, reply to Porter
upon the queslion qf the late war with Mex
ico was extremely se vere. He read an ahti
war editorial published jii the Missouri
'Journal while under the control of Porter,
to which he replied in language, . every
word of which, seemed to raise a blister.
But .through : his whole reply, masterly as
it was, there was a degree' of courtesy ex
tended towards his opponent, which could
-a '(i. . . e 1 t l ' . '
nut ma id inane a lavouraoie impression up
on all who heardliiin. ,Wel! may the. Demo
crats be proud of; their principles, and
proud of this champion selected to bear
the banner of those principles.
The editor of the Sexentj-Six says that
"one of the editors" of the Banner is
"shrewdly suspected" of being the author
of the communication Signed "A Jefferson,
Jackson,' Cass 'and .' Butler ' Democrat"
The 'suspicion is false, and the insinuation
neither "shrewd" nor wittyJ The author
of that communication does not live'within
teaniles of either editor ot the Bannt-r
and neither of them was advised of its con
tents before it was preparnd for the press
He is a nigh minded and honorable, man
whose standing in the community is fully
equal to that of the editor of the Seventy
Six ; and as he has no wish to "be kept out
of all danger.' we can give his name at any
time.. Can the editors of the Seventy-Six
say as much of their "communication signed
M."? Can they say, that neither editor of
that paper had anything to do with pirepai
ing it for-the press? .. Aye or no, Messrs.
eoitorsrwe pause lor a reply., ; ; ;- i
will soon .die of thepAthuic;,,,lt iaa wre.tch
led disease and I should , hate-;to her'yo
cough. Your notes are now strange enough,
and hard coughing would eanse you lofty
ears to shaker if not; a more serious acci
dent.- i -rJ 'wjS' ; ,-. Y. w T
For the Banner ,
Mr. Editor.-rThe. August election, is ar.
ain near at hand" with candidates n the
eld and their friends to the fescue. "As. a
This exekr
ing subject having engrossed the attention
of Congress, for a considerable time has at
las been settled at least for a thne. The
Kne ipf the Missouri Compromise has been
agreed upon by a vote in the Senate of 33
to 82, with an amendment giving to all per
soti deprived of liberty in. the territories,
urv".B" .cr? looker on in Veaica I havtf noticed, unob
served, the heaving of the waters' and snrge's
that arc made to forestall . noblio opiniort,
and if possible break dpwn the prpspects.of
Amos Pelfog" and Grubbin Hoe,"I worthy and talented young man. The
I .1. r i .r . ir a. - n.i... . .......
BiiuMicir tiuimctcas cuun iu, rry tbe Legislature;. and irieodlv too. But it
agaiaet class," and to create public preju-j would be unnecessary to. conceal from the
dice against hint on account of lionest pov-Ipublic a preference in this election; I have
nnw mnl .Vnllr ik.; n..'i;n .. a preference as most men nave, and am
- . ,
ratrecxjei io we, supreme vouri- ,
i.jni cawOis.Tna9efa(y-sx ana tneir
allies "
i.. - . - r ..t .
,i .,:k j . ' t . jwuiuieij- wi wien nj nworn rarxiiai pre
wuaiiiQ ma cuuurs iqu uurresuuiiuems Ollr w 1 ... j
, U -.!,!. .: . j -.
"jr-B iwBrow rw,,c trample upon the feelings of any one, snucJi
sympathy in Lis behalf. They say in their less to do injustice to the qualification or
last paper, editorially, "That there is no unnecessarily iinpeacti tiie good leelmgs of
e i-.i r 1 l i ' i " :l f.. lanv. ' - '"i i'VT'i ( '-. h -
iuun.Biion ior anv sucn cuartre airamsi me j
whigs.M No such charge has .ever been
Mr.' Penis
the Drimar
tv cortvenfTulV
he, was not tbesifSiHeJiotee in his owa
to.w.shJp45Sttbjil5e3Jw&ie o
the whjg ftfM iti$&t?Vto Pf
too t wjtifontheseyanxy-wx ai -MK
Penix'as ranu1daslawg 1 that
"bad been'ii d to Uke Ujis course ry..
the ioarneit jtaHer oi waay n ts .
friend;??jftdMs:iagat4hsaacti t
communicatioilF.bftd beon hareitjntfOilt
office Signed y4Siaira f '
theTcpuntjwiA feicfkcwsB. , ,
ing to run," whichthej Fdfit
publish he nexVek. ; MlJWh
it strikes Vie iiwA tist WlVald -
bo kept back forwOS4;iH'Ifl01? be -
for a reply, because i cajjjwn?8tjj jupa.
narative strength
and we venture to say, that no impartial Haxoir ouge,.wiiete ne sua remajns, doii.
man who beard them, will hesitate to ih on pay of courseVf'GeB.'tJass,' when homi-
cideas to whom the victory belonged.- natedfbr another oW, immediately resign-
- . i . . .i ti. ' . ii.t.-ij':. I :-..- -f
For certainly, a more complete, and dft- a ufjfeai, uoi0. f VJJWIlf":
sive victory was never gained by any po-.e people of Micliigan. Uep. l ayior noias
Utical debater, than-thet won bMr Bajon one office tiser tbeederal n
on that occasion. 'Mr. Porter led,' omm& i?$&$$r fi'$&--Mlni-in
a speech of one houVlind ahalf, ip i.a stjWeivM m Barer GjneraPs paf while ,.iun-
familiar tv the people of the County, aLnng lorrrestneni? ne woig ren.nw
followed bv Mr. Bav who made a most teBl'rged kludge iqng, our
umphant and everwhelming ! reply of two Governor, .with lojdin onto one office respondent of! the Banner,!'slrewdly MWdtj what ; theh. for' thfcWan,t (pj -room
hours, in which every position taken by Mrjwhile running for snother, but what are the pected to be onecf the 4.W.wiry-:sV. it Containsut;sIx lines, 1 .lava
Porter was completely overthrown. Mrt."
PA..H.n.nMt -iA:n4HAfa half hour.Iseveral weVka aei while Major Rpllins, th J " " , Z " V l-LzSL
but his every effort, to remove the impressing fcandrfate, Jiilds the office ; C a bldod boil! in iiat ve'msj aiidhis hart beat
sion made by Mr.5 Bay proved wholy inef-jSenator atduns-fbr Governor a bird in agatnat lii ribs, when, he hears foul a
factual. The first qnestion' tditcliecl'Tyhbo haKaaworth'wS in the brush. Judge .charge . brough. -.sabist .the, , fiandid .of ,
Porter was that of internal imnrovementspook, the'Vliig candidate for Congress in his Choice. Awenry-.Ai. .f( f , j,
by the General Government,, which ' he fiftb-6lstr.ct fa lluwouri,'1 isfreeeiyingl . 0. cweky t .Hung:be, tiisi heavens
belabored." in a most awful manner. (the emoluments bisonce wuuc csovms- in Uickr'fha tiling of-Oiooaaaoy ine
EBs great effort seemed to be, to prove that g bis districtfor a seat in congress. The thumping ofribslje .cbampiiops, of.truh,
the Democratic party was committed- a- 'fcg jape'rs.of his.cbstrict, in 'their, eager- ye sons of liberty ' wiq,aro,the J-a4vo.cfcMs
eainstanv improvement for anv nnrrose 0ts to Censnre a democrat,; o d9wn2and
whatever, and to this end he read garbled btteTt on King and kept up the fire long stqi yr, beating hearU. :: ;Doi,t gej( your
extractsfiom the late veto message of the tWIie hl resigned. Can't lliey drive Iteraperature , too .high, Jos tfce.lC" shower
Pr.;Jnt- W W onneteil readintr af uook irom tb S3 per day and wing sueecn- bath", of. next Monday may maita , we
this and other documents hewassfterwards t congress? try genUemen, try, his jkmon your heads ii&htZ'
' . - - .c. , . lllZ .". a 1 1 - ' I a m -m 4 m . t m jm . m I
completely overwhelmed- Mr. Bay's ex- or judiic wp snouia not ueier yon. Aiyjnends ot sue ;7e,,atMi girqjpcfte,
position of the principles of the Tariff. of e spoils-loving paity .we again don't deal in the "highfalutiu,'1! ! ) fear you
coanted them. But the editor says tha'rt.
ply wa already wil fl ondef'iT5the
twenty-two names or any part of them wirta
wanting to give jhf' spperrBDce ptfott
frbih the people? vjRjilf the ,editors , of the
Seventy-Six tel the pepplelhat thob names
were attached (rthaT ealt at tKe' time' they
tfaaoiiaoed it-aiodh their' offic? r will
tbeT.icsa tittU ene of :thfcdiUs aaa
stotiinns of 'thrf Teonnty
as if, they had aaaiy stepped io? i Caq -
sion or tbe nnsrers or lua- lew- wuiwuv tbe
knowle8ge or witl of ihe'maies"I wan?
Ao one t tike my" wtwf for 1K ! thing; J
bnrierall tothaSeveaty-Sixo the'8CtsI v
of -Jane and let.theaB .ijudga:of wcflQt
fortJiemselveSf 'The msnner-iawhicV, MrB VS
Peiiix . is brought forward mar do .for those
who work in tlie' 'tra'caj. ' but' will fait '
short 5f ' satisfying the in Jepcndertt-foteVi"
of-ii. i. vi.:! PIKE,
it bwj ni'!;?ii"' "' -wittm w .1
-,-: FoaTBejS lfPurs-yiijoii- n
Two gentlemen, honorable men. are be-
1 fore-the peopled FikaT county for their saf-
A member of the clique about the Sev
enty-Six office is . endeavoring to produce
and others, in their reply to the miserable the impression, that Mr. Henderson desfred
wm.up wi 7 nn7 reuog-' ana urnbbiblUiat one or the editors of. tbe Banner should
oo,". wit& malice aforethought, mjure the candidate for the Clerkship last Aa
tat. nenaerson, ue democratic ( candidate gust, in preference to Mr. Pepper: This is
for the legislature, to whom he, in the "hoi- intended to prejudice the friends of Ptpper
wwnesa-; otaisJiypocriueai aeart, pretends against him, but it "wo'nt take," for it is
to a "Mianrr BatjiuFaernow
A 'fif ' fa Brttik rtf Mrt Pepper 1 But
mora roan aoie to meet tfie iae of fact was Jus privilege t prtftr1iJm-i-and we
U9'V"S7 W IFAwiHW. 'f: po"ar not angry o UiataccoBCC
wem, to bajeatwithBflet as ha do-
J ' it jlI ' t a a a -
ue .-.gainsv ine wn.g.,aor, oe i saia o frage8. : i j, v beli(fve in poraon witb
meir creui4 we nave neara several openiy my neighborsr tlt such, offices are due as
condemn the, unscrupulous efforts of the rewards to no meii, tut should bexonfered
"'Tft'anditsets AmosM;and "Gnibbin by the pedpe, for their Wnefit. a'rld the good
u w..: t.i.1 ' .LL' -j... of the office.'1' It' behooves theWtl.rn. to
tic. incv uiiiiu in uieir cgrreiDDnuBnii . . . V
.-lLiJj ' V Ka egainsi-unnaturai mnuentes m con-
, , www w Mn..arge, w,,o says, Erring this office, and to look w,U to their
Aiiai. uiooojccvoiienaency .oi euneronepuiterestin the matter.
of those communications (Amos and Grub-I The people have a common interest U.
bin Hoel was to array prejudice against Mr. 8erv aU Im l the same end; but too fre-
Henderson. because he was noor. i nnt 1nntly oilier, sometimes in their imagine
. -T.r . 'Kin.. ..lvtL......( " .
true." The fellow contradicts himself be-l, , . " V aZ, us
tMm-UZ . tl - 7u,"-eM- " pen squire what interest baa Pike coun-
" io louowiog woras: ty m tUe Legislatures, what measures
"Amos Petfog" and Grubbin' Hoe" may proposed by those men and see 'wherein
have erred. For this they are ' responsible theydifler; if there U a'difference.'then we
to the tribunal of public opinion." . In what shou,d tmfc for ourselves And decide ' be-
j:j maL-m -tt.i - - iiwccu iiwra. rae oounrv is interested in
.u auu -Aaruoom noe err, we the d0ntif.nI,f h nl.A a a ..
would a,k?;The (eIlowfeel.it, andha. ac- 0f tlu, -Con,tituUon7ech
kawledged the corn. The following qnota- which will give' to her two representatives
i.uu irom mo commonicaiion or "Amosrex-iw,,B,c m, out one. upon tne
the ad- 8. Ject of tn Amendments there is, I be-
iic,-iiutuiirenoe oetween tne -candidates
fogjtaken from the '76 w 11 aid "
mission of "M.'.to seal ftifi jintrul
nis, own mouw. in endeavoring to person- iUbject of internal improvements by the
w u .n uMijUMic) wcu uuiiu is precisely vie same,
place,' I do not own a foot of land or:'Wv TheV - would favor fifst si eood waeori road
other immovable' nronirt in thaWniinW jstem for the convenience of the farmers.
hiving no" interest of my own to represent iniref!reB.? ""ngthemthatamSg-
where in' the State, far whink niiKlio .tokt
...... v.. . - itniisi dc comraciea. unan vr miin
It was to repel such insinuatiuits -astheselof Stats i ' policy,'' upon rwhich 'thev' have
that the correspondents of the Banner drove POen, their views Coincide. If 1 anyone
you and irour corresoondehts to the wal P0UD" "' 1 to the masses that
uritn discjiieVis offerea.;'Thi-'::;M. Kount,'
pleadf guilty for his friends again when he If there is nodifferentnollev i'a
Utt... t, .1 J 1.L! l.:J " .ji -Vri i.i , ,.,r. -' -. V
- mei m.io 'urvrvKm oy 'ne
rie'd OUf. what then should ernvsrir lis tn mi.
eoursett5eB by the Banner for the purpose lehoiber'- f answer, we should choose the
of benefitting the democratic candidate :
V- W5enlfnsenaq taWfOtaUoi. St the few whose motto ...-7 k.
.bending ,th will of the masses to the die
of benefittinir the democratic candidate : J110': J?eiiA:if we can do s'd without
lor wara-it naming personal whatever inlto tne mstiner in Which these candidates
ena caiiea lortn tne commumoations." Iti
woaHsir, you wUl have to try it agaiil; ? And here I propose d'"' attention
Fn 1.1. Li-ii.i'lL. .lLxli'1-'. ! - "..
the tAvttttUtnint:-'
i ltf.U 1
,.f ,ft'l
vA tv. STJlrte s later ftnk'Eutitptr. '-
Importatt Jntellijrenee fronv Fran ee Plot'
i,i7 apifutcr. aBurrevuon aucovcreo AS -
.restof the suspected ThraateaeA 6b .
voIt. ofO.O p .Workmen Tro,ubs iu,
Spain--Ireland Arrest , of Duffy, Mar
tin, Meagher, and otliets Great' Ex'
citemenWCholera in Rnssis Merch of
. forces on. Moldavia Revolt 'ef the Waft-;
lackiaiisInsanky of Mehfmet Ali Ret
volt of SJavea in St. Croix, &c., &c.; &c-
NewToik, Jul 27.'
' The Cunard lfne steamer Ettfojfa lfriv-" 7
ed. here, this morning,' bringing-three'days"
later intelligence from Europe. She sailed ?
on the 14th instant, i, ,t) , .; i,lni
' Another plot for an insurrection ha been,,
discovered in Paris) ' The workmen of tLe
atteliers," intentfea U revolt on the 14th
in'St, The days was fixed 7ndJ -ve'fery thing '
was prepared. The city wa to have been
pillaged..'; t.:.j l. i,Ut .ar-.i?.',
r.Th Government " !P, possesaionjOf all .
the details ! bf 'theDloL and miinv of 41ie
ringleaders' in ' the proposea' insurreetipri-;
have been 1 SrresttdV Geiieral CavaignitCf ?
has everytlng isrtTeadliifSsJ to meet 4ny
emergency. , Fifteen: prefects .of depart-?
ments have been placed under arrest-' for ,
participation in the conspiracy of June last.,.
Several of the present Government are in
favor of prosecuting" to the utmost ' extent t
all the suspected-merobers,' but others, abd
among them Cavaignac, firmly opposes this.
proceeding. ; ;.-, ':
' All of the. State prisoners Uave been re-.:
moved to detached points at a distance from"
Paris. - "'
!The city is completely fortified ' at. all :
points. It is said that 40,000 workmea i- ;
ten.4. marching to the Assembly 3andnla-1i
'. , ,' Sram.: .
' The insurgents are daiFv ciAnma Jmib.1"
and the Government is becoming mere and"
mow alatajeekr.)! M A-aiv ni ,iSmmii
tassARD-;!i,s;;ji srit
2 ;srTfl
arabrouohf .'kprM ?K'mtkiu ' . i ...
;. fraemoryrof aH thatTo'whship meetings were
Y?S cn announce to the eood people of
their machine in eyerarw'n!;fdr the torpbsebtes hf the dembcratio convention Vor Hen
rfmakliji'BSw canoarter 4he"ctHe"on g Mm large majoritifln the nri-l
tarymeetinarwtucb hows Where he stood
p masses, m (ba convention hs re-ht
aJrftW ballot,
pommahon of the wbigi.ff 5l ;i fit. .lgftV ' J!v?aJ
Tbe affairs, here are rapidly approaohiwr
a criiis. Duffv.the editor of the Nation.
Martin the Felbri 'O'Dougherty; v TTHl- f
iamsand Roland -of the' 'Tribune "aha
Meaglier, hse been arrested for sedition- f
The. .arrest of the. latter, caused a treniMn.
dUQUS xcitement. He would nndank.t
have been rescued but' for his Wjj. eJETorts
to the contnry, and the arrival 'jd
tional body of troops. " "
The cholera is makinir rriakifitl a
andis rapidly increasing.. ni b.
, i Thenimor of the marchias of- a Russian. .
rmy on Moldavia u'anntrmZL. - , '
The peon) of (his ronnir, K-hT.Fa:
ly risen and 'declared themSelVesWfctw4
of a RepubKcaa ferm t OiwAmmknii
Tbe inhabitante wf. W.ll.t:. v.
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