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Democratic banner. (Bowling Green, Pike County, Mo.) 1845-1852, July 09, 1851, Image 3

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Hi 6
Vfeeki later tromCalifnia.
sr i,W vert continue rumor or Indian
irakiet ia the nortfe" pert of the State;
.w"--l"- . . a" . . .
I jttetcemmwaionp- " g
, with excelleflsaccess in pacifying the
,. t - . '
.iiina. . f , ', , .
-The ree'ent na( e&ect on the
' UrkeU. VThaacuoi nou8es were, aoing
most ecUf bu"e"- Clothing, toot
'r shoes, &c.Ver'e'rtfnely dull,and,except
'fVefew Pnces were ien per cam.
r eaaieitb0 the 15 of May
.--"rtiifeainers Northerner and New Or-
' tnrried at Panama on the 3d of June
ifafmer with $500,000 and 125 pass
enfcrand the latter with $400,000 in gold
j passengers.
San . Francisoo Alta California, of
3 1 st. says
ur city is aeaio built. In our last issue
r the States we told of its destruction an
'now of its restoration. Xhesetwo hres did
S3 317
KJnohave as much effect on the' prices of
. -,'gCds as was anticipated.owingi the great
pant of goods on shipboard and the arri-
I ft of large cargoes. . .
liTiThe Whig and Democratic parties have
I made their nominations, and the contest for
3 State Officers and Congress is full? opened
? the Whig nomination made here were made
' with great unanimity, and probably the
; Dfjnocrats will give quite as undivided
: support to their nominees.
The Whiff State Convention, which as-
sembled in San Francisco on the 25th of
"May, concluded its sittings on the 29th
3 The following is the ticket tliey have pit)
1 n nomination: For Governor,- Pierson R.
I'Kiading; for Lieut Governor; Drury PJ
ifaldwiii, of Tuolumne; for Judge of the Su-
. pretqe Court, Todd Kobinson,of Sacramen
1 to: far Attorney General, W. D. Fair, of
Sun Joaquin; for state Comptroller, A. G
AbleofSan Francisco; furSta'eTreasurer:
' F.jfM.-Bent, of Butler; for Suveyor, Gen.
. WalkerHerron, ot San Joaquin; for Con
gress, Ej J. C. Kewen, of Sacramento,and
: B. F. Moore, of Tuolumne. The Demo
crats have nominated: For-Governor, Sara'l
Pardttfor Judge of the Supreme Court, S
11. Hvdenfeldt;for Treasurer, RichardRo-
man: for Comptroller, U. S. Urailow; for
Attorney Geneial, S. Hastings
The prospects of agriculture are very
good much better than was at one time an
ticipated. The late rains have materially
increased the probability of good crops.
This employment of a portion of our citi
zens is certainly increasing, as it is a pro
fitable1 one.
' A disgraceful riot occurred at Nevada on
the 24th of May. A Mr. Haydoa claimed
' a lot on OreeonHiII,and others also claimed
it. He sotd.it t a party and went to put
arinem in possession: oi iu rio was iucu
' by one of those who bad it in possession for
:some djyff'Wilb an axe, while another nrod
a pistol, where upon a general fiht ensued.
Ed. Jnnkff of Roscoe, III., was killed and,
W. Nichols was tnr.rtally wounded.
' i Humors of Indian difficulties and skir
- mislies in the northern iart of the State
were life. .
j' Deaths in California Among the deaths
reported are N Sullivan, of Fulton county,
Ohio; Thos. Winters, (saddler; St. Louis;
r Ann McAbor, New Albany, lnd.; Henry
.iCirol.117 D.; Ed. Bryant, M. D. G
Cuibu, Va.
f U Niw Yoas, July 3.
I Adricesfrom Oregon to May 24th have
heeajreceived at San Francisco,
-The propeller Sea Gull struck on a bar,
eBtermg the Columbia river, injuring ner
crew. She had been hauled up, and was
adergomg repairs.
The news from the Klamath mines is set
ovraio the Statesman as rather discourag-
log. "
The election for State officers has about
; take place.
The Propeller Black Hawk bad commenc
d her regular trips between Portland and
VVregon City.,
t c iasoaaicnoM m sooth ameica.
Nbw York, July 3.
. Advieesfrom Boeota to May 2, state
that an insurrection liad broken out in the
province of Pasto and Jugerro. Gen Fran
Co had proceeded with a fcrce ot 500 men
to the scene ofrebellion at Pasto, and suc
ceeded in driving the rebels from their quar
ters.' He afteowards discovered that about
Ann -f it L. J -.J :. . VnnmAn i
i ) Oen Franco then proceeded to Jugerro
i t a - ...... . , . .
; wttert a derperate battle ensuea. oiany
j lives were lost on4otb sides, and many re
. ehi were takeft'prisoners. The insurgents.
f having been totally defeated, took refuge in
ue adjoing prdvmce of Kquador, Ieaing
! w a aeaa ana wounded on tne neid: - i ae
Y "d orthe iojargenU also escaped into E
i' Much excitement exited at Bogota. Con
M 1. M -1 t .. ,
c aa uao. vsaaea aiaw aoousnme siaverv
v ,t. ' j. r Vt 'j 't i x" naewoomy, maoe on m sa oay 01 nno
4nothM disgraceful riot bad occured , vnl9&Xt s CoPyof which was issued from tbe office
Tobagv-betweea the natives and foreigners.
No Itep were lost. . : . - . . , v
We 'havt; Panama papers of June 16.
Tie steamr Aspinwcu, whiia .-her way;
down froaaiSorgona tbChigveis, vu ran ia
Co hy the steamer Gorgofta: 'The concuss-;
ion ii dsicribed if dreadful hut none were
' V : WAiBWCfTOK, July S. '
The Republic this morning ansouncei that
the department has already issed $1,500,000
in postage-stamps; and is tending them out
at the rate of four thousand per day. The
Phifadelphi manufactory is malting between
thfee and four hundred thousand per day,
and will Soon be able to manufacture
sufficient to supply the whole country,
CmciNATTi,Juiy 3.
The Ohio whig State Convention assem
bled at Columbus this morning and perman
ently organized by the election of H.L.Penn,
of crown county, asrresident, with twenty
one Vice Presidents and seven aecretar
les. . i . .
After the preliminary proceedDigs,theCon
vention proceeded to vote viva voce by
counties. Sam. F. Vinton, Thos. Ewing,
Hiram Grjswold, and Wm. P. Catlin were
severally named as candidates forGorernor.
Lwmg and JBrisw old were afterwards with
drawn. The result of the voting was, 212
for Vinton and 38 for Catlin. Vinton was
declared nominated. The vote for Catlin
was principally from the Western Rerere.
TbeUoovention took a recess till X 'ocioic
published bt request.
from tkr Missouri Slaktman.
Afr. Editor: -Having heard the enqui
ry repeatedly made, who is Col. Wm. T.
Wood? one of the candidates for the Su
preme Bench, I beg, in very few woids, to
answer the Question. Col. W. is a native
of Kentucky, having emigrated to Missou
ri when a very youog roan, nearly twenty
five years ago. He located as a lawyer in
Columbia, and is well remembered by ma
ny of our early settlers here, for his modest
deportment and sterling good sense. He
remained in Columbia but a short time.
From this place he moved to Liberty, in
Clay county, where he soon established a
reputation at the Bar, as a "successful and
and profound lawyer. For the last few years
he has been residing at Lexington, where
he lastly stands at the head of the proles
siou. By steady application he has made
himself a fine lawyer.ranking with the very
first members of the profession in our Mate
But it is not for his legal attainments,alone,
that Col. W. is so eminently fitted for the
Supreme Bench. It is the purity of his pn
vate life, his unbending integrity, his dig
nity of character, and his impartiality, that
commends him with equal favor to those
who appreciate all these noble qualities in
a Judge.
Few men In or out of the State, regard
ing his whole character, is more admirably
adapted to the station for which his friends
have recommended turn. He would be an
ornament to the station for which his friends
have recommended him. He would be an
ornament to the Bench, and I hopeMhat in
considering the claims of other gentlemen
who are candidates for that office, the good
people of Missouri will not overlook those
of Wm. T. Wood. 6
Boone county, June 27, 1851.
Coalition. The Whigs and Free Soil
era of Illinois are uniting their forces in fa
vorofthe free banking swindle. Such i
compact, by such parties, to carry out such
a scheme, does not take us by surprise
Cholera. The deaths by this terrible
disease at Alton.for the weak ending July
2d, were five.
TjD. Hostos's DiABRUttA or Choliba
Drops, is a safe and efficient remedy for all pre-
mooitory symptoms, such as Diarrhoea, Dysen
tery, pain or cramping in tbe stomach or bowels.
tbe genuine article is to be had at the Drug Store
of J. WILLIAMS & Co.
July 9lh 1851. ,
Supreme Judges.
JWe are authorized to announce Col. WM
T. WOOD, of Lafayette county, as a candidate
forjudge of tbe Supreme Court. July 9th
J- We are authorized to announce WILLIAM
SCOTT, of Cole county, as a candidate for Judge
of the Supreme Court, at tbe election to be held
on the first Monday in August next.
June 1 lib, 1851.
rgWe are authorized to announce WILLIAM
B. NAPTON as a candidate for the office of Judge
of the Supreme Court ofjbls State, at the August
election. ' jnne 11
Jf-We are authorized to announce CHARLES
JONES, of Franklin county, as a candidate for
Judge of tbe Supreme Conrt, af tbe election to be
held on tbe first Monday in August next.
June 25th 1858.
Jr3 A CARD Judicial. The undersigned.
offering himself a. candidate for the position he
at present occupies upon tne Bench ! ue u
nrene Court, deems It not immodest to refer cit
isens of tbe Stats with whom he may be unac
quainted, to tbe authorized reportsof his official
opinions, and to add, in the same connexion, that
if continued in his station he will devote to its
duties bis exclusive consideration.
TY virtue of an. order of the eouoty court of j
mm m ; . - - i . . . e . r w
of tbe eleifc of said eouty;xommandingtbe sher
iff of Pike ' Jnty to sett the S W 1-4 of tbe 8 E
quarter of section 16, T 63 If, R4 Wj the S E
14 of tbe S"E quarter of section 16, T 53 N,
MB-aa e Wt and the S W 1-4 of the N W Quar
ter of -section 16, T 63, ranged W. J shall pro
ceed to sell the said land at public auction, at the
conrt house door in bowiior ureen. on toe so day
of September. A D 1851, between the hours of
9 and 6 o'clock of said day, and whilst tbe ekcutt
court for said county is in session. -
. -. ; - - - ia. ui vtNS, eneruT v. v.
Juna25thl851-6w. ,
; Dr. Hf JftNES,
HAVING nermanentlv located in Louisiana, of-
U fers bis professional serviees-totbe eitizensof
the city and vicinity. He Dopes oj conniani ap
plication to businesa to ajteruasaara oi puujic
patronage. ' '
N. B. In addition to the practice of Medi
cine, he will give particular attention to filling,
cleaning, and extracting or teem.,
8fRmiidence at Shepherd' home, on ine nui
July 2d, 1851-tf. '
IT bas been reported that the title to the land
bought by me from Humphrey Jonei, and rince
ottered tor sale in lots, is in Major Jones, x oi
i oat true; the land in question, was patented
to Mr. Humphrey Jokes in 1850, and my deed is
tbe second from the Government. Hie orisinal
patent is now in my poxsession, and will ba ex
hibited to all persons interested- T ' ' .
S. L.i.yAiw.
Louisiana. June 2oth, 1851. tr.
DY virtue of an order of the Coianty Conrt
Pike county, in theState of Missouri, mi
at the June term. 1351. aunointlne the undersign-
ed a commissioner to sell hef following Keai r-
tate, (o wit Block No. 63. eonainim lots num
beeed 585, 586, 587,-588, 630, 621, 62 and 623J
Block Mo. 7o, cniitaining lots numbered 081, oiKJ,
583,581, 634, 625, 6-26 and 627; and also Lots
numbered 305, 306. 307 and 3(18 In block JVo. 3b,
all in the citv of Louisiana, in said bounty, I shall
proceed to eH all the right title and interest of
t he said coanty or Pike in and to aid Real tstate,
at public auction, to the highest bidder before
the court house door In the (own or Bowling-
Green, in said eonntv. en MONDAY, THE
FIRST DAY SEPTEMBER, 1851, between the
hours of 9 o'clock, A. M- and 5 o'clock, P. M
of said day,' and during the Sitting ft the circuit
court for said county. One half of the pureSase
money to be paid cash in hand, and (he other half,
to be secured by good personal securities, on a
credit oi iwpive mon'hs.
J. B. HENDERSON, Commissioner,
June 25th, 1851. 6 w
corwTT or " ike. S
In Pike County Court, June 5th, 1851.
faRDERED that all debtors to the Road
Canal Fund, on whose bonds more than one
years' interest rem ins due and unpaid, be nnti
tied, that unless said interest be paid on or before
the first day of the next term of this court, aft or
der will be made for the immediate collection of
said bonds. And ordered that a copy of this or
der be published in the Louisiana Record and
Democratic Banner for four weeks.
A true copy from the reeord. Attest,
S. F. MURRAY, Clerk.
June 25lh, 1851 .4w ,
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given to all person interest
ed in the estate of Christian Liter, deceased.
that the undersigned has obtained of (he Judge of
the Probate Court of Pike county, Mo., letters of
administration on said estate, bearing date Slst
June, 1851.
All persons indebted to said estate Are regiiest
ed to make immediate pajmral, and tlioe,binc
demands against the mmr ate requested lo presrnl
them nrnnerlr authenticated within nue vearfrom
the above data, ortbey-may le precluded frnt
any benefit ot said estate; and if not presented!
within three years, they ill be ftr vr bairrd.
Julia L.ri i.11, Adaiinistiaior.
June 25lh, 1851. 3w.
Final Settlement. -
VOTICE is hereby eiven that the underis;ned,
ll administrator or the estate of James II. Ilavtk
ins, deceased, late of Pike county, Mo., will ap
ply at Ibe next August term of the rrobate Ootirt
of said comity, for a final setlTrn.ent of his ad
ministration on said estate, when and where all
persons interested are notified in H,-nd.
JOHN r . UEUUES, Adm'r,
June 18th, 1851 4w
Executor's Notice.
VOTICE is hereby eiven that the undersigned
11 have been Granted tetters of administration on
theestateof Joseph Keitbly, Sr., deceased, by the
Judge of the Probate Court of Pike county Mo.,
bearing date bin June, 1801.
All persons bavins; claims aeainst said estate
are notified to exhibit them for allowance witbiu
one year from the date of said letters, or they may
be precluded from any benefit of said estate; and
if not exhibited within three years they will be
torever Darren.
ELI KEITHLY. . ) . . .
June 11th, 1851. 3w
THE second term in the Woods Aeademy will
commence on Monday tbe 9th day of June.
Prices of tuition tbe same as heretofore adver
The lower English branches,
Arithmetic, English Grammar, Geogra
$3 00
4 00
phy, writing, - . - .j,
Latin, Greek, German, ' "
Algebra, Geometry, Surveying (theoret
ical & practical,) all branches or Math
ematics -., -i w
Philosophy (mental & natural) Chemia-
. A 1 T . !
iry, Asironooiy ana nueioric
Lessons in Music, on the Piano, with the use of
tbe inslnimeot Drawins, or Embroidery, . .
rer quarter ot is weeks, - SJobni
For any two of these - - - 6W
For all three - - - 7 00
Invariablv paid in advance. .
We would say further, that bavins; received J
sinee our location in Louisiana, the most ample
patron see of the people of the city and county,
and from places snore distant, we have bcea in
duced to enlarge me Academy to meet tne neces
sitles of the community. ' We are now able to ac
commodate 150 to 200 po'pils of both sexe
provided with cood assistants, male and femal
A few youns ladles can be accommodated with
boarding at the Academy, af $1 50 per week
Board can be obtained In private families in thel,, eijate are requested to- wake immediate
r.itv at the same nriee.
Instruction books for tbe piano ean be bad af tbe
Aeademy. JOHN B. WOODS.
Juno 11th, 1851.-
On Friday, the 11th dav of July instant a
meeting of tbe stoekhpldersla the Louisiana and
Middletowri Plank Road CtfmpanywiH be held
at the Court House in Bowling Green, fortl)e
purpose of organising said company, nd trana
acling such other business as may be necessary
to the interests of the company. As a called
meeting of the County Court will be held on that
day, a full meeting is earnestly requested of all
stockholders end friends to the Road.
.' .-, v n a it ti 'IB l:
WHOLESALE and Hetail Bookneflcr and
Stationer, No. 124 wtaln Street, Saint Lou
is, Mo., keeps on 'hand ' splendid assosgpeut
r . a ' . "v. .
, --. S '. '- . e i - '-- ' v
ScboelALaw, Medical and. Miscellaneous Books,
: Quills,- Ink, Wafers, Steel Pena and
latesAVritingandrsfptog 4 .
Papers; Blank Books
in treat varieti. tbgether with every owe arti'
ele in his Iiae of business: - - i
Books bound la the best manner.?
Call and examineNo. 12i4&fajto,Slree., A
rpHEsnbseriber is just inreecaipt.oSjaiew
bow and
i general aasonmgpi m a
artiiMMH ZZZ
whiebheis selling rat tbe, very r.dwksTMicss
for Cash. His atoefc emhraeea nearly every de
scription of STAPLE & FANCY DRY GOODS,
... rm , m- a nas V na-na9
GROCKlK9, MA I S UAtr9f pwto
To which he invites the attention of ,
' . - - .'.
who wish to buv their uofaf at Taw prices.
To mv old customers. I wouH ay that I
ifeel uuder many oblieationa for their pat-
:t . . , . i
ronage, ana nope oy inc ivwii 'u?"
wants to mem a coniiimani uib.
Mais street, Louisiana.
MarchSlst, 18511" : " &
sa. W. W. WTSB.
FEELING aratefiil lo their Mends and customers
for past favors, take Ibis method of informins;
them that they are now in receipt of a full stock
of DRY GOODS, Hardware, at eonery, Keaay
Made Clotbine. Hats. Caps, BooU?Sboe: ad al
most every article usually fooad ia a Dry Goods
store. Also, all the popular patent weeieintvoi
the day. Families supplied who medicines ana
directions (riven, as beretofore,ia favorabletermev
Please call and see. . wiskk t iftLti.
N. B. Clotbiop,hats, caps, boot and shoes,
up stairs. . , April I4tn, ioi
City Drug Store.
j. williams & co.,
TITOULD respectfully inform their friends and
H enstomers, that they are now in recelpteX their
Sprinp supply of
Drugs, Medicines, Paints. Oils, larnub
es, Brushes, Dye AtiJs, rerjumery.
Confectionary, Ac-f S -
Which, in addition to their former stock, readers!
thelrsnpply very complete. ' ft
JjThey have lately removeo irom warerta
Mam Street, two doors north of I. N. Srysoa
&Co., where they would be happy to sea their
rriends and customers; and also bee: leave to re-1
him their thanks to the pnblle for the patronage
heretofore bestowed, and hope to merit a ceatin
uaneeof the same. '- - , -
LooWaw, April 15th, 1851. - . ,
U of
sunerior oualitv. for sale bv ' f.
ap. 15 J. WILLIAMS at CO
CANDIES, Ra.in, Fies, Brazilian Nuts, AI
monds. Reealia and Principee Cigar, of a su
perior quality, for sale at the City Drag Store,
Main st., Louisiana. J. wili.ia.iu9 & uo.
1THITE LEAD, pure, and No. 1 Red Lead, Ve
H netiau Red, chrome green and yellow Lither
age, he., lor sale by J. WILLIAMS & CO.
'I'HE subscriber having removed his shop to Ibe
building lately occupied by A. D. Xandram.
on Georgia street, begs leave to say lo tbe public
that he is prepared to make all garments in his
line in tbe neatest and most rashionable manner
He has received a new and fashionable assort
ment of Cloths, Casslmeres, Sattinrtts, Vestings,
Cnattrimn incs.&c. &r.,of every variety, and
istherefore enabled 10 furuub coats, pants, vests,
4c, at the lowest prices. J.SENEZ.-
Louisiana, April 14lh, 1851 ly.
ATTORN Y 'AT LAW, Looisnica, Mo. ,
OFFICE with Dr. Buck ner, in Bartlclt's Row.
April 14tb, 1851.
Administrator's Notice.
VOTICE is hereby given to all persons Intrrest
1 ed. that the nndersigned has obtained of the
county court'for Pike county Missouri, letters of
administration of the goods nnadmiuistertaoiine
estate of Henry T. Kent, deceased, lately in
charge of Thomas J. C. Fapg, bearing date Feb
ruary 8th. isol. All persons navtng claims a-
eainst said estate are therefore notified to present
them fer allowance, and that unless they be ex
hibited within three years from the date of the let
ter of administration heretofore granted to said
Faggf they will be forever barred.
ladies' dress goods.
A HANDSOME VARIETY, well se!ected,of
Fsbpv Dress Silks: .
do do Silk warped poplins;
Fancy and plain Alpacas;
Silk wsrp-BumbasIn, superior article; -Solid
and fancy Delaines;
do do Cashmeres;
Forsale cheap, by LUCE &. MURRAY.
iduiinistrator's Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given to all persona interest
ed in the estate of Samuel Nally, dee'd. tbat
I took in chsrse the estate of said deceased on tne
11th dav of March 1851. All persona indebted
daymen! and those having" claims against tbe
same are requested to present them properly an-,
thenllcated within one year from the above date,
or they miy be precluded from any of the benefits
thereof: and if not presented within three years,
Uhsy will bis forever barred.
ii. u. iiunniu:s
Public Adm'r of Pike Co.
II AVE formed a copartnership 'in the practice
a-n of Medicine. IheirUmr is on All
tweenReorgiaand South Carolina streets.
Louisiana, April 14th 18&1 tf. .... :
lohacco $Z1W v- 7-
Hemp $H f;i't; f
Lrad-$4 37 X-Z?
Floux-i-$3 754&.;
7 Wheat-65c 80c.
Corn 20c to 40.
y Oats-30c 33el. .i h
G. A. 8ltv-$ 20 a 85. w
Whisk j 18 c, a 18 1.2c. ;; f:
.Potaloea.SOe a $1 10 .1 V" ;
ii Dried; Froit-applei85e .95c.:":
', . t . Pacheaffl 15alS0c7
, Butter 7l-2oe 11c. ' ''; " v V
- Cheese t?J-2j a 7.1-2e.., ,
TaIlow-6-2e 6 J-4c
X v HidesDry Hint 9 3-4e
- v Wool 17o 37c '
. Feathers fc 30. r
' , Castor Beans 85c pr.' bulhel. '
Flaxseed $1 65. " f r .
: Beeswax 21e.2I.i-2e.
.A Eggs 7ea8c,f;s :jV
. Mackerel 47 6a$12pp barrel,
iWheat-68to30. r . '
Coro-25. ; f-lvV
. Oatsr20.'
BepV$S to f3 go. , ;
' Tobac!o-$3 to f 10 periOOIbi. ' -,
Bacon-fides $7 Der 100 Ibf . &'f
uara i iooc par 10. w
3 ,Butter-!0W lb-
Flatseed CK L.t.
j ear g "i -m,
Dried Apples90e lo H per bethel.
wm j'aafinsnvi' .m ok . - j . . .
Administrator's Iodci
JOTICfaherebjr glvenMat tfvs mdminU: v
has been granted leitaA e--J.:.. t r r
r--. . v ""i""" irtmoia,aeeaseetc'
Jby the Judge of the Probate Clir otPikeoaeaiy,.
IMo..bearinadmt Vireh lOtt. Vs ,T ion "
All persons indebted to said esW inMind ..
ed to make immediate na vment.vnd all Kt. ?
claims against said rstata are ojfid to exhtfcl .,
then for allowance within on yeaVfrom the dale '
oi n o uiun. arin s au nruirii.j iu ...
benefit of said estate, And if not exhibited withia "
inree years iney win oe forever barrel, v
. a ft?vn ) ". -
An.UK.AW j. TKailliE, Adm'r.
On ritrtti, betvtmMainSLSetiMSUUmu.
mL The above Hotel, rebuilt, tboreagbly reaJ- t
naif evated, refitted, and furnished wjtk entire f '
JUUnew furniture, with large and convenient ' .
additions, as OMned by the subscriber for tbe .
vhv.-wtH w wiva7i aaaita wl ussajsa vVwlu , ' -
era. on Wednesday, the I6tb of September. " -The
locartbn is deiriW, being sltaated ia tha i
Cant re of the atat t-'vtensiva napeantila ma mt
mo city, aaa eqnaiiy eonvenleat to he Levee
I M BAtlt. Willi m M iHiftf IIUI, wltl in. I.ma
and airy rooms, saflictent for the ) i Mii'isliliiin all " 1
Jty kssndpad gnesrs, with diains roja of suifieient .
vu, i.ru yii, uiiiv vii.nrtoseaieomtortaMy the akevrnomber. - v
it is tne aererminaiioa of the proprietor, to make
it equal io every respect to any house is the city, .
and bopes by the strictest atteafioa to the best in-.
tereatsof his guests, to merit aliberal share of pat
ronase. V . ' " ' "
i!9 1y.'. ; GEORGB WOOD. . . '
CO. Mabtiic,
W. R. Maansr
St. Louis. . I 1
New York..
martin: BROTHER,
. No. 118 v,:
. ASB . ..."
No. 113 Broadway,
i . -. ; -
ING will find it greatly to their advantage
to call at tbe above establishment & look through
our stocks, before purchasing. We promise te
show them tbe largest and most oomjpete assort,
ment in the East or West, and will sell at lovtr
pricts than any other House. TERMS LIB
ERAL. . f January 27a, 1851.-
- i
THEnndersigaedat bia old ataba, eonev at '
Main and Geertia street Jas just received -
splendid assoHm4bt of , ' " , -
of the moat approved patterns now in as, and of -tbe
greatest durability.' Among them maybe
found the celebrated - " i
whieh for economy ia fuel, an regularity la
work are unrivalled. - He. alio eeepa ui ees r, ...
of the ' - ' ' " s
Prcmiom SjtoveS, x.r
Together with large assortmeat of TIN, COP-i J
manafscturt- and warranted; all of which he will -v
sell as low as they eanbe purchased at aayrega
Isr house, St. Louis and Hannibal not excepted,.,
3S" AH orders for ware of his owa saaaafae 'it
hire, will be filled with the utmost -di.patch. ,.h
Person wanting anything in his line are re- r2
qitesled to'eall and examine hia stoeK aa4 prices,
as he is aotte be oadersoW bv others. -
Loulsiaaa,' MoJj May 14th, 1851.-6nj. ; . -
LL those isdehted o Thonj Cah,1r. 8;
Ccu. are runeotitiiuLaehviira io csu sua.
nlia their accTTflTVwith the cash or t
note, a it ljxtremely unpleasant 16 jfJT
.eomUatandlte es ihree.yearK.Vf
V - TKOS. ClAStif ja.
I Jla,M8rchjetW?5l. 'l'; "fA
i n. -
, ..a"
v i

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