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Weekly graphic. [volume] (Kirksville, Adair Co., Missouri) 1880-1949, May 08, 1880, Image 1

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Auditor J hn I tlerv
t it chopped to plecei with an
Lf taJrJwr the object all tl
jryyrtinlDinjundIturbed Xoetew
- 4
ceinus nok tamcwi muicm
lnnr Connfllt F Tmgo of tho
Vnltrd Circuit Court or Ka tern
Tcnnccc In dent lUnaf cr Gcncral Key
is spoken of a hl Miccomr
Tiir Arkitnas Republican State Con
Trillion was held on the 2Slh There was
spirited tnijrle over a resolution Intro
ilnmlto call a future Convention for the
rhnlce of lrcldenlal Klector Irut It was
Crally volrd down and Klcrtora chorn
The ddfiitlon to Chicago l Instructed to
loir unnlmoiily for 5cn Grant
Tun South Carolina Republican State
if iora wro colort d The delesitcs
choM n to the National Onvrntlon were In
ttnulrd tooteia unit for Grn Grant
Tiik Connecticut Democratic State
Orarentlon circled an unpledged drlcgntloti
to the Cmrlnnatl Cointuilnn
tarn tlslm ten of the twelro dclepates
Tf Tiik Pennsylvania Democratic StAtc
omrutlon which rnrl on
I ililltr orncj
IUitTJiANX the Socialist fleclod from
Hambur 10 the Gi rmaa lechtag I a
ournrunan Oiociniker
IOTMATKitCtNnitAt Kft ha been
trailcred and In accepted the tnitcd States
Juclgfhip for the Kvirrnaud Jliddlc li
trtcl pf Tiinc re made lacant by the
death of Juilce Trigg
Tiik Congres nonal exodus investiga
tion ha clo e 1 It ha cot jfW eiclu
ie of printing which will swell the
amount to ah ut ijOjo more
Kcmrlk aid companion the con
ilded lennlvanla briber have been par
donml by the Governor upon recommen
ditiin oi ttifr It lard of Pardon o far a
their imprisonment I concerned They paid
tiixir fine and hale been di charged from
Iimi Kkauskv lias obtained a
nritof haVa returnable May II
JuiOK A V Swkkt many vears
J M SWETNAM Publisher
brain through Undream One wa kMed and
two others seriously Injured
JonsS IIoovkr was taken from
the Jail at Buena Vista Colo on
the mornlnit of the 2Sth by twenty
maked and armed men and banged
from the window of is rviiirtnniiu
I Hoover hot and killed James Bennett la
-- 1 11 li 1 jijiim oi inc naanrcrii lumncu --
iz t 1 rwueni 01 irinoi niouri and i ii 1 i n
1 iiii i ii 11141 jtiiii jruiiiiitil
au - Vl aHinrai A nnKK te2ram frora S
ted uie Icbv lakiu
upiuui ai 1JI13 1UX
Etttt Cowi kr has been njipointed
IpI I eutmaoKd Ireland
It i inid ihatan understanding has
brcnaiTiicilat by both parties fnr an ad
J iirnim 111 of by the lt of June
Tin Oerman Atiierican Independent
Ii puMirm orgatil atlmi of Sew York hale
ued a manifesto favoring the hVidiug of
co 2T 1 Hated that Charle DoYoung of
the an Prancl co ChrimkU had been hot
and killed by I M Kalloch on of the IIcv
1 -1 iiaiioc1 who wa ome monine ago
shot and wounded br DcYoting
TnE United State Minister to Co
lombia who recently left for hlpot bai
pedal lntrucllons on the ubject of the
an Contention at Chicago canal project lie will explain to the Presi
imutaniu with the regular Iepuhlican stent of the Colombia confederation that this
Contention j Goicrnmcnt eiLrcle a protectorate oier 1
h Iri idener of the IVnn Ovanla i c cunvc sio rtcuui uc
ruij Companv to take idlect 011 the lit of 1 nc authorities compel
June Ill health r the cati e
-d on he It aged scienty flio
The Ohio Stutc Conven
tion held at olumbu on the 2Mh adopted
re ilutictn highly eulogblng tecretary
and reeomnrndlng him a the Itc
puMIcaiKandJdate for Pre ident f If 070
loto in tin unu ntiNHfli were for Sherman
with the minority strongly for lllalne The
delegate to ChJrigoarc said to stand
and eight for Maine al
tbuiih the ShiTimn mill claim that he will
pet Hie olid votcof thestate ill the National
Oi 1 icial announcement Is made that
thMldraro Ihjrllngtnn and tulncy Ilall
rbadtoiupiny ha ectlred eontnd of the
Knj iiy Joeph and Council Illuff
1J the urvliae of a majority of the stock
licniisKNTATiVK Wklls of Missouri 1
b Introdtircd a bill to e taljsli ap S ay
fcaeat ltil and to ret apart rooms
In Hie Oitoin boue and Pt olliee
buridipr for that purpose The bill
iii- American 10 iook aucr ineir own
It has boon di covcred that the Xrh
viile and Clnttanooga Itailroad Compiny
MrprItc 10 for jmrchaso of from all pirts of Iiinipe Toal arrivals
iwtdcd Thl I- reported to he for April Jdlh the largct number cier
iilin the n oininiendatliin of the Director of lauded at Castle Garden in any one month
Mint who ha raid that an aay office J jACKSONVILtE 111 had a 100000
oiiiiht to be etaVIhed at it Loui j fjre n the rth The cat block of thcuoiith
A tVAillMTOv Epccial of tho fkl side of the Public square comprising
Tiielliieraml Harbor bill en bitildliig was entirely destroyed The
tler mmplrtrd and Chairman Iteagan I wan burned out T0t1l Insur
thahe will report it within a few days about MrW
IhcaggreralcanMiiint of the bill ha been I A IJBltLIN dipatch says the Govcrn
cut down from lWd to Mftn In ment In ooncludlngcxtradition trntics n ith
m klnr the reduction the committ c were foreign countries on the inclusion of
tarn riled loMrike out a Iarc numl r of regicide aimng offenders liable to expulsion
PIToprhtlons whiili tbey had Intended for and rurrendcr
tlie JIKLppl and tributaries and others TllK United States Consul at Bang-
urgerhrriln the Atol Tho unlmpirtaiit j kng Slim ha officially Infonned the Slate
tributaries bate been omitted entirely Department of the contemplated visit of the
eminent will bo treated as enemies
publication of their document by the Berg
Inaugurates a new method which the editor
announces be intends to pursue against the
Tiik Potter House at Battlo Creek
jHlcbwas burned to the ground on the
SOtfa The American Houw adjacent took
ore and was initially bnixcd and some
other nrooertv wan Injured r nine of the
A VitrAUAiso dispatch 1st says the
Chilian fleet baa been bombarding Callao
Peru but without effect
Itu reported from ileriin that all
Hoftiov living in the country Jews of t aitign birth bad betn ordered to
JT swtin Tex St Pttersburj within ttx hours j W If
-Mi 1 on nciinin aitoim 1 in 1
7aUeTDTtl I fint virrn tlwi trnrfcmsin rhanrAd missioner
mj -
b ij iw ucr itg ctii - r
- cautiK ttw eipiosToaJa tBewmter
Palace at St Petersburg on the 17th of Fcl
ruary ha been an cnted
An exploring party of 125 men fully
armed and equipped have left Ieadvllle
for the Ute country They will establish a
minim camp on Knarinj Forks and it ii
aid wilt fight the Indians or any one eIo
who attempts to order them off The
Aprit He had secured two continuances of Indian Bureau l officially informed of thec
bU trial upon affldaTlu and finally pleaded I Inroad by the clerk incbarzo of Lns Pinos
f1llt in hlati1iLt I n
rj iiipiaiipnirr ami wa fcnicncea
to eight years imprisonment In the Penltes
Form llrcs were Ian by the disaster
In Madison Square Garden New Yorlc
The steamer Alice from Pittsburg
for St Louis on the 2Stb went over the falls
and Government dam at Loiiiville and sank
forty feet from ihore in eighteen feet of
Agency who avOurayMiieItliat troops
be ordered In Immediately to prevent
Tiie pupils of the St Ursuline Con
vent at St Martins Hrown County O
haro been vent home two month In advance
of the usual thne on account of the appear
ance anions them of a -Insular nervous dis
order with epidemic tendency It mani
fests Itclf In nervous twitching and
A Nevada murderer Charles missal of the chool It U ald it j lelds
cTHaymcriWMhanscdatWnDcmuccaonrclli v t0 reamcnt when the pupils are
the 27th I stparated and the school will therefore soon
Sins AnnMiM Carman of Jersey CP-
jTZun Verwene upon the kitchen nrc I x IK scna mmttce on
rn uunicu io urain cne was mo 7 -
mother of Mm Jennie It Smilh who with Wcrtlnsan Item ofjlO0j for evpen c of
una the lirui Ji
incrs the
i cove Ilennctt has been tried three times for tha InrI lnUln ninlinci
the 2th the murder of her hujhand CommMon without coiiipenatloii a
l i ineipnaii ii- are
and lir
inoril the eonfllellns eletnrnl In that I jjj KAtLOCII lias been helil fortrill mainSthe folloiiitii addition to amount
3r I- - leirpuion without bail on the charge of klllinsaiarfc T3 1 u
aid to Mattel Inenty each for
Tildcn and INncwk nd eighteen for
Iij art Tlie unit rule va rnjrcted hy a
icle f IS to Ji Tilb u friend claim a
trawer honin than 1 here glten
LCCIAK M NoFrSOTEB WM lunged l pllrVocor
0MchnU and e Jneatlon
V Avm TCX B kcoIJhT aWil fr the purchase of
der of nilllciinc
In August MU oft-
dolhtajctoineet Increased cost aim eti
Mnger wi rejected by the woman u ho matcs wcrc preparei
eiiiently became Cllne wife and In order I t iiim i i ti
Ifiii 11 - i iureia 1 1UU UIIU1I1 I ill-
Tn fifornh WcH licnn State Con rt Kr and I1 bill - -
r name anu auoriea Tamcs PrcOIt wll1 were Iwtc lotn exe
Ijc unt rulr cuted at the ametlmc and place wereaed
Tilt m w Unti li Parliament was
formally opened n the 5ti Two men were kiUcd anil sweral in-
1 W MmiiLtTOX for twenty years jured by the cxpl ioo of a boiler In the fur
tlr tk of the Mipreme Court of the United nace of the Ilrjan Hill Iron Company near
hide I dead j Yoting town 6 on the
fin Indiana State fJreenback Con 1 Six employees ot a dntg house In
lenlion Ii MiinthcJtii elected delrgatcs I Aldcrgitr Street London Ion their lives by
intlnNainil Convention and al o the burning of the building on the Vih
ialrd a fu Mate ticket headed a follow I JJW Xkiiie hJTOKM tpd ID was
lbchard tin ps for jov rnor Thoma lie- 10tand UM ln Ilrooklvit N Y on the
llmlelJcmilsnMernor ea- w v EJwarJ Kcnnedr a voung mm who
l y relarv of iate corge Dcmarre nrpl f hr iit tm i
polbea for the upeiiion of eject
ments for the non pal mrnt nf rrnt
Aritll27 SVnofe The Naval
jntlonlilll was reported The Iloui c bill to
autiiorlza mid equip an expedition to the
AretlcSea to slntion
for scientific oljwrv iition ete pi--ed iii
Indfiin Apjtiopriition bill ua further
eontdered llmisc Tlie Iitrlct of
Columbia Approputlon bill paeit
ilr rhonins IL ill from ti iect C innnll
tee on lVimon and H ie pay reporteo hack
11 bill toequiltzu ttrc liMHtrie ot oldien of
the warnf the rel llon The bill not 10 uply
ing with the mle Id Ii require ei 1 ry bill to
b neeouipniifeJ liywnttcn reiKHt nil with-
neiiou c relilneii t oiimerattnn OI
ureses e heiI rejected Krnneilrnlse -
thP 11 lo luorilt lllc replnitiin of tmde
picntly attempted to commit filicide but nmik which tnpaed lifter being honiof
the bullet failed to penetrate the and stn ust
Ill Inlnrle m not erioi Mr StnLe I APIttL 2S Scnatr Mr Pavl of Vtet
Virginia the n rt of the majority
wai venaratJ from her Lubaml and mt 1
ICcnncdy at the houc where she was board- 1
Xkar Joacsboro Ind on the night
of the loih James Johnon one of the
ucalthK t cillen of Grant County bad hi
throat cut with 3 razor in the hand of an
inancman named John Miner who was
of the select committc lo Immtigntc the ac
count in the Treasury lr pmmuit and sub
mitted ome remark tin reon lir Inrall
nruented the nHirt id the inlnoilti
lle m insall nnd Ilotii pen
tlemen poke ia supiwt of heir iieuvf nd
other member took uhnd IntlwdlKn I m
vrhrch n a- to l ijuite Hi ely IVndiiitf lr Imte
the inondns hour expired and the Indian
Appropriution bill wN talun up House
about lo hr ent to at nrlnm Minnr tlien HhPfl V- V Jm C mltl n
j fon iii unirs
cut bis oiva lliroat irnra ear to ear John
son wa aliT at list accuunts but not likely
to recover
XtAK Patcrson X J on the 2d Jo
teph Vn Houien a memticr of a German
society out on a May day frolic
was fhot and intanlly killed by a
fanner named Dalell who e land
toositv treitv
enorted n bill lr a ltd
between the fnlleil P je
Tim hill uineiKlIn
tho Intemnl Keienne law wi f inid red
in nommttleo nf the Whole ami fccwntl s e
t ot Mr Thorn 1 I III mm
teS lect Oimmlttee on Pen ion and Hack
Pay reported the Mil tj fqnaliTiinnievof
ntiidlerof Ile war of the lelelli n lVa ej
on the ml ndar A re outlon na ndojited
approprlnlinx f 001 to d fr i tin eipen es of
tho Coiuml lee on e
APRIL 1st Smite The Indian
they had attempted to cro after being for- Appro
bidden Van lloutcns companion would priation bill pa cd The clauc abolishing
haehnded Dalzell nnd Ilteirie hi ton I he Kirleken out alo
nho toot part in the affray but for ibe
tliiU lefiuiririg UM lor suiiillc t to be re-
eeived and eontraeis awarded in the
fllseilpi or iIIouri Vailcv A Joint
lesolntloii ps ert a ithorizlng the
fre ident to chI an Intcniatfonarsan ary
Conference at WHshln ton flon he
S nate nuiendnient to the lull
were azred to alo the conf re c rrp oton
thJieViiI Ieiciencv bill The Internal llcv
enuc auMuidment bJI was further considered
in Committee of the Whole
-- I r n
Aiiui 1 itcnaK ijon iueration wa
C5iined of the bkl toestaMldi 11 retlrrd li t
lor non eonjnii ionci ollleer the pending
ac tion being on Mr Allimns amendiuent
to direct the Ireldeiit t appoint two colon d
eadet at lartc lo Vst Point yenrlr Peml
iu debate the inotiiina hour eapircd anil tl o
uvulspproprlitliii I ill mis lakMi up nnd
without del lie The lie og
ifford n olulions wen- then tki 11 nti
it ii
r 1 f 1 I1 1 u -- - l 1V Ol llKir
via 111DMA5 A -SCOTT nas resigned I -- - - I nlopiiou dnnrm I till Monde
UI debt Jli7ii0S total rnteret
WJHrj rab ia Treasury Jiiij3
tjjiUI drb lc cash In Treasury leKW I
The sub commlttce of the Committee
jiUic Improvcnent of Natlgatlon nf the
llHlp Ither conIstingof Itepiescnta
J1 Gibfcon Jolinstoii Dunn Harris and
1rtwott are making a pcrtonal lnpectton
he rltrr from it Louis to the Jetties
The Utah Northern Itailruad is com
Uttd to Jied Hock Montana SOt miles
rtli of Ogdcn and within thirty hours ride
rfHtlnu Mont
The National nutter Cheese nd Egg
Jditlon alItrerrntesIon at Indian
Ihnlicdlhat trade relation should
UhetilMl vll 11 -1 t
Sla oltomirgerlno
Wf tlCIf Vnnfl t
rJ four rallr from Umatilla Ajrency
rere reeenllT found mnrderwl In il
- w
matured in lit The detaelied coupons
bale Iain In the Treasury tueln year very
curiou ly without any omis attention being
Is aociirdance with tho joint resolu
tion of Oucrc orders have been f cut to
the juarlerHiater of the Department of
Mi ouri to i siieVX tent forjhe u c of the
mffercr by the ecc nt toniado In Mi ourI
TIIK ofilers of tbu Constellation have
been banqueted by the Galwiy offlcial
At a Cabinet meeting held on the
3flth the threaiened Inva ioaaif the Utc In
dian re ervatloii for mining purpose was
the subject of a somctrtiat jirotracted di
culon It wa derided to end Gen Mc
Kctizic and hi force Into the reservation to
preient collision between the whites and In
Six ocean steamers arrived at Xcw
York on the 7Jth bringing 3 emigrants
J UK public delit statement of May I - or sram lo csuniry ani urgen mat
a decrease In thedebt during April of 1 1c recclied and treated with proper con
lis7o legal tenders otlt tandlng 3lfi - Wcralion The CMInct have the
ir c toul without Interest propriety of sending a man-of-war to con-
vcv him from KurOpe to UiitoObtrr
The seml uflicisicr7 of St retrs
burg publisbe the programme of the ttev
olutlonary Jixectitlie Committee The
programme declare thuGoiernment as be
Ing regarded as an enemy AH means which
may be employed to oicrthrow it arejtitl
fied All elements of oppo itlon although
not actually ullled with the Committee will
lire It assistance and protection nersons
UouMt Amonir the 111 hitrouiiced were the
follow inir llv Mr hnlnierit I fv
tendiutlie r tem to Itie of
lOfsfllnhiltiltantK by lir Well- I Mo To
an siy oHice in st Irii Mr
Mngleton t ronj tlie IJirnniitwe on
n jiorleil back tbirmiliirniMl IHplo
lualle Mil with enntoninendlnent -tend
liinendineni were di iioeii of Tb lioiiro
owe the Goi eminent jIWWOforarrejr of j then ki ib into Committee of the Whole on
tiiierrsi iiuc on nrst monjage iKinii winch 1 ii
May 1 Sniilf Not in
wfni1hrtoiiMered iu Coinmlt
teeofthe Wlile Tlie bill ratlfjln lb I to
n recment for the ie of their psnrvitloa
tiJ refKirled from runmlltee a 1 tho Post
ollicc ppropriitlon bill
The Senate on tho 3d pa sed a
Joint resolution authorising the Scerctary cj
War to donate ration to sufferers by the rc
crnt cyclone at Macon Mi s In the Iloti o
the Ipubllcan i lnlteil upon hat Ing re id
In full every measure introduced in order
to head off an anti third term resolution
which It was reported the Democrat were
about to spring upon them
The Memorial Hall of the Soldiers
Home at Day ton O was burned on the
night of tlie lt together with mnt of It
content coiisi ting of war relics of lariou
On the first day of May five steam
ship arrived at New York from Europe
bringing 1331 Immigrants Irvnch papers
statu there arc 2VIJ0 persons awaiting
mean of tran portatlon to thi country
ScAKirT YEVK11 and inca les aro
raging epidemically at Indlampoli Kc
port furnIheJ to the Superintendent of
Schools how over one thoti iml cases not
recorded on the books of the ISuirdof ilealtu
to whom ca es were reported twenty to
thirty daily
Dr Samuel Ciionx the well known
phislcian and surgeon died at New Orleans
on the 2d of pneumonia after three ili
As emphatic denial is given to the
story that foreign Jews are being expelled
from Inssin on the contrary regulations
against the residence of Jews in scleral
provincial towns hae been suspended
A kire occurred at Christiansbtirg
Va on the TA In which Mr Martha Jones
and her tile children were burned to death
From all the facls obtained it is believed lliat
the mother set fire to the dwelling for the
pmposc of destroying herself and chil
dren She bad been suffering with
sciere ncriou diease and had obtained an
and social group knoninglyaldlngthe Gov J that she was being pursued by evil
piriU The fire was discovered In time to
put it out but the woman refused to let any
one enter declaring that she would rather
die than be raved
The St Louis Qlobe Dcmocral of the
ith published a special from Cnicago an
nouncing that ftcn Logan had been
tilled home from Washington to
take the leadership of the Grant
party In Illinois because of the discovery of
itumU it the Potter House bsrely escabcd conspiracy between the fllilnc and Wash
with their lives and many lost their big- j burne men to elect an dele
gation av isunngneiu 10 me tnicago con
Mb Beexadeafs house at Clay
montDel burned on the morning of ihe
Sd and a jouug servant girl perished in the
Dcolittle AssisUnt Com
of Patents has tendered his rcslz
iuuvb iu we eatvt iuy au
A Aeml offlrial Report of the Great Calam
ityAn Appeal for Alit
The following report by Slessrs Shalet
and Nlpher to the St Louli Chamber of
Commerce of their visit to the territory
swept by the recent tornado gliet a more
comprehensive view of the great disaster
than has heretofore been published
ST Lotts April lit 185 1 7t A
and Jfamber MrrchanW Exthnnye St
omis Givtmmin We returned this
morning from an cploring tour which cov
ered lheentirc line of the Marthfleld torna
do from it source to where It ceased to be
seriously dtructltc and embraced alo a
part of tho track of the storm which fol
lowed the valley of the Kinlcy and we wish
to say to you as eje witnesses of the suffer
ing and destitution nowexi tlng among the
people litlng In the paths of thce whirl
wind that the half has not been told you
The James Iilier storm begin about thirty
five miles southwest of Springfield and
gradually increacil in size and power until
at fourteen mile from Its starting point it
had attained a width of 181 feet From
here to a point eight miles beyond Marsh
field a total dlstinca of forty six mile it
has cut an unbroken swath varying from
IVW to 2000 feet wide almost totally de
stroying cicry thing within the limits of
this belt Men women and chil
dren are killed or crippled horses
cattle sheep nnd hogs are In a similir con
dition house fences and outbuildings
not only leveled but blown away plows
wignn reapers and other farming utensils
are reduced to scrap iron and kindling
wood and in many cae fields with grow
ing crop are o covered with foret debris
or with mud and sand from the streams
that irueh additional labor Is required to
save what has been planted This labor the
owner ran not gic without aid Some are
widow who e hu hand hale been killed
leaving them with crippled children to
iiur e no hou es or barn- left standing anil
entlrrly without hore or implement with
w hieh 10 carrv on the farm In other cases
the farmer arc alive and unhurt but with
Ii idly injured families who demand their
tir tcare and who being utterly without
mean are d pendents on the bounty of
their nelgnhor who wcre fortunate
enough to live outside the tornados
path Another cHs conits of those
who are crippled for lifn from the
of arm or leg The Kinlcy storm
which probably began at or near Caville
Iarry County and which followed thirty
minutes behind tbeJuuic River whirlwind
gradually diverged from the cour c of the
latter they were three mile apart at the
point of nearet approimtion until it
nu illy reached and de troyed the town of
ticking in Texas County was le violent
th in Ihe other and it path wa in irked by
untouched paees but the total d image
done wa probably fullv a great In Marsh
field cignty sH deaths hive occurred to
date about IU per cent of tlie population
Korty nine arc now in the hospital which is
in chareof St Ioui nurse and of these
three will probably die The destruction of
the finnlie of tho c adult who have been
killed is or will be mo t pitiable The
town of lelunon and Springfield and the
people of the count ic adjoining are doing
nobly but the de tnietion is o great and so
widespread that what ha been done up
to the present lime 1 very inadequate to ef
fect what should be done We therefore
most earne Uy int t that rou will not cea e
vour effort until the St Loui subscription
lias been doubled at the very least and that
too a rpeedil as po siblej so ibaf the des
titute fanner families mav be enabled to
makea crop thi e ion and have Ihe neces
saries of life for the coming winter We
advi e al o tint the additional donations
should be distributed a Judiciously a pos
sible between Ihe agricultural sufferers and
tho c of the town and for this purpose you
should have a cleir headel representative
in the relief committee of Springfield and
Mar hield Any further or more particular
information on the subject of the tornado
will be given with pleasure upon applica
tion to either of the Ue re
main gentlemen your respectfully
Frsvcis E XirilKR
C SnviKii -Mini
Civil Engineer
An tppmil to tho Ieople
To the charitably dipo ed people of the
United Suite The recent cyclones which
passed over the vvctem portion of the -state
of Mioun have brought death and ruin to
hundreds of famine 1 iid vvv tc many thriv
ing town and villages and scattered to the
wind the lion- stock and implements of
hundreds of farmer Iteccnt re
ceived by committee show that destruc
tion to lie more fcirful thin pen can picture
Prof Krancis K Xlpher Irofe or of Ibvsl
ic In Vashinjrton University and C Shvlcr
-Smith civil engineer who have Just returned
from an exploring tour which covered the
entire line of the two tornadoe in their
report to this committee fay that half I
has not been told The James
Itiver storm bean about thirty five miles
vve t of Springfield Mo and jjraduiHy
increased in ize and power until it bad
attained a width of feet For a tota
ditance of forty miles it had cut an
unbroken swath of lrVW to 2001 feet wide
Men women and children are killed or crip
pled hou es rattle fdicep and hogs are in
a condition house fences and out
house not only leveled but blown away
plow wagon reapers and other farming
uten il reduced 10 scrap iron anl kindling
wood am in itianv tielli with growing
crop - covered wiib foret debri or with
mud or md that much additional 1 tbor will
be rrouited lo ave vvliat has hecn planted
no hou s or barn left standing and farmers
entirely without horse or implements with
which to larry on the farm
Similar report come fropi other sources
and thedenund upon the people arc ery
urgent touii doing all in her power
foi the relief of these unfortunate ditrictH
but the cill i great and ran not lc UIi d
In an adeiiinte manner by the citizen of this
State This committee inbehalfof the euf
fercr appeil to the people of thl country
to come forward and a it in relieving the
treat di trc nf the Southwest The ap
peal from the fever trieken cities of the
duringjhe last two summer are not
more urcnt tliau thi This committee
will furnish inform itioti to any parties hav
iugfiinds to forward to the points needing
Titance and will receiieand dishiirscany
money or supplies sent here for this pur
K O S ntvni
alkx H smith
It P Kowlanh
Sami Cupifrs
Mmitis Collins
Jerrhants Kxchanic ltelicf Committee
TpA5irs have no mercy to hope for
apparently in Xevv Jersey tour of
them found in a freight car on the
Eric Hailruad were sentenced by Judge
Iltickalew of Paterson to three years
njiiecu in the State prison They per
sisted in affirming that they were sim
ply umbrella menders on their way
west and the tools used in that trade
were found hikhi them Hut they had
- V
- X1
New Zealand claims to have repre
sentatives of 100 different sects and de
nominations Tho leading mligious
bodies are Kpiscopalians 170337
Presbyterians 95103 Roman Catholics
58831 Methodists 37879 Baptists
9 D59 Coiyrregationalfats 5655 Luther
ans 6 6 IS
The now laboratory at Vassar Col
lege built by the liberality of Matthew
and John Guy Vassar is completed at
a coit of 10000 It is a spacious two
oiuij ujii uiiuuiij aim 11 ciaiuiuu iw
be as complete in its design and ar
rangements as any other laboratory iu
the country
Christians who happen to reside in
Turkey are just now having a hard
time Tlie Turkish Government shows
a disposition to go back on its treaty
promises to allow them to be nnmo
lefteil Great indignities aro now prac
ticed on the unhappy Christians and
greater ones are feared
King Ockiya of Brass Africa was
induced three years ago to give up his
idols to Bishop Crowther who sent
them to England Since then he has
been a regular attendant at church but
it was rrnt until lately that he promised
to give up his numerous wives and be
baptized During his late illness the
idol priests begged him to recant but
lie refused to do so
A few mouths befo e her death
Miss Frances Itidley Havergal the well
known writtirof religious poems who
died a short time ago sent all her
jewels to the English Church Mission
ary Society They were valued at
250 A memorial fund has beon
started for the training and employ
ment of native Bible women in India
and for the translation and circulation
in that country of selections from her
Durinsthc past year the National
Bible Society of cotliiid issued 415933
publications- of which 29J515 were
Jlibles and Xew Testaments This cir
culation was surpassed only in the war
yoars 1870 1871 anil 1878 During the
year the first edition of the Scriptures
in Gaelic was published Colpoteurs to
the number of 250 were aided or main
tained in thirteen European countries
and in India China Japan and Brazil
The Springfield Mass HcpnbHcan
tells tlie story of a newly ordained
Episcopal clergyman not far from
Springfield who not long ago read a
sermon of Bishop Shelly because his
duties prevented his writing one an
nouncing the fact that the sermon was
not his own In his congregation there
happened to bo a native of the place
who has prospered in California and at
the close of the service the returned
u ilitoriiian askcu if that sermon was
his own The young rector said it was
not and gave the credit to whom it
was due whereupon his questioner
said As you arc about to build a new
church I will give 500 toward it The
ermon just read was worth that to me
Here is my note to that amount
Within fifty years between 350
000000 and S375000000 have been ex
pended in church purposes from volun
tary contributions by people connected
with the Church of England Three
thousand live hundred and twenty new
eiurchcs have been built during the t
past thirty years 12500 church schools
have been established by the Xational
Soeiety since 1811 beside the Bishop of
jsfuuuii s iunu 01 awuw Ti JOUUU
have been spent in the metropolis on
churches schools and liome misinn in
stitutions in the last live years Tire
aggregate amount expended
Church on missions to
is furl her exemplified 111 numerous spe
cial guts ami in the etibiisiiment of
funds for the social moral and religious
improvement of people parishes and
broken the lock of the car door and the girl seems the l
car contained dry goods gentle
A riisE recently broke out in an ex
tensive German brewery and bierhaus
in Montevideo All available supplies
of water having been exhausted and
the llatncs still advancing the tire bri
gade asked and received permission of
tlie proprietor to make use of a large
Htock ofbeer on the premises in order
to continne their operations After
some twenty thousand gallons of beer
had been cast into ihe tlames the con
llagratiou was arrested
Tub orator who carried the audi
ence with hirn1 is rcimested to return
it as soon as possible The next man
who rents the hall may want to use
it especially if it is deadhead and
To do nothing evil that is not to do
A remark that alwavs provokes a
smile WhatH you take
The early gardener catcheth the
catarrh That is the only thing he is
certain to get
The small bov whose father 13 the
spades for trumps
The Oil City Derrick says that
many a girls life has been wrecked on
the waves of her handkerchief
Oh pa cried a little fellow upon
seeing a trout fur the irt time its
got the measles hasnt it
Oh could I stand where Moses
stood and view the prospect ore says
the dabbler in mining securities Mot
Ion Trurcrijit
Four sweet lips two pure souls
and one undoing affection these are
Loves pretty ingredients for a kiss
JhouglUs awl Averts
When a man has done me one ab
solute good turn he cant cross ft off
from niy books I dont care how mean
be maybe a ftcrward Joih Ildlimjt
It is illegal to catch trout except at
certain prescribed eaons it i per
fectly legal to lie idijut catching them
at any and all seasons V 0 Pica
The man who will wait tvvo hours
for his girl to friz her hair to go riding
witn nun win vivcar awtuiiy if his wife
keeps him waiting thirty seconds to
fasten up a stray brawl with a lmir pin
Hltitclutll Times
Ma siid an inquisitive little
girl will rich and poor folk live to
gether when they go to Heaven
Yes my dear they will be all alike
there Then ma why tont rich
and poor Christians associate together
here The mother did not answer
Talk about the sincerity of poets
Tennyson thinks theres nothing so
good as American navy plug tobacco
and yet he writes his poems about
modest violct3 and blushing roses
When has he ever hauled out an ode to
navy plug JIatckeie
How noble to the innocent young
smart young man who
heart how good how
how ever so much
nicer than mother it is different
however when she gets hira she tics
so cverlastggly awfully want mother
then Ar J Commercial Advertiser
Thouirb an enterprising suitor isnt suit-in-
Isnt suftlna
The parents and although tbey may bo
May lie wroth
His status with the girl theres no comput
No computing
And one chair may be occupied with both
Pled with both
But if he isnt solid with the Udr
With the lady
Xo matter what her pa and ma have said
Ma have said
Bis chances are indubitably shady
And Cupid better eu and soak his head
Honk bis head
Xhi4m4rican jiuxju
Tildens Platform
The humorous features of the aver
age Democratic Convention are always
worthy of notice those of the late
meeting of the chiefs of the Democrat
ic party of Xew York are especially so
They commenced with the temporary
organization Mr Lester Ii Faulkner
in calling the assembly to order ds
claredthat Democrats would tut sac
rifice their Democratic principles in or
der to gain success At this evidence
of broad humor on the part of the
speaker the Convention smiled grimly
When the speaker intimated that Til
dcn might have called a million men to
sustain his claims in 1876 but that he
refrained owing to his horror of civil
strife a delegate cried Hes a cow-
anil V hen the speaker stated that
Tammany platform bnt it is somebody
who knows thoroughly the chirtcter
and history of tho Sage of Gramcrcy
Park Bead the
tfo protect ainlnsf his TiMcna nomination
tilutions The autiiorsiiip 01 uic un 1
h m
1I1U muiv UIJl t LUG extra
ttttons is not a matter of the least doubt
8 y j ain that th
they bear the ear marks of the hero of 1 1 fcil 1 rfB u ru rii kr mnlr
- --
truly Tildcnish is the following
stools as it were South Carrlina and
Florida but the Democratic party is
not to be bereft of the great principle
of frugality because of the mistake
and coiijeitent personal loss of its
clnct tour i ears ago
frugality in the
public allurs the Democratic party is
nothing Witness the administration
of the late William M Tweed in the
City of Xew York But ays Mr
Jililcniu tne platiurm 1 lie people
yet remains for the truly Xational partv r se J and o much of nil law m 1
st nt ith is tcreir repeak i
to restore the Xational Government to
the fraternal spirit the Con tituional T5 H wa s vetoed May 12 1873 on
principle the frugal expenditure and the ground that it shutout the
admiiustrative purity of the fathers of tnai Government from exercise of
the Keimbiic Frtpal cTnenditure right anil from a discharge of an
is good When the simple hearted old perative duty to ise its whole executive
gentleman dictated this sentence to
Xenhcw Pclton he must Imvi hud in
mind his negotiations for the several -he woid of the President the bill
Electoral voles of On iron Florida and substituted the discretion of the Stite
South Carolina Frugality of ex- Governments for the discretion of the
penditure was hi chief aim then He Government nf the United States a3 to
carried frugality a step too far in the performance of its own duties
that instance but the habits of a life- The effect of the bill it was argued
time are not to be abandoned because would be an abandonment of its
of one failure By obeying the dictates lions by the Xational Government a
of caution and economy lie ciphered subordination of Xational authority and
him--lf out in 1375 fell between tvo an intrusion of State supervision over
uists and the heathen is over o0000 Democratic party of Suw York
a vear The philanthropy of the Church feeds the patriot of Cipher Alley
National duties wlitcn amounts 111
spirit and tendency to State supremacy
J here was a square issue made be-
NOh I NO 2
tST It is now stated on the very best
authority that the Tilden barl was
rolled into Syracuse and that it3 con-
beeniisehli record is not clear hi tents were freely drawn upon to carry
political marked with selflih
career has been
treachery and dibonor because nc nas
lost the respect confidence and f rieniilp f
many of the best mvn In the party to wh jm it
loo is foriruldanee because he has d imaged
the Iinncrucy more than any other man in
thecoiintrr liecausehl name In Irretrievably
connected with attempt to bribe Ehcrors and
semblvintnl Ilk a n reel of minbee i Tribune
j t -T
but the victor having been won the I Zl
discomfited minority sank into ttillen ulIIfIcatIoii
silcn e and listened without interest or
th Convention in favor of Slippery
Sam illobc Daiwcrnt
jCSrSenator Grover of Oregon is
dangerously sick and the Democrat
are trembling lest be may die His
the ciiidals brought to Ilaht bribe cipher term does not expire till March 3 1333
KiV Oregon Legislature is Re
alm ami hi nomination would Vrand the publican hi- death would make room
knell of Democratic dcrcat for a Republican successor For this
It is extremely probable that Uncle reason such Democrats as feel author
Simmy will be the nominee of the ized topray are praying for his recov
Deinocratic party and we may add ery
also probable that the Tammany faction j rt was Horace Greeley who said
will support him There is absolutely - ah Demmmis n m not
-- --
i sj 1 - r 1
he was not informed whether jie 1 o pnnapie invoiveu in tnc iveiry Don thieves but all horse thieves were
distingtil hed citizen Tilden would I repre ents the most corrupt political u l the progress of civiliza
rguuization known to the politicnJ I hi- tion horsc has otitof fash
again accept a call to official posi 1 stcaling gone
tion there was loud lau diter When or v thi3 T It nse wholly on but whje Democracy LuU plugs
tho Tilden Committee on Contested outof pe larrcl about party ani shoulder bitters will exist and it
Seats reported in favor of all the Til 1 ontV eK nSC PrtJ Ivm will still be true that though all Demo
den paper delegates in advance of the th llitrlbtlon of a - crats are not pings all plugs are Demo
report of the minority an indignant Pe ueveryetdisnipted the Democratic cnts St Loui Glolc Dttnocrat
member protested loudly agiint the SofcnaFlWton Springfield Union preaches
w n c a c
infamy but he was promptly iiiswd and j notf - f j orthodox politica gospel when it says
howled down Until this vote which eLAt rfUh Thn cohesion of a nolitical oartv is
was conclusive of the absolute owner- V based upon the nrineiole that the ma-
ulnn ttf tbu nuinliinn lit Iiliin tint
in- ulnll mi Lr riiMtli itr h nrtifj
jopty shall rule Everybody
j more than nnyoouy it a party is so
bail that a jrool man cannot trust its
majority he had better keep out of it
T -a rntl nn ivi nnd if he i lef Inns in advance that He
emotion to the readiiii of Tilden s -- n 1 1imfnnn lnlnw n will not tnut the niaioritv he i out of
manifesto in the form of a series of blundered in their course on it and has no right in its d--liberations
I Itntnml I VIA Hrrnlil ami SMjfL
sca iuu 11A -
have blun 1 eSf It look3 a rood deal as if Ben
ttAffl I TTflff a f a 1- fA1 f L
r til Ti 1 -- i j uirtmow uauaiv niu was iningio mase a iuui ui 111111-
- - s orj a car a0 tnat tne yote of tje
aim iiivoivcii ion luev ireav iroiu
self He Is reported to have written
iiipri iirri toiio ira finer nn iinr Tfium t f 1 i
iin IalL J ney nae maae a worse that the Jessie Ilarniond prosecution u
i 1 unu t o 1MMli flT
ami jn claims to a second term
- - - Tt t i
the e e ol a 1 reslIentaI of and
the revolt a political conspiracy
Thuv assume the election of Lnclu
simniv 1 Vire ct- that the Keptiblicaiis have oflefed to
jiiim ill 18 IJ am with rare
At the extra session or m May 1879 i provide far her at the rate of IC0 a
humor refer to the alleged election in vU
i 1 i -if 1 -ii t
nder to the bill
- -1 apolitical Army was month if she will kill him The idea
ui vnu sivttiuiaM v xittiiivtvy j iiini 41 3
victory won in the name and for the I - tnat me repu o icans vyam 11111 uiira
at- ifrm ifrm It hall not be lawful to brinur to or employ when then could well afford to pay him
fMrv Ji fw ay riMcchu f T r al VT for continuing in active life is too
ir i7U rlw v
essarv in loo savs the tlon I In iLe State anrpart of the
wrecker but the people were eiieated army or nivyoftse Unitci state nnlc utous for belief Uucajo lnter Vcatn
Let us however write the word reform vVzmcVcI1 VtX
on our banners aain in this vear of tlon tor Article 4 of the Constitution of the tor Osborne of Florida that there are
grace 180 says the parilvtic How Viri Lt1iTm1Pr Democrats in that State absolutely
1IIVL I Ul I L Ill I IISJ 11 1LTI 111 LIT JI1 tti 1IIIT IjlTll l lll m m m m
it turn or Ka cutlve of ihe Statewhreuch i to ashamed of the open frauds upon which
Hull holds liL bee s seat in Congress
If a Florida Democrat can be ashamed
of frauds there is still a slight chance
for the salvation of Garcelon and Pills
bury and even Mo cs may escape in
some ark of bullnijbej notwithstanding
the Shekina left him strand with
power whtncer and wherever required onlr a feeble hold on the rope of the
for the enforcement of the laws In fire bell at night Lincoln Scb
eST Gloating over a Democratic
tory gained at a recent election at Ya
zoo City Mis a local organ declares
i that the fact has now been demon
strated beyond a doubt that the true
Democracy is dctrrmined never to b
put down by any opposing faction and
it is time for the negro to ec that as
a political fjctor he i dead except as
a means of increasing the strength of
the South in the electoral college and in
Congress If the negro doesnt see it
niVZWin il i evcrvbody else Iocs Xorthem Dem
to the country en it lliu verdiet -
- - Il iil 1 lift IlllL IIiXIl ISII LIS 1L I I I 1 1 l Ml
i lit tin limtfnt woj o ptnn inlti
tJlu U
administruon of acondemnatioi of their nullitication
schemes that it was said they would
abandon their position A few weeks SaTAccording to the Democratic
ago however the old scheme to pre- advocates of a robttt cant ii late tho
vent the Use of troops at the polls came hero of cipher alley cannotfeed him-
1111 in tiie Hoti e and the Appropriation self without the assistance of a waiter
ueie ilei iudeil of that victory Itb 0111 wiiii in nuiuiicaiion ntier pasei 1 i v ri ui
bv a false couut of the Electoral vote- On Thursday the bill came up in the folk and when he tackles a mouthful
And this outrage uiioii the people Senate as it left the House and was of beefsteak he into violent con-
nui t be aven ed cries the Sa e of pc sed by a strict party vote tortions and spasms Even a small
burst of Section 2 of tiie bill as it came up piece ot tjucitwtieal slapjack soaked
hy the I Gramcrcy Park in a fine
the n itiou How In this way lJuttlie for discu sion provides that no money maple sirup causes his eyes to
pro- appropriated ii the act is to be paid for ne maices faces and spills more g
subsistence equipment transportation than a three-year-old boy
who has
declare their settled conviction that the or compensation of any portion of the escaped the restraints of parental au-
suceess of that conspiracy against the
peoples Constitutional sovereignty
which by perjuries forgeries bribes
and violence in effect disfranchised
voting citizen a large major
ot alt ami which bv the Iaie count
ity ui oil unit 111111 i vitv i wi ilk
armvtobe Used as a police force to tnonty Ihe worse thing of all is the
keep the peace at the polls at any charge that he has to be tucked up
tion held within anv State provided when he goes to bed And yet with all
that nothing in this provision shall be these alanuing symptoms ot weakness
construed to prevent the use of troops Sam Tilden r raains to gather
to protect again t domestic violence in emeives up unii get 0111 01 me way -
of the Electoral votes reversed the re- each of the States on application of the and what is more lie don t propo e to
owner of a large garden doesnt like himself by occupy in
suit of the last Presidential election Lcgi Iatiire or Executive thereof
compels the next to turn upon a single A motion to strike out the section
commanding issue This sentence is was rejected by a vote of 28 to 20 Ai
rather long but it is not of doubtful amendment providing that the section
meaning The single commanding should not apply to any case in which
issue is the fact that 430031 voting the employment of the military power
i tor he lias msileotlierarrangements
At the present time he has strength
enough to manipulate the faucet of the
barl which he has now on tap and
voice enough for lbs whole Uemocrntic
party to hear Iiinisav gentlemen I
citizens a large majority of all de- of the United States is authorized by s U Ml i
manded that Sammy should sacrifice the Constitution and laws was rejected cn
the 1 residential by a vole of 2 to lit An amendment
chair from the of March 1S77 and declaring that nothing in the provision
be has not occupied it 3 day These should be so construed as to prevent the
300316 voting citizens were u e of troops when ncceary for the
cd exclaims the Sage and the sole way lawful execution of any law of the
to condone this fraud is for them to re- United States by the Executive thereof
peat their demand of I87t in this jear was voted down as was also an amend-
01 grace 183 1111s issue proceeds ment declaring mat tne section should
the great income tax lighter
and dwarfs every other It imposes a Statutes which authorize the President
more sacred duty upon the people of to u e the militia or land and naval
this Union than ever addressed the con- forces to enforce the Civil flights act
sciences of freemen and suppress insurrection
This calculation of the exact number Eah amendment was presented as a
cqunc hiled In ine rcolltlUH lumpitt by the
t iicpiiwiciin national -invention
precedes not appiv to the sections of the Uevised too rt That we are m favor of theevten
The Platform of the Ohio ItepiiMicaii
Tlie following are the rpolutions
1 adopted by the Ohio Itcpublicans at
their late State Convention
llricHt That we reaffirm th principle
sloa of the system of free piiolu cboil
tnrouirnout the wlmls upiorted b
ireiicnil taxitloi exempt f roni sectarian
andop n toetery child of proper use
and loth it end we are in favorof ml appro
priate nn 1 1onstltutloiul lea istati n
llrJcU Tliut wen ein lavorof -he fullpro
tectOIl by Ihe riiitionu it eminent of eve y
nt il it -1 fe ilto rirr nmllU llmnra
uw - r cltlz n of the lnltc1 State native 01 mill
the hero ol Cipher Alley 1300310 are on record against allowing ihe lzt n well within a without uc rritorni
would seem to most persons a President to use the troops to preserve Uniltlniheeeril ofevtrynshtcrnrcncI
ficientiy clear indication of the duty of peace at the polls against the employ- ni alnst every infraction f ilaht in
each and every one of them to repeat ment of the military power even when whatever way or by whomoeveoinnittel
his vote of 1870- in 1830 for the tender- authorized by the Constitution against lXtfZSUgfflZIZH
hearted old uncle of his nephew But the employment of troops to enforce the tie used
the fact that the old gentlemans lawful execution of law and against Writ That it I the dot of the
ion is obscured by a defective eye the employment of the military to en- SlHiT frtt ntJ election of
i - - einaiive 111 enures xrom iraiM nno vl -
tiers him careful that there shall be no force the Civil Kights act or to suppress lencc nnd we condemn tio atmps of tip
on etinty in tne plattorm tlence tlie insurrection ii nicninepiiriy lorrauny or repeal
filbiu imr lnillltTult rinrw nt ft 1 QTO I 1IWIS on this IIIJJCCI
u jb vuiibwuM ane iiuci o lau sain ju su iikiu
the peat defrauded with the great words that the President should not em
fraud ploy troops at the noils unless they
The Deraocritlc party of Xew Vnrk ndd to were called for by
thelri onemnation if the Kleetoral Legislatures of the States
cy of IsTS an emphiitfc declaniliou of tlielr 7uin t i
nnllniinl nmHikiU I Ihe uhllltir Of l0 lieClareS UIC Same
a unpatriotic and
laieo locucouraxe ami p irr frauil
HwJci That we mfavorcf the main
tenance if a sjitnd nirrency base l upon isitn
or uiii nmoi releeniablp In colnaud the
tiOVernors ori acicilobervaneeof the public fallh aalnt
The rider I a Jnt or siupicion or evasion or
in a round I tlelcetl That weconrptolato the countrr
litnes of ibit ditlniulhi d citizen of aijout way or as Jlr Kilmunds put it upmlhereiiiniitlonof ii eieiniruient now
XewVurkwho was then eltctsl to thiTct n ivu thit if nn plpctiiv i asurci and p nnanent as fnilu of
intact says mat 11 on cietiio uav
Piiiii jn alininlstrat
et office In the people uift and who was In nnd we llkewl e -
bis own pcpHin the otilst of a Joint atlaek on there IS uomestic violence against the trrntulaie tho cnminr upon the jrencral reilval
bis own party his fellow citizens and the authority which is the law of the State busmesnnd Industry seciiiediiibey ure
caiic of tree irov eminent The blow which iu CiTToene n i n if 1 1 bvthe oundatt lino most conv -men curren
deprived the country of its choen ruler was
uirasl nt so much at bunas n the llemo
cmtle millions who tooi i hind hfm While
tnaklnxco instructions as to candidates and
committlnir to our delegates as hentofore tho
duty of Joining In the deliberations oftheXit
tlonil Convention wo rep ctfully uaeat to
our brethren of our State that thedlyiilt5and
welfare of the party and Nation demand of
them ib il tbey take such action in shall liet
present this yreit Isue to the people Hisrher
thnn nil f hee n irtr la lie 1 tlie Hiiternn
what U intended
The Democratic purpose is the same
niur nc if ii n r rpir nfri Tho Ipfiilura
have not learned any lessons but
imtiunto itivetotbe free voters or the land ing recovered from the panic into which
an opportunity to pis their Judsinent iijwn luti ur turowil uy tho upristn Ol trie
thLs monstrous crime ngaint pipulir rlht
On any such isue the State of New lork will people they hasten to reassert their old
rpeakwithno doubtful voice determination to nullify the power of
After the Sage had dictated this the Xational Government Chicago In-
rather pointed passage it Is evident that ler Ucean
be thought it wanting in emphasis for I
this clause follows The Democratic 6jDividing time is the South Caro
party of New York hereby re adopt I Una term for bulldozing Democratic
their resolutions adopted in the State speakers escorted by armed bands of
Conventions of 18G1 103 1872 and red shirt cavatry take charge of the
1875 TliPin T osnbitbint not pn 1 sneakers sta j at Kenublican meet-
force the unit rule but provide for the ings ami dcinjuid that the Republicans
time latter have their
summary expulsion of any delegate
who may have the hardihood to attempt
a bolt Many men have been weak
divide The
choice to remain and hear themselves
cursed and abused or disperse and go
enuif h to doubt Tihlens ownnrshio of home This ulan was zenerallr
Governor still call but if It be currently
may cy and the wisest nnanclal iy the couniry
violence agaiusi uie laws oi we Linueu i cirrmjujei
States or its Constitution the Uetfl Thittheirrcat ability Invnluablo
lent hill Iip liairnuol Thir i whit crvices etperlenc pure mid exaiti I
lent Snail OC disarmed mat IS Vinai r nraeternnilllliinirerinr nlelltv f 111
it is and it is nothing else and that is can principles rf our dlitinasiiihod fellow-
the Democratic partyof tho State of Jticed in South Carolinaia 1876 and 187tL
New York After reading the pro- And this system of orgaoiwd injtoler
ceedings of its late Convention they ance is called Democracy Jndiaaapo
will probably cease to doubt Let them i fu Journal
also read critically the platform we
have briefly reviewed and if they arc
familiar with Mr Tildens style theyl
Jgy Tilden Unot nearly as sick1
as his Xew York Democratic enemies
will have as little doubt of his author have tried to make him out The re
ship of that precious document stilt at Syracuse indicates that it is they
TV la C mniMwl tfii whn sri sick
m uvi muvnil wuy sa isv v
cltien John Miennan entitle hint to th
nibc aonor no coiinuencoor the epulII
c in jany of Ohio and of the coiniry ills
matbh ss -kilt an J courisc as a flunncler
bavo mainly coatr bute t ncxjmpllh the in
valuable and ilUlc alt of nssuniptlon and
rcf undlna the public debt and made him the
tmsteil representative in public life of tho
business intcrotof altciaeef lh3 Ameri
can pssiple ile cat Uen tralnil from the
of hts public life In advocacy of the
rlabuuf man and no man has been morctin
fulterinz in nls demand that the whoo power
of theOoiernment shotiUl bcu5Ct to protect
the colore people of Ibc South f rom unlawtul
violence and unfriendly hieiil It lsUtlon And
in viewof tis setvice to bis c untry and his
eminent ability as a statesman we tho Ite
publlcan party of Ohio prt ent blmtotholte
ptiMlcan pntv of Iheonintry a -a ftt cKtadt
dateforPrenldentnud respectfully uraeUnii
the ltepublican Com ration at CtUciyj his
ftcarfrtt chosen
by this Convention are hereby Instnicteil to
vototirnnd to uc all hanorabU meuns to
vcurelhe nomination of John Sherman by
ho National Republican Convention a Chica
IT for President and the district delegates
arc respectfully reqtieMcd lo rote f of htm
llMiwl That we cordially Indorse tl Ad
ministration of PresMent llares in maiiitala
inir the Incii nttlon principles aid riirpon s Of
tho Republican party de Unit as they aro to
joalntaui theexitenccot the Jnvernnint to
protect nil cltUriu in tio enjoyment of all
riht uiven or irUanurtccd by ttto Constitution
and fcsw s and to so ore prosperity to ttv In
dustries ot ihe country
tuitttt That we pedssj the united and
earnest elt its of the It pubUcans of Ohio for
the election of the nuralaecsof UurXnlonaJ
BepuUlcaa CouvetrUon

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