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Tli Weekly Graphic
lRJAI8tTSiv lubv Iwpr
CJMimix aitAiiiic
Tlio Country is jusifiiti rimj an tv
numniitons political cntn
piign JiTit issues im at stake and
tpe struggle I iet ween the two greal
pitties of the country for the iliiiil
supremacy will b j one one of more
thin ordinary intensity and of more
than usual indMTst to every voter
ThoGiiArmc as a live republican
newspaper esjwt to take a vigorous
Jind active part in Die and
in order to extend its influence and to
enable every one to take and read it
Htbscriptioiis will be received for the
impaign of 1880 Rt the merely nomi
nal sum of VV in advance Subsvibe
now und fret tlie full benefit of this lib
eral offer Ihpitblicaiu should subscribe
mid lidjt circulate the documents VM
j our democratic neighbors to subscribb
also in order that tlicy may read both
Mibs Address ali orders and subscrip
tioii to the Weekly GnArnic
Kirksville Mo
Xew Subscriptions incc la st issue
Thre is no copyright on republican
Why would not Senator David Davis
make a good delegate at large
Deltcate Downey is advertising his
lieni for sale in pamphlet form price
twenty five cents
The Maine delegations have engaged
J to hotel rooms in Chicago for their ac
TlieGnAniic now knows the meaning
of the word boom We have had one
sinct our first issue
Tiie democracy are exercised over the
tvo t birds mle This is the rock on
which they split at Charleston in 1800
No danger of Arkansas going green
hack A grccnlmrkcr fears a shot gun
as much as a republican
The spontaneous and natural instinct
of the American mind is for fair play
Mid against bull dozing either in bus
iness or politics
It is too bad that the Democrat calls
ii filth We will venture the GnArmc
i the largest newspaper in Missouri to
its age
When the boom boometh verily there
is a boom This happened at eleven
oclock Saturday when the first copy of
the JkaiIiic was struck off
There will le a congressional conven
t ion of the greenbiekers held at ibis
place on the twentieth of the present
month to appoint delegates to attend
the nation 1 g b convention which
meets in Chicago to nominate a candi
date for president and vice president
Petroleum V Nasby represent Sam
uel 1 Tilden isa gilcicssold man who
dont want ilie oilis but is willin tosac
riiis his elf io the good ov his imrty
just now ihc party would like to dis
jiensa with the sacrrlflce
Notwithstanding the iRrmc lias
only jiL t been born it is butter inform
sl yl has more brains than the Demo-
brother DoiHcral do
the iiawiic or something
1 e wliicii will enable you to inform
uur ef We have a pi ide in our town
and its enterprises and we really feel
ashamed to sec such a lack of
li in manifested in the Dfumcrat If
there is anything you wish to know
come over to the Gkapiiic oiliee we will
take pleasure in giving -you the desired
infiriiiatiin at any time This is in
confidence htwevcrJ
The Dimixrut yf this week labors
vi n earnestly lopiove that our nor
mal sciio ls are for which
we may be thankful alone to ihe Mis
souri democracy In ibis article it
shows tiiat il is very ignorant or in
tentionally trying to deceive and mis
lead its leaders
Our present normal schools in the
Stile were originated by republicans
It was a republican legislature that first
fived the act to establish them it was
u republican legislature that made the
JHMW annual appropriation It was
a democratic legislature that cut it
down to It J This county irave
MlX to get l school located here
and it mm it rciwJioiH enmity and the
friends of tlie Se4jl have had io fight
every second var the majority
b canie democratic to prevent the ap
propriations from being cut oil and
wry other winter we are complied to
Inriu li mount tit ili iiincrals In 110 to
Jrjrrrsuu and lobby iritk a democratic
Iryhlutior tu liferent it from staniiiy
tlf i cbunl to death And every effort
that is made tu cripple the normal
sihoois has leen headed by democrats
more than that in 1877 Mr Williams
of Scotland county a democrat intro
duced si bill in the house to rejieal An
act to aid in the establishment of nor
mal sihooU and CO democrats voted for
that bill and not s single republican
und m all the history of the strugulu
fur applanations to aid these schools
there have been asftr is we can find
nut but nr solitary republican who
oted against tins support aim lie ap
ologized for doing so There are
democrats who are friends to school
mid we honor them I5nt had it not
l en for the firm stand the republican
srt as a whole has taken lor jiopular
Education in Missouri the appropria
tions would hae been withdrawn long
uvo Tbee are facts which speak for
A man who can write a platform
oriiigliard money soft money and
fit rights can find employment by
nr iio of the national
democratic coniinittec IQuiney 1osL
We have the very fellow you are
looting for here in Kirksville Hes a
long winded and verbose but then
JfbeTvoiks bytbejobthat woatinatter
Jof fcu thcr paHienlars address the ed
iiifwii lUmitcrvt oth rwise known
nofauthor of the
Mon yi M It
There will Iks cast at the coming elec
tion between Jive hundred thousand and
a million votes by young men who
have ntiver voted lieforc A- few will
carefully consider the sirred urivilcirc
and vote as reason dictates but u great
majority wo fear will veto hs their
father or tome friend dictates There
is nothing like taking the right start in
life for once startrd aright nnd tho
young man is very hard lo be drawn
on the wrong traik
Then how very neccss ary it is for re
publicans to look after thu young men
of this nntin If a young mun casts
his first vote a democratic ballot nine
chances cut of fen he will lie n democrat
to the end of his days Any attempt
then at reasoning to draw him from
that course will be construed into an
tagonizing him in his views and young
America with all his combatativencss is
blind to reason when il opposes his
opinions The time is now to urge to
persuade not to drive him Thoyoun g
Voter is not committed and his reason
ing powers are active Naturally he
strives to find out which is the best and
convince him once that thu interests of
his country and himself demand his
support of the republican party and
that party is sure of it We of course
dont include the sons of politicians who
arc taught to lisp their democracy from
the cradle but we allude to the masses
of reasoning young men who make up
the bone and sinew of the voting popu
How say you shall we proceed to cap
ture a majority of these young voters
The plan is a simple one Get the list
of new voters in your neighborhood
c every one of them furnish them
with the best republican literature and
invite them to attend your meetings
Do not antagonize him with arguments
liable to wound his feelings but use
pursuasive reasoning Show him that
the republican party is the party of
progress the cha npion ot the poor and
oppressed the great advocate of right
and honest principles and the enemy
of oppression treason and outlawry in
every form
Get the young man to reasoning once
and he can sec that as a party it is
purer and better than any before ever
organized under any form of govern
ment You can seldom convert an old
democrat for his extreme prejudices de
stroy his reasoning powers on the sub
ject but the young man is free from
bias and prejudice
Young men reason more rapidly than
old as new dollars shine brighter than
old Reason with young men but
abuse no one you need not even let
them know while you are discussing
the question with them that you are
discussing it all Just how to proceed
no one ran give a definite mle different
subjects require different management
and you must do just what the occasion
demands and no more Of one thing
rc4 assured only get the young man to
thinking fairly dispassionately and
honestly oh the question and in nine
cases out of ten you will get his vote
Whyifot V
Tv or three democratic papers in
the district have entered faint protests
against the proposed soldiers re union
to beheld in this place
They fear if may have an ill effect by
fanning into llame again the animosi
ties of the war really their objections
arc based on other considerations one
v which is ihat there is a political cam
paign just opening
JCow if we understand it and we be
lieve we do partisan politics will cut
no figure in the rc ttnion at all
They are not to blame if any politic
al party has gotten itself into such a
shape that it cannot bear to see the de
fenders of the old ilag meet and greet
each other as comrades again If de
mocracy is in ibis fix so much the worse
ftf the democracy
Why indeed may not old comrades
meet and mingle once more for a day
or two without being howled at
Four long weary years they served
together and the ties then formed were
rendered doubly strong and enduring
by the dangers and vicissitudes they
mutually shared The boys or young
men then just essaying life under such
stern tuition are now grave middle
aged nieu the older ones who stood
then in the pride of a mature manhood
as mentors to their younger comrades
are rapidly becoming gray haired veter
ans Why may not these meet clasp
lirnds again look once more into each
others eyes and renew the recollections
of the old times Why not Is there
danger somebody may not be elected
constable should thev do so What of
These have no bitterness to vent on a
forgotten foe that was fought out and
nnisiieu in tne lieiu it is tueir oiu as
sociates the wish to meet and to greet
after all these long years Since the
last loll call when they parted comiu
ny they have spent nearly half a gen
eration in the stern battle of life
Some have succeeded others have
failed nearly all have done their duty
and he who did it best in war has gen
erally done it bestsince in peace Many
haven fallen and as the years pass they
are dropping out If they ever meet it
must be soon or not at all Then why
The young democrat who made the
remark in the house of representatives
last winter That democrats have al
ways been accused of opposing educa
tion and educational moves and that
iroiirtheaclspfthe democrats in that
house he had almost begun to believe
there was some truth in it which re
mark was alluded to in the Gkaiiiic of
last week and denounced as false bv the
Kirksville Democrat of this week was
Mr Bryant 0 Cowan member of the
legislature from Holt county Mo The
GitArino knows whereof it speaks
Will the Democrat deny further
Mart Vanbibber of Breckenridgc
ane Geo Manning of Chillieothe are
the boss glass ball shooters Vanbibber
broke -10 out of -in and Munninir hit 40
and broke 39 out of 40 in a recent match
Scott COnilfv istifiAminrr until n
Metaphysics of pod of large wheat and corn crojis and J
iiiji or ie iiiinon
SIPs7 s
ftMnG VLrf
-- 5 J
Once more wo have the two great o
litieal parties arrayed against each oth
er both hoping for victory yet neither
having enough advantage over the oth
er to give it nn overweening confidence
in it own success Yet should republi
cans put forward first class men tit Chi
cago and tho democrats do the same at
Cincinnati the republicans will have
quite a large advantage
Hut should there lie a mistake mrdc
at Chicago should a man lie put at the
head of the ticket who cannot carry the
full strength of the party in the north
ern states it may result disastrously to
us i ne people nave commence in tne
cardinal principles of republicanism
anil the party can point with pride to
its past record point ton mighty na
tion which it has saved can point to
the millions of men and women whose
freedom it- has brought about can
Ioint to many reasons why it should be
trusted Upon tho other hand thu his
tory of the democratic party for the
past twenty years is one continued se
ries of blunders Yet not withstanding
all this a mistake at Chicago might re
sult in placing the party of blunders in
power at least we cannot afford to
tike the risk
The Chicago convention meets first
and the democratic convention coming
nearly a month later gives the demo
crats an opjwrtunity to take advantage
of any mistakes we unfortunately might
make We cannot always trust lo blun
ders on the part of thedemocracy there
may be a time and that time may bo
near at hand when they may learn wis
dom and it is wrong to attempt to dis
guise the fact that there is danger
The American people are changeable
Why in the single stale of New York
there is sometimes a change of more
than fifty thousand votes in two succes
ive elections and there are thousands
upon thousands of independent voters
throughoutthecountry who have been
voting the republican ticket who may
be driven from it by an injudicious nom
ination at Chicago These are men
who vote from principle men who are
not favorably impressed by hero wor
shit men who cannot be canied by
party cnthnsiasm and it depends upon
the action of the Chicago convention
whether this independent vote is for us
or against us indeed it depends m a
great measure upon the Action of the
Chicago convention whether we are suc
cessful at all or not
We must have a candidate who is ac
ceptable to the independent votes of the
northern states a man who can
carry the full strength of the party in
such states as Ohio Indiana New York
and Connecticut otherwise if the dem
ocracy make a wise selection at Cincin
nati we will have our battle to fight
with the chalices equally in favor of the
enemy for he who counts upon many
electoral votes for our ticket in the
southern states will find when the ides
of November come that he has counted
without his host Hence there cannot
be two much wisdom brought to bear
in the deliberations at Chicago for a
single blunder may be fatal to tiie suc
cess of the republican party
It is a fact as proven by the history
of our elections for some years past that
when we can get out the full republican
vote we are victorious and that it is on
ly when we fail to do so that we are de
feated The man who can carry the
independent votes and work up such
an enthusiasm as to bring out the care
less and lukewarm a man tried and
true is the man we want at the head of
our ticket and with such a man victory
is assured
Though really synonymous terms
popular use applies the latter to the
genuine public servant and the former
to tho spurious Nearly every valua
ble article of commerce has its counter
feit and every noble calling its spurious
representatives As soon as uu iwd
ordered for man a religious service
with priests to conduct it then the dev
il had for man a religion also and
priests with a more irorgeous ritual a
close counterfeit of the genuine But
no calling is so numerously and vicious
ly misrepresented as true statesman
To defect the spurious it must be
compared with the genuine Letus con
sider first the province of the statesman
and then compare the two It is his
work to provide ways of defence against
every foreign alien and domestic foe
By wise diplomacy to advance the na
tion to her true position in the family of
nations r to increase her strength by a
thorough development of all her varied
resources io assure to every citizen in
all our vast domain the free exercise of
all his rights to protect and advance
the intelligence and morals of the peo
ple and since parties seem a necessi
ty for free discussion and apureadmin
stralionit is the duty of the
maii to mould aright the policy of his
partv and influence the choice of wise
and good mm for office As an indi
vidual every politician ought to be a
states man Laying aside every merely
lcrsonal interest his talents time and
efforts should be given while in office
to his country as fully as those of the
patriot soldier in time of war
He must be endowed by his creator
with aptness to govern But this is
not enough One may lie able to con
trol self and govern others in the lower
walks of life so as to be a valuable party
lienchman He may be a successful
caucus leader among his peers iu intel
ligence but be utterly unable to cope
witti statesmen in matters ot govern
ment He needs to lie versed in the
science of government he must un
der stand the genius of the people
cduaud work in harmony with their
settled convictions of right In this
land it is necessary that the man in
public service his words acts and
character be an embodiment of the
highest ideal of our national and christ
ian civilization
What do we find in tho political are
V t4 N
who owe their position too often
to mere party services rendered in for
mer political canvasses A large num
ber of these know as little of the science
of government or even of nufional his
tory as the Modoc in his lava bed did of
Conceited and shrewd in the manage
ment of a primary or party caucus they
imagine themselves equal to thu solution
of the more difficult problems of state
craft Knowing little or nothing uttlic
principles of finance parrot like they re
peat some what heard froitr party Irani
an Being but mediocro men they arc
too fiequently the tools of the third
class next named
This includes those men of great
abilifv but quite unscrupulous who
regard politics as a great gambling
scheme in which the ofiicers are the
slakes and every trick is justified by
success They believe heartily in that
maxim of political piracy the direct
cause of the overthrow of tho house of
Stuart that lo the victors belong the
siMiils Interpreted by this class it
means a right or privilege to pluck the
government goose to feather Mieir own
nest The state committed io their
care is a stake won in the political game
and to be wasted with heir henchmen
in riotous dissipil ion Power so intoxi
cates them that they betray their cor
ruption through their dissipation and
the people disown and discard them
No better examples of tho statesman
and tho best typo of mere politician can
bo found in ourdav than Gladstone and
Disraeli The latter pursuing prefer
ment and his own ideal of autocratic
empire with scientific boundaries
brought disgrace upon a great christian
nation nnd contempt with defeat to his
administration The Ilritish nation
loaded with a useless debt and the in
famy of a selfish and unjust policy to
ward sister states as the result of his
vicious course thunder in his ears
down and out Gladstone a states
man with a conscience leading the
liberal progressive christian majority of
the Ilritish people is enthroned in place
with power to conduct a reform that
will bring peace and prosperity obliged
by a grateful people to accept a service
and highest honors which he sought
not for himself
Adair County Politics A Brief Sketch
of the Lcpublicaii Party in This
County -Its ltise Progress and
Present Condition
Twenty years ago to day republican
ism in Missouri wis a synonym for all
that was vile fiendish criminal There
were but few who dared openly to avow
republican sentiments scarcely more
who would confess to being a reader of
the New York Tribune Indeed that
paper itself was excluded from the Mis
souri mails as being an incendiary docu
Notwithstanding the germ of Ttepub
hcanism was expanding into active life
and there are among us
to dny those who can recall
the faces and names of those who
on the eventful election in November
1KG0 dared to proclaim their choice for
Lincoln and Hamlin at the court house
voting piace in our public square In
the county at large were many who did
the same at other precincts especially
in the townships of Walnut and Clay
where if we recollect aright tlie repub
lican ticket developed to a majority a
few months later Around this nucleus
of stalwarts gathered the loyal hearts
from all other parties Douglass demo
crats Breckcnridge democrats Bell
ami Everett men and old line whigs
After the fiery ordeal of war had been
passed it found them welded into one
grand organization The republican
part of Adair enmity was a full grown
reality with majorities in lSUtiaml ltftd
running up into the hundreds it seemed
that the party would ucver be defeated
The organization was Mjverelv strain
ed in 1S70 but in 1S72 gave a majority
of4G0for Grant We then felt over
weening confidence in our strength
There was no republican nartv as an
organization in the political contest of
leT4 but after the election the party
found itself in iKiS cssion of allthe coun
ty offices excepting the circuit judge
county nnd probate judge county attor
ney and circuit clerk all the courts and
two of the best oilices iu control of the
In 1S70 the partv re asserted itself
and came out with a majority of 4 J7
after that in 1878 we were subject to an
almost overwhelming defeat Instead
of a republican majority ranging into
tlielmndredsit was a political earth
quake for which no one was prepared
apathy and over confidence of the repub
lican party the dearth of money want
of employment in fact hard times with
all that is implied in the term caused a
feeling of political recklessness that was
appalling and the result was the elec
tion of a democratic circuit court county
court probate court county attorney
county treasurer county assessor
We saved the member of tho legisla
ture by a majority of seven votes sher
iff by seventeen votes circuit clerk by
a bare plurality vote Thu collector
and county clerk were elected by lar
ger though still alanninglv small ma
Ilercwe are to day with our boasted
000 majority of a few years since and
with that same republican sentiment
as strong as at any time siuce the or
ganization oi ho party yet with these
facts above narrated this does not strike
the casual observer as being a republi
can county
We ask the republicans to stop and
think why thisis so Do not stop to
blame your neighbor or this or that
one but ask of yourself Have we not
been too mdejiendent i nave we not
felt too little interest at times in the wel
fare of the party organization
Because perhaps wc have not attend
ed the primaries or even when attend
ing did not get the nominees of our
choice wc have disapprovedIoudIyand
openly ami what was still more unwise
voted an opposition ticket and bv weak
ening our own organization aided our
direst enemy Missouri State Democra
cv We need not press the tnith upon
our readers that in the coming cam
paign there will be practically but two
parties iu the field Minor issues will
be laid aside and the question will be
which shall prevail the party of state
rights the party of nullification and se
cession the party of anything to beat
or shall it be the staunch old republican
party Itepublicans of Adair let us
again stand shoulder to shoulder in the
great battle of principle upon which
we are just entering
na a hrce classes Une the smallest If we had a bov ten old who
composed of men of integrity grandly wouid wrjte such twaddle as we find in
endowed by nature and possessed of a the editorial columns of the Democrat
broad and varied knowledge everyway d attempt to palm it offona suffering
Mita w oe siaiesmen naoiner ciass pe0pe as Sound sense and argument we
tne isrgesi ny iar is vonu scu oj men would disown him
Grit vs PiiMilbinlnifty Short Lecture
to the Editor
Your outspoken sturdy and strong
stalwart republican paper has just fall
en into my bands and seeing it is con
ducted by old personal friends wo have
imposed upon oursclf the task of
calling you to account for some blund
ers you have already made and guard
ing you against others which wc fear
you are liable to make And as this is
altogether gratuitous on our part our
only recompense consisting in the great
pleasure ivc take in helping others es
pecially when they have excited our
pity and seem lo be in great need of
assistance You must bo prepared for
very honest iilaindealing upon our part
In the first place then you exhibit
entirely too much frank outspoken in
dcjiendence to succeed You certainly
have lived long enough to know that
this will never win It will not do in
anything At the bar in the pulpit in
every profession men must cater in or
der to succeed It is all well enough to
talk lighlly of newspapers in France
having to get a permit from the author
ities before it can bo issued But is it
not practically the same in this country
Is it not true that there are party boss
es in every community who must first
be consulted before you can succeed
True you do not obtain a written
formal permit from them to publish
your paper but pray what is the differ
ence If they can set down on you
at pleasure and that act is a signal to
be followed by the party to which they
belong taking the same position how
could you hope to draw another breath
under such tremendous weight
Havent you heard my friend of the
man and boy who were seen riding on
the same ass And when criticised for
being so cruel as to overburden the
poor brute by their weight then the
man dismounted and walked while the
son continued to ride And when peo
ple saw this they ridiculed the boy for
riding while his poor old father had to
walk and the boy dismounting the man
look the saddle Again they shamed
the old man for riding and letting his
poor little boy walk Then determining
to meet the popular demands they took
the ass on their shoulders and carried
it along And it is this policy we com
mend to you my friend carry tk ass
it is your only alternative to avoid being
kicked And should there be more than
one carry all of them You can do it
and can better afford to do it than
be kicked out of existence You should
not consider it truckling humiliation
either butsimply a little measure of
policy to conciliate the daddies besides
everybodv does it It is too late in the
day fosfand on principle By studying
this thing and reducing it to practice
you can soon sugar coat an editorial
or two to that they will gulp down your
mriucino wiiuuui oncuniiiKing a w
face Very truly
The Vicksburg Herald isnt so sure of
the solid south Discussing the cage
of Cipher Alley that paper says Some
of the southern states are by no means
as safe as the thoughtless would have
us believe and any man who asserts
that MrTilden can carrv the south
solid is making an assertion that will
never be verified It is absolutely un
popular in this state and Louisiana to
express a preference for Mr Tilden
The people do not want him and they
will not vote for him
Chicago Journal When once Mis
souri shall have become as free liberal
and tolerant as are Illinois Iowa and
Kansas she will attract her share of
Immigration and enjoy equally with
those sister states the buoyant and
propelling effects of popular education
popular liberty industy just laws and
an impartial administration of justice
in other words so soon as Missouri shall
cease to be a southern state in the
sectional narrow and cruel sense of
that term then but not till then will
she know what genuine progress is
Canton jYrtV The bourbons of this
stale have learned nothing since the
war and they have forgotten none of
the fedings that imbued then They
are in the same old ruts They arc of
the old school fellows who believe that
the science of state craft consists in op
position antagonism and suspicion
Brookfield Gazette A bill has been
introduced in congress providing
pensions for members of the civil ser
vice who have been in office for fifty
years It strikes us that it would be
well for congress to consider the claims
of the survivors of the Mexican war for
pensions before placing on the pension
list tlie self sacrificing patriots who
have held a civil office for a lifetime
San Francisco litdletin There is a
line in journalism which cannot be
oversteped without provoking retalia
tion It is iu a large sense the dead
line Public acts of public persons are
just subjects of public criticism but
even that latitude is not justified if
liercoiial malice is a leading motive
Lexington Reaistcr God blessed
Missouri with all natural resources but
ruined all by giving the democratic par
ty power to rule He gave to the state
the instrument ot ten strings but the
harmony of the whole was ruined by
the discord of one
New York Tribune The whole dem
ccratic paity anxious to drop Tildenl
but dares not for fear that the barrel
and all that it implies will drop with
him If he were as poor in pocket as
he is in health he would never be men
tioned as a candidate again
St Louis breweries turned out nearly
700000 barrelsof beer during the year
just closed nearly a barrel and half to
every man woman and child in the city
But then we presume it is but iair to
say that it was not quite ad drank by St
Mrs Frances Harper the well known
coiorca woman nas gone to her own
people at the south as a kind of mission
ary at the instance of a few benevolent
friends At her own expense she visit
ed every southern state out two to
learn the wants of the frcedmen She
is able eloquent nnd winning and la
Iwrcd zealously during and preceding
he war with Garrison and Phillips
Mrs Harper will lecture on hygiene in
dustry economy and morals IJut her
principal mission win ou women in
their borne life giving them J J88 i
zl kLiajr Uiey to much need bl
ever brought to Kirksville
We carry more Boots and Shoes than any
Three Houses in the Town
Bny and Sell For CASH
and can and do sell better goods for less money than you can buy at from other houses Remember that wo
Call and price and examine the quality of our
Goods and if your regular dealer dont comedown to our prices come back and buy form us
That e were the OProiXATORS of LOW IKICEsj IN THIS TOWN
NoobjectlontoIlle5tklughoiDehctolrybutwlIlnotcreilltanjtoiJy We canot affordlt -
In less than thirty days an event will
transpire at iiiucago to winch an un
common weight ot responsibility attach
es the meeting of the republican na
tional convention for a choice of a pres
idential candidate The neouln am
watching the movements leading up to
that convention with dee and unusual
interest and midst all assertions coun
ter assertions speculations and counter
speculations many are of the opinion
that the great factors of the movement
have not as yet developed and thatnew
elements will bo revealed at the last
moment not even thought of now
And because of all this it would be
difficult to point out a period in the his
tory of the country when so verv much
depended ujon the die that is cast by a
convention as will depend upon the ac
tion of the republicans at Chicago in
June The real people of this country
feci it to be a necessity that the union
should remain in the control of the par
ty that has done so much to preserve
it The solid south and the democrats
of the noi th are going into the presi
dential tight to elect a president with
out the least regard to principles of anj
sort their only aim being the capture
of the Capital Nothing can be plain
er The leaders of this party in their
desperation will ston at nothinir to
compass this end will exhaust then
energies in completing the steal of the
Presidency in which Samuel Tilden
was balked in 1870 7 To the principles
of the party the republicans who gather
at Chicago must be unswervingly true
J0 man but he who at the moment
is the best fitted in all ways to perform
the duty of the hour and party has 1
claim upon the Uncago convention and
a great mistake will be made there if
any other sentiment is allowed to pre
vail The nominee of the Chicago con
vention must be elected On the nar
row margin possessed by either of the
great parties of the nation the candi
date of the Chicago convention must be
such a man as can go outside strict par
ty men and take a strong hold of the
masses This question of availability
in this sense must have great weight at
Chicago The best man in a strict par
ty sense may not be the most available
man In the sense in which this coming
political crisis makes availibility of par
amount importance The most appa
rent thing is that this country is in
that thoughtful mood which indicates
a recognition of these facts and if these
influences have the jiower they are en
titled to the choice at Chicago will fall
on a man who without any past pres
ent or future display of personal or po
litical red tire or theatrical enthusiasm
will carry the votes of the people
There will be more or less enthusiasm
in the campaign but the people are
more reauy io iiurrau out oi tne enthu
siasm for solid virtue and fitness than
anything else People are ready to be
welded into a solid and effective mass
against the principles of the democrat
ic party that secession in the past shall
be justified and made respectable -that
secession in the future shall be made
easy of accomplishment Ex
Instructed for Thurman
Columbus May 3 The democratic
convention of this countv to dav adopted
a resolution instructing ths delegates
to the state convention to do all in their
power to secure the nomination of A
G Thurman for President
Weddings according to the wisdom
of antquity are divided into twogene
ralclasses in one of which folks mar
ry in haste and repent at leisure in the
other they marry at leisuro and repent
in haste
A young man named William Blvthe
killed near Albany by fallinc from
Klrkirille Mo
Dealer la
The GRAPHIC will be ronouced and un
compromising in its advocacy of Republican
doctrine and will disctiM all the political la
sues of the coming campaign from that stand
The editorial policy of the Graphic ia its
minurks criticisms and comments will be te
deal as far as possible with principles and ac
tions and to treat all whether friend or op
ponent with the courtesy due between gentle
Special care will be deToted to the depart
ments of
Town and County Xcwa
Local and General Markets
Immigration Notea
State News Etc
as well as county State and National Politic
General Xews and Current Literature
Having no private Axe to Grind or official
ambition to gratify the GRAPHIC will be en
abled to deal with all questions from aa un-
prijudictd stand point
Smtfle copy 1 year jjo
Clubs of 10 one year each - 125
nuns oi one year each 100
All onlcr rilled on short notice Northeaat
comer of the public atiuare
Marble purrliiied direct from the qauriM
and the bentof workmen enployod
Uf Ofvck lViiliintoa
east of the Sjuare2
street 5 doors
Sjiecial designs for pter engraved when
New Type New Materials and good
Work Guarranted
Letter IIcjil -
Business Cards
Etc Etc
All orders filled with neatness and Dispatch-
A Virtual Newspaper Gift tothe Farm
ers of the West
The imbiMier of St Iimi
patch with uiicvref placing the weekly in
the band- of everv democrat in Missouri and
the west durinir this critical tireiiilcntial cam
paign will -end the Weeklv Post Dbpatcb
free of potuge to any post oilkc in the L S
This inetually below the cost of white pa
per In other Mords for live cent per month
ymiraii IiaieahiRrc eight page Journal of
4 columns enough interesting reading mat
ter to till a little Iiiok JUrket reports agri
cultural gleanings fresli lelegraphic news
houHhiild liints7entcrtalningtorie
1111V and all tlin of a firt class
fly newspaper 1 complete mirror of all the
events oi me ween
In making this extnerdinary proposition
the publisher 1 actuated by a deire to build
up a large rlrcuUtion and to aid the causa
of democracy in the final struggle against iu
jierialum cud centralization
J3T Remember that for THIRTY CENTS
or ten thrco cent postage stamps jou can
have the Werkly Pot Dispatch sent to you
by mail free of postjge for six mouths
These terms are speclallr arranged for sin
gle postage stamp subscriptions a conven
ience that will be readily appreciated
is regarded by the pre everywherc as a bril
iantlivc newspaper Its democracy Is en-
dorscd by the greatest leaders of the party at
of the moat postlmand aggressive c haracler
By way of indtu cmrut to friend- to get up
clubs at the new and unequalled rates we
will send a copy of the weekly six months to
any ierson who will forward us ten subscri
bers for that perimL For lifty name r will
forward the dally lost Dispatch for six
Wc want one hundred thousand subscriber
for the Weekly Post Dispatch at these mar
velously low rate and we expect to hard

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