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T tf SWEXMM Publisher
TnE trial of Guiteau will be com
menced iliout the fifteenth
The name of Col Van Horn lias boon
mentioned for secretary of the inter
Garfield plnralitv in New York was
a little vr 21000
Thk Globi Democrat is not entirely
nappy l illev seems to be entirelv too
numerous with the present administra
C A JIilthier convicted in the
circuit court at Carthage of black mail
was sent to the penitentiary Saturday
KirksviliV is not the only place which
oUtiuyuisued itseif by rowdvish conduct
on Halloween Several points in Ohio
are competitors
will be held to morrow in
nine states They are Connecticut
Ma achiselts Minnesota Pennsylvan
ia Vivgirli Wisconisn Mississippi
Xcv and New York
Thk lvumcyHerald which hasattaine
an uii aiGiy reputation for its m
teiiir erate language against Garfield
liiasts of lOrO nt w subscriptions receiv
M dnrinir the month of October
The Globe Democrat is an anti boss
paper now Tuesdays issue says -No
boss for the Republican of Mis
souri What is the matter of the great
boss organ
A iarce amount or iipht weight wheat
i causing considerable trouble in Kan
sas city and the Board of Trade has
paed resolutions declaring that the
necessity exists for an intermediate
prade between No red and rejected
itu They want the old grade of No 4
winter wheat restored
The late lullooa ascension by Prof
Kinir was an advertising dodire for i
Chicago firm No well regulated news
pajier will give the name of the firm
If the public wish to know the name of
the enterprising firm they will doubt
less find it emblazoned on the wreck of
the big bullOfl up a stump in a Wis
eonsm swamp
In Franklin county some parties dig
ging a cistern made rather a novel
di covery At a depth of nine feet the
diggers struck a hens nest containing
six eggs The whites of the eggs were
almost petrified but the yolks flowed
frely when the shell was broken How
t hey got there is now puzzling he
brains of the community One theory
that they were carried there by
Senator Vest has presented the Mis
souri historical society with the origin
al order of Gen Lee disbanding the
army of Virginia This was a wise
thing to do There are some counties
111 Mi onri where the idea seems to
prevail that the confederacy lias never
surrendered It would be well to pass
the order around so that all the -boys
rould see it
The Democrat goes into a bad fit of
coniptions over an innocent little
news item we published a week or two
since o the effect that there was talk
of another democratic paper here
The Democrat intimates that we
are the only ones who would think of
making such a venture If we should
to far forget ourseb es as to undertake
to run a democratic paper we would
eel that we ought to be clubbed as
the Democrat suggests especially if we
did not make a better paper than the
Philosopher has been giving his read
ers during his brief career as a dem
The death of Dr Holland recalls an
incident of his start in journalism
which he was fond of relating He
found himself without employment in
Springfield He had just returned
from Vicksburg or Natchez where he
had taught a more or less profitless
school with some advar age nowever
to his own health and With much ad
vantage to his wife who was threaten
ed with a rapid decline As he walked
the streets revolving the question what
to do he saw a countryman whom he
knew pass in a muddy and rattling
old wagon He hailed him mounted
to his side and drove up and down
the Main Street in Springfield scan
ning closely the signs and notices on
the buildings Most of them were
more or less tamiliar and were there
when he went West but his eager eye
caught sight at las of one he had
never seen before and which modestly
held forth to the pubhc The Spring-
Held Retubhcan iamt Aotvlcs at
tor This was a new ining in uiai
town and Dr Holland who was al
ready possessed of his fruidess M
D felt at once that there was a be
ginning which might open to take him
in At any rate there was a competi
tor for success who could sympathize
with him and with whom he could
sympathize He climbed down from
his muddy perch sought out the yet
unknown editor and before he left the
office had concluded an arrangement
which was the beginning of his con
nection with die Repillican
- ato
Knox County
Kdina bo ists of a new town hall
which the Sentinel says is second to none
in northeast Missouri
The holiness people are still holding
tnrth in Edina
Jliss Louie Hoag of Kirksville has
been visiting Jliss lennie Heck
The man Ellis injured on the railroad
ha- so far recovered as to he able to be
removed to his home in Saline county
LaBelle township in Lewis county
has just completed a compromise of its
indebtedness to the Q JI P Railroad
Geo Jlarclnnd our efficient route
agent is doing all lie can to forward
our mails from KirksvTle along the
line ot the Q JI P He
has made Kirksville post office a gener
al distributing office and sends closed
pouches daily aloug the line on he
freight and accommodation which
runs from Kirksville to Durham Geo
handled 17000 letters on one trip before
the blockade
A great many of our farmers are
digging fish ponds which is a move in
the right direction A farmer can
raise his ov n fish just as easy as he
can raise chickens
Enoch Rinehart sold a short lime
since his farm ot 125 acres one and
a half miles south of Locust Hill to S
E Hulin for 20 per acre 2500
Some boys cot on a drunk last Tues
day night and came near burning up
the old court house They got into
the old sheriff room and in their
drunken carousal set fire to a lot of
rubbish which caught to the floor
through which quite a large hole was
burned The fire was extinguished
about daylight by a colored man who
was passing through the court house
yard and saw the smoke issuing from
the building
Our young friend M F Brand of
Lewiston Mo writes us that a terrific
tornado passed over he prairie be
tween LaBelle and Lewistown on the
evening of the rSth ult Corn fields
were flattened and hav was tossed and
blown about like feathers Half a
dozen bams were blown down several
houses unroofed and miles of fencing
leveled to the ground The loss to
those in the storms course amounts to
I several hundred dollars
Sullivan lonnty
The Westerns were in Milan last
The Q JL telegraph line is in wor k
ing order to Trenton
Grandison Payne and wife have been
visiting in Kentucky
The new school house in Milan begins
to loom
The Free Press wants a fire eoinpuny
Farmers report that corn is rotting
considerably in the field
The Republican makes an eloquent ap
peal for delinquent subscribers to pay
I M Puterbaugh is district mana
gers of the Iowa Mutual Aid Associa
tion of Ottumwa a benevolent and
beneficiary society
The Standard favors us with a half
sheet this week
Looms up is a favorite term with
Milian editors
The Milan cemetery is in an awfully
bad condition and the Standard very
justly calls attention to it
Greencastle has raised SSoo to build
their new depot
The Good Templar festival has been
indefinitely postponed
The depot at Humphreys is a nice
large and commodious one
They talk of making an addition to
the depot at Greencastle by placing
another box car alongside or building
a shed kitchen on the one that is
James M Stringer is building anoth
er two story business house at Hum
phreys to be occupied as a drug store
Mr Shatto lost a horre from the
hitch rack in Milan on the evening of
July 4 He placed a notice in this Da
per offering a reward of 20 for the
return of the horse Mr Daniel Statzel
found the horse at Wm Fraziers and
claimed and received the reward Mr
Frazier had traded for the animal but
knew the man with whom he traded so
he will not lose anything
Jloberly Monitor we learn from the
Morning Chronicle that Bobby Evans
aged 14 son of a miner called Preacher
Evans was killed in a coal mine one
mile north of Huntsville on Tuesday
last by the falling of a huge stone
weighing several hundred pounds
which crushed him from the hips up
producing instantaneous death
Three men badly injured at Musce
Fork near Keytesville Tuesday They
were on a pile driver when train No il
pulled out from the latter place and the
smoke stack of the engine coming in
contact with one of the guy lines it
broke the pile driver and the three men
were hurled into the creek They were
all considerably bruised up They
have since been brought to the city
and McGee who was foreman is con
considered in a dangerous condition
Moberly Headlight
The United Presbyterian Church
burned Sundav at Newville Pa Loss
The Lindley overland mail route dis
continues on the 15th
The Iowa House in St Joseph was
burned Monday night
Miss May a teacher in Joplin schools
died Tuesday morning from infllama
tion of the brain
A colored - woman from Quincy
while in Hannibal recentlv fell from a
second story window and sustained
serious internal injuries
The first Odd Fellows grand en
campment outside St Louis begins in
Kansas City the 15th
A criminal was let go at Huntsville
the other day because the jail was al
ready full Chroniclt
Squire McDavitt has given depot
ground in Russellville for the new Leb
anon branch terminus
Hannibal citizens ate subscribing
for a clock to ornament the new cen
tral school building tower
A memorial issued from St Joe calls
for a Missouri river improvement con
vention there the 29tlv
Bert Stryhers of Sedalia aged 15
has enlisted for a six years term on
the naval training ship Minnesota
Contributions for sufferers of the
black death infected district near Park
ville are received bv the St Joe Her
The wife of ex mayor Brown of St
Louis died at Carrolton Ills on Tues
day last
Some parties at Chillicothe have or
ganized a railroad company to con
struct a road from that place to Kan
sas City
A little daughter of Mr and Mrs
Nettlebush of Trenton fell into a tub
of hot water Wednesday and died
from the scald
The Bellevue college at -Caledonia
has paid off its indebtedness and dedi
cates the new chapel to morrow
Two Joplin grocers have gone to
law abont 5 cents worth of eggs which
No 2 says No 1 bought and didnt
pay for
E J Pavne an ex contractor of
Sedalia is completing a snow shed
contract on the Gunnison line in Col
orado Heemploys 100 men and 12
Last night a colored girl named
Morris was filling up a lamp with Dan
forths fluid At the time she had a
little child in her arms The oil took
fire and a fearful explosion resulted
The girl and child were both severely
burned as was also a sister of the girl
St Joe Berts
A new paper to be started at Hum
Kahoka Herald A meeting of the
citizens of Canton was held at Giege
richs hall on the 24th of last month to
consider the question of building a le
vee to protect the town from overflow
A committee of three was appointed to
estimate the cost of the work to lay
plans and to confer with the railroad
company in regard to raising their
The Joplin JIo opera house burned
Saturday night catching the accoutre
ments of the Joplin Rifles D A Loose
Co and Gibbons Cos stocks of dry
goods the trunks and instruments of
the Big Four minstrel troupe the office
of the Western Union Telegraph Co
and the drug stock of Carter Vanors
dale Total loss 850000
Guy Fawkes day was celebrated in
England Gladstone Parnell and
Guiteau were burnt 111 effigy
Condensed Telegrams
The United States court has restrain
ed Samuel J Tilden from disposing of
his stock in the New York iron mines
Chris Pryor a rarmer and stock
raiser of Portsmouth Ohio was kill
ed in a saloon brawl at Webster Ohio
on Thursday night
Cincinnati Covington and Newport
show a total production of ale and
beer for the past year of 736341 bar
rels the largest on record
A presidential order has issued from
Washirgton directing the removal of
the St Louis Pension Agency to To-
peka Kas January 1 1SS2
Mrs Elizabeth Shelton and Miss
Sarah Stokes of Howard county Ark
are on trial at Arkadelphia for the
murder of Miss Melinda Stephens
the daughter of a neighbor
The Missouri River Improvement
Convention will be held at bt Joseph
November 29 The cities in the val
ley are to be represented by delegates
in proportion to population
The Rentz Santley croupe indulged
in a hot quarrel among themselves
aboard the night train on the West
Point Road Ga Thursday The po
lice arrested three of the company
The Southwestern Rate Association
concluded its re organization at Chi
cago on the old basis The Chicago
and St Louis divisions get 442 per
cent each and the Hannibal and Toledo
1 1 per cent
George Sadler the man charged
wih the assassination of DrLynn at Hot
Springs was shot and killed in front
of the city hotel Hot Springs on Turs
day afternoon by G W Murphy an
An army paymaster is a military
pay gent
A wall between many friendships is
built of freeze stone
The road to maritime wealth is meas
ured by the royal yard
Dull people are not made sharper by
being ground down Picayune
Tears the girls like volun tears
New York Commercial Advertiser
The woman who paints her cheeks
on a sea voyage sails under false col
Boston girls of culture in conversing
with old tars always pitch their voices
Whitehall Times
Canada claimes Wrangel Land We
will trade Wrangel Land for Hanlan
and throw in the Cornell crew
The Boston Transcript intimates that
abrnh niuts be expected when an ludi
an put on his war paint
Walt Whitman talks of going adroad
He has been all abrood or at sea in his
talk for a long time Boston Globe
In the voyage of life ever- man is
provided with a skull with which to
paddle his own canoe Nerriston
Since Anna Dickinson is going to play
Hamlet it is suggested that McCul
lough play Juliet His portly presence
would add effect to the character
Theodore remarked wnen Aage
linas father shoved him off the door
step that the old gentleman had consid
erable push about him
Lady lodger Your dog sir is un
bearable He howls all night JIale
lodger Indeed Well he might do
worse than that he might play the
piano all day
John Atel talked to an old man
named Seaman for urinkins up a jug
of his whiky at Uelleontiinc Ohio
and immedktelv trot hi- hroat cut and
1 his abdomen ripped open for his pains
At h cloie of the performance of
Uncle Toms Calm at Robinsons
Opera house Cincinnati Saturday
night the donkey and blood hounds
weie attached for the salaries of the
Men who were sutlers in the army
became colonels and generals at the
close of the war New Orlaans Pic
ayune Correct We met with one
the other day He is now a Major-General
Charged us at Harrisons Land
ing 5 for a bottle of logwood and j for
a bottle of mixed pickles That is to say
charged it up New York Commer
cial Advertiser
Very few peopl have any idea of
the slowness the Austin street car is
capable of Only yesterday a ady with
a 2 year old boy got in the car She
paid her own fare and asked what was
the charge for the infant No charge
We only charge for adults Then I
might as well pay He wi be grown
np before he gets there Im going five
blocks Texas Siftings
A paragraph writer on the Boston
Post reaffirms the statement that nec
essity is the mother of invention
Sometimes he savs we want the
door between our office and the one
next to it closed and the editor in thai
room of course feels if we get up and
shut it that we are getting high toned
and exclusive and it wounds him And
we dont like to do that so we have in
vented a way to make him shut the
door himself We sing
A stranger in Bodi one dav last week
in eating a pbte of hash at a restaurant
being very hungry unguardedly
erteri to chew it well and swallowed a
LlVse coat button They doctored
him for pneumonia three days before
he was able to explain Then accor
ding to the Gold Hill News they fed
him a big button hole tied to a string
and fished it out in no time He
screens all his hash carefully through
a caned bottomed chair before he eats
The cotton spmers oL Fall Riyer
Jlassachusetts are to have better wa
ges and weekly payments
George Ford who was to have been
hung on the 11th at Texarcana was
respited till March 10
Laura Newton was sentenced to ten
years in the penitentiary from Little
Rock Saturday for killing her babe
Adelina Patti arrived in New York
on Thursday by the steamship Algeria
from Liverpool accompanied bySignor
Nicolini She was met down at the
bay by a few friends The Steinway
Hall concerts commence next week
Sixteen thousand applications nave
been made to the Land Commission to
fix a fair rent Two hundred and forty
four suspects are now in jail The Pooe
strongly condemns the proceedings of
tne Lianu League
Rev B BTyleraf the First Christian
Church of Louisville has resigned his
pastorate with out explanation to the
surprise and regret of parishioners
Sir Leonard Tilley has started for
Washington with a memorandum of
the international copyright law satis
factory to Canada
Detective Cluxton of VandaliaIUinois
lias been arrested for making a business
of forging requisitions for criminals
The railroad concessions made to the
agents of Huntington and Gould bv the
Mexican Govenment have been approv
J VDubois a heavy hide and woo
dealer of Kansas City Is delimiter and a
fugitive from justice
Written for tlie Graphic
The Other Side or the Story
In the Graphic of Nov 4th there
appeared a story a very good story
too but there was one fault in it viz
Teas not true
Now who ever heard of a man a
lawyer too leaving his office of his
own free will to take the charge of the
kitchen wherein his better half holds
sway If any one has heard of it let
him raise his right hand for fhe day of
miracles is here This wonderfully
sensible amiable generous gentle
manly Hon Jno Christopher Constant
who so the story goes martyrized
himself for three quarters of a day over
the unfathomable mysteries of the dish-
pan and the intricacies of the range
what shall we do for him Shall we
erect a monument to his memory
No but let me tell his story as I know
it You know the two men who saw
the shield were each positive about its
color one said tis blue the other
said tis red But each looked at
different sides of it There is also two
sides to his story One side you have
already heard and now I will try to
tell the other side How I long for the
rhyming pen of a Victor or a Lyn
don that I might portray in magic
verse the transactions of that memor
able day when Mrs John Christopher
got at one and the same time
out of her temper and her
normal element Like most ladies
who havent enough to do to keep them
busy and to properly employ their
minds she pined and pined and pined
for a mission When the Hon John
brought home fish for breakfast she
wanted steak and vice versa The
morning meal was enlivened by ner
complaints and her forehead was dis
figured by the remains of yesterdays
bangs In short Mrs John looked as
near like a scare crow as it was possi
ble for a pretty woman to look
Now mind all who read this story
I am telling the plain unvarnished
Now John whined Mrs C
I do feel so miserable this morning I
can hardly get up when I am down
My poor head Ah me If I only
had such a nice easy time as you do
just to go down to the office and sit
with my feet on the mantle piece and
smoke a cigar and read the daily pa
pers and talk to other lazy men who
drop in Dear dear A woman
man has such a hard time of it and the
are so unfeeling And overcome
bv her lugrubrious reflections she ap
plied her square of cambric
to her eyes There were no
tears there but the action was sufficient
to arouse her husband from his apathe
tic indifference Now the Hon John
could talk when he tried and though
hissentences were short they express
ed his mind in a forcible manner
Looking at his agitated spouse with
what he tried to make an indignant ex
pression It was a grimace instead
He said sternely
Mary you act and talk like a big
Now John that is the way you al
ways talk when I try to reason with
you I just wish I had your work for a
day and you had to stay in the kitchen
youd see then who had an easy time
of it There is nothing to do all in the
office only answer a few questions and
if there was anything I didnt under
stand why I could get the office boy to
look in die dictionary for jt That
tells everything anv one needs to
Oh yes you silly woman thats all
you know about it Are you so green
that you think it will tell you what
advice to give when John Smith
and Tom Jones fall out about their
Id know that little without the die
tionarv Id tell them to settle their fuss
and go home like sensible men
Yes youd play whaley Where
would mv profits come from if I did
that way No it is my business to
take 5 for my advice and Id advise
em to sue so I could get a fee Pret
ty mess youd make of it
Irs John was in the sulks by this
time but she came out of them after
her husband leftj and as soon as the
housework was completed which did
not occupy over two hous she donned
her best dress and her pretty new
spring hat and after re curling her
bangs and burning her forehead she
set out for a lound of calls returning
just in time to prepare dinner When
Mr Constant came in punctually at
two he found his wife in tears
What is the matter Maty are you
sick he kindly inquired
Yes Im sick and I never expect
to be any better whimpered the un
reasonable woman My work is so
very fatiguing that I am breaking down
under if If I only had your good
time then I could rest But women
all have such hard times and their hus
bands dont care
I wish to the Lord you did have my
good time Youd sing a different
song If you want to take my place
to morrow you can and Ill stay in the
kitchen Well both make a magnifi
cent failure too just as people always
do when they undertake to do some
thing they are totally ignorant of
If you think I dont know anything
I wonder you married me You seem
ed to think I was smart enough then
You agreed to everything I said when
you was doing your courting
You were sensible then and would
hznoTu if you would keep away from
that detestable Mrs Scatterbrain She
is the one that puts these silly notions
about Womans Rights and a
Mission and Affinities andallthat
confounded trash into your head A
married womans miision is at home
and the sooneryou come to that con
clusion the better it is for both of us
It is all right for girls who
are getting their education to
study law or medicine or any other
trade they have a liking for But a
married woman has already elected her
life work and when she forgets that
and wanders off after some ism orology
or ation she is in danger of losing what
happiness she already has Now if
you want to change work with me to
morrow just saj so
Yes I will change and be glad of
the chance I am not afraid of failure
and I dont want a schedule of the
work either for I will know what to do
when it comes
The morning of trial came and after
breakfast Mrs Constant went to the
office while her liege lord remained at
home in the capacity of cook and gen
eral house maid The dishes were
transferred to the dumb waiter and
Jlr Constant was triumphantly lower
ing it to the kitchen when one of the
pulleys broke the waiter caught and
ne found it impossible to stir it Go
ing below he attempted to let it down
gently when it got ahead of him and
came down with a crash scattering
the dishes in all directions And he
gathered up of the fragments twelve
baskets full
Saves washing em anyhow he
said to himself and putting on his hat
he went out to the nearest china shop
and ordered a full set to replace the
broken one On his way he met a
cousin who was on her way to visit his
Im glad that youve come was
his salutation for Im in a devil of a
mess Mary is in one of her spells
and we have changed work for to day
Here is the key I wish you would go
in and make the beds and go through
the whole house and fix everything
straight Ill be back in a few min
utes He hurried away and the
cousin proceeded to the house By
the time Mr Constant returned she
had everything in apple pie order
Shall I get dinner she inquired
I would like the fun for Mary has
everything so convenient I like to
cook when I can have everj thing to
my mind
Pity more women liked to cook It
is getting so now-a-days that women
think cooking disgraces them I be
lieve I will recommend you to Briggs
He said the other day that Jie would
never marry unless his wife could cook
a good dinner If the Hon John
could have seen the blush which man
tled her cheek at this remark he might
have thought this offer superfluous
But he did not see
Yes you may get dinner I ordered
Warder to send up dinner for four and
invited Briggs to make the fourth He
is going around to the office and will
come up with Mary Go to work at the
dinner and I will step around to War
ders and countermand the oHier
Mr Constant went out and on his
way back encountered his wife return
ing accompanied by Briggs But
judge of his surprise when he saw on
the countenance of Mrs C unmis
takable signs of tears while Briggs
seemed almost burstingwith repressed
Whats the matter of you two V he
inquired You look as though yon
had been having a fight and Mary was
whipped One of you looks trium
phant and the other sulky I want to
know what it all means
Dont ask us now my friend or
well have a comedy herein the street
Wait until your perfect dinner is on the
table and we are seated around enjoy
ing your splendid cooking then and
not till then will I will disclose to you
the emotions that agitate my soul
Together they proceeded to the
house where they were met by the
cousin with the anouncement that din
ner was ready After being seated
Briggs gravely inquired Will Mrs
Mary Constant say grace
Oh I know you are dying to tell all
you know Well go on It will not
take you long said Mrs Constant
With your permission Madame You
see my christian friends I called in at
the office on purpose to get an invita
tion to dinner I found Mrs C in
tears and two men from the rural dis
tricts in a violent quarrel using oaths
and vulgar slang quite freely Mrs
C had ordered them to leave and they
had refused when I arrived I met the
office boy going for a policeman He
soon arrived and walked them off to a
safe place where they could swear at
each other without disturbing other
people Goldsberry came in a few
minutes afterwards to ask you about
that divorce case and Squire Mary
told him to go home and make up with
hiswife and to quit getting drunk and
abusing her and that he would not
want a divorce You ought to have
seen him He jumped up as white as
a sheet and stood staring at us for a
minute then exclaimed By George
I believe you are right Ill try it
and shot out of the door and started
home as fast as he could walk Thus
endeth chapter first How did you pro
gress We must hear that too
Mr Constant related his experience
not failing to relate Briggs remark
abouthavingawife who could cook
Briggs looked at the cousin a moment
and then said Your recommend
would be all right only you are a little
late The day is already set when I
shall have your cousin for my cook
That day dear reader is passed and
as I was fully acquainted with the trials
and tribulations experienced by Mr
and Mrs Constant in their change of
duties I concluded to let the truth be
told and now you can judge who was
most to blame
Rev Dr Tallage ei Life Iisiraice
We trust the following from a late
sermon by Rev Dr Talmage will not
be directly applicable to any of our
readers but there are some plain state
ments and suggestions that are worth
the consideration of every one
Some of you are making a swash
in life and after a while you will die
leaving your families beggars and will
expect us ministers of the Gospel to
come and lie about ycur excellencies
but we will not doit
If you send for me I tell you what
my text will be He that provideth not
for his own and especially those of his
own household is worse than an in
In this day God has mercifully al
lowed those 01 us who have a limited
income to make provision for our fam
ilies thro the great Life Insurance
Companies By some self denial on
our part we can make this provision
for those we leave behind us
Is there anything so helpless as x
woman whose husband has just died
when with her children at her back
she goes out to fight for bread
Shall she become a menial servant
in some one elses household No
not the one who has been relying on
your arms all these years and filling the
household with joy and delight
Shall she sew for a living God
knows they get but six or eight cents
for making garments Ah no you
had better have your coffin made large
enough to take all your family with
you into that land where they neither
freeze nor starve
How a man with no surplus of es
tate but still with enough money to pay
the premiums on a Life Insurance pol
icy can refuse to do it and then look
his children in the face and say his
prayers at night on going to bed ex
pecting them to be answered is a mys
tery to me that I never have been able
to fathom
Isaac H Taylor and Henry McAllis
ter proprietors of the Boston Sunday
Mail have been arrested for criminal
libel on account of publications charg
ing ex Collector Simmons with com
plicity in the Howe Womens Bank
Antonia Criscoala the only survivor
of the Italian bark Rosina arrived in
New York yesterday on the Marianna
Theyessel was struct by a hurricane
on October 21 and the captain and the
balance of the crew ten in all wen
swept overboard and drowned
W S Stone warden of the Frank
fort Kentucky Penitentiary tried to
kill Ed Yolgbt of the Queen City Ho
tel for trying to make him pay for
some tainted sweet breads which be re
fused to eat

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