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Weekly graphic. (Kirksville, Adair Co., Mo.) 1880-1949, December 30, 1892, Image 1

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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100 FerAnnum
Many years ago 1 took a trip
through what was called the Far
WeBf My course for tho most
part lay through an unbroken
forest Though a settlers cabin
here and there broke the wild
monotony many a day was
passed without the sight of a hab
itation or meeting a human being
One day I came up with two
men who had dismounted at the
wayside and were seated on a log
chatingwhile their horses browsed
sociably at a little distance One
of the two lik myself was evi
dently a traveler while the tow
cloth bunting shirt and coonskvn
cap of the otherto say nothing
of his long rifle and weather beat
en face betokened the genuine
For 6ome time I had been wait
ing an opportunity of inquiring
the way to a distant settlement at
which I proposed making a tern
porary stop and here doubtless
was the very min to supply the
Jest light and rest your critter
a minit said the woodsman when
I put my question me n thiB
genlemanll be through present
Accepting the invitation I soon
discovered that tho business I had
interruDted was a horse trade
which of course took precedence
oFevfcry other matter
The swap which had already
made substantial progress was
apeedily concluded The traveler
whose animal was somewhat jaded
his reason probably for seeking
the exchange gave the front
iersman S20 boot and mounting
his new hackney took a hasty
leave apparently desirous not to
give the other party time to rue
I repeated my inquiry and was
told there was no road not even a
bridle path within many miles of
where we were leading to the
place I wished to reach I offered
to pay the man liberally to guide
me to some point whence I could
find my way alone A bargain
was at once concluded and in less
that an hour we were jogging
along like old acquaintances
That night we camped out sup
ping on some jerked venison my
guide had in his pouch and teth
ering our horses in the edge of a
small prairie which afforded good
grazing and the next afternoon
but one we struck a traveled track
which my companion assured me
I had only to follow staight ahead
to reash my destination
Here we shook bands and part
ed and it was a month afterwards
at my own home that my western
journey waB viyidly called to my
mind by the following parigraph
A Traveler Murdered By our
last advices from we learned
that an unknown traveler was
found murdered on the first of
June last The act was at first at
tributed to some marauding bands
of Indians who nave lately shown
themselves troublesome But lat
er developments fasten the crime
on John Stover a white man
found in the possession of the
dead mans horse andjsome money
identified by a tavern keeper who
changed a note for the traveler
the day before his body was dis
covered The latter was last seen
alive in Stovers company the
two having ridden away together
from the strangers last stopping
place The criminal barely escap
ed lynching and will have little to
expect from a jury of the vicin
John Stover I exclaimed
Why thats the name of my late
The recollection of the horse
trade came back like a flash It
had taken place on the last day of
May and from that till the secotd
of June Stoyer never left my com
pany It was impossible he could
bave committed the crime for
fich his life Btood in peril The
swap explained his possession
of thohorBe and bis boot mone
that of the bill foand upon him
There was no time to lose if an
innooent man was to be saved from
the gallows The mails wore too
tedious round aboat to be trused
and tho telegraph was vet unin
veuted There was nothing for it
but to stage it as far uh practica
ble and make the rest of the way
on horseback At any cost 1 felt
bound to pi event the wrongful
taking of a fellow croaturos life
It was nearly dark when I reach
ed a settlement twenty miles trom
where the trial was to come off It
was Bet down I learned for the
following day and to bo in time I
must proceed that night
The road iB hard enough to
find bydaylight Baid the boat of
the little inn at which I had or
dered supper and a -bait for my
horse Besidesythere are IndianB
prowling about and theyre ugly
cuBtimers to meet ith of a
I haye no choice I replied A
man is to be tried for his life to
morrow whose innocence I can
prove for ho was in my company
miles from the scene of the crime
he is charged with a t the time of
its commission
But if you miss your way re
turned the other ou will lose
instead of gain time
Perhaps one of these gentle
man I said turning to a group of
three who had been listening at
tentively will agree to guide mo
I am willing to pay liberally for
the service
The three conferred apart brief
Im summoned a3 a witness
myself said one but I hadnt
intended startin just yet How
ever if youra m a hurry 1 dont
mind keepin yoar company
I thanked him for his friendly
offer aud we were soon in our
Theres a shorter cut than goin
by the road said my companion
when we were clear of the settle
I gave myself to his guidance
and he led the way into the woods
which were open enoagh to be
ridden through without difficulty
We had gone but a mile or two
when Hush the man whisper
A sound of galloping behind
was plainly audible
Indians W e must ride for our
lives said my comrade in the same
low whisper
Put your horse to his best and
keep staight ahead while I bring
up the rear and look out for the
Clapping spurs to my horse ou
whose speed and spiiit I could
safely count I was soon consider
ably in advance of my companion
There was no moon but the star
light enabled me to avoid the trees
end heedlees of the scratches from
the thick undergrowth I dashed
Suddenly with a frightened
snort my horse reared till he
stood almost upright The quick
ness of the motion threw me
from his back Then los
ing his balance the terrified
animal with a shriek more
piercing than human voice ever
uttered plunged headlong over
the precipice which the foliage
had concealed and went crashing
d wn upon the rocks far below
That 1 waB the victim of treach
ery was the first thought that
flashed upon me and the next
was that the safety of my life de
pended on the belief of my ene
mies that it had already been de
Quietly as possible I crept be
neath the shelter of a thicket and
Iny perfectly still Before long I
heard voices and soon a light was
struck and with a torch of dried
bark which one of them held I
distinguished the features of the
three men saen at the inn one of
whom volunteeied to be my guide
They found the tracks of my
Inrse where he had gone over the
brink and gave a laugh of satis
Now Stover must hang be
yond a doubt said one and we
mav breathe treeir tor had his
innocence been proved the suspi
cion more than once whispered
against ourselves would have
been revked and who kno s
what might have happened
themselves tho sickening details
of the murder of which they had
been the real authors ai d
chuckled over tho money they h d
gotten by it
At lostthvav went awav aud as
soon as it was safe I left my hid
ing place and after several hours
wandering came upon a settlers
cabiu Arousing the piopreitor I
made known my circumstances
He was a frank honest fellow dis
posed t g ery asRiBtnnc
and saddling a couple of Iioihph
ve started at da light foi the teat
of justice
The JawitnSsshatl giveiVhis
testimony when 1 entered Poor
John Stover had nothing to offer
but his steady assertion of his in
nocence and his unsupported ex
planation of his possession of the
horse and money
Are there any witnesses for tho
defence the ulge inquired
There is one I answered at
the end of a painful pause
Tne prosecutor and tho prison
ers counsel both looked surpris
Does any one know this gen
tlcman asked the former
I do said the judge in whom
I recognized an old college friend
and classmate Come forward
My testimony soon released the
prisoner from his peril and put
in his place the real criminals
who in addition to the murder ac
tually lying at their door had
come so near having another to
answer for
I wont bear it I cant en
dure it Why do I have to go out
each clay and earn a subsistance
while others no bettor no wier
have plenty and to spare
My dear cornea softly from
the alcove why this outburst
Oh I am tired or living 1 feel
like a coward unable to face the
strife Why was I a womar giv
eu the responsibility of a man
But I can bear it if others have
and drawing her tall slim fieure
to its utmost height she put on
her wrappings and went out in the
gloomy liight
Esther Horton was only one of
the many thousand girls who every
day go out to gain a livelihood
Coming from a fine French fam
ily she preserved the ancestral
regularity of form and feature
Her eyes were intense in their
dusky beauty and told of the rest
less soul within They formed a
peculiar and striking contrast to
her abundant golden hair
When she left home she had no
idea where she was going her
main thought had been to get
away from herself She had not
gone far vhen in turning a cor
ner she ran into the arms of a
ppdestrian who n as coming in
the opposite direction
Pardon she said hastily
Why Essie said a hearty
voico what are you doing abroad
this wet evening
Walking off a fit of desponden
cy Ned I have dreadful whys
again she answered
Oh Essie why will yon Dont
you suppose 1 you would only
take these trials and perplexities
in tho right way that they would
chisel and form your character
and prepare you for the battle of
If one accepts the theory of
the loving Father I suppose
Ned what you say must be so
she said dubiously
Well but Essie continued
the young man have you a better
theory Surely these things
muBt all be for the best and will
discontentment and rebellion help
them the least bit What does it
matter as long as it ie inevitable
even if you cant go to Europe or
have the independence you long
for Believe me Esther these
things are withheld by a wise and
loving Father 1ou must rise
above this discontent this rebel
lion and do the best you can with
what you have Promiso me you
I I will try Ned she said God
iug me a fiiend like you Come
iu won I you for by this time
they had reached hei home
Not this he
cheerily Good night
Good nigbtKNed and
went into the house
Tho sun iuita golden beauty
was tinging the water for mileB
nrouud with its colore
Tho last rays touohed the I igl t
hlir of a ladv as Bhe sloo 1 thtf
Jio of went 1 that viae A
whj tbrougVthe blue of
Lake Superior Hhe stood in a
eoludiid laVng ugaiubt the
bulwarks and gazing over the vast
expanse that stretched bofoie
Essie came a voice breaking
in upon her reverie
Well Ned she dreamily au
Oh Essie dont you know
Caut you rues what 1 want to
ask you he exclaimed passion
ately You have always called
me friend and brother You tell
me yon esteem me that I am need
ful to your life But as a friend
Esther I am injuring myself
Your friend I can oe no longer
either I must be more or else herG
our paths must diverge I had an
oftVr to day to go to Shanghai a
very advantageous offer Shall I
go Esther or shall I stay
Oh Ned came trembling and
sorrowfully from thiB strong girls
Yes Esther you must decide
this question now Which Ehall
it bo
Ned and Bhe hesitated He
was needful to ln r lite Her
natnre round strength and
equilibrium in hiB large broaden
ed ai d sympathetic mind
But to marry him Did she
love him Did she leel toward
him as Elaine did toward Launce
No8be tolfjj herself Her - e
for Ned was a growth founded on
esteem admiiiition ot a high no
ble character and was not love a
spontaneous growth
Oh Ne T cannot she Baid
Why EstLer True I have not
wealth or good looks aud here
he drew up his six feet three
inches and threw back his noble
head but the love of my man
hood I offer vou Will vou ac
Not yet Ned
He put both of his strong
hands on her shoulders and look
ed down into the clear eyes How
deeply the blow had cut could be
seen by the firm lines about his
mouth and tho pallor of his face
He bowed his head and pressed
one kiss upon her white brow and
left her standing as he had found
her gating into the soft blue wa
Soon after thin episode the ves
sel ai rived in poit and Esther
again took up the burden of daily
life The days passed on each
much like the others
With her queenly beauty many
a Imirers and suitors were hers
But she cared appaiontly for none
of them until one day she met one
who called forth a tumult in her
heart that quickened the pulses
and gladdened her eye
He was an elegant man of leis
ure a man of taste and education
He seemed born to please The
glances Irom his deep gray eyeB
almost fascinated one You felt
while talking to him as if you had
known him alwayB All this Esther
Horton thought She grew to
watch for him Her hungry soul
seemed nourished and refreshed
in his presence Yes she thought
it was not thiB sentiment she had
felt for Ned
W7hile passing down a dark
street one evening Jisther was
startled by hearing angry tones at
a short distance from her
I tell you said a smooth de
termined voice that I hae noth
ing to give you
Oh but pleaded a low
eous voice what shall I
Whit can I do For you I
home name aud virtue and
turn against mo like this
Ha ha in a mocking
Then they discuBaed among has blessed me certainly in laughed the other What more
could one expect Your pretty
face pleased nie ob many others
have dot n aud you had a roputa
tion among the boyB of having
more strength of mind than most
girls This fact awakened my
curiosity aud
But Esther sickened at what
she had heard turned down the
a Tho bhort interchange of
words had been as a microscope
to i r eye showing her plainly
flm Mr flaw in a character
1 tr ii -it ii h ii 11 nd
hb A flo d of thought
ru hed over her Tfe spoutaueiiuB
mubhiudnT Orotttb Hbohiid
fondly thought she had not felt
for Ned dwindled as rapidly as it
had grown In comparison she
saw tho two characters one built
firmly on principle and self-respect
the other and the words
to please myself rushed in on
hsr thoughts
Like a great many other girls
ahe had made a mistake had tak
en the glitter for the gold She
had not known her own heart She
sees now as her eyes are opened
that although she loved Ned as a
friend and brother she loved him
aB her life
Would she over see him again
she asked her lonely soul
And across the calm waters of
tho vast Pacific there comes the
bitter cry from a pent up heart
Oh Esther if I ever could for
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