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.4. JiA i-i
, i
T.E.SUBLETTE, Rroprictor.
xov. no, 1 so i .
-The country is anxiously
Presidents' message.
awaiting the
writing the
Dan Lainont is
Presidents message; and we may
expect something refreshing when
C ingress assembles.
Mrs. Mnry Yellenlasehns
declared hor intention to retire
from politics. Hor husband will
have the unbounded sympathy of
the entire country.
It is said that Mr. Carlisle.
and noLMr. Clevclaud, is formu
lating a new financial policy. If
the statement be true the country
may expect Something of.the 'kin
dergarten' orde. m iinances.
Great Britain is the greatest
eaemy of silver, and yer she pur
chases more Americau silver than
all other foreign countries combin
ed. The United States will awak
en to the fact one of these days,
that she has been sadly duped on
the silver question.
A bountiful Thanksgiving
dinner was given the poor children
under the auspices of the Salva
tiou Army. This is practical
Christianity, and following the ex
ample of Him who said, -'In as
much as ye did it unto one of the
least of these, ye did it unto me."
That President Cleveland is
unpopular is not surprising. "When
liis own people were out of
and hopes to see the Republican
party take steps toward that end
in the near future.
Representative Saycrs, of Texas,
chairman of the House committee
on appropriations and one of the
ablest democrats in that body,
does not hesitate to say that noth
ing but Republican support saved
him and one other Texas Demo
crat Representative clec Calhoun
from being defeated bv the pop
ulists. He also says or Represen
tative elect Noonan, who was
elected bv the Republicans in the
eleventh Texas District: ''He
was a union man throughout the
war. ami since then has been regu
larly elected judge in a democratic
distiict against all opposition. He
is about sixty years old, popular
and capable. That he will like
Congress, I am rot sure. If the
Republicans had nominated nun
of his stamp in all the Texas Dis
tricts, and made a straight light on
Republican lines, I believe they
would have elected four or five
Moneyed Democrats are showing
a very decided disposition to sit
down hard upon Senator Faulkner
of West Virginia, instead of sub
scribing money to aid his new
rainbow scheme, of utilizing the
machinery of the Democratic Con-
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R. Hicks' wclMcnown and deserv
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peerless educator of the masses,
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guardian and necessity in the
homes of America. Those who
want to keep up with all the ad
vanced thought of the age in
science, religion and all social,
commercial, intellectual and do
mestic subjects, should subscribe
for Word and Works. Subscrip
tion only $1.00 a year. You can
send for both direct to Word and
Work Publishing Co., St. Louis,
gressional campaign committee to
ployment, without money and de-iM'ndinc-
iinon soun houses for
subsistence, he was looking after
the interests of a dusky damsel of
the Pacific, and carrying out his
declaration that the people must
be taught a lesson.
An itinerant correspondent
for the Republic is making a vain
effort to belittle C X. Clark, who
beat Mr. Hatch for Congress. The
correspondent's silly twaddle will
amount to nothing. If the Presi
dent will freely consult Mr. Clark
on National questions and take
liio ....w;-o, lie win avoid many "
the egregious enors of which he
he has been guilty in the past
eighteen mouths.
distribute literature intended to
educate the Democratic masses up
to a proper financial level. It will
doubtless be remembered that
Senator Faulkner is chairman of
that committee. One man who
gave the Congressional committee
a check with four figures was ap
proached by Senator Faulkner
and asked to subscribe to the new
scheme, and he is reported to have
said: "Look here Faulkner, if that
committee really has any machin
ery, send it to the nearest junk
shop as soon as you can, for it is
worthless for any useful purpose.
And as lor the Democratic masses,
1 have my doubts about their ex
istence. I have no more money to
throw down rat holes."
It is treuerally understood that
Mr. Cleveland is now dividing his
attention between a painful attack
of the gout in his foot and the pre
paration of his annual message to
Congress, but a Democrat who
The "Standard" Delineator.
The Standard Fashion Co., is
especially to be congratulated up
on its new venture, "The Standard
Delineator," the Christmas num
ber of which is issued simultane
ously with that of the Ladies'
Standard Magazine. Special fea
tures of this brightest and most
entertaining of monthly publica
tions arc the exquisite colored
fashion plates, one being represen
tative of the newest Standard de
signs in costumes and the other
of the latest Paris millinery. Mil
liners everywhere will appreciate
the latter, as well as the cleverly
wntren articles wun winch it is
acoompanied. Nothing that can
possibly be of interest in the home
nas oeen omitted ironi tins maga
zine. Among the many subjects
entertainingly treated being Artis
tic Interiors, Cookery, and Fancy
v one, uesiues tne usual concomi
tants of a high-class Fashion Maga
zine. We predict a great future
for the "Standard" Delineator, the
price of "Which is ten cents a copy,
or one dollar a year.
become almost divine.
To attain the new science one
has to know anatomy perfectly .To
do this he has to dissect under a
skilled demonstrator. In this way
you understand every part. To
know how to put u watch together
you have first to take it apart. Man
is just beginning to know some of
the divine laws governing him.
One starts the ball to roll and an
other takes it up and gives it a
push, and so it is all the way
through life with everything.
The composition of man in dif
ferent diseases is all important to
know, and to meet that condition
that is abnormal in composition is
done by the only universal law:
"Likes cures like".
1 have been testing this mode of
treatment no over eight months
and with success. By the request
of my patrons and friends who
have been treated by me, I come
out and tell you of it in this way,
that others seeing and knowing of
my good works, may be con
strained to do likewise.
My rooms are open to all for
Neuro, Osteopathis and Homeo
pathic treatment-, located on the
south side of the square. Those
that are not able to come to the
office will be treated at their
boarding houses.
1 treat all forms of chronic dis
eases successful-. I have some
experienced operators under me
and I give every case my personal
observation, and see that each
patient gets the worth of his
money or it is refunded.
Yours Respectfully,
A. T. NOE.
Kirksville, Mo
"Washington, D. C, Nov. 2S, :D-1.
Although Senator Cameron, of
Pa., docs not carry his dislike of
the newspaper man in search of an
interview to the extent of contempt
uously referring to him as one of
them d literary fellows" as his
distinguished father once did, he
dislikes being interviewed re
publication so much that he very
rarely meets such a request favor
ably. This fact is well known to
the fakers who have been writing
h.) much torn foolery about the po
litical partnership formed between
Senators .Jones, of Nevada, and
Cameron, to promote the organiza
tion of a new party with onlv two
principles the free coinage of sit
vor and protection which is to
nominate Senator Cameron for the
Presidency in lS'.K. The builders
of the story, or series of stories,
counted upon Senator Cameron':?
publicly expressed silver opinions,
his friendship with Senator Jones,
and every man's willingness to be
come President, to give an air of
probability to their stories, and,
judging from letters received in
Washington from all sections, the
did not count in vain. These
stories were first started just aftei
Senator .Tones announced tha he
had become a populist, and soon
died out. Within the last two or
three days they have been given a
fresh stall with many additional
details As fairy stories they do
credit to the imagination oi then
authors, but as political informa
tion they are simply rot of tin
worst sort. It can be stated upoi
the personal authority of Senatoi
Cameron that he has never at any
time even considered withdraw inj
from the Republican party; that h
knows of no possible vrt'idiinali-.T
of circunisLu -e t! ! vj:i:.tiww
him to do so: t'..f b- !" n't x
glit to Know said to-day: "The
idea that Mr. Cleveland is engaged
in writing his message with his
own hands is an erroneous one. 1
happen to know that he isn't writ
ing his message at all. He has a
daily talk with Dan. Lainont dur
ing which he goes over what he
dssires to say upon a certain sub
ject, leaving the writing and liter
ary shaping of it entirely to Lainont
who makes full notes and at the next
interview carries what he has in
the meantime written out to Mr.
Cleveland and leaves itwith him for
revision. That is the way Mr.
Cleveland is writing his message."
By the way. speaking of the
message, it is not certain that it
will contain any detailed recom
mendations as to a new financir.l
system, notwithstanding Mr.
Cleveland's recent intimation that
it would. The reason is that great
pressure is being brought to have
the financial part of the message
limited to a recommendation that
Congress authorize the President
to appoint a non partisan monetaiy
commission to make a full investi
gation and report what financial
.legislation ought to be enacted.
Two members of the Cabinet
Olncy and Morton are committed
to the commission idea and others
are said to be favorably inclined to
wards it. but Mr. Cleveland has
heretofore attached no weight to
Cabinet or any other opinions, ex
cept when they agreed with his
peet to b': -'. .:i...trd f.r iYt Mdeii
by a silv"- -i!v, z- w-uld no:
sicivpt s"1 i :' u.-nMnaiS"'!) wtici
tendered ' '"' "Ul.?."' vors
;i freer u.-- -i wltr as iaie
You Should Get It.
Should get what? Why, The
Rev. Ill R. Hicks splendid Alma-
uicior IMlii. He has kindly sent
to this office a copy of the same,
and we speak alvisedly in saying
that it is a rare publication the
very latest and b.?st of all that has
emenutcd from the pen and brain
and heart of this well known friend
to the public. The history of this
man's work -now an open book to
all America and a casual glance
at his Almanac forlvS:)3. convinced
us that this vitu ly useful and in
structive bj'.: k'i.I to find its
way into every h!ip. s'ore, office
and home in the land. T lie price
of the book only 25 cents could
not to our knowledge be invested
for any one thing more profitable.
It contaiii; St p:'gcs, printed on
fine bu":c p:pvr, v.ilrt elegant
eoveis in colors. It is for sale bv
DR. A. T. NOE,
We mean by this term a science
of bones and the electric forces
of man, "the nervous system,"
Neuro meaning nerve therefore
better enabled to treat all forms of
diseases originating from the efft
of some nerve force. Osteopathis,
the true name for Ostopathy,
meauing a science of treating dis
ease originating from dislocated
By the new science, in treating
diseases, we are better enabled to
reach all parte of man through the
nervous system, like Edison with
the telegraphic system can reach
all parts of the earth by simply
pressing on a buttou or tapping
upon a key, and the force being
sent out over the positive line, the
negative force brings back the an
swer. If there are any obstruc
tions, it tells him where itis and if
he is familiar with all the parts he
knows where and how to prooceed
to remove the cause.
We live in a day and age in
vhich all things around us are of a
igressive nature. Everything
.ist move on. You can not side
r.idc and say you have all there is
'.a science, that has any scientific
principles about it. To move one
must be on the main line with head
light directed to the things that are
higher and brighter. There is yet
room higher. Who will reach the
top round in this scientific re
search We must be climbing on
or we will be trampled under foot.
Os eopathy in itself has done some
wonderful things in relieving suf
fering humauity. . yet alone has
fallen shoit in many things. I, re
alizing this fact and having review
ed Osteopathy and with it ihe elec
trical foiees of man in all these de
partments, have made a more
thorough investigation of the
mechanism i.f man, and under
stand the ielaiin of the nerve
forces to the different organs.
glands, muscles, circulation, and
with this development and adding
the law of the similars: "Like cures
Order or Puqlication in Vacation.
In the circuit court of Adair
county, Missouri, January term,
The state of Missouri, at the re
lation and to the use of S. A. D.
Murphy, collector of the revenue
for the city of Kirksville, state of
Missouri, against William Jones,
James Jones, Thomas E. Sublette,
Henry Bestman and W. II. Clark,
defendants, Petition for taxes.
Now on this 2lst day of Novem.
ber, 1S94, comes the above named
plaintiff, by his attorney, .1. C.
Storm before the clerk of the cir
cuit court of the county of Adair
and state of Mifsouri, and files his
petition in .the above entitled cause
alleging among other rliintra tlmi
the ,dooliirii,J.Timic- -Tones is a
non-resident of the" state of Miss
ouri, so tnau tne ordinary process
of law cannot be served upon him
and prays- that he be summoned by
pubbcatio'i. Wherefore it is or
dered by said clerk in vacation
that publication be made, notify
mg said defendant that an action
has been commenced against him
by petition in the circuit court of
Adair county, Missouri, the object
and general nature of which is to
obtain a judgement against said
defendants for the sum of ten and
00-100 dollars, aggregate amount
of taxes for the years 1SS8, 18S9,
1S00, 1S01, 1S02, 1S03, and levied
upon and against the real estate
hereinafter described, owned by
the defendants. Said taxes due
and delinquent on said land, with
interest thereon as provided by law
together with commission, attor
uey's fees and costs of said pro
ceedings. Also to have said judg
ment declared a lien in favor of the
city of Kirksville upon thu follow
ing described lands, lying and be
ing situate in the county of Adair
and state of Missouri, to-wit:
uois one a- ti two, i anu z. in
block twenty two, 22, in the north
east addition to Kirksville, Adah
county, Mo. : T v
And also tOufotce'said lien and
to obtain a dejprecT for thealeof
said real estate, or so much there
of as may be--necessary to satisfy
said judgement, interest, commis
sion, fees and costs. And unless
you, James Jones defendant be
and appeaf'at the next regular
term of the circuit court of Adair
county, Missouri, to be begun and
held at the court'' house in Kirks
ville, on the first. Monday in Jan
uary, 1S95, and -answer or plead to
said petition on or before the sixth
day of said term of court ( should
the term so long continue, and if
not, then before the end of the
term), the same will be taken
Order of Publication.
In the Circuit Court of Adair
County, Missouri, October term,
18!M the state of Missouri, at the
relation aud to the use of ti. A. D
Murphy, collector of the revenue
for the said city, county of Adair,
State of Missouri, Plaintiff, against
Hannah Tubersing defendant, pe
tition for taxes.
Now on this 27th day of Octo
ber 1S01 conies the above named
plaintiff, by his attorney, J. C.
Storm, and it appearing to the
court that the defendant has not
been served with process in this
cause find is a non-resident of the
state of Missouri, so that the or
dinary process of law cannot be
served unon him. Wherefore it
is ordered by the court that publi
cation be made, notifying said De
fendant that an action has been
commenced against her by petition
in the Circuit court of Adair coun
ty Missouri, the object and general
nature of which is to obtain a
judgement against said Defendant
for the sum of five and -10-100 dol
lars, aggregate amount of taxes for
the years 1887, 1SSS, 18S!, 1800,
US01, 1S!)2, and levied upon and
against the real estate hereinafter
described, owned by the defendant.
Said taxes due and delinquent on
said land, with interest thereon as
provided by law, together with
commission, attorney's fees and
costs of said proceedings. Also
to have said judgement declared
a lien in favor of the city cf Kirks
ville to an use aforesaid upon the
following described lands, lying
and being situate in the county of
Adair and state of Missouri, to
wit: The east half of lots one, two,
three and four (1, 2, 3, and -1,) in
block twenty-three (23) m Dod
sons addition to Kirksville, Adair
county Missouri. And also to
enforce said lien and to obtain a
decree for the sale of said real es
tate, or so much thereof as may
be necessary to satisfy said judge
ment, interest, commission, fees
and costs. And unless you, Han
nah Tubersing the said defendant
be and appear at the next regular
term of the Circuit court of Adair
count', Misssouri, to be begun and
held at the Court House m Kirks
ville, on the first Monday in Jan
uary 1SS5, and answer or plead to
said petition on or before the sixth
day of said term of court (should
the term so long continue, and if
not, then before the end of the
term,) the same will be taken as
confessed, and judgment rendered
as asked for in plaintiff's petition.
Itis further ordered that a 3 pyof
this order be published in the
Graphic a weekly newspaper
published in said Adair county,
for four weeks successively, the
iasfr insertion to be at least iiiteen
days before the commencement
of the next term of this court.
A true copy. Attest.
(seal) A. P. limns, Clerk,
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Notice of Final Settlement.
like" to those that are needing it,
makes the cure for chronic diseas
es more uniform than any othei
mode of treatment. It is said b
some that there is a bone dislocat
for every disease.
The science of Neuro Osteopath
is classifies the different diseases
8i.a us wiK uuutuj; auu patHOlOX
of every case and tells us what to
do and where to operate. What i
Man without a thorough knowl
edge of self! Who is it that atr
tains all this? Man is of divine
origiu, the most wonderful struct
ure of the universe. n to com
prehend such architect u-c has to'
as confessed; and judgement ren
dered as asked for in plaintiffs pe
tition. It is further ordered that a
copy of this order be published in
the Graphic, a weekly newspaper
published in said Adair county, for
four weeks succ ssively, the last
insertion to be at least 15 days be-
iore the commencement of the next
term of this Court A. P. Hums,
A true copy.; Attest, Clerk
By W: J. Ashlock. D. C.
State of Missouri, 1
County of Adair, J '
Fmxl settle njut oi tin estiti of
Thomas T. Botts deceased.
Notice is hereby given to all credi
tors and ethers interested in the
estate of Thomas T Botts, deceas
ed, that I, J Ar. Emerson, admin
istrator of said estate, intend to
make final settlement thereof at
the next term of the Probate court
of Adair county, to be held at
Kirksville, on the 11th day of
Febuary, 1S95. J. V. Emeksos,
The best kind of Galvanized
spouting and conductors at Helme
Bros. & Co.
Green Grove Items.
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Wheat is looking fine.
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Iey. We consider it an excellent
piece of machinery for making feed
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Rev. McRae is holding a pro
tracted meeting at the Grove.
J H. Vansickel has a child that
is very ill.
J. T. Coontield has built a new
I T. Stephens and T. J. Hick
man are building r.ew houses.
Anderson Hughes has completed
a new residence.
John Virden has just completed
a large barn.
.jounamer, oi Jirasiiear, was
buying stock in this vicinity last
Dr. Miller has moved to the T.
J. Hickman property near the
J. S. Hickman went to Chicago
last week with hogs.
omuiey iiros. are still uoing a
largebusiness in general merchan
dise. Win. Clark is getting out a car
load of wood to be delivered at
J. F. Stephens aud family spent
Saturday and Sunday near Martins
town. "
v'fcl Jv j
.sWorld's Fair.
i-f iix
IJverytlihiK: their own Way.
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thing their own way in the Nation,
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r ..ny other adulterant
( mouCj to oau
School Report.
Report of Normal Mound school
for the mouth eudingNov. 23, 1S04.
Number of pupils enrolled for the
month, 42; number of days attend
ed by all pupils 724; average num
ber of pupils attending each day,
30; average number of days attend
ed by each pupil, 17; number of
days taught, 20. Those present
every day are, Dollie, Walter and
Delia Church. Stella and Dee
Conkle, Emma Kirkpatrick, Dari
us, Janes, and Mabel Mclntyre,
Ancie and Zoe Manck, Eyrie and
Irma Corbin, Metta Mitten, Mary,
Ollie, aud Alma Pinkerton, John
nie Teneyeck, Oval and Willie
Miller, Ollie and Miner Stoneciph
er. Effie MyktleCokbix,
The attention of our grocers and
others interested in the candy
trade, is called to the Kirksville
candy factory. This is a home
institution, turns out nothing but
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Wabash Excursion to Kansas
On the occasion of Gen. BootliK
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'The Great Wabash Route,"
Through Tourist Sleeper Kirks
ville to Los Angeles, Cal.
The Wabash R. R. is now ruE
ning a Through Pullman Tonrist
Sleeper, Kirksville, to Los Angeles,
Oil., oil No. S, each Saturday
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the thing for California passengers..
C. S. Ceaji, G. P. & T. A,
Sleeping car rates Kirksville to.
Kansas city $1 00, Kirksville to
Los Angeles $5.50.
W. E. Xoojtax, Agt.
America Leads theiWorld
f Strength A
jfJilMfh, ?
lJUlll.U, & CODV,
The Crowning Glory of the Age.
Man's enterprise culminated at the World's Columbian
Exposition. The memory of it will be a marvel for all time.
The fame there acquired will live for years. The manufact
urers of
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
appreciate the award to them of highest honors at the
Exposition.The significance of the compliment, the splendid
character of the indorsement, cannot be underrated. It
stamps Dr. Price's as without a peer among the baking pow
ders. The jury of awards, an exceptionally intelligent body,
was headed by the Chief Chemist of the United States Depart
ment of Agriculture. They found Dr. Price's Cream Baking:
Powder strongest in leavening power, perfect in purity, and
of uniform excellence.
"ForemoBt Baking PowUer la all the World.,,'
A, I iU. - (& ,7
'-&&" r-
-- j-"-" , - i
- .S-itu''
-. ...

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