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T. E. SUBLETTE. Proprietor
Cleveland's message belongs
in the "last but not least" list.
The message touched upon
almost everything except the
reason its author did not vote.
The latest political inter
pretation of the three R's is,
Reason, Revenue and Republican
ism. The next President of the
United States wilk not talk for
freedom and delay action for
Cleveland's message indi
cates a double barrel pen, with
nothing but paper in the Cuban
American journals need not
discuss Armenian atrocities. The
Cuban article is just as genuine
and much nearer home.
Gomez micht have been
more favorably noticed in the
President's message, if he hau
loyally procured a substitute for
service in the field.
Cleveland extended the Cu
ban patriots considerable star-
spangled sympathy and hope de
ferred, but such articles are very
airy in a lean knapsack.
Bryan still attracts some at
tention in certain places. But for
that matter the stir that has gone
out of business in Cygnus is yet
interesting to some astronomers.
An Atlanta paper com
placently remarks, "The country
is safe." This is perhaps the
safest way for a Democratic sheet
in Geonna to say. Hurrah for
People of the United States
have about 50,000,000 invested
in Cuba, and Spain is now laying
their possessions waste under the
India rubber privilege of a
"friendly nation."
Mr. Cleveland asks Con
gress to be economical and Mr.
Carlisle asks for $121,000,000 to
run his department another year.
Democratic "economy" seems to
be an expensive article.
Democratic tariff reformers
are puzzling themselves to ascer
tain how revenue will be raised by
the next administration. Republi
can mothods havo always been in
comprehensible to statesmen with
a deficit record.
Populism has never regu
larly developed in England, though
individual cases have foreshad
owed that political weakness
among the British. Dean Swift
once declared he was dying at the
top, like a tree.
Mrs. Castle, the beautiful
kleptomaniac, recently underwent
a surgical operation foi her morbid
ideas of the rightB of property.
Hope grows in the world. The
Burgeons may be able to cope with
the free silver hallucination next
If it be tiue, as Brjanite
leaders claim, that free silver has
come to stay with the party it
woefully misled this year, it is
evident that Democracy has taken
Greeley's advice and gone West to
grow up with the sage brush and
The President has virtually
dmitted that the Wilson Gorman
-oil! is a great measure. Enemies
hiB own party now have
.nance to assert that he failed to
Ign it because of its merits. Since
they have begun to explore his
career for faults, they would as
well make the most of every in
The Monroe Doctrine has
been discussed a great deal the
last year or two, and yet in one
respect it is a puzzle to the aver
age American. Nobody but an
administration Democrat can un
derstand how it completely covers
Venezuela and yet at the same
time bo utterly fails to reach as
far as Cuba.
Democrats who hungered
consumingly for gold before the
election now refuse it at the banks
and prefer paper. It suggests the
story of the Dutchman who, hear
ing another who owed him was in
a bad way financially, called on
him for the money. When the
debtor promptly produced the
ready cash, Hans remarked, "You
goto him I don't want him; you
don't got him, I has him righ
away quick.''
The Turkish muddle known
as the "conceit of Europe" could
be more aptly termed the tragedy
in Armenia.
Spain is the same "friendly
nation'' that recognized the Con
fideiaey forty days after the fall
of Sumptcr.
Cleveland omitted details in
oider to be brief. It is well the
reading public escaped his ideal
of amplification.
if the Populists desire a
test of party strength in the Con
gressional race, they should nomi
nate their strongest man.
Had Cleveland been Peck
sniff enough to hint in his mes
sage a sublime sorrow over election
results, portions of his party might
have loved him more. But "GroJ
vcr isn't built that way "
New Mexico aud Oklahoma
effectually voted down their State
hood for some years by going in
favor of free silver. The country
already has too many coercing
Senators from the Wild and Wool
ly. It has been announeed that
Venezuela is not like.y to be
satisfied with the work of the
boundary commission. Perhaps
little better was to be expected.
Small nations seem to be incapa
ble of gratitude.
So far the sporting men
have not been able to determine
which was mote brutal in the
Sharkey Fiizsimmons fight, the
blows or the steal. A few more
contests of the sort will knock the
prize ring out. Give the bruisers
Every good American citi
zen is glad of course to note the
progress of international arbitra
tion, but it does not follow at all
that he would have Uncle Sam
disregard Washington's admoni
tion to St. Clair: 'Beware of a
The President waited quite
a long time to tell what he thought
about the clap-trap of Bryau and
Tillman in the campaign, but
when he got ready he gave out his
opinion with characteristic earnest
ness. Any Democrat can easily
commit to memory his words on
the subject "Our national struc
ture shows no signs of weakness."
One-fourth of the letters
mailed in the United States for
foreign countries lack the postagi
necessary, hence they fail to go.
as they must be prepaid in full
The shortage is said to be especial
ly prevalent about Christmas,
when the missives have additional
significance and value. A little
care in such cases would save
much conjecture aud disappoint
ment. The despicable methods of
Spain crop out in nothing plainer
than in the attempt to disparage
Gen. Antonio Maceo as a man
with mulatto instincts and guerril
la tactics It is certainly bad taste
to endeavor to belittle an officer
who has repeatedly outgeneraled
the ablest leaders of the enemy.
Dead or alive, Maceo will con
tinue the most brilliant figure of
the Cuban strife. He learned the
science of arms i the ten years'
war, and was given the leadership
of the cavalry in the present strife
because of his distinguished abili
ty. In dash and daring he some
what resembles Sheridan, and the
reference to his origin only proves
that mulatto blood may be superior
to that of Castile and Aragon on
the field of battle. Outside of
Spain, humanity will hope Maceo
may again contradict the story of
his death by wreaking summary
vengence upon the tyrants who
have been beaten to the level of
Something to Know.
It may be worth something to
know that the very best medicine
for restoring the tired out nervous
system to a healthy vigor is Elec
trie Bitters. This medicineg is
purely vegetable, acts by giving
tone to the nerve centres in the
stomach, gently stimulates the
liver and kidney, and aids these
organs in throwing off impurities
in the blood. Electric Bitters im
proves the appetite,aids digestion,
and is pronounced by those who
have tried it as the very best
blood purifier and nerve tonic.
Try it. Sold- for 50c or $1.00 per
bottle at B. F. Henry's drug store.
I suffered for thirty years with
Rheumatism and had tried every
thing. Dr. Sawyer's Family Cure
cured me. Mrs. C. Young, Meno
iniuie, Wis. Ward & Finley
Letter From Old Hexico.
nr, 6th, lSmJ.J"
Editor (Jiurmn: Ah I prom
ised to write, I will now job down
a fow thoughts pei tabling to my
trip and to the country round
about where I now am, and shall
in so fining endeavor to keep in
mind brevity.
Larrived at. this place in due
time; witnessed beautiful prairie
and mountain scenery on the way,
and arrived here leeliug better
physically, and hence of necessity
mentally, than when I left. Ivirks
ville or home. My destination by
rail toad was Guaymas, a place of
about four thousand inhabitants,
and located on the main laud of
the gulf coast of lower California.
remained in this place four days
for the time of the leaving of the
boat, as I had about two hundred
miles to travel by water to where
I now am. While in Guaymas I
walked all over the place, besides
riding from one end to the other
in a street oar drawn by horses. A
cleaner town for its size I have
never seen. Not the least offen
sive smell could I detect either in
alley-or street, and yet so warm
that I sweat in walking about to
see tLe place Their streets and
allcps I noticed were cleaned up
dailv, and all refuse from the
buildings taken away. Yet, out
from the States would incline to
the opinion, from the 'style and
outside appearance of the build
ings, that the people are of a dirty
order. Not so. Yet one must
not infer from this that none are
dirty. I have seen a few in rags
and dirt. Rags I suppose through
poverty, and dirty apparel through
dirty work. Begging is not allow
ed there except two clays in the
week. I saw but three begging,
two blind and the other an aged
person. Their buildings are most
ly one story, and built mostly of
dried brick, and somewhat resem
ble brick kilns. Some are cement
d over on the outside, and inside,
lined off to represent hewn stone,
and some have floors of the same
material The walls of a few are
wholly of stone and others wholly
of brick. Avery little glass is
seen and that in but a few of their
buildings The openings in the
store buildings, except the doors,
have over them iron bars. iSo
lass. Tightness agamec com is
not necessaiy here. They guard
more to keep out the sun or heat
than to keep out the cold. Stores
and counters are lengthwise or
parallel with the streets.
The hotel at which I put up is
nearly directly across from a num
ber of school buildings one and two
stories high. They have separate
buildings for the boys and gills.
It was quite a sight to me to see
the children at the close of the
school march out in single file,
the smaller children in the lead,
aud all dressed in a variety of gay
colors, and wearing shoes and
stockings and looking nice and
clean. I asked why the children
wore shoes and stockings when it
was so warm. The reply was that
custom required this and also to
go clean. Their playing aud
laughing seemed the same as that
of children in the States, though 1
could not understand anything
they said in their talking one to
another. And while there, in the
midst of a people whose language
I could not understand, I was
somewhat afflicted with that ail
ment known as the blues. I heard
a man laugh, a dog bark, a roo.ster
crow, a turkey gobble, a horse
neigh, and a cat mew. These
were familiar sounds and gave
some relief. I was lucky enough
however to sit by a man at. the ho
tel table, a resident American,
who could speak the Spanish
language, aud who was of aid to
me there and elsewhere outside.
Aboard the boat there was but
one person who could speak the
English language, an American,
the engineer.
Topolobampo can hardly be call
ed a town or village, as there are
but three or four rudely built
builldiugs there, except the cus
'om house, which looks well as
compared with the others, and is
built of hewn stone. There are a
few things kept for sale in the
warehouse at the landing. This
is a Bite intended for a city. The
water in the bay is deep, and the
entrance to it such that the harbor
is protected on every side by hills
or mountains from storms of the
culf. The arable land back of this
is quite extensive, and when, cul
tivated, to Bay nothing of the min
eral prospects buck in the moun
tains, would no doubt support a
large place at this point. "The
State of Sinaloa i8 said to be liter
ally covered with silver mines."
This is from the history of Mexi
co as found in thu American Cy
clopedia. I am a number of miles
back from the bay. The soil is
excellent, and of great depth. In
sinking a well it was found to be
sixty five feet deep, an.d under it
sand with salt water, and this
saud no doubt is a layer forming
the original bottom or bed of the
gulf. The soil is of a reddish col
or, aud I believe is mixed with
fine volcanic matter. The moun
tains are seen in nearly every di
rection in the distance, and appear
of a deep blue color. No doubt
this vast expase of land . as form
ed in past ages by washings
from the mountains, and in past
and later ages the.process in filling
up no doubt ceased by the forma
tion of rivers. All mountains I
believe to have been volcanic or
thrown up sometime iu the long
past by heat.
The variety of products here to
quite an extent are the same as in
the States, with an addition of
other kinds making the variety
here greater than there. To item
ize upon what is and evidently
can be raised here would lengthen
out this article too long. I will
state, however, that sugar cane
needs planting but once in fifteen
or twenty years, and cotton but
once in four or five, and that
sweet potatoes are perpetual. Of
corn, beans, Irish potatoes, grapes
etc., two crops a year are raised.
Stock have green feed the year
round, though corn fodder is not
Mexicans aud Iudiaus, from
their color, I am unable to tell
apart. The higher class of Mexi
caus are in general more intelli
gent in features and some are
lighter in color. The Indians here
are not a wild and savage people
as some would suppose. They
work like other people, and are a
means of wealth to those who em
ploy them. Their standard wages
is thirty seven and a half cents a
day. They care not for more than
a bare living, and aresatisfied with
the cheapest order at that To
give them greater wages stimulate,
ihem to idleness, for then they
will work but a pert of the time.
In passing houses of Indians
and low class Mexicans I noticed
a cross erected in tlreir yards. I
inquired the object, and 'was told
that it was to keep out the devil.
I did not learn whether it was to
keep the devil out of their yards,
out of their houses, or out of them
selves. These people, though de
luded, are no doubt sincere in
their belief and mode of worship.
They have their religious en
tertainments (Fiesta's) where they
have their sports, dance, drink,
and gamble, aud have fire works
at night. These entertainments
continue sometimes lor two or
three days They do not consider
these things to be antichristian or
wrong. When drunk they are in
no way dangerous or quarrelsome.
The stores in this country are kept
open on Sunday the same as on
other days in the week. Indeed it
is the merchant's best day for
business, as the masses make this
a day of recreation and pleasure,
and a day in which to make their
purchases. This is no country for
a common 'laborer from the States
depending upon others than him
self for employment, for such
would place themselves on a level
with the Indians, and would have
to work for the same pay. There
are now no Peons in this country,
the law has lately been abolished,
so I am told. Skilled labor or
mechanics, obtain coou wages
here wherever needed. I con
versed with an American, direct
from a gold mine near by, and
employed there, and from him
learned that wages in and pertain
ing to the mines was from seventy
five cents to ten dollars a day, ac
cording to position, ability and
The land here is something like
a vast extent of plane. It has very
nearly a gradual slope from the
mountains to the gulf, and a pitch
of from one to three feit to the
mile, and hence in excellent shape
for irrigation, which is necessary
here except in places along the
river. Rain falls here, at cer
tain periods. The water sup
plied to the community in which
I am is lifted from the Fuerte river
into a canal by what is called a
pump, properly. It is a device lor
I lif tling water rapidly, and is oper
atcd by Bteam power. It produces
a stream something like a little
river. From the canal mentioned
laterals arc run. The pump
(brought from the States by Ameri
cans) I am told is sufficient to
water four thousand acres of land.
When the water in the river is
high it runs into the irrigating
canal and then the pump is not
needed. There are other pumps
of the same kind in the vicinity.
The Mexicans here have become
satisfied of the utility of these
pumps and are already beginning
to use them. There is sufficient
water for all purposes, and to
spare. Depending upon rain is
uncertain. Depending upon ir
rigation is positive. Here, aud
around where I am, my son aud
daughter counted up sixty-three
American families.
A. J. Sfreeter, of New Windsor,
111., once candidate for President
of the United States, has purchased
seventy - five thousand acres of
laud here, and the Kansas and
Sinaloa Investment Co., seventeen
thousand, and one Mr. Johnson,
from the States, manager here of
a sugar mill, forty-five thousand.
Land is not Burveyed here as in
the States. The lines run in various
directions, and hence the number
of acres as mentioned is by ap
proximation. It is the object of
the owners, I am told, to divide
this land jip into suitable tracts
and sell it off at from two to four
dollars an acre. Here will be an
opportunity for one even with but
little means to bring himself into
a position leading to prosperity,
wealth and happiness.. The coun
try here, as one mights-infer from
the above, I like; and thus far the
climate has been delightful. I ex
pect to remain here until the first
of April, and then to return home.
If a river ran out from here,
"and from thence parted and be
came into four heads,"' I should
think this the veritable place
where was the "Garden of Eden."
I have drawn this article out
longer than intended, and am re
minded of my promise in keeping
in mind brevity.
To all acquaintances greeting.
War. Hart.
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S'l.:- ..'?-foSrS"-.
The New Baptist Church was dedicated last Sunday at 11
o'clock. The dedicatory services were conducted by Rev.
Brown of Kansas City. At the morniug service $1200 were
raised and the church was dedicated free from debt. The
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