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Weekly graphic. (Kirksville, Adair Co., Mo.) 1880-1949, December 25, 1896, Image 3

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T. E. SUBLETTE, Proprietor.
Mrs. Leech for Millinery.
Mibs Erinie Owen is visiting Iut
pareuts at Clinton.
Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Williams
are visiting in La Plata.
Frank Storm was in St Louis
the fore part of the week.
Dr. T. A. Guthrie, of La Plata
spent Sunday with Kirksville
W. P. Sublette, of Kansas City,
is visiting his parents near Sub
lette. Julius Altschuler, manager of
the Palace Clo thing Store, spent
Sunday in Ottuuiwa.
Miss Eliza Adams, of Bloom
field, la., is visiting her sister,
Mrs. V. D. Goode.
Drs. Hannah, Bonnds, and Stab
lin are home from St. Louis to
spend the holiday vacation.
The Public Schools dismissed
Thursday for the holiday. School
will begin again Janunry fourth.
Ihe Bullion Sunday school will
give a musical and literary enter
tainment in the church New Years
Sheriff-elect Blackledge return
ed Wednesday from a week?' trip
to Putnam, Marshal and LaSalle
counties, 111.
There will be a ball and festival
in the town hall at Adair Mondaj
and Tuesday nights, December 2S
and 29. All are invited.
A Subscriber at Greencastle,
sent the Gbawiic S2.00 Monday
but failed to give his uame. Please
6end name so we can give credit.
Arthur Patterson manufactured
this season 40,000 gallons of cider
all of which was sold in St. Louis.
The shipmeht made a train of
elven cars.
The Normal, Mercantile College,
School of Osteopathy and Pub
lic schools dismissed for the holi
days. They will open again Janu
ary 4.
There have been twenty-three
conversions at the M. E. church,
South. Meetings will continue
during next week each evening at
7 p. m.
The city council is thinking of
closing down the water works.
Shutting down the water works
and closing the saloons will not
make Kirksville a dry town.
ChasRaridan and family who
have been residents of Sublette
many years, left Monday for Glen
wood, where Mr. Raridan takes
charge of a large farm as man
ager. Miss Maggie Forrest left Wed
nesday for her home in LaCrosse,
Wis. Miss Forrest has been tak
ing treatment for the last seven
months, and returns home entirely
Miss Lizzie Johnton, business
manager of the Kirksville Millin
ery Co., left Thursday morning
for her home in St. Louis. From
tbercebe will go to Greenville,
111,, to visit her brother.
The Knights of Pythias cordial
ly invite the public to attend their
tiunual entertainment to be given
at the Opera House, Wednesday
evening, Dec. 30, 'i)G. The music
for the occabion will be furnished
by the K. P. oichestra Aduiis
sion free.
Ex-Congressman Hatch is ljiiif.
at the point of death at his home
near Hauuib.il. Wednesday morn
ing he was thought to be dying
and relatives aud friends were
hastily summoned to his bedside.
He was better during the afternoon,
but his death is momentarily ex
pected, Miss Leona Kellopg entertained
the D. E. club last Monday night
Mr. Kyle leceived the piize for
writing poetry. Elegant refresh
ments were served, and all had a
most enjoyable time. Those pres
ent were Misses Still, Soles,
Critchfield, Brennemauaud Messrs
Swan, Kyle, Wycoff, Shackelford
and Fout.
Fiunigan's Fortune, a farce
comedy in four acts, with all the
latest cou-icbougs aud specialties
will be presented in the Opera
House by home talent Fridayeven
ing, Jauuary 1st. The entertain
ment will be given under the u an
agenient of Prof. Bobert Darton
which assures the public of some
thing first class.
Dr Smiley and wi o are visit
ing in .Memphis.
Miss Foraker left Monday nigh t
for Cincinnati, Ohio.
Rev. Hall of Hutchinson, Kans
as, is visiting Dr. A T Still.
Miss Prewitt is spending the
holiday vacation at Fayette.
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Campbell
are visiting relatives at Milan.
J. W. Reynolds, of Willmath
Tille, was in the city Weduesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. "Uber of
Greentop, were in the city Wed
nesday. Mr. and Mrs, W. J. Crow, of
of Sublette, were in the city Satur
day. Mr. Edgar S. Bronson, of Tren
ton, was in the city Monday and
Harry Prentice and G. F. New
comb, of Walnut, were in the city
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Vice and son,
of Pure Air, were in the city
Miss Minnie Potter is visiting
her friend, Mrs. Lee Gilniore, of
Kansas City.
Dr. Boyles and wife, of Bloom
ington, are visiting relatives and
friends in the city.
J. T. Funk and son, Izen, of
Hurdland are in the city for, a
sliGrt visit.
R. H. Sublette left Tuesday on
a shoit business trip to Round
Pond, Oklahoma.
Mrs E. W. Parcells is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. J. B. Conley
in Jacksonville.
Miss Ethel Soles left for Quincy,
Illinois, last night where she will
spend the holidays.
Hon. M. M. Ham of Dubuke,
Iowa, who has beeu taking treat
ment returned home Monday.
Mr. Ed. Keith who has been
traveling in Illinois arrived home
Wednesday to spend the holidaj .
0. E. Pebles of Schuyler couuty
recently caught 28 rats in a trap at
one time. The kind of trap is not
Albert Herren, a prominent
farmer, of Pettis township was
in the city Weduesday on busi
ness. 1. F. Stroup of Novinger, E. S.
Stewart, of Sperry, and John
Quinn, of Adair, spent Monday in
Mr and Mrs. Jno. Marquess left
Thursday morning for a week's
visit with relatives at- Dewitt and
Miss Mary Armstrong and Mrs.
Warren, of Ottumwa, Io., are vis
iting their uncle, M . D. Cole, at
the Stfll Hotel.
Sherman Salisberry and sister,
Mrs. C. E. Becktol, left Thursday
for a week's visit with relatives
in Dallas City, 111.
Misses Addie and Etta Camp
bell attended the wedding of their
cousin, Miss Willie Atterberry,
at Elmer, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. James Clark left
Thursday morning for a visit of
several days with Mrs. Clarks'
mother at Quincy.
J. T. Mitten and Lucian Gar
lock, two of the finest looking
bachelors in Salt River township,
were in the city Tuesday.
Miss Mae Critchfield will spend
the holidays at her home iu Oska
loosa, Kansas. Mer sister Miss
Kate will return wi th her.
Dr. A. P. Willaid and wife left
Thursday for Kansas City to
spend ihe holidays with their
duugh ter, 11 rs. Port Hovey.
11 r. aud Mrs. W. H. DeFrauce
and sou of Omaha, Neb , are visit
ing Mr. DeFrauce' s father aud will
rem ain until after the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Breen, J.
M. Ludden, of Adair, C. H. Dow
ner, of 3ibbs, and Thos. Cole of
Zig were in the city Tuesday.
Mr. Oty Myers, of Gower, is
visiting his grandmother, Mrs.
Sarah Funic, and other Kirksville
relatives aud will remain three or
four weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McCaudless
and daughters, Misses Ha and
Elma, of Kellerton, Iowa, arc vis
iting Mr. aud Mrs. C. A. McCand
less of this city.
Mrs. Ed. Pickler and Mrs. Frank
Parker, of Minneapolis, are visit
ing their parents, Mr. aud Mrs.
D. S. Guipe, aud will remain until
after the holidays.
Dr. Goben wan at Slahl and
Greene tstle Tuesday on profession
al business.
Dr. Clifford Henry, of Augusta,
111., is visiting his parents,. Mr,
and Mrs. B. F. Henry.
Literary and musical prograniB
at all the churches, followed by
treats for the children made Christ
mas Eve a happy time for the lit
tle ones.
Miss Eflie Ferris of Spaulding
Springs, who had been attending
the Normal left for home Thurs
day morning to spend the holiday
J. R. Schields, W. W. Mat
thews, W. Clark, of Sperry, Lewis
Beach, of Millard, aud W. W.
Midcap, of Adair, twere iu the
city Wednesday.
Dr. Chas. Still and wife, and
Miss Blanche Still leave to-morrow
for New York City, on a
pleasure trip. They will return
by way of Washington.
Mr. James Ellison, who has
been studying law with his broth
erinlaw, Mr. Yinsonhaler of Oina
ha, Neb., is visiting at home dur
ing the holidays.
Mrs. W. B. Brinkerhoff and
daughter, of St. Joseph, arrived iu
the city Wednesday to spend
Christmas with Mrs. Brinkerhoff's
daughter, Mrs. Geo. C. Lewis.
The meeting will continue dur
ing next week each evening at the
M. E. church, South. There
have been twenty three conver
sions aud the attendance has been
increasing all the time and the in
terest growing
Reona Hassank while working
in Murphy's Variety Wood Works
Weduesday morning had his hand
badly lacerated by a small circular
saw. Drs. Martin and Parrish
dressed the hand. The young
man will be disabled for several
weeks as the hand was sawed to
the bone in a number of places.
Jonxsox Vice At the residence
of W. C. Truiit Sunday evening
Dec. 20th, 1S9G, Mr. Egbert E
Jonson and Miss Emma K. Vies
of Pure Air, Mo., W. C. Truitt,
J. P., officiating.
Mikel-Dexxis - At the home of
the bride's parents in Havana,
111., DecemberlO, '90, Mr. J. T.
Mikel, the Home Insurance man
ofLaplata, aud Miss Florence
The wedding presents were
many, both costly aud beautiful.
A host of friends witnessed the
ceremony. The bridal couple ar
eived at Laplata the following
Saturday and are at home to their
friends- The Grapoic congratu
lates. Died.
Ea-rhart At the home of his pa
rents, J. T. and Minerva Ear
hait, Dec. 19, 1S9G, Virgil Earle
Earhart, aged 19 years, S months
and 14 day.
All that loving hearts and hands
could do to ward of the fell de
stroyer was faithfully done; but
without avail. Death claimed his
own, and loving friends are grief-
Earle was dutiful to his parent
industrious in his habits, home-
loving and social iu disposition
and quite aesthetical in his tastes.
Heurex At his home in Illinois
Bend, December 11, 1S9G, James
Henen, aged GS years.
He was burn in Ireland and
with his paicuts emigrated to
Canada when four years old. In
earl manhood he came to Illinois
thence to Missouri, and settled on
the farm where lie had since re
sided. He was a prospeious farm
er, and an excellent citizen. Buri
al took place the following Satur
day in LaPlata cemetery. Funer
al services weie conducted by Rev.
Crouch, pastor of the Baptist
chuich at Atlanta
At the Churchs.
Services at the Episcopal church
t -day with holy communion at
10:30 a. m.
Subjects in the Baptist church
Sunday: Morning, "The coining of
the Savior; ' evening: "How to
find the Savior."
Dec. 27th, at M. E. church,
Preaching by the Pastor at 11 a.
m., subject, ''Christs' Coming;"
evening, "The Gospel."
Subject of morning sermon at
the First Presbyterian church,
Dec. 27, "Review and Preview:"
Eeveniug service at 7:30.
Johnson To the wife of Volney
Johnson, Dec. 18, a son weight
15 pounds.
Big Sale.
Of Poland China hogs, by Minea
& Dodson, advertise! to take
place at the fairgrounds Deo 17th
was postponed on account of the
weather until Dec. 30.
Minear & Dodson have been to
great expense and pains to build
up their herds and purchnrvirs can
rely on getting the best.
Card of Thanks.
At the close of 1896 we desire to
thank our many patronB for their
past liberal patronage. During
1897 we will carry a larger and
better stock of goodB than ever,
and will be ready at all times to
give you just what you want at the
very lowest cash price. Wishing
alia merry Christmas and a happy
New Year we, remain very Re
spectfully, J. F. "Whitaobe & Co.
The Problem Solved.
The question, What is suitable
for Christmas presents! has been
solved by Farmer & Son. They
have just what you want: Silver
knives, forks, and spoons; also a
nice line of shearers, pocket
knives, beautiful nickeled coffee
and tea pots, and kettles; also fine
nickeled and plain skates, all at
hardtiinesjprices. Call anl pur
chase of Farmer & Son.
Mutual Insurance.
W. M. Watson aud H. P
Thompson have opened a Mutual
Insurance office in the postoffice
lobby. They can save yon one
third the cost of old line compan
ias, and it will pay you to call and
see them. They are experienced
men in the business.
Notice to Settle
All Persons indebted to J. F.
Whitacre & Co., either by note or
account, are requeste 1 to call an d
settle, as the firm does not want to
carry any 1896 accounts over to
Closing Sale
Till January 1st, 1897, of our
entire Big Stock of Dry Goods,
Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Capes,
Cloaks, Blankets, Dress Goods,
and everything else. Our stock is
too large Goods must be sold
Prices regardless of cost. Now is
the time to save money at
Piokler's Famous.
Never Mind The Weather.
Christmas will be her.e just the
same, and we feel safe in saying
that there has never been such a
complete display of Tropical Fruits
as will be at WILLARD'S GRO
CERY STORE, In addition to Or
anges, Tangerines, Lemons, Pine
apples, Dates, Japanese Persim
mons, Bananas, Figs, and Raisins ;
we will also have California Pears,
New York Pears, Celery, Cranber
ries, Grapes, Nuts of all kinds, and
Candy enougq for everybody, We
want all our tnends to call and see
Try a Wonder Egg Beater and
Cream whip. They are the best
thing out. Helme Bros. & Co.
Special Reduction 5ale
To reduce stock. Great bar
gains in every department during
December. Capes, Jackets, Blank
ets, Underwear aud Facinators at
Wholesale prices
Holiday Goods.
Loveliest line of handkerchiefs
ever shown in the city.
B. F. Lamkin.
H. L. Bishop is the new propri
etor of the City Restaurant.
A full line of choice goods for
the holiday trade at McKeehau &
in t
Notice to Settle.
All persons indebted to Eokert
& Son by note and account are re
quested to settle and save costs.
Holiday Rates.
Low rates for round trip on
The Great Rock Islaxd Route,
during the holidays: Ask any
ticket agent of the C, R. I & P.
R'y for rates and other particulars
in reference to these round trip
Johx Sebastiax G. P. A.
Chicago, 111.
The Gicseke Boots
best in the land; formerly sold by
Doneghy, now for sale by
Reliable Shoe Co.
South bide Square.
Dry Goods and Notions,
Clothing and Gents
Ladies and Misses Cloaks and Capes,
Trunks, Valiesesand Carpets
WANTED Faithful men oe
"women to travel for responsible
established house in Missouri.
Salary 8780 and expenses. Posi
tion permanent. Reference. En
close self-addressed stamped en
veloped. The National, Star In
surance Bldg., Chicago, HI.
For Rent-Two nicely furnish.
ed rooms, sin gle or double, with
or without board, convenient to
square. Inquire at Graphic
Englehart Bros.,
are offering some very fine bar
gains in Real. Estate, among which
are the following:
No. 826 SDlendidlotoiaFrank-
,. ... rtonrv
hn street, for SG0O.
it- toV. tt i ,-i. j j.,.-
mo. ozz vacanu iocs in iue
southwest part of the city at 870.
to $100 each. All level laying
No. 791 New four room ihouse
northwest part of the city, '.$550.
Terms easy.
No. 775 A splen did pr operty,
three blocks southwest of the
square, elegant yard, and a little
over two lots of ground, large
house, price $1900.
No. 542 One of the best proper
ties in the north part of the city,
on Franklin street, price 83600.
Up to date with all mode en im
provements. See them for anylcind of Heal
Tots, Albums, 'Bibles, Chjx
deens Books etcj., at W. B.
Smith's druggist, east side.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take laxative Bromo Quinine
tablets. All druggists refund the
money, if it fails to cure. 25c. For
Sale by B. F.Henry.
The largest and finest; line o
Christmas goods ever displaytl
in Kirksville is sow on exhibition
at Fout & McCbesneys.
Fout & McChesney are deter
mined to merit the holiday trade,
and have put on exhibition a
beautiful display at prices withiu
the reach of all.
Till January 1st, IS97, of om
en tire Big Stock of Dry Goods,
Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Capes,
Cloaks, Blankets, Diess Goods,
and everything else. Out; Stock is
too large Goods must be sold
Prices regardless of cost. Now is
the time to save money at
Pickler's Famous.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take laxative Bromo Qninine tab
lets. All druggists refund the
money, if it fails to cure. 25c. For
sale by B. F. Heury.
A positive guarantee to core or
money refunded will be , found
with each $1.00 bjx or hottle of
Dr. Sawyer's Family Cure or
Pastilles manufactured after this
date. Ward & FiXLEr.
School Report.
"WANTED Faiticful 3iEX or
woMEXto travel for responsible
established house Jin Missouri.
Salary 87S0and expenses. Posi
tion permanent. References. En
close self addressed stamped en
velope. The National, Star In
surance Bldg., Chicago, III.
I ;
Furnishing Goods,
Boots and Shoes
Notice Is hereby given that letters of administra
tion upon the estate of Thomas Dodson deceaed.
late of Adair county. Mo., have been granted to the
undersigned John W. aud Henry SI Dodson
fy the Probate courtof the county
ofAdlar. bearing date the 6th day of
Nov. 1896. All persons having claims against said
estate are required to exhibit them to me for allow
ance within one year after the date of said letters or
they may be precluded from any benefit of such es
tate: and if such claim be not exeibited within twe
years from the time of the publication of this notice
they will be forever barred;
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue and authority of a special execution on
a judgment ror delinquent taxes iucj irum uic
nfflce of the circuit clerk of Adair county. Missouri
returnable at the January term. 1S07 of said court, to
me directed In favor of William Meeks county col
ector and against John Morrow I have levied upon
Ihe seiied all the right, title, interest and estate of
tsaid John Morrow of In and to the following de
scribed real estate in Adair counly. Missouri, towitr
13 1-3 acres being th west one half of the east 27
acres of the south west quarter of he south west
qnarter of section no. thirty five (35) township sixty
three (6j) of range fourteen and I will, on Thurs
day the 7th day January, 1896 between the
hours of nine o'clock A. M. and five o'clock V. M. of
tuatday. while the circuit court for Adair county,
Missouri. Is in session, at the court house door, in
Kirksville. Adair county. Missouri, sell the same or
so much thereof as may be required, at public sale.
to the highest bidder for cash In hand, subject to all
t nrlor lies and judgements, to satisfy said execi
I Sid costs, georgewrupe,
Sheriff Aiair County.
aiu caciuiiuii
Sheriff Adair County, Mo.
By virtue and authority of a special execution on
a judgment for delinquent taxes issued from the
office of the clerk of the circuit court of Aiair
county. Missouri returnable at the January term
IS07 of said court, to me directed in favor of William
Meeks county collector and against Alanson L.
Rouse. Melissa Rouse, James Rouse. Richard
Ronse and Claudius yones I have lev
led upon and seized all the right, title. In
terest and estate of the said Manson L Rouse, Me
lissa Roue, James Rouae. Richard Rouse and
Claudius Jones of in and to the following describe
Ad real estate situatedui Adair county, Missouri
Lots A and B Railroad addition to wit. j acres
.-.-immnnclnir at a Doint on the south line ctthe south
west quarter of the north west quarter of section?
4snship 02. or range 15. 25 ice, iiuih me icuiei vi
toe isorin Missouri tv ttuicnte wi t mam, diu u
links from the soutneasi corner 01 a (rati 01 ian
couveyed By the first parties to A. Cridley thence
north o chains and n links thence east chains
and ij links to a point as feet of the center line of
said Railroad thence south along the Roalroad
grounds to the place of beginning,
sixteen, and I will, on Thursday the 7th day of
January 1896 between the hours of nine o'clock a.
m. and five o'clock p. m.of that dav. while the cir
cuit court for Adair county. Missouri. Is In session,
at the Court House door. In Kirksville. Adair county
Missouri, sell the same, or so much thereof as may
beirequired.at public sale, to the highest bidder for
eash In hand, subject to all prior liens and judge
ments.) to satisfy till execution and costs.
Geo. W. Rupe,
Sheriff Adair County Mo.
Sheriff's Sale.
Action on school bond,
county vs Calvin L. Miuton
Whereas on the 11 day of April
1892 Calvin L. Minton made exe-
C UCeU anu ueuveieu uia uuuua iu
4 wdair county to the use and bene
fi.t of tho county school and school
tt "i. 64 14 f Unds of said couuty,
an i to secure the payment of the
sun i of money mentioned in said
bonds, Calvin L. Minton and Sarah
Min ton his wife, made, executed
I and -delivered their mortgage deed
to Ac'airconnty, containing power
of salo of the following described
real eatate in Adair couuty, Mo ,
to-wit: The west half of the uorth
east quarter of section thirty six,
3, township sixty two, G2, of
range fifteen 15, also the north half
. if lot 2 of the northwest qnarter of
ettioa thirty one, 31, township
t ixty tWJD o"2, of range fourteen 14
Irrsv ifcwafore, by virtue and au-
tl oriiyotu- fieri facias issued from
th e office of the clerk of the Adair
co unty c'ourt ' me directed and
de livered, dated Dec. 9th, 1890, i
ha ve levieu1 upon and will sell at
public sale t1 the highest bidder
for cash in hau ' or on time with
ap proved seem ty- ior the Pa'-
mi nit of the pure tfie money, with
eit ;ht per cent, per annam, before
tin j Court House do 'or in the City
of Kirksville, while the circuit
co urt for said county 0I Adil'" is
! in. session on Thursdi xy tue ' tn
d:iy of January, 1837. be twen toe
h ours of 9 a. m. and 5 , n in- ot
that day, the real estate ab ove le"
f cribed, to satisfy said fieri facias
:nd cost s. G. W. Rupe,
Sheriff Adair County. '
Bui jklen'd Arnaca Salve.
The fc est salve in the world for
cuts, b ruises, sores, ulcers, salt
rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped
hands, chilblains, corns, and all
skin a ruptions, and positively
cures p ties, or no pay required. It
is guan -anteed to give perfect sat
isfactio n or money refunded. Price
25e pel box. For sale by B F
Henry: 's drugstore.
Mirth! Music! Mimioky
J-The "Whimsical,
Farce Comedy,
Finnigan's Fortune .
By the best home talent of the
city. All the newest and best
Fun for Everybody !
Performance under the direction
of Robert Darton.
Prices 15, 25 and 35.
Reserved 8eats at Normal Book
Lamps, Lamps, Lamps.
Stanton & Cole have on exhibi
tion the finest display of fancy
lamps ever shown by any house in
Kirksville. These lamps were
purchased direct from the factory,
and will be sold at about one-half
the prices usually asked for such
lamps. Their line of glass ami
chinaware is also immense, and
thair stock of groceries embraces
everything the purest and freshest
iu th giocery line.
Travel via the Picturesque Chari
Hills. For rates and other information
call on agent or address
John M.Savi.x Frank W. Evatt
General Manager, Genl Pass AgL
Quincy, Illinois.
W. H. Phalev. Agent.
Kirksville. Ms
For Sale A nice residence
property within two blocks of the
square. Inquire at Grapnic office.
The Gieseke Boots
best in the land; formerly sold by
Doneghy, now for sale by
Reliable Shoe Co.,
South Side Square.
Notice to Settle.
All persons indebted to J. F.
Whitacre & Co., either by note or
account, are requested to call and
Dead Shot
Bros. & Co's.
powder at Heluie
For Rent.
Furnished rooms two doors
east Nortli ward school.
Dress riaklnjr.
Miss Ollie Combs has opined a
dress making ist.iblish incut at tUe
residenco of Mrs Peinbertou. Sat
isfactiuii guaiantetd.
Eggs 15
Butter , , , , , 10
Feathers , , , 35c
Oats 12c
XH4j , 0UU
Hogs 82.90
Cows and Heifers 2.75
Beeswax ,.,,,..., 18o
Tallow 3 to 4c
Lard, 10c
Rye f . , . 30c
Wheat No 2 80e
Milk cows and calves . , . . 18 to $35
Roosters , , ,2 per lb
Mixed Feed 50c pr hund
Bran 45c "
Shorts fJOo " '
Hens 4
Spring Chickens ..,,.,,,.,., 4
Turkeys ,.,,... 7
Ducks 0
Geese 3.00 to 4.50
Corn - 20
Do all work iu the barber a Hue:
also ladies hnir dressing.
They make professional ca'ls at
the homes of the ill aud atllicted
any day except Satuiday
Singeing done equal to the finest
work in cities. Give them a trialj
it will be appreciated.
First Door Xortli of the Postoffice
WILLUjI parks J
l Till January 1 t. 1SU7, of oiu
entire Big Stock of Dry Good.-,
(, lothing, Boots, Shoes, Capes.
Cjv aks, Blankets, Dress Goods,
and everything else. Our stoi-n
is too large Goods must be sold
Prices regardless of cost. Now is
the time to save money at
Pickler's Famous.
in rimTf1tTffiiliT 6ftqMteMyaffu

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