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Volumn 30, Number 22
$1.00 A Year in Advance
mp I XT' XT "i' r
About Local People and Events and
Other Matters of Interest
Pears for sale by Mrs. W. R,
See the nice line of ivory goods
at the Rexall store.
Barred Plymouth Rock cockerels
$2.00 each. Mrs. Harry Landree,
phone 91.
For sale, two tons timothy hay
in barn loft, not bailed. R. L.
Haying installed a fnrnace have
a good coal heater for sale. A B.
Henderson, ronte one.
If yon want a Duroc male pig
eligible to record for $25.00 come
now.; C. M. Burnett.
The Rexall store is full of new
goods. Come in and see them
Yon are always welcome..
W.'-E. Shell returned Monday
from spending a couple of days at
the head office of the Talbott grain
company at Keokuk.
The Rexall drug store is the
place to get drugs, stationery
perfcmes, toilet soaps, ivory sets,
combs and brushes.
Geo. L. Kranz and E. E. Berry
are doing carpenter work at Hale
this week, building corn cribs for
the Talbott grain company.
The Laclede Co-operative Com
pany is now making bookings for
their second semiannual auction
sale. List what you have at once.
Harry Markham has -sold his
residence property in Laclede now
occupied by W. E. Shell to Joe
Duncan for $1,600. Mr. Markham
reserved the two lots south of the
A Moline trnctor demonstration
will be given by the Co-operative
Com any at some convenient place
near Laclede- next Monday and
those who have use for a tractor
are invited to be present.
Remember the program and pie
supper at the Bruner school house
on this Friday evening, October
10. : Music by the Brookfield
orchestra. Proceeds for benefit of
Sunday school. All are invited.
The used automobile advertised
for sale in The Blade last week was
sold Monday to Wm. Ebrich. It
was J. L. Welsh's Overland.. Mr.
Welsh had intended to drive it
throngh to Texas but concluded it
was too long a trip to undertake.
Piano for sale. Someone in the
vicinity of Laclede can procure a
slightly used piano in very nice
condition, fully warranted, by pay
ing a balance due. Terms granted.
For particulars write, OIney Piano
Co.. 414 Felix St., St. Joseph, Mo.
Mrs. H. C. Lomax gave a six
o'clock dinner Wednesday, the
guests being Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
Hilton of Santa Ana, Cal., Dr.
and Mrs. H. C. Pratt and son
Herbert of Brookfield, Miss Belle
Welsh, Rev. Layon and Mrs. J.
E. Welsh. !
J. A. Watson, one of the good
farmers down on the National
Trail, was in town Monday and (
took out a Moline manure spreader (
from the Co-operative store. Mr. (
Watson says a manure spreader is
a valuable piece of machinery to
successful farming.
If you are in the mariet for a they bad brongb: their appetite
car don't overlook the Auburn with them. sJ certainly all erjoy-Beanty-Six
handled in this territory ed the Inucheon. It wa a delight
by P. F. Weaver. It is a real car fnl moonlight night and a very en
with all the good features of other joyable time throughout.
cars and then has some conven
ienc.es not found on other cars
Ask for demonstration and get
acquainted with this most wonder
ful car.
Word has been received here
from Miss Nina Kintner of the
death of her sister, Mrs. Beatrice
Allen at her home in Minneapolis
Minn., on Wednesday of last week
She had been in poor health for
some time and leaves a husban
and two children. Wjth her sister
she formerly lived in Laclede and
attended school here.
The attenetion of farmers and
hoe breeders is called to the ad
vertisemeut of Wm. Turner
Duroc sale to be held at his farm
five miles south and a half mile
east of Laclede next Wednesday
October 15. There are 50 head
of purebred Durocs in this sale an
every one a fine animal. The sale
begins at 12:30 and free lunch will
be served.
As will be noticed by a legal ad
vertisement in The Blade today
C. E. Tracy has filed an application
with the public service commission
for permission to raise telephone
rates in Laclede. If the raise is
granted business phones will be
raised 50 cents per month and res
iderice phones 25 cents per month
making the former $2.00 per
month and residences $1.25.
Mrs. Vivia Rowland was hostess
to the P. E. O's Wednesday after
noon, the meeting being held at
the home of Mrs. A. J. Cay wood
"Gain from Books. of Humor,'
was the subject of the lesson in
terestingly given by Mrs. Nellie
Carothers. Guests outside chapter
members were Mrs. Hilton and
Mrs. Bums, of California, Mrs.
A. J. Baum, Mrs. J. E. Welsh
Mrs. Hettie Weayer and Miss
Christina Johnson. Refreshments
were served.
Royal Neighbor Dinner
The Royal Neighbors with some
invited friends motored to the fine
farm home of Mr. and Mrs. A. D.
Welsh, Friday, and had a most
delightful time. Ooe of those
famous Royal Neighbor dinners
was served and of course nothing
was lacking to make it a great
feast. Mrs. Welsh, assisted by
Mrs. Cecil Welsh, charmingly en
tertained the ladies while the men
folk enjoyed their visit with Mr
Welsh, who, altbongh confined to
his home for more than twenty
years with rheumatism, i wen
posted on affairs in general and
curries on a most interesting con
versation on any subject brought
OP- '
Moonlight Picnic
Mrs. E. E. Gould choose a de
lightful wav of entertaining the
Reading Circle at the regular meet
ing Tuesday evening. After the
business session she escorted the
members and euests to a place of
rugged landscape at the north side
of the farm where everything had
been prepared for a moonlight
picnic. However, while Mrs.
Gould was arranging for the even
ing Mr. Gould also got busy among
the hnsbands, sweariog each to
secrecy, with the result that about
time the ladies got the coffee nrn to
boiling nicely and the hamburgers
fryi0g over a campfire the men
folks swooped down oo them like a
bunch of Indians and sunounced
Local Items and Interesting Bits o
News of All Sorts
E. C. Wright, a former citizen
of near Laclede now residing
Montrose, Colo. .writes Mayor Allen
that Gov. Snoop has appointed G
W. Clark, Mrs. Lipk, and Mr
Wright as a committee to represent
Colorado at the Pershing reception
in Laclede and reqnestf the mayor
to wire Mr. Clark the date as soon
as set, as they expect to be here
J. L. James, an old time La
clede boy, sent in his annual dues
to The Blade this week from
Missoula. Mont. Joe says he
fiiliv intended to visit the old
home town this fa.f but on account
of the heavy business on the
Northern Pacifio on which -he
traveling engineer, he is unable to
obtain a leave of absence and will
not be able to come, but wishes to
be remembered to friends here and
especially to his old schoolmate
General Pershing.
W. E. Shell, manager of . the
Talbott grain company in this part
of Missouri, is making arrange
ments to handle the corn crop
when it begins to move about the
first of next month. He shipped
in this week a new 20 horse power
electric motor to operate the
sheller and workmen will begin
next week installing the machinery
Corn from several tanying stations
will be shipped here to be shelled
and the plant wilt have a capacity
of several cars a day.
A car of cattle and a car of hogs
were taiten to tne t, dosepo
. . . .i ri , T 1
market Monday night by Manager
Patterson for the following mem
bers of the shipping association:
N. Matson, A. Swank. H. H
Hawes, Geo. McGhee, L. C. Bal-
coo), A. J. ilavens, A. a. Hender
son. H. B. Mahurin. J. Finley
Farrar, H. C. Stock well, X. Y. Z
White, E. B. Skulley, J. Ed
Downey, Mrs. Garside, Joe Albin,
Chas. Henley. J. H: Peer, J. K
Hawes. J. A. Selsor, J. H. Dick,
Robt Farrar, J. G. Clmefelter,
H. Hoyer and Chris Hanson.
Josephene Cereece Albin passed
away at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Albin, last
Tuesday morning after an illness
of fifteen days from typhoid fever.
She was born October 31, 1905,
and was just entering young
womanhood when life is most
precious; tier aeatn is inaeea
sad. and has brought sorrow to
ber schoolmates and friends as
well as to the home. " Funeral ser
vices were held at the Methodist
hurch Thursday morning, con-
ucted by Rev Layton and the
remains were laid away by Director
Chapman in the Laclede cemetery.
Progressive Missouri Coanties
The mad road fellows had a hard
day of it Tuesday when Madison
county voted for a bond issue of
$325,000 for-hard surfaced roads.
the city of Fredricktown the
vote was twenty to one in favor of
the bond isue, while in fome of
the rural precincts the vote was
almost 100 per cent for it.
Oa the same day Bollinger
county joined the good roads pro
cession by adopting a $-150,000
bond issue by a vote of more lhan
six to one.
Careless Driving Causes Runaway
Careless driving of an auto
mobile Sunday afternoon caused a
runaway that was fortunate in
results. As Wm. Ehrich, wife
and their two small children were
driving south about 6:00 o'clock
a Ford car belonging to F. Wilson
from north of Brookfield and oc
cupied by himself and G. E. Mc
Kay and three girls rammed into
the back end of the buggy in front
of the Byrd residence. The impact
smashed the right wheel of the
boggy and frightened the horse
which ran scuth to the bitchrack
at the northeast corner of the park.
Just before reaching the hitchrack,
however, the bnggv overturned
dragging the occupants along in
the top. Dr. . Layton who was
here from Kansas City on a visit
happened to be near and assisted in
picking np the woman and children
and accompanied them to the
home of Henry Ehrich where they
were given medical attention. Aside
from many bruises none were
hart, however. A girl about 15
years of age was driving the car.
The buggy was on the right side
of the street, the view was not ob
strncted in any way and there was
no cause for the accident except
carelessness on the part of those
in the car. The owner of the car
volunteered to make good all
At the home of the bride in this
city on Wednesday evening of last
week, Mrs. Lillie-Whitley and Mr.
Charles M. Coleman were united
in marriage by Rev. TJS. L.
Stratton. Mrs. Coleman is well
known here where she has resided
for some time being the widow of
the late R. C. Whitley. Mr. Cole
man is a stranger in Laclede, hav
ing recently come here as lineman
for the Bell telephone company
They will reside at the Whitley
home, Mr. Coleman having
bought the lunch room and short
order house just east of the station
of Frank -Watson and will continue
the business.
I have sold my stock of mer
chandise and am intending to
leave Laclede soon. All persons
kuowing themselves indebted to
me will please call and settle as
soon as possible.
O. F. Hughes.
-. Farm Loans
If in need of a farm loan best to
see about it at once, as there will
be a rush for money March first
when time is set foi closing these
farm deals. Iam prepared to make
you a loan with a home company
on short notice.
W. S. Savage.
Annual Insurance Meeting
The annnal meeting of the La
clede Farmers Mutual Fire and
Lightning Insurance Company will
be held at the secretary's office in
Laclede on Saturday, October 11,
1919, and all members are invited
to be present.
E. K. Welsh, President.
A. S. Byrd, Secretary.
For Sale
Daroc Jersey boar pigs farrowed
ApriU4, 1919. Sired by a grand-
son ot t amnnaer ioioij. as
good pigs as yon will find in Lino
county. One mile south of La
clede. J. T. MeKanna.
Telephone operator. Apply at
Brief Mention of Those Who Come
and Go Daring the Week
John L. Welsh left for his home
in Texas yesterday.
Bring the children to the Rexall
store to see the dolls, books and
toy 8 of all kinds.
Mrs. Eliza Wait went to Hamil
ton Wednesday for a two weeks
visit with relatives.
Mr and Mrs. Frank Weaver of
Chillicothe spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. P. F. Weaver.
H. L. Butterfield spent Wed
nesday in St. Louis on business
for the Talbott grain company.
The Royal Neighbors will meet
on Friday afternoon of this week
at the home of Mrs. Hettie Weaver.
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Johnston
motored to Fulton Tuesday for a
visit with the former's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Johnston.
Miss Ethelyn Mossbarger return
ed to Kansas City Friday after a
visit at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Mossbarger.
Mr. -and Mrs. John McAnelly of
Cincinnati, Iowa, spent a couple of
days hera last week visiting the
latter's sister, Mrs. Lee Hamilton
and family.
Mrs. C. C. Bigger and Mrs. W.
H. Layton are in St. Louis as
delegates to a convention of the
Des Moines branch of the Woman's
Foreign Missionary Society.
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Barbee and
daughter, Miss Folsom. Mr. and
Mrs. J. T. Davis spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. Grover F,
Peacher and family on ronte three.
Miss Emma Lee Johnson has
been added to the office force at
the Talbott grain company here.
Miss Johnson enrolled in the
Chillicothe Business College from
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Foster re
turned from Colorado, Monday.
Mr. Foster had been in the west
the past two years for his health,
Mrs. Foster joining him a few
weeks ago.
Mr. and Mrs, Harry Peacher,
Misses Elien Garside and Gladys
Power, motored to Fayette and
spent Sunday with Mrs. Allie
Barter and daughter.Miss Beatrice,
returning home Monday.
P. F. Weaver, local dealer for
Auburn cars, sold a Beanty-Six
touring car to L. Brendahl & Sons
Tuesday. Mr. Weaver went to
Kansas City Wednesday and he
and Emil Brendahl, who had gone
to the city that morning on busi
ness, drove the car home yesterday.
John Phillips and two sons.
William and Huburt, were over
from Brookfield and spent Thurs
day with his parents, Mr. and
MTs. Wm. Phillips and other rel
atives before leaving for Milwau
kee, Wis., where he has accepted
position as cutter in a shoe
Loris Sharp, son of Mr. and
Mrs. C. T. Sharp of route three.
went to Kansas City last week and
enrolled in the Rnhe automobile
and tractor school for a complete
coo ire in aniomooiie mecnanics
and tractor engineering. Loris is
steady and industrious young
man ana win no aonot Decome
proficient ia the work of a trained
motor mechanic, for which there is
sow a great demand.

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