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? '.. Our Hexitail Belattili.
' Tht nomination of Gen. jnhn A. Logan
a Minister (o (lib 'K'pliblio of MeJkieo
proves that bill- Government maintains t
consistent position in relation to the contest
in that country. We have never recognized
Maximilian Emperor of that Unfortunnle
country, and Until the. lust Vestige of hope
of (he success of the Republican cause is
extinguished tve will not do so. At the
lime time, it may be assumed tlmt olir Gov
ernment docs not inebn to Quixotically in
. tervent in the tjusrrel, and to curry out
tht Monroe doblrine by means ol' war. We
lave had quite enough of War to satisfy us
Tor i long lime, and our iatiorial debt is as
large at it it convenient for us to manage.
tmd rather rnnrt bp. We can vindicate the
Monroe doctrine by raenure ether thnn
forcible; by maintaining a dignified position
end exerting a moral efleot. Gen. Logan
Will go to El Paso, the representative of a
great country, to one which is in serious
difficulties. Perhaps no other country in
Yhe world now sends Its embassadors tn the
tortly troubled Republic. Juarrzis descr
ted by "all the world," but, "the rest of
mankind," represented bv the United
Stales, still show their belief in the ultimate
triumph of Republicanism. Under the
tircumstanees, we could not do le, nor
Would it be judicious to do more. We wil
leave thil question to the arbitrament of
lime, Which generally revenges itself, and
brings abolll restitution and justice. Phil
adelphia Inquirer.
There is one ru'e to be observed in tak
ing exercise uv walking the very best
Thd Oldo-t City in the World.
Damascus Is (he oldest bily in (he world;
Tyre and Sidon have crumbled on Ihe
form in which it can be taken by the young ! shores; Bunlbeo is a ruin; Palmyra lies bur
nnd able bodied of nil ages and that is, lied In Ihe sands ol the desert; Nineveh and
never to allow the afct'dn of rospirnt'lorl to : and Babylon have disappeared from Ihe
be carried on through the mouth. The tin-' shores of the Tigris and Euphrates. Da-
siil passages are clearly the medium through masons remains what it was before the days
which repirallon was, by our f'reutur, do- of Abraham centre of trade and travel, an
signed to be carried on. The diflVrenoo in island of verdure in a desert, "a predesti-
Ihe exhaustion of strength bv alone walk ivded capital," with martial and sacred ri
WasBiNOTOir, November 25. Owing (o
the meagerness of the Statement in the (lis
patch from Mississippi published yesterday,
. purporting to give the substance of Pres
ident Johnson's instructions to Governor
Humphreys, the National Republican giyes
a full copy ol the dispatch, as lollows:
' Wasiiisotojj, November 17, 1SG5,
To C. G. Humphreys Governor Elect
, ; Jackson, Mississippi:
The Iroops will be withdrawn fr'tn Mis
sissippi when, in the opinion of the Govern
ment, peace nd Ufder and the civil author
ity has been restored, and tan be main
tained without them. Every step will be
taken while they are there to en'orce strict
discipline and subordination to the civil
There can be no oilier or greater assu
rance given than has heretofore been on the
part of the President or Government.
There is no concession required on the part
of the people ol Mississippi or the Legisla
ture other than a lovel compliance with
the laws nnd Constitution oftho United!
States, and the adoption of such measures
giving protection to all freedmen, or Iree
then, in person and properly, without re
gard to color, as will entitle I hem to resume
. all their Constitutional relations in the Fed
eral Union. The people of Mississippi
may feel well assured that there is no dis
; position, arbitrarily, on the part of the Gov
ernment to dictate w hat action should be
had: but, on the contrary, to simply and
kindly advise a policy that it is believed
will result in restoring all the , relations
which should exist between the States com
prising the Federal Union.
It is hoped that they will appreciate and
feel the suggestion herein made, for they
are offered in that spirit which should per
vade the bosom of all those who desire peaca
and harmony nnd a thorough restoration of
the Union, There must be confluence be
tween the Government and the Stales, and
while the Goverment confides in the peo
ple, the people must have faith in the Gov
ernment. This must be mutual and recip
rocal, or all that has been done will be
thrown away.
President of the United Status
Willi ino moutii urmiy closed, and respira
tion carried on through the nostrils insteud
of through the mouth, is inconceivable to
thine who have never tried the experiment.
indeed, tins mischievous and realty unnat
ural habit of carrying on the work of in
spiration ami expiration through the mouth,
instead of through the nasal pnssnges, is tin;
I me origin of almost all the diseases of the
throat ami lungs, as bronchitis, congestion,
asthma, and even consumption itself. T 'at
excessive perspira' ion to which some hull
wdiluls are so liable in their sleep, which
is so weakening to the body, is solely the
effect of such persons sleeping wi'h their
mouths' uficlosed. And the same unpleasant
and exhuUsth e results arise to the animal
system from walking with the mouth open,
inslcud of, when not engaged in conversa
tion, preserving the lips in a state of firm,
but quiet compression. As the heat and
velocity of the blood through the lungs de
pend utmost entirely upon the rjtlanthy of
the atmospheric air inhaled with each inspi
ration, and it is unavoidable that it should
be taken in, in Volume, by the mouth, While
it can only be supplied in moderate quanti
ties, and just in sufficient proportion to
serve the purpose of a healthy respiratory
action, while supplied through the nostrils,
it is clear that the body milst be much light
er mid cooler, aud the breathing much freer
and easier, when Ihe latter coursB rather
than the former is the one adop'ed. Chil
dren ought never lo be allowed to stand or
walk with their mouths open ; fot, besides
Ihe vncant appearance it gives to the coun
tenance, it is the certain precursor of coughs
colds, and sore throats. Methodist.
sociations extending beyilid thirty centti
It was near Damascus that Saul of Tarsus
snw (he ''light Iroirt heaven, above the
briahlness of ihn sun." the street which is
called Strait, in which it is said I.e "prny
elh," still runs through the cits, ; the enru
va.i comes and goes ns it did one thousand
years ago; mere is Mill me sheik, the ass
and the wnterwheel; Iho merchants of Ihe
Euphrates and the Medilcranenn still oo
cupy flies 'wi!h the multitude of their
waiters." The city which M.ihomet sur
veyed from a neighboring hicht, and was
alroid to enter, ' because it is given to a man
to have but one paradise, and, for his part,
he was resolved not to have it in this
world." is to this day what Julian called
the "Eye of the East," ns it was in the time
of Isaiah "lha Head of Syria."
The Weston "Landmark" says that
county (Platte) is full of hone thieves. A
half dozen fine animals were stolen in the
vicinity of Weslon last week. ' - -
charm: r. vitn;nr,
WILL Eive prompt attention to nil orders Bnr
his services for the public sale of all kind3
of property, rcnl or personal.
October o, If. Go oin.
ftcfo ifurniturc JiSfott.
j. w. HT.nvroriD.
T" HEP constantly on Iiar.rl a fooJ assortment
IV of
AH li!M!s cf Ciiin(i'r',
which we oflc-r at a small advance on bt. Louis
A complete stock of
Metallic and Wooden Burial Cases
kept constantly on hand, for sale at reasonable
All kinds ct repairing done in n unit and work
manlike manlier. WINTER & CO.
Aug. 3. Ibl'a.
The Hon. James L. Orr has been elected
Governor of South Carolina, by a majority
of about 500 votes over Gen. Wade Hamp
ton. Orr was pardoned a few weeks since
by the President.
Vigiiance Committee A Warning
The Police Commissioners and City
ihorities of Ihe city, having practically con
fessed their inability to protect the lives and
properly of citizens from the scoundrel
who swarm in the streets, day and night;
and havirg virtually surrendered us in'o
the hands of these scoundrels to Lo robbed,
beaten and murd- red at their mercy the
citizens nro already talking of doing them
selves what the incapable Police Commiss
ioners ami city magistrates will not, or can
not do. We hear ihe terrible word ' Vig
ilance Committee" whispered on the street
corners; and, in the 1 enth Warl, a public
meeting of citizens openly propose il as the
only remedy for the (insupportable evils ol
the hour. We should regret to see such a
measure resorted to, for when once started,
no one can place limits to its terrible career.
But if the public authorities will not do their
duty, they need not be surprised if the cit
izens do it for them. St. Louis Dispatch
Some mi-cliev'i.us boys sju Mtc.in, Geor
gia, were coaxing goats on to a bridge and
milking them jump into the river. They
were getting along very nicely when the
old patriarch of the flock suddenly "turned
the papers" tn them, by butting them off
into Iho c.riiik o trick that was not cn the
boys' programme.
Look out for a people who are hnAilur,y
suspicious and ready to believe that others
act from bad motives. lit a majority of
cases, the evil they attribute to others is
on'y what they feel inclined to do themselves.
A 1ST 13
ft firm a
We met with a man, the other day, di
rect from Oregon, where he has been re
tiding for some year past. He was on his
way to his home in Michigan. He made.
Ibe overland trip with a companion on peck
mules and horses. They met with but few
Indians, and was molested by them but
once when four of the red skins made an
attempt to run off their stock. One of them
was brought to the ground by a well aimed
(hot from a double-barreled shot gun in the
hands of our informer, which had the tflVct
of scaring his companions to a very tale
distance. The Indian was killed, and his
horse and out-fit secured, He hud a Spen
cer's repeating rifle, which he had probably
obtained from some soldier or emigrant that
be had killed. Our informant is satisfied
with Oregon don't like the country, and
says there are many more like himself, vlio
tte coming back to Ihe States, and others
will lollow suit so soon as they can obtain
the meant to do so. He says if the number
of emigrant wagont that he met crossing
the plains, on his way in, were all put in a
atraight line they would reach the distance
of at least five hundred miles. Paris
, Mtrcury.
An Imtoktast Decision Confeder
ate Monet Recognized. Tiie Lebanon
(Tennessee) -Register says:
At lha October Term of the Circuit Court
of Cannon county, lSb'3. a suit was tried
which was predicated upon a promissory
note payable in Confederate money, dua in
November, 1S63.
Jude Cooper held, that inasmuch as the
United Slates had acknowledged theC.n
federate States a belligerent power, ihat a
contract payable in Confederate money,
made in a locality that was in the military
occupation ol Ihe Confederates, would he
valid and binding upon the parties, and thai
the plaintiff would be entitled to recover
whatever the proof showed the Confederate
money to be worth at thu time tho note
Icll due.
Here is a pithy little sermon : "Our in
gress in life is nuked and bare ; our t ro-
' gress in lite is trouble and care ; our egress
oi it we know not where; but doing well
here, we shall do well there ; I ouij not
tell more by preaching a year."
Simjn Cameros, in addressing a regi
ment of colored soldiers at Harrisburg, the
other doy, said: "There is at the hf a J of
tho National Government a great man, who
is able and delermintd to deal justly with
all. I know that with his approval, no
Slate that was in rebellion will be allowed
to return loll.e UeneMs ol me Union, v.i u
out inning first a constitutional compact
which will prevent slaery in this land for
nil time to come; which will make all men
equal before the law; which will prescribe
no distinction of color on the wit::e:s stand
and in the jury box and which will protect
the homes und the (lonuslic relations ol ail
men. You have your destinies in your own
hands, and if you continue to conduct your
selves hereafter as yon have in this struggle
you will have all Ihe rights you ask l'or; all
the rights that b.e!org to human brings."
Ismas Census. The entire nuuiber of
Indians inhabiting nil parts of our coun'ryi
amotiii's to about 418,000. The estimated j
number i.i the unexplored tcritories is 30, !
GOU; iu Texas, 24,100; of the tiibes living!
m New Mexico, 92.1:30; in C.dilon.ia, 32.-1
1; in Oregon, 22,703, and in Utah. 11,
oots & Shoes,
V 9t
jC'O. Many of the New Mexican Indians ' t-
ure civiliz
and have fixed hati'.utijns ai.d
ITaVIXG just returned fom SEW YORK
CI1 Y, and purchased A LARGE AND FINK
GOODS, would respectfully call the attention
of those waiuii: Goods to give me a call. I
Returning thanks for past favors, 1 hope to
merit a conlinuance of the saiae.
Persons wanting Drv Goods. Boots and Shoes-,
Hats ar.d Caps, Clothiiifr, Hardware, and many
other artieles too mnncious to mention, will do
well to eive me a call, and examine my LARGt:
STOCK before making their purchase?, as I have
paid special attention to selecting a stock suitable
to Ihe wants of this ccLiin-miiy,
Glasgow, Oa. 19, 16C5.
M. "s. ' IiOLMES,
ST. IX I. IS, 3IO.
Wholesale Paper Dealer
sale ot the Atlantic Papir
Dealer irx
Iiiufs,( lie:n icals, Oils, Vanii; lies,
J3rrtlios, Dye-sttitLs,
Fine toilet circles of every dpsm-i;,i; ;n.
the Infallible ll.dr Restorative.
Ayers 3kEcc3.i.oi23.osu
Cherry Pectoral and Pills.
Spices, Pepper , Spice, Nntmegi,
Cloves, iinuiitoii iikl Hace.
riavorinu extracts of all kind-j, for fljvorina;
ice-cream, cuitaid-, i-diies, sauces, &c.
for cloiui3incr and beaiilifvin? the tec'h.
a sunorior assortment of Drues, paints, "Oils.
and Varnishes, which I will sell on
'i'Jie Most Accoiiiiiiodnlias: Terms.
PHYSICIANS mav relv on liavine: their pre
scriptions cart-fuliy compounded and pv.t lip an- f stock;
eiir.-itt-ly, and with despatch, at nil hours, day and
The M.'if-oii K Hamlin lobinet
Organs, forty different styles, adapted to sa-
ere I and seeuhir music, for".fs0 to t'i0erh.
or other first premiums award thm. Ill'ftra-
ted Catalogue free.. A.lress, MASON & JLAM
f.l.V, Bosxos, or MASON BROTHERS, Nuw
Yong. Ort. 2fi,JS63, no2f ly.
or thu
) the American people demand a fir&t-ciass
weekly Jourripl, devole-1 exclusively to the rports
of Ihe tint and field, ar.d to n.i icul'.urnl and lite
rary pursuits, wo have matio arrangements tj
publisn such a pr.per. Wilh tho return of near"!
to our land, war and Us exciting issues will no
longer encross t! attention, and form the chief
topic of discussion. The people will return with
new vie;or to the sports cf the field and turf, to
the bree.i'.in? of fne stock, and the development
of the resources of the country. Tho want of a
lournol devoted to the best intere-ls of the wholo
country was never so severely felt ns now. To
supply tins want we propose to estaaiudi the
Turf, Field and F.irm.
We embark in an enterprise rerjiitrir.t; i.niuli ta
bor and expense ; hut we balieve Ihe pen-iln will
sustain us in it. Our facilities for publishing a
lirst-class sportioe and literary journal ate not
excelled in the Tinted States. Our lor.e; connec
tion with to turf and stock associations of Iho
cou.itry, warrant us :n thus boldly stating this
fact. It shall be our earr.sst cndev.xrto p'lbiish
a pp?r that will interest the poneral reader.
Politics w ill bo e:"1ui!cJ from i's coluains, as wo
have no desiie lo indu e;e in bitter arpersions and
to cn.ige in heakd discussions. The turr will
receive especial aiu-nnon, tir,a it will form one
of the leading; features of the paper. We have
made ai r,inc;erne!:ts lo secure corie.-ponderi's front
every State which take pride in eucotiritcinir this
noble sport. The breeding an I raising of fin"
slock will also receive especial attention. The
Tho horse, the noble-t of animal creation, fo -years
lias been cur study, ttnd we are prepared
lo treat the natter in a maimer that w:l thai
ience the criticism of the pubne.
To promote U.a Interests ct the farm v.iil be
another of cur chief endeavors. The suhieet o!'
agriculture is of vital interest to the Ariericn
people, recovering as th"y are from (lie el'ieels ol
a Ions and desoiali::ir war. Ne'ccted lieids and
abandoned phntations no'-t a- .ii, tie made t i
teem with life and hloooi with the fruits ot th .
soil. Koii' of us are so wi.-e bat thai we may
rcu lire iusiritction, and by unceaiii !' cli'ort we
lep.irttr.eiit vap.-.ablc and mtei-
Glario-.v, Sen
:S t"-3.
I riHU ui.ilersif;ncd takes pleasure in i'ifhrniui
i L the public that he has opened a new Lt very
' Stable in Glasgow at the eld stand on I irot Sli ett,
i and will keep excellent
1 Horses, Buggies, Cn Triage 3, etc.
j it I ways on hand for the rcconimodalioti of the
puldic: Charf s moierate. He clso h.eops a
j Feed Stable, it A v-ill fnndtli feedfor f trek by the
; week, day, or sir trie feed. Ly constant attonlioii
to business he hopes lo rcccivo from tl:e p-iblic
tiir.t encouragement the enterrrisc deserves.
'V,'. P. PITTS.
October 5, 15Co
Ko paper to the genera! r.-.tiler would be c-r.i-plcie
wi hout a literary department, and it is not
our intention lo oer!ook tliid important featuri-.
Selections fiom the ablest urilt-rs in ihe counti ,
an ! contributions ft nni so;;.e ot the most ready
ar.d scholarly pens of Ihe o.iy, will serve to en
rich our columns.
elie imr that the perpetuation cf the princi
ples upon Ahich our Gov-niinent is founded ex
pends iijion the aettetiil dtiFuioii ol know leilf. we
shall labor for the advancement of Ihe cause of
To interest all every ;.";irr i:.t:-t a-iu'tt a eol
iinin or mtTe to the recofoii.tr cr itttjiot laid etents
Iranspirinir in our ir.itisl ; ther'-frre we sh ill de
vole a small space to the cti ri-nt news of the dtt;.
But our aim is to '-.-tabiish a li: st-class journcl
devoted to the best in'elests of the couuti y ;a pa
per that will be ' ji tr.ly wt.-leoi.ied by the soul I. -men
of the tttif.a neper that will jtrove valtn.hle
o tttcse who t.tke delii-r.l tn the bteedin'r of line
p .pir th;i v.i:i b l.uiU.l as a welcoiio-
i visitor by vac fanner, one tn.-.l v. ill be n an who
! pleasure in the cJU'itii.y-rconi, in too r iT:ce. in
! the ratlroatl cn.-; c:t 1 by the n. '.-.i'.le. To su-tcit!
U3 in o ir effort, we appeal !o the p.-itronai-e of tin
(Amcric:.n per; ie. a;..', we beliivc thu t:,e at ;-e..l
will not be in vain. Xo;-,:r or r-:,:.prsf will to.
, spored to make the Turf, Field and 'arm wortby
' of the inc-t ..lurous si.p-.ort.
fcir.ir'e copies In ceni-J. . ,
To C:.vi!j F.ve ccpies v'
Titiity cents per lint
Ninety cents per lir.c
Tw3 dollars per lini
Three dollars per line...
F( stmasters arc recuet t
retain 2) per c"':t.
'.i. iiue copies
r. RTIclr:.
each single inst.-rlioo.
cite mon'.l. .
''.tree months.
s.x mouth.
! to act as r.aents, and
.r-ir trouble. T;
cent, is not to be deducted I'rota
v.-ju! I be p lets ? i to estahlisli an r
' Post Office town i:i the Cnitrd SI
The first number of the Tor", I itid
will bc'-'i-.;..-'. rn Satut-l-y. th-.Vh dy
I IS''"'. Otir boo';t are no-.v open for s.tb
club rates. e
y in every
A Pickle tor Meat. The editor ol
the Germantowti Telegraph vouches lor the
lullowint? reei..e for curing meat, ulileli. lie.
says, if once tried will never bo abandoned !r;,ilin falling upon I f:e brick pavement in
ScfcKambulisni-A Fri'uiful Lea;.
William Uassclt, a journeyman taile
cccupyin-T a room in tho tl.ird story of
boaruir.p; houB on Iwntli street, betwet ;i
Wash and Carr, had a narrow escape fr :n
(lestrtiction at an early hour yesterdty
runrriing. llavirj had a dar.gtroiis custttu
ol arisinj; from his btid in sleep, he Ii..d
lor a long tima li.ken precautionary meas
ures upon retirinr;, surh its securely fastt t
ing his doors and windows. Ni;ht behte
lust he retired earlier than usual, being a
little under the influence of litjiior, and ne
glected to lock or boll his 'uuur. Tower. Is
morning he arose, and putting on a porlion
of his clothing, walked down stairs to the
second floor, and passing nut upon the back
porch, either sprang or jumped over the
We have some additional intelligence of
Ihe gold disoovery recently made in Green
county, Pa. It seems the gold quartz vein
truck in the Amber and the Good Luck
wells has been discovered in the Evans well,
near Taylorstown, at a depth of four hun
dred feet, and also in the Clifton well in the
tame neighborhood. One gentleman in
prospering on his land, discovered a small
land slide, and on examining it found speci
mens of quartz, which have been sent to
Philadelphia to be assayed. Specimens of
quartz have also been obtained in a well on
Laurel Rub, a tributary of the Mononga
bela, running parallel with, and about two
miles aouth of Dunkard creek. If all of
these specimens should prove to contain the
precious metal, the gold region of Green
county Will be found to be more extensive
than was at first supposed.
There is a genuine war of races at New
Orleans between the Creole end American
citizens ell about the teaching of French
in the publio schools. The American ele
ment has control in the city, and is deter
mined that French shall not be taught, and
that the next generation of Creoles shall be
thoroughly Americanized. There are sto
ries told of old Creoles who will not speak
to an American nor read an English news-
caper, and of old gentlemen who have all
their live refused to take a step north ol
Canal street. It is not at all strange that
thu worthy people should demur at Ihe
changes time has made, or that they should
rail against a progress that almost ignores
th original founders of their dece,nlanl,
the original proprietors.
"To a gallon of water take one and a half
pounds salt, of sugar, saltpetre and potash,
each a half oz. In this ratio the pickle to
be increased to any quantity desired. Let
these be boiled toge'her till all the dirt from
the sugar rises lo the top nnd is skimmed
off. Tlv n throw it into a tub to cool, and
w hen cold, pour it over the beef or pork, to
remain the usual time, say lour cr live
weeks. The meat must be well covered
with pickle, and ihoutd nut be put down lor
at least two days alter killing, during which
time it should be slightly sprinkled Willi
powdered saltpetre, which removes all Ilia
surface blood, &a., leaving the meat fresh
and clean. Some omit boiling the pickle,
and lind it to answer well ; though (lie op
eration of boiling purities the pickle by
throwing off the dirt, always to ba foutid
in salt and sugar,
House Thief Aruesteo. On Thursday
last, the 23d inst., Sheriff Hall, of this coun
ty, succeeded in arresting Gabe Kilgore, a
notorious horsethicf who, in company wilh
lour ether Kilgnres, has for some time past
been infesting Sullivan, Linn and adj. lining
counties. Kilgore har recently been ul
work for Win. Johnson, who lives about
six miles north of this place, and at the time
of his arrest was on his way to Mexico
wilh a drove of cattle. He was sent to
Sullivan county lor trial.
Great credit is due to Sheriff Hall for the
promptness Willi which the arrest was
made the warrant having only been in his
hands a few hours before the fellow was
in custody. Mexico Messenger 25'h.
the yard and dislocating his shoulder, in ad
dition to other injuries. He was consider
ably stunned by the fall, but was soon able
to walk back to Ins room without assis- .
lance, Republican.
Owing to the unprecedented and ext.-r- '
tionate demands of Iio'el keepers, and hoiH9 '
owners in Washington, quite a number of j
Congressmen have engaged apartments lor
the next session in Baltimore, where the j
price o! living and room rent ere not one-'
eighth part of Washington rales. Some of i
t lie members threaten to adjourn Congress I
to Philadelphia, to check the extortion of
tho hotel and boarding house keepers.
Ccbe Foa a Hi-'bs. The best thing for
and every family
, And agent for th
, the best and cheapest in market, at mai.iifactur
' e.-.-? p'lecs. t
i Km Keams Cap and Letter Paper.
! J (Jill) '' Nolo
11)00 Flat Cap li 10, 12, 1-1,
j Id ur.d 18 lb.
SCO K. ami I'olioj " U, 10, 1R,
2(1 anil 22 pi
10UO Reams Flat Letler " 7, 8, fl,
ottil iO !t'.
I 10U Hettms Dairy " 20, 2-1, and
; itS l!i. ' ,
100 Reams .Medium 53, SI, 21,
nnd oO lb.
I 60 Reams Roval '. "
20 " Super Eoyal ' .
1,000,000 EVt'ELGPES ; j
Role, Letter and Lcal. '
30tO Bundles Wrnppiiig Paper
Keaiiis Sews Pnper, j
1000 Reams Book Paper, Cut Cards, and Card
Sheets, Printing Ink, Amber Mucilage, V.'riting j
Ink, Paper Bags, &c, is.
TSTew Sioclv
II () C E It I
I.ltrss S. P.
Yotk. i-
. (,. pure;
ti.d I urn
r Angus' ,
v 1 i I 1-e puidUiK-d ut
. ZT street.
WAYEiii.Y MAGAm-;,
I V:-.". r.:. .nr.u
Hi.-t p?per is tut;
rpHE undersigned is
L Hie ;
f oily prepare
AIJ the Ecncfil i of the laic i recti
appreciation oi Cnvrency,
bv fe.ndsMnjv it em wi.h any article W Lis lioa i f
- can f::..l tin e to o
v - Stnv.
:-J wevl-ly e. .-r ptili
. i : : c '..o .'.t ate s.te'i
i,s p.tS.--.
? iitnait
. po.--
r'i ll.t-t
. at
rvTi 'K.fTi'r'-fTlVrt rr, at-;
n 1,,,,., to il, r . 1 1 1
,0 i.io i ui iu'y Hit; ,
N. B. Orders Fken for the Atlantic Papers
delivered in New Yoiii at Mill Prices. Send for
Sample Sheets. The paper suits everybody.
October 5, lSCj 3in.
T WISH TO IXFORM my old customers and
Havii.g bontrM i
tr.nes o a CASH
Sj-an Cotton,
Cm I ery,
Scvtlte" Blades
&c., &.C., 5c,
V.'ill p-.v tiie
CASH for ail kinds
:?!,t: r.:. ler ail the
.lA'KKET,will sell
i cc.viUTS l" r.vr.T o:
all rcr Ik
'i i-r.:...- :
wetklv, tti
a It - Lt t
: ' !:e t
lv, ttv Closes
i, !.Ks?. 'i'-vo (
i;: r. f-r pert i'.:
and an e'-iui.-ti i
n.z Lilt.
;s a. e j rii ;
;:p p'
so ;
. (rn
IIiv rorkr.
Weeding Ho
Coal Oil,
Cotton and wool card-,
Conf. rtiuliaries,
i.f., ic.
Iiislie- maiket pi ice IN"
f I'roduc
I 0;;.- c.tpy f -r 12 la-.-.t:
! On copy for tl mo:!!-.;
i One copy for 0 motttl.3
, Cr.:- copy t tr II :
I'ottr ct i t's for ,-2 rro-
Four cot.ies lor 0 itiot.t
' Tv.-t cC'i it 1 jr I'- tti.f.
on vine r.?y.
niil t in Unm ii. A. nJ ..i,u ..(, J. me pnonc I'enerauv.tiiai 1 nave my maniitac-
ougUto know it: As soon as possible alter t . in COMPLETE 'KUNXI.NG OkUF.k. with
Ihe burn, throw a little green tea in hot j an addition of the Latest Improved SPINNING
water; let it sleep. Mir on Indian mei
poultice, put it en Ihe bum or sedd. If
burnt with powder it will lake it out, and
the skin will be as clear as ever.
Out at Sea. The New York papers
peak of a grand sight in the sailing of a
fleet of merchantmen to sen, a lew days
agn. They had been weatherbound by a
dense fog of the previous twenty-four hours,
when all took their departure together from
the North and East Rivers. Those two
grer.i channels of commerce were white
with sails small and great; tome Indexed
and some empty, and bound lo almost every
port in the world. What a commerce we
have? nnd (ells the sea that the Stars and
Stripes can float in pride and triumph.
Sas Francisco, Nov. 14. About 3
o'clock yesterday morning, two disguised
men entered the office of the What Cheer
House, w hile only one clerk was in charge.
They knocked him senseless by a blow on.
the head, took a key from his pocket, opened
the safe and robbed it of $20,000 in gold.
The robbers then escaped unmolested, and
no trnce of them has yet been discovered.
Wasuinotos, Nov. 23.
The greater portion 0f the President's
message was placed in type to day. It will
be completed in ample time to be delivered
to distant cilies ly special messengers, to
be handed to the pre cn the day it is pre
sented lo Congress.
MACHINERY, and am now prepared to CARD,
SPIN and REEL YARN, all sondes, at 25 cents
per pound. Also, to CARD ROLLS and MAX
I KACTL'RK WOOL into ti-1 fulled cloih, 3 do;
tec, by the yard or on shares.
Fl'LLlMl 1XH DYEIXtj! .
Country Cloth, Flannel, ic, fulled, colored
and finished, at lJi to 3U cenls per yard, accord
ing to work, color and finish.
1 warrant my work done in a complete and
workmanlike manner, ami in d ie time, ( ,,'uee the
war it oivtr.) JOIIV SITI-IIT.
Silver c'rkcu Mills, near Roanoke, )
Randolph county, August 31,lsdj. )
ITS?" Also, Atreiit for Receiving and Forward
ing Freijrot.
"Store-room in the eld Tost Office, at the corner
of Water and How aid streets, next doar to my
old Stand, Gl o-gow, Alo.
June 15, lb ly
iSTo-lOG INT. Second SI.
July 27'.h, ISGo ly
TWO copi.-s foe Q IKtll'.
i Trrt ts en
j One cc-?y for 12 in M.tl:
' ft;i, ct py f 'r 11 inoii'V:'.
j ' 'Ot CC-j J lot I. It toni ,s...
i );:e e , l f tr 11 n, -'..t!.-t
I Ail additions to tit" e'ttl:
j mem-j s ra-ci'.cd will b c
above t' ri,5. Taper strr
ber paid lor is :
; thrte montl.s.
A i.e'.v W innie co:i:nic
:r.-,:;ted ...
-t,l v-lvn
cltiLs tak.
T 'a
1 l H
(-t0.t tlao olcl Stand,)
has now for sale on commission, all kinds of
such as Bedsteads, Mattresses, Bureaus; Chain,
etc., etc.. Including all kinds of Furiiilure used
for family purposes.
BntTONS BARtiuMizEn. Provincial an
thropologists and ethnologists have been
studying some wild men, recently,
carried ubout ns a show. The shmv,
however, seems to have turned out a fail
ure, and one of the "wild men," not being
able lo get hiswaees, applied to a nveis
trate, to whom he stated, in very good Ku
rdish, that he hn 1 Itrcn liirtil nut nf lliA
i. , Tl ii' r . . ., - . . .... I
.- iuulu, in ..onuoM, w peisunaio u r,.usot1)be rr
Wooden and Metallic eollins of all kinds, fur
nished to order.
All articles finished in eood tll,. i nd ol I ul
Glasgow, July Dili. tsnl.
Allen to Brunswick !
pASSEN'CERS to and from Central Missouri
I will find this a safe, pleasant ami expeditions
route. At Allen, closu connections are made
with trains on the North Missouri Railroad, and
uo annoyances of delay will he experienced by
pHsseiigei' except in cases of unavoidable ueai
dents. Employing none but careful Itutl expe
rienced drivers, Were need he no apprehension of
accidents on this lino.
Throtnrh tickets fiom either GU.-.'ow or Hi 'in?
wiek, fJii he bought at the nfl'iiT of 1lu line in
ihese eitii s. VM. S.MH I1, l'ion leior.
S-plt ni'Ti' 7. I.-p'j -If.
nd J.t'i-
1 nary. Rut tl a person commences at any nnetbt r
; in a volume and pays for six months, In 'v. .11 x.tu
: a C'-ntplete book, with i title p-tir1.
I When a st.'jsci-ihf r orders a ravual o." Ins s'.'u
I sc.'.tttit .., lie sltJtt'J t.tl tiswb.ttwas lite Ltd nam
! ber i.e received, then we sh ill know- what number
: tortev tit without hui.tintrover otir boi!,s. Oiit
ertt ise we shail htjjlu s:ie:t die money is received.
IVrsoiis wrltinir for the paper n.ust wri'. h-h-'
natne.po-t otiice, eottnty a..d Stttp, lery di.-linct-i
ly. Tlute who wish In'etr paper cli.,n re.l, stintii.;
.tell wlure it b .s nreviou-iy t :.-n s . pjstitj.'
I oa this piper is twtn'y c.o.is a yntr. payable i:i
: utivattee at lite ou'.t.e licie '..lien out."
Clubs must always ho ?eoi at one lt:..e to -t
. the benefit of ihe ov price. We ctu.rot set.d
1 them at the club price iiiiie.-s received aitocthef,
I its it is too i.iiicii t.-citble to look over o.i.' booU,
j or ke:';- an account with each one celtira then up.
Moxthi.v Pahs. jii a year, i.i u:i ca.-e.
Any ope Sfit.rt!-: ns six collars can have tin,
! V eekly V,'averly '.'tizine, nnd either of thatol-,
! int; wot'lcs for one year by mtr! : Pe,ir-..i.'s Ladies'
j I!aj;.z:ne, Go.U's Liotj B,.i,.:, L.. lies' Gat.tl'e
! ot Fashion.
For seven dollars we .ill ten ! Ide Vvtl -
Miiirazine, and either 11 arpei's Magazine or the
I Atlantic Monthly, one year.
All letters concerning; the paper must te ad
' dressed to the publisher.
TiiK V ay to ScBsckiHi'.. The proper ui ue.
to subscribe for a paper is to enclo-u tiie tuoitey
iu a letter and a.l.t.c-s the pab'.ithti dncct, ;tti;.
individual name, with the ptt t.-itice. count v and
State very plai.tly wi itter. ts t oftit.atk- ate oticn
An. 3, tfidj.
All persons i
who are putluti; no
J'ruit and Vee,et.tblti
lit"!' find the laiv.st
and most epproed
S. 'f . S"i!ir. Jars,
vrv cheap, at

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