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Cjje otaar5j Pinion.
Francis M. Tiylor, EJitor and Proprietor.
Olasffow, Mo.
TlllT.SDAi, DEC. 7, 18G5.
We direct the attention of the ladies to
the crj of Miss HoMriiRtts, Fashionable
Dress Maker, uf this pity who it now pre
pnred tu fill their orders in neat and sat
isfactorv manner. '
'V '
The attention ef our farmers and all olh
er wishing to purchase block or t arming
Implements, it direct od to the advertisement
of Messrs. Swinney and Eppebsou, in
another column. They liavo a considjrubte
amount of Stock which they will expose at
public sale, and a splendid opportuuily is
offered .for profitable inves'ment. Attend
that side! .
The people of northeastern Wisconsin
are rwving lor a gram 01 iana irom con
gress to .enable that Slate ttt construct a
hip csnal. which will form direct conneo-
tion between Lake Michigan and Sturgeon
Bay a body of water Connected with Green
Biy, and lying between it end the lake.
The lentil of the proposed canal it one
mile and half; ill cost, wilh the requisite
brenkwater.'will not exceed half a million
of dollars. When finished it. will open one
of the finest and most convenient harbors
on the laker; it will also shorten the dis
tance between Green Bay and Chicago by
about two hundred tiiiles. A bill granting
lands for the purpose, passed rthe Senate
unanimously at its last session, and was de
feated in the House of Representatives by
two votes only. '
IIuU. George V. Mar.O), of Vermont, U.
Slates Minister to Italy, one of the ripest
scholars and ablest ttntcsmcn of this coun
try, writing to a friend in St. Louis in re
gard to the New Constitution of this State,
uses the following language:
"Your new Constitution is, I think, on
the w hole, the most advanced piece of de-
. mocracy real dimocrncy, that is that we
have yet had among our oreamo laws.
do not quite like the compelling preachers
to take the oath ; but the clause forbidding
gifts', Sic, to ecclesiastical eorporationi de
lighted me exceedingly. It is a long step
in the right direction. The wealth of the
church is the poverty of the commonwealth,
and. there are lew greater curses to a conn
try than a rich and powerful clergy. It
was a great stroke lo exclude traitors from
the ballot box. I wish all other States
would do the like, and I hope you may be
able to keep what you huve got on this
Noni-HERH Cbediiobs. Our people will
learn wilh regret that Northern creditors
are already beginning, in many instances,
lo press their claims against Southern mer
chants. This seems ' premature, impolitic
and inconsiderate.
It will exhaust the meansof debtors be
fore the half of their respective debit ere
pnul, and cripple' them to such an client
that they cannot p'ny the remaining half fof
many vtars, If evtr. Our merchants are
men of Integrity and high character. They
have no disposition to repudiate debt, pri
va'e or public. Hut they cannot work
miracles. ; '
When planters receive' pay lor next
year's orops they will pay their own store
billt, and the money so reoeived will surely
be used in paying a part of the Northern
merchants' accounts. Immediate enlorce
ment is impolitic for the additional reason
that it will render a stay law desirable or
necessary. - !
A ttay law will be avoided at long as
possible ; it would be avoided 1 entirely if
Northern creditors would use the same
wise forbearanco that home creditors ere
now manifesting. New Orleans Star.
From the Jiannibal Courier.
The Mission of the Union Party-Present
Duties. '
During the last lour yesrs oftiloody strife,
nearly every section of our beloved land
has fallen a victim t,i the damages growing
out of the war. Excepting the Stotes whose
governmental authority was in armed hos
tility to the federal government, " no State
1ms suffered more than Missouri. Had it
ot been for the. stout arms and brave
hearts of the little bund of heroes who
maintained the supremicf of the federal
authority at. the hazard ol their lives?, the
cose might end undoubtedly would hav
been much worse - to-dnyi but wuiie tne
Southern States in llu-ir hour of lolly and
madness yielded to the iiripuUet ol their
bn'cr naturet, Missouri bore bIoCI the old
ymbol of our nationality amid the smoke
nu carnage or name 10 a glorious issue.
This was not done or approved by the
great mast of our citizens as in iminy ol
the Northern Stotes, but by the Radical
Union men of our biate, who in former years
had struggled against an arrogant majority
deprived ol their rignta jus'ly due every
freeman. When the issue wasjiretenled
they boldly stepped forward, inviting all
irrespective of past political affinities to
unite with lliTn in the. patriotic work of
living from natural death our bleeding and
inperilled country. It' was at this time
that the great Union parly of the Country
From El Paso, Mexico, the sent of Fres
ident Juarez's Government, The New
York Herald has received correspondence
to the 20lh of Ouluber. The President and
all his Cabinet were still there at that time;
but it was thought possible that thry might
soon remove to a more favorable locality,
as the report ol nn intended movement on
the place by the Imperialists continued to
prevail, The people Were reduced to con
siderable straits, but were still .hopeful of
the success of the Republican cause, and
looked forward fondiy to support from the
Great Republic of the North.
The New Organs Picayune says : " As
evidence uf the great business transacted
in this cily, we may ttale two facts. One
house on Canal street, engaged in the whole
sale and ready-made clothing business, sold
for the month of October last goods to the
amount of $450,000. During that month
nne batik it g house paid over its counter an
average of $1,-100,000 per day. Last Sat
urday at this bank twelve hundred checks
were paid between bank hours, the total
amount of which was $1,700,000. We
doubt if as large a business as this was ever
done before in this city by one bank.
U. S. Assessob. Capt. Durham, U. S.
Assessor, has a national tax notice iu an
other column. He will be here next week,
to assess incomes, direct Taxes etc.,
Serious Accioebt. Sunday night, du
ring Divine Service) the floor of the Afri
can Methodist Church, on Third street,
cave way and precipitated the entire cofi-
gregntioh to the ground, a distance of heas
ten fet, overthrowing the stove, nd the
coal oil lamps falling into the Inats of strug
gling humanity, made the scene truly ter
rific. Some climbed tip and leaped from
the windows, while those who escaped un
hurt, wrenched Off the side planks and
pulled the frightened inmates of the ruin
out. During the excitement, some one
yelled out that the rnof wat Inlllng, when
the scene begcared ell description. We
learn that quite a number were injured.
nndpnenrlwo women severely St. Jo
Union, 30th; ' . ;
Some lover of the curious in literature
asserts that the word News is not derived
Irom the adjective nnw, as many suppose
He says that in former times it was com
mon to see m the newspapers of the day
the initial letters of the cardinal points ol
the compass, thus:
. N.
A Wonderful Comet.
There is one of these eccentric and mys
terious members of the solar system that
requires 572 years in which to make its
revolution in its very eliptical orbit around
the sun. The lirst account oi l's appear
anoe on record is 1767 years before Christ
when some took it to be the planet Venus
changing its appearance and course.
was seen the second time 1,193 years be
fore Christ, and again 1,150 years later
This last was 43 H. C, the year after Ju
lius Coesar wat killed in the Roman Senate
It was certainly seen A. D , 530, the fifth
year ot the Kotnan Linperor Justinian
The account is, that a remarkable comet
wat teen twenty days in the month of Sep
tember, and that for tome time after the
sun Appeared pale. It was clue rgain in
A. D. 1105, and early in the following year
it was seen. Its last appearance was in
1680. Sir Isaac Newton and others give
an interesting account of its velocity, best,
&c. This comet has been gone 185 years,
and it will require about 102 years befare
it reaches the farthest part of its orbit, and
its greatest distance from the aun. It will
be due here again in the year 2256.
This wonderful comet as we have said,
wat seen 1767 years B. C, and it must
have nppeared 575 years before that, which
would have been zJ-HJ H. C, or six years
after the flood in the days of Noah. Its
previous visit to our system must have
been 2917 B. C; and before that, accor
ding to our chronology, was the Creation.
This lacks sixty-two years uf the time re
quisite for the comet, to make a complete
revolution, so that at the Creation it might
hove been placed at a distance from the sun
equal to what it could have moved in Sixty
three years. It is probably now making its
eleventh revolution in its orbit. How great
and marvelous are the works of the Almighty!
Congress assembled on the 4th. Hui
Schuyler Colfax wis elected Speaker of the
House by I lie largest majority ever given
one (or that station. The President's Mes
sage was tent in the next day.
Fayette Post Ojtice. Mist Alice
Gardeniiirc, lias been appointed post mis
tress of the Fayette post office, vice Miss
. Muddie Mallory, resigned.
Revival. A protracted meeting of one
months duration, held with Rxhlund church
six miles north of Fulton, closed on Sunday
last, the 19'h inst. This meeting wat con
ducted by the Rev. W. J. Patrick, an able
find zealous young minister of the Baptist
Church, and resulted in 25 additions to Hie
Church. Fultoti Telegraph,
The Nashville Gazette says George F.
Akers received a letter Monday from one
of his old hunting companions near Cadiz,
Kentucky, gi ing a glowing description of
a big deer hunt on tho farm of Daniel Hill
man, ut the Empire Iron Works on the
Cumberland river. The party returned to
camp with twenty-seven fine deer, besides
a lot of other game,
James McCormack, who wat without
doubt the oldest man in the United States
died in Newburg, Ndw York, on the llih
inst., at the good old age of one hundred
and fourteen years, three months and five
days. He was as remarkable for health
and strength as for longevity, and his life
was on excellent temperanee argument.
He war born August 6, 1751, in th
county of Cavan, Ireland.
"Gold and green is hereafter to be the
livery of our national currency," a contem
porary remarks. "The new irold cerlifi-H
cites, which are to be immediately issued
are printed on yellow tinted paper, an in
dication ol their basis of value, and to dis
tinguish them from the greenbacks, which,
in process ol lime, will come to mean gold,
too. When we first announced the purpose
of Mr. McCulloch to issue these gold cer
tificates we called it the first step toward
a resumption of specie payment, and it will
prove such. When a sufhcienry of these
gold certificates shall have been put into
circulation to serve the purpose or a conver
tible currency, a corresponding amount of
greenbacks of the higher denominations may
be withdrawn,.and gradually a speciapaper
currency be brought into ue, without any
of the disturbing influences which a sud
uV .i change from one kind to the other would
cause. For all government purposes for
the payment ol duties at the custom-houses;
for the settlement ot balance-; lor remittan
ces abroad, except to China; and for the
payment of interest on the live-twenties and
ten-forties, theie gold certificates will not
only be as good as gold, but a good deal
belter, inasmucn as tney will be more con
venient to handle and less costly to trans
port. This is one step toward specie pay.
ments, and another has been taken, by our
prudent head of the treasury department in
the virtual retirement of all the compound
interest-bearing notes. Gold has Dot yet
shown a disposition to fall in price undtr
the influence of these measures, for the very
good reasbn that the gold certificates have
not yet been issued, and the compound in
terest notes were already, to a great extent,
withdrawn from circulation before the sec
retary commenceu Minding mem. uui we
shall not have to wait lone lefore irold will
begin to fall, and with it the prices of many
oilier commodities,"
sprang into existence, the exig
the limes uemanaeu arniTT" party
leaders, without which the old ship of State
would have stranded amid the breakers,
and the proud ensign of a free republic been
consigned to the keeping of despots and
traitors, -tor lour years this organization
has struggled with the slave oligarchy of a
powerlul section and obtained l no mastery
obtained a guarantee that the Union of these
Slates is one and indivisible. We tire
now asked lo surrender our power to those
who refused and neglected to aid us in the
memorable struggle for national life; .but
the great mission of the Union party is' not
yet ended. Ayel more, it has not yet ao-
complisheu lis mission in . Missouri, a
great work remains undone, t Now.the qlash
uf arms and the tread of hostile armies; are
no longer.heard in our midst, the wotbJ of
political and social reform demands the
earnest attention of every lover of the Stale.
Missouri must rise Phoenix-like from! the
ashes of to-day. She has escaped annihila
tion, and the dawn ol peace must nnd ; Her
far advanced in the progress of civilization
and refinement. Her broad prairies so
long untrod by man except as the highway,
must be made to bloom and blossom as
the rose. Her heterogenous population
and local institutions, the scourge and
curse of the State, has given, place to the
enterprise and genius of the great Eastern
and central Stales, and her State and mu
nicipal laws must meet the demands of ad
vancing civilization if we would rear an
empire out of the ruins of the great gar
den ot the North West. Who will aid in
this great work except those who in the
bloody era of her history kept the ensign
of the republic tlying,' and clung with me
tenacity of life to the ark of our political
safety the Union. An exchange truly
"Missouri possesses wonderful recuper
ative no. vers, which are inherent in her
soil. Given over to a generation of slug,
esrds she would naturally make some pro
eress. But guided by the strong arms and
willing hearts of an industrious and ener
getio population there could be no limits
to her advance, mere is noi a single
State in the Union, or a tingle country un
der the sun, presenting so ' many, natural
advantages to all classes of people. Even
that newly discovered asylum for exil
uatnots, where nature appears robed in
eternal verdure and the flowers wear t
perpetual b'oom, mut sink into insignifl
cance when compared with Missouri.
Where does there exist a finer soil? Where
richer mineral deposits? Where more un
mistakable evidences of inherent wealth?
We need a healthy emigration, which can
only be had by holding out the necessary
inducements. The temper of the people
must be toned down to the changed circum
stances by which we are surrounded. The
foundations of the social structure have
been removed and need replacing. There
must be concert of action. Law must be
made respectable, perlect order must pre
vail, and the legitimate forms of civilization
must be donned. The school system should
be reorganized and put in operation, the
churches should be reopened and made to
perlorm their portion ol the work in hand,
and the hum of busy industry should re
sound throughout the Slate, until the world
is convinced that we are not falling back
into barbarism. Let it once be understood
that Missouri has robed herself in the hab
iliment s of peace, end that her people are
alive to the real obligations ol life, and
teeming thousands will take up their abodes
withiu our borders.
These letters were Intended to indicate
that the paper contained intelligence from
the four quarters of the elobe; but they
finally came to assume the lrm of the word
v.iwrftom whioh the terra pewspaper la
BY virtue of an order of Sale made at the De
cember Term, 163, of the Howard Cirniil
Court, in the case of Edward Currell et al., p'nin
tills, against Henry Hears, et ul., defendants, 1
Will on
Thursday 7th day of freeeinber,
I RB5, before the ecurt-h&usfc door In Fayette,
Howard county, Missouri, between the hours of
t o'clock A. m. and D o'clock p. m. of that day,
and during thesittiiie of the Circuit Court of said
county, sell to the highest bidder on a credit of
twelve monins, with bond and approved security,
al) the right, title and interest of said plaintills
snd defendants in anil to the following described
real estate, situated in the county of Howard
aforesaid, to-wit : The E half of the KE qr of
S 3it, 80 acres l the W half of the SE or of 8 3-1.
80 acres j the SE qr of the SE qr of 8 28, 40
seres and part of the 8W f rl qr of S 34, 6 acres
all in township 51. range 10, in Howard county
missouri.- ritiuit in. JAUKSUN,
Sheriff of Howard County,
November 10, 1R65 $U
1)1 Ci.
In Huntsvillc, on Thursday last, of consump
tion, Dr. JOHN W. THOMPSON, formerly of
Callaway county, in the thirty-fourth year of his
ogc Brother of James B. Thompson, Editor of
the Hunlsville Citizen.
I Will be in Glasgow on the 11th, 12th and 13th
inst., for assessing Incomes, License and Direct
Tax. Office with H.- C. Temple, Telegraph cf-
lice, over rninps' siore.
December 7, 1865. ,. -
WISHES to inform the Ladies of Glasgow
and vicinity that she has just returned
from St. Louis, and is prepared to fill their orders
with neatnsss and dispatch. Residence, directly
south ot Dr. Lewis'.
Glasgow, Dec. 7, 1865 6m
BY virtue of three exteutionS Issued by the
Clerk of the Circuit Court of Howard coun
ty, and to me directed and delivered, returnable
10 ine uecemoer term iwa, one in favor of Eliza
h!ih Young, one in favor of Richard T. W
Graves, and one in favor of M. A Stapleton, and
all against Isham P. Embiee, I wil' on
before the Court house door in the city of Fay
ette, Howard county, Missouri, between the
hours of 0 o'clock A. M. and 5 o'clock P. M. of
that day, and during the sitting of the Circuit
Court of said county, sell at public auction, to the
highetl bidder for cash, all the right, title, and
interest ot the said Isham P. Embre, in and to
the following described real estate, situated in the
couniy aroresaui, to-wit: i ne w or the SIS qr.
of S IS, T 52, Range 15, 80 acres; and the N end
of the NE qr. S :0, T 62, Range 15, 120 acres,
situated in Howard county, Missouri, together
wilh all the improvements and appurtenances
thereunto belonging.
Levied upon by me as the property of the
above named Ifham p. Embree to satisfy said
executions and costs.
Sheriff of Howard county.
Nov. 16, 1865. $9 ,
ON SAlURDAt NIGHT last, in Glasgow,
1 GENT'S SCARF PIN i Pink Coral
head in heavy gold setting. A very liberal re
ward vill be pan! to the finder by leaving it at
this office, or at the store of Messrs Palmer & Co,
Glasgow, Nov. 23, 1865 3w
By virtue of a' Deed of Trust, to me Executed
by John O. Eberle and his wife, dated the
8th day of Februar. a. t. 1864, recorded on
pages 39 and 40, of Deed-of-Trust Book "E," In
Iho Office of the Recorder of Howard County,
Missouri, ro secure ine payment or a debt therein
mentioned, in favor of Benjamin Hays, t will,
between the hours of 10 o'clock a. si. and five
o'clock p. M., on
Tuesday, December .12, 1865, .
sell at public vendue, to the hiejhsst bidder, at
the premises, for cash. Lot No. 18 in block No.
11, in the city ot Glasgow, hi said county. '
JOHN V. TURNER, Trustee.
JSov. 18 1805 4t Ii23$5
1 " M
rpHE undersigned will sell on Ihe7 farm ot J.
X E. Swinney, near Cambridge, Mo., on
the following described property : Some fifty Lead
of Cattle, including some good inilk cows end
like v vounc bteers : Hi or 12 Dead or Morses :
100 head of Sheep t 150 head of Stock Hogs ;
three yoke of Work Cattle ; two Wagons ; all the
f ft. i - , a ,
rarnmig moosiis, aua crup vi vuni, nay duu
TERMS-AIl sums over Ten Dollars, note for
six months with approved security j of or under
mat amount, casn in nana.
BY virtue of an execution issued by the Clerk
of the Circuit Court of Howard county, and
to me directed and delivered, returnable to the
December term lfOo, in tavorof Sam 'I J. Duncan
and against E. K. Atterbury, I will on
before Ihe Court House door, in the citv of Fav-
ette, Howard county, Missouri, between the hours
of 9 o'clock A, M. and 5 o'clock P. M.of that dav.
and during the silling of the' Circuit Court of
TAKE pleasure In'informinp the citizens of
Howard and surrounding counties that they
have just received their ' .
"Win lor Stock
.J of ; . . . ,
Hardware & Queensware
which they offer to the public et low prices
or any kind of
. T " .1 1 e . ... .
said county, sell to the highest bidder, at pubhc "TV1 '.u ' ?. , ' tl"mf-mae Jeans, Linseys,
sale, all the right, title and interest of Ihe said E. ' ? , " ,- 0,her ,Go?da, of domestic manufacture.
K. Alterbury, in and to the following described i Inle.n'll,,K trade largely for these kinds ot
real estate situated in the county of Howard, to- i S'S?' we 0"er for them the very highest prices.
wit: The North half of Lot No. 50 in the city of
Fayette, together wilh the appurtenances and im
provements tlieieunlo belonging.
Levied upon by me as the property of the above
named E. K. Atterbury to satisfy said execution
and costs in favor of Sam'l. J. Duncan. -
Sheriff of Howard Count.
Nov. 10, 1805. . 9
December , 1865 lw
A VERY 'CONVENIENT dwelling bouse,
with seven rooms, two halls, and a coed dry
cellar. A good cistern. Location one of the
most desirable in the city of Glasgow. For par
ticulars, call on Messrs. Clark & Cockcrill, or the
undersigned. M. bNUi-isju.
Nov. 23, 1865 3w
to the December term 1805. one in favor of Lom
uci Li. ana Horace mngsoury, one in favor of
Chas. Harris, and against Geo. W. Stapleton, and
one in favor of Robert Baskitt and against Geo.
in. ana josepn mapieion, i win on
before the Court House door, in the city of Fay
ette, Howard county. Missouri, between the honrs
of 9 o'clock A. M. and 5 o'clock P. M ft that i SECOND-HAND PIANOS, MELODEONS,
"T7E have just received a large and beautiful
T v collection or I'netograph Albums,
Nov. 23.
Notice of Final Settlement.
LL creditors and others interested in the es
tate of Calvin J. Sartin. deceased are no
tified that the undersigned, administrator of said
estate, intends to make a final settlement of said
estate at the next term of the county court of How
ard county, to be hold en at Fayette in said coun
ty, commencing on ine inira momiay or uecetn
ber. 1865. DANIEL CROWLEY,
Nov. 16, 1865 4w n23 Adm'r.
HAVE still on hand their usual assortment of
NlLji' Ntiidl d Vutia sW Vtii1 '..u W
Store room at the
Glasgow Mo.
October 26, 1865.
old stand On First street.
TjfAVE CONSTANTLY oh hand the largest
RY virtue of three executions issued by the ; -J-. assortment or 1- 1R&T-CLASS PIANOS
rlu i rt: n -. u j ' Kent hv anv one House in Ih Werft Th.w iraA
ty, and to me directed and delivered, returnable ' pntT n made b7:,- , . .
Mason & Hamlin's Cabinet Organs,
' , , $110 to $eoO each. "
Also, on hand,
Which are sold at Bargains. ; ,
Send for " Circular" and 'Price-List."
1 1
Wareroohs : Corner Firm and Walnot,
(Under Southern Hotel,)
Oct. 12, 1865 lyr.
day; and during the sitting of the Circuit Court of
said county, sell at public auction to the highest
bidder for cash, all the right, title, and interest of
the above named Geo. w. Stapleton, in and to I
the following described real estate, situated in the I
county aforesaid, to-wtl: The N part of the NW I
.:oi a 0.7, x ou, 11 iu, ana pan or ine an qr. or
26, T 50, R 16, and part of Survey No 2593. in
same township and range, containing in said three
tracts loo ou-iuiiins acres, ar.d known as the mill
tract. Also 2 40-100ths acres, part of the Wi of
the SP nr. nP S 90 T fill II 111 silininlnv III. ,n!ll
tract, and part Survey 2594 in T 49, R 16, 120 ! WE re.aKen.,s for the "Old iEtna Columbian,
acres. Also the S part of the NW qr. of 8 35,1 ; and Morris Insurance Companies," repre
T 50, R 10, 115 acres, and also Lots Nos. 98 and smhng a CASH capital and assets, amounting to
yy in tup nlv or l-avelle. nil fiitnnteH in Hnwnril ,
county, Missouri, together with the appurtenances
and improvements thereunto belonging.
Levied upon by me as the property of Geo. W.
Stapleton to satisfy said executions and costs.
Sheriff of Howard County.
Nov. 16, 1865. $12
The Boston Traveller of the 21st instant
says: 'The sailing baric Thos. Pope, of New
York, bound for Monrovia, Africa, cleared
t our cuitoin-house this afternoon, having
on board seven missionaries as passengers,
and twenty Dine thousand gallons of New
England rum si part of her cargo." Quite a
New York, Deo. 2.
A fire ocourred (his morning on Stale
end Ilroadwsy, destroying three large cot
ton bond warehouses, together with 7,000
bales of cotton and other merchandise. The
buildings were six stories, and are complete
ruins. It is reported that seven ot eight
firemen were killed by the falling of the
wslls. L-isi estimated at nearly $ 2,000,000.
The Oldest Republic on Earth.
The "American Quarterly Review" con
tains a letter from Ci. W. Irving, Lq.,
giving a sketch of his visit to San Muriuu,
a small republic in Italy, between the Ap
penines, the I'o, and the Adriatic, The
territory of this slate is only forty miles
in circumference, end its population about
seven thousand. Therepublio was founded
more than fourteen centuries tga, on moral
principles, industry, end equity, anil has
preserved lis liberty and independence amid
all the wars and discords which have raged
around it. Donaparle respected it, and
sent sn embassy to express his sentiments
of Irieudship and Iraternity. It is governed
by a captain regent, chosen, every six
months, by the representatives ul the
people, (sixty-six in number,) who are also
chosen, every six months, by the people,
The taxes are light; the farm houses are
neat; the lields well cultivated; and, on all
sides, are seen comlrt end plenty the
happy elTect of morality, simplicity, and
The following is a verbatim et literatim
report of the evidence given in the Magis
trates Court, yesterday, by a negro man
named Doo'.or Jones, who accused another
negro named Washington of stealing his
Te name Dr. Jones name so cause
old master named Doctor. I was settin' in
de shop; my wctch hanging up on de wall.
Dat niggar (pointing to Washington) come
in, sot down, got up, went out,' and de
watch was dismissed. Dai's all I know
about it." f Alexandria (jazelte.
Blankets, &c, &c.
which we will sell as low as the lowest AH
persons would do well to call and examine our
stock before buying elsewhere, we esteem it a
pleasure to show our goods, feein g sure that we
can give saustacuon to all parlies.
We have also on hand a full stock of
School-Books, Stationery,
which we offer at the lowest cash prices.
We wish to buy a quantity of
for which we will nsy the highest market price
Persons having these articles to dispose of will
do well to call upon us.
' Glasgow, Nov. ?.'t, ISM.
BY virtue of two special executions, issued by
the Clerk of the Circuit Court, of How
ard county, and to me directed and delivered,
returnable to the December term, 1865, one
in favor of Joseph Lesley, and one in favor
of Win. M. M.iupin, and both against Thomes
J. Hnston. I will on
before the Court House door in the cily of Fay
ette, Howard county, Missouri, between the hours
or U o'clock A. M. and 5 o'clock P. M. of that
day and during the sitting of the Circuit Court of
said county, sell to the highest bidder, at public
auction ror casn an tne rigni, line, ana interest or
the said Thos. J. Haston in and to the following
described real estate, situated in the county afore
said, to-wit : The SE qr. 8 14. T 51, R 17, 100
crest W part or HW qr. of S 14, T 51, Kange 17,
81 acres j the Wl NE qr. of S 14, T 61, R 17,
80 acres) part or ine rvt) qr. Slo, TOt,B 17,
13ft acres) and part or MVqr.s p, i di,hii,
125 acres; all situated in Howard county, Missou
ri, together with all the improvements ami ap
purtenances mere'inio oeionging.
Levied upon by me as the property of the above
named Thomas J. Has Ion, to satify said execu
tions and costs.
Sherifl' of Howard County.
Nov. 10,1865. $a
10,000,000. -
In which we are prepared to issue Policies, cov
ering all kinds of property on land and water,
on as reasonable terms as any other good office.
inaiiKiui to our menus ror llie past liberal pat
ronage we solicit a continuance or the same.
Sept, 28, 1865 tf. - :
Would call attention of all buyers ot
To his present Stock, purchased
Hfter the large decline in Gold.
I am prepared to offer to my friends and ens
tomers a complete assortment ot all kinds of
Groceries at the
Very Lowest Rates.
Will pay the highest CASH PRICE for
Bacon, Lard, Hides, Wool, Chick
ens, Eggs, Butter, Potatoes, Apples
Corn, Wood, fce, lie.,
Glssgow, Nov. fl, 1865.
HAVING agaiin opened my 6hoe Shop, I an
prepared to manufacture TO ORDER,
Having had an experience of some fifteen years
at the business, I feel confident that I can give en
tire satisfaction in my work. My material and
stock are of the best Bind and warranted.
Being thankful for past favors from old patrons
I would solicit a continuance of the same, at my
new Shop, on First street, opposite Thompson 6l
Dunnica's Bank. N. FRANZEN.
Glasgow, June 15, 1865.
1865. 1865.
s now ofTerin? 'the LARGEST and most elegant
assortment of goods ever offered in this market.
Having bougnt nis gocus at
he is now prepared to tarnish all with goods at
a small advance upon cost. lie cans especial
attention to his stock of
A large supply on hand, and for sale cheap.
on hand In great variety and at prices to suit all.
& large assortment or
the largest that can be found in the city, which
for make and cut cannot be surpassed this side of
St. Louis.
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
of every description on hand.
l bankrul lo tne pumie lor tneir past iiDerai
patronage. I solicit a continuance of the same.
Glasgow, Mo., Sept. 28th, 8o ly.
Notice of Final Settlement.
ALL creditors and others Interested in the es
tate of MAHALA HERRING, deceased,
are notified that tha undersigned. Administrator
intends to apply to the County Court of Howard
county. Mo., at Fayette, on lha third Monday in
December next, to make a final settlement of said
estate. J. B. DA MF.RON, Adm'r.
Nov. 16, 1865 4w art

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