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Glasgow weekly times. (Glasgow, Howard County, Mo.) 1866-1869, August 31, 1866, Image 1

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.it.. -i .'44,r..i, d- '
' V'- 'JJ-JaW''l''-,'' ' '
t . t- ? 1 .:! It I i ! i
.U I1.1 ' '.'.'''''.J" . .... ..I... I. L..eSIJJJJL.Lt JU
; ,-, Prof C03toitftl ar i0.
FF1CE open on Wednesdays and Saturdays,
and at other times when necessary for the
accommodation of clients. jyu-3m.
5. v DR. J. W. ILA.WKINS.
OFFICE in the New Drug Store, Glasgow,
Mo.? where he may be found at all hours,
'day and night, unless professionally engaged. jyO.
Office opposite .Glaapow House, nrxt door to J. R.
Carson's new Btore, Glasgow, Mo.
Residence opposite that of the late Col. B. W.
Lewis. June 22 lm.
Office over Henderson's Drug Store Residence
.'.a A ' j vnear Mr. Dunmca'sy
Je8 3m Glasgow, Missouri.
33. O. 3ZJ-VyV3MS, 3VI. X.
'). ;" I BOONVILLE, MO.,
ITVEVOTES himself particularly to the treat
Ay ment of dieases of the eye. je 1-ly
Lt Judge 11 Judi
s, cial Circuit,
Late Judge Platte Pro.
' bate Caurt.
Glasgow, Mo.
PARTICULAR ' attention given to Probate
- business in Chariton and Howard Counties.
.,.n !- ,'H, CLAY COCKER1LL,
' And Heal Estate' Agent.
. W. P. PITTS,
; : . GLASGOW, MO.
WILL give prompt attention to all business
intrusted to his care in Howard and adjoin
Ing counties, Office, with Dr. Hickerson, over
Birch, Earickson & Co's bank. maltf.
.: . . - J. V. TUENEE, ,'.'
Attorney nt Tjcl-w,
,,' Glasgow,. Howard County, JIo.
PRACTICES in Howard, Saline, Chariton and
Randolph counties. Business intrusted to
turn will be promptly and diligently attended to.
fl3?" Deeds, Mortgages, and ' other writings
carefully prepared by him. -
Office, that formerly occupied by the late firm
of Shackelford & Turner. , . .jan2('unu. ,
W.F. LEE, having obtained License from
the U, 8. Government, is prepared to
serve the people as an Auctioneer, and will attend
to sales and auctions in town or country. Charges
moderate. , . . . jy20-tf.
, . Jas. Fitzpatrick,
RETURNS his thanks for past liberal patron
age, and solicits a continuance of the same.
Will attend sales in town or country. Charges
moderate.- tmaylltf.
CasH Assets, Jan. 1, rS!),119 91.
Accidents from Runaway Horses,
Accidents from Slippery Sidewalks,
Assaults by Burglars and Robbers,
Strained Ankles' and Broken Limbs,
Explosions, Collisions, Burning & Drown-
,. . ing.
Policies written for any term from one month"
to five years ; for any sum from $o00lo 510,000 in
case of fatal accident, or $3 to $f0 weekly com
pensation in case of disabling bodily injury, at
from $3 to $60 annual premium. '
Oldest Accident Ins. Co. in America. '
The Tbavelkrs of Hartford wis the first to
successfully introduce accident insurance in this
country; it is sound and reliable, having an am
ple pam up cupuai anu larg surplus ; up to jan.
1st. it has issued over thirty-five thousend pol
icies, and
Paid Over Nine Hundred Losses,
including the largo sum of $65,500 to twenty-one
policy holders, within the year, for less than
Jo received in premiums.
Premiums Low, & Losses Paid Promptly.
Applications received and policies issued with
out delay. No medical examination required.
A liberal discount allowed ou policies for three
or five years.
j A nit .-s u. is a i icitouii , president.
Rodney Dennis, Secretary.
n29lf.1 Agents, Glasgow, Mo.
; Having permanently located in here, offers his
professional services to the citizens of Glesgow
and vicinity. Teeth inserted from one to an en
tire set. Office, that formerly occupied by Dr.
T. W. Reed, over Birch. Earickson & Co's. bank.
May 4. 1866 ly
1 1 F. W. DIGGES,
Licensed Auctioneer
WILL attend proptly to all public sales of
Real Estate or personal nronertv. where
his services are desired. Charges moderate. Ho
can always be found at the- post-ollice. (ap'27
Real Estate Agents,
gg ; r , c lasgow, mo,
PROMPT attention given to the purchase and
salt of all descriptions of Real Estate. One
oa the firm being a Lawyer and Notary Public,
conveyances in be executed and titles examined
without extra charsre. The other member of the
firm being the publisher of the Glasgow Times,
boi simio inirusieu to- mem lor saio
Will be Advertised Free of Charere t
Persons having land or town property for sale
will find it to their interests to place it in our
bands, as we have superior facilities for disposing
;t . ru i. n it.-..! .u
Southwest, corner of Twelfth and Olive streets,
April 28.
:ii i
First Street; ' Ola
This bouse has recently been thoroughly reno
vates, repaired and repainted, and is now open
cos ine accomnuuuiiuii or irircftis.
. . I'HANH. MITCHELL, Proprietor,
,.April2Q. 1866. ....... i, ;. Cn43-6m.
! ....
'& HAVINQ recently purchased the properly
l,lf of Mr. Louis Tbixton, la Glasgow, I have
commenced the bote! business here, and invite the
patronage of the public. The house has been
furnished with a new and complete "outfit," end
tin effort on niy part will be wanting to secure the
voratort Of juesn, i wain 10 ouy uuuer, eggs
Chickens. Turkevs. ale. and all kinds of Veto la-
iW in their seasoQ, for which I will pay the
ts- t market pncr id vauh. -
.Jr , , v B ovkmok,
Banks cmfc insurance.
Grlascrow Mo-
. Bonds and Exchance Foreien and Domes
tic. Receive Deposits, Lonn Money, and mtike
collections for all accessible points. fn2Uyl.
"Harrison Block," 1st street,
Jan. n-3m. Glasgow, Mo
St. Coins jV&ucvtiscmcnt5.
W. H. POWELL. c. I. SCOriEI.D.
W. H. POWELL &. CO.,
Manufacturers of
Powell's Copper-Distilled Whiskies,
as follows :
No. 102 S. Commercial St., St. Louis, Mo.
July 27, 1806 3m
No 31 Commercial st., St. Louis Mo, agents for the
Consignments rnlicited "and advances made. All
orders promptly filled. ' ji'2-yl.
Importer and Jobber c
Otitis, J'isfois, Powder, Caps; .
Safely Fuse, and fixed ammunition of all kinds.
Also, ngent for the celebrated Dupont Powder.
No. 78 Norlh Second street, between Olive and Lo
cust, St. Louis, Mo. jc22yl.
Manufactured extensively at tho well known shops of
Sales Rooms, 154 Xortlt 2d street,
sr. LOUIS, .MO.
Where agricultural nnd manufactm ine; machin
ery are furnished at Manufacturer's Pkices.
June 22, 1800 ly s,w&,co.
J. 13.
Fiske, Knight & Co.,
VhoIesale Dealers in
33oots & Shoes,
jc22 87 Main street, St. Louis.
!?30 to U J si J U t,I,iOO.
ss. m
jSTew York
Fire and. Marine
HAVING RECEIVED the agency or these
staunch old Companies, I atn prepared to
issue policies covering against loss by firo on land
nnd water, on as reasonable terms as any other
First Class institution.
Parties desiriuj safe insurance, and prompt
ness and liberality in the adjustment of loses,
will find it to their interests to call at this agency,
and secure a policy in one of the abovo reliali.e
compauies. ,
Office in the room formerly occupied bv Gideon
Crews, opposite Thomson & Dunmca's bank.
teb.Vn lfibu-ly.
HAVE CONSTAN'i LY on hand the lamest
assortment of FJR.ST-CLAS3 PIANOS
kept bv any one House in the West. Ttiey keep
the Reliable Instruments made by
WM. U. rJKAIJbuKi,
Mason & Hamlin's Cabinet Organs,
$110 to $600 each.
Also, on hinid,
Which are sold at Bargains.
Send for "Circular" and "Prise-List."
Warekooms : Cgrner Fifth and Walnut,
(Under Southern Hotel,)
ST. I,OlIS, no.
Oct. 12, lPlia lyr.
Horse Thieves.
X ranee Company, with a capital of $200,000,
is 1110
Most Responsible Company ia the West.
and insures live stock against theft, for n very
small per cent Every maw should have his horses
jiisureu. - - .
Refer to Thos. E. Birch, Thos. Shackelford and
M. C. Hurt, aeto Reliability. 1
June 22 3m. Afient, Glasgow, Mo,
XX. from the old stand to Mr. Crews old stand
Keeps constantly on hand a line assortment of
n central. Also all kinds of Pine Lumber.
Glasgow, Juue 22, IStJO 3m.
JD RANDIES', Wines and Gin, of very tupe
nor quauiy ai
A SPLENDID assortment of Glassware and
Ftb, t-
ueeiisware ror sale low, by
ClllZhib.il, tHBl'l'i;i A CO.
B. S. GPtANT & CO.,
No. 53, North Levee and Commercial streets,
South of Vine,
Barton S. Grant, ) ST. L.OVIS.
Wm. H. Hardin" i (u27.
. (Late of E. Jaccard & Co.,)
4th and Locust st., St. Louis,
Denlcrs In and Impoiters of
Watches, Diamonds, Fine
Jewelry, Fancy Goods, Silver
and Plated Ware.
ru Clocks, Watches nn.l Jcwclrv roraircd and
warranted. (.OLD and S1LVEK DOLCHT.
Airil 0. ISCo. iljr.ils.)
GLASGOW, MO., AI 'Cjjf :ft' 3J, IW.
(J" Fornej- the Dead 'Da'jfc writes the fol
lowing rich Southern ineidc.it to "Ira PhiiaiJelphia
Press: ,'.' i!
"Among the voluminous "r-pri-Is jut reretved by
Cen Howard from his sul onl 'lni m the Froed
men's Ruereaii. is a detailed esrCfi id statement of
the barbarity of a Virginia vomdii. .nthaterl upon
her fomalo slave, whieh a mo. i ' def ea b'iman be
lief, and fiir surpasses the c ac; ii-f.;J pictures of
fiction. This woman had bets) l.i tt:o habit of
beating her slaves for many yearn, ) id the fact that
they were made frea seem , to lan i intensified all
tho passions of her nature. The e.ise referred to
is that of a girl or young w mf 1 is :aid tr
bo a mere illustration of the manner In which
similar cruelties arc practis ;d lilion others. She
was stripped naked, lied, a id tiirown face down
wards before n hot fire. Her back haviii been
burnt or scorched by the ( re, h r niirtps-j pro
ceeded to lacerate by hipj inhirwiththe gieat
e?t fury, after which, ho:n 4c to relate, a mixture
of cayenne pepper, vineai aiut p vv;n poured
over the shrieking and 'a I no.l delirious victim.
Lest what I say may be doubted, I d "-m it my duty
to tell you that I have this sL iettiei.t from' Gen.
Howaiil'sowu lips, and v ill to-ou.rrow furnish
you with a eireumst.inli;il ai-cotint. Gen. Howard
hn a photograph of this pour creat ire in his no-
sessioo, and Judge Untlerw Jod. of Virginia, pro
poses tot tike her into his ovn fimilv, and to ac
company her to the Presidei t of Ihe 'United Statcu,
there to let him see Ihe last i pecimer. of the human
ity of Ihe reconstructed reUds."
Now, if there is nnytliinp we can certify, with
out positive knowledge, t rs that - the above
i3 a lie. Wc know it's a li by Hie manner of its
telling, the purpose for wli: :h it was told and the
man who tells it. Forney ..ould iiot, I ind would
not, if he could) tell the tn 'h about tin-. Southern
people j and this is one of 1 ic blacks?' -f the ma
lignant slanders he is so fot i of iqven g for the
defamation of tho people of the South. Little as
General Howard is enti led t? r -ct, for
the narrow-minded policy 1 : has piriiied in his
administration of the Buret .i, we cu mot believe
him guilty of assisting Fori ey in the iwmulgation
of this mean lie; and lht Iorney man ir'actured it
out of small material, the:e is jiot fii slightest
doubt. Such Radical lies are wor'hy of such low
Radical whelps as Forney ; and of nobody else.
gF'Thcre is a party of l evolutionists in Russia
called the "Hell" party, I'xchange.
There is a party in MiEsciri that onjht to lisve
tho same name. That which ii now goes by,
commences with an R.
WvrB PIANOS, mil
7S North Fouitii street, St. Louis,
DEALER in Pianos and Furniture of every de
scription. A large stock of new st vie Fur
niture always on hands and for sale cheap.
W'!'sJ-Li BREWERY. Jos. Schmitt & Co.
Tho best Cream and Stench; Ales, XXX
Porter, bv the barrel, half barrel and keg. Also
bottled Ales and Porters at tire lowest rates. De
pot 31 Commercial meet, between Chesnut and
Pine. SCHMITT is LEON'OIU, Agents.
fj" Anna Dickimon was n -liverirg a lecture
in Cincinnati, in which, ami i.g otter things, she
advocated universal suffrage. Afthis stage of Ihe
discourse several persons rose and; left the hall,
whereupon the speaker paused a mdniont, and then
calmly remarked, "I want tn say. before any other
tender soul llees from tho thitoineiit of trutl, that
thev mav be likened to our svi'ein of measures.
One man has the capacity of a pint : another, the
capacity of a quart ; nnd another, tlie capacity of
a gallon. It may safely be presuised that the pint
cups are about full, and they are a.'giniiing to go
on icsi iney snouiu overnow. Au it anv others
shall be moved to leave, we shall be ah'e t' deter
mine 'he measure of their capacity Willi tin great
est nicety." After that the aulUmco kepi then
Evidently, Miss Dickinson it fi.TI, and 'runiilug
over," with truth or something else. We are
sure it is not modesty. Perhaps that portion of
the audience who left were filled with disgust, in
stead of the truth j and those who remained may
have done so because Ihey did not wish to show
ill-breeding, like Miss Dickinson.
Itui-'cg Cotton.
The following lucid inscription of cotton cul
ture was written from Esperanz.i, Alabama, to tho
Missouri Republican, by T. E. Garrett, F:q., for
many years the river editor of that paper,
but who, about a year ago, went South to Le a
cotton planter. The letter is date! Aug. 15:
Cotton is opening rapidly, and still blooming
abundantly. Picking will commence next week,
and that job will last till Christmas. Tha cotton
plant, blooms, bolls, and opons all at the same
time. Tlio three stages of blo:som, form and
open boll ore always visible on the Weed after the
firbt boll opens, and continues until frost. In this
cliir.ale September's blooms will male? cuttou un
der the usual restrictions o? ll oe ii s4:i. The
blooms of October form, bi t the reiu in' of the
season is too short for the firms topr ic t. We
have one field of 300 acres, me otiO !. one of 18S
and a patch of about 00 acre . It all ! A healthy
but some of it will be late, vyi.-.g to 'he wet sea
son end failure to get out l .e grass a time for
Ihe cotton lo attain a stroi growth b fore the
scorching weather of July a
say if vou get ''out of the grr
safe. 'T is a great deal safer
grass, and give tho plant r
strengthen while it can reach
It should be bier.ough to s!
before tho very hot weather -wise
it has a very precarious . .
beini; entirely dependent 0
weather, not likely to occur : i
Lnuer these conditions late c
erably well, hut of course, n
also said that cotton is a dry
sun , and does not reijuire mi
the tap-root strikes hard gi'i
drought can stop its growth,
dry interval of a couple of wr
t languish, the kavts to with
the blooms to decrease. Af:c
it sends our new branches and
cotton now stands from three I
as urge as is commonly groivu 011 ;
The pi-airio land in this i.-ini1 pro.la
plant; but the yield of cotton is very j. !! ; beth.r.
Our experience thus far has U ighl ui ULn ctiuou
require early punting, worki i early ar4 late,
end all the lin.e, ai.it contin i uncng 01 me
growth bv every available mea is. fioji lhQ time
it appears above ground until t! bolU. oiiuw what
they're made of. In this laii lie it r ver gets
strong enough to take care ot i elf. . W iil there
is a threatening rp -ar of crab g ss to d u iolish,or
a spoonful of earth to freshen iu.id t 9 routs,
the crop is never ''laid bv." ' ''
(lur present prospects indh
yield. Hie stand wad not full,
place, to bad seed. All seed w
shlet then, continued wet w.
plant, and gave the grass incalc
roRi:n; itejis.
The letter of a correspondent in Mexico
gives important information respecting a conspira
cy against the Impenul Government, in whieh
many prominent men, active supporters of Santa
Anna, were concerned. Fifty-two have been ar
rested, including Senor Lucinza, Minister of
State, three other members of the Cabinet, and
uthcr palace officials. The conspirators were com
bining, it is asserted, to overthrow the Govern
ment of the Empire and to reinstate Santa Anna
as Prciidcut or Dictator.
G3?"Tho Turks have commenced active hostili
ties against the Christians In Greece, whom they
treat as rebels against the nuthoritv of the S'-.ltan.
A number of foreign consular offices, particularly
those of the United Slates, Holland and Sweden.
have suffered very much damage. The conrnl;
have proteslcd in the nr.me of their respective gov
ernments. The Christians, or insurgents, are C3.
00O.sfror,g, and held important points against tile
Turkish soldiers.
It is said that the Empress of Mexico has
failed in her mission, Napoleon having it is 1111 !er.
stood refused to grant the assistance nf the French
troops prior to their evacuation of Mexico to quell
the insurgents. In connection wilh this statement
the report is correct with some decree of credi
bility that tho Emperor Maximilian will soon re
turn lo Europe.
57" Afler the conclu-ion of peace with rruc'in,
the Emperor Frzncis Joseph of Austria, with the
consent of his Cabinet, intends to appoint a respon
sible Hungarian ministry, and after this act is com
pleted, the Hill garion Diet will be formally re
opened some time during the month of September.
(EiTThc Paris Patrie ot August 21st,
says that the Emperor Napoleon will cede Veue
tia as handed over to France by Austria, direct to
Italy, to be held as a part of the Kingdom of Vic
tor Emanuel.
C37"King Victor Emanuel has issued a de
cree prsclaiimngan amnesty to political exiles and
prisoners throughout Italy and his dominions.
This decree includes Mazziui, as well as others of
lesser prominence.
(fIt is said that the slave trade is on the in
crease to an alarming extent in Cuba. Seven hun
dred Africans had be:n landed at one time, and it
is said through a bribe to a high olliccr.
Advices from Havana, nf the ISth, state
that tho quarantine of fifteen days on vcst!s arri
ving from the United Stales is strictly enforced.
Prussia has dethroned the old blind King
of Hanover and taken possession of his dominions.
A Sirkrian Woman. A gentleman who is en
gaged in the telegraph cxpeditif n in Siberia, re
lates the following incident in a letter to a friend
in Cincinnati :
''I met with a Korak womnn. about 2i year of
age, on the great Tuiiiiar (marked Keran on the
map', who drove a team c? reindeers with a load
ed sL-ilu'e ;;il verbis ki i ie c;ay, and at l;ii;ht slept out
in tlsp s:;rnv. with -ki invering whatever, evcept
the clothes .-he hid iviun dining the day. ai.it in a
teuipeiature '43 itegre'-s below .eio, or ." ih ::.-ees
below freezing point ! Think of that ye eii'cminate
fetuales of America 1 That 1 saw myself, although
even to me it seen:1-- iticredihle now . I thou-dd it
an extraordinary thing to sleep in a reindeer skin
tent out do.irs in such weather, and I should have
frozen to death in two hours had I attempt. -.1 to
sleep without it. She traveled with us, diiving
her own reindeers, and sleeping 0:1 the snow eivry
Commission Merchants
' , AND i
Will deliver goods at Fayette or Roanoke.
March 10, 1800.
t Vigm'. Planters
1" in Jul;.- t;ie crop ii
o keep out of the
ry opt irtunity to
. r.qtiis te moisture,
le the round well
-mres 'ti. Other
..ist'net its growth
conditions of the
. ItiUf In the season.
Hon-nny yield trd
' a full crop. 'Tis
' 11. t 1 ves tho hot
'1 rain that after
nd 110 amount of
.Ve not ee dining a
'u the plant teems
- aud lull jI, and
d sh, uei- uf rain
resh Meatus. t)ur
tour le. I ii. height,
dy land,
a larger
Tin: Tomato. As an article of food tho to
mato L- not only nutritious, but it po;c.-.-e3 many
valuable medicinal qtialiti s. It is one cf the moat
povverfvl aperients of the liver aud other organ',
and can he substituted for calomel. Is is also
slated that, before long, experiments now being
made, will result in procuring a chemical extract
from the tomato that will ultimately supersede
calomel in the cure of diseases. Diarrhoea has
been successfully tieatcd with the tomato alone,
and it is said to be en excellent remedy for dys
pepsia and indigestion. Cooked or raw, the to
mato as a daily food, is one of the most whole
soiite articles in use.
tea f
. (t m
11 t,
THE Subscriber desires to inform the people
of Glasgow and vicinity that he has purchas
ed the old Dodge Shop, on Water street, and will
carry on the Coopering business in all of its vari
ous branches. .Hogsheads, Carrels, Kegs aud
Casks, made to erder on short notice.
I desire to purchase a large quantity of staves
and hoop-poles. aug3-3iu II. C. HEATH.
the first
irod ihe
a .le ad stages;
lastly, in pulling- ont heavy matt. 1 pr.rH ''"on is
also uprooted, and Ihe drills are eft too tl i.C'et-
ton is subject to more plagues th 1 Hhe-; ugypt
and some of the same character- rust in tin plant,
skin-root, lice, boll-rust gnd boll- vqr.u. these
threaten, as the season advances, od cm or may
not come. They hang like a clt id of iJvnr over
the planters' hoj.es. The bales can never V count
ed till thev are nresed. This, honever ia te. tni . fn
this section of Alabama, there cantnt klv be
over half a crop on the ground lilatitesk which
does not comprise more than two 'liirsi; 10 cot-
iuu laiiuiume viciiui. . -.. . ,
India rubber is now bleached pirfctly ja'nteby
a chemical process, which is sai ! to be f rtal to
the workmen engaged therein unless protection is
aflorded them. So dangerous arc the funki aris
ing from the combination of the required. SiiM.
cals that Ihe workmen are encased in ariuj, and
are supplied with air from other tpitmci.n fliaii
the one In which they work. I . if
.- -pi. .11 .. 1
."The ocean speaks eloquently nJ foo-vei,"
says Beecher. Yes," retorts Priiiifcc, "aai life At
is no use Ullinir it to dry up," ' - ' !
Gen. Howard, Commissioner of Frecdiuen at
the South, has issued an order which says:
In accordance with instructions of the Seereta
ry of War, it is ordered that on and alter the first
day of October next, the issue of rations be discou
tinned except lo the sick in regular hcspihds and
to the Orphan Assylums for refugees and freeduien
already existing, a:.. I that tan Slate otlicials who
mav hi' resp.iiib.e tor tho care of Ihe poor, bL
ciirefully notified of this order so that they may
assume "the charge of such indigent refugees ai.'d
freeduien as are. not embraced ia the above exceptions.
As the Lte President Lincoln was walking the
quarter-deck of one of our men-of-war with his
hat on, a sailor asked his messmate, ' bo's that
fellow that don't douse his peak to the Admiral ?'
'Why, it's the President." '-'Weil," retorted
Ihe other, "President or no President, he's an un
mannerly dog." '-Lord," replied Jack, '-where
sho ;hl he Ictirn manners? hi was never out of
tit of land."
God sometimes gives lo man 0 guileless at; I ho-
I v e:n d childhood, in which tl o soul become--childlike,
not chihli-h, and the faculties, in full
fruit and ripeness, are mellowed with no sign ot
decav. 1 lus u that thoughtlul land or JJeuian,
where they who have traveled uiatitiillvthc Chris
tian way, 'abide awhile to show the; world a per
fect manhood in 1 lie fi niton of a perfect jd destiny .
Life, with its battles and its sorrows, lies far,
behind tlieinj Ihe soul has thrown ort its armor
and sits ill an evening undress of calm and holy
A cer'ain deacon being accustomed to snore
while asleep in church, he received tho following
polite note:
'Deacon is requested not to commence
snoring to-morrow until the sermon is begun, as
some persons in the neighborhood of his pew
would like to hear the text."
We find the following significant paragraph
in the last Hannibal Courier :
Hitched. In Hannibal, Mo., August 7th,
ISM, to W. II. Fi.her's front yard fence, Dr.
Norton's horse. Persons at all familiar with the
Doctor's calling will see at a glance that the cir
cumstance is significant of something of no ordi
nary importance.
P. S. It's a lino boy.
Br j.w.r.., .1, n.t.
Ia there ro jrrnnd in.ni .rial srai-ri
Ite.vond this rcukn i.t' Ltiolii u ti.:s,
To f.il the mints thui mujk us bote,
And dry the tL:.r.- Ii' ui " i.'eg eye;:
AVhera win'vr n-.:I:a ia ci.'H'..--' .'I-ii.t,-,
nd.hu. c .-ta-.-ii-- lKi.rv.ith di.i!thh- flowers
'Where luay hear t'.c iKnr nussin,:?
I ash, nnd 1'. 11. i.' -. alts ari: wet
With t -nti f r .-rii- I .'at.net .c!
1.1 nintlii-r,
And .'..-st th
art th
it nt'::
. I'.'
-r rr.a?
I ic.l thyk:.
I'll' u mi- Li.
I U..'.r th; ! ;
An U11..1.:''
Thy tender r;. c.' u
A- fn :m 11 lioin (
Till I nm liih. . 11;;
And I f r.-c' t':-.'
I iilino.f l-ie c ie'.i v
In visinr.; f f n 1 I
liut, nielh-.-r 1'i-t ih 1
tt: i.v.:i,
1 1 f n.j- lit.;
.. if tt.r'.l,
filint.! tr ftl
11 ill1' -hti.e,
,h ritUd:
! t!:1 ii n rf lt-.;n?,
1','iu l.vt diil,
ilttl le,'r.;t
; t 1
tl living vet,
And d"-t thcu still rinienibcr nm?
' 1 .
t. o Mimmcr,
: .-:ny v.av;
an 1 i'.-ty,
I ah..
. t.;r.t e--r.r
' f tho lea::
I.:? sj r;nt ::l -
Tli Tril. tf rs Id .'.v :
Tut over i-V'-rv liLrht
Thy 111 m.-.i-j livis
It ririth-:s to .-1 Li n-
Lite? - m? i-.v,it
And like th; niurmi
Grn-.vs d .-eir wln-r. i!i ' t.
I kn..w the I a-ht st -t.-i t!
ltetlini to ble-5 Ihe yonr:i
I'ut, ninth?!-, :ut ttii 11 liviir.-y et,
An I Ujst th- u mill t.:aiUiL-:r me ?
I s'ltiotinifs ll.ii.1: th;.- :,:: c tsc. la-.k
I'.rnii oer th-; darl; an t sil.i-.; s!r:ain,
Wb.-re !.vt v. . "etch. I the fhining tm..k
To Ih j : gr on h'lls of which w .'.n-utr.;
Thy Ioin artni r.ro'-.r-.l n-.c twine,
My ebeelis 1 hr :n ymn-.g.;r in thy l.ria'h,
Ttll th'in art mire, r.r I I nm thins,
Withmt a thought of j. liner diathj
Anl yet a: li..-...? n h..; 1 rK wt
Wi'U t.-ars f..r 1 cr I ei.im. t s.v,
O, mother, nrt th"u livirg rot,
And ilnsl H1..11 still rent'.n.b'r me?
I.ju. hiug in Scbrasta.
The people or Nebra ka City arrested, formally
tried, and convicted a man named Carper Simon
Fried ri-k Dirck', char-ed with killing a lad named
IlaintKcn and stealing a number of ca .'.Ie grazing in
the vicinity. They then giv.? him two hours in
which toprej-are f r cvecu'-I-in. This l-.avl.ig ex
pired, they tuck l.h.i fi cin the jail and hui.gh'ua in
the Court House Square.
Dircks, before execution, confessed to stealing
the cattle butdeSed all connection with or knowl
edge of the murder. Tho testimony, which was
taken and published, is by no means conclusive
of his guilt of the murder. Jjofjre being hanged
he regularly made a will, leaving $3,000 lo Miss
Ellen Henderson (probably his lady love,) $2,100
to a brother, and $l,H ti- to the '-Trustees of the
First M. E. Church, of No')raU- City. CVos'coun
ty N. T,"
An hour LeXore Lis execution, Di.-cks i,ave the
following account of himself:
I was born in German;,' j am twenty- seven years
old, the son of resjiectable parents; ran a way 'from
hrime, came to America, entered the regular araiy
and .wired live years, tinder Col. Robert Leo. At
the outbreak of the rebellion raised a romp-uty in
the li."'t!i Illinois, with the co:::iiiis-ion of 1st Lieut,
Last September was mustered on! of service as
Lieut. Col. Wr.s a member of Andy Jo'.;: snn's
body guard in Tennessee, and acccsipanlej Lin:
front that State to Washington.
Itttrr I'roin thr i iff of Cm. Stet l'ng Price.
The f jllowing letter addressed to lady it)
Brooklyn has been cour.mu'iicated to tho New
York times s
Cohpova. Mkxico, July, t 't;5,
Ty D" r Mrs. 11. We had a
pieti-ant voyage to Vera Cruz. I was fa-iclc
only two dais at first, but in the gulf beciwne sicic
in, tho'.i:'h not very sick. On board .vere inany-
of our fi-llow-pns.-engi'rs wlio had been wreckeil
witti ui, and al.sT some other pleasant !adi". si
.t.. .(. . , 1: t. . .1 - it
iiiui iii' iiip ii ii'ji iciy ii-'uioiis. . 11 a' 1 'i .ii
tie v:-it of n few lv itrs to Havana. W- enjoyed
it v. lyunn li. The tree nmler which f.'oluir.b'is
said ;i: -t mast in Cuba wni point, m! out lo us. Af-ti-ru
-.rd- ',ve visited th Cath- dral which co.raii.Si
the vault that li-ldsjii" ashes. The scene was
vi ry iiiii'rc...-ive, (.'.males wero burning on e?.ct
side of the n'.tar, 111. d 'ho Holy Saci-a-uetit was
pre id upen it. '). t'-" donr cf the vait is pic
lute of Coiuinlnts ciad in the dres ol I1.1 'i:i.ct.
I am S 'i it id' rot arrie in time to v.i.ucss
the ei-lei'i.itii 11 of th:; r.ia.-'.-). Vi'o m-.:t v.-fiit 'J
-:e the Captain C:KTal'j f,ar.! n. I cv::,o at
h'i'i t to d criho it; 1 or the sin ;iasi:.g l,"i:ty nf
the spleti :id 10 vs of pah:i-".:'ccs which !:no the
ceiih.il w.il!;.
V."'j rca he1. V.-:a C. 'tz fo-ir days, af '.er lecvitg
lTav:-:.i, mi 1 !', -m l th it (;cnor,vl Price hal been
waiting t'lere f.-.r its three weeks. He Icaid of our
tliij.wirek six .lays niter the occurreuce ; b it the
ace rtn'.s wi re so v;;rt'i'is hi d.d not '-.now wtiat to
b -1: ve. His at. -.-;'- became so great tint he l.a.I
ix were .".'tack or sickliest. He was r nturli re
duced that i hardly recognized him, dud he re
ninliiid ij'iit.) feeble for seicral weeks ai'iei- out
aiviial. 1 am gh-. l to ;.'.' Ut.-.t he is now convales
cent. I di ! IV.-1 like Vera Cruz as well as Havana.
Its CN'ter-ur i-- v. il e!i0u::h, but its int.'rior is dia
agreea'.ile. V.'e c.in.e frota their to Cordova ill
ouf daj, 1 es'it.g several iiours on the way. 1 cannot
tell you u.ucii l,ni:t the ir,h:.hit,.r.ts, ai or.r ignor
ance of the St'tinish prevents us conversing with
them at all. V.'e linve found one gentleman, liow
ei.;.', v. ho spiuks English, and be is very kind anJ
'ilig:i.g. Til ir styh' ot dre-'s is very different
from ours. The Indies wear no bonnets ) but
throw lar;e f! awls over their heads. The coun
try around Cordova and Carlolta is very beauti
ful. The peak of Oihb.i, which is in plain
sigl.tof both places, dors not at ony titae appear
to be mire than a t.iile or two distant, while it is
really thiriy miles away. There is such a number
of liiii'o "that 1 cannot begin to tell you their
nomes. Among Ihe Auieiican varicti-.-s 1 have
seen cherries, peaches, pears. apricVp, strawber
ries, blackberries and mulberries. Ther3 arc ap
ples, but 1 have not seen any. I have not moved
out to Carlolta yet, as our house there iil l.ot
ha finished for a few U'Ciks. V.'e have a beauti
ful grove of mangnes, two ornnge trees, a zapola.
and opal. I hope to have a great variety in st
few years, tlur prospects for pleasant society ut
Curlothiire good. Wo l.t.ve Episcor.ul services
in Cat l"'.t;i every Sunday, end Method!.-i preach
ing in O.u-i'.j.-a. I thi-ik 'hat if no iinforesen acci-'
lien! icc.trs ihe Americans w ill do well, and most
of tli-.m Le coini'oi ti.bly se'.tkd in a few years.
Your true trend, Martha Pkicx.
CaT" A terrible tra;;euv occurred on Sunday in
Somerset county, Md. The r.:l'.:;r occ.i.-ed at the
burial of of a young u.-ti natr.fd 1! ticn. It is j
slated lliat ul'er tlie funeral the remains were con-
vc-yej to the private burial grounds of Joseph
Humphreys, ficin Prin.'ess Anne, escorted by a
relative who had recently married a man by the
name cf Cooper, to the grave. Her husband
stopped thi-m md threatened to shoot him if he
proceeded one step further j whereupon the broth
er o( the lady, named Juhmo.i, remarked. ''If you
want to shoot any one, shoot me." Cooper im
mediately uiew a levolver and shot Johnson
through the heart. Mr. Josiah Ellingswoi lb at
tempted lo restrain Cooper from tuither violence,
whereupon he CCoopcr) turned up and shot him
through the back, killing him in about fi'. e minutes.
Another of the LystanJers knocked Cooper down
with a chair and tied him securely, with the assis
tance of those, present. 11 is stated that Mr. and
Mrs. Cooper had separated, and the latter had been
living witli her brothers for the l..st three cr four
months, and had applied f;r a divorce .'io:a her
huiuand fcr u'Uved iil-l.vatnie.;;.
C-r. Euiltr .'.gain
The Tloston Traveler gives an account cf a so
cial gathering in Boston, at which Gen. BuUef
was present, and says !
Gen. Butler, in some remarks, alluded to the New
Orleans riot, expressing the conviction tin,' ii was
a preconcerted plan to drive the t'l.ki. :-.e:. front
the State. He spoke of Maynr Monroe r.j 4 lene
gade son of Massachusetts, who, after being ire
prisoned by him us a traitor, was nbot.f to be re
leased upon taking the oath of illegiance. a.:J hal
actually the pen i:i his hand to all.x bis .tgaaturej
when word ias brought in that Aic'.'hhai! ha:,
been defeated by the rebels with the lo. : thirty
the usan d men. BelLving this canrrl. Monro
refused to nig 11, threw down bis pen, and was ta
kpti baci; to prison, from v.htcli he was nfterwc 's
releasej by the action of the authorities at IVasU
ingloti. Dr. Duller wiil have Lis liltle say oi all occa-'
siot.s. hut it is a gr: at pity thfit he never by any
acciiteut tells the iriiih. for. Butler kuows very
well that M.'.vor Monrcc is not reu:gade sou
of Mas acliitsetts." cr nt:v other sort oi a S'."i ot
. at.
so insensible lo the charms
of I'I in, 1II1 Roek that lie thinks he can get through
life e jtiil'ortahlv enough without setting his loot on
that lir:i.is place or Dr. Butler's ancestor. Mr.
Monro.; w s '" i;i in Virgin's, bred in Missouri,
ai d h: s li vd for more than twenty years in New
0. -letit. The ether part of the story is equally
1. ntme. Iilr. i.iontoc was not impitsoned as ar
trait- r ; he i.e.-er agreed to rign Butlci'.- c nil ; and
he was i'.t.atly r.-lt-ase.l in consequence of being
--ch x-.ivxi for t!:e May1!' of ChainbersLux!. .
O. Cresem.
TvrrlUc ScXcrLtf at Sea.
A private letter from Mr. Henry Fu
We present the feilov.ing receipts f..r family
uses, and all others it may concern. Titcy l.aie
bteu colltctctl from the tno.-t reliable sources aiel
experienced authors:
To unke n mess Pour a quart of moh sscs in
to vour il'e's bon'.;. t.
To kcrp lish tiom smelling Cut off '.i.eir
Tj make Hhckborry Jam Put twrn'y-lou:-.
'jbickberrios inlo a giK'seqtnll.
To unha n coi d 0, wo 'd go a grei.t way L .; e
it out of doors. I', has biiti kucwi: to 0 two
To cure .1 felon
halt a'n hour.
-Sujoend 1;- the r.-.'ck ahoi.
JThe H"rald'. Washington correspondent
says he lias excellent authority tor stating that
Jeff. Davis will be released on bail or parole soon,
holding himself amenable to the process of the
Court which is to dispose of his case ill Octo
ber next.
IS" Gen. Schofield, who takes Terry's
at Richmond, occupies Jeff. Davit' house.
Lagrange, in Lewis county, tins State, has
hitherto been regarded ns one of the most rabidly
Radical towns in the ''nited States. It is ccitaln
that the domination of that ptrty there ha been
defiant aud intolerant to the hut d 'ree. Vet at
a little election held ou the lllh in-t.,f jr School
Directors under the new law, the Conservative
ticket was elected by 32 majority. Thus Radi
calism is having its comb cut ou its own dung
son, nuo-
li-he.l in tlie Stmfoul. Conn., AJ.vj.-a, gives ait
in ::; i f the r "na: h.'.hh' st: (Tiring e.f the crew of
the clijiper ship Home., bo-'.nd ftoi.i .NewYoik
to San Francisco. Ou the iid of Alay '.he vessel
en ssed -.lie e.;ua'pr, and was withi.i tltrec days'
sail of San i-'iat;ciseo. when so.tie varnish ignuei'
in an open lamp, and in a few neiutes the shij
was in llames. There w s no chance of savinj
her, and the crew, numbering Si, n.ani.ed thre
boats and put in prcv.:ons lor ten or twelvi
d.iyi. Th.y eontiuite 1 together from 'hs 3d tt
the ItUh of the inoutli, and finding it imp si!'le
stow their boats any longer, they i,e;.mr.ited. ':.d fii--ooat
111 which .Vr. ihirgti-oii was, neaiied for ela
tion Island. It'lttt.1 ! 14 north, loi.ii'ude 1U;
1 h-i' the trad ;.:!, mstei I of ro.nnig f -om th'
: ea.'t, ca.t.e fi sn. the north, acC',npaniiit withnch
1 a sea In..; it would Line been smchie to be'
I ugai.-st it. O.i tlxi "-.h they g.uo up Uoki;i)t ic:
it'.ts :slan 1 at; . c;..in-;i .1 t .ea-coi.r. e to ihe west
ward, looking fi r a c!t;?'-r of i.hu.i'.s which wa.i
laid down as do ihtfiil. tty this tin..' their pro
visions had :. :. niv i.i'.e'. u..t and ti.ey -.veie obliged
to depend consider..! ')-on such n.h at. 1 tin ts- -
, ttt".-r.inj.t ea'.vi. A,ti.r 1,'ena.ng rsi::y .1 wi-e't
J :;i ii ehi f- : th- S-- isl nd.s Willi 'lt eu-rH3, tlley
I .-ha.otu i.ieit- eoiirs" .'I- lirwaii, a tusta.-ijfe of pear
1 v i ,000 Hides, v. itli litttL' iiiure that a -litii'lue o
1' --. ... ! ot.. .1 -,j::-i au.l lioultla." Purine
t: I- -t ii. .i- .!ii',- t.'in.r ndt.'iitig'i were very treat,
: -.-I it n.ng d ..' ' lite they had m.lhi.u? but two ifiili
ui ;,. 1 . .0 .: . ;cl. m a -Hiune.i: as they could ex
tract from g.ca.-ji . a. . a i hjot 'rather. Ottl-ii-d
:, .1 ar.,:-"I ' , att-r I tl sy's exnosiue to a tivjucai
s in, s'n: m and s'-irvr'ii.'n, l'.:t-y saw isml, dud 111
the U!T3'-.-n 1 ' ' it a lutte ttlement of na
tives at L.'.i.p.ihoi-i. or, in ti e i.-iai.J of Hawaii.
At tit'-' time lh.-y hit. .led, tin? crew, 14 in nmnl.er,
vere 11 ry we.d:. an.-i c :il 1 sea: ceiy m..ve, hut
they were met with kind attention, and -e fastra
gaming their streiigtli.
A la
ge Irani cf Goveriune::t warons
The Wliite House on the 2'.'d presented a great
contrast to its sppcarnr.ee Ihe day previous, when
the ante -rooms were crowded from an early hour
until midnight Willi delegations nud individuals,
all anxious to see the President for only five min
utes, It being Cabinet meeting day, but very few
persons were accorded iulci vciws.
We learn from the Montreal Telegraph that
William Morrison, Esq., the discoverer of the
source of the Mississippi, died recently at one ot
his residences on Morrison Island, between Sorei
and Berthier, in the (S3d year of his age, deep,
ly and deservedly regretted by all who knew
A contract for the building and the 'complete
equipment ot the first one hundred miles ot the
Kansas City and Fort Scolt Railroad was on the
2id iust. awarded to Waterman & Co., who w ill
commence work immediately.
passed through Weston 011 the 10th, from Fort
Leavenworth for Liberty loaded with aaituii
tious of war for the (loops stationed there, to iruard
the ArsenuL
5? II is announced that the Hon. Alexuidrr
II. Stevens, of Georgia, will, durii!g the coining
winter, lecture in all Ihe leading cities of tint
North, East and West.
Strunge Story.
The Louisiana (Pike county) Journal tails !b
following strange story i
"The premises of Mr. C. W. Tompkins, who
lives near Sail River in this county, have during the
hist two weeks been much troubled svilh numerous
fires which have broken out in a very mystenuua
manner. We understand that as many as 74 fires
broke out 111 a single day. And what is stranger
still it is said that friction matches cannot be con
lined in any one place. If they ore placed in a
match safe they ditappear in a short time, wiwn a
fire imuictliuiely bums out iu the be Jdii. or anion
tome wearing apparel. It ii asserted by oiue Hut
matches have been placed 1b a safe upon which a
rinse watdi was kept and yet Ihe Match would,
after a short time, be mis.ing, and a fire would be
gin in some portion of the house. Mr. Tompkins
we know is a respectable aqj reliable c it Zen,
and could' have no urihly motive m try te J
cuive any On.- ttverat Mi his iier-titx iuvs)
been called in to iuvestigite lb arLir, tnu as yt
nothing has been done to solve the mystery,
is-V. - '

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