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Tkt-.-.-diT. f.'i3Ta.tr XI. 1J1L
C : : 'i Jer Ys
or B... -rT
Ttr Wr jt':io 1 1 J 4, tt if U?i4 Frtv
, t ( . . , - . . ( - - "
L' TiiouAg a crl-;ort
A rew political rcaniratioo it
In the field, and it name it the
United Clrutuia Part). The ot
jet cf this party u ihe reforma
tion cf the I'onsiitution of the
l'r ;ted Mate.
T he immortal Jix-nuirtit. drafted
ly n.aoler minds, debated for
months in tli e historic convention
f Kit. ami finslly rati
fed ly tbe rUate. tie document
which was pronounced by no lea
than the late William K. (Jladstone
to the noblest piece of work
that t.es ever conceived by the hu
ma intellect, ia, in th opinion
f the new party, a very poor af
fair after all.
The l-aler of tit new party
do not hesitate to aay that the Con
stitution ia immoral yr, down
right wicked. Their reeeon for
thia extraordinary rharfe ia sim
ply thm ; The Constitution does
ret rrcognire God.
They want the American peop'e
to "reoogine" Uod in their Con
stitution. It wis old Dr. Kara
Johnson, 1 believe, who said that
while man mitht be permitted now
and hen to aay a foolish thing, he
abould not l allowed to insist that
people should take hia foolishness
A greet many of the people of
the I'nited Statea are religious,
but the Constitution ia purely po
litical. It ia the instrument, not
f religion, but of government.
It waa intended primarily Dot to
tp an arm of lh church, but to
regulate the purely temjKra! af
fair of the people of the United
Statea of America,
It is neither religious nor irreli
gious; it neither affirms Ood nor
denies him; it simply attends to
it business aa the political chart
f the great republic.
"Thm ia a ( hriNtian country,"
tha new party elaiiua. The claim
ia a false one. It ia probably tnie
that the majority of the people in
thia country profeaa Christianity,
but the nation ia neither Christian
nor pagan, Catholic nor Protes
tant. Jew nor Mohammedan.
So far. aa the Constitution is
concerned, religion ia at the op
tion of the oiti.en. He may have
any kind he likes, or none at all
if he ao leases. In a word, the
government of this country of our
is civil, not an ecclesiastical af
fair; an earthly democracy, uot a
beaveuly theocracy.
With windom, I believe, our
father concluded to separate the
state from the church, the atate
from religion; and if we know
what is well for us, we shall see
to it that the separation is forever
maintained. I fancy I can hear
the mighty voire of the American
people replying as follows to the
unreasonable demand of thia new
party j
"Under this flag of onra a man
may workup aa he please, or. if
he is so inclined, he may not wor
ship at all; but 'Old (Jlory shall
never be permitted to throw its
protecting fold over the fanacti
cism which would reenact among
us the horror of the dsrk age."
Tta Appointment of Thrt Mora
Cardie ala, and Possibly Four,
Believed to pava tha Way
Way for a New Era in
tha Church.
Rome. Oct. UO. Comment on the
approaching conidiitory. when sev.
enteen cardinnN. including thrv.
and possibly four, from the United
States will be created, continue to
em.haie the great aignificauca
f l one Pius i decision to graut
immediately to America four
representative in the Sacred Col
lege. Itv some it u asserted that
The way is h-ing paved for the ad
vent ofan American pope.
It is pointed out that the larg
eat body of Catholic autaida of
Uurop is to )e found in the Unit
es State and ita poeuiiou, tha
Philippine Islnnd. Hawsii, 1'orto
Kic and (Juain. The Catholics of
America ar superior in deo re
ligiu feeling, loyalty to th Holy
See. in wealth and generosity. An
Irish-American pope u sucgested
fer the day when it jv5.aU b con
eidered no longer n-ceary for
the papacy to be held by an Ital
ian. The American College faculty
ar.d students are rejoicing especial')-
over the elevation of Arch
bishop Farley of New York and
Archl'Uhop O'Connell of lloton,
as they are alumni of tha College.
The former trie o.'.e of the origi-
a! ttiitifcfi stud, tit when the cxd
l';e was founded bv Pup Piu
The objection miie by o!n
ti.t Monvi.'i.or Kennedy, rector
' tVe Afierfsn Coll'j. bfirj fcti
. r,iu
ajHtol.c delegate at W ahir.gt
ta sucreed Mon:jnor KalovLto,
are eoufuted by the fact that the
t.ren-til ixl
tit poie fit tt. frst timenaia ro..io.
male a departuie Iroia tne rule
uoniinatirg Jlonsifuor Krueh-
irth, a lUvanan. aa papal nun-
rio to Munich, which arrangement
ie working well. Morever, Mon-.-
, . i . i - i . .
ignor ivenueiy uun.TM -
Itoiaanist to the lacaione. A-;Ua
sociatej Preaa.
'Act. ar j otbr bosloesa. air. lines
A EAUPtJS Of PRATZL er. of VI.H.la. tpC . Hill, la-
, Urodiic4 ta tbe boos of rprrat
Hi, following U the translation u. r-j-JJ. a bad
of a prayer which explaina ;'. ajminUtraiwa br t roirtnf tTes
and ehowa the darknr Ul which l(vnt lumson's sicnatar of approv
llomanisjo ia groping. Could you el; and ainsviar aa It may appear, tbe
conceire of auvthing more aacrili- t"ie records that to etber "booor
. i ablea" from Wtaconala Introduced
K,oulT during the same moath. this mom pro-
rsjrae t Our Ladjr f C-adalwa , po. kilalatloa, vU: nsiot
Aaalnat th Iwangsllat ect.
Virgin blotlwr of th Ood Has, ,
Quea aad kivber or Ma, to your bouse, thus tk kilns: a poiiloa or tbeir
tUle of Lady of Guadalupe apply, reapvrtlre eonslltuencle.
Iiy your aulracaloua apparttlo 11 Uo October 11 in, tb resololloa
Tspeyra laal oooBrBMsl th divinity csme to a third read log. and passed
i-f th ooly true rellsios, which to tbe the bouse. It was the Immediately
Horns Catholic, and that hlrb Latin take to tb senate, aad at th speo
AueDcaa profease. Ah! cast your tsl requeet of Heaalur MlVbell It aa
klo.1 kwk over Ibis parish of Retsl-'put upon Ita Immediate passage
hule.v la vblcb yo sr so much e throurb Ibst body. Hy th suggMt
ralsxl by oar graster Catholics and : Ion of Heoatur Hoar of MaasachuseUs.
tba parishioner ho continue loving a atlpulatory amead'neni as ackled
yo. Vetalbulen. for tbla and many to tbe resolution so aa to provide that
other rveaoBS, Is thy pariah. Ldy statue of IVre Marquette' "be re
(ahdl yovr parlablooer ar your eons. cled as one of the to ststues fur
Look bow th wolfish sect, which calls nl'hed and protlded by aald atate In
Itself eva&tellsm. baa penetrated
thia your psu-lsh. It dresses (Itself I I
In iamb skin (falsaly), cover I
ileal doctrine with the cloak
rallaiousnese and fictitious pd
dlsUltute books and writings which
ar crime, being; perverted truth con-1
trary to the teachings of your LMvtne Church and Hate A reply to Pre
n Jesus 'Ideal Kooaevelt's "Narrow BlRotry."
Io tol permit your parish to be In-, better of Nov. a, JWA. By Was. Dell
fectad with tb venomous heresy. ! man. 10c, postpaid. k
Htretcb forth your band. Lady and Th Friar's Daughter A story of
Mother, bleaa Ibis district of the par-1 (he America oorapetlp of th Phil
lab aa a bol and Individually, and 1 loss aad tbe Friar's land deal. 114
th house w bsve built. Thou All page. Ibc, postpaid.
e"werful Virgin, hast smashed with, Th OevlCs Prayer Book Trana
th sol of your Immaculate toot every Ult4 ,n)J complin fro,,, the original
heresy; smsab now. w pray It of yo r,, utln theology of the Romas
rervenuy. tne pernaious imposier anaralboIl0 cburch. by Wm. Lloyd Clark,
poisonous evanVlsm. Cause tbe un-; irlci jS cvots.
Isters of Batao. who 1. th father I
It.ai A MiLasaa Ik.ls Aasskss i Ik. T.tBV
olio truth and they may return to the
religion that aavea. eaUbPahed by ". v J
your DUIne fton.-Thua may It be, (oriIrlc' Mc P0!1-
Amen.) I Parochial tchel and Churah and
... ' , i sr , 1
The very illiwtrous and Mot
Revereud Senor Archbishop of
Santiago de (juateinala, lKn Ki -
cardi Casanovia y Kstrnda con-,
" . a
deatnds to concede one nu Hired
to the faithful who with devotion
and repentance of their am
cite the atKve prayer.
Tb history of thl dlsgracefut
tramartion la worth printing because
it ia news to tens 01 moussnus vi ,
AmrlraB cltlrens. and la eaoeclally I
timely, now that tbe people ar wak-
Ing to the Intrlguea of Rome.
How did the Roman Catholic do j
Kssy enough.
Tbe politicians sold th people of ,
Wisconsin lo Rome. And lb lime,
la at band when they will aell the
whole halloo for the presidency. Read
the aiory of Wisconsin's shame.
Drtefly It la thia:
la the year 18S an effort was made
by member of 'lb leglalature of Wis-;
consln to honorably commemorate the
nam of on of ber deceased sons. 1
by endeavoHng to place a memorial
j '- i muiiik-
ton, aa each atate, by national alat-
te. Is thua permitted to honor two
of her cltiiena. Several name .(
aisunguisnea men tbo baa been Idea-
w,ln 'ory ana progress
Wisconsin from territorial time.
m hmmmJ k r.i--A - i ....
wr proposed by friends of th stat
uary scheme, but as all wer more or
tea objectionabl to some member
of tb leglalature. It waa rwaarvsd
fur a senator, tb late Oeorg Olnty,
of Chippewa ran, to furnish th
nam of James Marquette to re pre
sent "the grand civic or military
character of tbe people of thia great
state," froni the days of th pioneer
Thl proposed nam was derided.
as a ""
wpiMi ii una reject ay a
majority of th legislature of thai
year. The ssollve for proposing tbla
nam a to asserted by dutingu'ahed
living clUiens of the state, who wre
telle members with Senator Clnrr
la tbe legislature of waa to pro- sealed tb doom of th "hierarchy
plllat th aUmnt of th Waders of Caiballc monarchy la Halloo and
tba large Roma Catholic population ! wttbla tw aaontba waa assaaslaated
of the vllatrtct represented by Sena- by I'atbolUa. - IIS pwgo. papM-, T5c.
tor O'nty. This senator had larger! Th parochial Snl. a Curse te
smbltlohT. th governorship, aad by th Churah. a. Menace to th Nation
tb aid of bis energy, a eufflcleal la-igy rslber Crowley. Vbis to a new and
Ooeoe waa secured te carry ttUa pet !.nJargJ edlUo of this moat wonde
scheme through the bett legUlstur. i fu took. It Is Illustrated., handsome
end tt bee ma a law. by authorlilng ' ;r cla bound and designed lo ader
tb state to contract for the construe- tu bl llbrsrtea. Contain 104
tio of a tatu of Jam Marqustt. ' p.g, ud a buok no home should
to b erected In laa Statuary Hall of be without Prk-e, Il.tO, postpaid,
the l nitd jui. Caaitot. The gov-; c D.b,t-D.tn Wm.
L . Jll. th bUl only after "-LW,)a CUrk motlc tocturer. and
J iZZZZ'?. h ' Keoery. Roman Catholic
li d TtliL?, , k ,wn. ,lPrlet. tKCurred In tb. opera
JIT.kJ iVTmU St. .-uatln. 111.. Sept. XV
? .f.,h.U HtVf M;nil. Also asinvt from Mr. Clarks
w u nsu oi repre -
sentauvea. and tnaa shorts mr
kl'Ifal'.y pat forth to eecure Ui
r-c!ij lerlsls'.loa from cccjtres.
Utb. In the me ul ms. was found to
be eeteary. The law seitiaa apart
ike Old ltU of rerreenune siy
it ta tor "Hrafue m4. la mil,;e or
trcaie. of t)-ed prc ,
&ea fitueo of th t'c
acd i::atnss for 'l.tr c.'
cat!' as ul I
ici c !-f In i ;
y '. I c I f 1 '4
rifa't ' . a
Is lk b v.'
f k 11. in:, a .
"Jvint l.e. u' .. a." eit.ng t jf tfc
--ial irtii.-it cf r "" a" ttis
ta h-!urr It., I f. tt.e ron V i
Mkuwit u a Ta.'1..'iJ BklMtua.
(,,k.rUin, i,L! lb, borders ol
. w lrt,lB (a Mrir rs ar rc
m.4 ail er h ru.i4 ofl-"
Uiat inroota io Mni '"''
as ttv krui cf rirt-nliiT
durlua U Ust ( bcurt of (
ivttnu. lb aeaate also, but
1! tted to Uooroe a 1 . tor rrrt
dent MsrrtMta did ot s'( IL turin
tba Brt itra sUa of tbe Urd
ifoncw. r.!lwl BT -r,.,aeai Cl.-
to cotder the mstier cf r-
tpvallua the hcierrasa 6ilTrr frrbs
(Mllcbell la tbe aeaale. Hept . aod.uule time and Money aeeeaary n I
Mr. Burner to days later t the
W; f""?
r""" i"1"':'.- I- cwm .f.!?
Ut Pot taeoa A great acnm
.kut. to r.u ih. .tirtiB of dia-
,m friends to The Menses. 10 cents
adoieo; 7 cenU a hundred, postpaid.
Priestly Celibacy E a posed A lex
a. Lar a . . Jk
r m ews
,B p., of th. Roma decree that
re-!prMU should not marry. Prlc. Kc.
i . . c .nd M.- Awtu, Dl
I closure Respecting New Mall Con-
jvent grcham, Easaa. England
I Showing that conventa ar Inimical
, -i.iitit. virtue and freedom.
yxk, XOc. postpaid.
The Roma Catholic Machine
Turned. Inelde Out - By Jhomaa
)Buah. The ulhor. oonvert4 to
i-roursianusm nas curciuij .u.
(evils eilstlng In tbe Roman Catho-
lie church. Ill page. Price, !6c.
a Small Cun Spiked The reply of
u - iin. t.rb m Wm Davis, uro-
,.- r.0iB editor of the Demo-
u.. Mt Ktertine. III. This
'bonkla should be scattered by tbe
'million as a missionary document
Prk-e, 10 cents.
, Cathollclam Capltularin
pmt.antiam h (1 V. ad-
! rr... iguaulsh ex prlest), translatedjof tilth and ahe la revealed
rrom the Spanish, a moat tnorougn
x position of tbe false dogmaa of the
-Mother Church." Written In a spirit
nr in anil nlir far th dludd. Cloth.
io page, 11.60.
L.. - J
-f P..t
By Wm. Lloyd
rondeneed review of the
fearful crime committed by Roman jwor the robe of a Roman Catholle
priests In the United Bute. Every ; Prlet, and by la fore or hia thlld
loyal maa and womaa ahould help i hood s education lived a be blacker
distribute thl pamphlet It la a greet thn th ""W1 mn- Bmt "Urn
missionary document. Prlc, I0e.laln" h truna his SaahUght i!
Th Prisst In Absolution Tbe
very depths of Romtsr Iniquity to un
masked la thia book, if American
parents will read It they will never
!altow ,ulr uKbter to be aecreted
I lib K...k km1.a ltA 11 AMWSk
with a papal priest ta tb Roman
confessional box. Price, 26c, postpaid
Olaa, th Dictator A story ef a re
markable life. Of special tntrt to
proof that Lincoln issued a precis
I matloa in Kebruarv. 1S6S. which
. . d.ltM h L-ihr Tlsn al
Kocbail, I1U April i. ISM. Pflc. 1
jceete. .
The Dll b Robe or th am efiena nome ia ifi4. wua portrait ofiol a'J vsIuch. then It to! -, in
Prta A bowk
s 6114 with truths Ith groat mnjr sod hi famous e,,uity and justice thst th? t r.H
n that bus shocked I words of uci.;.( to the AmerVanti- J . i c r
rid. by Rev. J sett! Poop against t. .-roaefcu .f ' hc "l'1 'V tira for every run
atainat Komat.laMS
fstr. 1 U. Compiled from foots lolth Koraaa Catholic biersr by. Price
i c ., tL fbiiti-i'ir- te:snds and . It per duaea. Addrra. Tt Moce,
, Ai..-T'. a. r-.!ag tUa f.-- -f.i crlui"
isi cm U it r. CNt. II. f.s
o.uct e u if ss
L . sb Ike rwi'.ilfir s
law OS Urlcbve 14. k " IfMrll i
As a:r4!j- !. pmI by Tbe j
Ueaaoe lriil
llamaca aaa d-',v
feald foe lie rtuJ te -klaa
pop. a l.- la tbe aaaltee af Ik. " "" luK' Tba U .i:iW.a to ber. Is sS.:rV IX
conns If each memtwr of th bumaa 'a -l;k u,rtr Uoia are U4 a-; 1 -
Tba ktrmr. f dldal bill llarrUoa'ily loved other aa himself ; if all i kteearrk? tj ta lk k-rMI aa lv. '
as lhy did Usoc.la. Garfield aad Me- j "oulJ ' Te bv the "gvdjeo rul", aeas al band k r;.;i-!.
KlBler. t.on. I her eoald c4 ,.. ja ,a ".s.,, ,ymr -l.l and rub lkr!r krti.s .Kb aa.a.
.bey boat bias vltb
ikf at lk tvlla
a ar
Ho sassy Assertrsss knew tbsl II all were I oristiana. tney eoul l
tbe Jeealta wre ctrkAaa that dl jt trusted with liberty in ita full
llosr ana ay kao -e aad trat sense, and all eould do as they
sabt. ptol ar bel bab-d Mall ; h, chocM aa fr Don.
ibis aaikia fcc. sot totaxxrvw, good 1 ... . , .
frtvad. bot today. 1 rul CQCOs to do wrong : in fact.
W baC sr ton doisa abct It? J liberty and Christianity r hand
j ta hand. "Stand fat therefor
LtT Ut t PATRIOT. j in the lilertjr where ita Christ
1 hath made ua free, and be not en-
.ro"Jf . . ITw'.T.t'". again with the yoke of
ft rf libera fcgbt to esblUb tbls
the irealMt of all gorerameata, aad
lib bat terrible cost of life Ue
beroea of tbe Clll
War prsssrvad
,te1fe ap la tbe seinsbaa f tndl-
rMu.!i. and refine to aacriBee tb
!seemrllh purpose ao vtisf lo the'and L'.:ertv to Use that which ia
11 f of our RrfoblkcT
to be so cowardly sa lo leave to th
coming g-erattoa. th h.rveu of
our neglect- intensified atruggte
for liberty which would cost them
earty. perhap forever faste po
them aa absolute -spotlsm emaaat-
lag from the papal throne?
- No! la th nam- of humsnlty p
must not be! Our patriotism must
rt Itself, and Ue time for actio la
tm. li 1 a M. A - a t
a n trm . swart wi u pur U(j;
We must oln the UNITED AMFTKI-
committed by lb robed priests.
Nearly 100 page, with M engravings
Prlc. only II IS. postpaid.
Error f the Raman Catholic
Church A history covarina the cen
turies of ODpresalou. petwerutlo and!
mis by th Jesuitical cbarrb system; should be restrained and properly
tb unbearable, pernicious activity of , punished, and do argument that
bVKSmB!!!! rS5LM J Silt waa according to hia religion
withering Influence of Romsnlsm et-
posed. By Brtenn contributor, aoo
page, illustrated, cloth, Si.75.
Th crt Instruction f th ja-
uiu Rerrtnt from a edition of 172S.
of which tb Society of Jesuits on the
continent suppressed all cwple ob
tainable. Th work I rdolnt of Jes
uit craft and la a plain tndi to tbe
chicanery, dishonest and underhand
working of thai order againat th wel
fare of tndivtdulas and aocUty. Price,
25c, postpaid.
Why Priests Should Wed A new
nd revised edition of this great book
I aow on th market aad ahould b
In every bora In America. Thl Is
the book which Catholic have tried
their hardest to destroy as It la one
cf th strongest Indictments of their
damnabi dogmaa, and Ita contents
cannot be denied. It as aeatly cloth
bound and contains 400 pagee. Prlc.
11.00. postpaid.
Th Convsnt Horror Or th tru
history of Barbry Ubryk. Imprisoned
for XI year la a convent basement
dungeon,' sis by eight feel, because
the refused to surrender tb moat
precious Jl of a woman'a life, her
virtu an 4 slf respect upon tbe altar
of priestly lual. Tbe content of thia
took ar from official records and can
not b contradicted by priest or ana.
Price, 25e, postpaid.
Roman Oath and Papal Curses
Or tbe Roman Catholic Machine
Tamed Inside Out, by Wm. Lloyd
Clark. Moat complete exposure of
Roman Catholicism published. Th
'ell Is lifted from thia modern leper
ta the
aahea of her own lust. Every page
a chapter of horrors, and every chap
ter a volume t truth. Price, Z&c
Thirty Year In Hll; e ream
I arknaa ta Uoht By Bernard Pr
;0Derg. wno lor thirty long years
thirty year' experience with priests,
a una, eoofeaaloaala, etc, evils f It
all. Clot. II 14. post paid.
Maria' Menu The terrible dlscle
r of black auanery. Itv buadrod
theuaaad copies of this great woman's
lU already - said . U Earwpa .. aad
ADsrloa. Thouaaada ef belpWsa aad
defenaeleas American gn-ia ar de-
eel red and deyed into the prl
ty c Darnel sou very year. Tbla
book to th to plave U the hand
of. parent wb bcn traltar y
sending- their glrla te ewaveat ckU.
Price, 60c. postpAld.
'Fifty Yar In th Cheesh of Reeae
By Father C Cbiaiquy. Aa laval
uabl book f referrBc fer cleriry.
men. atadeals. teachers aad politl
claua, Not a dull paax i lb varan.
A chspter a Ue aasaaalnatie of Lia
cola aad Home's eoaaecttoa Uerw-
witb; together with 7 ether atart
Ung cbapf re. A s pre he naive aad
truthful kwstnr f tbe dealgua and
alma of the Reman Cat nolle cbarrb I
upoa the tibertlea of th peopi.
page, niuatrated. i:.Z&.
All K.W. ....
&nd erdar t The MiNirr
Aurora. Me.
j half ton plctnr of Lincoln' Log
, Aurora, Kn
B. W. br
I..)r1v. ja its Vros it epe. ul
.v,, I f
b e- I it t awa'Vj J'l i li V k U L' t i i n
hate other do to them; in short.
Wirketlneaa is oppoaed to, and
..Wtmctira of all liberlr.
ukM from hi. victim
. . ... . . . ,
'l,rty and right to live. The
thief deprive Other of their right
taa e osr!ln,ir own Therefcre to allow
. , . i ,
Wlck. ,d . , . ' !u ' ,', -
would le to destroy tha libertie
of all. Hence the necessity for
civil government. .
., ,K- ..;,. -;v;i
" U th P""e
eminent to e that none of ita
sa-'subjects go beyond the bound of
their lihertie. and infrinM unon
j the right and libertie of other
'vrv ?ne nghta are limited by
111? CHM VI UUITIl. ftBv HIM I ulf
. call eases may b 'ried, whether
eivil or reunion.
Vivil government ha ao right
to recognize religious dogma of
any kind, but to see that equal
rights and libertie are allowed to
all, without question concerning;
religion. If any one is guilty of
murder, theft, polygamy, or any
evil which interferes with the
of another, that person
r"'rr ",lv u".-..
of the government,
A law compelling people to rest
Sunday, or any other day. i an
interference wilft their natural
right to work or rest on that day.
It works a hardship on those who
choose to rest on another day. To
exempt them from the penalty of
the Sunday law doe not obviate
the injustice done thetn. To give
them equal right, it would be
liecwumrv that the law ahould not entry of th Italian troops Into that
only exempt them hut exempt all :' nd.? "Vr'" of tomJt2
. . .it- , power of tbe Vatican. The hated
others who choose to do buinia kwmi,01, ,nd ,he natK,
with them or to labor for thetn; Methodist lock part la the demoa
for to say, "Yon may keep open atretics. . Mayor Nathan made a char
store, but the public shall not aeterlrtle apeoch. n which he da
trade with you;,f "You may open' "J" tofc 1870 Ko.m "
ii i . , . ;"enwrapped In darkness snd euner
your mill or factory, but no one !, ond,r lBlUrmW. MrTitude.
shall he permitted to labor forjand ehut up In the narrow creed of
you." is but a cheap burlesque on dogma." and he rejoiced In the fact
justice ard liberty " 'to1 Rom now enjoy religious free
If one choose, to rest ou Sunday. XTLKS .
or on any other day, Trora religl-;to ,h. government tor permission to
on or other motive, it is hia erect on the wall facing the Vstlcsa
right, and ahould be hia privilege, a marble tsblet commemorating tbe
Hi reating does not prevent an-. fieb'c" of the Roman of that dla
,. . ... j,k, ,i,v trlct demanding the overthrow of tbe
other from working, neither doealtemrorm Th
the work o some interfere with, wisely refused the request, on the
other' resting. Hence thin in in ground that such a tablet would be
no wav a matter for legislation. it,T,l-l K ihe Vatican. What d
When Mr. Tuft waa contending; mfnr Ti.V, Ro,m.J
. . o i i hated because of her religion? ot
for the pannage of a Sunday-law iMf but nlkw ,h cUm
bill in t'alifomia. he aaid to a com!supremsry In the state to cut wore
mittee of legialatom. "All we want and outgrown, and will never aratn be
ia our righta." The writer asked owed In a civilised atate. Rome'a
hi. what right, he referred to ET,
what righta a Sunday law would .citation of the papacy. Free men
give him which he did not totiewiiwy bow the kne. but they win not
without It, He and all others artitn the knee to the pope of Rome
at liKeetv to wrnrk nt rest as thY
choose on Sunday without a Bun
day law. What more could tha
law add to their rights already
poaaeejied t It could add nothing,
absolnUly sothicf ; while it would
take from others who did not
ehoosa to rest on that dav their
Liberty of choice. . Therefore anch
a law would be unjust, uncivil,
and nnchris' iaa.
It ia claimed that an dav's rent
in seven ia a necessity, and if poo- dec Wed not to do tbla, suck perwoas
pie. will not take it of their own!'" Uat tta- tatereat. of Chrtot
. ... i .n.t i kingdom had suffered by the derlalo.
accord, they ahould be compelled. But Bot M- Tb,y WCttl4 n(,M
to do ao lor th public good- It infinitely mere by aurh eetahllsbsnent
ih true that every citizen owe a
duty to the general public. .There
is A taw of "eminent domain" by
which a mKn 's land is taken for
streets that he doe not want; the
water is taken from the farmer 'a
spring to supply th public needs;
one's hou ii torn down to make
way for a railroad, etc. But none
of that ian'a property can be
I taken from hi to for the public
; good without full and complete
eouipenation We deny, and all
history and experience proves the
. . t I ' l 1
irain in our ueouii, msi eniorceu
(idleness ever waa good, for
: public decide that it is for the
public good, arid o deprive a man
! of the u-e o' hi time for one dny
j m the we k. and time H the i-.s
! u" K, l,in'.WUR'1 ne bm ia
co apvld l give up for the paU-
j he jaod.
wcm.a TmI wOvCCTT
Tb Ca'Sc Mc t'tltt and Time, flaf
'ala. hi. T, Ware" rcih om
-rt sry. prctab'y la the Ball nr-
1", that oa lieary f fT cf it hi
rlty a relr1ng Tk Mrnar Ttal
as ewowgb for tbe v.' Bios ad Tinea,
it forthwith lamped oa Mr BtMSer
'tth lb tcrrott srn did Ha almost
te destroy bla business, Mr. Schaf
fer bsd ao rtgbt te take a psper dis
pleaslag te tb I'Btoa aad Time (?)
No. air, yo sailie Tb Mease or
will emits yew, air. Wbal bust
e has Tb bfeaaee to tie, or yens.
lr. te read It? Wo will crush both
of you bwrsuse w dnal Ilka wkat
they aay about tbe Jlomsa Csthoi
religion.' That ta la a frw toss
try. where the rigbl to print, te rw4.
aad to worship stilt remains, escepl.
It may b denied by this Buffalo boy
Tb wkkedne. tb Wtessses ef
tbe I'nk-a aad Tlraa to revwaled by
tta Oct. I. iU. btsue ha II ptinla
Mr. Scbaffer rr art eons auts to Tb
Menace and eonfesae that Mr. Pchaf
fer waa gulltlea of any wrong te any
body. Catholic or Frotostaat. Tb
Menace wss aubserlrwd for snd seat
lo him without bla knowledge;
had never eve seen it and for thia
art the Inquisitor Catholic l'oka and
Times advise every on to boycott
th grorerymaa.
Now tbla to aa obcur Instance of
tb Roman Inquisition, but to Just the
sort of a traasactloa that move tb
hierarchy la America. By bribing the
politicise and boycotting th business
man thee desperate men, full of
I. at red and reveng. In the garb of re
ligion propo to rapture America. If
the Catholic Talon and TIL trie
to Injur Mr. BcbsfTer s business with
out a Inveatlgatton wbal win not
theae disloyal .men. these petticoated
priests with persecution I their
beaita try to do at tbe top higher
up-In the nation?
Whenever anybody aay anything
they do not like, they run right away
for th pincers end th burning
The Anto Da ra la with ns as truly
now, aa ever, but It shall not have
Ita full fore and effect If Tbe Men
ace can help It, "Tb Catholic Union
and Times." of Buffalo to th con
trary notwithstanding.
Oa September toth. with bands ,
playing and banner flying, one hun- j
rlred thoussnd neorl oarsded tbe V
etreeta of Rome. In celebration of the V
Te CbrUtlan Guardian.
Some time ago a movement waa set
on foot In Japan for tbe establish
ment of Christianity aa the national
religion of the country. A portion
of the Cbrlstlsn world hailed tbla
movement with joy. thinking that
great good would com to the. caita
of Christ by . the establishment of
Christianity aa the national religion
of Japan: 4 when the government
(than they could possibly suffer wttk-
out i It, Says Rev. Newell Dwtght
Th pwr f rallglo la wot
ta a decree on the statute hooka,
but a enthronement ia the Indi
vidual heart aad life. The adopt
. toa of Christianity as a state re
ligion by Japan would have bee
diktaater le the taeae luve.
Christianity la aa atmophf
a renlsl cllmsie of the soul, la
which the fruits ef love, (or, obe
dience, peace, ar ripened. Ita
power to lov to Ood and nana.
Its powr to I6e living Christ, ,
Such fruits are never ripened n tb
tree of a national religion. Tbe for
mality of such a reliirtoa sears Uk
a froat and dseoura like a ranr
worm, and leavea only blight aad
death and decay wherever U Is Is
force. f rom Liberty.
i .
SO Car et ta n adiresa..
100 Ccp.s ta n aiars.,
?-0 Cc t n addr,,
t."0 CF'a ta on arsa..
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