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Saturday, November 2, 1918
In Clubs of Four or More, 50c a Year, Each
S n d ma
name ana aaarsss
and I will mall to
yuu at occe 11.00
lalr of Dyer toot
Draft. I want you
to know what they
will do for you.
Thouaandi bar al
ready tested these
moduli wonder
and I have the most
remarkable testu
nioniala you ever
read. On tall o
' aurTnrilur SO years
It with Inflammatorr
. Rheumatism. An-
othar. 78 raara of
ace couldn't lift rla-ht arm. on kna swol
Un o h bad to um a can to walk. Thou
nd Uk this. .
Now, remember, I aend yon 11.00 patr
ft foot Draft absolutely free, no money
for tbam sow or at any other time. If
they do much for you a for th thou
iU nt nthen. elmnly thank ma. It you
with to set mora of them, you can, but
tha flnt pair I positively fre to you and
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dress to Frederick Dyr, ' 870 Dyer Bid..
Jackson, Mich. Thla on fre pair will
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He Quit
J Dyer J
I Draft I
v flji :
"I smoked cigarettes ever since a boy.
' From six to eight sacks of tobacco I used
weekly," atate Mr. 8. H. Ferguson.
Clrgaretu wer doing me great barm. I
- became so nervous that I couldn't sleep until
, I amoked. Each morning I bad an awful
' taste In my mouth.
.: "Several . tines I, tried fa quit by will
power, but it jurt seamed -that I would go
' wild If I couldn't have cigarettes.
. "I had almost given up hop of aver ejult-
. ting nntll on day T sent for a free book by
Mr. Woods that told me what to do. After
learning th way,. I quit eaelly In I days
. and haven't touched a cigarette In years. I
have gained over 30 pounds and cannot
praise the method too highly. I say to
- very cigarette smoker If you can't quit
without help get this book," so says Mr.
, Ferguson, of Crumps Park.
The foregoing remarks are like thosa ef
many other men who have been freed from
' the habit of smoking cigarettes, pipe or
cigars or who have, been chewing .tobacco or
' ' dinning mnff nfr AflKivelv.
Get this book. It is frees postpaid to
yon. Cut this out and show others.
Writ at one to Edward J. Woods,
TA-2M, Station F, New York, N. T.
Public is Warned
Against Taking
Substitutes for
fJuxated Iron
' Physician.' Below Say That Ordin
ary Metallio Iron Preparations
Cannot Potatbry Give The Sam
As Organic Iron Nuxated Iron
United State Judge Atkinson
Give Opinion
Careful Investigation by physician! among
'druggists and patients has revealed the tact
that there are thousSnds of people taking;
Iron who do not distinguish between or
.. mr.A metallic iron, and that such
persons often fail to obtain the vital energy.
strengto sna en
durance which
they seek, simply
because they have
taken the wrong
form ef Iron.
- Therefore, phy-
. itclanf mentioned
below, advise
those who feel
the need of a
strength and
blood builder to
, go to their (am- ,
,' ily doctors and
obtain a preicnp
ganic iron Nux- Judge G.W. Atlrtasoo
aiea iron sna pre
sent this to their
druggist SO' that
United States Judse
G. W. Atkinson, of the
Court oi Claims, Wash
ington, D.Csays: ', It
is without betitstion
that I recommend
there may be no
question- about ob
taining the proper
article. But if they
do not with to go
to the. trouble of
getting a vrescrip.
Nuxated Iron to per
sons who in the stress
of physical or mental
labors hsve permitted
1:1 - it".;
I'M tion tot Nuxated
; . Iron then be sure
; to look on the label
end see that the
' worde NUXATED
-1 ROM are printed
thereon notNux
and Iron .nor any
1 i - other form of Iron,
! but Nuxated Iron.
The remarkable
the system to oecome
debilitated, the body
exhausted or the ner
ves run down. It has
restored my appetite
and my vitality. I feel
that I nave dropped off
the burden of months
oi toil in the lew weeks
thst I bsve been fol
lowing the very simple
directions for the use
oi Nuxated Iron.
remits produced by
Xtuxated Iron and it
widesnread ssle (it be-
Inc estimated that over three million people
annually are to-day using it, has led to the
offering ot numerous suostitutes, ana inese
tors everywhere gbould caution tha publio
. against accepting substitutes in medicines
and they especially warn against accepting
aiihiiitutea for Nuxated Iron, which, instesi
of being organic iron may be running more
' than a xnetallio iron compound which may
' in some caws produce more bsrm than good.
The widespread publication of the above In
formation, has been suggested by Dr. Jerries
Trancis Sullivan, formerly physician of Belle-
lue Hoipitsl (Outdoor Dept.), New York,
:and the Westchester County Hospital; Dr.
Terdinand King, New York Physicisn and
. Medical Author and others, so that the pub
lic msy be informed on this subject and
- protected from the use of metallic, iron un
der the delusion tbst it Is Nuxated Iron
or at least something as good aa Nuxated
Iron." - f 1 , '
It Is surprising how many people Suffer
Irora iron deficiency and do not know it If
you' are not strong or well, you owe ft to
yourself to make the following test: See
. how long you can work or how far yo can
walk without hecominf tireo. riexi rasa
: two five-frain tablets of Nuxated Iron three
l V day after meals for two weeks.
Then test your strength and see bow much
' yon have gsined. ' .
UamrSetnrirs ffote IftrratM Tree, whlrh'ts
' smeribsd and rMomsMadfd abeie by pcuvMans
C art a tum-natir. but oaa wlileh Is wall
krxnra to drunWa. Unlike tb. eldjr lnr"ls
Iron products It to easllr ssrfrnllaud. ones n"t
I talure tbs twtb. xe them eltek nor uwrttjs
; saa entirtlr Uifctor results to yurr rmrcliMjr
or Uiv mi rwuna your
J le Ui sit bt ell l"4 dnisMtfc
If All Authorities Were Priests the
American' People Would be
Wiped Off the Earth,:,
Our readers, everywhere, are fa
miliar with tie epidemic of inflU'
enza that is sweeping Over .the coun
try witt' its terrible toll of health
and human life. Everyone knows,
too, of the measures taken to combat
the plague and save the life of our
people, and how loyally the restrict
ive measures' adopted by the author
ities for the security of the public
health have been accepted and carried
out by the masses of the people.
However, it has been no surprise to
us that we have received numerous
letters and clippings from all parts
of the country telling of the delib
erate violations, by Catholic priests,
of law and municipal ordinances, or
ders of hoards of health, and olnciai
proclamations. The priests opened
their churches and conducted public
services, where such gatherings had
been prohibited and when their law-
abidine Protestant neighbors were
obeying the law and making no fuss
about it This did not surprise us,
because the position of the Catholio
church is, that the law or tM cnurcn
ia of greater importance and super
sedes the civil law; that the civil
law and the decisions of the courts
are to be interpreted by the law of
Catholic church, and, that in case of
conflict between the two, the rules
of the church take precedence. In
oilier words, the tpirit and idea is,
tlie "church" first and the govern
ment afterwards..
It Is the same rebellious contempt
uous SDirit the late D. S. Phelan
manifested in his famous, "To Hel!
With the Government" sermon a few
vears arro. only lackinir Phelan's out
spoken vehemence and plainness of
speech. True, in many cases Cath
olic priests have obeyed the orders
given by the boards of health and in
gome cases they have been called on
to do so by their superiors, who, as
in Philadelphia, called on all in the
church to assist in stamping out the
This would have been needless had
It not been recognized that the
Catholic church looks to its super
iors for law and direction, instead
of to the law and the legally con
stituted authorities. It follows.
then, that for their obedience to the
rules established and any aid they
have given, they are entitled to no
special credit, any more than the
members of other churches, and the
great number outside the churches
who accepted the situation and went
to work voluntarily to save the life
and health of the nation. To excuse
the actions of the Catholic clergy or
palliate their offences in this cmer
eency, would be to admit that they
are a superior class above the law,
and beyond its reach a proposition
we deny, for( our Americanism
knows no ' privileged interests, fa-
vorcd classes, .or specially legalized
religious sects favored above others,
An aggravated . instance of the
priestly defiance of law was fur
nished by the Rev. Father Villing,
pastor of St. Joseph's Catholic
church , at Springfield, Missouri.
Springfield has been hard hit by the
epidemic with resultant loss of life,
and at the outset the city authori
ties placed a ban on all public gath
erings including church services.
These orders were obeyed, it seems,
by all except this priest, Villina,
who was willing to jeopardize the
lives of his fellow citizens by follow
ing the rules of its church. He was
complained of for two weeks, and
when an investigation was made on
Sunday, October 20th, it was found
that services were being held in this
St. Joseph's church, admission be
ing by a rear door.
The priest was arrested, but an
investigation showed that there was
no penalty clause attached to sthe
closing order so, as the priest could
not be punished, he was released
with the injunction to be careful
hereafter. Springfield now has a
city ordinance providing that viola
tions oF the ; proclamation of ; the
mayor' or orders of the boards of
health in matters of this kind carry
penalties of sixty days in Jail or
5500.00 Jine. What the priest will
do in the matter remains to be seen.
At the little town of Verona, five
miles south of Aurora, the home of
Tup Menace, the Roman Catholic
priest disregarded the closing order
of the county authorities, resulting
in 4 the steps of 'the churchy being
painted yellow, and the building it
self being . decorated - with yellow
crosses, by the precocious youth of
the village who thought the scheme
a good one as a lesson in American
patriotism. , .,
annual convention in Chicago about the middle of last Au
gust, to be exact the ponvention opened on the 16th. From
The Phihddvhui Innuirer nt th 17th we clinked anJitem
under a Chicago puia line, tho first paragraph of which we wish
to quo.te herewith: t ... .
" CHICAGO. Aug; 16,A million dollar endowment fund to establish
a Catholic publicity service was proposed today by Matthew J. W. Smith,
editor of The Denver Catholic Register, at the eighth annual convention
of the Catholic Press Association, of the United States and Canada,
which began today the first formal business session of a four-day
convention;''',. -': ' '..' - '--.:' '..;. ;
' The above is quoted for no other reason than to show that Rome
spares neither time, effort nor money to further her propaganda.
Jloney is nothing but trash compared to the objects which she ex
pects to attain in this country. Rome knows, too, that these objects
are to be attained at our expense, and she believes that she can do
what she pleases because' Protestantism sleeps. The question is, will
Protestantism awake? , ; Will Protestantism scare up a.measly forty
thousand dollars to preserve American ideals, liberties: and free in-:
stitutions while Rome raises a million dollars at a crack to tear them
down? Have you. contributed to The Mktace debt fund, or are
you going to slecp-r-and to hell? .. ,i'" ;
The W. C. T. U, of Pennsylvania
a t i
were not to be noon-winKea oy
Michael J. Fanning into endorse
ment of Sproul. Fanning spent a
good deal of money for printing and
postage presumably the money
of the North American In whose em
ploy he is) in circularizing the local
officers oi the w. u. T. u. tnrougn
out the state boosting Penrose's man
Sproul and telling them why he, who
had been working under their
auspices, was bolting Fithian and
standing for Sproul. Some of the
W. C. T. U. women were wise to tho
trick anl consigned his missives to
the flames. The governing board
voted that the question of endorse
ment should not be brought before
the convention at Reading. When
the executive committee was called
in session, the state president pre
sumed to do so in soite of this di
rection but a motion was speedily
put and passed that no endorsement
be made, vote run khmian
Sidelights.on Mr. Babka
There has iust come to our atten
tion a very interesting article-in The
Cleveland News on Mr. uaDKa, unaer
date of July 80, 1918. Therein Ohio
people were given some interesting
Bidelitrhta . on Babka's career in a
manner that lead9 us to wonder how
it ever escaped the papal censor.
It seems that about one year ago
The Hisrbee Co.. one of the largest de
partment stores in Cleveland, was
robbed. . Thereafter Mr. Hambourg,
alias, etc., was arrested in Hot
Snrinw. and bv extradition brouent
back to Cuyahoga county, indicted
and found guilty of the crime of
robbery, and while the case versus
Hambourg was pending on motion
for a new trial Mr. JiabKa, tne nrst
assistant county prosecutor, makes
his appearance.
Now. bv way of digression for
a few minutes, and with the kindest
thouehts for Mr. Babka, we must as
sume that he is an attorney of aver
age ability, any other assumption
would disqualify him for congress.
This -assumption being correct, he
must have known that any bail bond
furnished bv Mr. Hambourg would
be for commercial reasons and not
for friendship. Men do not sign bail
bonds for those who have a criminal
record throughout the country, un
less thev are indemnified. We as
sumo Mr. uabKa was acquainted
with this elementary principle of hu
man society, otherwise we would be
doing him an injustice. Neverthe
less, Mr. Hambourg produced a bond
through the office of his attorney, E.
P. Strong, in the person of Miss
Bayne, who is a stenographer in Mr.
Strong's office, Mr. Babka, together
with Mr. Strong,' then appeared be
fore Judge Levine and asked that the
bond be reduced from $5,000 to $2,
600. which request .Tudee Levine re
fused. On the following day Mr.
Babka .and Mr. Strong appeared be
fore Judge Powell for the same pur
pose. Judge Powell is quoted as say
ing that Mr. Strong and Mr. Babka
represented to him that Judge Le
vine had said he did not believe Mr.
Hambourg guilty-and that Judge, Le
vine, who was absent from the court
on that day, had assented to such n
reduction in the bond. On the fol
lowing day Judge Levine returned to
his duties and is quoted as not hav
ing made such a statement. Never
theless, the bond was reduced by
Judge Powell from $5,000 to $2,500.
Mr. Hambourg effected his' escape
from the county jail through such a
reduction and has not been located
We would like to inquire of Mr.
Babka if he did not consider it his
duty as a matter of legal ethics to
inform Judge Powell that the mat
ter had been presented to Judge Le
vine on the preceding day and passed
upon by Judge Levine.
We would like to inquire if the
21st congressional district of Ohio
wishes to be represented in congress
by one who has failed in his duties
as first assistant county prosecutor
in Tjermittinz such a well-known
criminal, with a police record
thtouehout the entire country, : to
make his escape.
And lastly, we wish to ask u a
man can be one hundred per cent
American who will make one state
ment to one judge on a certain day
and make another statement in di
rect opposition thereto to another
iudee on the following day?
There are many great issues com
ing before our government at this
time, and we do not think a party
should be elected to this important
office who has been weighed in the
balance and found wanting as in the
Hambourg case.
There may be a Hambourg case
before congress at its next session.
It may be under the name of the
Irish Home Rule, or some other cog
nomen. We believe that no man
should be elected to this important
office who has failed to cope with a
minor detail such as the Hambourg
Work of Romanizing Fourth Amer
ican City Go'et On While Patrl
v ots Sleep Sound!
The work of Romanizing Detroit.
the fourth American city, goes Jes
uitlcally forward.' Tho result of the
primary on August 27th ,was amaz
ing but not unexpected to those fa
miliar with the plans and plots of
the papists." For the most success
ful enort in the history oi iviicni
gan's metropolis Romanism reared
its p-hastly head and was brazenly
injected into politics from the pul-
a . .i . r . 1 m j
pus oi. we priests, in ever ociore in
the history or .American cities was
religion 60 prostituted for . selfish
political ends. All sense of social,
religious and political decency was
cast to the winds while the priests
of Rome and their willing tools, pli
ant and conscienceless, came boldly
into the open and played their brutal
game with an utter disregard of all
those proprieties accepted among
?entlemen in honorable antagonism,
hrough perfect organization and
the massing of their forces the Ro
manists won hands down against an
army of unsuspicious non-Catholics
outnumbering them two to one but
who, lacking organization and a
common aim, scattered their strength
and went to inglorious defeat.
The organization known as the
Kniehts of Columbus and the Knights
of Equity, controlled and officered
by religious fanatics to whom poli
tics is but a tool for religious propa
ganda, religious persecution and po
litical pap. , acting in conjunction
with their priestly bosses and ad
visers, saw in the new Detroit char
ter a chance to seize the control of
the city and shape 'it to their das
tardly uses.
Detroit's capture by the Jesuits
is of no interest as a religious mat
ter. We have to do only with those
who live politically upon religion,
With an Irish Catholic national com
mitteeman, Billy Connolly, known
among his ward heelers as Fatty
Connolly), of the dominant party for
the past six years there is not an
important federal appointment in
Detroit not. filled by one of that
faith and extraction. . The federal
offices are indeed so crowded with
them that there are but two, Judge
Tuttle and Clevk Elmer Voorhies,
republican appointees for life who
are not political Romanists. It only
remains to hoist the cross over the
Federal building and say mass on
the steps of the Shelby 6treet en
trance! In appointments to Michigan
state offices the Romanists have the
proportion to which they are en
titled. For this credit is due to Gov.
Sleeper, the fearless executive who
stands like a stone wall against their
indecent demands and steadfastly
refuses to be either coerced or ca
joled by them.iOnly those in the
know . can appreciate what sinister
influences have-been, brought to bear
against Michigan's -loyal - governor,
but thus far without: result. He has
openly and courageously given them
and their priestly backers the den
in answer td, their threats and
blandishments. . (All honor to him
for it). M
Wayne county officers of the po
litical Romanists cannot be -elected,
but they exert secret influences of an
astounding nature . in view of the
size of their collective vote. To il
lustra te. Johnny Smith, Milt Oak
man's chief deputy, rules a flock of
Romanists in the county clerk s of
lice. Little Sisters of the ' Poor,
very wealthy corporation, carry
away baskets of uncooked meat from
the county iail, .Eddie Command in
the decedent's estate division of the
probate court, tosses the countless
perquisites to Johnny smith and
other Romanists, while Henry Hul
hurt, in the juvenile division, gives
the Catholic societies a free office in
the detention home so that the Ro
manist representatives and ..their
eager tools may be present at every
session of the court and so miss no
unfortunate child or girl who can b
thrust into the House of the Good
Shepherd and sent to its wash tubs
and ironing boards.
For the city, offices the political
Romanists can only be elected to the
city council, but their power to grab
and hog appointments is almost un
believable as the facts which follow
demonstrate: ,
Political Romanists in Detroit's
public schools .70
Yet despite this awful showing,
one-third of, .all the children
in Detroit ,ttend parochial
schools. '. . ..
Political .Romanists on the po
lice, force. 80?
Political Romanists in the fire
department. , . . C8T
Political Romanists in the de
. partment of parks and boule-.
vards. health, lighting commis-
. sion, and water board. ...... .75?
It is a conservative estimate that
of all the moneys collected by taxa
tion for city purposes in Detroit 65
Get IVJore Eggs;
On Less Feed
Egg prices this winter will un
doubtedly be 4 the highest in the
world's history, v Those who know
how to feed'W get' winter eggs will
reap enormous profits. '
' Prof. T. E Juisenberry, one of
the world's greatest poultry experts
and President of the American Poul
try School," Boxf 1201, Leavenworth,
Kansas, has issue a 1 16-page bul
letin on "How and What to Feed For
Heavy Egg Production and to Cut
the Cost of Feci." This Bulletin will
be mailed Free to interested readers,
while they last . ' Hundreds of hens
fed and cared for under Prof. Quis
enberry's direction- have laid 200 to
298 eggs per year, while the normal
production according to 'U.- S. -Government
reports" Js 60 to 80. Write
today for your copy of this valuable
Bulletin : '-'
POINTEES! At the August primary there were
four contenders for the mayoralty
nomination, two to be named; Fatty
Connolly, Irish Catholic; James
Couzens, non-Catholic; John Gillespie,
non-Catholic, and Divie Duffleld, non
Catholic. Duffield and Gillespie were
defeated, leaving Fatty Connolly and
Couzens to try conclusions in the
November finals. Not all Connolly
supporters are political crooks, but
every political crook in Detroit is a
Connolly supporter. All the notorious
ward workers and precinct heelers
are for Connolly to a man. So is
every ex-saloon keeper and rounder.
The prostitutes and their pimps
fear Couzens as they do the devil,
for hia election will mean that they
will be driven from the city without
mercy. The issue is squarely drawn
and cannot be evaded or confused.
If Connolly seizes the political power
of Detroit with its thousands of fat
jobs as he has already seized the fed
eral patronage in the city and state,
his kid of tne city can never oe
shaken off.
At the Aucrust primary there were
oiVhtppn ranriirlate.n to be nominated
for the city council. The political
Romanists entered twenty names for
the etehteen nominations. Of these
seven Romanists were nominated as
follows :
Charles F. Bielman. William P.
Bradley, John A. Kronk, Joseph A.
Walsh. Thomas E. Glinnan,- Tom
Mav. and John S. Garvey.
Non-Catholic candidates: Kichard
M. Watson, H. H. Dickinson, Bur
nette F. Stephetison, ired w. uas'
tator. Georee W. Ross, Sherman
Littlcfield, John C. Nagel, David W,
Simons, and Hueh Shepherd.
John C. Lodge, tho architect of
The Menace ordinance and James
Vernor, who has a Catholic wife, and
who said he did not see why the man
who sold The Menace was allowed
to live, have both worked diligently
with the political Romanists and are
their nominees: and with the seven
thoroughbred Catholics will make a
full hand for the papacy If they sue
ceed in nuttinir their slate across.
It is now onenly talked of in hotel
lobbies and the club9 that Connolly
workers have lined up a certain sec
tion 'of the Masons, by promises and
nlcdires of political jobs and politi
cal plunder, to desert Couzens and
throw to their candidate in the No
vember election. Two years ago
Oscar Marx defeated Connolly for
mavor bv a majority of some fifteen
thousand. But many vital changes
have taken place since and conditions
are not as they were. Mr. Couzens
has absolutely declined to spend any
money in the election. He says that
if he cannot be elected without the
use of money he prefers defeat On
the other hand a huce campaign fund
has been raised for Connolly and it
is being poured out like water. And
every political thug and parasite,
every ward heeler and precinct
rounder is shouting for Connolly
night and day and working as they
never worked before to "put him
across" and get their feet in the po
litical troueh at the city hill.
NOTE-tThe Menace did not fa
vor (Jouzens in tne primaries anu
would not do so now were it not
fact that in many phases of mu
nicipal administration he has shown
himself a cleaner man tnan con
Joe Taggart Kansas
Wvandotte county. Kansas, Is
pretty well covered with posters ad
vertising Joe Taggart for district
judge. The posters aver that Joe is
"one of tho boys who is giving his
all for his country." He is shown
to the voters on these posters
through a picture which gives evi
dence that he is wearing a captain
Now Joe may be giving his all to
his country, but he has a real "bomb
proof" job in the quartermaster s de
partment at Washington, and he en
joys the rank of captain. Of course
Joe is giving his all all that he has
to give, for he could hardly bo ex
pected to go overseas and offer his
life since his life isn't really his
secin' as how it belongs to tne popte.
Joe used to be a congressman from
Kansas. He was disappointed in the
last election. When we saw how
hard it went with him we were some
what sorry we had been so out
spoken and probably influenced the
rest of Kansas to vote against him.
Joe never was the fire-eating kind of
a papist like that Priest Murphy in
Pennsylvania. . He recognized that
there were a few votes In Kansas
beside Catholic votes but some way
he never got very far away from the
old church, and at every election as
we get to looking about in the shad
ow of the church we invariably see
Joe standing there with his hand out
A few of the folks Joe used to
misrepresent in congress have writ
ten in that they hope he will not be
elected district judge, as they would
rather he would stay in the quarter
master's department until after the
war and then go to work at. some
thing in Honolulu. In other words,
he may be of some use in the quar
termaster s department but the folks
back home don't want to nut him on
the pay roll and have to stand for his
struting around in plain sight at the
same time.
By the way, the votes Joe can
swing ought to be worth a job in
Honolulu to the next administration.
Special Mention. Iowa.
,H. M. Havner, eeekinf re-election
as attomey-freneral, should be re
turned to office if the patriotic voters
of that state want to show a irood
man that they appreciate his efforts
in their behalf. Gilbert N. Haugen,
who is up for re-election to congress
in the 4th district, is another man
of the same stripe and should be re
elected. These are two men that the
intriguing; papes in both old parties
will probably try to trade out of the
race. , :
, W. J. Greenell and It. E. Knapp,
independent candidates for the state
senate, also, ought to be elected.
There are some papists run
ning alongside some very weak
non-Catholics. The following aro
such and should not be elected:
.11. F. DoDCzaa and Y. E. Haica
URK.E McCARTY, editor of The Gopher, the best anti-papal
paper published in America, unless I had the nerve to except
The Menace, is preparing a book of three hundred pages en
titled, "My Evolution From Paganism."
. . I saw Burke in Cleveland a few weeks ago and talked to
l r
her about this book, and I can promise you in advance that it is going
to be a stem winder. - The price will bo $1.50, postpaid, and I want
to take the stand and swear that the autographed picture of the author,
which will appear in the book, is worth all she asks for the volume.
Speaking seriously, this doughty little woman needs the support
and encouragement of every patriot in this nation at this time. She
has fought a stubborn battle against Romanism for the past several
years and she hasn't had the support that she deserved. She needs more
circulation to The Gopher, but just at this time she is most interested in
getting her book off the press and to the people. She needs advance or
ders to enable her to get it out, and I want every friend of the cause
who has $1.50 to spare to send it to her at once, with a word of en
' couragement, and place an order for this book, to be delivered as soon
' as it comes from tho press. -' -
The Menace and The Gopher are the only two papers in this field
at the present time and we have no more to spare. If these two also
are not to be ground to powder by the onslaughts of the enemy and
the condition of the times it is going to take the assistance of friends at
a time when that assistance was never needed worse. I want The Gopher
to live and I want Burke McCarty to bo able to eat in order that she,
too, may live, and for that reason I ask you to order this book. You
will not only be getting your money's worth in the book, but you will
be furnishing one of tho big guns of the anti-papal and patriotic move
ment the only ammunition which it can use to advantage in this fight
Address, Burke McCarty, Lock Box 59, Cleveland, Ohio, Don't forget
to cncloso $1.50 for the book. Makvin Brown. ,
for judges of supreme court Jos. I
C. Campbell and Harry E. Hull for j
congress, Jos. J. Meyers for attorney-
general. Kalph otto, J. w. iunt
zinger, and D. E. Maguire for judges.
R J. Horchem for state senator. W.
H. Walrath, John O'Rourkc, T. J.
O'Donnell, Simon Miller, and John
M.. Blaine for state representatives.
Despite the unfavorable mention of
Kenyon elsewhere in this issue 200
lists sent out in Iowa to men on the
ground failed to elicit one unfavor
able comment on him. This latter
fact is mentioned merely as a mat
ter of news. Our Iowa correspond
ent who reports unfavorably on Ken
yon claims to have gone deeper into
the Bcheme and with botn pnases De
fore you. you fellows who are there
to investigate ought to do ame to
arrive at a fairly accurate knowl
edge of tho situation.
Th sunerlntendent of the dry fed
eration of Pennsylvania has had the
wool pulled over his eyes in great
shape. With less .than a quorum
nresent he had the executive com
mittee vote to endorse bproui, not
realizing that in doing so they were
voting at the same time to uphold
rum and Romanism. It has led to the
resignation of Judge Porter (who
made Lawrence county Dili) from
the presidency of the federation and
state chairman from membership n
it, while creating a great deal of dis -
sansiaction eisewnere. io voie iur
either Bonniwell or Sproul is to vote
for the continuation of rom. VOTE
To Montana Friends
Some of you are doubtless won
dering just why we favor Land
strum for senator over Jeannette
Rankin. The answer1 is easy.
. Landstrum is the nominee of the
republican party and tha psychology
of that very fact makes him the
most favored opponent of the onH
pape running for that office. It is
then, the part of . wisdom not to di
vide our forces but to cast our sup
port where it will carry a safe can
didate over the top.
Furthermore if any of you have
any doubts as to what kind of a
man Landstrum is you have only to
read Governor Stewart's attempted
exposure of him. True he charges
Landstrum with being a big gun in
the republican party. Tho same can
be said of Walsh in the democratic
party or he wouldn't be that party's
nominee. But get down to those
things on which Stewart actually
made his pitiful attempt to put
Landstrum out of the race. If nine
out of every ten points he raised
won't show that Landstrum is truly
the fundamentally sound candidate
for the office then we fail to under
stand plain English, The pity is
that Landstrum's supporters have
failed to widely circulate the charge
Stewart makes against Landstrum s
paper, for Landstmm has been a
supporter , oi constitutional Amer
icanism and Stewart's criticisms
prove it Those criticisms also show
that Walsh, the man ' favored by
Stewart must be .the opponent of
constitutional Americanism and be-
; Every sufferer from Wsak Lnntrs
everyone afflicted with ehronla ecus' b
should read this remarkable history of
druggist, afflicted with Tuberculosis,
who experimented on himself, seeking
road to health. With his simple
treatment any eoughraked, tortured
person may find quick relief la a home
treatment Soothing; pleasant) anyone
may use it under plain directions, Just
send name and address on post card to
ADDILINE. KM Capital Trust Bid,.,
Colujubus, Ohio.
Also called Tetter, Salt Rheum
- Pruritus, Milk Crust, Water
Poison, We spins Skin. etc.
Far SfUea. years I bare been treating one disease
SlesM, BCZKMA. I bar caul led erer ens million
Caere. I aa net pretend to knew It all, but I an eon
Traced th disease Is duo to an excess of acid ia tua
blood, and closely related to rheumatism and cancer.
TIms sots swat aa rssssnu,
Ecreraa is called by some people Itch,
Rheum, Pruritus, Milk Crust,
la trust, we
am fully convinced Edema is a curable disease, aad
when I my it can be Cared, 1 mean just what I say
' C-U-tVB-D, and not merely patclied up for a while to
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chance to pmre to you that this vast ciuerience has taught me a great deal tiiat
would be of help to yon. If you will write mn today 1 will send you a free trial
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suffer anymore with enema and refuse to merely write to mo for free trial just
blast yourself. . No matter where yon live, I have treated your neighbors. . Merely
dropping me a postal today is likely to give you more real comfort In a week than
yon ever expected to enjoy, again.. Do. iUight now, four very life auy be at-slake.
J. E. CAN NAD AY, M. D not Court CL, Sedstla, Mo.
Sand this aetMo a seas pae safferar frosa caea. h will be a kind act by yaw.
Iicvcs he is right in opposing it else
he would not attempt to make a
campaign issue out of such shallow
cloth, . - .v..: . . v.
Turn to pago twelve of The Great
Falls Tribune, issue for October
15th, and note the charges he makes
against Landstrum as operator of
a newspaper. If you can see any
other course than support of Land
strum before us then you are not in
terested in maintaining the Amer
ican constitutional guarantees.
Don't forget that-iStewart appealed
for support of the administration;
or rather that was what he said he
was doing; Instead he indulged in
rank . politics and pleaded for the
support of Walsh and if Walsh's
ideas as represented by Stewart are
what we must support to stand be
hind the administration in its prose
cution of the war then deliver ue
from that administration. ,
Bailey, cf Michigan
Letters continue to pour in indi
cating that there is a very insistent
demand for the defeat of John W,
Bailey, candidftto for governor. '
The cul in circulation is the man
who wont work to keep it climbing.
'flflTr fXt I ifi ffl'
fidirttu SaUttry Girnfroof
Erm-r hoais wlthnnt sewvrsse
aoeiie en. No plnmblaa or ma
tins water needed. .Anyone can
l-ulall. A noon 10 sua pnopie.
riM la uf om ia ikm
Ion or esulrf. 10,le so la
U. S.Healtb Bureau Approves
prn:- "CKnalatl Cle
Lrguirau n mij
liah fl-krMiri clot.
One ssft Totisrt It tu &.
f bssaltky, esMiitarr oot4t-
tul warm iM.'4
Um m mMM U ft awtlr. BcMs lurtua.
An ssMnlshfiw offer.
Salts II anteklr.
WITHOUT HOI KS I A sensational
si suocsas.
Sno.00 poople nor play piano bf tula woDdsrfa! a?
KA8T I'OiUI MUSIC; areo rouna children Icara
quickly, ilora la jout opportunity. Doa'ltalss It,
m ii ia a 14
v -. ' m.. i . a
Bit aw v aa m
OfrmJMt trftWol fry tl
liar4iMwowfslrtr. H
Simple si s-b-e, No tosober required. Ko soma
pondenra Irssons rr mall, Ka knowledge of noia
muslo rsqiilred. Tola reinaraabis hook, sent rllKis
on trlil, contains OKB HUNUUED o tb world1
most fanionsT'Ms) snd Instruments! slctloasptlul
In KAsr FOKU UUSIO. Bend aa money.
1 70a don't lain rn ts days to lr not inertia
one unt HtVKI.AL popular pieces, send It back) a
Blilisstlotis wnateuerer. Or. If Ton
Or. if Ton ub to keep tiia
book, pay only kn each for th selections special
half price offer ta ibos woo writs at once. No extra
ebarf es of any kind- Complete coarse of east lnstrao-
uons rreitwim tneoook. ot sure to ten nt now many
wbltekeyioa fourpUnoororian. Sendapostel KoW.
LUTWTiojB05ieeo.,J curbei im. c8iuco.au
III rsaadl
Tetter, Salt
Skin. etc.
v. r-"-
anifr I l.. t', '1" -
V? s I
Imai n dalle. . """"-, i
tor IS 1n. r 'i j

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