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Scott County kicker. (Benton, Mo.) 1901-1917, November 16, 1901, Image 1

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A iJ MI'S ft
Httd of th Sc;qu
tion thinks th Monty :uu
Ho ttyt that Monty Kult and wlH'Continu to Ride, nd to Keep
Harping on Viivtna to again invita ootaat.
Mr. Bryan's Commoner, doctor?"
"No. 1 don't."
"Well, you ought to. Mr. Bryan
soys tlint n question in never sett lei I
Dr. T. F. Fraser, chairman of the
Scott county Democratic central com
mittee, was among the ''pilgrims"
who visited the tomb oi Thomas
Jefferson, at Montpcello, last October,
wider the auspices of the Jefferson
Club, of St. Louis. Shortly after his
return, and during the session of the
circuit court in Benton, the editor
expressed himself to the chairman
"Doctor, I believe I am a Demo
crat. I am a believer in the Chicago
platform of 1800, the Kansas City
platform of 100Q, and a follower of
Mr. Bryan, but I will have to draw
the line at the Missouri Democracy,
us now organized."
' The doctor hesitated a moment
and then replied: "Well, the Missouri
Democracy Is the very best Demur
raey on earth."
"That sounds very well," replied
the editor, "but 1 challenge you or
any other man to point out one sin
gle net of legislation tlmt hnsbieii
permitted to become law within the
past fifteen years that is of benefit
to the people. Did you lead the
Hpeecliof Chairman Cardwell. of the
Jackson Club, of Kansas City?"
"Well, Curdwell is a Democrat and
chairman of one of the largest or
ganizations in the State. He was a
member of the Missouri legislature
in 1808 ntid introduced House Dill
No. 14.". to regulate telephone rate.--.
He charges that John Carroll, the
lobbyist of the Bell Telephone com
pany approached him and asked him
to drop the measure bceau-c the Doll
company aiidotherroriiorutions had
been guaranteed legislative protec
tion in exchange for campaign funds
furnished. Curdwell spurned the idea
ami then cumc a uiciuhcrof the State
committee said to be Sam Cook,
your present Democratic Secretary
of Stan-and urgvd him to drop the1
matter, giving as a reason that the
Bell Telephone company had ton
tiibuted liberally to the Democratic
campaign fund. But Mr. Curdwell
was determined. Lobbyist Carroll
again pleaded and urged upon Mr.
Curdwell the necessity of sticking to
the "pledges! of the party." When
Mr. Carroll found that be could have
no weight with Mr. Curdwell he then
liecume defiant and said: "It won't
Jo you any good; well kill your bill
committee. Aim hUivenougn the
1 died in committee,
e doctor listened attentive! vand.
Prarmersl 1
g (nice been a member ol the
ri legislature, did not seem
d at the story. Straightea
df up in his chair he asked:
'in r an1 yon going to do
Yon can't better matters
he State over to the Ho-
ing from Sciliert down
i who will represent the
"d the editor. "The
mow at tile head ol
,te are neither Dein
'ieiuis: they are pol
. feather their own
we have wondered
legislative measure
'i'ial to the people
loiiie law in Mis
lairiuan Curdwell
i he charges that
lee barters away
lice of their elec
campaign fund
certain corpora-
was in no oosi
"Ay against the
.rect charge lit a
i if the strongest
katlons in the
man: n Democrat
.egrlty. ami a oitl-
pect. He diil the
under the circuiu
"Well, llhLiik the
iri are conducted
is the affairs of any
. , true" responded the
r is it not true that qultonll
. mil misgoverned and run
died political machines? If
emocratswe should lot the
rule and set an example for
0 follow. Of what benefit is
lure ugainjt trusts and cor
ns and the gold standard and
ct men who are dominated by
1 flueuees?"
nk Governor Duckery ' is a
do? And yet his appoint
chiefly gold bugs?"
1 I don't know about that."
. the editor mentioned the
i of several Palmer and Buck
Pemocruts that had been ap
ed to high positions by the gov
r iiml then went on: "You know
he indorsed the nomination of
la Wells, a Republican, us the
.nocratle nominee fprmoyor of St.
rlils seemed to remind our county
minium that lie had been on the
fferson Club expedition to Moute
llo in company with Mayor Wells,
.id he became very serious. "Now,
jt me tell you," suid he, "there is no
use keepiug up this tight on the
inouey question. For the present, at
least, It should be dropped. What
we want to do Is to win, and we can
not win by harping on too sllverques
I Ion. It Is not an issue uow, and to
keep up the agitation means that we
will remain a minority party of kick
ers and obstructionists.'
This sounded so much like the St.
Louis Republic thattheeditor uucon-
looKecl auout mm lor a buu
until it is settled right, and that the
money question is as live an issue to
day as it ever was."
"Well, 1 think hn is wr.ong in that.
See how badly we were beaten in
"Yes, we were beaten severely In
1000,'' agreed the editor, "and 1 will
give you the reason why? You fel
lows met in National convent Ion at
Kansas City and a strong effort was
made to eliminate the money plunk
from the platform. Failing in this
it was made to piny second fiddle.
All the time there was a continuous
war whoop for that arch gold bug
David B. Hill, of New York for pres
ident or vice president. And tinnll.v
you succeeded in tacking on the tail
end of the Cleveland administration
us a running mute with Mr. Bryan
thus disgusting every respectable
Democrat In the country. That is
why we lost. If you will kid: the
eastern gold bugs and traitors out
of the party and give the pimple n
straight platform with clean candi
dates, you will find the re.-.ult
different .
"Yes. but imperialism is the para
mount issue, and the eastern Demo
crats are with us on that.''
At tliis the editor grew impatient
and retorted: "Imperialism, tlimi
der! 1 would us moou be govern
ed by bayonets as by dollars!
It is only an e.cu-e to getaway from
the iva! issue, this money question
is today the paramount issue, vt lieu
you talk Mo.vuvyoit draw a sepniate
aiid distinct line. You find that pur
ties divide upon it as they will divide
on no other question." It is the
issue. Is it not true many so-called
Democrats are now holding federal
positions? Is it not true that Pits.
Iilent Roosevelt lilts appointed s-V-
erul Democrat to important federal
positions in the South? But what
sort of Democrats are they? They
are noi.li Di-.mocimts."
Chairman I'razcr conceded that the
President had made Mich appoint
ments, "Well then," continued the editor,
"if gold Democrats and Republicans
all look alike to the President of the
Cuited Slates, why should thc ap
pear different to the voters?"
"Well now. here." interrupted the
county chairman, "there is one thing
thai you may as well put down as
settled, and that is that money is
going to run tin government and
there is no u-e lighting it. I have
become thoroughly convinced of
J "Then 1 s.v no use In the people
fuing over who shall hold the
.ofliees." replied the editor, and the
interview ended.
I If Chairman Fruiter expresses the
sentiments ot a majority of the
county central coiiimittcethe Kkiikii
would lie glad to know of it and will
cheerfully' allow space to any mem
ber who desires to express himself.
And if we have, in any maiaier, mi
quitted or misrepresented Chairman
Krnzer. or left a wrong impression
as to Ids meaiiing.it is not inten
tional, and will cheerfully allow spin e
for any correction.
It makes no difference what you have to
Sell or Exchange,
Grain, Produce of any kind,
Poultry and Live Stock, or a
Load of wood, bring it to Oran
You will have no trouble to dispose of it
charge oi
Li a Uiistakt,
Newsboy bnildilig,
sold and still belong
The Newsboy printing o
up in und around Thos.toii.
smith shoo. Hence, if van d
address any business corresnon
to the paper under the niuiiugeiniTlIU
of Phil. Hnfner, don't addrona it
isowsDoy out Jvkxei: will ciitch him
every t ime. Some say it ought to :i"
"Ch.-nui,. Kicker."
There is no use wnit ine- li,. at-
clouds to roll by at this season t
year. Buy your wintersupplv ':
goods and clothing at The j!xi , '
Hirurdeuu, now, and get the (
them during the entire winter. .
member thai The Bee is one i '
largest and best drvgoodsaud .
ing houses in Southeast Misou
Drosetlltimr AHornov k.llv ,
to Diehlsttult Monday to coudit
preliminary examination in th
aj-anist V.0. Ktrhi for..; ilibin.
J iIiihoii in October. Mr. Join.
So" Li
I tie uicce9noi
!'ipo i tholasc.
I ,v
S '
power, J,
'd turii '(.
i ho sees "n
lie iiif.
out' ol
1 1
i, condition w.m such tint heccail
V'uu -ndth- 'rial and thei a-ewa:
Remember our motto: Fair Dealing, Best Goods
for the Least Money; Legitimate Profits.
TT 1"I. n Tv o
s Hlli k m &
A .Modern Utiildlng.
rr: r t n
uiiueu uii:ii tic -Jotii iii-t. :'. l
yeriotHiy .-i.ibbed .lolmsoii ove. te
po.o'es.sion of.iliarrowiiud Joints u'
condition is yet cousid'.'rc.l uriiij ;!.
.irl.itiii-s ! Do you know that no
other house in this end uf the State
i.ui supply your wants and .'ive vou
simh( -atif;n:tion us The Bw Store,
at f ine tiirardeaii.' b'lv.s nui'li!
iideut in
he news
wilb vol
Kvery ci.
unity shotili.
ii order to '
Opp.il t
-jxty ci
licun a
tlmt 1
. i tit
tniumhig', ,vr,ij)j. underv.ear,
In fie-!, everything.
1 ! mis i'an'c
. ui
Vt i
nted in.htm i-l
u-. Julia Klein i, ,-.
pointnieu I- i v"'l
.really t.t- , 1 1 1c,
W--. T.i' n1. M-,il
pre-'ut loLMtiou and
iiuer iiy .ur. wantie.nt!
Otto, wlio will al-n cim ii'
i im-uie in connection.
tuei:. ! I. , -r
a' k !-.
-. m1 ill
- m ail' I !
Hie pe .i
Le :.
11 "I"'
- he
- .v
flaking Her "atber I'riuul.
ihe peoide of Kelso ,ir(. ju.-ilyi Cnele .Icirv mow- !. i.-. look .
, inum oi tncir new ji.in.-li -clmol 1 niter hu nin es and ninke-him-elf iw.
building. It is one of the ber school , fnl in otln-r wavsto l'nvk.toiilm--i 1
: buildings in tld-end of the State. Itiivoole who timimt .iff.n.i to li-v, !
lias a mod- -their own men" for -u.-h .or!c.
and oue-half The old mail liasn dauulit-r who li.i . 1
At New liuiiibiir;
i-. const meted of brh I
era basement, is two
storie Iniili and is t,iiy feet square.
It will probably be ready for oecir
paiiey tfuriii".- the coming 'mouth.
In the ea-t half of the bu-einent
will lie the clmjlel. Through the cen
ter Is a hallway for entrance. The
wet h ill contains a wash-room, c.
lie h.ls told
oi ttie w
laraud a room where will be located
the .steam heating upurutus. A
will be laid to the church, which
will ul-o be heated by steam.
The building is mi arraniied that
the si.ter.s who teach the school will
have their livimr apartments in it,
and rooms are arranged for sleepum1
girls that live ,i distance from the
school. The building now o.ciinied
by the sisters will be moved weM-
ward and arranued for sleeping the i
boys. Board will also be furnished
ai cost. The old .school building will '
given linn great- pride
nearly every member
middle class in l'urkstonhur.-t oft'
wonderiul gntsof Juliette. and dui'ug
the summer he looked forward with a
great deal otjoy to her entranc a:
1 thehiiih school in the full.
Sbe Didn't "Vuut a Husband.
"Don't know whether it's new or
not, 1 heard it down in J.'' said the
man who recently returned from that
town. "There is a rich widow living
just outside the place,'' ho continued,
"and after oevernl elderly gentlemen
had vainly endeavored to lure her
into matrimony again a report gain
ed circulation that she was a regular
"Fiiiully. a wealthy widower,
carrying with him the evidence.! of
good living und heartiness that seek
congenial " companionship, vi.-ited
the town, and was soon a caller upon
the intractable widow. After he
thought sufficient advancement had
been made to justify- a proposal he
proceeded to feel his way.
" Beautiful homo you have here."
" "Yes I enjoy It.'
'Fine outlook, flue trees, very fine
all round. But there is one thing
" 'Yes?'
'It is mi Aduraless Eden, don't
you know. You are so good in every
thing elso that I should think you
would be glad to share these bless
ings with a husband.'
" 'Are you proposing sir?'
" 'Iu a tentative way. If you can
be convinced that you should have a
husband. I should like to be the
" 'Husband! I have a gardener
that smoke and drinks, I have a
parrot that sweurs like a pirate, and
1 have a cat tlmt stays out all night.
What ii the world do I waut with a
A Plum for the Klekcr.
Because tax-payers are interested
iu the official news of the county any
newspaper is proud to have the
county printing awarded to it, Iu
August the court advertised to lot
the priuting to the lowest bidder.'
Tho papers Here putiu bids that were
identical and tho court rejected both.
Last week the Kickxb presented a
proposition that the court considered
reasonable and the printing was
awarded to this paper, Hence we
start into business as the official
paper of Scott county. If you are a
tnx-nave'r vou ouarlittohAaufHpUntlv
lib. but in ft raomeut he regal ued hlsllutewted In euat'iSftini U beseMS
used as an
well nrran;
ciitei tninine hall.
I and a credit
j The other day when he wn raking1
lpe ; ll leaves oil tile IllWood blWIl Mis.
U uiwooil thought she would Haiti r
him a little by asking aiiout Juliette. '
"How is your daughter uettinu
along in high school?" she iiunihed.
lie straiuhteiied ii. wiped his brou
on his right sleeve and replied:
"( Hi, she gittiu' erlongreniawkahle.
I tell you dm ".uhl goin" erhaid h -wonderful.
Ycs-uui! You know wluu
deygoin' do-.' Sheeome home Ins'
night and she snv to nie:
Pa. dey w.is a lmtu'enin'
lillsilte-s conilition- Seta to he iui
td'oving very rapidly at New Ham
burg. A few year-cuo it .ee;ueU jm
up-hill bii-in. s. for .j He stoic to suc
" e-il. Now they have four.
Adam Iiiriii-iger. th- original and
oldest niei-chau; of th.- village, -till
holds forth at th old stand and he.-,
in addition, the po-toHIce. North of
the sfhool hotts.. an el. gant two
story resilience and store building
lias been erected by the Stheivr Bro.-.
It is occupied by Sc'-icn & Co. Thov
have an up-to-date stock of goods.
'. Banks occupy, the lio-lie bulld
ing and luisit icieked withdiy aouds.
ladies' and gents' funiishmes and
of .
I '"iy-MUbblefiel.l -t
show you a tine hn
good-, jackets and
prices. f!oe llieui,
Kvorything about the Kii ki
is bran, .-pliuter new, and ..
as a dollar. We have th i,
and il.'iinest printing plai
found anywic'ie, ami Vp..-!,
t ion has b.t-a given to the .
in niaievi.il for iiirinii
i . i . . .
siioe-. i-ran;; iiroj-.Mii 1- a
man who is just embarkiuu
mercantile litisii.e-s. Ilencciin'e
' UK
out artistic
ami up-t'j-inue joli priutu.g
S.lt doesii t com 1 accident
.stoic, ftiui-
eick of it
w-j.li uijcsii l com -
ihe biy trad-.- at The B
stnutial re.isun i- at the
all. 'i a-.- ciinoine:-.' of Tlu B.-u
allauoutit. I: you .ir-not already
a customer you will timl it to your
interest to become one.
t lie est
uo We a.
pleto Hi'
i i';d.
i , ..niyc
f'lil to dr.Sy.
-ud tell v.-
' i. id us in th.
' n "site the '
iitiblle Hfiui
. Jewell, of ('liiito!i. !Cv. mill
Mis, Blanche Smith, o i'0,iar nimf.
th.. . v-''reniiUTie.i 'i ticsilay morning. .Mfss
the . ?'' u sister to the editor of the
building formerlv occupM l bv Heiirv 1 ll-11!:u11 Bceoivl and Inn many
Kemper, and his new goods are ex- M" dntances in this county." r
peeteii today, lie i- a voting man of I ' casiuer oi tii" i i .kou bu-:K
good habit
only to Kelso, but to the county.
The Low Price of AVlieat.
All school todav
not "Kul
i about a thh.
I it '
ay: 'Whut was it;'
.si ill--
L'omjiared with corn. oats, hay and
other iced stuffs the present orice of
...1 i i .!....!.. 1 ... t -1 -
V,uu?, l', '""' ,rl'ishesavdev
iviLivr.it lu'iii-M-s uiiu uiriiicrs win no
well to hold their wheat until later iu
the season. While the wheat crop
was good, yet tlrre was a failure in
the crop of corn and other f.ed stuffs,
and iu many cus"s the farmer ilnds it
necessary to feed his stock on wheat.
This will necessarily increase the con
sumption of wh'at and the surplus
will soon become exhuwiieil.
The.noriiinlpi'beof wheat .is double
the price of corn. When corn sells
for twenty-live c-ns a bushel, wheat
brings1 about fifty cent-. Corn is
now sixty cent', ntul wheat should
bring double that price and it will
do so before i-priug.
Just now speculator are hammer
ing the price down and will continue
to do so until they have control of
the bulk of the whent. Then the
price will go skyward, and the farmers
who then have wheat will get the
benefit of the raise.
It is not at all improbable that
wheat will roach the .?1.."0 marl: be
fore another crop is harvested.
"Kn -he say-well, she iV ' don' laic
tell nie right out. Juliette she il--whut
you call modes.'
Kn so I say. '(jo on. tell you ole
pn.' Kn she snv "go -i e her teacher."
Kn 1 go see her teacher, enhcrteacli-r
oin'--dev i;o!n"--.
He stopped and -i-ratche 1 his 1 --;-, T
a moment and thought hard. Th. n
he contiiiiu 1:
"Kn she say dey goW-dey goin'--whut
dat hold you' huband's pants
!' -eh.
:i id I;
a young man oi
and h.iils from one of t ... ,
1. ..I.., . :i: .- -i 1" i -'0 "ie
u - miiiu.es ui Li ucoaiuv.
. ' Sitcr Loooiirdia, nee Catheriii'.
1 1'iriiberg.T, daughter of Kudo Mike
i 'riili-rger. died ar .St. I-muds IIos-; U,
p'.ial. in .lollict, III., on Wednesday
i.. ... i. i. ...
oi in-! wlvk. i'.e(iiiL'in mass wi-,
h 'M for her at .New Ilmnbiirg last
Tuesday, and was largely attended
by her many friends and relatives.
A boy born to Mrs. John Morey on
Nov. (5, was-chritetied Michael Anton
.r the Catholic church, Win. Schott
..ml Bertha (Jisier stood us sponsors.
.Ioeph Schcivr. a native of New
llaiuburg. but n'ov,- of the Snudy
wootls. is the proud father of a girl
oorn to ins wits' .uoiiduv. it was
ii ! strong-min-.c
! tes l.ot -l', le
: . .. .It.-- .
: ... . : dt The
' ipe i ! .a.
''if Gut your f,.dt, lime and cement
it J. B. Stubblefield's Commerce.
. uim.i,
not indicate tlmt ,,.
a prosperous n the'
ewsiwper would have
com: relation
i. .mi- Maimi.i'
.1 ..
Tile. .
The lady was niystitled.
you mean'.'" She asked.
"Bat what hold you'
pivuts up," he repeated"
"Suspenders?" she sugg
What do 'j'ttcuod I'hillii. Leo. Tuesday, and
i .Mr. and Mrs. Leo. lii-o e.-in stood
Mr. and Mrs. Loo. Groieau stood
. sponsors.
When ,i Kickf.i: reporter approach-
plied: Oh.
my uous
Tho Woods on Flro.
Tho smoke that has been visible
during the past week indicates what
is going on iu the woods. Forest fires
are raging as they never raged before
In tho low lands of the western part
of the count y, it is reported tlmt the
cant and wild pasuirugeisdestroved.
Farmers and-stockmen who had ban.
ed to winter their stock on this range
inimi, iivm iiijf iiiL-ir uoia I'lios, a
mile of fencing Is reported to have
burned along the Harris farm, near
Bleda, and considerable dnmau-e of
lesser importance is reported elsewhere.-
On soveral evenings runners
from west of town entered Benton to
get assistance in fighting fire.
Webster Davis Coming,
Hon. Webster Davis, of Kansas
my, win lecture at t tie court house,
hi Benton, tonighfr (Saturday). Mr.
Davis is au orator of national iwn.
tut ton and his subject will bo the war
ui ouuta Airica.
While holdliiff a high position nn
der the McKlnley administration Mr.
Davis Tisltod the scene of the Boor
war and studied the situation close
ly. When ho returned ho tried to kt
the President to interfere and stop
this ftnkolv war. Tha PmoMoiif.'Vti.
CUis4d:kr. ItertonsWlDo.
!-ed I. Ba t for in. . h
Ywnum. T)ov goin' Mi-iviuler. I 1 'e got a new girl baby
I tell you dat girl goin' upiTgiu'sinuht. ""i " Sunday morning.
lies lintidly commence yit. and dey i iu rnere uov. uoei. -r i
goin' suspender!" ' ( Nick Duiuennutellet
After which he chuekled proudly ' Birnlpi-g. r are now eng
ami wont on with his raking. . lepaiung south of Benton- Tlu-si
uiicago luncs-Herakl I gentlemen are aettiug the roads of
A Quiet Wedding. ! iU? fXrkt in '""v l,0,"r,on'
i - ,ruis tuit'l .L- xiauiuiu
Andrew .1. Dowell, our fortner re
-old John Both, ol
!"iuess in icnton
. eunnected with the county
Mr. Both is one of thei-o-ul
supervisors for hi-i di-trict and v.iis
here to prepare Ins report forth"
county court, v hicli will liiet here iu
adiouineil teun t jilay (Saturday).
ta-L-ip robes and horse, blankets.
prices right at Kiu(bM.eld-'n. Com-!
A certificate oi iivorporation was
Hsiwd by rhe So.'reiury of State to
Newman Krb and others to build a
railroad from Cape Girardeau thro'
Berry. Wre Genevieve and Jefferson
. to Crystal City a distance
of uhi i
Andrew , sv.Il yaw
in ro.t 1 , Call ami
.a loreo will
. itoveright.
visited Benton
A Word to Fanners.
We lltlVe l!eii iili.v . nvinn in.
UUDackiug materinr and
i. . : - v .i-
i nig tilings out, ihoreiore wa were tin-
hope, to have oneof tlioffaestehnrch , r ,i Vt, l.W. u,!lt"Vi' ":,w'' nn!
teraunteur, and Mrs. Boena Wilson , buildings in Southeast .Missouri. I " " ' V i o "
..-......!.. .1. ... .1.., i.. t ... .v. i s- ., . , 0l,n "."V ' orrespoudents iu every
' hi uie inline in, mv. ami .urs. a. ocuwartz, ot near , part of the counrv and it vemlevs
flw ln-id.v ii.),n. r!i.,ir in ui i,i-r s:n n. v ii i ..!.!.. .1 i. ........ 1 ... v. . .,l,m us leaueis
day Sipiiiv Cannon, oi Benton.-otii-elating.
Quite a uuniber of 'Tiide
Jack's" friends from here attended.
They immediately moved to Beu-i Bee, at Cape Girardeau, carries a line
ton ami on .Moiuiry night "the iioys j i lie lattner tuuis nistlnie well spout ot noy s muts warranted to be as
ninde it hot for them iii the way of a who tends and keeps up with the 'durable as can be made, and at verv
.'harivari, but Mr. Bowell was pre-1 limes. Of leu a ver. simple device I low prices.
pared ami noon satisfied the thirsty -appears that will be of daily use Tim ,-mmi v .n, i i,,.
disturbers, I about the farm or home, mi l the nf i m ,1 n i ,liL ,1 Yytlm0
"I painted a winter mcuc the other f Tv re&X' to Wlhln i'"" ad .naUe.r'con
day t hat waso 1 1 ue to nature that ,m " , I m X , n i , V, ! . . , Werhig . he miserable road law which
t lu tliennonieter iu my studio tell 1 . :r i . : i V..V.. . Z. . ivo have, our court- has done remark.
will get all that is going on.
Sf'S'W boy's clothes never will be
quite as tough . the boy, still The
twenty degrees."
"Hutunh! Tlmt's nothing. 1 naint-
ed a portrait of Mr. Broivn last year
tlmt was so life-like that l liiul to
shave it regular. "-Tit-Bits.
Discouraging. '
Wife. Yon will never be a society
man, my dear, you are too heavy.
Husband. But I thought I was
sufficiently noiis-enclcal and unintelli
gent nt the reception today.
Wife. Yo-es,butyou were so self
conscious about it. Iho Smart Set.
Fair Warning. ,
" The Husband. My dear, I hennl
that Mr. Highflyerlsfi'irtiugwitUyou.
The Wife. Well, wha t. of It?
' Tho Husband. Oh, notWkg. Only,
wheu he gets tired of it, dou'tcomoto
mo and expect to bo sympathized
whh.-The Smart Sot.
'SiTIWeclid bnrgalnsforliftoen dnvs ,
.. I llllllWirwumi BUVM Mb w.
mirywMittrg, mo,
111 h.ttMlll. 1M It- rlui Kno.K,
fs"-1 tUui biide-,v are built.
e yon will find illustrations and
..i.-.. . i..t .! i ii
iiiui ii .uiiiuin) iiiiuiiiiuuoa conceiu-1 tlblv well
iii iiiu i.uin. nie iJiuiituvi, ine
den, the mock or 1 ooultry.
And this is not all. On the flret i .In a piucli 1 Your pocket book
page appears all tho happenings of or your foot.' If it is either or both,
your county. On the .ivoud page jgo to The Beo Store, at the Gape,
willbetonnd the general and State where you can get tho best fltt ing
news lor the week, nijd on the third and best quality shoo for the least
page the editorial comments thereon, i niouev.
All this you can get itom uow until i lri.f !-".. , , , ,
Junuavy 1, lOOSYov tsl.no. :,m0!,t el?1nent "PIhmI in doieusu
1 , of the marriage vow and tho respon-
Itoal Ustuio Trausl'oiy, i sibilitijs that it brings was delivered
by Judge O'Bryau during our circuit
age for thv
twvi-jtorv, s
Attorney- !
b.-r' left '
uece-iiiry i '
ville. Mo.,
lur Blui'. Ci.r
he win murdeiv
Greeulfef ivJ h'
The Kn.
please pul'.
truth. Tl
the hifonti -
I 1st
of tho lb
isome parso
Tt is to be
frame buib
rnold ue
Uon. the I
i er swat
..J ""-'vain
. '"ilre.
mi of Ncele
cad near Po'
- iptiou is thr
a muiinaiuf
;io susnw -1
V at
.ho e
: lu pc
G. H. Butler and wife to Win.
Black, 1GD acres in see. 21
nud 22, twp 28, rango 12...$ 800
Rvbecca J. Peal to Mary E.
McKemie, lot adjoining
Blodgett 100
S. D. Martin heirs, by guardian
' to W. B;-North, tots 1, 2, 8,
4,5,0, 7. 8. 0 and 10, in
block 0, Morloy and los 1,
a, 10, 1 1 mm in, oioei: i,
and outlot 2. Motley, nud
acrs adioinina 100
The uiiii,-..,.v v.i' iroe cl
the Scott county circuit i
month, does not indicaw
state of society. Something
On December 20th tosh
be hanged in Cole cayttya
n.v tlie name of Garis hi.
the same date at KnuKiSXl
A practical nolitician
right iu his plaee-'-and the
me average "prfcticai poj
m tne penitent Wry.
Allen Lewis, and Aunw
both of MorltW-, were mar
Recorder's off ee Tuesduy.
Tho editor turned over
change to "lis botterihu1'
stored what HtUo corn ho"
pockot boo-.
Hon. M.irsb Arnold '
cult court in Dunklin c
of the week.
Miss ilano Sewol'
visiting tlwfaniir
near Jieutan.
.in Vflllalkl
oil" ' m
We , . virty.
. t h ull KlrkpiArick of CI;
M'eut i lew d&h in'Bcut
i 'io weei:.
Father Helmbattir.of (
i .t . i. - oj. sm
-i ttia woex iii oi.
sdne and S
aDDeai'odon oi
court In tho case of Wright v.i,
right. Jt was delivered after 'sup
per nud tho courthouse was well
crow uou, ,
KAWliat elso is thore in a sh hli
sides Ioitthor? Why there Is coutfoMfr t-v 1,1
and elegance In the shoes that M SBMti
from Uo Beo Store. Try a v id cheaper?
you will have no other. .. g A
CS3uL B. StubbloHel ' nm" '
cau tdoaNi--
y C'

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