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TD How Sick She Wu And
What Saved Her From
An Operation.
Upper Sandusky, Ob to. - " Three years
go I waa married and went to house
keeping. I waa not
feeling wall and
could hardly drag
myself along. I had
such tired feelings,
my back ached, my
I sum ached, I had
bladder trouble aw
fully bad. and I could
I not eat or sleep. I had
i neaaacnea, too, and
I became almost a ner.
' VOUS wreck MtrjlnA-
tor told me to go to a hospital. I did
not like that idea very well, so, when I
eaw your advertisement in a paper, I
wrote to you for advice, and have done aa
you told me. I have taken Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and
Liver Pills, and now I have my health.
" If sick and tiling women would only
know enough to take your medicine, they
would get relief. " - Mrs. Benj. H. Stans
BERY, Route 6, Box 18, Upper Sandusky,
If you have mysterious pains, irregu
larity, backache, extreme nervousness,
inflammation, ulceration or displace
ment, don't wait too long, but try Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound now.
For thirty years Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, made from roots
and herbaias been the standard remedy
for female ills, and such unquestionable
test imdny as the above proves the value
of this famous remedy and should give
very one confidence.
This Sufferer Reports Quick Cure With
A-M-Y'L-O, Marvelous New 6k, n
Remedy Qlves Instant Relief
For three jenrs I suffered torture with
Ecema of the hand aod arm, and nothing
helped me until I tried A-M-Y L-O. One tube
cured me In two weeks. It Defer returned."
Mrs. Ji.s. Trotter.
A-M-Y-L-O in prepared from the formula of a
sun specialist of 36 years experience, and If
the only ointment that penetrates the deep
layers or the skia nnc'. permanently cures. No
matter what yon have tried send for free sam
Pls of A-M -Y-L-O, Chronic case of Eczema,
letter. Milk Crust. Besld Bead) Weeplnu Skin
nml i ther skin diseases Improve in 3 days,
bam tObe, by BUM, fl. AMYLO CHEMICAL
CO., 200 Atnylo Building, East St. Louis, III.
Tom Do you think your father dis
likes me?
Tess Well, he gave the dog's chain
and muzzle away yesterday.
The car labored heavily over wet
and deeply scarred roads.
"Have you any Idea where we are?"
asked Winks.
"No." said Garraway. "though the
roads suggest we are near either Wa
terville or Rutland I don't know
which." Harper's Weekly.
in a Hurry.
Magistrate What Is the charge
against this old man?
Officer Stealing some brimstone,
your honor. He was caught in the act.
Magistrate (to prisoner) My aged
friend, couldn't you have waited a few
years longtr
Years had passed, the political
equality of the sexes were fait accom
pli, and a certain candidate for the
presidency had but now been knocked,
in a dignified manner, into a cocked
Her humiliation was complete. But
although she declined to talk for pub
lication, her friends were less reti
cent. "Hata of that shape," they protested
with much feeling, "went out ages
ago." Puck.
A Tempting
Crisp, fluffy bit of white
Indian Com; cooked, rolled
into flakes and toasted to a
golden brown.
Ready to serve direct
from the package.'
Delightful flavour!
Thoroughly wholesome I
I ' The Memory Linger
Sold hit Orscen
Potass Osrmst Cosspoar. LlBttSt
BuiltOiMi. alios.
Congressional Notes 1
I ( I I i'i Qnn .1 i .... M . . mm
-rywn JiuraocK ol Kansas
introduced a bill authorizing tin post
master general to pay a cash reward
to employes of the postal settee who
from time to time may make sugges
tlons for Improvements in the service
resulting in Increasing efficiency or
marked economy.
The senate passed the Joint resolu
tion passed by the house appropriat
ing $,".00,000 additional on account of
the flood on the Mississippi and Its '
tributaries. Senator Heybtirn caused j
some delay by Insisting upon striking :
out the word "impending" when used I
before, the word "flood," but the i
amendment he offered was voted i
down, and he voted with all other sen- i
Mors for the resolution, which was
Blgned by the president and will be
immediately available 1
Representative Hardwlck of Geor-1
nia. chairman nf tfc i
.... w 1(L1 VUlliUlll'
tee which investigated the sugar trust
introduced a bill requiring all ships
touching at United StatPs ports to be
equipped with a sufficient number of
life boats, life rafts and other safety
paraphernalia to take care of every
passenger and member of the crew in
a great emergency.
Minority Leader Mann secured the
ndoption of an amendment closing all
postoffices throughout the country on
Sundays. A little later Representative
Fowler of Illinois obtained unanimous
consent to return to this item and
tOUlht to have It amended to permit
liostofflces to remain open for one
hour Sundays for the delivery of mail.
A warm colloquy developed between
the two Illinoisans, but the house
ftood by Mr. Mann, who declared post
office employes are entitled to a day
of rest like other folks.
The creation of a federate board of
mediation and conciliation ultimately
to arbitrate industrial wars In all i
branches of business, was advocated
before the house Interstate and for
tign commerce committee by Judge
Martin A. Knapp, who presides over ;
the United States commerce court.
Judge Knapp and Charles P. Neill,
commissioner of labor, the latter also
advocating such a commission, are the
arbiters under the existing Eidruan
Senator Sanders of Tennessee, who
is filling the unexpired term of the
late Robert L. Taylor by appointment
of Gov. Hooper, has been assigned to
the senate committees on agriculture
and forestry, coast survey, education
and labor, expenditures in the depart
ment of commerce and labor, expend!
ures in the war department and mili
tary affairs.
Clifford Thorne of Dea Moines, la.,
representing the Iowa railroad com
mission, appeared before the senate
interstate commerce committee to ad
vocate Senator Kenyon's bill to pro
vide a uniform clarification of freight
throughout the United States. He de
clared the present three classification
territories were confusing to shippers.
Warning was issued by the United
States government to the Mexican
government, as well as to Gen. Pas
cal Orozco, chief of the revolutionary
forces, that it "expects and must de
mand that American life and property
within the Republic of Mexico be just
ly and adequately protected, and that
this government must hold Mexico
and the Mexican people responsible
for all wanton or illegal acts sacrific
ing or endangering American life or
damaging American property or inter
ests." A scathing denunciation of mem
bers of the house committee on ex
penditures in the interior department
was delivered on the bouse floor by
Mr. Mann of Illinois, the minority
The senate passed the army appro
priation bill carrying $95,314,710, or
i $7,537,453 more than when it passed
i the house and $2,726,925 more than
' last year's bill.
Thero are excellent prospects for
1 a good roads mix-up among house
I Democrats. The committee on rules
; favorably reported Leader Under
j wood's resolution . providing tor the
I appointment of a joint committee of
j three senators and three representa
' tives to lnevstlgate the question of
roads in general and make recommen-
dationa touching possible federal aid.
With the approval of the house lead
i ers, Representative Oldfleld of Arkan-
sas, chairman of the house committee
i on patents, Introduced a bill intended
i to prevent the "untold evlla" which
Chief Justice White, in his dissent,
ald would follow the recent supreme
court decision in the "patent monop
oly case."
Joseph Sellwood, an ore mine ex
pert of Duluth, told the bouse steel in
vestigating committee that the Lake
Superior ore region contains 1,400,000,
000 tons of available ore, of which
about 555,000,000 tons, Including the
Hill lease ores, are controlled by the
United States Steel corporation.
The senate probably will amend Its
rules soon so as to permit less than a
majority of committee members to
constitute a quorum.
At a conference between President
Taft and Senators Root and Lodge it
was decided that the president's an
swer to Mr. Lodge's resolution in re
gard to the acquisition of territory by
Japan on Magdalena Bay would not
be sent to the senate until after the
subject could he considered by Mr.
Knox, the secretary of state.
Representative; Graham of Illinois
again Injected the Mrs. Helen Fierce
Grey incident Into the bouse proceed
ings, accusing Minority Leader Mann
of having falsified papers on the floor
of the house.
The committee on Interstate and
foreign commerce has favorably re
ported Representative Russell's bill
authorizing Levee and Drainage Dis
trict No. 25 of Dunklin county to con
struct and maintain a levee across a
jut-off of the St Francis river In Mis
uurl and also across the mouth of the
Varney river for drainage and land
! reclamation.
' Ttoe Panama anal la characterised
by Col. William C. Gorgass of the
I irmy medical corps, who "cleaned up
the tone," aa a channel, consisting ot
lakes, locks, canal and sea approaches .
Whltcomb Riley Wanted to Be Satis
fied That Noah'a Ark Waa the
Same In All Respects.
They tell this about James Whlt
comb Riley, who, although an old
bachelor, ia amazingly fond of chil
dren, aa any one might tell by read
ing bis poems. He wanted to make
a present to a young nephew of his,
and so he went to a toy shop and ask
ed: "Have you any genuine, old-fashioned
Noah's arks? I don't want the
kind with wooden tovs that reallr
,oWt animals. I want the kind j
w uaei to nlaJr with when I waa a .
bo7 "
Tne shopkeeper assured him that
ne nad- and passing by several ei- '
Denslve and modern Noah's ark, the
creatlons of the modem toymaker for
tne uso ' tne modern, realistic child,
h Bad DrouSht down from the attic
one ' tDe old style, one of those
Tjl?. thf !M and
7 " jumuieu up insnae.
That looks flke what I want." said
Mr. Riley, shaking out some of the
animals In his hand. "Yes. that looka
like It. Noah the same size an Ham,
the elephant no bigger than the bear,
and the dove of pence Just the same
size as the horse. There Is only one
more test."
"What is that, sir?" risked the shop
keeper. "I want to see," said Mr. Riley, as
he pretended to put"1 one of the pieces
in his mouth, "whether Noah's head
tastes Just the same as It did when I
i was a boy. They told me In those
days that the paint was poisonous,
but It was awfully good."
Apparently the taste of Noah'a
head had not changed In the slight-
; est. in spite of the fifty years that
1 hRve silvered the poet's head, for he
walked out with the old-fashioned ark
tucked snugly under his arm.
Holding Up an Army.
Thomas Augustln Daly, the Tamous
Philadelphia poet, told, apropos of
Saint Patrick's day, a story about an
"Irishmen, as you know," he be
gan, "occasionally go to South Amer
ica to make their fortunes.
"Well, there was a revolution In
progress in a certain South American
republic and one Saint Patrick's day
the conflict was at Its height.
"A general said to his aid, as be sat
on his horse upon b knoll:
"'The enemy is there! There, be
hind tho banana copse! Off, ride for
your life, and bring our left wing
"So the aid galloped away to bring
up the left wing of the army. And an
hour passed. Then the aid returned,
crestfallen and alone.
" 'The left wing! Where is our left
wing?' the general cried Impatiently.
" 'Alas, mon general.' said the aid,
'an Irishman with a green ribbon in
his coat held It up and down the road
and he says he won't let It pass till It
has learned to say "Three cheers for
Saint Patrick" In English.'"
Need Mental Stimulation.
Some peoplo live In ruts and think
In ruts. They vary their lives little,
and the routine of their thoughts less,
and their bodies get, stodgy. Their
eyes are lustorless, their skin be
comes sallow, they need waking up,
and their wakening needs to be men
tal. They want mental stimulation,
and if this stimulation Is to show it
self forth in the form of beauty, it
should be pleasant.
Detecting Shortcomings.
Do you wish to find out a person's
weak points? Note the failings he has
the quickest eye for in others. They
may not be the very failings he is him
self conscious of, but they will be their
next-door neighbors. No man keeps
such a Jealous lookout as a rival.
J. C. and A. W. Hare.
Short Essay on Life.
"Life," says All Baba, "la the inter
val between the time your teeth ara
almost through and you are almost
through with your teeth."
Some Good In Family Quarrels.
"Family quarrels," remarked the so
clal observer, "are not always such a
bad thing, for by them the surcharged
air Is cleared, and, after the mental
j bruises have healed, either peace is
complete, or there has been mado a
good riddance of some bad rubbish."
It Happens Only In Fiction.
It Is only In romantic fiction that a
man can work strenuously to the limit
of his power and come home to be
sweet, sunny and entertaining. H. G.
Wells In the American Magazine
I m i a warn J
EAST ST. LOUIf, KL Cattle Na
tive beef steers. C.tllS.TS cows and
heifer. $8.2Sfi".60; sKw-kprp and feeders,
$3.2586.30; Texas steers, $6.00g 7.2,; cowl
and heifers, ttl &ti li.OU; calves, in carload
Iota, f .Vim v T.SS. Hogs Miv.t and butch
er. j;.t047.so good to heavy, IT.wa
8.00; rough, ;..;; light. jt oo.jT sS
bulk. S7.7027.5; pigs. I6.50rti 7.00. Sheer
Sheep una muttons, in., 7.00; lumbs
16. 25 4j 8.25.
CHH AOO Hosts M lxo.1 nnrt hutchers.
7.454f 7.!)0; good heavy. IT.tOST.W; musb
heavy, t7.50fe7.65: light. 7.46(B7.t4; pigs,
$5.006 7.25. Cattle Beeves. t5.40feS.70;
cows and heifers, f2.604jf6.7ft: stockers and
feeders, I4.tf0f.f0: Texan. t4.50'fj 5.H0;
calve. $5.00(88.25. Sheep Native, $4,400
S.3&; WHKtern, $4.50?i7.00; lambs, $5.6&S
7.75; western, $6.25fe8.10.
ST. LOI'18 Wheat No. 2 red. 1 10; No
t red, 1076 P'SVjn: No. 4 red. lOOOlOBn:
No. 2 hard. lOfVlUMn; No. ;t hard. 1030
114n; No. 4 hard. 0it0Sn. Corn No 2.
S3: No. 3. S2n: No. 4. 78'.j: no gmdi.' 79
ti"; o. 3 yellow. 83Vi; No. 4' yellow.
7; No. 2 white. 84; No. i white. 810
8344: No. 4 white. TfUVW. Oats No. 2,
!: No. 3. f.Mi. No. 4. 57n; No. 2 white,
W4: standard. .ItifT'i: No. 3 white. 58tt
4J6; No. 4 white. fftkOlf, Rye No. t,
CHICAGO Wheat No. 2 red, lOfVtfr
1KH: No. 3 red, IMfYlOtU; No. 2 hard.
10$ ViiO 110'; No. 8 hard. )05t10); No 1
northern. HC&lMn; No. 2 northern. 1093
112n. Corn No. S. 7SH79; No. 4. 77i
li: No. 3 yellow. 7SW9I0; No. 4 yellow.
Kali No. 3 white, I10U; No. 4 white.
"Stiff 79. Osts No. 2 white. 59'9t0: stand
ard. 6fi.r.V. ; No. I while. UttOH; No.
4 white. 5f:f4. Rye No. 2.. ?4Hn.
NEW YORK Butter Creamery extra.
Mc; state dairy. 2&e32lic; Imitation
resmery. first. 2ii4J27c. SW-Nearhv
i hlte (aney, tic; nearby mixed fancy. V
iil; fresh firsts, 21Ht22a.
Until You Oat
After The Cause
Nothing more dis
couraging than a
constant backache.
Lame when you
awake. Pains pierce
yon when you bend
or lift It s hard to
woTk, or to reBt
You sleep poorly
and next day la the
same old story.
That backache In
dicates bad kidneys
and calls for some
good kidney remedy.
None so well rec
ommended aaDoan's
Kidney Pills. Grate
ful testimony la
convincing proof.
n a mm
nere s ADOioer "r.very picture
Typical Case-
Airs. O. W. Erwln, 308 Third St,
Little Falls, Minn , says: "My body
became bo bloated I had to gasp for
breath. Kidney secretions were in
terrible condition and to bend my
back was agony. Life was one con
stant round of suffering and I
thought death would be a relief. I
began using Doan's Klldney Pills
and am today a well, happy woman."
DOAN'S "ifftV
W. N. U., ST. LOUIS. NO. 15-1912.
WIMard's Plea for Closed Incident
Least Had Merit of Perfect
The minister had been Invited to
dinner, and ."-year-old Willard was
warned that ho must use his "Sunday"
manners at the table. As the plate of
potatoes was passed to him. after ev
eryone else had received a helping.
Willard emptied the contents onto his
plate. Hil mother, bluahlng, Put back
a grfcter part of the pA'.noes.
"Hog." said the little fellow, where
upon he was Immediately sent to bed
The next morning Wtliard sat oppo
site his mother at breakfast. The look
on his mother's face soon told tho boy
an unusual atmosphere was surround
!ng the family meal, and he became
suspicious that he was the cause.
"Well." be said, looking his mother
straight in the eye. "you don't nc-d to
get sore about it. You got me. didn't
Itched So He Could Not Sleep
"On July 2", 1009, we left Boston for
a trip to England and Ireland, taking
baby with us. After being In Ireland
a few days a nasty rash came out all
over his body. We took him to a doc
tor who gave us medicine for him.
The trouble started in the form of a
rash and was all over baby's body,
head and face, at different times. It
Irritated, and he would scratch it w ith
all his might. The consequence was
it developed into sores, and we were
afraid it would leave nasty scars on
bis face.
"When we reached England we took
baby to another doctor, who said his
condition was due to change of food
and climate, and gave more medicine.
Tho rash pot no better, and It used to
Itch and burn at night so bad that the
rhlld could not sleep. He was com
pletely covered with It at different
times. It was at this time that my
mother advised us to try Cutlcura
Soap and Ointment. After using Cutl
cura Sop and Cutlcura Ointment for
about nine months the places disap
peared. There are not any scars, or
other kind of disfigurement, and baby
Is completely cured by the Cutlcura
Soap and Ointment. We have no fur
ther trouble with baby's skin. Noth
ing stopped the Itching, and allowed
baby to sleep but Cuticura Soap end
Cutlcura Ointment." (Signed) Mrs.
Margaret Gunn. 29 Burrell St., Rox
bury, Mass., March 12, 1011.
Although Cutlcura Soap and Oint
ment aro sold evcrywh. re. a sample
of each, with 32-page book, will be
mailed free on application to CuU
cura," Dept. L. Boston.
True Till Death.
His companions bent over him with
pitiful earnestness, and stared be- ,
seechingly into his waxen features.
Again came the flutter of the eyelids,
but this time his will mastered ap
proaching death. Ills lips weakly strug
gled to execute his last command, and
the friends bent closer to hear the fal
tering whisper. "I am gone? Yes
er I know. Go to Mllly. Tell her
r I died with her name on my
Hps; that I er have loved her her
alone er always. And Bessie tel!
er tell Bessie the same 5-Wng."
London Weekly Telegraph.
Supply Cleaned Up.
"Goin' flshin' next summer
the man who te'.it tall stories.
"No," replied Mr. Growchei If
you caught all the fish you sale ou
caught last nurnmer, there won't be
any use of going fishing next sim
mer." Incident of Traffic.
"Didn't you tell medat speckled hi. .s
you sold me was galted?" asked Um
"Dat's what I told you," replied M
Brastus Plnkley. "and dat's what h
Is. He's
Cole's Carbolfsalve quickly relieves and
cures burning. Itching and torturine skin
Use-uses, it instantly stops tne pain or
burns. Cures without acars. 25c and C0c
y druggists. For free sample write to
J. W. Cole & Co.. Black River Falls. Wis.
Jim Do you think Mamie Is taller
than Susie?
Tim I should say that she Is Just
about one ra. taller.
If Yours ia fluttering or
Those who are wondering wfcf le
number of Americans (stag Cass da
year by year lajcueaaee In tfce rates
that It does, would sot be te surprised
were they to accompany ese of the
numerous excursions that are being
run under the auspices of the Govern
ment from several of the states, and
remain wtth the settler until he gets
onto the free homesteads, which, as '
I stated by Speaker Champ Clark, In the
i U. 8. senate the other day. comprises l
i 160 acres of the most fertile Boil and
1 with remarkably r rrrrtfisam eae-'
dltlons. 7ae itA the rculta,
aathfer n be CZ- this free Jiejae4
: of 160 acres or n land which he may .
, purchase at from $15. to $20. per ncre.
! fully as good as the $100. and $150.
per acre land of his native state, and
which his means will not permit bis
purchasing. On the part of the mem
bers of the U. S. Serjite and Congress
there U ctk cut praise (St Canada
Canadian laws and Canadian lands al
though the reasonable desire Is shown
in their remarks, that they pass legis
latlon, (which is very praiseworthy)
that wll) make the land laws of the
United States much easier,
i It is the success of the American
settler in Canada that attracts others,
and when experiences such as the fol
lowing are related to the friend "back
home" is it any wonder that increased
interest Is aroused and a determina
tion arrived at, to participate in the
new-found way up In Canada that
means wealth and health and all that
accompanies It.
William Johnston, who formerly
lived at Alexandria, Minn., settled In
the Alberg District near Rattle River
and la writing to one of the Canadian
Government agents, loca'ed in the
United States says: "We have had no
failures of crops during our nine years
In Canada. 1 tbreshed 120S bushels of
wheat and 1083 bushell of oats In 1911,
1 off my 160 acres. This Is a beautiful
country. I keep six good work horses
and milk seven cows, getting good
', prices for butter and epgs. We get
i our coal for $2.00 per ton at the mine,
about one mile from the farm. Am
1 about one and a half miles from a fine
school. As for the cold weather it is
much milder here? than in Minnesota,
' where I lived for 21 years. Our well
' is 35 foot deep and we have fine wa
ter. Wild land is selling for 111,
to f.ZZ. per acre. Improved farm? are
much higher. I am well ratisf.ed with
the country, and would not 6ell unless
I got a big price, as we have all done
well here."
Good reasons to account for the
number goini; to Canada.
Smith Mt wife can cook, but she
insists on playing the piano.
Jones welli my wife can play
piano, but she insists on cooking.
Filipinos Dislike Autos.
The reckless and insolt-nt SUtotDO
blllst is hated the worid over. In the
Philippines, where most of the auto
rnobllists are foreigners, and where
the natives have been used to loiter
comfortably in the roads after the
fashion of easy-going southern coun
tries, the automobiles have long been
a grievance, and, failing to secure ef
fective regulation, the Kili;inos have
adopted the practice l: rolling hip
boulders into the roadway as a hint
not to turn corners at a breakneck
Nothing Lost.
"Mr. Chairman!" said the orator
who had alrejidy occupied the plat
form for twenty minutes, amid muny
Interjections from the audience. "Mr
Chairman! May I appeal on a point
of order? There is really so much
desultory conversation going on in
r.arts of the hall that it i Impossible
for me to hear a word 1 am saying "
Voice from the Back of the Hull -Don't
bo downhearted; you're not
missing much!
A splendid and highly recommended
remedy for tired, weak, inflamed eyes,
and granulated eyelids, is Paxtlne An
tiseptic, at druggists, 25c a box or sent
postpaid on receipt of price by The
Paxton Toilet Co.. Boston, Mass.
Quiet, as a Rule.
"What sort of town is
"The sort of towa whre a funeral
is a social event."
Poor Fellow!
"He has no control over his limbs "
"You wouldn't If you had had your
leg pulkd us often as be has."
Pure blood Is essential to Good Health.
Garfield Tea dispels Impurities, cleanses the
system, and eradicates disease.
The woman w ho suffers In
usually manac.es to make a
noise about it.
lot of
"rink Eye" Is Epldemlr In the Bprlnc
Try Murine Eye Remedy (or Reliable Relief.
There are times when we should be
. . , , . t . . ,. .
. thankful for what we fall to get.
LEWIS' Single Binder, straight So
many smokers prefer them to 10c cigars.
it takes a man of originality to pose
ne o successful liar.
The Sailor Chest. ,
Bobby This sailor must have been
a bit of an acrobat.
Mamma Why, dear?
Bobby rca'.ae the book says,
"'flit lit his pipe, he sat down on
his chest." Sacred Heart Review.
A Quarter Century
Before the pulilic. Over Five Million Free
Samples given away each year. The con
stant and increasing sales from sample
proves the genuine merit of Allen's Foot
Ease, the antiseptic powder to be shaken
into the shoes fur Tired, Aeliing, Swollen
Tender feet. Sample, free. Addres?, Allen
K. Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
We always feel sorry for a stutter
;ng Bta who Is trylcg to put m a
gicft wot for h.'ssslf.
j'ati LAXATfvsj attllMO omnia TrSlifs.
' .Tswtflnrfuriil ruoney If It fail u esre. &. 'A.
UlUAl; 8 nu;nakr3 isen ecb bus. ifcc
It would save people a lot of trojble
If they could fcc born with their wis
dom teeth already cut.
Mfj, '.- i. . fWAVlTi? Syrnn for Children
testing, softer, the fruuix. reduce 1 nil a mm 14
ti&u, aUeyS pain, cures !!.' colic. 20c u ixitlie.
The mort a man exjierts the more
he will be surprised if he gets It.
Aeg clable Preparation for As
similtiting the Food and Regula
ting the Stomachs ami Bowels of
te -
Promotes Digeslion.Chcerful
npssanrlRcst Contain; neither
Opium. Morphine nor Mineral
Not Nabc otic
Aly r n ia -
ftttkrll.- Stills
.fi. w .
Absmsww -
h'orm y'ltd
CIc-SkI "'tS
A perfect Remedy forConstipa
iton . Sour Stomach. Diorrhota
Worms Convulsions. revcrish
ncss and LOSS OF SLEEP
Fin. Simile SiCnaiurt of
The Centalk Company,
Guaranteed under the Foodanj
Exact Copy of Wrapper
iment par excellence.
cap caused by a fail.
my duties ia less tl.an three weeks
is an excellent remedy for sprains, bruises, sore throat, asthma
No rubbing necessary you can apply with a brush.
At all dealers. Prkto, 23c, 60c. A $1.00.
Sloan's Book on Horses. Cattle. Sheep and Poultry sent free. Address
2.25 $2.50 3.00 3.50 MOO & 5.00
ive W. L. Douglas shoes a trial. W. L.
touglaa name stamped on a shoe guar
antees superior quality and more value
for the money than other makes. His
name and price stamped on the bottom
protects the wearer against high prices
and inferior shoes. Insist upon having
the genuine W. L. Douglas shoes. Take
no substitute.
I i.. w-tn WA. fVinifl
If vonr (Inter mnnot soddIv
stit'fB, wr.te Wli IHflSSi mormon, MM..Tor
CTcr7wr.re oeV.nry rlisress luvimd. fmt Color
Special Offer to Printers
This paper is printed from ink made in Savannah, Ga. by
tne ouu intnn uil ft INK UU., Savannah. 6a. Price 6 cents
per pound, F. O. B. Savannah. Your patronage solicited.
tqr a V feet-Mi
The Wretchedness
of .Constipation
uu quickly be overcome I
Purely vegetable
set surely and
gently on the
liver. Cure
ache, Dizzi
ness, and Indigestion. They do thetr igJh
Genuine must bear Signature
1m1 in Tiwm
t cuate
(i'tF.AT ji ' i s criu kidnkt nt. a mm
h'tvl aid"", t.'-m" f t F RF Y.
14 ourirsi pun - prlrs BBSS
Wts R. nlrmn a.VTMkv
Ingliin, D.c Itok-frtn. Ills
est leferenccs. 3MnX nsHSSv
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
ssal r mggttgejggesVJgMa
Rheumatic Pains
quickly relieved
Sloan's Liniment is good for pain of
any sort. It penetrates, without rubbing,
through the muscular tissue right to the
relieves the congestion ana gives
permanent as well as temporary relief.
Here's Proof.
A. W. Lav of Lafayette. Ala .writes:
' 1 had rheun.aiism for ftvs years. I tried
doctors and several different remedies but
thev did not help me. 1 obtained a h-ttie
of Sloan' Liniment which did me so much
good that 1 would not do without it
tor anything
Thomas L. Rice of Easton, Pi.,
writes. ' 1 have used Sloans Line
mcnt and find it fut-class (or rheu
matic pains.'
Mr. O.G. JosESof Baldwins. L.I.,
wriles: "I have found Sloan's Lin-
I have used it for hroken sinews above the knee
and to mv great satisfaction 1 was able to resume
alter the accident."
twiios. nnoeineni
Hyltt. uooiL

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