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NO 4.1
Tells Farmers it Will Bankrupt Them. -"Widows and
Orphans" Will Also Suffer, He Says.
In discussing modern progress It
Is often necessary to refer to the
Dark Aces. The averse reader
does not understand much about
that period of our history ami. for
that reason, does not grasp the
meaning of this so commonly used j
term. This general ignorance of
the masses concerning that period
because the ruling class 01 to
day does not want you to know
how their ancestors governed the
masses between the Bth and 18th
centuries. So I will explain:
In early history the governing
class ruled the people by and thru
.1.1 .
superstition, jiuiij jieupiu urr iu-
day ruled that way. mere were
no books nor Newspapers in those
early days. Movable types and
the printing press were unknown.
The rulers were supposed to be
of divine origin a sort of repre
sentative of God on earth and
this doctrine was taught to the
masses by the priests of the rul
ing class. The kings and nobles
were supposed to be of a different
type than the masses and ruled b.
'Divine Right." When the rulers
wanted to "start something" they
proclaimed thnt they had a "v's
lOO" or a dream" In which the
Lord revealed so-and-so. And you
had to believe It no getting a-
round that.
Tbj most barbarous of this per
iod Began with the absorbtton of
the Christian religion by the Ro
man Emperor, Constant! ne the
Great, in 'the 4th century and end
ed with the rebellion and the re
sultant reformation brought a
bout by Martin Luther in the
15th century
These thousand years of murder,
torture and oppression are refer
red to as the Dark Ace, for the
reason that the world was in
mental darkness. No mental light j
was permitted to shine out any
where. There was no freedom of
peech, thought or conscience.
For a person fo rebel, or even I
mildly protest, against the then '
existing order was agin religion,
and he was racked, tortured and i
burned at the stake In the name
of the Prince of Mercy.
The masses had to believe what
their rulers Wanted them to be
lieveor get off the earth. Rome
ruled the then known world, ex
cept the Mohammedan world, and
part of the time she ruled that.
There were continuous wars
not over world markets and prop
erty, as now. but over religions.
People were taught to believe II
they died in defense of their gods
they went "straight up" and it
didn't matter whether it was the
wooden gods of the Buddhists or
the Sacred Cow of the Hindoos.
These are known as the religious
wars and the crusades. Even in
these dark days the rulers knew
that the best way to govern and
job people is to keep them quar
it'ling and fighting among them
selves. The human intellect works slow
ly and it takes a long time to
overcome Inherited prejudices and
superstition. But for the past
400 years humanity has been
moving upward and onward sub
stituting reason for ignorance
and prejudice.
Among the progressive, thinking
class the advance has been won
derful in the past century steam,
electricity, air ships, etc. Only
the ministers and the lawyers are
ircapable of grasping the extent
of the forward movement.
They 'stand pat."
What always has been always
will be." croaks the minister .
"Look up a precedent." yawps
the lawyer. ' What did King Sol
omon say about It?"
Such a thing as a new thought
or Idea is out of the question with
Hence I was not surprised to.
read Lawyer Pelteign's attack on
the prbposed single tax amend
ment, which. It Is evident, he re
gards as an assault on the "wid
ows and orphans" and the farm
ers. Of course he nor his class
have no selfish motive in opposing
the singlr tax just looking out
for the widows, orphans and far
mers, as usual. That seems to be
the permanent job of those who
live well on what others produce.
The trouble with Mr. Reign is
that he seems to takd himself seri
ously or expects the public to.
Like all friends of the widows, or
phans and farmers, he don't want
the banks to escape taxation. Of
the Benton bank in which he is
a stock-holder and director he
laments thusly :
"I am sitting In my law office
In the Benton Bank building. The
capital stock of the bank is $45,
OO0. Looking out of my window
I behold three farms whose own
ers have, thru long years of labo
rious toil, cultivated the land and
kept in good shape until now the
three farms are probably worth
as much as the bank stock, or
$45,000. Can the kind of man 1)1
ogenese was looking for with his
lantern be found who would, in
hie right mind, say the $45,000 or
the bank should be exempt from
taxation, but that the $45,000
represented by the three farms
should be taxed?"
Awful, isn't It? Going to soak
the farmer and let the banker go.
Bankers must be a better class of
people than they are generally
credited with being. At Joplln the
Missouri Bankers' Association a--dopted
strong resolutions against
eing thus relieved of paying tax
on their banks. All over the state
they are appealing to the voters
saying, '1'lease don't relieve us
of paying taxes." Yet some mean
people sometimes insinuate that
they are a elnss of tax-dodgers.
The other day a neighbor want
ed to bring me around on this
question and pointed to the lien
ton Bank saying. "Do you want
that bark to go untaxed?"
1 answered his question by ask
ing ahOthari "Can you mention a
stock-holder in that bank who fa
vors the single tax ?"
He could not and I assured him
that the bankers know what is
good for them.
Says, Mr .PeReign: "The. city
real estate owner will evade the
single tax on his ground on Which
his sky-scraper stands by charg
ing it to the renter. The public
service corporation will got rid of
It by charging It to its expense
account mid collecting it from its
patrons by an increase of toll for
its services, and if the legislature
should Interfere the Interstate
Commerce Communion and Fedec
COUrt Will intervene to protect
the Holders of stocks and securi
ties tlierein by sustaining the
raise, but the owner of the farm
cannot escape it. BECAUSE HE
NEXT FELLOW. He cannot get
it back if he pays It. out of the
com. wheat, oats, hogs or cattle
lie sells, because lie can get no
more than the market price for
his farm products, arbitrarily fix
ed by the great financial centers
of the world, than the farmer
who lives under a state govern
ment where there is no single tax
on land."
I am not reproducing the above
because of any bearing it has on
the single tax question for it has
none. Hut ic is as fine an admis
sion of the Socialist position as
ever was printed. Here is what
Mr. DeReign argues:
The landlord who owns the
sky-scraper, can shift the burden.
The public service corporation
can shift its burden, and if the
legislature attempt to Interfere
the inter-state Commerce Commit
sion and the Federal court will
butt in to protect the corpora
tions. ' But the owner of the farm can
not escape because he cannot pass
It on to the next fellow."
Why are things thus? We have
had Mr. DeReign in the house of
Representatives; we have had Mr.
Hunter In the state senate; we
have had Marsh Arnold in con
gress, and we have had lawyers In
all our Jaw-making bodies since
Heck was a pup; yet every body
can shift his load except the far
mer "because he can get no more
than the market price for his
farm products, arbitrarily fixed
by the great financial centers."
Since all the lawyers and stat
esmen who make our laws are
such great friends of the farmer,
why is it that the farmer is so
Why can the landlords and cor
porations DEMAND what they
want, while the farmer must take
off his hat and humbly inquire,
"What will you give?"
Let me remind Mr. DeReign that
It was not the "long years of la
borious toil by the owners" that
made the three farms he sees thru
his window worth $45,000. The
growth of the community, the im
proved machinery, the nearness to
market and other causes had much
to do with that. Furthermore,
these farms are highly improved
and occupied by their owners,
who hold bank stock, have good
houses, good barns and other im
provements, plenty of machinery,
cattle, hogs and horses and the
single tax will BENEFIT THEM.
But I must not close without
making special reference to Mr.
DeReigns opinion of the courts.
His party platform says, "the
courts of justice are the bulwark
of our liberties." Personally he
says, In effect, that the courts
stand as a bulwark between the
corporations and the plundered
people to protect the corpora
tions. Smart men do get their wires
crossed wonderfully.
It Is difficult even for a lawyer
tD attempt a defense of the pr?s
ent system. When he strays away
from the well-beaten path about
' time honored .principles" and the
'sanctity of the courts," he is
liable to get his feet tangled and
fall. Mr. DcRolgn thinks that un
der the s'nglc tax the landlords
and corporations will nift the
burden to the "other fellow."
Of course they don't do that
now. Oh, no I When the govern
ment pulls off Its semi-annual
joke about prosecuting the trusts
up go prices and the people foot
the bill . When the tenant farmer
has enough left to buy his wife
and babies a new dress, up goes
the rent. i
Mr. DeReign thinks that under
the single tax the courts will be
found on the side of the corpora
tions and against the people.
Of course the courts are not
that way now. Ob, not
I cannot help wondering If Mr.
DeReign was able to keep his face
straight while unloading his sin
gle tax- views. We have had
much proposed legislature to har
ness the rapacity of Big Business
such as corporation tax a re
duction of Interest rates. et
but the cry was always raised to
good effect that it "would drh
capital from the state." Nobod;
ever seemed to fear that any sort
or hostile legislature, or police
men's clubs nor the army would
drive labor from4 the state. It
was left for Mr. DeRdign to sound
the alarm. Hear him :
"The proposed single tax amend
ment, if adopted would further
more retard the agricultural dc
velopement of the state. The ad
ditional burden imposed by the
single tax on land In Missouri
would drive the farmers from the
state to states where such con
fiscation of private property by
the state does not exist."
So the fanner is going to pack
his grip and move Just bei auso the
state refuses to tax his industry!
The state says to him I "Build
a comfortable house, good barns
and out buildings, good fences,
get the best machinery, horses,
hogs and cattle, and raisn nil of
these, and of grain and hay and
other products, and the state Will
not confiscate any of these things
In the form of taxation."
And the fanner Immediately
gets mad. packs his grip and grcs
to a state where he can pay tax
es on an these things.
Well; let him go If he is that
big a fool. We editors, law
doctors, ministers, politicians, m
Chants, bankers and so on can
then have a chance at ''pulling
the bell-cords over old Beck."
Nowhere in his article does Mr.
DeReign refer to the farm land
lord: the tenant farmer nor the
wage-earner. His appeal is to the
prejudices, or ignorance, or both,
of the little home owner. He
talks of "confiscating'' the little
farm just as if the existing order
had not already confiscated the
homes of a majority of our people
He does not tell the homeless
tenant farmer and ttie homeless
wage earner that the single tax
will have a tendency to wipe out
the landlord and give them a
chance to get a home.
But. being a landlord himself,
perhaps Mr. DeReign should be ex
cuse"! for the omission.
In conclusion I want to repeat
that the single tax is not Social
ism, yet it has a tendency In that
direction. It is a capitalist tax
reform a step forward and I be
lieve most Socialists will vote for
J .11. Branam, a socialist, owns
several hundred acres of land near
Vanduser which he does not culti
vate. He Is an active worker for
tne single tax not because he ex
pects benefits from it individually
but because it will benefit the
great mass of homeless people.
He believes that it will so mate
rially benefit conditions general
ly that it will benefit him also.
He is making an active cam
paign of the county in behalf of
the single tax and township or
ganization. He was here last
week and I said to him. "I don't
believe the single tax will help
"Oh. yes; It will." said he. "It
will be of general help and that
will help me. I let my land on the
shares and we usually have a
great deal of stock that is now
taxed. In going over the county
I make It a point to examine
the tax receipts of home-owning
farmers. In every instance, ex
cept one, the personal property
tax exceeds the land tax. Hence
if the land tax were doubled and
the personal property tax remov
ed, these farmers would not bo
Mind you, that in these tax re
ceipts the Improvements on the
farm are not Included in the per
sonal property tax, yet these will
also be exempt under the single
Take, for Instance, the case of
P. L. Niswanger, near Oran, of
whom mention was made a few
weeks ago. He has 40 acres as
sessed at $400 and his personal
assessment is about the same a
total of $800. Surely his build
ings are worth $100, which would
make a total of $500 of the
$800 exempt under the single tax.
Hence he could stand for the tax
on his land to be doubled and still
be $200 a head.
But the landlords have no im
provements to speak of. no ma
chinery and no stock. About all
the personal property they have
Is in their homes. I doubt If Mr.
Hunter, with his 130,000 acres of
land, pays as much personal pro
perty tax as I do. Hence to
double the assessment on their
lands would be a blow squarely
between the eyes.
The Missouri Federation of La
bor held its annual meeting In
Sedalla last week. Politically it
denounced the convict labor plank
In the Republican state platform
and passed strong resolutions fa
voring the tax amendment. The
Federation also honored women
by electing Mrs. Sadie Spraggon
of St. Louis as vice-president;
MiSS A. Ma.V Smith of St. T.onla
delegate to the Arkansas State
federation, and Hiss Margaret
Crane of St. Louis as delegate to
the Illinois State Federation of
Labor. The women are coming to
the front all right, in spite of the
Cave Dwellers.
There Is nothing quite so com
mon In these days of "utmrrecJ n
ted prosperity" as robbery. The
dally papers are full of ft. Last
Week a maPi train was held up by
two men at Steven's Gap, Ga., and
took registered mall estimated at
about $300,000. The four men iu
the mall car were bound and gag
ged ami the bandits sort id out !
the registered mill as the train
ran on. Whan they not wl at the.1
wanted they pulled the emergi nc;
brake and the train stopped. The
robbery occured at night and the
men eiitei ed 1 lie mail c I P at I eoa !
station. One of the men deceived
the mail messenger Into unlocking
the door by making him believe it ;
was the conductor. This occurred j
In the south. About the1 same date I
the Bank of Montreal. Canada,
was robbed by five men of $820,'
000. A few days later a Pen l CO
IS mail train was robbed of $73,- I
000 . Great times, these.
From the Appeal to Reason.
SOCIALISM is misrepresented,
just as every new Idea is misrep
resented. Things that are false
are told about it, sometimes with
knowledge that they are false,
sometimes in the belief that they
are true. A brief statement of seeing that Socialist meetings
what Socialism Is may be In or- vvero all packed and overflowing,
der. notwithstanding an admission fee
Socialism Is a plan to set aside while the o'.d party meetings
the robbery of the workers went begging in spite of their
through profit, interest nnd rent, brass bands and free whiskey -and
to insure him employment at termlned to ascertain the cause
all times and the full social pro- of this extraordinary dlffi n
duct of his toil. It is proposed to After some Investigation h -
accomplish this by placing the 'eluded ttiat reason 8 wla 1st m et
high'..r developed tools of nroduc- inirs were so well attended, . In-
tion and distribution too large
and expensive to be? longer owned
and operated as indi vidua ls
der collective ownership
democratic control. This would such questions. He thereupon
at once place the whole people, proposal that Democratic speak
who would own these things, in are follow the example of Socla
possession of what they produced, tions asked by the audi. rice. At
without the intervention of an the first Democratic meeting
owner or boss, and enable them which followed questions were
to retain all they might produce, asked for according to the new
This is all there Is to Socialism, program. A Socialist arose and
It has no secrets. It is not a sys
tem of laws which it wishes to
impose on others, but a plan, a
method through which It would
give tne working people control
of their own lives. It is nothing
mora than the extension of Amer-
lean principles of democracy, a
further socializing of things, be
gun when roads, schools, post-
offices and lake things were soci-
alized. It is socialization of Indus -
try, and no more to be feared, no
more difficult of understanding,
than are the socialized or com -
mon schools.
Socialism is not opposed to prl-' At the recent primary every
vate property. Indeed, its whole office-holder who had an opponent
aim is to make it so that all peo- j went overboard. This little trick
pie may have private property, ; was turned by the Democrat!
lather than only a few million-1 themselves. At the Novembei
aires as at present. election all will have opiionents.
Socialism is not un-American, j Surely the Democrats will not
It is merely an extension of the complain if the people finish the
principles set forth by the revolu- job they have so well begun by
tionary fore-fathers. The Amer-1 dumping the rest of them over
lean movement is, as has been board
found by careful census, composed i
of more than 60 per cent native
Socialism is not a scheme, de
pending entirely on agitation for
success. It is 'the growth of an
idea. As proof of this fact, it Is
world wide. Socialism, on essen
tial points, Is the same all over
the world.
Duurauoiu in not upyomi iu mc
American flag. American Social -
iLil?,8 2J? ?! " tate1
mTn'v3. efreoreeln:
tative of universal brotherhood.
can be used anywhere. The red
flag is not) the symbol of anarchy.
Anarchists use the black flag.
Socialism Is not anarchy. It is
the opposite of it. Anarchy be
lieves in no government. Social
ists believe in further organiza-
j tion,
a perfected organization
that shall include the social life.
Socialism is not narrow. The
fact that it includes all races and
all beliefs proves this. It expects
to win the world, and it could not
do .this, and would not deserve
to do it, if it had designs on cen-
sorimr the beliefs, or tieouliar
manertems, or ways of thought,
of anyone. It wishes only to end
explo ia tion and eecure a higher
and jusfcer civilization.
Socialism is oDDosed to dividing
up. The workers now divide up
Socialism Is the friend of the
home. Under capitalism two
fifths of the people are renters,
and another fifth owns homes un
der incumbrance. Socialism will
make it possible tor all to own
good, comfortable homes, free of
Socialism Is a friend of religion.
At present so-called "Christen
dom" is an armed camp, where
poverty and crime are visible
everywhere. Socialism will end)
war and poverty and establish
full religious tolerance. Under
these conditions religion could
thrive as it cannot now.
Socialism Is a friend of marri
age. Under the present condition
thousands of girls are betrayed
into white slavery for the profit
of it and other thousands forced
to prostitution by economic neces
sity. Many men and women are
unable to marry, and many who
do marry are unable to raise
their children as they should be
raised. When Socialism Insures
to each worker employment at
all tames and the full product of
has toil, there will bo no more fore
tag of women to prostitution, no
mora slum life, no more fear of
getting married because of pov
erty. Then marriage can occur
and every famHy can he safe.
Subscribe tor the only Kicker.
It is easier to prtVttft disease
than to cure It. Preventive medi
etas teaches people how to keep
well .Communicable diseases like
typhoid, diphtheria smnd pox etc
are caused by germs. These germs
have certain hab'ts of life, very
much as dog. cat. or rat lins cer
tain hnbits. If the people are fa
miliar with the habits or these
disease producing germs, it Is pos
s hie for them, thru their knowl
edge of the habits of these germ
to u event the spread of the germs
and thereby prevent dl ase. Fro n
time short articles giving habits
of these germs will appear In the
Kicker, furnished by the Unlver
sity of Missouri.
Germ diseases alone cost the
United States three and one-half
billion dollars annually. At least
half of this amount could be saved
if people would practice prevent
ive medicine .
If you are interested, address all
questions on prevention of disea
ses to Preventive Medicine, Uni
versity of Missouri. Columbia.
From Appeal to Reason.
The story Is told that a Tam
many Democrat in New York.
teresting and enthusiastic wan
oceause cney were thrown open
to questions oy the audience and
the speakers gladly answered
put a p scr to the spellbinder
who had just finished. Hardly
had he put his question before a
big wardhceler landed on his
head with a club and a coup'e of
Tammany poiie.unen dragged
him out and hustled him to the
lockup in a patrol for disturbing
the meeting. Immediately after
this little incident OCCUred the
chairman coolly asked. "Are
; there any more questions?
That la how the questions of
the common herd are answered
1 at capitalist party meetings
Tlie situation is evidently be
coming critical in Milwaukee.
Arch-Bishop Messmer. of that dio
csease. has issued an edict to the
effect that Catholic parents who
send their children to the public
schools without tlie special per
mission of the arch-bishop will be
denied the sacraments of the
i What a change.
Two year s ago
it was not possible for the Social-
cept to be ridiculed or lied about.
Sunday Kier Hardte, Socialist
member of the English par liament
spoke in St. Louis and the St.
Louis paper gave him extended
and respectful mention.
Will Maupin in the Commoner.
"i don't understand it." mused
Billington. gazing sadly at his
tax receipts.
"Don't understand what?" I
"Well you see ; it's this way. I
paid S7o0 for the let on which 1
! built my little home, and the
owner of the next lot adjoining
"'d he'd take that much for his
if 1 wanted to buy it. I didn't
I have the money then, so I had to
I content myself with one lot. The
other day I made a deal and got
hold of $800, and thought I d buy
that lot, but the owner said he
wanted Sl.200 for it. and of
course I couldn't buy It."
"Well, wha about it? " I queried
"I dont see why that should puz
zle you. When you built your
house you Improved the adjoin
ing property, and of course it is
worth more now.''
''That Isn't what puzzles me,"
said Billington. "I can under
stand how my building improved
the adjoining property. The puz-
sle is this ; I paid $7 a year taxes
on my vacant lot. but as soon as
f built my $3,000 cottage my
taxes went up to $28. I am fined
$21 for improving my premises,
and although I added $500 to
the value of my neighbor's lot
his tax on It remains at $7. In
other words I am fined for buil
ding a home and made to pay for
being Industrious. My neighbor
gets a bonus of 70 per cent on
his property because he sits a
round and does nothing. What's
the answer?
Of course I instantly realised
that Billington was falling a vic
tim to that socialistic, anarchist
ic, oommunlstia lend value tax
Idea, and having no patience with
It I only smiled pityingly at him
and went on about my business.
Socialism means the moat hap
py, healthful and free Ufa to all.
How this So-Called Christian Civiliz
ation Contradicts Itself.
uingnam. i.tan. qepx. bu. a iciarea Bakeman today. "Ho has
clash between BOO striking miners a code of morals all ids own and
entrenched on both sides of the 1 must silt his utterances to the
canyon in which the mines of the whims of his congregation."
T'tnh Copper Co. are located, audi
280 armed deputies, Is momenta Washington h. ('.charging
rtty expected today. Tar miners. I that a Wall street conspiracy is
I armed, have taken possession of I responsible for the trouble 'n Mei
the mine property ni l an' guard too, Juan Pedro Dldapp, represen-
i iii tr every avenue of entrance I'hsltative here of the Mexico ravolu
'deputies have been - i-.' e.j by the tlonlsts. Issued I statement today
sheriff to drive away the belllgcr bitterly attacking the state de
em miners, who struck yesterday partment.
I because they were refused an In- "Sprayer, Morgan and the Har-
creas" m wages. it: rusiv orKs
have been thrown up about the
shafts of the mines The miners
are sullen and qui)
Tulsa. 0k., Sept. 20. In a , I
ed battle with three bootleg
near ColllnsvlUs to-night Deput
sheriff Carl Scarr of Rog n ioui
ty was killed and sheriff Sam.
was wounded. The two o fleers
had captured a wagon load ol
beer and were taking it to Col
linsvllle. When within a mile of
the town three man drove up in a
wagon and opened fire on t :.
Scarr was killed nt-1 Sanders
wounded at the first volley.
Sheriff Sanders however, return
ed the fire and capture 1 John Et
ter of Colllnsvllle, one of the as
salients. Yesterday Deputy United stat s
Marshal R. L. Bowman of Tulsa
was killed by bootleggers near
Caney, Kan., in a India r mannei
and another officer dangerousl
Budi lest. ,ept ,10,Elghty
persons are under- arrest for par
ticipating in last nights riots.
Two hundred or three hundred
aro suffering from Injuries sus
tained In th police charge
Twentv-four i them are serious
ly hurt, and there may be deaths
among them.
The authorities are greatly
.alarmed at the boldness with
which the universal suffrage -jri-
1 tators defied the police prohibi
tion of their demonstration,
the oi-der of the closing of all
houses at S p. m. The iltuatlon
has assumed almost a revolution
ary uspect.
i Lexington, Ky.. Sept. !i0.-The
i owners of tlie Rose Run Iron i ti
es in Bath County, where strike
has been in progress for tic isl
three months have placed arn
guards about the mines and have
offered a reward for the persona
I who burned the railroad trestle
leading to the mines.
I Belfast. Sept. 19. After a nlgl t
of constant rioting, during whii h
! there was much destruction of
property, troops finally disper-.. :
the mob today by taking chargi
jof the policing of the city. About
j 100 persons were hurt.
The rioting was the fiercest
! which has taken place since the
first outbreak three days ago .
London. Sept. 19. John D.
Rockefeller and J. Pierpont Mor
gan are now engaged in a fierce
financial battle, world-wide in its
scope, and involving many niil!io:.s
of dollars.
The prize being fought for is i
I rich one tlie control of the finan
cial affairs of the new Chinese Re
public, and thereby virtually the
control of that government its. -if.
VTltChlta, Kan.. Sept. l.-A
great free speech fight is now on
In this city. E. W. Brink, a So
cialist Street speaker has been
holding meetings here, and has
been going after the police. The
police retaliated by ar resting him,
I but. being unable to place a
Charge against him. let him go.
The following night several at
tempts were made to break up his
me. ting. First a street sweeper
was run through the crowd and
later a policeman ordered a chauf
feur to run his auto through the
The following night Brink was
Showered ith rotten eggs and
other missies. No attempt was
made by the police to arrest the
Schenectady. N. Y.. Sept. 16
Reverend Robert A. Bakeman. un
til yesterday pastor of the United
People'! Church, prepared to go
to work In the street-cleaning
gang under Supt. John Hieker to
day. From now on. he said, he
will earn his living as a day la
borer. He quit the church with
a farewell sermon yesterday, be
cause, he said, a minister's life is
made artificial by his calling.
' The minister's life is unreal," de-
Farmers, Attention!
50,000 Organized consumers In St. Louis want your Eggs and
Poultry Shipped direct. Send for Shipping Tags and instructions
how to ship. Coops and oases furnished on application.
Any Local wishing to start Operative Shipping or Purchas
ing without Capital, write us and we will tell yon bow
If the farmers have the help and support of those who con
sume their produce, they can succeed, no matter what the middle
men may do.
We have expert Cattle and Hog salesmen at Independent Stock
Also expert Hay and Grain salesmen who are at your service
We also supply your wants. Band for prices.
i r - a x? it a i ' .
Win. S. fAcAdam, Pres. and Mfr. .
No. 404, North Frst Street,
nei.au mwresta control tae vtoxi-
can railways." taid Dldapp,
"Henry ("lay Pierce and the stand
ard Oil company possess monop-
." of Mexican oj lands: big bus
i SfexlOO Of John Hays Ham
' ' P Taft. the nros
i ru
i ...
'lie pow
ly the
Httlw -t.
creature .,.
O Dl
conspirators and
rates in Mexico.
Martial lav has lien declared
in the strike section of West Vir
ginia, whan almost daily classed
between troops and strikes have
been taking place for weeks Bad
as martial law is. u is considered
by th" miners a great deal bett r
than th- law enforced by the hlr
'"l thug of the mine owners.
SO unbearable di ! con lltlOUS be
..ne in t ie penitentiary at lack
son. Mien.,
gpe ik ible
on account of the m
rueltles of the w trden
t.iat the ! nvlcts revolted and for
three days refuse; toobej orders.
Instead of the governor dismiss
ing the brute warden tie sent the
troops there to reduce the con
victs to obedience. The warden
Immediately begin beating tiieso
convicts. Thej were strung over
.barrels and pad lied, into uncon
sciousness. This continued nearly
a week.
Chicago. Sept. 80. Address is.
the conference of evangellstx
the Moody church. Rev. L. A i -per
of South Carolina explo
bomb when he announced it
his opinion, his brethren
making too much money. H
I dared that 88,500 Is 8 con-
tive estimate ol their incom
counting expense money col i
while at work. He s-,id the
brother preachers should n
ceive more than $2,000 and i
see per year. Billy Sunday, h - !
received the immense sum of $17.
000 for six weeks work in vl
Virginia, ami, after deducting
penses. had $7,000 remaining
Superior. Wis., sept. 20. A
of 5,000 strike sympathizer- last
right destroyed thousands C
lars of Street railway pro. ;.
and seriously Injured manv
union street car employes.
The first attack on the st
cars resulted In thf burning
tars and a battle with the f
In which more than thirty
sons were Injured, no'
thought fatally.
Following this battle thf
Stormed the company s bai .
Fourth strees and Ogden A'
The police were powerles-
(9 o'clock Sheriff Edward Mi
! r.on was ordered to swear ii
uties to preserve order anc
human life.
Lewistown, Mont. Sept. 80 '
old party gangs In this sta; in
becoming furious in their e
to stop the tidal wave of social
Ism which is going to carry many
Socialists into office thruout the
J. F. Mable. Socialist candidate
I for congress, was delivering a lec
ture In Moore when the mayor of
! the city, a Democrat, personally
I tui i:ed a fire nose on the speaker
I and then upon an auto in which
'the speaker and members of tb
I county central committee wei
riding. Mable continued his tal
to a eiosc and just flnlsned m tin
to miss a second drenching.
W. G. Henry was speaking o I
the streets of this city recentl
when he was showered with rot
ten eggs from the roof of soni
building Dearby.
These tactics, instead of injur
ir.fr Tim !rwi n I isl hAVdVU a Vt
proving a boomerang as witness
es become disgusted at tha me
thods used.
' But then they aro using theii
best arguments,'' said, Henry
cleaning the eggs from his cloth
es, ' and they are pretty rotten at
Mv Ma& JM

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