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moott County Kicker
fey Worker Printing Company,
uenton, Mo.
Board of Directors: C. M Weaver. rres.;
Julius Albrecht, J. li. Branam, Loren
Beyer. Solomon Diebold, Phil A. Hefner,
Altered In the postoffice at Benton, Mo..
aa second-class matter.
PuMtshed every Saturday. Rubtcrlptloa
prion 11.00 per year.
A single rat that la "suspicious look-
IBS" among many examined for signs
of plague la nothing alarming. It ap
rears, however, sufficient reason for j
taking precautions against imported '
rats. The bubonic plague has appear- 1
ed at several points in the tropics and
vessels which came here from those
points may bring Infected rats.
Where the disease is known such ves
sels will be quarantined and presum
ably the rats will be killed, says the '
Philadelphia Press. Nevertheless, the
danger of plague gaining a foothold
will always exist so long as there are
cases of Dlague in countries with
which we have commercial relations
and rats find tolerance within the city
limits. New Orleans has discovered
a plague-infected rat and we presume
it will take precautions suggested by
that fact It suppressed yellow fever
by exterminating the yellow fever
mosquito and we have no doubt It will
rid Itself cf rats if convinced that It
is the only way to bar the bubonic
plague from that very susceptible city.
San Francisco warred upen its rats
with thoroughness and success and
practically suppressed the plague
which Is always threatening It through
its trade with As'u. We do not sup
pose the plague would appear here In
any case in i s severe form, but never
theless we should take no chances.
The rats should go.
Every student of economic condi
tions in the United States knows that
more farmers are needed to make ag
riculture keep pace with other indus
tries. The project to divert to the
farms Immigrants coming to Chicago,
by establishing on the lake front near
Twenty-second street an agricultural
and industrial exposition bui'.ding with
special features for the instruction of
the newcomers In the possibilities of
country life, is one that should inter
est the pub!!'1 greatly. Too many of
our Immigrants even those bred in the
country and capable of becoming Im
mediately useful on farms, settle In
our large cities. The country districts
need them, the cities do not, says the
Chicago Record-Herald. In the cities
there are now few chances for them
compared with those that existed a
few years ago. The newcomers can
better themselves and the nation by
becoming producers Instead of consum
ers of farm products. Immigrants who
are aoun j physically, mentally and mor
ally, will be valuable to the United
States for a long time to come, if they
can be turned to supplying the real
need of the country. The problem of
thus placing workers where they are
needed Is rightly receiving much at
tention. A Chicago Judge who Is entitled to
lank with Solomon has decided that
the idea about beauty unadorned Is out
of date and that a man who marries
a beautiful woman Is obliged to supply
Ita adornments to the best of his abil
ity. This decision ought to add to the
market value of the plain girl as a
more economical matrimonial Invest
ment. Again it Is announced that the days
of the hobble skirt are numbered.
The announcement Is made so often,
and the hobble skirt is so apparently
unconcerned, that the public, who hall
any bint of the abolition of this abom
ination, are beginning to feel a trifle
Eighty-one women in Seattle want to
be policewomen, for that number took
the examination which is to add four
of the fairer sex to the local force
This number may be explained by tbe
answer of one as to her occupation:
To support myself and my husband "
This is a cynical, mercenary age.
The same news item that told us how
a young man proposed to his sweet-
heart In Detroit by telephoning from
Chicago added that it cost $4.85, Just
as if the expenditure might not bare
been justified.
Where the hydro-aeroplane has an
advantage over tho plain aeroplane
is that It may hit tbe water Instead
of hard ground when it comes down
too soon. On the other hand, it has to
carry its name.
"Convention of women In Boston
adjourned because it was too hot to
talk.' " This Is the first notification
that Boston has broken tbe world's
heat record.
Prof. Smith of the University of
Minneapolis says there ought to be a
law to prevent feeble-minded women
from marrying Why women; Will
the feeble-minded men be retained to
pass on the question whether the fem
inine aspirants are feeble-minded or
Pennsylvania man locked up bis
daughter and prevented her wedding.
Love does not always laugh at lock
amltb A baseball umpire complains that he
cannot get life insurance. Well, the
poor companies are entitled to some
sort of chance on their risks. How
would it be to establish a company tc
insure umpire and make all the fan:
Governor Later Orders Augnsta (Ga.)
in a "State of Insurrection"
Refusal to Arbitrate Cause
of Trouble.
Augusts, Ga. One citizen was
killed, .mother probably fatally shot,
a third seriously injured and a num
ber of persons fired upon by state mi
litiamen culled to protect the power
plant of the local street railway com
pany from possible vlolencp of It
r-iriking employes.
The guardsmen were summoned
v.heu it was reported the plant was
to be dynamited, and they hastily es
tablished a "dead line"
Alfred Dorn was killed when he
and Ben F. Baker attempted to piss
(he line in a buggy. When chal
lemjfd, Baker whipped up his horse
and the soldiers fired. Dora was lit
S rally shot 'o pieces and Baker was
shot, but not dangerously wounded.
Robert Christie attempted to drive
through the lines in an automobile,
and it is said, did not hear the sen
try's challenge. He had gone but a
few feet when he was shot through
the lungs, and at the hospital. It is
said, he Is not expected to live.
Charles Wilson, his wife and child,
'n an automobile, also were fired
upon, but escaped unhurt. Soldiers
also shot at a boy on a bicycle, but
did BOt hit him.
Gov. Brown, soon after the shoot-4
ing. issued a proclamation declaring
"the e'ty of Augusta to be In a state
of Insurrection" and ordering the im
mfdlati enforcement of martial law
Ad.lt. Gen O'Bear has been order ,t
io proceed here at once and to as
sume -barge of the situation. Anoth
er COP rany of militia was ordered
here from Waynesboro.
The outbreak was the direct result
Of the refusal of the street railway
company to arbitrate the troubles
uith the striking men. This was an
nounced after it had been stated on
behalf of the strikers that they were
willing to accept arbitration.
Suffragette In Armor.
London. The suffragettes' latest
dodge is the wearing of protective
rmor. It t learned that several of
the women who dliturbed Chancellor
Lord George's Welsh meeting wore
quilted and padded garments with
sharp pins, points outward, firmly
fixed in the padding.
Mill Strike Renewed.
Lawrence. Mass. Scenes of disor
der similar to those in hist winter's
great textile strike here wore repeat
ed when 10.000 mill operatives west
on strike. Benjamin Robinson, chief
uglneer in the Wood mill, was badly
beaten when he refused to shut down
the mi'! machinery.
Kills Himself in a Tree.
Washington, Ind. Sherman Alonzo
Booker. 19. was found ti a tree near
his home, w here he li id killed him
self by drinking catholic acid. The
young man had Climbed about feet
Into the tree r.nd fasU-tieJ his body to
a limb with a wire before drinking
the poison.
Ea-.-h Immigrant Has $38.
Washington. Th 1.114.PS9 alien
Immigrant! as well ns aliens tempora
rily hri arriving in this country
during the last 14 months, brought
4d.712.497. The immigrants carried
(3S.132.SS0. They had an average of
$',8 per capita during the fiscal year.
Tnaw's Capte- SJicots Wife.
ww York. Policeman Anthony
Debs, thf man who arrested Hurry K
Thaw for the miVdaT of Stanford
While, shot his wife and then killed
himself. Two bullets from the police,
man's revolver (truck two little girls.
th da lighters of Debs' neighbors.
Girl. 19. Wed Man, 70.
i.os Angates, Cal after waiting 19
years for the little girl he had "dan-
die!" 011 h, knee tu Krow up' Jonn
C' fjr,v'' ''aA 0' Mf ,he
Continent to wed Miss Naomi Tarwa-
tar, and Is taking her back a bride to
his home i-.i Klden. M.
Explorer Returns From Labrador.
Halifax. - Prof. Donald MacMillan.
the explorer, who accompanied Cora-
ntandar Peary on part of his success
ful trip to ;h North Pole, is back in
Sydney, after three months spent In
ethnological research among the Es
kimos of Labrador.
72 Airships in Review.
Paris The first review ever held
of a complete aeroplane armada took
place at Villacoublay, near Paris. Seventy-two
French army flying ma
' chines passed in review before the
French minister of war.
American Is Shot Down.
San Diego. Cal. An American sol
dier of fortune named Thompson wae
' shot down by Nlcaraguan rebels while
! saluting the American flag at Leon,
according to attaches of the navn!
collier Justin.
MeManlgal at Indianapolis.
Indianapolis. Ind. Ortiu McManigal,
the government's star witness In the
coming dynamite conspiracy trials, ar
rived here and was safely housed In
the federal building, where he will re
main until tbe cases end.
Thousands Lost In Storm.
Tokto. Thousands of troops were
aent to districts wherj storm damac
was heaviest, to aid the sufferers. 1
Is now believed many thousands per
!licd. Damage exceeding I20,000,OC:
sras d by the typhoon.
Governor Throw Crowd Off Seen! i
and Visits Executive's Apart-
nent Meeting Last Less
Than 3 Minutes.
I --urn, Mass. President Tail ui.d
Gov Wl'son, rival candidates for the
I' . M.'Vney, met and tthook hands cor
dially in the presi 1 -.t'p apartment In
the Copley Plata hotel In this city.
The meeting was in'ormn! and lasted
r.ly a few minute.-,. The Demnciailc
ta-c;date a-r.ved at the hotel shortly
after 10 o'clock from Fall River. When
he arrived the present was i,i the
bone, e hall, whce he had just com
pleted his speech to lbs International
so: gress of the chambers c'. OOttV
tneroe. Gov. Wilson went to his room
for a few minutes Vld exchanged his
travri'ng elo'lies for a c'res' suit.
Wh:i he reached IN lobbv of the
hotel many guest recognized him and
.-.rowded about him to shake ittUMM,
He hold a levee in th" lobby for a few
minutes, and then entered the banquet
htt.i to listen to the speeches.
Foes Arrange Meeting.
OVv, Foss of MtUsachutet'. loon
'arned that Gov. Wi'son was In the
hall and at rice made arrifii'ome.'ila
to hive Mr. Wllso.l meet ttlO presi
dent. Mr Taft was 'U!nf it. thfl gul
let; am Gov. Foss told htm that Mi'.
W Ison would like o mee' him. At
'fift It '.vas planned to have '.he Inter
iew take place m '1 e staU'r'om 'f
tip houl and Gov. V. 1100 was escort
ed there.
Gov. Wilson suggested, however,
that It woukl not be proper for the
president to be escorted Into the state
room to meet him.
"It would he more fitting for me to
fro to see the president," Mr. Wilson
A large crovid of newspapermen and
hotel guests, who recognised the Dem
ocratic candidate, were on hand to see
the meeting of the two rival eandi
la'os. Mr. Wilson started for his
room to keep under cover until Mr.
Taft was ready to rercive him.
Governor Calls en President.
This was only a ruse to throw the
crowd off the scent and Gov. Wilson
rode to the second f! or of the hotel
tJ at once proceeded to Mr. Taft's
apartments nr.d knocl.ed on the door.
The president had returned to his
apa-tment an was on hand to meet
the Democratic candidate.
The meeting was private. The presi
de! t. Gov. Wilson. Got, Foss and a
few members of the president's party
were the on'y persons present. Mr.
Tn't and Gov. Wilson shook hands
Cordially and exchaneed n few words.
In 'ess than three mintr -s the meet
ing was over and Gov. Wilson loft the
president's apartment and wen to his
own room to to to bod.
Nicaragua Revolution Ends.
Washington Finis was writtr-n on
the revolution In N"i"aragua. Ameri
can Minister Weltzel rt Managua tel
egraphed the state department that
he ha-! received full confirmation of
the surrender of tho principal rebel
leader. Gen, Mena, Weltzel reported
he had received word from Rear Ad
miral Southerland at Granada that
Mena had surrendered with 700 men.
Militia Attacked bv Miner.
Charleston, W. Va. After quiet had
prevailed r forty-eight hours, thp
warfare between state militia and
miners in West Virginia was resumed.
The outposts of Company I. state mil
itia, at Keeferton, in the mountain dis
trict, was attacked In the darkness.
Three Boys Guilty of Murder.
Chicaeo. Three hoys, Benjamin
Nttdolski. 17; Thomas Bream, li', and
Harry Jacoby. 20, were found guilty
if the murder of John Fngle. A con
fession given to the police and signed
by the boys, was used by the i-tate.
Utah Slayer Executed.
Stilt Lake. Utah Harry Thome,
eonvioted of the murder of George
Fassell. was Ehot to death In the state
prison. Cntler the law, a condemned
man has the choice of the mode of ex
ecution. Thome chose shooting.
P-events Postoffice Robbery.
Victor, la A postoffice robbery
was prevented here when a man
whose name could not be learned,
iieard the robbers nnd rang a fire bell.
The robbers escaped with 11,87, which
they took from a cash drawer.
Rich Farmer Found SJain.
Carlisle, Ky. The body of Mtirrav
MoKlnnsy, n wealthy farmer, was
found in a gully near his home with
his throat cut from ear to car. Gar
land Boren and Stephen Pinner, tbe
latter a negro, were arrested.
Three Killed in Southern Wreck.
Rome, Ga. Three persons were
killed, two seriously Injured unci from
12 to i", slightly huif when Southern
railway passenger train H. Chicago to
Jacksonville, was derailed at Plain
ville. 200 Mutineer Executed.
Wu Chang, China. More than 200
mutinous soldiers were sunuiiarily ex
ecutec! without the - formality of a
courtmurtial by the loyal troops com
manded by Gen. Li Yuan Heng in con
sequence of an outbreak.
Alaskan Volcano In Eruption.
Seattle. Mall advices from Yaldez.
Alask.., say Mount Wrangell, the most
widely known of tbe smoking vol
canoes of Alaska, again Is In eruption
Inst' ni of one crater there are now at
least seven vents.
Surgeon Unable to Tell Whether
Wireless King' Optic Nerve
ll Wounded Six Women
In the Collision.
Spezia, Italy Gugllelmo (William)
Marconi, of wireless fame, was dan
gerously Injured In an automobile ac
cident near Gorghetto, in the valley
of the Vara river
While tbe extent of his Injuries ap
parently are b'ing withheld from the
public, he was brought back to this
city suffering from a wound of the
right eye and his right cheek and tem
ple were badly bruised. He also w.tb
severeljn bruised about the body, and
it is said the Inventor was injured in
ternally. Mr. Carconl was motoring with h!e
wife, and shortly after passing Bor
ghetto, in turning a sharp curve, his
machine came into collision w-itb an
automobile which was proceeding;
from Genoa. Both cars were over
turned. Mr. Marconi Escapes.
Mrs. Marconi was not injured, but
Mr. Marconi's secretary and chauffeur
received slight injuries.
In the other car were five women,
all of whom received severe bruises
and suffered from shock.
Tbe noted inventor-scientist wa
brought here to the hospital of the
naval department.
An eye specialist said he hoped the
eptic nerve was not Injured, but that
it was impossible to say definitely un
til the swelling bad been reduced.
His temperature was reported to be
more than 100, and it also was an
nounced that he was bearing consid
erable pain with fortitude.
Among the first inquiries regarding
Hie inventor's condition was one from
King Victor Emmanuel.
Sixth to Die Strangely.
Denver. Colo. A malign fate, mani
festing itself in sudden and tragic
deatr.s. seems to hang over the family
sf Miss Candace Wheeler, the Hollls,
N. Y., girl who was drowned in Bowie
lake on the evening of June 23. Her
father, James Cooper Wheeler, author
of many stories for boys, lies dead
here, after an illneta of six hour. He
was th sixth member of the family
to die strangely In two year.
Fort Lifts Horse Quarantine.
Leavenworth, Kas. It has been de
cided to lift the quarantine against
the horse disease at, Fort Leaven
worth. Tho order was Issued follow
ing the report of Dr. G. E. Griffin, vet
erinarian, ordered by the war depart
ment to investigate the horse plague.
5.000 Mongol Killed, Report
St. Petersburg. According to a
news agency dispatch received here
from Tsitsihkar, Manchuria, Chinese
soldiers have massacred 5.U00 Mongol
ians in the provinces under the do
minion of Prince Odal, in eastern
Mongolia, on the Manchurian border.
Steers at Record Price.
Kansas City, Mo. Sixteen steers
weighing 1,690 pounds were sold at
the Kansas City stockyards by a Lib
erty (Mo.) fanner at $10.90 a hundred.
Of $173.31 a head, making them the
highest priced steers ever sold west
of Chicago.
Sixteen Hurt In Wreck.
Yates Center, Kan. Sixteen per
sons were injured, one seriously, near
here, when a Missouri Pacific passen
ger train was derailed by a broken
rail. Three coaches left the track and
the baggage car rolled down an em
bankment. Hungarian City to Tax Bachelor.
Viena. By a vote of 15
to 1, tbe town council of Nag- Per
kata, Hungary, nas decided to tag
bachelors for tbe benefit of tbe chil
dren's hospital. The solitary dissent
lent was the only bachelor on tho
Two Officer Slain.
CUftou, Ariz Deputy Sheriff Al
bert Mungia and Tom Campbell of
Morenci were killed and Deputy
"Dutch" Keppler seriously wounded by
Mexican outlaw at Eagle Creek, this
Divorce Every Four Minutes.
Kansas City. Mo Charles C. Madi
son, sitting as special judgv here,
granted 25 divorces in 100 minutes, or
one every four minute.
"Mona Lisa" in Russia.
London. Leonardo da Viner's ma
terpiece, "Mona Lisa," stolen from the
Louvre museum In Paris in August of
last year, is hanging on tbe wall of
a private gallery in St. Petersburg,
according to reports.
Locomotive Explodes, Four Killed.
Tacpraa, Wash. Explosion of the
! boiler of the locomotive of an east-
bound freight train on the Chicago,
Milwaukee & Puget Sound railroad,
four miles from Auburn, resulted Id
the death of four men.
Madero Offers Amnesty.
Mexico City. A movement to ob
tain peace in northern Mexico was
made when President Madero and his
cabinet instructed the minister of war
to offer amnesty to the followers of
Paacual Orozco, thp rebel leader.
Rail Strike in Spain.
Marid. A pretense of service was
malnt lined on the Catalan railroads
despite the spread of the strike.
Thouc.ii labor leaders oppose It, the
vail 1 t;t promises to spread through
Jersey Vote Give Hughe Lead f'
United States Senator on Deme-
cratic Ticket Brlgg, Re-
publican, Renominated.
j Bos'.oii. Mass. The democrats e
I letted Gov. Eugene N. Foss of Boston
! and the Republicans chose former
Speaker Joseph Walker of Brookllne
I us their respective candidates for gov
i ernor for the November election at the
state-wide primaries of tbe two par
j tie.
Gov. Foss easily defeated District
Attorney Joseph C, Pelletier of Bos
ton, while Speaker Walker bad a
harder contest in. disposing of Col.
Kverctt C. Benton of Boston.
The vote for the four candidates in
452 out of 674 city wards and towns
In the state was:
Democratic Foss, 46.9G4; Pelletier,
Republican Walker, 34,561; Ben
ton. 28.01.1
The primaries, while devoted large
ly to the Republican and Democratic
i parties. Included also small Socialist
vote. In which Roland D. Sawyer of
Ware was nominated for governor.
Xewaik. Ni J. Upon the face of
meager return from state - wide
primaries. Representative William
Hughes of Peterson wa leading for
: raor United States Senator James
! Smith, jr., in their race for tbe Demo
cratic nomination to the United State
Returns from 161 out of the 1.799
voting districts la tbe state give:
Hughes. 4,449: Smith 3.S70.
Frank M. McDermlt of Newark and
former Judge John M. Weatcott of
Camden had ceased to figure materi
ally in the returns. Senator Frank O.
1 Briggs. Republican, was without op
position, in seeking renoralnatlon.
Hughes' early lead was believed by
tome politicians to indicate an ad
vantage In the raoe.
Politician I Short $14,080.
Cincinnati. O "Politics and being
a good fellow brought about my down
fall," said William H. Kruse, 36. teller
of the German National bank, Coving
ten, Ky., wheu lie admitted a defalca
tion of $14,050 of bank funds.
Woman Is First Pensioner.
Topeka, Kan. Mrs. Clara J. Bur
ess, stenographer in the general of
fices ot the Santa Fe railroad, is the
first woman to be retired on a pen
sion by the company. She has com
pleted 21 years' service.
Runaway Engine Hit Car.
Wheeling, W. Va. Sixteen person
were injured, three of them fatally,
when a runaway engine on tbe B. &
O. railroad, at Benwood, crashed Into
a day coach and Pullman car loaded
with pasBengeis.
Postoffice Yegg Get $700.
Bridgeport, O. The postoffice at
Maynard, O.. about ten miles from
here, was entered between 2 and 5 a.
m. by burglars, who blew open the
mfe and escaped with $700 in curren
cy and stamps.
Oklahoma Planters Fight.
Muskcgee. Okla. Prejudice against
the Importation of negro cotton pick
ers into Brlnrtowa resulted In a
pitched battle between opposing clans,
in which three men were wounded,
two fatally.
Second Snow in Denver.
! Denver. The second snowfall In
ten days visited Denver after 14 hours
of rain. Enormous damage is feared
on the western slope of the Rockies,
which is in the midst of a record fruit
Darrow Trial Judge to Retire.
I Los Angeles, Cal. On account of
j poor health, Judge Hutton, who pre
I sided at the trial of Clarence S. Dai -!
row for bribery, has announced his
I w'thdiHwal as a candidate for re-election.
GroMcup Join Bull Mooes.
Chicago, Illinois. Peter S. Oross
j OUP, former Judge- of tho United States
I circuit court, has joined the Bull
Moose party. The attitude of the
I party towards the trust question was
1 (he particular thing that attracted the
(ortnar jurist.
I .
Fewer Horse Dying.
I Lincoln, Neb. Cooler weather is
I c .iKlng a diminution of meningitis.
. which has killed thousands of horse
In Nebraska, according to State Yet
! anarian Bostrum, just returned from
j a tour of investigation.
Educator Ay en Indicted.
Peoria, 111. The- grand jury has re
'.'.ured la indictment for forgerv, em
bodying G46 counts, against Newton C.
Dougherty, former head of tbe Peoria
schools, now under a parole to a Chi
cago publisher.
Death Sentence Is Commuted.
Fort (Smith, Ark. Gov. Donaghey
has commuted the death penalty im
posed upon Will Bowman, convicted
of assault, to life-time Imprisonment
Bowman was to hank for an attack
upon a 11-year-old girl.
Initiative Upheld in Colorado.
Denver. The Initiative and refer
endum law Is safe in Colorado. The
state supreme court without a dis
senting vote banded down an opinion
aphiddlng the validity of tho act and
versing the ruling of Judge Biddle
Ne One Allowed In Room Until They
Show They Have No Firearms
Seventy Witnesses to Be
Heard at Trial.
Amnrlllo, Tex. Twenty deputy
sheriffs stood guard In Judge Brew
ing's court room during the habeas
corpus hearing of John Beal Snead,
who on Sept. 14 here shot and killed
Al Boyce, the man who last winter
eloped with his wife. Every person
entering the court room, including
I women, were searched for firearm
before being allowed to cross the
Seventy witnesses will testify at the
hearing, which in all likelihood will
last the entire week. The defense is
employing six attorney and the state
four, headed by District Attorney
Bishop. Snead appeared in tbe court
room and displayed no emotion or
nervousness. Aa during hi Fort
Worth trial for the murder of CapL
A. G. Boyce, father of Al, he appar
ently ook no Interest in -be p-.vc. ed
lngs, smoked cigarette and g' need
casually at the crowd In tfco room. He
If still wearing a beard and he expects
to gj unshaven until released ou bail
or ho loses hi fight.
Sheriff I First Witness.
Snead sat in the front lnclosure
near hi attorneys, while member of
tbe Boyce family were only ten and
fitteea fe-'t from him. A barrier of
several attorneys, deput'es and friends
was formed between the millionaire
prisoner and members of tbe family
who he says plotted to steal his wife
and children. While the Boyce
brothers at times looked Intently at
Snead there was no outward expres-
' slon of feeling.
Sheriff Barwell, tho first witness,
described tbe "house of mystery" on
Polk street which Snead and B. B
Eptlng rented. Dr. A. F. Lumpkin
the next witness,, declared he found
thirty holes In Boyce's body. Rev
I Ernest E. R. Robinson, who witnessed
; the killing, also testified.
j The letters which Al Boyce wrote
to Mrs. Snead in Dallas will be of-
: fered by the defense in this hearing.
Food for Isolated Girl.
Washington. A dispatch to the
navy department from Rear Admiral
Boutherland announced the arrival of
Maj. Butler and a force of marines at
Granada with Red Cross supplies for
the citizens and pupils of the French
college who had been isolated nearly
50 years.
Typhoon Threatens Knox.
New York. A typhoon in Japan
severed communication with the Isl
ands. Tto Commercial Cable company
announced that "there is and will be
delay." Secretary of State Knox and
his ship may be within the storm
Boats Collide: 115 Drown.
St. Petersburg. The steamer Ob
noska was sunk with the loss of US
lives in a collision with another
steamer in the Dwina river. Ther.
were 150 passengers on the Obnosha
St the ttme of the disaster.
American Dies in London.
Hartford, Conn. Woid has reached
here of the sudden death in London of
former State Senator Patrick Carvan
one of tbe best known business men
In New England. He had been mo
taring through Europe.
I Federals Ambu'shed, Ten Killed.
Mexico City. Ambushed by rebels
I In Laroslta Pass, in northern Mexico,
100 federals narrowly escaped f.
termination, according to dispatches
received here. They lost ten. Includ
ing Jajor Mlllareal.
Two Killed In Train Wreck.
Friendship, N. Y. Two persons
were killed and a score injured, three
probably fatally, when an excursion
train on the Pittsburg. Shawmut &
Northern railroad collided with a coal
train at Nile.
Kills Brother at Meal.
Danville, Ky. After a quarrel over
a land trade, Percy Hager killed his
brother, William. The brothers were
at breakfast when tbe dispute arose.
A. G. Vanderbirt Has Son.
London. A son was born to Mr.
and Mrs. Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt
Sunday at "Caesar's Camp," Wimble
Father and Son Have Leprosy.
Washington. The health authori
ties of Spokane, Wash., have appealed
to the public health service to isolate:
the family of Antonio Yolcane, 011 the
ground that Yolcane and his 11-year
old son are suffering from leprosy.
Conferentf on Central America.
Washington. So serious were of
ficial reports of Central American
rebellions that state department
heads went to Baltimore and botl-ded
President Vaft's special car to discuss
the situation.
1,600 School Boy In Riot.
New York. Police reserve were
called out to quell a riot of 1,500 pub
Tic school boys who took this means of
protesting against transfer of theli
principal. Pupil of two schools
were Involved.
1 Killed, 7 Hurt In Auto.
Pittsburg; Pa. Dr. H. A. Roscoe,
the noted oculist, died in a hospital,
following a double automobile acci
dent In attempting to avoid a col
llsiou. Seven persons were Injured,
several seriously.
Lb w
Judge Gatwn Stabbed.
John S. Gataon. associate Judge a
tbe Audrain county court, a widely
known attorney and politician of Van
dnlla. wa attacked and dngeroualy
wounded by H. A. Pennington, a,
chlropracter at Vandalla. The fight
took place on the street In nndalla
a Oatson and a young woman were
going to the Vandalla hotel to attend
a party. Pennington, it Is ald. had
made a remark about Osteon's com
panion and when they met Penning
ton I alleged to have drawn a knife
when accoeted by Gotson. Osteon's
clothes show a dozen cuts.
Killed Coming From Lunch.
A. H, Hutner, 55 years of ago, of
Miller. Tenn., wa fatally cruebe
and mangled In the Missouri Pacific
yards at Jefferson City. He bad left
a westbound train when it halted at
the station, to procure some lunch.
When he returned to the platform he
found the train in motion In at
tempting to board it ho was struck by
a train on another track and thrown
under the wheels. Uotli legs were
cut off.
Escaped Patient a Suicide.
The body of W. B. Gantry, I private
patient from Huneeton at the state
hospital in Nevada, was toun i by Don
Armstrong and Logan Callaway on
the Callaway farm near there. Gontr
apparently had committed suicide bv
hanging. The only means r Identi
fication were marks or the clothing.
Gentry escaped from the hospital
September 5.
Free Bureau for Dairymen.
At the final session of the conven
tion or the State Dairy association at
Springfield, announcement vas made
that the Frisco railroad would estab
lish a free bureau cf information for
dairymen In the Ozark regions. One
of the purposes of the bureau Is to
establish closer relations between
dairymen and the larger cit! 'S.
To Fight Single Tax.
More than 600 citizen;" of Macon
' county met in the circuit court room
at Macon and organized the ABtt
Single Tax league of Macon count;.
The office s were authorised to ap
point an advisory commltttee com
posed of one man from each school
district to aid in tho campaign against
the amendment.
Mothers' Day at State Fair.
Tuesday, October 1, has been riesir
nated mothers' day at the twelfth an
nual state fair. Mrs. J, C, N tsent of
St. Louis, president of the Missouri
j branch of the National Congress of
Mothers, and Mrs. Henry Koi i- of 9t.
Louis, corresponding secretary, will
deliver addresses
Marshall in Missouri.
Gov. Thomai R. Marshall cf Indiana,
the Democratic vice-presidential can
didate, mail-- his flr.-t campaign speech
in Missouri at St. Joiepb. When he
reached Convention hall after a recep
tion at a local hotel he wai greeted
. by an audience wb! b nearly tii'ed the
; hall.
Interurcan Cars Ordered.
Orders have been placed with a
Cincinnati company for 26 new car,
to be used on the Kansas City, Clay
county d st. Joseph Interurban e lec
tric railroad, and ii t! expected that
most or them will b- delivered within
two months.
River Improvement Starts.
Work will begin shotfly on tlve 180,
' 000 rebutment to be built on tho Mis
souri river near Rutland by tbe United
: .--tates government. This la a part of
the river improvement to he made be
tween 6t. Louis and Kansas Cltv.
Rain Dispelled Heat.
A heated term that has been main
; tallied In lOUtbwest Missouri and
i Southeastern Kansas for many week
was broken at Toplln by rain, 'the lirst
of materia! effect in sever. Week.
The daily temperature maximum for
some time has bee-, around ISO de
, grees, hut the rain lowered It to 60
: degrees.
Chillicothe Man Twice Lot.
Sebastian Knglart. a former resident
; of Chillicothe, who disappeared from
1 there 18 years ago and reappeared as
1 unexpectedly at the home of a sister
I in Norborne about a month ago, ha
, again disappeared. Relatives have
; sent Inquiries to many towns in this
and adjoining states.
Train Crew Blamed.
t The negligence of a Burlington train
i crew In not blowing the engine Wblstla
tas a crossing warning held to bo
i responsible for the death of Earnest
JXSfcl old' aml Wn onotts
j (xilffith, 18 years old. who were k'lled
1 at Hannibal, according to a verdict of
f the, coroner s jury.
' Fa Train Derailed.
I Two persons were injured and sev-
en carloads of Western mall and a
. burlesque show were detained seven
i hours as the result r th ,i...n
" "-' .HUil'-MI
of a Missouri Pacific passenger train
two miles west of Strasburg.
Bank in a Merger.
The Merchants bank and the First
National bank of Buchanan county
consummated a merger and the bui
itagfe of the combined banks will be
carried on at tbe home of and in tho
nume of tbe First National bank.
Pound (200 Pearl.
J. H. Newlund, living seven miles
from Sedalia, found a S00 pink pearl
in a mussel fhell picked up in Muddy
creek, while on a fishing trir. Jew.
elers ay the pearl 1 perfect. It
weighed almost two carat.
Found a Candidate.
The Republican congressional com
mittee of the eighth district held a
meeting at Jefferson City and named
D. W. Peterson a their candidate
for congress. Tbl nomination has
been going begging (or months

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