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model, cut away at the front to show
tha vest, and la bound around tha
due with white satin. Tha heat re
sult will be had by using a bias strip
of the aatin two Inchea wide, eaalng It
around the collar and pressing the
binding; very flat.
A blue frock la eaaler to make and
la delightfully youthful In atyle, the
pretty blue color being relieved Just
enough by the white collar and frills
and the black belt and bow. Thla
frock has a two-gore aklrt, gathered
Into tho waistband, but measuring
only two and a quarter yards at the
foot The lower edge should be fin
ished with a rather deep hem or fa-
cing, set on with hand stitches, and
only tho softest of petticoats must be
I worn beneath tblB skirt, which should
NEW YORK. Many a woman who
Is careful In aummer tlmo to
MSMvS A A I, ,, ... I V. n J.l.iw
' silk or lingerie frock for special , M Uy nd aD0Ut tne felfc
occasions finds herself In winter un
prepared for a luncheon or card party
Invitation unless she attends the
function in a dressy chiffon or lace
blouse worn with her one good look
lug tailored suit. It Is the popular
idea of the cost of such a costume
which dlscouragee most women.
Dressmakers talk pllbly of charmeuse,
crepe meteor, marquisettes and oth
er expensive fabrics, throwing In
reckons suggestions about costly
lacs, and airily estimate the finished
costume, plus their services, at a mod
est 375 or $100. And so the woman
who must buy six frocks two for her
self and four for the children out of
the J 100, hopolessly gives up the idea
of a dainty "special" gown and pro
vides the dreBsy blouse which must
do luncheon and bridge duty with tha
tailored skirt.
A really charming frock, however
-and a frock of rich nnd distinguished
character may bo evolved at quite
modeBt cost in i -esc days of simple
models which require but four or five
yards of material if the making
then of can be managed without the
assistance of the aforesaid expensive
dressmaker; and the little "special"
frock will be a Joy all winter long
and very likely ymay be used for a
dainty bouse gown tho following sea
son The distinction of the costume
described today Is due to simple and
effective combinations of color and to
rich materials modlshly used.
A gray gown will require live yards
of crc-pe meteor, which allows for a
tunic over a drop skirt having a
flOUnca of the crepe meteor at ita
foot. If both skirts are built of the
Patent leather Colonial pumps with
steel buckles and old blue silk stock
ings will complete the costume very
The opening of the skirt may come
at the right side Instead of the left i
side, under the peplum which fastens
at the right In an odd and Individual
manner. This peplum Is Joined to the
waist, which Is really the aimplest
aort of sack model, under a narrow ,
belt. And speaking of this belted In :
effect, It should be held In mind that
all belts now are worn extremely loose 1
One Is able to thrust the whole hand
easily under a modlshly adjusted belt,
and this loose belt, over a loosely ad
justed corset, gives natural, youthful
figure lines.
Cut the bodice in three pieces, a
back and two fronts, with long shoulder
lines and large ermholeea. Three-quarter
Inch tucks, set near together, run
down each aide of the back and
six tucks down each side of the front,
the center fronts being finished with
a narrow frill of white crepe de chine,
set under a facing. The frills on the
sleeves are the same width, and all
these frills, cut on the straight, are
hemmed by hand with a one-quarter
Inch hem, pressed flat. Be careful,
In pressing the white crepe de chine,
not to yellow It with too hot an Iron.
The sleeves are cut In two pieces and
hook up the back, under the frill, ao
that they will hug the arm trimly at
the wrlat. Bodice and sleeves should
be lined with thin white lawn. The
collar la a very largo one of white
crepe de chine, and should reach al
most to the waistline at the back and
fall far over the shoulders. Face it
with a two-inch bias facing and hem
Clothing of Three Tory Clergymer
Are Scorched Whan They Make
Escape From Chamber.
When the old Wllklns house on
Screvens Point came In possession of
the Port Chester Railway company it
waa found to contain a secret cham
ber as romantic as any In a Scottish
caatle or French chateau of the fif
teenth century. The secret clamber
was reached through the chimney by
means of a atone slab at the side of
the fireplace. The slab waa moved
aside by pressing a spring concealed
at the bottom under the ashes, and
when open It revealed a narrow flight
of Iron steps descending Into a cham
ber In the cellar but not communicat
ing with it. The little room was ol
brick covered with plaster and con
tained the molderlng remains of a
amall table, a rusty candlestick with
part of a tallow candle still in it, and
a brown earthen Jug. The floor was
a foot deep with dust and ashes that
had aifted down from tho fireplace
above. It was absolutely unventllat
ed. It must have been uncomfortably
hot when the Are waa burning over
head, yet three Tory clergymen
Cooper, Chandler and Seaberry took
refuse there In 1776 and remained a
Whenever You
Use Your BacK
Does a Sharp
Pain Hit Yen?
It'a a sign of
alck kldjieys, es
pecially If the
kidney action is
disordered, too.
passages scanty
or too frequent
or off-color.
Do not neglect
any little kidney
ill or the slight
roubles run into
dropsy, gravel,
atone or Bright 'a
TJse Doan'a Kidney Pills. This
good remedy cures bad kidneys.
W. M. Richardson, Warren, Indian:., my:
"For un Tfhn I mnlrtn't work. u- ft.
iwtilMI, I had lutubBtro ana my kidneys failed
rue. The rheumatic paint were torn bit. Doan
Kidney PHI worn a hf aarer to me. tip t
cured erery on of my trouhlet after other
medicine failed. I have been well Blnce.'
Get Doan't at any Drug Store, 50c. a Box
Doan's KKsr
,UBC "7" ';:" "V": Spanish Wedding Is Ruined If One
week while the house was repeatedly I "per(jn Entlrel , Blask
Some Other Signs.
searched for them. At the end of
that time they escaped through a su!
terranean passage leading out on tha j wadding Sp0led if
creek and entered from the secret ( oa of J g entirely in
chamber by a small Iron door which ; bUck or ,f tng bfWt ,ookg lBt0 a
could only be opened from within. . .., mltmm kl.m. ,nrt real
Ten-Year-Old Julia Oeta Into Bad
Gracts of Mother by Giving
Tramp a Half-Dollar.
"Be not forgetful to entertain
strangers; for thereby some have en
tertained angels unawares."
The foregoing quotation ia from
chapter 13, verse 2, Book of Hebrews,
and it is introduced solely because It
constitutes a vital part of this story.
Julia is ten years old and she goes to
Sunday school. It appears that on a
recent occasion the Sunday school
teacher had considerable to say about
this matter of "entertaining angels
unawares." Anyway, it made a deep
impression with Julia.
A few days after the lesson Julia's
mother left her in charge of the house
for a few hours. When the mother re
turned she went to a particular cup
in the cupboard to extract therefrom
one-half dollar. In this cup Is kept
the family pin money, and Julia's
mother knew that she had put fifty
cents there before she had gone out.
Hut the half dollar was gone. There
wsb an expression of anxiety on
Julia's face and mother scented mis
chief. "Did you take that money?" asked
the mother, somewhat severely.
Julia broke Into tears. 1 gave It to
a man that came to the back door."
sobbed the little girl.
"Gave It to a man'" exclaimed the
mother. "What for?"
"I thought he might be God " tear
fully replied Julia Kansas City Star.
ii mrfiMini mnsssi I h i sbbbb Bass m
Hutu 1 1 mm wmm m w i
- ' AT
is My Choice of
Duke's Mixture Presents"
Amon(j the many valuable presents now given away
with Liggett & JfyersDukt 's Mixture there IssoinetliinR to
suit every taste and in this all-pleasing satisfaction the
presents arc exactly like the tobacco itself. For all class
of men like the selected Virginia nnd North Carolina bright
leaf tlt you get in
The passage waa so amall that the
clergymen had to crawl through It on
handa and knees. When a refugee
descended into the secret chamber the
fire on the hearth had to be removed
and the stone slab allowed to cool
are fastened in her headdress.
When a person's hair ends split, it's
taken by the superstitious for a sign
that she Is either a witch or bas been
bewitched. As blond hair splits more
readily than dark hair, all witches.
but the Tories on this occasion were , u d Borceregie9 have ui0I1Q r
- . a . 1 . . L. . v, A , .
ao closely pursued that they had to
pass through the narrow opening al
most as soon as the burning logs had
been lifted away, and a amell of
scorched cloth filled the house when
the patriot soldiers searched the prem-laea.
the farlnir riatntllv hv hand. A little
crepe meteor-not really necessary at , b,ack 8atln D0W at the neck echoeg
all- two yards more of the material b,ack note of tne iatln oeU Tn,
laust be provided. Match the gray aa j
nearly as possible in thin ailk muslin
or any cotton and silk mixture for
tht drop skirt. White lawn or batiste
might be used, but silk and cotton ma
terial - ill bo softer and give better
lines to the gown. Drop skirt and
tunic are cut with a two-gore pattern,
the tunic being several Inches wider
than the underskirt and gathered
slightly Into the belt. Allow this ex
tra fullness at the center fold of tha
material about six Inchea to each
gore when the tunic la cut out. The
crepe meteor flounce on the drop aklrt
la merely a continuation of the aklrt
and should reach well up under the
tunic. Finish the flounce and tunic
with a two-inch hem, put in with hand
stitches. This hand-hemmed finish
will add to the distinction of the
gown; It Is one of the little details for
which one pays the high class dress
maker her hundred dollar price.
The tunic fastens down the left
side and a placket la cut In the drop
aklrt beneath. Thla placket, alashed
Into the two-gore pattern, must be
faced and hooked over an extending
flap of the material to Insure suffi
cient width In the aklrt. The tunic Is
hemmed by hand all
Aviation Dangers.
"The danger of aviation Is very
much overestimated," said Harrington
Kennett in a lecture which he gave
under the auspices of the Ladies' Auto
mobile club Jn London. Going through
the list of fatal accidents that had oc
curred In England, he pointed out
that the only one of the nine which
was absolutely unavoidable was that
whloh entailed the death of Grahame
Gllmour. "Rolls fell because he had
put an improvement of his own design
on an American machine: Grace sim
plj' lost his way and wau drowned:
Bonson, who fell in a Valkyrie ma
chine at Hendoff, had a weak heart
a'fld undoubtedly fainted in the air.
Camme! was too daring with a ma
chine of which he had no experience;
Ozley's machine broke in the air,
It is true, but he was doing triple fly
ing; Napier and Ridge were both try
ing very risky flights.
red hair, according to popular belief.
Likewise, according to the standard of
On the marriage eve there is often
much good-natured rivalry between
the groom and the bride in the Slav
countries as to who shall blow out
the candle, for the person who does
will be "first to die." It ia Impossible
to trace the origin of this superstition,
yet it prevails in aristocratic society
as well as in the peasant's hut, eveD
as like this, that "to Insure the life
and health of the children" the wom
an must occupy the right side of the
bed. In addition, she must not smoke
before her forty-fifth year.
There is a superstition in this coun
City Cousin The hotel you were
try and many others against burning j stopping at, was it on the American
a broom. The bud or birch broom is or curopean pian .
used in southern Germany as a pre
ventive against erysipelas. These
buds, a piece of yellow wax and some
other articles are Inclosed In a pink
silk bag. secured with red silk and
worn on the back of the neck. The
person must change his shirt ever.
Country Cousin Waal, I don't jest
exactly know, but I think it must hev
bin on th' get-rlch-qulck plan.
peplum la tucked to correspond with
the bodice, the tucks being left open
at the lower edge. At the front an
extra croiiD of tucks Is set in ex-
the way down actiy at n,- center and the white frill
and hooked Invisibly at the placket, ; turna toward the right, over the fast
the buttons being added merely aa I taDm a sharp contrast to the frill on
Together In Life and Death.
Two lifelong friends. Frank Wash
ington and James Kartell, both of
Hove, have just been burled side by
side in Hove cemetery, London, Eng
land. Born In the same year, lSGti.
they were educated at the same
school and remained close friends
ever after. lioth were taken on the
same day to the Sussex county hos
pital for operations, and both opera
tions took place on the same day.
Both died on the same day. and both
were "buried on the same day In the
aame plot of ground.
ornaments. The surplice front of the
bodice, slanting sharply from midway j
of the shoulder line, meets the aide
faatenlng of the tunic, and tho row of
buttons on the bodice, continued In
the row on the tunic, makes a very
graceful line, which adds height to ;
the figure.
The bodice should have a lining of
thin lawn, the crepe meteor being i
draped loosely on thla bodice. Any
thing like a snug fit should be avoid- i
ed, for In the soft grace of such a
gown lies lta chief distinction. The
Lawn lining should fasten down the
center front, the lace vest, backed
with a bit of the white aatin, hooking j
across to the left under the edge of
the crepe meteor front The right
edge of the lace vest Is faatened un
der the right Eurpllce front of crepe
meteor. Therefore U donning the
gown the lining la hooked firat; the
lace vest is hooked In place under the
collar and under the left surplice
front, and the lower corner of the
right surplice front la then hooked
across and tho placket of the aklrt
hooked together.
The sleeves, cut In two pieces, to In
sure a trim fit below tha elbow, are
also lined with thin lawn and tha
sleeve la aet Into the large armhole
with a cording of the crepe meteor
over quite heavy cable cord. All smart
frocka of thla nature have corded arm
holes this season. The diagonally
placed row of buttona adda much to
the smartness of the sleeve, and the
black note of the buttons la repeated
in the sash. This sash Is about seven
lnohea wide and la double, the soft
tatln being atltched on the wrong
side and turned over with no further
stitching. The saah abould be very
soft and sllmpsy to give a good
effect, but the satin ahould be rich and
toft and not too thin or flimsy In tex
ture. The fringed ends and amart
bow must be made and sewed faat to
tha gown and faatened acroaa with
the fastening of bodice and aklrt.
Be aure to select cream and not
dead white filet lace for collar erl
vaat The collar la
the bodice.
Luncheon or Tea Frock of Blue
Crspe Meteor Total coat, $8. Thla
frock will require, In the medium size:
Four and one-half yards of old blue
crepe meteor, 42 inchea wide, at $1.60
a yard; three-fourths of a yard of
white crepe de chine, at $1 a yard;
one-half yard of black satin, at $1 a
Bridge Gown In Oray Black and
Cream Tones Total cost, $11.64. Thla
gown will require, in the medium size:
Five yards of gray crepe meteor, 42
inches wide, at $1.50 a yard; one yard
of black charmeuse, at fl.SO a yard;
one-half yard of black silk fringe, at
$1 a yard; three-fourths of a yard of
cream filet lace, at $1.50 a yard; three
eighths of a yard of white satin, at
$1 a yard; two and one-half dozen
wooden button molds, at two centa a
dozen; two yards of gray ailk muslin,
at 25 cents a yard, for drop skirt
The illustration shows the new
Nlnlcbe hat over which Parte la agog.
It la of white atraw trimmed with vel
vet ribbon and roaea.
Pity the Poor Fat Person.
A fat French lady despairingly
says: "I am so fat that I pray for a
disappointment to make me thin, but
no sooner does the disappointment
come than the Joy at the prospect of
getting thin makes me fatter than
Their Idea.
"How much pin money do you sup
pose husbands think enougii for their
"About enough to keep their old
olothes pinned together."
639 Lincoln Park Blvd., Chicago, 111.
"A year ago I received a very severe
burn on my left arm. I caught cold in
It and it was ail sore and ulcerated.
Tho sore was as large as a silver dol
lar. It was all red and Inflamed and
had pus running out of it. I suffered
terribly from burning pain; could not
sleep for two weeks i: burned and
Itched so badly. I applied Salve,
Salve and a salve my druggist
recommended aa his own, but got no
relief. I then commenced using the
Cutlcura Soap and Ointment. 1 bathed
the burned parts with Cutlcura Soap
and applied the Cutlcura Ointment on
a linen bandage. I got relief from the
first, and my arm healed nicely. I was
soon able to be at work again. Had I
used Cutlcura Soap and Ointment at
first I would iiare avoided lots of suf
fering." (Signed) Harry Juuke, Mar.
9. 1912.
Cutlcura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Add. post
card "Cutlcura, Dept. L, Boston." Adv.
Sang for Sultan.
Mulal Haild. tho ex sultan of Moroc
co, while staying at Vichy, in France,
made an excursion to Les Ardoisleres.
says the "Matin." w here Napoleon 111.
used often to go for rest. Three young
girls, sisters, timidly approached the
sultan and asked him to sign post
cards. Mulal Hand consented on con
dition that they would each sing a
song to him. Two of the girls at
once compiled, and the delighted Mu
lal Hafld wrote on their cards words
which, translated, mean: "Like Na
poleon III., I have visited Les Ardoi
sleres. where I have enjoyed, together
with the calm and freshness of na
ture, the grace and charm of the
voices of Miles Paulette and t'lo
tilde." The third girl did not know
how to sing, but one of her sisters
having sung for ber the sultan added
the name of Gabrtelle.
Awful Danger.
Two little children were playing in
the bath tub. and the elder thought
she saw a sudden danger. "Jump out,
Mary!" she cried in great excitement,
"Jump out this minute. The stopper's
come out and you'll run down the
pipe If you don't get out quick!"
Matrimony In Australia.
Bridegrooms In Australia last year
ranged from sixteen to ninety-nine
years of age, and the records show
tho youngest bride was fifteen, and
the oldest eighty-two. One man of
seventy-seven married a girl of eigh
teen. It Is not surprising to learn
that more marriages were reported
from the country than ever before.
Move for Change In Time.
The French ministry of public works
is lndeavoriug to have the govern
ment adopt the system of reckoning
timo on railways by the use of the
hours from 1 to 24, Instead of 12 noon
to 12 midnight. This system has al
ready been adopted by many conti
nental railways and has been in op
eration for years on the Canadian Pa
cific railway.
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Never Again.
"This portrait doesn't resemble
at all!"
"Pardon me, madam, but I once
made a portrait of a lady that resem
bled her." Fllegende Biaetter.
i n
Advice About Veilings.
Choose veilings carefully. It makes
all the difference In the world wheth
er the fact la covered with a gauze
which becomes the featurea or with
one which blura them and throwa
deep ahadows under the eyes and
about the mouth. Many a woman who
la regarded us a beauty owes much
of that reputation to the fact that aha
electa her veilings connlly.
Craquele or filet meshea covered
with Indistinct floral designs greatly
becomes the woman with prominent
features, and especially If her com
nlaxlon la a bit sallow.
Chenille dots on a Win mean ne.ong ; .ftiraw l &
to the woman wiW a delicate complex- - r0UKh, ,s.oo&8.40; light. I8.coso.so: t.iga,
IC.00M7.76. Sheet) Sheep ami muttons.
3.-.t-4.0; lamh.H. :,.&UV . .3.
CHICAGO Cuttle Beeves, t5.S5tll.0O:
cows ami heifer. 12.9048.00; atockera
and feeders, 14.3007.35'. Texans, $4.t;f.v
S.26; calves, IS.OOVH.riO. Hogs Mixed
and butchers, S8.05C8.87; heavy. S.ioi
8.70: rough heavy. $7.9008.10; light. 18.20
a 8.87; pigs, $5.00(gS.OO. Sheep Native,
.504 65; Western, t3.65'4.6j; lambs,
M.857.45; Western, $5.0007.80.
EAST ST. LOUIS Cattle Native beef
teers. $5. SOCIO. 70; cons and heifers.
"All right
foot It."
In the Family.
dear, there Is a bill here on
Olve It to me and I'll
Ita Own.
"Why do they call It Labor' day?"
Inquired the mystified foreigner.
"It'a labor's day off," explained th
Important to Nrothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
infanta and children, and aee that it
In Uae For Over 30 Yeara.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
American Tools Preferred.
A favorite suport in New Zealand, aa
also in Australia and Tasmania, U com
petition in wood chopping and saw lug ,
and in these contests, which attract a
great dual of interest, the champion
ships are always won through the use
of American tools. In fact, the expert
woodaman working for a prize would
never think of using any other kind
of tools.
Improved Vacuum Cleaner.
A new vacuum cleaner, designed to
be operated by water power tn a
sink or bathtub, consists of two suc
tion pumps driven by a water wheel,
and a chamber in which the dust Is
collected, to be washed away by the
waste water.
Many a man fools himself with the
belief that his wisdom is superior to
that of the late Mr. Solvmon.
It is useless to take a vacation
you are weary from overrest.
A young man who had never testi
fied before was called before the court
as a witness in a certain case. He
was somewhat flustered over the at
tention that was being raid bini, and
mumbled his wordo so that the young
woman stenographer could not hear
them distinctly. He was told to speak
plainly and to turn toward the stenog
rapher. "Speak to the stenographer," said
the prosecutor.
At that the young man arose and
with a deep bow to the lady said,
'How do you do?' Satire.
i ros it
Hard to Manage.
"1 never see you eat corn on the
"No, I always avoid laborious food "
Swollen, Varicos.e Veins,
Bad Legs, Goitre. Wen,
Gout and Rheumatic De
posits, Sprains and Bruise.s
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The man behind the plow makes
more of a stir In the world than the
chap behind the hoe.
Cola's Carbolisalva stops itfhlno; and pain
and cure piles. All druggists. 25 and 50c. Adv.
The man who shoots at random
never hits the target.
Richest In Healing Qualities)
DEFIANCE Cold Water Starch
1 laundry work a pleasure . It 01 . i'kfc lot.
9.25: Texas steers. M.004i S.U0;
heifers, lt.5O0T.Ml calves, in
covvi nnd
Ion. and when this Telling Is all black
It lends brilliancy to the pink and
white tones, and has the effect of deep
ening tho tint of the eras. The ssms
type of s beauty cannot go far amiss
In selecting any of the Russian nets
wide, Dutch 1 of diagonal cross or hair Una mesa.
ST. LOUIS Whent No.' 2 red
104V4; No. S red, 97',41.01i; No.
90 96;
No. 2 hard. I0UU
Corn No. 2, 71; No.
4 red.
No. 3 hard.
s. reliant
,o. 4. 69n. No. I yellow, Hi: No. d yel-
o. -t white,
Torpedoes Guided by Aircraft
A patent has been Issued to Brad
ley A. Flake, X'nlted States navy, for a
(I'vlec that guides submarine torpe
does from nn aircraft. The torpedo la
the firs' transported through the air
to a point of desired proximity to a
target by means or an aircraft, after
which the propelling mechanism or
the torpt-.o Is stsrted and then the
torped') Is releaaed to fall by gravity
to the water. In the apparatus, a
ftrsp is employed for retaining Ihe
lArdo bslow h aircrsf: rc.t s n.a.i-
ually controlled lever releases a latct
for the strap the lever also actuatt&i
transmitting mechanism to operaU
the starting device for the propelling.
mechanism of the torpedo.
Soma Proof.
"80 be took you out auto riding tht
other evening?" "Yes, what of It?"
"Do you think he Is In love with you?'
"I think 10. I know that every time
I spoke to him the auto tried t,o clluil
a tree or Jump a rencs." Houstor
yellow. 6HV4;
if't'v ; ivo. 4 white,
low. Ill No. 4
71H4: No. 3 white.
6iH4n. Oats No. 2. S21A4m; No. 3. 31
No. 4, Sin; No. 2 white. 35n: Standard,
34 If 35; No. 3 white. 3334Vi; No. 4
white, :.2VS8.
Chicago-No. 2 red. 1.0361.06: No. I
red. 9'. 1.00: No. 2 hard, 92034; No.
I hard, t91; No. 1 northern, 3Hj.S5;
.v'o. 2 northern. 91093. Corn No. 2.
73W": N. 3. 72V&073v,; No. 4. MOti;
No. 2 yellow. 73. ft 74; No. 3 yellow. i3V
'11 .i; no. 4
ntfUi no.
7SV.074U. Oats No. 2 white,
Standard. 35a 3fi;No. 3 white.
No. 4 Willie, 3S,.3JV
yellow. 7273ti; No. 2 white.
3 white. 74Vii 75: No. 4 white.
SSJtSJ a ;
NEW YORK Dressed poultry Tur
key. 14023c: chickens. 14024c; fowls. 11
U174c; ducas. lSWIKVic. Live poultry-
!2c; duck, lac; fowls, 1."117
"Yes, sir, the cause of woman
suffrage is going to advance with gi
gantic strides from now on."
-Going to discard the bobble skirt,
Cole's Carbolisalva stop tha pain Instantly.
Curesqukk. No scar. Alldruggiata25andS0c. Adv.
Up-to-Date Grammar.
"How la the noun 'question
"I suppose by a refusal to answer.
And many a man does the things
privately that he denounces In public.
I.KW1S' Single Binder cigar give you the
rich natural quality of good tooacco. Adv.
Babies and grievances grow larger
with nursing.
Colen-moregoodsbrlghtrrandfsstrrrolorsthin anyotherdye. One 10c package colon all fibers. Theydycioctddwaterbetterthananyotberche. You can..
Cy any garment without rippina; apart. Write for traa booklet How to Dye. Bleach and Mia Colors. MONROE DRUG COMPANY. (Jalacy. IU.
Riga's Trsde Distinction.
The growth in lumber shipments
from Riga, totaling 97,400,000 cublo
feet In 1910, ranks this port among
the world'a greatest timber exporters.
The greater part of thla trade was In
sawed lumber. Britain took over half
of the amount exported.
Tuffs Pills
Tha first dose often astonishes th Invulid,
giving elasticity of mind, buoyancy of bod ,
rteulir bowels and mIM A. Price, B ctt
Mrs. Window's Sootbiiift Byrup for Ctal1tlra
teeitalnif, bofteaa tur iriima, reduces inflamaitv
liiMi. nil i pain, cure wind colic S6c a bottle.
Qelefclw relieve erf
lrriiaUlon oeuasetl
auri, eaii or
Ths Status.
"I see this prospect of s strapless
street car Is still hanging on."
"So are the passengers."
The political candidate who "also
ran" la unable to see wherein the
world Is growing wiser.
tracts. You get Krai Barman, easy aalAn.
per an j. viuy. writs
tWparUaalsts Tsnaa.c.T.
In this age ol reaetan-b und riprnmrM, all nataxre
is imnHckeiby!lie-fH-l-niifl lorihe-. itinrun hr
TlseMof man 8ctence bat 1 nleet utMle atatit iu .
va toe past eeDtorr and among the by no iiMiacss
least Important d Is coven. in uedlr w U thtrteal
Tbervpton. wtolcb ba been need witbgietit'.ioBaln
Vjench Uoaultala and ibat It la WOIW b- attonUurt
of Unities ho tsufler from tldney, l4odeT nervmoa
tt'i , chronic weakoeacea. okMr ),, in eraptMaa,
uereia .udonbu "n fact itaMfwaM
Btttunghl -W t :,1M Us,
a vo raer mu ..unvioe ail
as (Jutt saris' fill II si 1 1 Jsssa
aula reliance of medloat men It la -.1 a.iirtbalmpaa
albl to tall Mfferera all wc bmild llki t tail itieaa
in thla ahtirt aitlola hnf tW,,., Ks, bm iiM like SVaa
know more a bent thla reined? that ha Hratd
aiBuuai .;j. win.' njiQa rontsa.
rnicK ix ua Kt
rest iias Ma stii
rHBRASMON Is 1 v.. sr
aaamonania rameoiea mal
) fallaae of medloat men It Is u
maai me aslabs alau :aj. ulr
bnula S4D11 addreaaed nvvluoe tr
Or. LjOIM Mae. Oa.. HaversKM s Road. aWsMssE
laTFn IfiPHTB tosvlletirCIUAf
rmrmm vev mmmtm a w as tlMnsant I
mmt ssvssvsssv ao riM
W. N. U., T. LOUIS, NO. Sft-ltta
mjl Br? najiraj.
liB Ait. . ..
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