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NO 46.
-Letters TelHrJg what People Think of
itnllAM i i a. i r a
ischium wucrc 11 is in wperauon
One of the most Important mnt
ters to be votdd on In fr-ott coun
ty Is township organization. This
law has been on tWe statute bookB
for twenty years, yet the great
mass of people of the count v never
heard of It.
Don't you know th(t If there
was anything In this liw for the
men In the saddle we would have
had it In force long arn 7
Of course you do.
Resides the Kicker there are
1 e ven newspapers in the county
not one of which has mentioned.
xr attempted to dtacitaH township
organization. Yet these papers
pretend to educate the people and
put themselves up rh nioldcrs of
public opinion.
Because the Kicker DOES try to
Inform the people on what is go
tag on, this paper is the target of
every set of exploiters that feeds
off the ignorance of the masses.
If township organisation were
a state-wide issue. tlc press bu
reaus of the cities s,,ud furnish
the uecessaiy dope to be I .unle t
out to the people ,ust as they
are furnishing it against t!ie sin
gle tax and Socialism But it is
a local affair anl the Interact!
that rule the county refuse to stir
it in the hope that jrou will for
get it.
However, the Kicker is still
bee and. In order tj get first
hand information (n the opera
tion of township otganltation in
bounties where it is in fovve. j art.
drsed the following to j-, ooun-
ty clerks in Mlssou.j where they
f Save township ore. ,, nation :
"Will you please ,;,,,., me how
the people ere itlsfted with
township organlbtion In your
.rounty? Webtlcon it here in
November ffai wilt information
tor my readers."
Now. 1 know ljt county seat
officials are nc favorable to
township organlkxion because It
reduces their powlr and placet it
with the people. But I conclud
ed to submit it o the county
ele-rks and sex? wiut they would
tny. I received fro replies which
I print in the cater received:
Keytesville. to; Sept. 16.
My Dear Sir .lint to give you
-an idea of what t e people of th'.s
county think of township organi
sation. In 1000) the Supremo
court declared township organi
zation unconstitutional, During
1907 we voted on The proposition
ami township afyinUatton was
again Adopted in vote of about
II to 1. From th I would not
hesitate to say tilt a majority
f tne people of tlu county arc in
avor of township organization.
I am yours very truly,
C. C. Parks, (r,. Clerk.
Harrisonville, Mo., sept. 10.
Dear Sir: In .uswer to your
letter of the lot! will say. We
have been under tcwnshlp organi
zation hora for so long we know
nothing else, but personally I fa
vor County organisation. From
the experience I iave had since
roining into this office I believe
irt bettor for all concerned. How
ever, the people of the country are
largely In favor jf township or
. sanitation ' believe. We are go
ing to vote In November to abol
ish it, I believe t will be beaten
by a large majority. We have
voted here two er three timea to
do away with it. and th" people
in the county have always voted
to hold it almost' solid. Some
times the niaj irlty has run as
nigh as 7 to 1. Under township
Organisation u can get no state
aid for rock road benefits, and
that is why wo are agitating it
now and making our fight on
that ground ; but they come back
.at us and say the bettor way is
to get relief through the legisla
ture. So far as the cost is con
cerned l oannx t figure much dif-
fwence. As 1 said before, we are
going to oU to abolish and there
ie some dissatisfaction, but the
prevailing opinion is that "it is al
right, and 1 on frank to say I
' think we will be badly beaten.
Geo. P, Bumberlln. Co. Clerk.
daviks county.
Gallatin, Nlo., Sept. 17.
Our peopl' will not do without
township jol utilization Get a
better assessment and close col
;:tious, anl more people can hold
offices. Yiurs truly,
Ueputy County Clerk,
a e e s
Bethajny. Mo. Sept. 30.
Dear Sir:lu regard to adoption
of township organization, I am
convinced, hfter many years ob
servation, tiiat the advantages to
be gained by it are not to be com
pared with its drawbacks, hlnder
ances and extra expense in coun
ty buslncsjj. The one only thirg
commendable, in my opinion, Is a
possible c loser collection of tax
es and injre convenient to tax
payors. Tne assessments are not
so good, i am well satisfied of
" this. Thn trustees of various
townships do not observe the law
governing deposits and therefore
no interest Is secured. The road
business tinder the 1900 law all
1 to bounty court In petition.
The County Highway Engineer
has supervision of the road-over
seers. The county clerk Is there
fore not relieved of the road
troubles. The lack of uniformity
In road matters hinders the Good
Roads proposition. As you may
observe from the Law, there are
a half dozen methods given, and
as many more suggested. It Is con
ceded, however, that the Country
People favor the proportion and
generally vote that way, as it
gives more offices. In short in
my opinion it is a nusance.
Very Respectfully Yours.
W. F. Towns, County Clark.
Unlonville. Mo. Oct. 1.
Dear Sir: The people of Put
nam County are well satisfied
with township organization. The
question was re-submltted in
1908. and Township organization
carried three to one.
Yours Respectfully.
.T. T. Morgan, County Clerk.
You will notice that three of
the five indorse the measure un
qualifiedly. The county clerk of
Harrison county consideres it "a
nuisance" but concedes that the
proposition. And by the "country
people" he evidently means all who
do not live at the county seat or
very near it. The county clerk of
Cass county admits that lie is
personally opposed to it. but that
"the prevailing opinion is that it
is all right." 1 have talked witli
several citizens of Scott county
Who have lived under township
organization, and all approve of
I The adoption of township or
I ganizat ion will give every town
! ship local self-government, and
absolute control over its own af
rairs. It will smash the brutal
power that is now centralised at
the county seat. You will be as
sessed by your neighbor, who ts
familiar with property values In
your township, and you will pay
your taxes to your township col
lector, also a neighbor. You will
select your own road bosses from
among your neighbors to build
roads, instead of being selected by
politicians to build up a political
About the only argument that is
heard against township organiza
tion comes from the supporters of
the official set. They say It will
create more officers. Possibly it
will. But you would not be will
ing to abolish the public schools
because it requires directors to
run them, would you ?
While township organization
will create a few small offices, it
will also abolish some mighty big
ones and the cost to the i cople
will be no more since all get their
pay in the way of commission or
fees. Instead of one county col
lector getting, say, 4,000 a year
we'll have eight township collec
tors getting about $500 a year
each, and so on.
The county oinces oi collector
and assessor will be abolished.
But the main blessing of town
ship organization is that it will
wipe out much of the power of the
centralized government at the
county seat. It will put the lid
on $15,000 wells. $5 000 sheriff s
residences, $100,000 court houses,
and so on, without consulting the
people who must foot the bills.
Should our people adopt town
ship organization this fall. then,
on the last Tuesday in March
1J13, an election will be held in
each township for the election of
township officers one trustee.
who shall be BX-OfflolO treasurer
j of the township ; a township col
lector ; a clerk who shall be cx
I off icio township assessor: a con
stable, two members of the board
and two justices of the peace.
The same members may be electe 1
members of the board and jus
tices of the peace. The same per
son may also be elected constable
and collector. The three members
of the board will perform the
same functions for the township
as the county court now performs
for the county.
The township may loan money,
erect public buildings and do such
other things as the county now
does. In other words, it gives the
people "home rule." The assessor
will be one of your neighbors fa
miliar with conditions and prop
erty values, so that he can get a
more equal and just assessment.
If an error occurs you wont have
to go to the county seat and hire
a lawyer to get It corrected.
You can fix it at home. Neither
will you have to go to the county
seat to pay your taxes.
You will have complete control
over your road affairs, just as
you now have over your school af
fairs. You will elect your own
road boss and bridges that cost
over $100 will be let to the lowest
bidder. In other words, the peo
ple of each township will govern
that township and not a little
oligarchy at the county seat
In case a township should fail
to elect officers, then any twelve
houeholders of the township may
call a meeting by posting notices
and the meeting can appoint the
officers. In case this is not done
the county court may appoint.
If the officers so appointed refuse
to serve, then the township may
be annexed to any adjoining
township. Any person chosen or
appointed to fill any township
office, except Justice of the peace,
Township Organ
In Missouri.
who refuses to serve, shall forfeit
$5 for the use of the contingent
fund. ,
Under this law the county
treasurer becomes ex-officio
county' collector, and he must
turn over to the township treas
urer annually all school, road or
other money belonging to each
township, and the township treas
urer can pay out money only as
directed by the township board
Just as the county treasurer now
pays out money on the order of
the county court
Township organization will not
Interfere with any school district
or the boundary lines, nor would
it Interfere with the unexpired
term of any Justice of the peace.
The counties of Dunklin. Butler
and Stoddard also vote on town
organization in November.
After adopting township organ
ization, upon a petition signed by
100 voters, the matter may be pa
submitted and the people can do
away with It if not satisfied.
Twenty-one Missouri counties
already have it.
Two weeks have elnsied. and
yet no answer to the re-publication
of that open letter to the
prosecuting attorney unless an
item that appeared in the official
organ, published by W. c. Lain
bert. W. H. Stubblefield and R. L.
Stubblefleld may be construed as
an answer. It reads:
"The Issue in the Prosecuting
Attorneys race Is simply this:
shall a worthy man, with a clean,
capable record in office, bo made
the victim of a plot to destroy
him because of personal spleen and
hate? There in nothing against
John McWniiams either personal
ly or officailly. Shall tie be sing
led out for a "goat" upon whom
shall be visited the hate and
"grouch" of persons he has in no
wise injured?"
Assuming this to lie Intended as
an answer, I will ask : Is it a
'plot to destroy him" and an evi
dence of "personal spleen and
hate" to ask of a public official
questions concerning public af
fairs that are facts of record ?
Has it reached that point in
Scott county? If not, then why
is there no answer to that letter?
As for his having been singled
out as "the goat," I called attent
ion to that when the libel suit
was filed. To a man up a tree
it would seem that be should
point an accusing finger at hit
alleged friends.
Surely the donkey is a true rep
resentative of Democracy espe
cially of the Scott county brand.
In every issue of their organs
they brand the Six-ia lists as free
lovers, infidels, anarchists and
traitors, and then whine because
Socialists do not flock to the
support of their candidates for
such offices as the Socialists have
Week after week the Socialist!
are branded by them ass undesira
ble citizens, yet they have never
been able to land one In their jail.
The jail dwellers are all Demo
crats and Republicans, who get
what they vote for.
Weil, all youene who want to
witness the execution of the
Kicker come to Benton on Thurs
day, October 24. That is the day
on which that famous "soot"
against the Kloker is docketed.
Of coins? I can't say that the
"soot" will be pulled off. "The
party" seems to have become sud
denly attacked with "cold feet"
and will try to have it put off un
til after the election, according
to their Morley organ. But I
don't exactly understand what
excuse they will have to offer
unless it is that their attorney.
Frank Kelly, is too busy chasing
after the job of circuit judge, and
just can t stop running. Surely,
the Democratic party is degener
ating awfully. To me it seems a
fearful drop from a man like
Judge Fanis to Frank Kelly.
But come to court ami see What
happens. If you are a Socialist,
or if you are not regarded as'safo
and sane." I'll guarantee that
you will not be annoyed by be
ing pieked up on the jury.'
Besides the county court attend
to that. Of the 24 men chosen as
petit jurors for the October term
there is not a Socialist among
them. While quite all of them are
regarded as good men. yet nearly
all of them are known to be agin
Socialism and agin the Kicker.
In conclusion I want to say a
word to the official .set. When
this case Is called I want you to
take your 6eats within the rail
just as you did lat April. Tho
Jurors will be of your partisans,
and I want you to sit right in
front of them as you did last
April and show them by your ac
tions the Interest you have In the
case, and you want to giggle
and laugh and even applaud when
Messrs. Kelly and Collins tell what
a h-U of a fellow Phil HaNier is.
And this, too, without the least
evidence to back up their yaw
As to the sheriff, I need not re
mind him of his duty in picking
up talesmen In case Jurors are ex
cused or disqualified. He proved
last April that he Is competent to
attend to that.
Subscribe for the only Klckc
I want a word with what the
politicians call "the back-bone of
the nation." I want the atten
tion of the home-owning fanner,
and If I say anything that is not
absolutely true. I want him to
sit down and write me a letter
telling me where I am wrong. 1
It Is the home-owning farmer
that the papers and the politi
cians are "Jollying" md trying to
satisfy. They don't or a hoot
about the tenants, Thej have 'cm
strinned clean and thev are now I
after YOU. Mr. ilome-owner.
Have y ou noticed the reports In
the papers about the bumper crop
you raised this year? Of course
you have. The government report
tells us that the greatest crop ev
er produced In the nation is that
of 1912.
In a recent Issue of the Globe
Democrat appeared a cartoon of
a farmer throwing a cat into th"
stream. To the cat's tall was tied
a stone labelled "High Cost of Liv
ing." The cartoon was intended
to represent the disappearance of
the high cost of living because of
the bumper crop.
Now think. Have shoes, cloth
ing, sugar, oil, railroad rates, in
terest, rents etc., come down?
Not at all.
Then what has fallen in price to
cause such a oarloon to appear?
Why, nothing except the pro
ducts of the farm. And these will
remain dowrf so long as they are
In the hands of the producers. As
soon as the bulk of the crop
the hands of peculators, up goes
the price.
Only a few months ago we pa d
two dollars per bushel for pota
toes. In the potato raising com
munities today the farmers are
receiving 25 cents per bushel and
less. Watch the price go up after
a few mouths.
Why is this s:? One reason Is
that there is anarchy In produc
tion NO system. It used to be
so among the manufacturers, but
they have learned from experience
But you don't. They used to pry
duce and produce until there
was finally a glut in the market.'
Then followed a period called a
pau'e. We were hnrd-up and hun
gry because we had produced too
much of everything. And the lab
orers had to tramp and starve un
til surplus was worked off. Then
"prosperity" set In anew. During
the depression many of Cue weak
er concerns were swallowed up by
the stronger ones, which has now
resulted in monopoly.
The manufacturers have reme
died things. They are now vrty
systematically organised and pro
duce enly enough to supply linme
dia.e consumption Tins prevents
00 over-stocked market, keeps up
the price -and als kccpn a large
.ci cent of Wot ke I i king for a
Job, thereby keeping down wuges.
Now, let's return to farming. As
1 said there is anarchy in produc
tion. Generally speaking, you have
no system. If wheat happens to bo
high this year, all of you plant
wheat this fall and the next year
there is overproduction of wheat.
You support a national and state
agricultural department that
would be a good thing if conduct
ed Lu your interest. But its pur
pose is to keep the speculators ad
vised as to the size and condition
of your crops so they can gamble
on it more safely.
It don't help you to have the
government report say you have
produced too many bushels of this
or that. But it gives the specula- ,
tor a valuable tip on how much to I
pay. And you the "backbone' 'of
the nation, have to take it. You
are certainly the back-bone ,:' '
their shell game whether of the i
nation or not. Without you they
couldn't play.
But all of this is of little mo- j
ment when WO come to consider j
the real cause of hardships and
gradual disappearance f the
home-owning farmer, He Is as i
surely downed as was the shoe- j
maker, the saddler, the wagon
maker and all of the tradesmen j
when the machine got after them
Yes there was a bumper crop
raited this year. But bow much j
of it did YOU raise with your
horse-power plows and crude ma- i
chlnery? Tins increase of pro-
dUCtlon on the farm is largely due
to tho bonanza farms of the west I
and similar farms that are now
springing up all over the nation
the factory farm. These farms
ranging in extent from 1.000 to
20,000 acres and use power plows j
that turn 20 acres per day. They I
can produce wheat at a cost of
85 cents per bushel. How are you
going to compete with that? j
Just about like the shoe-maker I
comieted with the factory.
The more progressive farmers
are beginning to see this and in
many counties of Missouri the
seed of co-operation is being sown
by establishing the county farm j
expert who. so far as possible, ap-
plies scientific methods. Cape Gir
ardeau county is first to try the
experiment in Southeast Missouri
and the reports from there indi
cate that the experiment is giv
ing satisfaction.
The banks, trust companies and
other corporations go right on de
claring increased dividends. Their
organs tell only of prosperity and
good times. But how about the
"horny handed sons of toil"? At
which end of the born do their div
idends come out? But there Is
nothing like giving them a-plenty
of what they vote for.
Usually the maa who would ra
ther be right thai, president soon
acquires a reputation .of being
poor, but honest.
There are always those who
honestly want to patch up the
present unjust land laws. The
thing that sounds best to some
Is to limit the ownership of land
some say 160 acres others say
040 acres and so on. The Idea Is
akin to that other foolish idea
known a "regulating tiie trust,"
An impossibility. So long as pri
vate monopolies are permitted to
exist they will regulite YOU. The
cure for private monopoly is pub
lic monopoly.
Many years ago Senator Yest
caused congress to pass a law
permitting the sale of govern
ment land and limiting the
amount that anyone couid buy
to 320 acres This was heralded
as a great law lu favor of the
man who wanted a home. Nobo
dy said anything about the lum
ber trust being behind the law.
Prior to that time it was nec
essary to homestead the land.
But the new law that this great
apostle of Democracy pulled off
put a price on the land and the
land speculators had the price.
And although the law limited the
purchase of an Individual to 320
acres, there is always a way
around capitalist law where the
gap is purposely left down, and
they who were behind this law
had all the land worth having
spotted" and bought it at $1.25
an acre although the timber
was worth ten times the price
Socialism will let anyone own
160 acres of land who wants to
use it- But it will not let you
own 160 acres of land, or any
other amount, for the purpose of
exploitation. Under Socialism
the land will be FOR THOSE
WHO USE IT, and the land laws
will be framed by the users of
land and not by those who live
from letting others use "it.
Under Socialism there will be
neither landlord nor tenant in
the sense that we nw have them
The primary title to all land is
now in the state the people.
Under present conditions the land
lord is only a tenant of the
state. He is the "middle man"
between the state and the tiller
of the soil, and is entirely useless
a parasite.
But. unless you have studied
this question, you can t see it
that way. You have been taught
that the landlord 'develops the
country" and is a great public
benefactor. The Socialist says
he is a parasite and worse than
useless. He plays no useful part
in the scheme of development or
Nor do you understand that he
is the tenant of the state. But he
is. If he denio9 this, a9k him to
refuse to pay nis rent to the
state next fall and see how quick
the state will let the land out to
others who will pay the rent
Just as he does. However, what
the landlord pays to the 6tate is
not called rent but TAXES! And
when he fails to pay, the state
takes back its land.
I call attention to this to prove
that the prior and real title to
land is now in the state the peo
ple. If the people want your land
for any public use they take it.
Hence the only thing necessary
to make it possible for every
worker to obtain a home is to
change the landlord-made laws
that they borrowed from Eng
land. And the workers can never
accomplish this by voting the
same ticket as the landlord
Uisk Loss of Home, or Valuable Live Stork, or tak
Cbancei of Yourself and Hear Onei being swept into
Eternity by a single Bolt i Lightning when you
can get the Electric
Pure Copper Lightning Rods
At a Reasonable Com and backed by the Electric
Lightning Bod Co. with a Legal binding Guarantee
to refund the price paid, with Legal interest, iu -a-any
damage occurs. See
Farmers, Attention!
50,000 Organized consumers in St. Iou! want your' Eggs and
Poultry Shipped direct. Send for Shipping Tags uTid instruction
how to ship. Coops and cases furnished on application.
Any Local wishing to start Operative Shipping or Purchas
ing without Capital, write us and we will tell you how
If the farmers have the help and support of thofce who con
sume their produce, they can succeed, no matter what the middle
men may do.
We have expert Cattle and Hog salesmen at Independent Stock
Also expert Hay and Grain salesmen who are at your service.
We also supply your wants. Send for prices.
American Cooperative Union Supply Company
Wm. S. McAdam, Pres. and M'g'r.
No. 404, North First Street, ST. LOUIS. MO.
Every Worker
Who earns Bread in the Sweat
of his face should be a patron of
While standing in an automobile
Just before going to the auditor
ium to make a speech in Milwau
kee Monday evening. Col. Roose
velt was shot by an assassin nam
ed John Schraiik, of New York.
The shot was fired at close range
and a bundl" of manuscript in
the colonel's pocket is said to
have saved his life. The bullet
was u in led at tho heart.
The wound is not considered
dangerous and the colonel ent
I on to the auditorium and deliver
led his speech without having the
I wound attended to . After the
'speaking the doctors probed for
j the bullet, but could not locate it,
; An x-ray examination revealed
the bullet In the chest wall.
Schrank was locked up and
"sweated." but the police failed
.to get much definite Information
about htm, He it evidently a re
j ligious fanatic and claims that
j President McKinley appeared to
i him in a vision ami pointing to
i Roosevelt, said, "This is my mur
jderer; avenge my death. Thi
information was obtained from
manuscripts found on Schrank s
i person.
According to the police Schrank
said: "Any man looking for a
; third term ought to be shot. It
appears tliat Schrank Is an edu
cated man and has been following
Roosevelt over the country for
weeks to get an opportunity to
i shoot him.
The improved method of I :. c
people is a great success. Near
ly every paper you pick up tells
of how the automobile mows
down tho..:' on foot, in Cape
county Win Rov of Jackson, got
a new auto ai.d Invited s friend
to accompany bun to the Cape.
Returning he wanted to ihow
his friend how the thing could fly
Soon be met an unto coming to
ward him, Being a green hand
he attempted to piss on the
wrong side. Beside the road were
children returning from school,
who had stopped under a hickory
nut tree to gather nut-. Rose
lost his head and Into the children
crashed the machine running
over a little girl, breaking her
leg and otherwise seriously inj ir
ing her.
Such things happen every day -all
because everybody is in a r i-ti
and wants to "get there. ' But
how about the farmer and his
machine the thresher engln?a
Tlte law limits his speed t few
miles an hour just creeps a uig.
If he meets anybody he must top
and send somebody ahead to help
guide the team by. You e. this;
law was passed before the auto
came in. and there was danger of
meeting the boss in his carriage
Great precautions were taken
that tie might not be hurt.
But now the boss drives the ma
chine and. of course, to heil with
the foot passenger or the farmer s
wife who may !' taking butter
and eggs to market In a bugg, .
But the farmer ought not to
kick. He votes for it.
We may 6oon hear thax the sin
I gle tax is agin religion. Anything
i that threatens the profits of the
exploit. ng class ll In danger of be
ing denounced as un-Chrlstian.
j The plutes are great saints, you
know. You can aim tst see them
sprout wings
ubicrlbe for te only ivlciter.
It is by reJiaoning and hearing
both sides of a question that we
ean get at the truth.
Do you want the truth?
If you do then don't refue to
hear those opposed to your views.
The other fellow may be right
and you may be wronp;.
How did you pet your views?
Why. they were taught to you.
Tail get your Ideas from the min
isters, the nehoolM. the press and
the platform orators.
When you eame into this world
you were a mental blank. What
ever you are Is the result of your
training and your environments.
If you had bfen born and rear
ed In India you would likely be a
worshiper of Budda and believe
in idolatry. IT you had bren
brought up in Turkey you would
likely be a worshiper of Moham
rnet and BSS no wrong in polyga
my. If you were a native of Chi
na you would likely be a follow
er of Confucius- If you were I
nativp of Russia you would likely
believe in the teachings of the
Greek Catholic ehurch whirh rec
ognizes the Russian Czar as the
pope or holy father. But, having
been brought up in this country
arbors the constitution guaran
tees that you may worship whom
or what cv, r you plea.se. it would
be hard for me to gUBSR just what
you believe Some believe one
thing whiie others believe another
depending almost wholly oa
their early training.
However, so far as they believe
in anything, the great majority
or our peopie believe In Christian
ity. True, there are many
blanches of this faith some 600,
I beHeve and all claim to be the
true and only." No doubt the
great majority 'ire honest and
sincere In their beilef. and all of
them recognise the bible as the
word of Ood.
Now. the Kn ker is not concern
in what you may or may tiot
believe Yet. if you are B Christ
ian, you must believe that the
bible la an Inspired book, and con
tains the word of God. Either it
is all inspired or none of it is.
1 think you will agree with me
that it wouldn't do to accept a
part of it and throw the rest out
as jink. And I believe it is
agreed that the word of God is
eternal doei not change.
Therefore, if God, through Mos
es, said that the land shall not be
sold forever, then what authori
ty is there for the warranty deed
in a Christian nation?
If God, through M'ses. said
"take thou no usury." then by
what authority do Christians pass
laws in fixing a legal rate of in-terc.-t?
Oh, yen: I hear them explain
ing. They twisted usury to menu
excessive interest. But where, in
the bible or anywhere else, will
you find the dividing line between
just and excessive interest? Us
ury means "for the use of." anil
no matter if it i only one per
cent it Is usury.
"Thou shalt not kill" is a com
mandment given us about the
same time as those mentioned
above. If this- Is the word of God,
then from Whence carne the au
thority for legal murder, called
banging or electrocution, or the
wholesale murder called war?
A'k your minister about these
things and don't let him wave
you aside by a jeer or a sneer.
It is his duty to give you light on
such matters. I once asked a
Catholic priest to explain the land
and Interest proposition but he
shifted and twisted and said
something about this iH'ing from
the nld testament and obsolete.
He seemed anxious to change the
subject and I did not insistnot
being as well posted then as now.
The ten commandments arc also
fro?n, the old testament. In fact,
nearly all that is taught us by
the churches is from the o'd tes
tament. The teachings of Christ
are almost Wholly ignored.
The money changers that Christ
drove from the temple were ex
actly the same breed as the mon
ey changers (the bankers are to
day Yet you will find bankers
of today not only occupying the
front pews of the churches, but
even In the pulpit '.
The land shall not le sold for
ever: for the kind is mine, for ,ve
are strangers and sojourners with
me "Lev,
"And in all the land of your
pose s-ions (not ownership) ye
sliall grant a redemption for the
land. Lev. 25-24
"And if thy brother be waxes
poor, and fallen into decay witli
thee, then thou shalt relieve him
jea though he be a stranger or a
sojourner, that he may live with
thee." Lev. 25-35
" Take thou no usurv of him, OR
INCREASE; but fear thy God ;
that thy brother may live with
thee" Lev. 25-30
"Thou shalt not give him thy
money upon usury, nor lend him
thy victuals on INCREASE."
Lev. 25-37.
"Go to now, ye rich men ; weep
and howl for your ndseries that
shall come upon you." James 5
"Behold, the hire of the labor
ers which have reaped down your
fields, which is of you kept back
by fraud, crleth : And" the cries
of tham which hnvn mnnwl apn
entering Into the ears of the Lord I
of Sabaoth." James 54.
Have your minister preach a
sermon from the above ebripsurat
quotations and see what he make ,
of them.
i! ti iiiiiiiiiSMiHI
. ''VawvtIs)

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