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NO 47.
Controversy Between Father Helmbacher and Kicker
Reproduced by Request of Catholics.
Soma Catholic rtlend have re
quested the Kiokei to reproduce
the controversy lftwern Father
Helmbacher, of O an, and myself
for the lnformati a of Catholics
who may not ha e Riven It the
attention and the ight that they
To reproduce tt whole contro
viy would reqtire too much
mace. The matier originated
when Father Helnbacher refused
to accept Alfred ot Oran.
as sponsor to the baptising of a
child because Alfred is a Bou..
County Secretary
-viinkard wrote
. .
to inquire of Fatter Heimowme.
the reason. The reply was to the
effect that Socialists are un
christian and tlat the "founders
and leaders ' were unbelievers.
1 took the matter up and re
quested Father .lelmbacher to be
explicit In wlu.t he meant by
athelstB. Infidel and unbelievers,
since the Catholl church regard
ed all as such Wbo do not believe
in the Pope I reminded hit that
Dob Ingersol win called an infl
.i n run however, anil that
president Tuft not believe In
the divinity Of ( hvist nor tlie tri
une God, yet nortOdy holds the Re
publican party aeponrtbH for the
religious opinion of these "found
ens and leaden ' Tho Jefferson,
tho apostle of t ie 1 uocrats, was
also a nonlx'lUver.
To my surp'i father Helm
baebjer made tie mistake of try
ing to answer. But he made this
mistake only onoe. It did not
take him long to discover that
there Is a difference between
talking to a congregation Whose
minds he has trained to believe
what lie tells taem with jut quest
ion, and getting out In the open
in cold print. Sere is my at'ticle
to which he h is not yet replied
and never wih:
Contrary ny expectations
Father Helinbieler of Oran broke
into print agall lost week ami
lsed ud about two colUOM of space
in the Morley paper n repeating
what he had al 'eadj said, with
flight variations-the variations
being of a pertoi lal nature, chiefly
?i nccrnlng mys If-
He used up ' great deal of .-pace
lamenting over what he calls my
non-belief, et-.-all of which has
nothing to do with the controver
sy and therefore ignored,
This oontrovevy started over
an inquiry by Bicretary Sllnkard
who wanted to know why a Ca
tholic cannot b a Socialist? If
Father Helmbather has given us
any light on tls point, beyond
bis unsupported statement that a
Socialist does ut believe In God
or heaven, I Ka e overlooked it.
Another targajajeetiOO of his let
ter is taken u1 in telling what
some Individual Socialists should
have said at t)r Chicago conven
tion in 1908. ,t that convention
tltere were rnlristars and atheists,
as there ai' in ill political conven
tions. The reiglonists wanted to
nut the Socialist party's position
,u religion In the platform. Th
was thought pfest because of the
insistent charge made by those
who cannot niiet socialism in any
Other way, tlan that Socialism is
against riellgbn. Hence a plank
v as put ijn th) platform declaring
religion ko la a private matter
and that dnlism has nothing
to do with it Some delegates op
posed this rlaak and very pro
7erly so. It has no more business
in a Socialist platform than in a
capitalist pUitform, and was omit
ted in 1012.
Tlie Socialist movement is inter
national and among Its adherents
are peopl of all races, of all col
or, and of all religion It is a
world movement of the workers,
and the followers of Budda in In
dia find it as free from Interfering
with their religion as does the
Christian n Germany, or the Mo
bamedan of Turkey.
If Socialism Is such a horrid
thing as Father Helmbacher
would have us believe, then how
does lie account for Its rapid
growth in the Fatherland? Has
the country of his ancestors gone
to the devil?
In the concluding section of his
ietter Father HelmOacher at-
sJtempts to answer some 01 the
dalauestions put to blm. This I will
reduce in sections so that I
VYIftfY i'prlv analize It He
I am surprised, very mucn mat
a prpu an a fallen off Catholic and
ken W Adltor of such a great paper
.uemTthelCicker need be enlightened
such trivial questions as me
following: 1st Are there any
other Christians than Catholics?
Does not your church teach that
all denominations other than
Catholics who believe in the infal
libility of the Pope are atheists
and infidels? To your first quest
ion ,1 will answer. Ask your
Methodist and Baptist comrades
whether or not they are Christ
ians and their positive answer
coincides with mine."
Father Helmbacher seems to be
getting his position a little mix
ed. In his first letter to Mr.
Sllnkard he gave as his first
' main reason" why a Catholic
cannot be a Socialist because "A
Socialist is one who does not be
lieve In a God or a heaven."
These are his exact words. Now
he comes and wants me to go to
my Methodist and Baptist com
rades and ask them whether or
not they are Christians "and their
positive answer colnsldes with
Why does he whip the devil
around the stump like that? I
presume he means that these
Methodist and Baptist comrades
AKh. UO HH9T1 A ft B II mat is
what he means, then will he
please explain why a Methodi-st
or a Baptist can bo a Socialist
and a Chrstian. but that a Cath
olic cannot? Much as he trys to
get funny over the banana peel, I
think he slipped. He goes on :
"Your second question is an
swered with a big negative. The
Catholic church does not teach
such a thing; Methodist and Bap
tist do not believe In the Infalli
bility of the l'ope, yet they are
christians, because they are bap
tised and lelie'e in a God and a
heaven. An Atheist and infidel is
an unbeliever. Now 1 am clad I
did not slip on that dangerous
banana peeling. You know I
weigh about 223 pounds and if I
had fallen I would have crushed
a dozen Socialists. Now please do
not ask me again such difficult
and dangerous questions."
Somebody ought to gently whis
per It to the Father that he sure
slipped and I haven't heard of
any Socialist belnK demolished.
Every Catholic knows what "the
church" teaches, and I need not
discuss that. How can a Metho
dist or Baptist be saved when he
has no purgatory to go to, and
r.obody to read masses to get him
out? If a Methodist or a Bap
tist can be saved without a pur
gatory or the masses, then why
are they necessary in the Catholic
Are the Catholics 60 much worse
than protestants that a separate
torment , cailcd purgatory, is
necessary for them, into which all
must go after death in order to be
cleansed, and their living rela
tives required to pay for masses
Indefinitely In order to hasten
their release ? It seems to me
that the poor, who have little or
no money to spare for masses, do
not get a square deal in an ar
rangement like that.
If, as you say, Father, the Bap
tists and Methodists are Christ
ians, and are all sound and right
because they are baptised and be
lieve In a God and a heaven, then
why should anybody want to be a
Catholic when the protestant way
is the easiest and cheapest route
to salvation ?
What does the term protestant
mean. Father, as applied to re
ligion? Does It not mean a pro
test against the Church of Rome ?
Does It not mean that the whole
structure, from your Holy Father
down, is an Imposition and fraud.
And if It does mean that which
you know It does then how dare
you, as a priest of Rome, admit
the Justice of their protest by re
cognizing them as Christians ?
Father, you sure slipped. The
moment you admit that protest
ants against the authority of the
Pope are Christians, you thereby
admit the correctness of their po
sition and your whole structure
falls to the ground. Different
sects of protectants may unite,
for their differences a re only
technical different Interpreta
tions of the scriptures. But Cath
olics and protestants can never
unite, for their differences are
fundamental at the root. Both
can't be right. You even have dif
ferent bibles 1
But the Father thinks my Meth
odist and Baptist comrades are
all right because they believe in
a God and a heaven. What re
ligious sect does not? The Bud
dlsts, the Brahman's and all of
the so-called heathens believe in
a god and a heaven of some kind.
When America was discovered the
Indians bad their religion and be
lieved Ln the Great Spirit ns
their god and the happy hunting
ground as their heaven. Every
race of people believe In a su
preme being and a future of some
kind. Father Helmbacher goes
on :
"And now comes the best of all,
an unbeliever, a deserter of the
Holy Church, and usurps the
Holy Bible, the property of the
church, for a protection, yes the
texts you have chosen all suit
Very well and clearly prove that
we must render to Ceasar what is
Oeasar's and to God what is God's.
Usury was at all times forbid
den and Is unlawful to this very
day. Under the Mosaic law the
land was divided up every 50
years, the Jubilee year. You are
right and I hope that you as the
Moses of Scott county will brlnjr
back that grand law so that
when the Jubilee year comes
around we will all be made great
landlords again and no one will
have to do the work."
.Vint that hot stuff? Were al!
the people great lanillords and
didn't anybody work so long ns
the Mosaic law was recognized as
a part of the Bible? By what
authority was all this changed?
who substituted tho warranty
deed "to have and to hofd for-
ever?" Father Helmbacher will
never tell you. He evades by get-
ting funny and invites me to be-
come the modern Moses to "bring 1
back to us that grand law." j
Why does he not advocate from I
his pulpit the bringing back of
this grand law? He can take his
text from the bible
Father Helmbacher don't wen,
to like it because I. "an unbeliev- 1
er" as he calls, me. quote the bi-
ble on him. Like the judges of I
our courts, he thinks it impudent
for an humble citizen to have an
opinion about things that are
written. It hurts to have it point
ed out from their own books that
they evade and dodge and ignore
whatever happens to be distaste
ful to the ruling class.
"Usury was at all times for bid
den and is unlawful to this day. "
iys Father Helmbacher.
Now. father, tote fair. What is
usury? Does it not mean 'Tor the
use of?"
If I borrowed ten dollars from
you, and you charged me only one
per cent, are you not a usurer?
And what is a usuer?
Well, don't take my word for it.
"A usurer," says Webster. "!s one
who lends money and t?' s inter
est for it. A money lei er."
Say, father, does that catch
you? It catches me all righ .
But I don't deny it I am playii
the game according to the rules
laid down not because I want
to. but because I want to keep
the other fellow off my back. I
feel quite sure that Christ would
drive both of us from the temp'e.
Regarding the telegram from
the Pope to TaTt Rev. Helmbach
er says: "Mr. Taft was a per
sonal friend of the Pope and hence
it was only a work of etiquette
that the Pope send his congrutu-
Christians and can bo both Social
ists and followers of Christ. Then
why cannot a Catholic do the
same ?
Father Helmbacher can give no
rational answer. He has done his
That the plutes rcgnrd the peo
ple as chumps is clearly illustrat
ed by a circular letter sent out to
voters by the capitalists of sikes
ton. The letter is date! 1 Sikes
ton. Mo.. Oct. 1H, 1912," but the
horny handed sons of toil w isely
sent it out withheld their names
ami that is .very important as
an evidence of irood faith The
circular Is signed Committee A
galnst Single Tax." Will the
"committee'' please come out in
the open ?
This circular 'Is so silly that I
have not the patience to comment
on It extensively. However. It
contains one paragraph that I
must tell you about. It reads :
"The banker can sit in his eosy
cliair in the bank, discount notes,
take l& deposits and loan money,
and pay no taxes.'1
Strangely enough, on the same
day on which I received this won
derful circular I noticed the fol
lowing press dispatch in the St.
Louis papers:
St. Joseph. Mo., October 10.
Northwestern Missouri bankers,
members of group No. 3 of the
Missouri Bankers Association,
comprising the twelve Northwest
Missouri counties, paaand resolu
tion to-night condemning thr sin
gle tax amendment to the state
constitution. The Association
meeting was addressed by David
It Francis of St. Louis W .T.
Bailey or Atchison. Kan.: W. s
Jordan of Bedalla and W, c. Gor
don of Moberly. More than 200
bankers otcd on the resolution,
If the people understood the con
ditions existing in this country
they would not tolerate them for
one day. But they do not know.
The agencies on which the peo
ple depend for Information are
Just like the system rotten !
At this vary moment there is a
life and death struggle all over
this nation between the employ
crs and the employe I, I lie ei.i-
ployers have set their heads on
the destruction of organisation a 1
mong the workers, Mehlnd them
art the courts the bulwark of,
our liberties" and the army An j
organization of worklngmen ii
held to be a "conspiracy." An or
ganization of employers is held to
be an "association. " So say the
holy courts-and the army does
the rest.
In quite all labor disturbance!
the employers hire thugs and
criminals to commit depredations
and willing "officers of the law"
throw worklngmen into prison
charged with the offenses. Then
the thugs who committed the
crimes appear as witnesses agin
the workers to swear away their
liberty or their lives.
In the south the timber thlevei
ai-e trying to break ttio union of
the timber workers. More than
50 timber workers are In jail. At
a meeting of workers at Grabow,
La., a few months ago. President
Emerson, of the Timber Workers,
was addressing the men. Bhota
were fired into the crowd, killing
three and wounding 40. The men
claim that the slwts came from
the offices uf the Qallowaji L im-
ber Co., just across the street, A amount of
worker standing on the platform from th" p
beside Emerson was killed This
shot was evidently Intende l foi
Emerson Yet Emerson and others
were commlted to jail without
bail, charged With killing and
wounding their OWN COMRADES
and are now on trial at Lake
! Charles, La., for their lives,
t e s
At Indianapolis some 40 odd la
bor leaders are on trial charged
With dynamite jobs. As t" thi
' guilt or innoceuse I do not k:iw.
j But I do know that even though
1 they are guilty of all that they
are charged with, they are not as
! criminal as the powers behind the
But what I want to call atten
tion tn la that those labor tr ials
In a conveyance .,. MimI us m h In nmsi tu
xuey are ornuig. nuu uumttiugij
cross the dead line. The Cossacks
York world and other papers that
always spoke of Roosevelt as the
Will the publishers of these news
papers be brought into court to
answer as accessories before the
fact? Oh, no; these same jtajieis
now very busy proving that not
only Rohrank la crasy, but that aii
of his ancestors were.
But let s return to Lawrence.
Since the strike ended it lias de
veloped that the dynamite was
planted by the mill owner., them-
selves and charged it up to the
workera In order to turn public
sentiment against them. John
Breen, a member ot the boai-d of
education and tool of thr mill
owners, pled guilty to having
took part in the planting and was
fined (BOO, A working man 1
would liavo gone to the pon for
Ufa Ernest W. Pitman, a wealthy
mill contrctor. committed suicide
rather than face the disgrace and
stand trial for the part Da played,
Wm. M. Wood, president of the
Textile Trust, was indicted by
grand jury and is under bond to
answer for his pirt in the plot.
Other big officials o( the trust
are in the same boat
But none of these have any
thing to fear from "the iaw." It
is evident that Ptttinan was af
flicted with a conscience else he
would not have committed suit Ide
The most that can be hoped (for is
a little fine .and to fine a trust
Is exactly the same as fining tl;
people who must ijso the product
of the trust. The price Is toucehd
up a little and by bed-time the
itlca sit
Virginia First U"
from the
From the Coming Nation.
There is a strike of street rail
road employes. The strikers of
fer to arbitrate their grievances.
The company declines. The gov
ernment calls out the Cossacks,
who surround the plant of the
company with a dead-line.
In a few minutes two men that
have nothing to do With the
strike appear in a
riddle one with bullets and peri
lously wounded the other.
Another man comes along in an
automobile and the soldiers shoot
him through the lungs. Next
they shoot at a man that with
his wife and baby is driving down
the road in an automobile and he
narrowly escapes with ins 1 To.
Then they shoot at some other
This, you think, happened in
Russia. No, it happened In the
city of Augusta. Ga.. last' week.
I don t suppose it could happen memb$P i,ow tj0 a riot (Anna Lop.
in niwiw, ooucivrj 10 uu. 1 , a strikinc mill-worker,was
ished belief in such matters. But shot aml y,, amj tobor leader-
It could very easily happen In Au- two mUos aw.av trora the (Cone
gusta or any oiaer VOre arrested charged With being
city where the state militia is the annaMmnr hfm the rant
now Just before the election so
the plute papers can make the
most of it. while the tr .st busting
has been suspended until AFTER
the election.
Most of you ai-" familiar with
the great strike of the textile
workers at Lawrence. Mass., last
winter. You remember how, when
the strikers attemped to send the
children away to lessen their bur
den, the police refused to let them
go. You remember the dynamite
"discoveries" by the police in the
mills and other places. You
readv, irresponsible and ungovern
ed instrument of the master class
to drive strikers back to their
work and alauter citizens upon
the highway.
That Is what we have the mili
tia for. Usually their delicate at
tentions are bestowed upon work
lngmen trying to secure better
conditions. Now that automo
bile owners have come within the
range of their guns we shall pro
bably have some attention to the
anomalous existence of such a
power In a country that lias any
vestage of free institutions.
is it nosslble that the common
lations." How does It happen i people will find it profitable to
that such a strong personal j have for president toe same man
friendship exists between the ; whom Penrose. Raines. Lorlmer,
head of a Christian Church and
this Infidel politician ? Why
should a Socialist be black-listed
by the church because of his non-
belief, and not a Republican?
.Let us look this picture aquare
y in the face: Taft denies Christ
and Christianity and, by so do
ing, brands the Pope a faker and
a fraud. The Pope telegraphs his
congratulations to Taft '. Can
you beat it ?
m 9 9 s
Father Helmbacher winds up as
follows: "At the time of Christ
there was a certain class of peo
ple who have seen and heard the
mjsteries of God but would not
accept the faith of Christ. Thus
I find it utterly useless to con
tinue any further discussion with
you, as I know you see and hear
the truth here given but will not
accept like a Jew. You will say
all Is as clear to me as mud."
He guessed it exactly. His
reasoning, If It may be called
that la certainly very hazy.
Read the above over again and
see what you can make of it ex
cept that he Is ready to quit?
. And be leaves me worse "balled
up" than when we started I
have been trying to find out why
a Catholic cannot be a Socialist
In bis first letter he said because
"A Socialist Lb one who does not
believe In a God or a heaven."
Now he shifts and says la effect
that Methodist and Baptist are
Guggenheim and Bmoot ere sup- j
porting? These men are keen
Judges of human character, it is
not likely that they would sup
port a candidate for president j
who will offer any very serious j
obstacles to their machine rule. !
CarutherSVlUe Democrat.
The common people who do not
know any better than to vote for
a plute do not necessarily have to
vote for the candidate of these
men you mention. They can vote
for the candidate supported by
August Belmont. Tom Ryan. Ro
ger Sullivan, Tom Taggart, Pave
Francis. Charllie Murphj , and so
on. These men are also keen judg
es and will not likely support "a
candidate for president who will
offer any serious obstacles to
their machine rule. ' A plute voter
always has tho right to choose
"the lesser of two evils."
These labor leaders bad made
and were still making speeches to
the strikers urging them to stick.
And for this reason they are held
without bail for the murder of
of a sister striker although it is
claimed that a policeman fired
the shot.
A very similar case happed last
week. John Schrank shot Theo.
Roosevelt. An effort was made b.i
the authorities to connect Schrak
in some way with the Socialists.
But Schrank refused to stand for
that and replied with thi- er ishor
"How could I have run a saloon
in New York if I had not bee:
Tammany Democrat '.'
Pressed for a motive In his at
tack on Col. Roosevelt, he said e
had been embittered against the
third- termer by reading the New
til" f .a i Is
Perhaps the moat c
uation is in v,it
among the coal miners,
miners Were B h-tod
company shacks. Then they got
tents for their families and these
were fii-ed on by the eassacks of
the company This was more than
the miners could endure and they 1
fought back with such weapons
ns they had. Many weie killed
and wounded.
The governor appointed a com 1
mlasioner to investigate. That
is the usual method of shifting
responsibility and applying the
white-wash brush. He appointed
a Catholic bishop, a mlllltary cap
tain and a politician. He should
have added an editor and a law
yer. Rut it may be the polltl dan
is both.
The evidence Submitted and
sworn to relates how babies were
born in the woods amid showers
of bullets. Notabie is the testi
mony of John E.-tep and bis f.-in-.i-ly
who were fleeing from the
guards and took shelter In an old
shack where a baby was born
on the bare floor. This baby was
born while bullets wore flying and
the red law of the coal barons
and their allies reigned supreme.
The most heart rendering tes
timony was that given by Mrs.
Taney Sevillis. who told how her
baby was born dead after the
brutal mine guards fired bullets
thru her house. This poor mother
terrified, fled for safety to the
home of Mrs. Waters, the wife of
the mine foiTinan. Mrs. Waters,
in testifying before the commis
sion, said. "She was as white as a
ghost when she ran into my house
She fell on her knees before me
and made the sign of the c ross
'Oh. save me. save: my baby, my
poor baby,' she cried, and I took
her In. and a month later the ba
by was born dead. The doctor
said it had been dead for several
Mrs. Charles Fish, tho wife of a
miner, testified t how she and
03 others, men and women and
children, had hid from the guards
I In a cedar after they had been
I driven from their homes by the
fiendish guards, and how thej
then fled over the li'.lls bungrj
and sick from their long fast
1 But this aint Russia. Oh. in-!
On October 17th the Kicker ad
dressed the foltowing inquiry to the
two candidates for prosecuting at
torney :
"Since there has been consider
able controversy anong the peo
ple over tho law regulating tho
letting of public printing, will
you please tell the Voters what
you understand see. rss to
IPejin ' '
Sikeaton, Ma, net. 18,
PhU A, Hefner, Benton, Mo.
Dear Sir: I am in receipt of
I your letter of yesterday In which
j.vou request my understanding of
; Sec. 7hh of the Revised Statutes
of the State of Missouri. Upon in
vestigation I find thin section to
read ax follows :
"Officers to Procure the Best
! Rates In procuring the publica-
' Unn . , f anv If, or nrnj,lbmotiiin
advertisement, order or notice, as
in the next proceeding section
mentioned, tho public officer
shall accept of the most advan
tageous terms that can bo ob
tained, not exceeding the rates
limited in the preceding section."
My interpretation of this sec
tion is that it means that any of
ficer who has the letting of pub
lic printing should get it printed
or publish'-d on the rnott advan
tageous terms," or at the best
rate that can be secured, so as
to save to the public treasury all
the money possible.
Yours very truly,
Mr. Bailey is the Republican
nominee for prosecuting attoS
ne'y for Scott county.
No reply has been received from
Johi Mc Williams.
On the same date I addressed the
following inquiry to the five candi
dates for COnnty judge:
"Since theie is considerable sen
timent in the county favorable to
an auditing of the books of the
county, will you pleas state for
the Information ot voters wheth
er you, if electei ounty judge,
will favor aa early auditing of
said t okr,'.' '
1 "There has been considerable
controversy over the law regula
ting the letting of public print
ing. Will you please give your
' construct'oii of See "ms ?"
judge of this
deavor to p it
Plute politics has an unstable
foundation. There is much un
rest and shifting of positions.
Wm. M. Reedy, editor of the St.
Louis Mirror. Is a Democrat.
He is also a Single Taxer.
When the plute parties all de
clared against the single tax
Reedy began to look for a place
to light. Here Is what he says
ln his last Issue :
"Once more I rise to remark
that no Single Taxer and no be
liever In those Instruments of di
rect popular government, the In
itiative and Referendum, can con
sistently vote for the Democrat
ic, Republican or the Progressive
candidate for Governor of Mis
souri. It la the duty of all such
persona to vote for Mr. Ward, the
Socialists nominee."
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Also expert Hay and Grain salesmen who are at your service.
We also supply your wants. Sand for prices.
American Co-Operative Union Supply'6mpany
Wm. S. McAdam, Pres. and M'g'r.
No. 404, North First Street, ST. LOUIS, MO.
glkeston. Mo., Oct. 18, 10 12.
Phii. a. Hafner, Lent m, Mo
Dear :;ir 1 am In recelptof your
letter of the I7tn in-t. and have
noted same fully. In reply, tx'C t-
etav. if 1 am ejected as a county
ounty 1 shall en
tile same energy
and Judgment Into the admlnlntra
tion of the county's business that
I have always put Into my own
business. 1 shall favor auditing
the county s buoks.
Replying to that ;vart of your
letter referi tig to Sec. 588, will
say that not having the Revised
Statute- before me, I am not fa
miliar with this section: but 1 as
sure you 1 w .ii comply with the
law to the bast of my ability, at
all time) and under all circum
stances. Yours very truly.
W. ( . HOW MAN
Mr .Bowman la the Republican
nominee for county judge from
the fist district.
Rlsco, Mo., Oct. l$i012
I'hU. A. Hafner. Ronton, M'
Dear Sir Your favor of recent
date to hand and contents noted.
With regard to aadltin irtlu- books
of the county 1 I am In favor of it.
I I don't sec why any official can
be opposed to such an examina
tion . If he has been faithful he
1 should ix clad to lot the people
know It: If unfaithful then the
people should know ;t.
1 understand Sec. 588 to mean
that all public ;. rlnting should be
let to the lowest an d best bidder.
I am, youra truly,
Mr. Grie. is t he Socialist nomi
nee for county Judge from the 8d
Kelso, Mo.. Oct. 81, 1012
Phil. A. Hafner, Ronton, Mo.
Daar Sir Youra of the 17th re
ceived and In answer to question
' No. 1, 1 bog to say that if elect
jed. I will favor an immediate aud
; it of the County Rooks by experts
' In that line.
In answer to question No. 2, I
bog to say that 1 am n ota law
yer, and might not be correct in
; my construction of section refer
red to, but that If I am elected
1 will favor the letting of all
printing for which the County
has to pay to the lowest bidder,
thus giving to this section tho
broadest meaning.
yours very truly,
Mr. Thomas is the Republican
nominee for county judge from
the second district.
No reply has been received from
either Judge Bandy or Josh Mason
I have for sale a fine lot of
one and two-year-old ginseng
roots at $10; $20 and $25 per
1,000. Will fill orders every Mon
day and Tuesday. Special prices
on orders for 5,000 or mora Call
or address, Excelsrio Ginseng Oar
densNew Hamburg, Mo. 47-8t.
Notice Is hereby given, that the
annual meeting of the Scott Conn
ty Mutual Association wUl be held
at Kelso, Mo., on the first MM
oar la Nnvsmhsr IMC at
o'clock, p. ta. Caspar Rotfe
- w mm

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