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ft Comity Klokcr
fey Worker Printing Company.
bnton. MO.
I eCDIractora: C. M. Weaver. Pro.;
Jatloa Albrecht, J. H. Branam. lorni
Dlabold. Phil .V Hafnu.
'to tho poatofflee at Benton, Maw.
aa aaoond-olana matter.
vary Snttiry. Hubterlptlom
He 11 00 per year.
"TIm pains of poverty," wrote Thom
as De Qulncey, "I had lately aeen too
much of; more than 1 wished to re
member; but the pleaanree of the
poor, their consolations of spirit, and
their repoaee from bodily toll, can
Sever become oppressive to contem
plate." Indeed there are pleasures of
the poor, says the Kaneas City Star
One la not ao sure of the delight of
Vrepooea from bodily toll." That
phrase, as used by De Qulncey, Is
reminiscent of Senator Vest's story of
the little negTo boy who was pounding
hla finger with a hammer and was cry
ing from the pain. "Why do you do
that?" the senator asked him, "Oh,"
be said, "It feels so good when 1 quit."
Put If the toll Is not opprt-sslve. sure
ly the period of rest Is the sweeter
because of It. The pleasures of the
poor Include a love of gocd reading
and leisure for It; appetites for the
best eating In the world, boiled din
ners; childhood, storing memories of
6Wlmmlu' holes and bare feet and cir
cuses and bumble bee fights; the treat
of an occasional good play; the not
miserly exultation at money put by for
a rainy day; the EIfish satisfaction of
self-sacrifice; the romance of youth
where marriage ' of helpmates, "pard
ners." ph, there are pleasure of the
poor and a country whone pioneers
knew them so well, whose newer com
munities kuow them yet so well. miiBt
restore them oy eradicating needless
unlllumlned poverty.
Many persons are worrying. In print
and out of It, lest woman Is "making
a man of herself,' and in her eager
ness to grasp new opportunities Is for
getting her Immemorial privileges.
But there is an equally serious cause
for anxiety in mans indifference to
rertaln of his prerogatives. He seems
to be forgetting the pleasure! that ac
crue to him as a parent. "Pn" is no
longer ' onto his Job." He has turn
ed his responsibilities over to the
Teminine bide of the house, ar.d Is
starving a profound need of his nature
.u so doing. Then has been rather
too much idealization of motherhood
i the expense of fatherhood. Not in
'requectly it is the father rather than
the mother who is able to attain to
the vision of the family as a sacred in
stitution He may be more Intimate
with the children than the mother,
ar.d have depths of understandiiiS and
tendernebj which tihe lacks. But
whether he exceeds her Of not in spir
itual comprehension of his sons and
daughters, should he be shut out c
that inner room and confidence into
which all parents and children should
enter by rlt;bt of community of inter
est? No question about it. the Amer
ican father too often is out in the
cold. Perhaps lie made the blunder In
stepping out there himself, but none
the less it is the business of the wom
en who are wise and the children who
arc dutiful to see that he is brought
back into hear, association with the
Thert's one good thing about tho
dog days coming so late; they are the
insect-breeding days The flies and
mooquitoei when they beiin their sea
son early have a way of setting upon
people's garments Just before they go
lr.door3 and of darting Inside when
ever screens are opened for a minute.
When the Insects begin their season
late there Isn t a chance for so many
of them to get into the house
An electric;.! scientist destroys all
tho mites lu choose by electrocution.
He did not count them, but he esti
mated that in one cheese weighing
two pounds there were 5,000,000 mites.
Of course the dead ones were all left
In the cheese, which arouses the
query: What is the difference be
tween eating a dead mite and a .''.viiig
A French aviator predicts air ma
chines which will fly at a speed of
about two hundred miles an hour
At present what an alarmed public
Is looking for in travel of all kinds
is less attention to whirling baste to
a goal and more prospect of getting
there alive.
It is said that side whiskers ard
frilled shirts of tho olden time are to
be revived for masculine fashion.
The denunciations which feminine
styles Cave been receiving will now
tuive the field of criticism broadened,
and the women will have tho chance
J their lives to hit back.
Five hundred students worked
their way through Columbia last year;
which is highly creditable both to them
and Columbia. But we venture a con
jecture that they did not do it by
standing around yelling after football
matches, or by Imbibing cocktails.
It sometimes brings up unpleasant
recollections when you dig up last
winter's derby and contemplate Its
fatigued and generally dilapidated ap
pearance. A Prussian noblewoman was shot
by her companion in a hunting expe
dition after wild bear. It seems
Maine Is not the only place where
junatear marksmanship makes gam
9f human beings.
President Taft. Justices of Supreme
Court, Members of House and
Senate and Representatives of
State Officialdom Attend.
Utlca. N. Y. The remains of the
late James Schoolcraft Sherman, vice
j president of the I'nited Slates, was
' buried here. There was no unnecrs
1 sary pomp or display. Just a detail
! of 30 members of each-of the two Na
; tlonal Guard companies In Utlca pre
: ceded the funeral cortege. Following
! the hearse were the sorrowing family,
the president of the United titc.tee,
Justices of the supreme court, mem
; hers of the house of repres.-nla'.ives
and representative of national and
atato officialdom and the thousands
of fellow townsmen of the statesman.
The private services at the house
for tho family were conducted by Dr.
llolden of tho Dutch Reformed c'aurch.
of which Mr. Sherman was. for many
years, the treasurer and active sup-
The services at the First Presbyte
rian church began at 2 o'clock and
were in charge of Rev. M. W. Stiyck
er. president of Hamilton college. Mr.
Sherman and Dr. Strycker wore class
mates at Hamilton colleee an 1 mem
bers of the same college fraternities.
Mr. Sherman since boyhood had
been a member of the oollefc church
at Clinton, of which Dr Strycker was
pastor, and although the viee-presl-deat
had attended the Dutch Re
formed church for years, he r.over
gave up his membership in the col
lege church.
Dr. Strycker whs assisted by Dr.
Holden. The services opened with
song by an augmented choir of the
Church, and after reading of the Scrip
tures by Dr. Holden, Dr. Strycker de
livered a brie; eulogy of the vico-prrs-'dent.
Dr. Holden pronounced the
President Talt ooeupled the first
pew to the left center airle. With
him were his military aides ar.d oth
er members Of his party. To tho left
Of the nation's chief executive were
seated the honorary bearers ar.d
..cross the n'.sle were the active bear
ers. Tho block of pews back Of the one
occupied by tho president was Occu
pied by senators, congressmen, cabi
net officers and members of the Utlca
On the rwtht tide of the center nislo
ill pews from the front to the rear
of the church . er filled by members
of the Sherman family and theft im
mediate friends
The casket va. placed on a dais it.
front of the pulp!'. wh:ch was (linked
by members of the Conkllng Uncondl
tlonals, a political cit-.b of Utlca.
The OMkOt wa placed in a crypt
In a mausoleum recently erected by
Mrs Sherman's family In Forest Hill
cemetery. This tomb VU opWOd fust
for occupancy less than 8 month a-o,
when the tody of Mrs. gherman'S
mother was placed in It.
Minister-Marshal is siin.
Walnut RIdre, Ark. The marshal
Of Walnut Ridge. P.c-v. J. .. Diggers,
was shot rnd killed while the streets
were full of persons aitr-ndlrg a street
carnival. The marshal und rtook o
arreM "Dock" Driver, who refitted tr
res' aad fired thr-e thotl
Train Robber Suspects Caught.
atCAlester, Ok!a. Joe Davit ;i.nd
"Buck" Durdolf were arrested S the
village of Becker, charged with lmpll
cation in the robbery of Missouri,
Kansas & T.xas pasen?'? trail1,
which w as hi Id up near Worth. Oklfl.,
Tuesday morning.
Aviation in High Sciiool.
Pasadena, Cal. A course in avia
Mob Will be addwl to cur rh u'.um of
the Pasadena high school, according
to Lumbers of the board of education.
The course will have te do solely with
the science, not the practice of aero
nautics. Six Hurt by Dynamite Cap.
Atlanta, Ga Mrs. Fitzbugh Lee
was probably fatally injured and tier
live small children burned when a
dynamite cap exploded in the moth
er's bands. The children brought the
cap to her und she picked It with a
Kills Sister and Self.
Walnut Hidge, Ark. While tempo
rarily insane. Marcus Collier, a mer
chant, shot and killed his sister. Mrs.
A. L. Poe, perhaps fatally wounded
his wife and then killed himself.
Adventitts to Meet.
Cliuton, Mo. Leaders of the young
people's societies of various churches
of the Seventh Day Adventlsts denora-
1 nation in southern Missouri will at-
end a convention to be held in this
city November 11 to 14.
Wins Love of Girl by Shooting.
Santa Rosa, Cal. George Lobl here
I is a believer in drastic measures when
i It comes to lovemaking. His sweet-
heart refused to wed htm so he shot
at her and was arrested. Now the
girl will marry him.
Speede in Hesrse, Fined.
Passaic, N. J. Charged with ex
ceeding the speed limit in his auto
mobile hearse, George W. Robertson,
of Worth Burgen, undertaker, must
pay a fine of $10 assessed by Police
Judge Thomas Costello.
Tight Lacing Killed Him.
Hammond, lnd. Barnardo Gigliotti,
found dead In East Chicago attired In
women's clothing, over which be bad
a salt of men's clothes, died from
tight lacing of bis corset, according
to the coroner.
Ottoman Ministers Discuss Suing for
Peace Upon Hearing cf Defeat
Christian Inhabitants
Are Massacred.
London. Another three days' bat
tle In Thrace has ended in tho tri
umph of the Bulgarlm commander In
chief. Gen. Savoff. whose skillful
strategy has probably brought to a
close one of tho ibortOOt and most
remarkable wars on record.
A great Turkish army estimated at
more than 200.000 men, has been de
feated and is in retreat.
Naf lm Pasha, the Turkish minister
of war and commander lu eh! f in
Thrace, has e titer been shot or taken
prisoner, according to a dispatch from
Con.tatitinople is believed to be at
tho mercy of the victorious Bulgarian
army, ant1, t council sittinp at the
Porte is discussing ttie advisability of
suin;: for p;ace.
Such is the news which comes from
Turks Are Defeated.
It is only a fortnight since Turkey
declared war. The first week of tho
campaign closed with the dramatic
fall of Kirk-Iillsseh. revealing for the
first time tho disorganized and Ineffi
cient commissariat of the Turkish
Today that army is defeated, routed
within fifty miles of Constantinople
and probably its retreat within the
capital's line of defense is cut off.
Only the briefest and vaguest ac
counts of the great battle have yet
been received ior the war has been
especially remarkable in that nat a
single war correspondent has been al
lowed at the front except in the CASS
of the little Montenegrin campaign
against Scutari.
Natim Pacha Outgeneraled.
Apparently Nailm Pasha has bon
completely outtnnneUTOred by Sav.-iff't
skillful generalship, The IVilimrlnn
turning movement along the piack
Sea coast now appears to have been
n fein. which Induced the Turkish
commander to throw- I ilt main c.rmy
to the eastward to such effect that
'he Bulgarian force on this side itad
the greater' difficulty in holding the
Trrks in check,
Tn fact, thll pr.'nt '-perns a little in
rlnubt. Tbe Bulgaria! s gave way. and
thus enabled Nnslm Pasha to report
to Constantinople tome success in
this direction, in th- meantime, how-eve-r.
Savoff hurled bis great strncr'h
ntralnst the Turks' weakened Wt
wing, which he crushed in at Lule
Tlie fighting along the whole front,
which apparently has bee-n of the
most stubborn and dosrritte charac
ter, was carried on day and night
without intet mission, and both .-ides
lost heavily.
Zelii S'rver Cinf?s?s.
New York. Cringing with fear and
clinging to the arm of his counsel.
James W. Osborne, -.vbo was appoint
ed by the coutt to eb fend him. "Red
Phil" Davidson, who killed "Big Jack"
Zeiic. notorious gunman aid gang
leader, was allowed to enter a plea of
guilty of second degree- murder.
Gen. Dir-r Pot in Prison.
Mexico City Of U. Fell-; Diaz.
n-phew of ex-Prettdent Porfirto D!az,
wbo was sen'' need to le:th by court
martial at Vara out for Instigating
nn uprising against the Madero -rov-emment,
has b?."Ti placed In solitary
confinement In Son Juan de Oils
prison, pending a finnl dccMon in his
ense by th1-- supreme court.
N'Tf-,s?cres ty TiKks Feared.
Vranje. Reports that a general
msssoore of foreigners In Turkey is
imminent were accepted as true here.
Captive Turkish officers Itgto that it
Turkish reverses continue nothing
can prevent a talugbti r.
Zelig's Slayer Pleads Guilty.
Nw York "Red Phil'' Davidson,
slayer of "Big Jack " 'Collar, the gang
leader, will escape the electric chair.
t his trial he withdrew his former
plea of not guilty and entered a plea
of guilty to second degree murder.
Anti-Horsethief barbecue.
Renfrow, Okla. The annunl assem
bly of the antl-horsethtef association
had a barbecue as tho chief attrac
tion. It was attended by 4,000 per-
sons, most of whom cainc in nutomo-
Sixty Women Sent to Jail.
Sydney. New Sou h Wales. For
wearing hatpins that nre too lone, 60
society women have heen Jaik-i! here,
1 upon nonpayment of fines. Saving 1
the legislation and fines arc rnjust.
they threaten a "hunger strike."
German Crown Prince Improves.
j Dantsic The German crown prince
was reported better. It was admitted,
j however, thta his look? were marred
' by the fall from his horse. His face
; ig skinned and he is minus a front
tooth. He still kept to his room.
Student Fires Upon Hazers.
New Orleans. Resenting an at
tempt to haze bim, C. L. Batto of
Vlcksburg, MIsb., fired a revolver Into
a crowd of Tulane university studenta,
seriously wounding Wallace Montgom
ery of Sbreveport, La.
Lightning In Snowfall.
Amarlllo, Tex. A mow storm add
a thunder storm at the tame time it
the weather record of the Ttxas ian
hsndle. The ground was covered with
sleet and snow, whllo the electrical
display and thunder continued.
Religionists Enter Burning Building
Time and Again and Carry Out
Helpless Charges Many O til
ers Jump to Life Nets.
San Antonio, Texas. Six Bitters
or Charity, including Mother Mary
of the Cross, mother superior
sacrificed their lives to save nearly
100 orphans, and two children were
burned to death, when the St. John's
orphan asylum was destroyed by fire. J
The sisters carried out scores cf the
children and the firemen rived many I
others with life nets, when the or- j
pbans jumped from windows. The j
origin of the lire la not known.
Time after time the nuns Clashed
Into the burning home, seized chll-
dren, some mere Infants, and rushed
outdoors. Usually they carried two In
their arms. The older children, with- i
out waiting for suggestion, helped to
quiet and save the younger ones. Al- :
though exhausted, Injured and half
suffocated, the brave women kept up ;
their work of sacrifice until the walls
of the big building fell.
The fire was first discovered at 4:30
O'clock. It spread so rapidly that j
many of the children were cut off
(rots the fire escapes. There was a
Wild rush for the stairways and win-;
dows, and the nuns heroically rallied
In an attempt to save the children.
Fire nets were stretched about the
building and scores of the children
leaped to safety of their own accord, j
Others, when they appeared at tbc i
windows, hesitated, but jumped when
urgtd by the Bisters.
Mother Superior Mary of the Cross
deliberately endangered her life. Aft-,
er leaving 'he burning building she
heard a child cry. She rushed back to 1
save the little one. moment later
she appeared at a window with the
child in her arms. Fire Chief Wright
put up a ladder to save them, but be
fore he could reach the window the
floor gave way and Mother Mary and
the child were hurled to their death
in the flames.
Sister Monica leaped from a win
dow from cue of the upper floors. She
missed the fire net ar.d was killed.
Another sister appeared at a win
dow with a child In her arms. Sr.oko
and flames leaped about her on every
side, as she struggled toward the win
dow. The child clung tightly to her
as she emerged from the flames, but
as she reached the window she stag
gored and foil back Into tin- flames,
carrying the child with her. Both
Besides the mother superior, the
Bisters who perished wore:
Sister Francis Postour, native of
Sister Peters Steven, native of Ire
land. Bister Leacodla Nolan, native of
Sister Monica Monnez of Mcx'co.
Sisier Kostka Farrell.
Two of the sisters were killed by
jumping from the third story, both
missing the life nets.
Civil Wir Frintc to Be Sold.
Washington. The old wooden frig
ate Kabash, cf civil war fame, for th6
last 40 yea's receiving ship at the
Boston navy yard, is to be sold. She
captured several Confederate priva
t en and after three days' bomb. rd
rr.cnt forced the surrender of Fort
Fisher. K. C.
Pcscer-.aker Fatally Shot.
Torre Haute, lnd William Lock
hart is dying from a bullet wound in
flicted when he was trying ro save
Bert Hill ar.d Mamie Shadrick from
dcr.'.li at the bands oi George Greene.
Lockhart was shot down as he at
tetnpu.d to Interfere,
United States Ships to Domingo.
Washington. Increasing disorder In
San Domingo, jeopardising American
lives and property, caused the navy
department to order tho immediate
dispatch of two warships to Domin
ican waters.
Bsll Is Granted Snead.
Austin, Tex. -John Beall Snead,
who on September 14 killed Al Boyce
in Amarlllo, was tvuited bail by the
criminal appelate court. The amount
was fixed at 2J.0O0.
Strike Vote on Burlington.
Chicago. Telegraphers, state agents
and towermoa 01 the Chicago. Bur
linston & Quiucy railroad are con
ducting a strike vote. About 2,200
employes tire involved.
Balloon Sails 1,364 Milee.
Berlin. Maurice Blcnalme, who,
with Ranipelmayer, piloted the French
balloon Picadie in the international
contest for the Gordon Bennett cup,
lauded at Riazan, near Moscow, cov
ering a distance of l,3fl4 miles.
Becker Centenced to Die.
New York. Charles Becker, tho for
mer police lieutenant convicted of pro
curing the murder of the gambler,
Herman Rosenthal, was sentenced te
die in the electric chair during the
week of December V.
Misting Sailors Are Safs.
Brownsville, Tex. Twelve sailors
of the abandoned steamer Nicaragua,
who were believed to have been
drowned, have been found. Six of
tbe men arrived at Point Uabol and
the others landed further south.
Montenegrins Join st 6cutsrl.
Cottinje. Prlnee Danllo's and Ccn.
Martiiioviteh's -Montenegrin arxles,
which have hitherto been opcctleg
separately, effected a Junction east of
Scutari and Joined la the Bttg&S; cn
the tows.
Bridegroom-to-Be la an Inetruetar at
Wells College Accumulated
Fortune In Mercantile
Princeton, N. J. The unnouni c
ment of the engagement of Mrs. Oro
ver Cleveland, widow of the late pres
ident of the United States, to Prof
Thomas Jex Preston, Jr., of Wells
college, was made here by President
Hibben of Princeton university, a mu
tual friend of Mrs. Cleveland and
Prof. Pretton. The date of the wed
ding will be announced later.
Prof. Preston first met Mrs. Cleve
land at Princeton, where he was Ink
ing a special course in 1906. He went
out into the society of the tmiver.dty
town a good deal. Later a mutual In
terest attracted them to each other,
for Prof. Preton took the chair of
archaeology at Wells college, Mrs.
Cleveland's alma mater, in which she
has always been greatly interested.
Was White House Bride.
Kx-Presldent Grover Cleveland died I
Tnno 24. 1908. at his home In Prince i
ton after a long illuess. Since then
Mrs. Cleveland, who was known as
the White Houso bride, because of
her marriage to President Cleveland
after his first election, has been living
at the Princeton home. The marriage
of President Cleveland and Miss Fob
som was the result of a romance that
extended over many years, although
It was a surprise when the engage
ment was announced, for President
Cleveland was thought to be a con
firmed bachelor.
Mrs. Cleveland is 48, two years
younger than Prof. Preston. Prof.
Preston did not enter Princeton until
he was 40 years old. because sickness
in his youth had caused him to give
up hope of completing his education,
, j , .u
.Ulc. UlVYVMIiq UttS mice itv.uf-
1..,. , tiff,;.
1 1 . V .. I 1 , , ,,,,.
children Esther. Marion
a ninu.-.i
F. Ruth, the eldest child, died in
Princeton a number of years ago.
She was born In New York. Esther
and Marion were born in the White
Falls Down an Elevator.
New York I. C
mining millionaire,
StuJip, a retired
is dead here ns
the reoult of injuries received in a
fall down an elevator shaft. He was
60 years old Stump entered the lob
by of the Broadway apartment house,
and walking hurriedly plunged Into
the open shaft.
One Held in Murder Case.
Keokuk, la. Ward Stafford, a neigh
bor of Mrs. Ellen Culliner, was arrest
ed after bloodhounds took up a trail
from the home of tho murdered wom
an and followed it directly to Staf
ford's homo, about a mile west of the
scene of the crime.
Banker Gets 5-Year Term.
Cincinnati, O. Wm. H. Kruz, for
mer teller of the German National
bank of Covington, Ky., was sentenced
to five years at the federal prison at
Atlanta, Ga., when he pleaded guilty
to the misuse of $11,000 of the funds
of the bank.
$100,000 as Heart Balm
Los Angeles. Cal. Heart balm in
the shape of SlOO.onn has brcn award
ed to B. C. Reusch, by Judge Bord
well, because ho charged the affection
of his wife, Cella Reusch, had been
alienated by L. SomorvlllSi a wealthy
resident of Pomona.
Three Slain
Four Are Held.
Fort Smith, Ark. Mrs. George
Webb, her 10-year-old sou and 4-yoar-
old daughter were shot to death near
their homo at BOSWOU, Okla., accord-
lng to a report, reaching here. Four
men are under arrest.
Wrecks $3,000 Car, Saves Girl.
Chicago. Mrs. James E. MacMur-
ray sent her new S3.000 electric into
the curbstone and wrecked it, but she
saved the life of a little gin who naa
fallen in front of the machine.
110 Feet Fall Kills Baby.
Indianapolis, aid. James PoIsktovo,
3 years old, fell 110 feet from a win
dow in the Soldiers' and Sailors' mon
ument and was killed.
Snow in North Dakota.
BlsmarcK, w. u. anew xeu xnrougn-
out western North Dakota, following a
24 hours' rain. Tho temperature is '
comparatively mild.
Clocks Time U. 8. Clerke.
Washington -Electrical clocks de -
v. v.-.- Tlz ""--
the postoffice department over the i
elevators that run to the buBy bee
hive above stairs.
Father Stabs Son.
Washington. John D. Thompklns,
i 10 years old, is lyln3 in danger of
death In a hospital and his father,
i John P. Thompkins, Is charged with
having stubbed him in the back dur
ing an altercation.
Pat Crowe Escapes Jail.
Omaha, Neb. Pat Crowe, who 18
years ago kidnaped Eddie t'udahy,
has demonstrated that he is not yet
In the "down and out" class, by effect
ing a clean getaway from the Doug
las county Jail.
Strikers Use Red Pepper.
Washington Red pepper us a wea
pon to discourage competition has
been adopted by the striking waiters
of the capital. A score f strike
breakers have been the victi'ms of
the nenper throwers-
Fools Safer Hero.
In the voluntary surrender at
Springfield of Jo May, a Greek, tho
police) believe they have the man who
has snatched scores of purses from
women on tho streets. May said ho
had committed many more serious
crimes In other states, but preferred
a prison sentence In Missouri because
they would be "easier with him" hero.
Apple Prlaee Awarded.
Ben W. Stuart of Rushvllle, won $50
from the state board of horticulture
for the best plate of apples Noel
uawjr oi nicuuiuuu w- "w-H - I
ceivlng a $25 prize. The contest In
cluded a written account by the boys
of the methods of cultivation and the
reasons for telecttng a particular variety.
Death Just Preceded Her. ""
Mrs. Thomas Anderson came to HANDS ITCHED AND EURNtD
Springfield from Conway to visit her I
husband, who was thought to be con- j Abbotsford, Wis. "My son had ec
valesctng from an operation at a bos- ; sema on his bands for about one year,
pltal. When asked to be shown to j The eczema started with a rash. Hla
her husband's ward she was told ho : bands were soro so ho could not dose
was dead. Anderson had died a few : them, and when he wet his hands they
minutes before from an attack of I hurt him so ho could hardly wnsh. His
heart trouble.
Hog Vender Fined $250.
C. B. Dawson, a farmer of Skidmore,
St. Joseph by Judge Van Valkenburgh I
for selling bogs infected by cholera, j
on the St. Joseph market. Members ,
of a commission firm which purchased
the hogs, also anvBted, were die-
Woman Heads County Ticket.
The women of Lewis county are
taking an unusual Interest in the cam
paign this fall, for the Progressive
party has placed a woman at the head
of their county ticket. Miss Nettie
Green of Monticello has that unique
distinction. She Is a candidate for
prosecuting attorney.
Strange Trinity Gathers.
In the family of Charles C. SheO
man of Parnell, a death, a birth and
a marriage occurred in two days.
Shellmnn's mother died of heart dis-
i m , , Z
Ova Shellman, was married and his
. .
wraniier, -Mrs. ernon Antrim.
UlllU I" a SOU .
Seed Corn Week.
Seed torn gathering week is to be
generally observed by all the rural
schools of Pettis county. The idea
was suggested by S. M. Jordan, man-
"6C' ui luv r" iuuiu uurvau 01
nBrlcilltlir?- and Thomas R. Luckctt.
,1... TT ..... .......... i .. . r
county superintendent oi srnoois. is
giving it his earnest co-operatlcn.
Farmer Kills Armadillo.
II. B. Moffat, who lives four miles
west of Sturgeon, killed and armadillo
on his farm. Hide dealers at Colum-
bia declare the animal must have es-
caped from a circus. Moffat presented
the armadillo to the museum of the
State university.
Big Warehouse Burns.
The Standard Warehoe.se company
near Kansns City, was. totally de
stroyed by nre. The loss Is estimated
at between $1S,000 and $20,00". The
flames spread to tho branch yard of
the Hadger Lumber company and
cause.! a loss estimated at $1
Widow Sues for Damages.
Mrs. Jane Heed filed suit at Spring
field against Joan McCord, a Stone
county stockman, for Jl 0,000 damages
is a result of the killing of her' hus-
band, John Kecd. last July
Keed and
McCord quarreled over stock running
at large find McCord shot Keed.
State Has Big Walnut Crop.
What Is said to be the largest crop
of walnuts ever known In southwest
Missouri is being harvested this fall.
Tho trceu arc heavily loaded with
nuts, The nuts are somewhat smaller
than usual, although the quality and
flavor am fullv un to the .standard.
Buyers at E:;eter are makinjfarrange-
nients for shipping walnuts in carload
lots to Eastern markets.
Killed In a Runaway.
(juv c. Pope, ,12 years old. was
thrown from a wagon In a runaway
cn the Mansfield and Hartville mad.
five mueB from Hartville and instantly
killed. Pope was a nephew of Attor
ney W. S. Pope of Jefferson City and
A. L. Pope, president of the Bank of
Klrksville Oats C. E. Convention.
The twenty-fifth annual state con
vention of the Missouri Christian En
deavor union concluded a four days'
j SB,n .t fh. prMhv0Hn
Wm( p,alng and yoted fe meet
year at Klrksville the last week in
ninhih.,i, -
1 There aretocaVes'o 'diphtheria
I and scarlet fever in Central Missouri
than at any time for several years. At
Ottorville a protracted meeting at
the Presbyterian church haa been ad-
journed until next month on account
of it.
Log Killed Miner.
I.awrence Atlc, 17 years old. was
found dead under a cage In Mine No.
3 at Higginsvllle. A log had fallen
on him, fracturing his skull. Atlc
waa employed In the mine
- Negro Attacked Sedalia Girl.
A negro attacked Lucille Crosslin, a
16-year-old Sedalia school girl. Tbe
girl was dragged Into a cornfield near
her home on the outskirts of town,
hut her mother, attracted by screams
frightened tbe man away.
Plve Admit White Slavery.
Five men pleaded guilty to charges
of white alavery In the federal court
at St. Joseph. One of tho cases grew
out o.' tbe recent doting or the vice
district in Chicago, Tavls McMaban
having come from Chicago.
. .U OaaldiM
"Was your aviation meet a -
"No, not much of a one There)
wore only three accidents and o
EFSSSnfi Tverytlo Od
CASTORI A, a safe asd sure remedy roe
infants and children, and see that It
Boars tho
Signature of (
In Use For Over 80 Tears.
Children Cry ior Fletcher's Cantoris
The 0n, w
No ue tQ wo) tht
She haa
, neart of marble."
"Then leave It In ttntu quo.
Comparative Luxury.
"My father has a horse and buggy."
"Yes, but my brother was run over
by an automobile."
hands itched and burned Just terrible
and If he would scratch them, they
would break out into sores. Ho could
not get nny re9t or sleep, aad US
hands looked quite bad.
"We had medicine and salvo and It
kept getting worse all the time. I got
some Cutlcura Soap and Ointment,
ana Riier wtwuiu immw
Cutlcura Soap and putting some of the
Cutlcura Ointment on two times a day
and tying cloths on them for about six
months they got well and have not
broken out sluce. Cutlcura Soap and
Ointment cured him entirely." (Sign
ed) Mrs. Lawrence Klehl, Feb. IS.
Cutlcura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Pook. Address
post-card "Cutlcura, Dept. L, Boston."
Will Soon Wake Up.
Cincinnati woman declares the baa
discovered a man Without a fault.
Walt till they've been married ten
years. --Milwaukee Sentinel.
Height of Afsuranee.,-
A man wa3 charged with stealing a
horse, and after a lone; trial the Jury
acquitted him. Later In tho day the
man came back and as!;ed the Judge
for a warrant against the lawyer who
had successfully defended him.
"What's the charge?'' inquired th.
judge. "Why, your honor. " replied the man,
"you see, I didn't have the money to
pay him his fee, so he took the horse
1 stole." Llppincott's Magazine.
Tuberculosis Day Oct. 27.
Cordial approval and Indorsement
of Tuberculosis day which will be ob
served by the churches of the country
on October 27, is expressed by Presi
dent Tuft in a letter to Homer Folks
of New York, president of tho National
Association lor the. Study and Preven
tion of Tuberculosis. From present
Indications. Tuberculosis day wlllbe
observed by almost every religious
denomination in ti e United States and
not less than (0,000 sermons on tuber
culosis will be preached on October
27, or in tho weeks preceding or fol
lowing that date.
Open Air Schools Grow In Favor.
With the opening of the fall school
term, over 200 open air schools and
fresh air classes for tuberculous, and
anaemic children, and also for all chil
dren In certain rooms and grades, will
be In operation in various parts of the
United States, according to the Nation
al Association for the Study and Pre
vention of Tuberculosis. All of these
schools have been established since
January, 190". when tho first institu
tion of this character was opened In
Providence, R, I. On January 1st,
1910, there vero only 13 open air
schools In this country and a year
later the number had increased only
to 29. Thus, the real growth in this
movement has been within the last
two years. Massachusetts now leada
the states with 86 fresh air schools
; and classes for tuberculous, anaemia
! and other school children, Boston
! alone having over 80. New York comes
: next with 29, and Ohio is third with
21. Open air schools have now been
established in nearly 50 cities in 19
different states
A Million
Breakfast every morn
ing on
Suppose you try the
food with cream and
sugar, as part of break
last or supper.
You may be sure It
will be a delicious part
"The Memory Linger"
Fsatam Oml Company, LU.
, Mica.

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