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NO So.
Democrats Polled No More Votes for Wilson Than For
Bryan.-Socialist Vote Doubles.-That "Kally.
It is Wednesday, Nov. 6, 8:15
p. m. Mm Hafner and I nave
Just finished folding the papers
ready for the mailing tomorrow.
While we were folding the pa
pers Mm Hefner called my atten
tion to the piling up of barrels
opposite the Kicker office. Look
ing out I noticed W. H. Heisserer
and sheriff Oober at work. They
espled me and a feeble "Hurrah
for Mc Williams" was emitted, but
the noise was a kind of cross be
tween the cracked yell qf a hoarse
school boy and the lowing of a
cow, and provoked me to laughter
They made but one attempt and
quit. Perhaps it occurred to
them that a majority of 15 in. a
county that only a few years
ago had over a thousand wasn't
much to hurrah about.
But as I write this they are
pulling off what is no doubt In
tended to pass for a rally. The
court house is lighted up and a
small crowd has gathered. A few
horns of the defunct Benton band
are also out, and the discordant
sounds harmonize with the mot
. ley gathering.
The crowd Is swelling.
In the absence of Mr. Rucker
the prayer service Is dispensed
The bear is on tap in the court
building and "draws" well.
There is Just enough boze to
produce the usual Democratic en
thus'i lt-tn
Hark! Who is that 1 hear?
Ob, yes; Warner. He has tem
porarily .merger from the tomb
and La evidently rejoicing that it
A.-ts d i worse.
by 75 votes. They say Hafner did
it. Take, for instance, tlie town
ship of Kelso. Wilson received
458 votes and Kelly got only 824.
Is Hafner to blame because these
129 Democrats refused to vote
for Kelly? In Oran Wilson got
200 and Kely 162. I admit doing
mv best, but I am not entitled to
S? ?'! T, US1! ALL of the credit.
The.v know what did it as well I
tira no mueh as I ever en.lo.veu
th nronles of nlavful monkevs. behind Tart, the Harvester trua
To show the extreme low men- behind Roosevelt or the Tobacco
tality of the Kicker s enemies and trust behind Wilson,
how little they are removed from But the Tobacco trust won, an. I
animalism, I will tell you a story I hope Tom Ryan will be tnerci-
When circuit court opened I put ful.
up a show card on the BILL But conditions will go on Just
board In front of the court house, as they are only grow gradually
advertislng the Kicker as the pa- worse. Four years hence the il-
per of the working class. The son administration will be as un-
hil inaHn an order popular as the Taft administra-
that no such advertising oe ai- xion now is. tow unwwH
lowed ON THE BUILDING. In the house, the senate and the
an hour or so after I had posted president. Their rule Is absolute,
my notice the advertlsments of But behind them Is the same pow-
the Democrat were plastered er that forced Taft to do so
over various parts of the build- many unpopular things the mon-
Ing. To see If I would be arrest- ey power. K
ed I stuck up one of my show They can change nothing that
cards on the building. Anyone will give the people the least re-
comlng to town can see the Dem- lief. The landlords will take their
ocrate advertisements nave not rami w m"-wj''
been molested. But the Kicker's their Interest, and business Inter
have all been torn down. I am ests will demand their profits
glad I have no friends so degen- Just as before. And It to rent, in
erate as to tear down the adver- terest and profit that weighs so
tlsememts or hand-bills of adver- heavily on the great mass of peo
ples. Nowhere In Benton, nor in pie. This will go on.
the county, can the Kicker keep There will be a little tinkering
up an advertlsment. The "better with the tariff, a screw loosened
class" won't stand Tor it. But here, a tap tightened there, and
they tro to church. much noise and bluster, but the
But hold on-I have been so root of our troubles capitalism
busy I have ndt opened my eve- will remain untouched,
nlng mall. Here is a letter from Cut this out, paste It Where you
P. E. Daugherty, rornie.t, wrtnioau rsw 1
mniF nnW oni'llWll. it VO iH i tfttOHMnt dOSS lKt COUIC tl'llC.
"I am certainly glad to bear that I
! til Kicker ea-e was !e,0t with I But there was evidence ol much
! squarely Enter the following good In the election. Five states l
i names on the llst-U H. Brunt, s voted on constitutional amend
R Bradslmw. Emil Hillenuuin. C. ments adopting woman's suffrage ,
1 B Shav L W Helscerer, 3, W. 'and In four or the states it enr
i Rose R.'e. Siblev, J, E. Adams.'' ! rled. That is going some. Ten j
m .. ,..,.h i.. Mi.Uliofl.-n TOO next letter is miuwira n-wr - "T: tM DKn OIIlC oi circuit juuc .
hfir'; l7, "t'n ' T teienhone OOle Ul ' at Blodgett. As I open it two I Ing or holding oir.ee was consiu- ; wa,.,lcoer would hardly hav,
burns n tno teiepnont row is . , r-nm I mmA ,,l,v You will tret to vote . , . ut v,,..i..,..i.,r,..
4 11 . 11 Ul IN lull uui. it . r" . . . ... HtOOIlVl ll'mi.tl uu-.i ii',. ....,-
joe .Mai'Kjcy, wuo warns w r "V 7. , ;
In former years H. Martin Wil
liams waa a prominent Democrat
At several sessions of the legisla
ture he .was the reading clerk.
He has a powerful voice and Is a
good speaker. Some ten years
ago he became converted to pub
lic ownership and the single tax
and has been advocating these re
forms. Two years ago the social
ists threatened the power of the
olutes In Scott county and they
hired H. Martin to pome in here
to make speeches.
H. Martin made the speeches all
right and the yaps thought them
grand. True they sounded very
Socialistic, but the Democrats
palmed them o.'f on the people as
Democratic doctrine when. In
fact, H. Martin was telling them
Hut he ciiun t
as I do. but they never tell the
people the truth when a lie serves
their purpose better. In the pla
ces mentioned the wet and dry is
sue was raised, and the wet vote
went against Kelly. Tliat is all
there is to that.
But they yawp about "deals"
and "fusion" between the Repub
cans and Socialists. None was
necessary. The Democrats hail
been hounding us, persecuting us of the single tax
and doing all in their power to
destroy us, yet they pretend to
be agrleved at the Socialists for
voting for Republicans for such
offices as the Socialists had no
candidates. That the Republicans
did not vote tor the Socialists Is
very clear tor the Socialist vote
was practically a straight one.
Two days after the election I
received an unsigned letter on
plain paper, In a plain envelope,
postmarked at Cape Girardeau. It
was written on typewriter and I
believe it was the work of Frank
Kellv. It reads:
Don't that sound good for the
SOCI ALISTS ? The deal made by
jou to deliver all your friends to
the Republicans had its effect iu
Scott county, but Kelly was elec
ted by over 000."
The envelope was addressed to
"Old Phil Hafner wrncn sounds corporations own :. . .
very much like Kelly. ir Mr. I acres of American soil., 1,078,080
Kellv did send it and it is reas- I acres more than is comprise I In
name It, and the yaps swallowed
It for Democracy. In the last is
sue of the Appeal to Reason I find
this from the pen of U. Martin
We are frequently told that be
cause of the vast extent of the
United States the monopolization
of the soil of this country is im
possible, but it Is a Tact that lund
monopoly has made the most
alarming strides in this country
within the l&t-t three iuartc,s of
a century, and la st;ll growing by
leaps and douikis inning m
shoit pe'lod of twenty years -from
1S5H to 1ST0. inclusive
American congresses bestowed
The Kicker has told Its readers
about the troubles of the timber
workers of the south. For y ears
they were unorganlced slaves at
the mercy of the lumber trust.
For more than a year they have
been organizing. This the trust
did not want thtsm to do.
A few months au at a public
meeting at Grabow. l.a.. shots
were fTred Into the crowd and
three were killed and many
wounded. The shots were said to
have been fired from the offices
of the Galloway Lumber Co.
However', many officials and
leaders of the tirabe;' workers
were arrested and thrown into
jail bond refused
Fifty-two were thus taken from
their families including A. L.Eui
erson, president of the Brother
hood of Timber Workers.
About two months ago their
trial began at Lake Charles. La.,
In the good old Democratic South
From every part of the nation
money was sent to prevent the
legal murder of those men.
Last week the case closod and
the Jury was only one hoir in sot
ting the men free.
Fifty-two men were taken from
their families and suffered impris
onment for about months.
Thousands upon thousands of dol
lars were contributed by the
workers all over the nation. Vet
the men had committed uo of
fenceand proved it.
But this- is a "free" country.
enable to believe that redid tena
it or knew of its being sent what
do you think of the mental and
moral calibre of such a man for
i banner that reads:
or to John Mc Williams. Electa
n spite of hate and iiainerwm.
On another banner Is a picture
supposed to be me and under It is
(Vrlten, Wo, the people."
The boose Is getting in its work i
and they are shouting for Mc-
He responds and thanks them
or saving the country.
Dudley Is called and lie also glT
as thanks.
Senator Hunter Is called and
(Ives thanks that the people sav
ed their homes by voting against
the single tax
. t . . i:l . iLnl
A voice mai sonum uui.ua - - . , . .,lhaL ,
Ituw is snying unit ne noes uui, . . w n...,
people suuuiu "."" Thornton
... ... I I1UI 11 IUI1, i.K'i'"" 1
DO more SOOlallsm m Dim piryalLt, J. E. Congleton, and Eliza
who ha
khan he 1ms in his leg
W:M Heisserer is called
the u t.irns from the lower coun
l .- . . circuit judge and is thanlc
ful t i.it Kelly won.
Others are called and all give
. In fact, they don't seem
to have anything else to give.
Politicians never do have after
. taction and if you don t
: per sent to W. D. Estes. and W. E
This other letter is postmark
ed Commerce. Out rolles a dollar
bill saying that H. L. Goddard
wants the paper that tells the
truth and can prove It.
A post card from the postmast
er at Commerce informs me that
Frank Gratehouse and R. A. But
ler have paid for the Kicker.
And here is a letter from my
friend A. A. Evans at Morley. He
writes: "Accept my congratula
tions on your success In suit. On
reeeint of the news I lmmodiate-
A. W. Bowman, nac
l.inson DabbS. J. A-
and you will find it in the plat
form of every political party In
It took heroic work to save JlC-
Williams and the.v pulled him
thmiuth bv onlv IB votes. Had
uno:i railroad corporations neai
two hundred million acres of the j " Tun FOOLS
people's patrimony, or an amount CHlLUKb.N A U OU
equal to one twelfth of the total w r ii
area of the Lnitod States. -? ' nn
T.-.. ..t.. .!, .....ii There Is more than
mUr-M I"J .UUl..UU-.n ..- I. r.V,
virilllll 1 LFl Hill ...IIUIC ira i.v..
There is no houseless wight so
pessimistic as to declare tha. In
this country there is not enoucli
for subsistence, for comfort and
for luxury for every inhabitant
of the land.
I Yet at no time in our country
' nor in any other, have the great
I mass of population had enough
' to eat, enough to wear, nor have
1 they been properly housed. In
those wonderful Utopias pictur
To establish Socialism would
mean to abolish capitalism. To
abolish capitalism would mean
to abolish the capitalist AS A
CAPITALIST; and, as the capir
?ta lists control both old parties,
they certainly ar enot going to
use them to abolish thcmselvea
They may adopt all of the IM
MEDIATE DEMAND planks from
the Socialist platform, but that
would not gle us Socialism.
Thev mav even give us GOV
changing their w Stored stock's
ami the l bonds for gilt-edged
government secunty, but that,
too, would not be Socialism that
would be a swindle.
The people wotnd keep on work
ing for low wages and paying
high prices to pay the dividends
on the government securities, and
the capitalists, being in posses
sion of the government through
the old parties, would pay these
dividends in perpetuity.
Now, to be exploited by a gov
ernment controlled by the capi
talists is not so mueh better then
to be exploited by the capitalists
Socialism moans the abolition
of ALL exp)oit!i tion, and the Dem
ocratie management of the indus
tries by the workers
The Socialist Party is the only
political party controlled, in ana
gal and financed by the workers
themselves; it is, therefore, the
only party Which can Ire depend
ed on to abolish capitalism and
establish Socialism
1010. Up to leiH It appeared i fh. - to kllown the taot about
f n at nrm. i : . . . .. . t
reads r,h h,lf.ta!
On with the rally I
I I'm going to bed.
onlv in the Socialist piatiorm.
This year it was added to the j
Bull Moose and Prohibition plat-
forms. !
In St. Louis the people voted to
Idd to their charter the inltia-1
tlve and referendum. This means
that the power oT the municipal
assembly to give away valuable
franchise has been broken. The
people have the veto power, j
More Socialism.
In Chicago the Socialist vote
lumped from 10,000 to r.3.000.
In Indiana from 13.000 to 30.000.
BlmUar gnlns are reported from
Ohio. Pennsylvania, New York
and other states.
the states of New Hampshire, i i
mont, Massachusetts, Connecticut
Rhode Island, New Jersey and Del
aware, with their population o
8,3."U.O ,0.
Sixty-three American corpora-
tious and Individuals own lit.-!
485.000 acres, or one-thirteenth
of the total erea of the United
Thirty-five persons and corpor
ations own more than five mil
lions acres iu California.
Here we have a few railroad
corporations, fifty-six alien cor-
tor's office tliey can continue to potations and individuals, and
rule with an iron hand. The li'e. 1 ninety-eight American citizens
libertv or property of no one Island corporations owning 410.
safe who dares to antagonise 084,890 acres, an amount equal
them. They have terrorized the I to almost one-sixth of the total
nnnnle until many arc afraid to i area of the United States, or to
that libel "soot ' he would nave
With Kelly 00 the bench and Mc
Williams In the public prosecu
By W. S. Morgan.
Hi, there. John Heury, lend me
,vour ear.
Now, don't get scared and kick
over the dash-board, for I'm not
goin to t'. k Socialism to you.
You're voting an oid party
ticket, aren't you?
Do you know the reason why
you're voting it.
No, you can t ebe a single
good reason.
Let me tell you some of the
: reasons why you're doing it.
I If you and your like didn't vote
4 hut ivnr vrmr hfsvs. the iao-
ed in fairy taies, perhaps, such taiIla 0f industry, could not own
things have been, but not in our fjtesn thousand dollar docs and
pros.ac wona or reauty. charter Pullman care for them
catch them before they go nome
you don't even get that.
But those politicians are not to
be blamed. That Is the way the.v
get an easy living by talking.
You could have discovered corns
'n none of their hands.
MeWllllams landed a job that
pays him more in a year than lie
has heretofore been able to earn
In three. Of course he is thankful
Dudley came In here only a year
ago and, by being "good, ' also
has a good Job. He, too, has a
tight to be thankful.
Senator Hunter held public jobs
until his record in the legislature
mused him to be
Viv his own narty. Ho now
hundreds Of poor tenants dividing
up their products with him. For
this he also has reason to be
Dr Haw Is thi son-in-law or
Mr. Hunter and also the county
doctor who draws his quarterly
pay for visiting the poor Tarm.
W. H. Heisserer runs the store
that rurnlshea supplies to the
poor farm and the prisoners at
erative profits. In ex
change he is depended on to deliv
er the Catholic vote to "the par
ty'' This Is not as easily done
it used to be but he was
thankful for what he got.
Every man who spoke had his
belly up to the pie counter and
was therefore thankful.
But how about the howling
mob that gets only a little hot
air and a swig of beer? Feel
down In your Jeans and sea what
YOU got out of this "galorlous
victory." Oh, you suckers!
But the rally goes on the tam
eat thing you ever saw. They
must be running Short on booze.
None of the' speeches are over
two minutes long. A dig at the
vivap nnd Socialism and a little
yawping about the "grand victo
ry " anfl vne jt uju uimiiu""
It is amusing to hear them
boast after having lost the coun
ty court and saving the prosecu-
' ting attorney by only a few vot
es In a year when the Democrats
made a clean sweep everywhere
ejse. If conditions had been nor
mal It might have been different.
No doubt they think they are
annoying me. But they are not.
The only thing that annoys me Is
the fact that men so mentally
weak as to make of politics a
personal matter should be choosen
- to rule over this county. This re
minds me of conditions In the
Vald Knob counties In the south
west part of the state 20 years
ago. otherwise I enjoy their an-
Last weeks' electi m is over and
the result ought not to have sur
prised anyone who had been keep
ing tab on events. While the Tart
administration was overwhelm
ingly repudiated, yet the Demo
crats did not gain in Popular vote
They got a little over six million
just as they did four years ago.
Between Talt and Roosevelt they
got eight million with Roosevelt
ahead or Taft. The only rift In
the cloud Is the Socialist vote. It
more than doubled in the nation.
In this campaign the voters
were all "up in the air." The in
troduction of the Bull Moose par
ty, with Its counterfeit Socialism,
played Its part. The tendency fan
ward Socialism Is the one thing
that alarms our rulers, and that
I hi tondenev is strong was pro-
turned down i vn hv the fa,.t that, toward the
ft. (W I
Scott county Is perhaps the
only spot where Socialism slid
backward since last election. The
causes are easily discoverable.
The main cause Is that we have
never hm an organization wor
thy of the name. Quarterly a
few enthusiasts would meet at
Morley under the assumed title of
the Socialist party of Scott coun
ty. While they meant well ami
were In earnest, yet they repre
sented nothing but themselves.
The Socialist party must depend
upon its dues-paying members ror
Support. At the beginning or
this campaign year I doubt ir
there were fifty in the county,
and I doubt If there are that
manr now.
We have had no organizer, and
the only speaker we ha1 was Car
ver, who was In here for a week
before election. As for funds, we
had only the $70 gained at a pic
nic in 1011, and that was all we
had to draw on. There was no
distribution of literature nor any
other plan of education.
The falling off of the Socialist
vote or this COUOty Oaa be direct
ly traeed to the lack of organiza
tion. There Is no organization in
the tenant and rural districts at
all. Chnrfee has a local organi
zation and the vote there Jumped
talk write or sign petitions. j the original thirteen statee
But it's a "free" country. Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama
Mississippi, Indiana, lllii.osis and
in the county, for the heel of oue-thiiu of Michigan.
the ticket, the Democrats polled! nmvT VEFD BRAINS
1,957 , Republicans, 1 239 ; Pro- Ry K
gressives. 808 ; Socialists, 648. The incident I shall relate is
The Socialist vote was distributed . . f. . tr.. PerhaQS it u.and
I don't know; I
as follows: Coiiunerce 88: Diel.l- it ,gn.t
stadt. IU: MISK, iw; onamn,w ,t , hGrad lt A worklnmaa
was hit by a train His head was
badly cut and his brains fell out.
A doctor was called and he
sewed up the man's head but for
got to put his brains back. One
of the men who was assisting the
close of the campaign, all of the
capitalist parties claimed to be
the REAL progressives. Even the
chairman of the Tart party urn
this, and the Democratic party
Claimed It from the start.
Roosevelt, with his twenty odd
planks stolen from the Socialist
platform, received over four mll
ii . , v it a wisnnn'ble to say
that with the counterfeit out of from 48 to 110. Illmo has a lo-
the W3y, at least nan oi iuw
wnnld hnvo voted the Socialist
ticket. While these would not
have been Socialist votes, yet it
would have resulted In tne elec
tion of many Socialist congress
men and state legislators.
While Congressman Burger lost
against a fusion of all parties a
galnst him In the Mh Wisconsin
district, yet he went down with
an Increased Socialist vote The
Socialists must have a clear ma
jority before they can win and
hold power.
Early reports Indicated the elec
tion of three congressmen in the
state of Pennsylvania, and one
In Kansas, but have no definite
Information. Illinois elected 3
Socialists to the state legislature
That the people want no .more
standpatlsm Is clear. Taft re
ceived but eignt electoral vuic
In the entire nation utan aim
Vermont, with Idaho In doubt.
Rooeevelt carried Michigan, Min
nesota, Pennsylvania, South Da
irn Ami Washington with 77
electoral votes, with California in
doubt. Wilson got the rest.
The 0 lobe-Democrat oonwwms
on It that there was not the usu
.i nhwrinir and enthusiasm as the
ivnfn Announced at the
newspaper offices. Here was a
landslide, the like of which is un
known to our couutry. Yet the
people received the news mutely.
Perhaps tbey felt that they had
used their bast Judgement, but
feared the result. It was rather
an unpleasant proposition to
choose between being governed
Ikeston, 30; Mlnner, 3; McMul'.in.
3 ; RootWad, 9; Crowder. 17; Mor
ley. 53; Vanduser, 34; Benton, 1
New Hamburg, 5 ; Oran. 50 ; Per
kins, 13; Bleda, 12; Chaffee, 110;
Illmo. 78; Forufelt, 80; Kelso, ti.
Township organization was tie- idoctor notlce(1 the oversight.
lea ted oy iou votes. oimwh.
Benton, Oran and Kelso precincts
went heavy against it, while Ill
mo, Fornfelt, Mlnner and Lusk
voted overwhelmingly for It.
The highway engineer act was
snowed under by over 400. Only
about half the voters voted on
this and township organization
and the amendments. All of the
amendments to the constitution
were lost in tne county ana m
the state except there is a p s
elblllty of the first having car
ried. Justices of the peace elected are
Cal Gupton, Morley; J. D. Peal
and J. Ed Green, Blodgett ; II. E.
Moore. Tywappity.
Constables. M. L. Taylor; Mor
ley; R. C. Cannon, Moreland; A.
Rlngo, Sylvanla; Jerry Frazer.
Blodgett; E. L. Richards. Rich
land; Ambrose B'es. Commerce: E.
Brooks, Tywappity ; R. T. Powell.
C.vclee come and go, ages of
prosper. ty give way to ages of
greater opulence, but never has
it been recorded that the chil
dren of men have been suff.cient
ly housed or clothed. No matter
how barbaric, nor how civilized
hunger, while others gorge and
! revel In the products of our toil.
I One might think that the o .vn
era of the earth would be satis
fied with the contemplation of
our hum.lity and our self-abne
gation, nut no. tney nun ai us w0U1d
' tne.r insults. Me are not muus
tr.ous; we are not economical;
we are not temperate; we are Ig
norant, we are indifferent.
Toilers of the ages, you who
bullded these fair cities, you who
till the farms, you who transport
the goods, you who delve into the
dark earth for priceless jewels,
can you much longer remain so
engrossed in the production of
wealth that you will not demand
-Vnn fnro-nt tn nut his brains to enjoy a little of if.
back," he excitedly told the doc- Aptly has Kipling cried to IIS
tor- " "Children and fools are ye all."
wis rinn't mutter rpnlied the we have been most of us have
doctor, "I know him, he'll never oeen lorcea to go w.n.ouv me yGung bird whicn takes anytni
miss 'em, he votes an old party necessities for comfortable ex- the 0id bird p.jve- it, whether
ticket." jistence. a worm bug or fly.
vvorsers uuu lumbers, uu-aiu- ir Ton fllfln't vote tte 010 par
(the dogro to ride in when their
owners traveled from one place
to another.
If you didn't vote the old party
ticket men could not buy special
privileges to tax the people for
the uac of public utilities and net
to bo worth many millions of
dollars while those whom they
tax are s 'arceiy able to support
their families.
If you didn't vote the old party
ticket the rotten politicians
be fire 1 out of office and
bonesl men pit in their piaoes.
If you didn't vote the old party
ticket the wealth which you
create would be more equitably
divided and you would get your
share of it.
If you didn't vote the old party
ticket you would not be liki i
fool sheep following a noi-e DM '
by the liell on an old bell-weal
who is j'ist as big a fool as J
are and for a handful of gri i
grass would lead you Intc
slaughter pen.
If you didn't vote the old pai
ticket von would not be like
"How far is it to
"Ain't formed no opinion.'
"Do you think it is going
"Got no opinion, stranger."
"Where's the best hotel here?
"No opinion on that, sir."
"What's the matter with you
are you crazy?"
"Never formed any opinion."
"WeUi say. tell me what
mean by such answers."
"Stranger, don't tell any of
' iers and doers, we have produced Xicket vou wouldn't be voting 1
the next I by the thousands. We have given men wj10 make laws which favor
; the best that we had. we nave thG ril.a an4j crind down the poor.
: created weaitn oeyono our most
to ' extravagant dreams more then
: enough for all. Still most of us
live in want. The hovel and tne
shoddy and the coarse and unpal
atable are our portion.
We rise early, toil hard and
i long, work far into the night,
iwiith what result? Mere tubals
you , tence.
i Self denial, sacrifice, rertunci
the 'ation antl contentment with tiov-
reiiers around here, but I'm in i arty have been our saving virtues
tralnlu' fer jury duty at the ne:
If you didn't vote the old party
ticket you would have a rhnnee
to vote for somebody else beslrVM
a lawyer, banker or merchant,
and most anybody could do better
I than they HAVE DONE.
term of circuit court."
cnl onlv a few months old and
polled 80 votes about doubled.
Fornfelt local has had Internal
troubles since last spring and did
well to hold its own with 78 vot
es. On the other hand Blodgett.
where the rule of the landlord is
absolute and where to be known
as an active Socialist means to
get off the land, the vote rell from
about 100 to 46. The same con
ditions prevail at Diehlstadt, and
In Richland and part of Morley
But the surprise comes from
Kelso precinct. There we got a
goose egg two years ago. This
year we got 6. At New Hamburg
we got three two years ago, but
got five this trip, and It Is get
ting so there that they do not
get under the bed to hide whon
they hear of a Socialist being in
town. Garver was given the use
of the school house to speak In.
and an attentive crowd listened
to him.
Saturday a few Socialists met
at Morley and all agreed that the
trouble In this county was the
lack of organization. They de
cided to call a meeting for Mor
ley on the first Saturday In De
cember to begin re-organizing
from the ground up.
Before closing I want to re
fer to other features of the cam
paign. The bone-heads are heap
ing more honor upon me than I
am entitled to.
Ed Hays, Republican, carried
this rock-ribbed Democratic coun
ty over Frank Kelly, Democrat,
Every Worker
Who earns Bread in the Sweat
of his face should be a patron of
Virtue demands that we deny
j ourselves everything that maVes
i life worth living, save hard and
unceas ng ton. spirituality re
quires that we smile in content
ment in our rags and dirt and
Farmers, Attention!
50,000 Organized consumers In St. Louis want your Eggs and
Poultry Shipped direct. Send for Shipping Tags and Instruction
how to ship. Coops and cases furnished on application.
Any Local wishing to start Operative Shipping or Purchas
ing without Capital, write us and we will tell you how
ir tm farmers have the heln and support of those who con
sume their produce, they can succeed, no matter what the middle
men may do.
We have expert Cattle and Hog salesmen at Independent Stock
Also expert Hay and Grain salesmen who are at your service.
We also supply your wants. Send for prices
American Co-Operative Union Supply Company
Wm. S. McAdam, Pres. and M'g'r.
Ne. 44. North First Street, ST. LOUIS, MO..
By Ralph Korngold.
A great many well-meaning
people Imagine that we are coinc
to get Socialism through the oi
"The old parties," they sny.
will adopt one plank after an
other from your platform, and
thus kill the Socialist Party.''
Now, consider : Why would the
old parties adopt planks from the
Socialist platrorm?
Because they like the planks?
H they liked the planks, the.v
could have adopted them long
ago, or they can adopt them now
They do not like the planks. If
they adopt any of them, it will be
because of their fear of the
The bigger the Socialist Party
The bigger the Socialist Party
grows the greater will be that
fear, and the more planks they
will adopt.
If the Socialist Tarty ever were
to die, their fear would die, and
they would immediately drop any
planks they might have adopted.
So you tee that even If we could
get Socialism through the old
parties, we could not get It by
allowing the Socialist Party to
die as soon as tbe old parties
adopt some planks from the So
cialist platform, but by making
the Socialist Party bigger and
Rut the old parties wOl agC gtfg
us Socialism B
If vo i d dn't vote the o'rt party
ticket you wouldn't be voting like
your daddy did, or someone else
who don't know any more about
politics than you do. and not
half as much as you ought to
If you didn't vote the old party
ticket you would not hnvo the
privilege of following the brass
band on Toot and yelling for a
smooth-tongued rnscal until you
were so hoarse you could not cat
soup for a week after the elecv
tlon. ir you didn't vote the old party
ticket men could not buy their
way into the United States Pen
ate like Irimer did, and have
senators of both parties vote to
seat him after the crime had been
proved on him.
i If you didn't . ote the old party
ticket you coul I have an amend
I ment to th.- constitution provld
i Ing for the ele t m of V S Sena
i tors by a dirt vot-- of I peo
If you didn't vote the o d pnity
ticket the corpora t tens, truet
thieves and scalawags .-oulrl not
elect men to office who ruakt ihe
laws In their Interests and a
galnet the Interests of the work
ing man.
If you didn't vote the old party
ticket the cunning, crafty, rotted
politicians who have misled yon
so long would have to go to work
and make their own living,
but there Is one thing on which)
they do agree most harmoniously
Both a re dead sure that "Socia
lism wont "work." Well, If So
clallsm "wont work" It will
surely put some of them to wait:
and that's something.
If you dirWt vote the old
ticket the men who nve
would be ttomrn !
end send op a howl
scare the does
Qf eame, yoe
4)n ilffw
,1k i
t' I

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