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i I t !
Kickei is Pulled Back into Court, but
Pulls Out Again All Right.
Stranee thinv happen
times. Ttoo Kicker has Just had
another ronnfi in tl circuit court
with the povMM-H that be.
I hope tot pardoned for saying
so much about that libel "soot,"
but since it was tlx? biggest thing
on tap during thl tenn of court.
1 feel that the people should know
all about It.
1 have read a gteat ileal about
the stealing 0 evidence, aud Um
burning of books in milts tint
wore of national Intere-it, but It
always happened In bU; courts,
anions the most highly jrespectis
blc. It was some satmfAetlon to
believe that these thinutf did not
happen la the Christian! laud or
Scott. I
However, this is an SgB of pro
gress la crime s wt -11 nn in
other tillage. 1 did not I ntend to
mention what follow h until a
queer thing happened lajft week
Hint broueht ine into bdurt a-
galn after niy attorney numl
me I was out -and WiH In t'ram-
er utiually knows what lit! m talk
imitv'sdut When he talk 4:i lew
u trta
it libel
sof last April 1
to that tin? rregarde
much of ft joke- and
Cramer, nut we aooi
that the Boott counto
no Joke IT iw ykiiy
However, while not I
win the omb here, it w
; Ter.V
lid Mr.
-1 i i t w Is
C1 I or to
my pur-
pose to luing c'ci 8 Ju
y ol their
own plotting. And 1 b nj to very
oarefully prepare t n t nba ca-e
n pi vsentel U st VpH i
The ovldenoe i wanted tio Intro-
luci and the i: ' l wanted I
it cscJfJ5WlUrunn a'ci ;i!iers I
v rot' on a tafplel
thi t l kept on I
jiiv (!k.
MYaTERiouarLi - -is appeared
of course l don't know who got
it. But 1 notln! Lh-.t tl:'n was
u. change iu the ooaduet of the
t ime. For inst.tucc last p-li, in
an attempt to show that people
Khunii'Hl him, or talkeil about hint,
ho mentioned Dr. Tom Hi ion, of
Morley. Tomeottiii I Interview
ed Dr. Tomilneon asking What he
had said. l!i reply was, Why.
Mo was ;it Ifbrieo an3 1 had the
Kicker with your flrat article in
it and. .kingly, aakei M i." he
would reply. Me .-sii'i he would,
and 1 said l wan? ' t .. tc." his
cply . '
At th recent t iaj MoWilliami
did not i ration Dr. Totnllnson,
but lnst d, mentioned .Si us Flo-
' and -.ri Minter.
on iaturday, November -, n
Jury 'elected b, the Kicker's en
emies, rendered Juadgment tgatnet
the ii;xr for gl.OOG
On Mondajr, Nov. 4, Mr, n uner
fi to! a iuotion for a maw trio!.
Judge Fiach over-rule. I it
Then Mr. Cramer fii I a motion
n arrest of Judgment
The matter was argued and re
argued, and Judge Fin (h suatain
ed tlie contention of Mr. Cramer
Which means the seuhur aside or
tlvi finding of the Jury.
Mr. Kelly moved to aet aahle vhe
order in arrest of judsment. T'lis
waw argued und, before ' nally
ruling on it. Judge Fluth offered
vlr. Kelly until aitemoon to find
authorities to sustai! . l Is posi
tion. Kelly grew read In ti e face
and evidently angry, bn Bald 110
thti g. After waiting a isonable
1 1 in to hear from Kely I tie court
ovc!'-ruied his motion and Kelly
gav j notice of A PIT: t, '
The Kicker Is out of co'tt't.
Wednesday boob of last wee';
County Treasurer Drury came In
and said to me, "Mr. Kelly says
lor ,vuti to telephone Mr Ci'amer
tiiat Judge Finch ia going away
and that argument will not be
heard until Friday.
"An hat argument?" I asked In
' I don't know; it is something
about your caM; and I supposed
you knew."
"I don't know a thing abC'Ut it,
and if Mr. Kelly wants Mr. Cra
mer let him talk to him ar! I will
pay lor it."
Not knowing what was c;oing
on I called Mr. Cramer u;t that
evening. lie said he couldn't un
derstand It, but would be down.
Thursday evening Mr. Cramer
came and I asked, "What Aies it
all mean?"
"I don't know," replied he "Be
fore I left I took the precaution
to examine the Judge's docket to
see that all entries had been cor
rectly made, and they were."
Friday ssornlng we appeared in
court. Ketry wants to argue tbe
motion to set askta the motion In
arrest of Judgment.
Mr. Cramer gets up and re: duds
the court that the. matter bad al
ready been argued and passed up
on by the court, and refer re I the
eourt t olts own docket entry,
Judge Finch examined his dock
et saying, "Yes, here It Is III my
own hand-writing."
But Mr. Kelly liisistcd that the
clerk's record and; not the court's
docket was "the cheese."
Judge Finch asked Clerk Arnold
to read his record.
T was sett present when the or
krlnal order was;
mads, but sr.
Cramer says
rd tt very die-
tinctly, others in the court room
heard it; the newspapers got It
and announced that an appeal
would be taken, but the clerk, win
was nearest the Judge, says he did
not hear It.
Whatever may be thought of
the matter, it was certainly un
fortunate for me that the ouly
gap thru which they could "COUM
back" was loft down. It caused
me to have my attorney return
and remain here for two days.
And I don't like to pay for the
defective hearing of others.
Mr. Cramer aked the court to
order the clerk to correct his re
cord. Mr .Kelly said be bad found a
Kentucky cane that he thought
sustained his position and wanted
to be heard.
After much wrangling ami shy
sterlng by Kellj, Judge Finch an
nounced that his docket showed
the motion already acted upon
and that he had twtoe mad the
latest decisions bearing upon the
case since ruling upon it. ami
was now mora firmly convinced
he was right than at the time he
made the ruling, yet lie would not
object to bearing further ant'i
inent. "ir i am Wrong, show me,"
was the position taken by the
rtut Mr. Keii.v couldn't do it.
And the court ordered the clerk
to let his record show tint ihe
motion was overruled
j The ordinary application 'or hp
; pcU w:ih made.
Wilson Cramer is recognised M
om oi the tv.st lawyers In the
state.' He tola me in ine outset
that there waa nothing in tii"
'!as". AMicu lie read the petition
and the ant tolas complained r
he lau'Jtii'riiri.v Inquired, "Wonder
who k'jl John into this?''
it is a framo-up that will not
jatand outride of thei.-1 own little
private skinning machine.
j Fortunately for me. a ciKg got
I mlMlng in their machine that put
things out or gear and we wou
here. They had no -1 huh ;' the
There la a dlffenence between
the Socialist movement and all
other movements ever inaugurat
ed by the working class. It la
different from the Grange, the
Wheelers, the Farmers Union, the
Trades' Union, and all other kin
dred organizations of the work
ing class.
In all of these movements the
worke s fought separately the
farmers alone, the wage-earners
alone, and so on. Against them
were the combined forces of ex
ploitation backed by a strong
government and the AKMY. The
farmer did not see that his Inter
ests wore tied up with the inter
ests of the wage-earners of the
industrial centers. In fact, the
Interests that rob both saw to It
that a hostile feeling wa crea
ted between them by their prose
In the trades' unions, in the far
mers' unions, and in all other like
organizations the exploiters had
ami still have spies to create
dissension and keep the employ
ers post ed cn what was going on.
These spies are generally shrewd
and work themselves up as lead
ers. The organ'zations are se
cret, nn.l the discussion of the
only thin that can help them
the politic !l government is out
of order. Hence they groped a
lcng in the dark following the
s no secrecy about the
movement. All of its
meetings are open. All are wel -
come, we are not arraid or being
betrayed by spies and spotters.
These can join the movement If
they want to but they can do
ns Ultle or no ha "in. We are not
blind followers of "leaders." In
fact, we have none. And a trai
tor Is soon spotted and ousted.
If the ruling class could bribe or
cajole "leaders" In the Socialist
1 movement as they have In so ma
ny movements of the working
class they would rest easy. But
we have no leaders. We don't run
after "the man."
While we have some very great
and brainy men that we are very
proud to acknowledge as com
rades, yet these men have no
more authority than the humb
lest toiler n the movement. It
Is the one movement not ruled
from above but by the rank and
file. And It is the rank and file
that furnish the necessary funds
to keep up the organization.
And the rank and file cannot be
bribed and that Ib what is wor
rying the masters.
By virtue of the ownership of
the tools of production the capi
talist takes tbre-fourths of what
labor produces and calls it busi
ness. Because this exploitation is
I sanctioned by law the capitalist
is regarded as a "goon man ' ana
in soot to the United States sen
ate. By virtue of the ownership
of a kit of burglar's tools a man
blows open a safe and gets a
part of what the capitalist has
legally stolen from tbe workers.
Capitalist-made law does not ap
prove of this and the burglar Is
sent to prison. It all depends on
who makes the laws When the
Socialists get In power they will
asset laws to prottblt all kinds of
m,, rr
malm . .
- :;r V," ' t . : &.Jc . y-V-. . . ,' . . . ; , v :. - X S
The Socialist Vote More than
C. E. Russell in Coming Nation
One of the greatest victories
ever won by the Socialists of nny
country was that recorded by the
Socialist party of th? United
States at the election just passe!
When Blwmark struck the selid
1 phalanx of the German Socialists
ho caused even those tested bat
talions to waver and retreat no
that In the succeeding election
the vote fell off almost a third.
To be sure. It quickly recovered
and drove Bismnrk into oblivion
When the capitalists of France,
led by Socialls renegades, came
forth with their similar campaign
of bribery and deception they held
the Socialist movement stationa
ry for more than five years
In England the reform program
of Lloyd George has thrown the
Socialist ranks into confusion mi-
til progress has been slow for sev
eral years.
in the United States the most
dramatic figure in the world to-
dav. a former president, a mas -
V V I Jl VTflJ Ul I vii 1 " ' j in ., . l 111- 1 uvi J I AIT; I v run 1 (.n mu 1 un Hl 11
agoguory, supported by a group I uine victor a,nd that is the Social
of extremely influential and thor- ( ist party. Henceforth, all th
ougldy sincere, even if bemuddled. i forces of American politics will be
reformers and backed by tremen- measured by the Socialist party
dous financial resources .took a as a standard. From this day on
large section of the Socialist plat- Socialism will bo the central point
form and niade more prof use prom around which American politics
ises than was made by any of his will revolve. Today but one par
prototypes in Europe. Ho came ty confronts the Socialist party,
at a time when actual legislation The other names may be retaine 1
was more backward and the de -
ma rid for radicalism more Intense
than It has ever bean at any place
iu the world. He deliberately cop
ied the phraseology of more than
two-thirds of the Socialist pint
form for immediate action.
Ho was assisted by a most for
tunately dramatic attack upon
his parson, which a powerful
prostitute press attempted to as
cribe to Socialism.
In tbe face of such a crisis,
more acute than lias ever neen
met by any Socialist party In tbe
world, the revolutionists of Amer
ica not only stood firm and un-
. shaken, but they marched far
. into the ranks of the enemy and
1 planted their flag as far in mi -
vanoe as they had been able to
move it in all the years before
Wo not only maintained our
Every Worker
Who earns Bread in the Sweat
of his face should be a patron of
Farmers, Attention!
90,000 Organised consumers In St. Louis want your Eggs and
Poultry Shipped direct. Send for Shipping Tags and Instructions
how to ship. Coops and cases furnished on application.
Any Local wishing to start Operative Shipping or Purchas
ing without Capital, write us and we will tell you how
If the farmers have the help and support of those who con
sume their produce, they can succeed, no matter what the middle
men may do.
We nave expert Cattle and Hog salesmen at Independent Stock
Also expert Hay and Grain salesmen who are at your service
We also supply your wants. Send for prices
American Co-Operative Union Supply Company
Wm. S. McAdam, Pres. and M'g'r.
No. 404, North First Street, BT. LOUIS. MO.
vote but we almost doubled It. I
We know that these eight bun-
dred thousand voters, who Stood !
for the Socialist party this year,
are a purged and proven band of
tested fighters. We know that
capitalism has done all that it
can do to stay the Socialist ad
vance It threw into the fight
battalions of demogogic appeals
that In other lands had been
brought up one at a time through
periods of many years
The enemies of Socialism, who
financed the Progressive party,
did so with the half expressed ex
pectation that the Socialist party
would be wiped completely out of
existence. They refered fre
quently to the fate of the Populist
j party, which, when confronte.
. with the radical platform of
1890, led by William Jennings
Bryan, was completely eliminate !
from the American political field.
Out of the crash of tumbling
j party rulas. out of the welter of
.theft and deception and demago-
1 through one or two campaign--'.
although even this is doubtful
In a single campaign the Social
ists of America fought and won
a war that in other lands has
taken several rears. In ninety
days we met the most carefully
planned and most determined as
sault ever made upon the advanc
ing ranks of international Social
ism and turned a momentary
check into a splendid
j This is a
proud day for Socle
United States.
ism in tn
It is true that by massing ail
their strength and admitting by
their act the unity or all other
parties the defenders of capital-
ism succeeded iu preventing th
' working class from having any
representation in the next ton
grass of the United States. For
two years there wilt be ru voice
BRiC)HTE ,t .uRmS.
Doubles in the United States.
raised for labor at Washington.
But In many legislatures Social-
ists aienot only fighting for tlie
Interests of the working class:
they are being traine.l for work '
In two years more in the halls ol
the National Congress.
We have a special reason to re-
Jolce here in the locality where I
the Coming Nation end the Apnea: : somewhere in the state of Callfor
to Reason are published. Almost nia, backed by Socialist capital
the entlie Socialist ticket in to aid in the western campaign.
Crawford county has been elected. Barne.s today said that his c.--Ben
Wilson, well known to the : timnte of 900.000 votes for Peb-
Socialists of the country as a lec-!
turor, and whose brother is ihc , the final counts were in. Five So
Socialist mayor o' Berkeley, Cali-1 eialist assemblymen he said, were
fornia. was sent to the legislature
by a greater vote than his Demo
cratic and Republican opponents
combined .
Fred Stanton has been sent to
the State Senate from the same
In the county directly south,
Everett Miller, a minor, was elect
ed to the legislature by the So
cialists. Wm. E. Cunnea. a testd Social
ist, ran on a platform In which
he pledged himself to use the en
tire power of his offi-e to prose
cute the newspaper trust and the
combine of employers that has
long fought organised labor. The
first returns gave him 101,880
votes against 115,303 for his Pern
0C ratio oppouent. lie is contest
ing the election and may yet be
elected state's attorney of Cook
county, Illinois.
Four Socialists were sent to the
legislature from Cook county'
Seymour Stedman, a well-known
Socialist attorney; C. M, Madsen
a Socinji-u of long standing and
active in the palnters'union ; Jo-
SSph A. Mason and II. W. Parris ;
In spite of the fact that be was '
confronted by a so-called labor 1 1
memoer Ot uongress, uxxo wn
tensen came w. thm :o;r t'. oi tn .;
votes of winning tbe Congresslon-
a election.
In New York the Socialist vote
will probably run between slsty
and seventy-five tbOUfi
Pennsylvania an.l Ohio v.:l',
show over a hundred thousand
0 s Will
in are
a test
if the return-
of tbe total
Texas, Oklahoma, California and
Indiana are some of the other
states that are showing especially
heavy increase.
Meanwhile the Per.ioeratic par
ty for the first time since the Th Kicker want to bet s n
Civil War has complete control of f 5WCKl Democrat a straw bat thai
the presidency, bth houses of Cor. I rjryan and his Commoner Will be
gross aud a majority of the state calling Wilson a "so-called Demo
legislature. As Comrade Debs 0Pat before bl administration Is
has well said in an interview glv-
en out by him immediately arter
the result of the election wa
known, this Vlotorr will prove
the distraction of that party.
It was undoubtedly the belie."
that Wilson and Bryan stood for
something Indefinitely radical
that brought them their votes.
Their appeal was to those who
are suffering from the hinh cost
or living and the oppressions of
Two tilings they have promise.)
to do, neither of which is in the
least decree possible. One is to
abolish the trusts, the other is
to reduce tbe cost of living.
Over and over again Bryan and
Wilson have repeated that the
trust Is a criminal organization
and must be destroyed. Their
foolish followers win expect this
impossible pledge to be f unfilled
In the effort to in some way pre
tend to meet this policy the Dem
ocratic majority will shatter it
self on the rock of Industrial pro
gress and concentration.
So far as the high cost of living
Is, concerned the Democrats are
equally helpless.
Chicago Illinois. Encouraged by
tbe Increased vote polled in the
1912 election, the national So
cialist campaign headquarters in
..k .1-.' .vs.-.
AV (Ml
this city tod -y pj'ir.s to sta: I
mediately uy on the campaign for
loic. Funds were on hard '
new literature to be mailel y. :
the country withian the next few
j. M. Barnes, campaign
ger, said that plans were under
way to establish 0 newspaper
would likely be increased when
sure of election In Nevada. Ben
F Wilson, candidate for legisla
j tor, and the entire county ticket
' In Crawford county. Kansas, he
i declared were elected.
! By Carlotte Perkins Oilman
No fledgling feed the fathei biri
, No chicken feeds the hen
, No kitten mouses for the cat,
This glory is for men.
We are the wisest, strongest race
Loud may our praise be sung
The only animal alive
That feeds upon IT YOUNG !
Mayor George I.unn, of Bchen
ectady. N. Y., is in jail in his own
city serving out a BO-day sen
tence for the horrible crime of
speaking on the streets He w is
fined S"0 and refused zo pay. b
causD to do so would be an admis
sion th.it he had done wrong and
that the fine was just- it i get
ting to be an awful crime to
speak or print the truth in this
free" country.
Nobody ever attacks the Social-
st nlatform No nlute newspaper
o:. spejl-b'nder dares to attempt
tim, ., ,. safs'i i to :i-.-f
sent some individual Socialist, or
1 harp on dlvldin' up, free loe aglri
religion, and so on matte s that
have no connection with Soclallsn
Many well-meaning people beic e
In Socialism, believe it wl" never
some, or be too long In coming.
A Socialist vote la NEVER lost
The bigger the Socialist vote, the
mo e iap:dly the pjutes will oo
co ne "progressive" hoping there-
by to stem the rising tide by or-
feriiig substitutes
half ended
George Williams, a farm band
ma ... t I.. DkA IabAmb Lb 1 1
da Gregory from her home nt
Wyatt for the purpose of prosti
tution. Subscribe for the only Kicker.
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F i. h "Mm la brimful nr Autalona, nnc-y-wprlc,
uuern-silni; hort aViriea. and acorn
of labor-savlug and moiipy-cavlng Ideas
i.-i women. Tuere are tnure titan 60 of
th nrwot dnvtirns of the cnlebmtad
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atyle, 11 u ilmpltrlty and ecuuomy. Only
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months In order to keep alcOALL'H be:a1
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subscribe quickly.
tu iccui ossAnT. pt Be ma. a
note Ask tsr afrasesksr el akCAl-lS inaSli -
Ivloew (nvmiuia islsliioin.. ' .SotpJc kopy sad
tars istskisjtfi sabssaaSBS)isra-
Jacksxnii Items. The annua)
meeting tf the FarmerM' Mutual
Aid Sociert.v waa held at Tilsit no
November 2, .1. C. Rudert, acted
as chairman, with August Knmp
aa secretary and O. F. Wllla as
assistant. The reports oj tlie
various OOtJHIttttees were present
ed and adojited. Albert Schwab
was elected director for a term
at throe, yeirs. Wm. .T Craig, Hy.
Eflglemann and (J.W. su hack were
reflected collectors, a revised
constitution wan JidopUxl. A res
olution was adopted whereby
k0SSBH ' I'ws than S!J." may be ad
justed by a single director, to re
duce expenses, The financial rr
iKrt showed losses paid and ex
penses i administration nmousjt
ing to $-.'70:2 M0.
The patriots who "saved the
country.'' are in evidence every
where. The Campbell Citizen says,
'The Associated P less gave Camp
boll the election returns Tuesday
night. Nov. ". Each tcicgrwn
was read tr the public at the op
era house, and Immediately artsrr
it appwed that Wilwou would be
!'..','. HI II".: VMM .I'irilJ"! W IKMWIV J
I our ne.xt prosidut. about 111 Peira
locrat.s sneaked out of the hall,
drew up petitions and beiran ac
tive w ork for the Campbell iiost
' office, since Tuesday night we
1 h-'i.ve learned that there are 3.r
I other men w'io have declared SS
I applicants for the postoffloe."
Maiden Merit. A man selling
spectacles went to a farm house
' rear IN- I an I. aftr examining
the eye the farmers wife. toUl
. lier h could cure her for $100,
I giving hr a written guarantee
by which he promised v. return
the money by Jan. 1 if a ours Was
not effected. They paid over the
money but. o.n looking ovtr tbe
. gi eenie'jt. beean'e s .spieious atxl
the farmer started out to secure
'the return of his money. By way
of a friend s automobile the nwni
was overtaken nnd foi;-i to pay
back the money he bad received.
lafkaon Items. Jerry Day,
perbays t:.e oldest c ilored man in
this county. suddenly at his
hrrme in the Coiu o 3 neighborhood
east of Oak Ridge, droppe I dead.
He was well aivl favoi ;.ll.v known
being one of the old-time mem
be: s of nis race His was not
known, but wax generally accep
ted a.s being around the century
I section knew him all ol their Uvea
Dia.ru. utr o.i'K'.-i ueopjr ui i.iai
nid always remembered him as
an old man.
Jackson ltv
.uu. fund ay-
fire destroyed tno, barn of
l fried Darmstadt, living pent '
tenburg, a
Cape conn
i discovered
! was too fa
thing. Tw rw
tWO COWS, ' ... .iisiadt'S
arm machinery and feed was lost
Neighbors who were aroused by
! the fire suooeeded In saving the
i Frejderloktown News Doctor
Sheets, the veterinary ' this city
j vaccinated 43 head o,' hogs for
Peter Belken Saturday. The bogs
had been exposed to cholei i I
ha.! lst about 50 hea l d. wi
! his river farm from cholei - he
decided not to take any
i with his swine at his pla -.
Ithis city. The veterinary ,
jated them under the fore h . -i
ing them a dose on both s
The county court of Pt c t
county has let the oontr I to
; audit the bookti of the tre. enei
I collector, county clerk, ' .it
clerk, nrobate judge re de
and sheriff. ior a per:
t back ten years. Tlie ci st w
: 'iic
II tie
, o-:w-.-". a,uuu un
' :t wo-tu t:.e cost. i'.n
a ten years' peep at things in io
' Scott county
Carelessness to disposing of the
CaroatS OS of cholera hogs costs
Missouri fanners millions of dol
lars every year. The state Board
I of Agriculture cr.:i- attention to
i the state laws governing the
matter All v w carcases should
be burned or burled. Burning u
much better, as fsre destroys tn
0 gi Reed, postmaster at Oab
Rlde, La also secretary ol the
(Woodman lodge there and had
$75 belonging to the order which
he kept In a cigar box under the
counter, One night last weekt
someone entered by way d the
back door and swiped the nroney.
ronton Register. As train No.
88 was passing thru Annapolis,
Shortly after noon Sunday, some
windows, soatterlng broken glass
all over the seat oecupiel by T.
J. Mullane and wife, fortunately
neither of them wan 'Injured.
Cape Republican. The proba
bilities are that some scoundrel
sneaked out to Mercer Wilson's
farm north of town and drove a
way three porkers that were a
bout ready for meat. Mr. Wilsons
father, who haa charge ol tje
farm, missed the hogs Sunday add
at once began a fearch for them.
Farmiington Times. The body
of a newly born white babe was
found Saturday morning near the -branch.
It appears that some lie-
tie colored boys found it between
two logs and carried it out to the ,
road, where they evidently got
frightened and left It-
Maiden Merit, At Edgar Dua-
ooaib'a meat market
Bert Capshaw got his two ;
fingers on the i
on st tbe

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